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You're fans so you'll keep loving the Dolphins

Being on the radio allows me to talk to you, the Dolphins fan, directly and instantly. Yes, this blog, my column, and twitter helps me stay in contact with you as well. But there is nothing like talking to someone on the phone which allows us unrivaled interaction.

So it was on Thursday, during the final hour Armando and the Amigo on 640-AM in South Florida, that I got to talk to a handful of Dolphins fans about their feelings relative to the team's current state. Understand, the topic grew out of the latest news that owner Stephen Ross had cut the salaries of club staffers, citing tough economic times brought about by poor seasons ticket sales and the current league-wide lockout.

There aren't a lot of fans happy about the club's employees taking a pay cut. Some even talked about this being another black eye for the club.

And then I had to speak my mind. Look, I get that some of you are upset with the Dolphins. I understand that at the end of last season -- after a 7-9 season that included a 1-7 showing at home -- some of you vowed not to renew your season ticket purchases. Others not already season ticket holders or not living locally vowed to disconnect from the team.

I understand some of you were sick and tired of being sick and tired.

And having said all of that, I believe only a small minority of you truly, actually mean what you're saying. I think a vast majority will do as you have done so many other years and simply forgive and forget and move on. You'll come back to the team. You'll come back through the turnstiles. You'll continue to have the Dolphins as a part of your being.

Yes, your heads told you to walk away after the season and then that was echoed with the embarrassment of the coaching search that either was or wasn't, depending on whom you believe.

But I am convinced your hearts will bring you back and do so in time for the 2011 season.

Am I right? Or am I wrong?

If you think I'm wrong, please pause a second. We just got past the draft. The Dolphins added what will likely be a starting center and a running back who will either start or have the ball in his hands 200 times in 2011.

Some of you are perfectly happy with that. Some are not. Some wanted the quarterback. Whatever your stance, I would tell you the most exciting part of the offseason is still on the horizon.

We all know the Dolphins -- with deep pockets, a willingness to spend, and a general manager who promises to be aggressive -- are likely to be major players in free agency. By major players, I mean they'll go get top-quality talent and they'll do it generally early in the process.

And that's when I believe the folks who were angry at the end of last season will suddenly forget some of that emotion. That's when I believe the folks who vowed to walk away will start considering what the additions might reap for the team in 2011. That's when the forgiveness stage will kick in and memories will begin to fail.

And, I believe, that's when you'll be right back where you were every year you've been a fan. Rooting for the Dolphins. Living and dying with them. Hating their rivals. Hoping and praying for the best.

Am I wrong?

Oh, I'm sure some might be inclined to stick with the feeling they had at the end of January. I can understand that. But at the end of the day you guys are fans. You are fanatics. You don't make logical, calculated decisions. You make decisions of the heart.


Listen to the segment on the show starting around 9:45 just before I invited the fans to call in. (You can listen to the whole thing if you wish, but I'm getting you to the point where the topic was flowing.) Listen to the fans who called in and how they felt.

And tell me where you stand -- not today, with free agency afar off in the distance. Tell me where you stand, knowing the Dolphins are going to add more talent in free agency and the new, inviting season will come in some months, along with a heaping, helping of optimism.

Be honest.

Armando and the Amigo on Dolphins fans



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I don't blame the Dolphins for cutting their employees' pay, I blame the NFL owners for creating a situation that forced the Dolphins to do this. A resolution to the labor deal will fall into place fairly quickly once the owners understand that they need to make changes to their revenue-sharing arrangements. Share the monies that teams get for luxury boxes (why they're considered exempt from regular ticket sales is beyond me) at the same rate that regular ticket revenues are shared and this whole thing is over in a fortnight.

The problem is that we have too many owners who don't want to cough up that cash.

At this point, I'm sort of hoping that the players figure out a way to build a new professional football league that competes with the NFL. I guarantee you that will force the owners into coming to the table with a considerably more open mind.

I have absolutely hated so many of the decisions (2 first round picks for ricky) that have been made. And I have hated the lsing seasons and the home record last year.I am disappointed in parcells that a person can take money for not completing a job.(bad morals)But I read about the fins every day and I pray for their success. When they win it picks me up all week and when they lose, I am very sad. They will have to start winning again before most fans will come back. The last two years cost Ross a lot of money because of the records especially considering what the Jets and Pats have done.Fans will return but now the phins will have to prove they are worth it. They still need another lineman, an elusive back, an OLB, and another quaterback and possibly an inside backer. Safties need to improve. People will come back if the team is winning and it is exciting to watch. It is to expensive to go to a game to see the product that has been put on the field lately. Sporano needs to play to win. They guys don't care about hearing all the facts. Coaches can make decisions based on that but don't bore the players with it.

I'm still a fan, no change. I don't like what Ross did to the employees, but my boss is no different, I just work in an industry that makes MUCH less money.

I know that the draft cannot truly be analyzed until the Fins get on the field (and then, not for at least a year or two).

And in general I like what the Fins are trying to do, and I support Henne, but I'm worried that he's not the right QB (and therefore the Fins have no QB).

Armando you know me well. I will critique and complain. I will ananylze and compare. I will always love my Dolphins no matter what.

Hmmm, i kind of agree.

Personally im not sure why fans are outraged that some of the nfls jobs are finally taking a pay cut through the recession the rest of the world is living through. Except they have it better,still. This pay cut is only temporary and at a time when many of the employees cant do the job they were hired for, because of the lockout and the players needed for their job.

So chill people. Nobody lost a job. It will probably only be for a month or two. They are fine and will be. Id kill for a job in the nfl even if it was for what many are making out to be little money(which it is not) $50,000 a year.


I survived Cam Cameron and still am proudly a Dolfan.

I was then rewarded, with while not a super bowl, the greatest season IMHO since Don Shula. A division championship. Worst to First. Beating the JESTS in NY. Pennington running Lord Favre the Mercenary out of his former town- a true story of a good guy finishing first.

I can live with Henne's growing pains. Rich Gannon, Steve Beurlin, and hell, even Steve Young, struggled early. Again, I survived Cam Cameron.

I work in the financial service industry. I have had my pay cut 3 times in the 2000's, Once in 2002 for a year I took a 15% haircut. The in 2006 I took a 20% cut for 6 months, then in 2009 10% cut for 9 months. It is what it is, they sit have a job, and haven't been laid off, which I have been. It's corporate America. It's the way biz is done.

"The problem is that we have too many owners who don't want to cough up that cash."

Pretty sure neither players or owners want to give up any cash. Besides. If you owned a grocery store chain would you split your profits with your bag boy or the person collecting carts outside? Players already get half.

Now if the players had more at risk if the NFL starting losing tons of money, then sure. Revenue sharing like you want is fine. But i doubt any player will give a dime back of their salary if this ever happened.

Pretending the players aren't compensated for injuries sustained while playing a game they love for a job is crazy talk.

Both sides want the fans to think they are getting ripped off and that they are really doing this for us, the fans. They aren't. Its all about the money on both sides. Don't let them convince you otherwise.

Dear Mr. Salguero

In my opinion we the fans are like parents and the Dolphins are our children.

When we win and our hearts swell with pride and joy.

If we lose but our kids/team give 100%, we will get them next time we say to our selfs still proud of our childrens/teams efforts.

We as parents/fans want whats best for our children/team because we love them.

When we parents/fans see what we perceive as wrong behavior or bad decisions do we not try to correct them ?

I think some parents/fans dont deserve to have children/team.

Is it right to love your only if he gets straight A's on there report cards ?....No its not.

I may criticize my team, somtimes constructive, sometimes not, but they are mine.

Love is unconditional...I love my Dolphins...warts and all.

Soiled :)

Dear Mr. Salguero


Is it right to love your children/team only if they get straight A's on there report cards ?....No its not

Soiled :)

Dear Mr. Salguero


Is it right to love your children/team only if they get straight A's on there report cards ?....No its not

Soiled :)

Personally I am not falling for their crap anymore. It's almost like they know they can suck during the season and then win all their fans back in the offseason when they go out and spend a ton of money on the biggest free agents out there. This regime is lost and the team continues to spin into complete irrelevancy. We have become the Redskins of the NFL and Ross is the new Snyder. The most exciting part of the NFL season for the Fins IS the offseason. Until this regime is gone I will continue to be sick and tired of this team.


I have been a fan of the Dolphins as a kid dating back to the 70's. I hardly ever miss watching a game. That being said, I vowed at the conclusion of last season that if Sporano and Henne returned I would tune out. Well, coach is back and looking more and more like Henne is returning. Just can't stand wasting anymore time watching this crap.

Yeah....well NO!

It's not righ to ah, love your....I mean you know....you have to love your.........

Straight A's or not you know you have, at the end of ah..............the day...........

I don't like warts, I can tell you that!

Dear Mr. Tony SpOrano

Love your post :)

Soiled :)

You're an idiot. Well, more of a tool. A lame tool. Not because your point isn't valid, or really because of anything regarding WHAT you wrote about. (In fact I agree, fans are fans. Period.) No, you're douchey because of the way you write, with that tone like you're on a soap box. Like you're aware you have an audience, and so you over-act, or in this case over-write. It's so lame, Mando. You could easily have written on this exact same topic in a less patronizing and stupid way, but that's how you write. Like you're on TMZ or something. Terrible.

People are so unrealisitc. Every year they expect this team with no top tier offensive talent to contend for the Super Bowl. Then they want everyone fired when it doesn't happen.

It takes luck, good timing, and great scouting to build a winner. All 3 have not gone our way since the middle of Shula's tenure here.

Until they find a personal guy who can spot, go after, and get talent we'll be mediocre. Secondly, you need a coach who can develop and get the most out of the talent he has. Is Sparano that guy? Is Ireland? In my opinion it really is too soon to tell. They came into a situation totally devoid of talent. Rebuilding takes time, but thus far I'd give this regime a C. C is average and so is the team.

Being from Connecticut, and a Dolphin Fan since 1971,I think iv'e earned a right to respond about my Team. I have spent thousands of dollars on the Dolphins, (merchadise, game tickects) Ect,Ect. I have been thru the good, and lately The Bad! I have to deal with, Jerk, patriot,jets, and giants fans, and an ocasional buffalo bills fans, that being said, Im frustrated, but im not gonna jump ship. I love the Miami Dolphins, and I have to believe that we are going to be relevent again,(???), the past 12-15 years has been tough, but it only makes me a better fan in the long run. God Bless the Miami Dolphins, and their fans!!!

You are right, I have been a fan since 1968, since we drafted csonka (from the cuse) and with all of my years of collecting memorabilia, that has filled my dolfden, the thought of switching to some other loser of a team makes me sick. No disrespect to Dan or Bob,I need a new QB to put up on the walls.
It is getting as old as I am.
Go Fins (PS management sucks)


I think we will all watch with interest at the beginning of the season, if as you predict, changes are made through free agency. If no changes are made and we enter the season with Henne under center, you will see more apathetic fans at the beginning of a Dolphins season than ever before.

If the team gets off to a slow start (and 0-3 is highly likely with this schedule), you will see the largest, earliest exodus ever. In other words, this regime is on the shortest of leashes from fans.

Yes, we all hope our team does well. But at this point, we have seen nothing from this front office or coaching staff that would make us believe winning is possible.

I don't think I've ever entered a Dolphins season caring less or expecting less.

This is some kind of sissy missy mash Kinder gentler bullshyt.

Their big business employer is dealing with a labor strike and these peons are whinning about a PAY CUT?

Cry me a river! I'll bet you Jimmy Hoffa's turning over in the End Zone right now.

Strikes use to mean busted heads on both sides of the table. Be thankful your still collecting a check and STFU!

In my profession, when the work wasn't getting done, NOBODY got paid!

The Hookers-NOPE!

Groupies and the Roadies-NADA!

Slick Sammy from the Westside.............ah, well...........OK, Sammy ALWAYS got paid.

But you get the picture. It's the trickle theory at it's finest!

I have been a Fins fan since the late 70's. I will always root for the team, and it is my favorite pro team in any of the pro sports. I am very tired of the fact that they really haven't been good for a long time, haven't been to a super bowl since I was in high school...

I think they need to have some luck with the drafted players turning out to be great, and they absolutely need to stop trading away draft picks. Those picks are the best way to build a team with young, hungry, low paid players. Free agency is usually too expensive, and the players are older and more likely to be hurt, jaded etc...

The ultra conservative offense the last couple of years was unreal, I couldn't believe they were trying to win like that... thank god Henning is gone, I never liked Parcells either, I think he is overrated and hasn't won in over 20 years. Ireland is on the hot seat, for me at least... He is the key to getting the players, AND keeping the good ones that are already here. Sparano isn't in the clear, but I think the weak personnel has been the bigger issue, that OL last year was a joke of backups outside of Long and maybe Carey.

I still holdout hope for the future... Maybe I am dumb.

You're right!!!, I will always love the Fins and the NFL but BOTH are sure making it painful right now.

You're wrong!!! about "a general manager who promises to be aggressive"??? Ireland is not aggressive at all, he always plays it safe. I am tired of "safe"!! To me it is time to take some chances and be exciting. Yes, there is more risk but same ole same ole hasn't gotten the Fins anywhere for 27 yrs.

When you move up in the draft and trade 3 players to get 1 you expect a splash BUT we did not even get a ripple.

BUT YES, I will be there faithfully as I have for 40 years now.

I'm a Dolphins fan living in NY. I think Henne has a shot if the team loosens the hadncuffs like the Jets did with Sanchez. I also plan on being in Miami for at least one game next season and at the Meadowlands for bothe the Jets and Giants game. I've been a 'Fins fan for over 25 years and don't plan on changing that....EVER!
Thanks for all of the insight Armando!

I have been a fan of the Dolphins all of my adult life. I was born in 1968, so i did not have the benefit of seeing the dolphins ever win a superbowl. I was very young when they won the two superbowls. That being said, i have been a huge fan living in NJ. I have on several occasions said i was tired of it and i can no longer take seeing them the way they are now. I say i will cancel the nfl sunday ticket and i can no longer watch this mess.
But yet again i can not get them out of my system, they are in my blood and i already plan on re-ordering the nfl sunday ticket. Its really the only reason i have directv.
I am not a huge fan of Chad Henne, actually i really hate the fact that he is leading my team right now. I cant even look at his ugly face, but yet i still can not turn my back on them. They are my team , in my blood and i cant stop watching and supporting them. Maybe with the help they got Henne, he will get better. Or at least we can hope. Maybe they can get a QB in free agency that will get Henne to the bench where he deserves to be.
Either way i will be watching from NJ. One thing i have not done is come down there to see them. I have made several trips in the past , but over the last 5 years i refused to spend the money to help you guys fill the seats, 300 for the sunday ticket is all i am willing to invest.
As for the money, The NFL is rediculas and the whole situation makes me sick. But that is not the Dolphins fault, its just the way of the league, and prob our faults for making all these people rich.

I made it through Wannstedt.

I made it through the Alabama Sleazebag.

I made it through Cam Cameron.

I made it through Blockbuster Wayne.

I made it through JJ's hair.

I made it through Dan Marino's retirement.

I made it through Dan Mariono's bizzarre week as club President.

I made it through Eddie Moore

I made it through Daunte Culpepper.

I made it through Jamar Fletcher.

I made it through AJ Feely.

I made it through Lawrence Phillis and Cecil Collins.

I made it through Trent Green.

I made it through Ted Ginn and his family.

I made it throug Jason Taylor being treated disgracefully not once -- but twice.

I made it through Tony Sparano's fist pumps.

I made it through 1-15.

I made it through John Beck.

I made it through being ripped off for Wes Welker.

I made it through Rick Spielman.

I made it through Randy Mueller.

I made it through each of Chad Pennington's 11 arm injuries.

I made it through each of Ricky Williams suspensions as he walked the world barefoot smoking weed.

I made it through T-Pain's fight song.

I'll be fine.

@corners, you're missing my point. I'm not talking about sharing the revenue from luxury boxes with the players. I'm talking about the owners pooling that money amongst themselves, like they do with the individual seat tickets, where the home team keeps 66% and the remaining 34% gets pooled and shared between all 32 teams.

It's very nice that Kraft, Jones, and Snyder have brand-spanking new stadiums and reap millions of dollars in revenue from them each year, but Jones wouldn't have built that monument to excess without public money and Kraft tried to get publicly financed stadiums from both Massachusetts and Connecticut before he eventually decided that his best bet was to stay where he was and built it himself.

Armando, in order for the Miami Dolphins to regain the respect nad the Trust of its true Fans they have to mantain a respectful and winning organization for at least the next five years.

I've been a fan since I was 7 years old in 1967.As embarrassing as this franchise has been the last decade, I still bleed aquamarine and coral. It's just that I have bled so much, I need this owner and leadership to get their crap together and start winning. I hold my breath in anticipation of becoming world champs once again.

As far as pay cuts, dont feel sorry for those guys. At the tailend of time when millions of Americans completely lost thiers, boo-hoo cry me a river. If they werent smart enough to budget themselves then shame on them. You can never spend like theres no tomorrow.

As a fan, when it seems enough is enough already, like any other fan I will vent my frustrations. But always at the end of the day. Deep within my heart I will always be a Dolphin fan. They represent the city of my birth and I'll always have a special allegiance to my 'hood being properly represented.

I think we got spoiled with Marino and Shula all those years. We did not realize how good we had it. Pornstache started the downfall and we, I think, are finally on the upswing. While a Super Bowl talented team might still be a few years away, if a fan can survive the turmoil this team has endured from 2001 - 2010 (2008 being the exception), then you can certainly look to brighter days ahead.

You think Dolphins fans have it hard, reality-check:
1- Tampa Bay (1976 - 2000)
2- Detroit (beginning of time - present)
3- Bengals (Bo Jackson's freak hip injury (while with the Raiders in game against Bengals playoff game in 1990 - present)
4- Bills (beginning of time until 1989, early 90's success, then 1997 - present)
5- Falcons (beginning of time - 2008, one Super Bowl appearance in 1998 and a good regular season last year)

I am sure I could go on but the Dolphins have a proud history. Keep the faith, the last decade was about as bad a run as you can have but every team goes through them. Patriots sucked for multiple decades before their current coach arrived and they drafted Brady in the 6th round. I know this cause I grew up in NH, anyone remember Plunkett playing for them, Sam-Bam Cunningham, how about the illustrious career of Tony Eason. Anyone remember how Eason perfected the art of taking a sack?

Better times are ahead.

Go Dolphins!

Miami MIke,

Dont know about you or any other fan. But the Marino years were especially frustrating for me. The complexity of that situation always made it seem we were only 1-2 players away from a SB championship. But in actuality it was more like 5-6 players away.

Marino alone masked the extra added 4-5 players we were really away from a SB championship than 1-2 players alone. I think that was our problem. We looked 1-2 players away from SB championship but were really 5-6 players away.

I'll be a phins fan no matter what. And I'll watch the games next year but my expectations are basically where they were after the 1-15 season. I just don't think this group of guys henne, sparano, etc.. have what it takes to win more than 8 games.
So there is always 2012 with a new coach and probably new expectations.

Even with the legendary Marino at the controls, the 49ers made us look as though we never belonged in Marino's only SB appearance. We were a lot further than everyone thought. Marino just gave us illusion we were a lot closer.

I believe Shula himself was blinded by the illusion too.

Damn straight. Well said Armando.

Mando, I've been a dolfan since I was 8 yo, and thats awhile ago, so i ain't goin' nowhere.

plus the dolphins have, more often than not, been disappointing me since then so I've grown used to it.

with that said, I think this team has the best football foundation we've had since the early shula days. IMO we're not in bad shape.


...I am a relative "newbie" Phins fan. My alliegence began in 2002. The reason was that The Phins signed a guy many of you will not remember(for good reason, he never played a snap). Dave Dickenson was the finest player in the history of the state of Montana. A legend here. Our Dan Marino.

He was signed to the practice squad when Jay Fiedler got injured. There was a Monday night game against the Packers that the Montana media had hyped up. The reports were that Dickenson was going to play. Ray Lucas started the game, and was injured. I can guarantee every television in this state was tuned in for this. Our guy, our hero was finally going to get his chance...

Sage Rosenfelts???? WTF? Who is this guy? The fact was Dickenson wasn't even dressed. The Phins didn't activate him for this game. It was a huge letdown. The bar was packed with peoples anticipation, once Lucas went down. Only to be let down(MY very first let down by the team). I don't remember if the Phins won that game or not. But from that point on my team was the Dolphins.

The pipeline of UM players continued throughout the year. And has made the Phins the most popular pro team in this state. The FED EX delivery guy even has a personalized license plate that reads 49 DOLPHAN(the counties in this state all have a number)

At this point I'm fully on board. All of the bad times will make the good times that much sweeter. I haven't suffered through nearly as much as a the rest of you. But I am proud to be a Phin fan. No matter what happens.

bum bum , bubum.....whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !


I love nobody that doesn't love me.

Been wearing a jersey since the Dolphins became an Organization. (thats a long time folks) Ive seen it all. Yes I get upset, yes I get discouraged, yes I had tears in my eyes when we finally had a win in an almost perfect winless season..Ive been there, and Im still here..Ive traveled many miles to watch the Dolphins live, living now in Europe I stay up till the early morning hours just to watch them on TV..A real fan never turns his back, there allways there, and allways will be.


You are making it seem like we have lit the world on fire in FA and will do so again.

We got Marshall on a trade so that isn't FA.

The ONLY guy we've gotten that is worth a damn is Dansby.

All the other guys were in the end garbage.

So I am sorry if my optimism is at an all-time low when it comes to this teams management capabilities and FA.

Why don't the Dolphins try to sign Peyton Manning?

Maybe it's just me, but I love reading the posts of the long time fans. I began pulling for the team in 1971, at 11 years old. Yes, as Gary Stevens put it, I made it through, and I'll be fine. Just glad to see I have company.

But, we really should add a few I made it throughs..

I made it through the 1974 playoff game against the Raiders. (Although suicide seemed reasonable for a time)

I made it through the 1981 playoff game against the Chargers.

I made it through the two Super Bowl losses in the 80's to the Skins (82) and 9ers (84)

I made it through the other San Diego playoff game which we had won, but lost 21-20.

I made it through that stupid Monday Night Miracle.

I made it through Don Shula being ousted.

And, with luck It'll all be worth it one day.


I think for those of us that have been fans for many years, you just don't quit.

But in the last 10 years, it's been one disappointment after the other. Coaches, players, owners....oh and one football csar.

Every draft and pre-season we get our hopes up just to see them dashed by mid-season. Year after year. One bad decision after another. It's no damn wonder why we're sick and tired of it.

And here's the hell of it: As long as Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano are employed by the Dolphins, we're not going to be a championship caliber team....ever.

Amen OMikeyboy. Don't forget Earl Campbell trampling us for 199 yards... or the snowplow game... or losing every other game in the mid-80's to Ken O'Brien 51-48- or how about that playoff disaster in Jacksonville?

Then again, there was that sheer domination of the AFC East from 78-85; Stoyanavich's field goal in the KC playoff win; Marino's Fake Spike; the 55-14 win over St Louis on Thanksgiving, or Leon Lett on Thanksgiving, or even Joey Blue Skies beating Detroit on Thanksgiving after being booed by the stadium...


I will always be a fan but I have lost any and all respect for the club. Even through the horrible Wannstadt years, I had hope and still respected the organization. And then... Huizenga brought Parcells in. I was so hopeful - he was a proven guy right? Then he brings in a newbie GM and a newbie coach (who????). This was questionable but I gave it a pass. Then they went 11-5 and, even though it was against a weak schedule, I was wowed. The next year, reality sets in. Then Stephen Ross bought the team. I thought, "Okay, this guy's a huge fan, so nothing but good can come from this." Then Sparano turns into fist pump, Henning's mind turns to green jello and the team becomes a turnstile for acorns and broken players... all resulting in two lost seasons. Then Ross dates Harbaugh - looks like he's for real about replacing Sparano and the rest of the turds - then he runs back to them after the pretty girl won't dance with him and rewards them with more money and contract extensions. Then... well, do I really need to continue? The whole thing is a giant sham and yet they expect everybody just to keep on paying and keeping on loving.

Well, they have a heck of a lot of work to do to regain my respect (I can only speak for myself) - and much of that is NOT the on-field product. Ireland and Ross are classless. Sparano is a good guy but not a credit to his position - at that, he's a joke in this league.

IF there is a season (and it's looking less and less likely), I will support my team as I always have. However, the golden shine they had as an organization a person could look to as a shining example of how to be is long gone. It has been losing that luster since Joe Robbie died and, even more so, after Shula (was) retired.

But, these days, being a fan of the Dolphins is akin to liking disco - you might be a fan but you'd never want anyone else to know it.

Armando - I'll be very honest.

You are wrong.

I am a die hard Fins Fan, and in referencing what you wrote below - I am not angry, and I do not "live and die" with the Fins.

Sounds like the Fins Fan in your imagination needs to get a life.

Football is fun for me to watch, fun to follow the Fins, as a fan fun to root for them. It's entertainment. Nothing more. My dissapointment after a loss lasts about 2 minutes. Then my attention goes back to my life - wife, kids, friends, work.

I can tell you honestly that after every Fins loss I sleep very well, thank you very much, and I've got much more important things in life to be upset about than if the Fins lose, or Ireland does this or that, or how Sparano coaches or Henne plays.

So I will continue to follow and root for the Fins no matter, win or lose. It's a fun hobby, nothing more.

I thnk you need to step back as a blogger here and seriously consider if all these folks who spew venom and frustration at the Fins are serious or not. I suspect most are not, it's just a hobby for them too.

Life more important than a sports team?

Folks carrying anger leading to migranes and ulcers over a sports team?

You gotta be jokin.

Armand0 - "And that's when I believe the folks who were angry at the end of last season will suddenly forget some of that emotion.

And, I believe, that's when you'll be right back where you were every year you've been a fan. Rooting for the Dolphins. Living and dying with them. Hating their rivals. Hoping and praying for the best.

Am I wrong?"

Of course you're right about our loyalties. We all knew that before you posted this. I'm pretty sure we would all admit it to without the patronizing prompt. But it also serves to spotlight the problem with any sports franchise wallowing in mediocrity (or worse). The fans will take it. Sucker-punches, slaps, insults and owners/players smiling all the way to the bank. They know the fans will take what they're given, and keep our dutiful tails wagging. Hence everyone knows it's only the matter of pride by owners, coaches, players that will propel them to any success. Not the fans. The fans are just there to pay the salaries and make enough noise to distract the opposing teams. We're good for admiration, and the glow of fame to bask in. That's our place. We're not part of the marriage of the team's success, we're a servant to it. And even serfs to our columnists and bloggers. We're a tool to get or lose ratings, keep jobs, make headlines. So thanks for clarifying our position once again. No the Dolphins won't lose its' fans regardless of the crap it does. Which is a very good reason why it can continue to do crap. Because the fans can't do a darn thing about it, and the only consequences come from other authority figures deciding who/what is best for business. It's just business, nothing personal. But wouldn't be interesting if we DID matter for once? If our threats of leaving actually brought about changes in the organization that needed to be, and the city that they're named after had a say in how well the team played. Wouldn't that be something? Isn't that why this forum exists? For that kernel of optimism that we matter? Or is it just to keep the emails off the columnists back? Cynical, I am. But I am made so.

The price of being a fin fan is being upset about 9 Sundays a year. Is it worth it? Does the joy compensage the anguish? Don't think so. There are better ways to invest ones time ;)

LOL nice gary

No. You are wrong.

I never really understand people who claim to be able to switch teams. Could you really go from being a Dolphin fan to New Orleans, or whoever? For one thing, you haven't really earned New Orleans' success. After ridiculing them all those years. How do people live with themselves? The Dolphins are my team. They have brought me much joy, even in those occasional seasons when they don't win the SB. They're like my family, only generally bigger, often blacker, and come and go somewhat more quickly.

Lesbo Lilly - referring to my post - if you experience anguish after every Fins loss...

You need to get a life!

The price of being a fin fan is being upset about 9 Sundays a year. Is it worth it? Does the joy compensage the anguish?

Posted by: Lesbo Lilly

Agree with Bob H @1:22

Here is a coping strategy that will help the chronically disgruntled:
It may be effective to remind oneself that it is just a game, and not get overly emotionally involved. This, however, is not my approach. My approach is to pathologically celebrate every win over the Jets as if evil itself had been decisively defeated. DVR it, watch it over and over until you can see every closeup of Rex Ryan's chins in your head. Every year we beat the Jets is a winning season. Save the old games for future use, just in case.

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