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The definitive look at the remaining QB possibilities

The Dolphins will address their need to add a quarterback to the roster once the league year begins and free agency and trades are allowed. That isn't speculation.

The Dolphins will do this because they could not find a quarterback in the draft they were willing to take when they were on the clock.

“Well I think we’ll have to look in free agency if we’re going to do that," general manager Jeff Ireland said. "Certainly we’ll look at all the quarterbacks in depth and (you know) the board didn’t fall right for us to pick up a quarterback. I didn’t feel like we were desperate for one and so we didn’t adjust our board to try to go after one. We stuck with our board and let it fall as it did.”

In a perfect world, the Dolphins would be able to find a player that could be a franchise caliber quarterback. there is really only one of those in the group that is likely to be available. His name is Carson Palmer. If Palmer doesn't become available, and the chances are good he will not, the Dolphins have to get creative and lower their expectations all at once.

What follows is an extensive look at the quarterbacks who are likely to be available and what their situation looks like. I present to you the signal-callers in order of how likely each player would be the answer for the quarterback-hungry Dolphins.

Carson Palmer: I told you in mid March that Dolphins sources were telling me he would be their No. 1 option if he becomes available and at the right time. The Cincinnati Bengals own his rights. He hates the idea of going back to Cincy to a degree that he's promised to retire if he's not traded. The Bengals have said they will not trade him, but they also have obviously moved on -- picking Andy Dalton in the second round of last week's draft. So perhaps the Bengals stick to their word. And perhaps they try to get something for Palmer. It could be nothing. It could be everything! If the Bengals put Palmer on the market, I report to you the Dolphins will be in line to get him. But even if that happens, other teams might also be in line, including Seattle and Arizona. Palmer has stated he'd like to play on the west coast. Seattle coach Pete Carroll coached him at USC. One small bit of trivia: Palmer's agent was also Dan Marino's agent back in the day. Don't know what that means, or if its too much information but I want to share as much with you as possible.

Marc Bulger: He will be starting his 11th NFL season in 2011. He was once considered among the most accurate and most-gifted quarterbacks in the NFL. That was circa 2004-2006. That was also when he was playing behind a solid offensive line and with some talent around him. But the Rams declined as the talent around Bulger aged and disappeared. So he declined. He got beat up and seemed beat down when I saw him play against Miami in 2008. He was bailing out of the pocket. He was rushing his throws. He had happy feet. Bulger was injured in 2009 and then signed a one-year free agent contract with the Ravens in 2010. He did not throw a pass in a game. Some people believe that year off served as a rehab of sorts for Bulger -- a time to heal and find himself again. He will be on the market. And there will be takers because Arizona, for one, might see him as a reclamation project similar to the one they undertook with Kurt Warner -- which worked out pretty well. I believe if the Dolphins cannot get Palmer, Bulger will be their second target. Not anything anyone has whispered to me. Speculation. But it is logical. The Dolphins can sign Bulger for a year or two and offer him a chance to win a starting job. If he beats out Henne, so be it. If he doesn't, he sits. Arizona might be able to offer him the starting job outright. We'll see.

Kyle Orton: He is limited. He is also under contract in Denver. This would have to involve a trade. That would mean the Broncos would have to be willing to get rid of a security blanket. It would signal that club president John Elway is handing the keys to the franchise to Tim Tebow. I don't know that Denver would be ready to do that in the offseason. Elway might want to wait until a training camp competition decides matters. If Elway is convinced Tebow is going to be his quarterback, he might want to get rid of Orton to avoid a QB controversy and also to save Orton's salary and and get compensation for Orton in return. That's not really a situation the Dolphins or any other outside team can really drive. 

Matt Flynn: He is never, ever, ever going to play in Green Bay unless something happens to Aaron Rodgers. So the Packers might be willing to part with this youngster (and winner) for the right draft pick compensation. He played when Rodgers was injured last season. He had a nice performance (3 TD, 1 INT) versus the Patriots in a 31-27 loss. It was his only start of the season. The case for Flynn is simple: He played collegiately in the Southeastern Conference and helped LSU win the national title. He's been very well coached in Green Bay. He's only 25 years old which suggests he could be part of the future. But ... He's unproven and moreso than Henne. He has played in the West Coast offense and the Dolphins don't run that. If the Dolphins are looking at the QB spot with a view of the future, this might be a good move. If they want someone for right now, and aren't eager to give up even modest draft picks, this isn't the move.

Kerry Collins: If this was 2001 instead of 2011, Collins would make great sense. But Collins is 38 years old now and there is no knowing how much he has left in the tank. I'd say he's a good option as a veteran backup that can pick up a game or two in a crisis. But compete to win the job? that is seriously hoping against hope. So why is Collins on this list? He's still got a great arm. He's good in the locker room. He's a professional. He has no off-the-field issues. To me, he makes perfect sense back at Tennessee where he can tutor Jake Locker. I assume that will be his preference. But you never know. He's one of the few guys on this list that isn't exclusively a West Coast offense quarterback.

Matt Hasselbeck: He was amazing in the postseason, throwing seven TDs and and only one INT. I don't know if he was finally healthy. I don't know if he was playing for a new contract. I don't know if the 35-year-old took a drink from the Fountain of Youth. Whatever, Hasselbeck positioned himself into being valuable to someone in free agency. Don't get too excited. Before he played a Pro Bowl player in the playoffs, Hasselbeck was bad in the regular season -- throwing 12 TDs and 17 INTs. That's really no upgrade in stats over what Henne offered the Dolphins. Hasselbeck is and has always been a classic West Coast offense guy, which is not a great fit for Miami's offense. Can the old dog learn a new offense? Will he want to? And would he want to come to a mediocre team in Miami for what might be the end of his career?

Kevin Kolb: He lost the starting job to Michael Vick last season and could now be expendable. The Eagles are expected to entertain trade offers. There are rumors the San Francisco 49ers covet Kolb. There are other reports the Arizona Cardinals will be players in the derby for his services if and when the Eagles open the market for him. I see Arizona as his most likely landing spot. I don't see the Dolphins participating to any degree because the price for him will be higher than any other QB on the trade market -- higher than Palmer, if Cincy budges -- because of his age. But that high price comes with limited experience. He has played 19 games in four years. He has 11 career TDs and 14 career INTs. There are NFL people that see him as a sure thing. There are NFL people that see him as a question mark. The detractors also say Kolb is more suited for a West Coast offense. It's what he knows. It suits his skill set. The Dolphins do not use the West Coast offense.

Vince Young: The Titans are parting ways with their former first-round draft pick. That should give you pause. It would be the second Titans coaching staff that would be comfortable with the idea of getting rid of Young. That should give you pause. And, ultimately, the separation is not really a matter of performance on Young's part but rather because of his locker room and off-the-field and personal dealings with coaches and teammates. That, again, should really give pause. Finally, on the field, Vince Young has been a winner but not really spectacular. Young has played 54 games. He's thrown 42 touchdowns. And 42 interception. I don't see how this makes sense.

Donovan McNabb: What happened? Two years ago he was a really good player. But much like other Philadelphia quarterbacks that go to other teams, McNabb suddenly stunk, throwing more interceptions than touchdowns for the first time in his career. Should McNabb become available, the Redskins will probably try to get something in trade for him. I don't see his trade value to be very high. Maybe a fifth-round pick. The Dolphins and Redskins have a relationship in that they made a trade in the most recent draft. (Maybe TMI again on my part.) I must tell you McNabb was excellent in Andy Reid's west coast offense but he didn't seem to take a shine to Mike Shanahan's run-heavy version of the offense. He also didn't seem to particularly endear himself to Shanahan behind the scenes so that raises red flags as well. Don't see him as a fit.

Kellen Clemens: He's a free agent. He's been with the Jets since 2006 and was once considered the future starter until Mark Sanchez came along. He has a nice arm, a nice disposition, and a history with offensive coordinator Brian Daboll. No, he's not the answer to the quarterback question. He's a possibility as a backup. He would be a guy to remember if the Dolphins fail to find a veteran that can actually go toe-to-toe in a legitimate competition with Henne. Failing that ... Clemens is a possibility. Not possible, you say? Dolphins don't sign good guys when they cannot start in the NFL, you say? Two words: Josh McCown.

Brett Ratliff: You've never heard of the 6-4, 224-pounder from Utah. Neither had I until I started doing some homework. Ratliff played for Dolphins offensive coordinator Brian Daboll in New York. He was traded to the Browns when Daboll came on board in 2009. Somehow he ended up on the New England practice squad. I assume the Browns cut him. And then the Browns signed him off the Patriots practice squad last season. No, he didn't start. He hasn't ever thrown a pass in a game. But if you're looking for a name that Miami might be interested in as a third QB toward the end of training camp, this is the one. Ratliff signed a future's contract with the Titans so he belongs to them right now. (Hey, we're talking QBs here. Everyone's important.)

Yeah, that's about it at the moment. Maybe somebody loses their mind and becomes suddenly available. Otherwise, maybe Dan Marino is itching for a comeback.




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I like Orton-Period.

The rest of them can take a flying leap. I wouldn't give up nothing for anybody else on that list.

Orton on the other hand, I'd be willing to wheel and deal for.

Mr. Elway,

I'd be willing to give you Channing Crowder, Vernon Cary, a 4th round pick next year and a pack of Orbit chewing gum for 1 Kyle Orton.

Whaddaya say Johnny Boy????


This is a repost, just hoping you'll see it and give me a little feed back:

I've been watching video for two days straight.

I've watched just about everything I can find on Pouncey, Thomas and Gates. Over and over again.

With Gates it's very simple. If he masters beating the jam at this level, he'll be freaking Pro Bowler. The kid is a monster waiting to happen.

Thomas-Whoever said the guy goes down easy was lying. He gets all kinds of yards after contact. I mean a lot of it. He might not be fast, but he's very quick and shifty. Has some decent open field moves too. He's good very good vision as well. He's patient when he should be, hits the hole and goes when it's there. Sets up block really good with his eyes.

We need a speed back to compliment him for sure. But I like what I've seen. He's an upgrade to the aging R&R without a doubt.

Pouncey is trouble. Forget the bad snaps, that's the least of his problems.

I've yet to find any video of him dominating anyone. Being the 15 overall pick, I would expect to find some footage of him dominating someone at the collegiate level. It ain't there people. If you can find any, please post it here. I'd like to see it.

Against Tenn. and Ala. he was atrocious. Didn't matter if it was run blocking or pass. Consistently pushed around all over the place. Almost looked lost at times. No push whatsoever and looked his worse facing a NT in Alabama's 3-4 alignment. This is especially bad news for us.

He did make some nice second level blocks, but only against the smaller DB's. Even the collegiate level LB's manhandled him.

I looked at everybody else first because I thought Pouncey being a 1st rounder, he'd be solid. Man O man was I surprised.

I hate to say it, but i got to call it like I see it. You might want to hold off on those Stephenson comparisons for awhile because he looks like a sure fire bust.

I hope I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure I'm not. Go ahead and rip me up now for my opinion. I can take it. Just don't forget to post some links of him not getting pushed up and down the field.

Not Sold on Palmer, his history & talent says he's an upgrade but the fact he's been surrounded by talent almost his entire career and has yet to succeed casts doubts. I like the Flynn point & actually dont mind Clausen, or Brady Quinn getting some thoughts. DOnt think they have a chance on their teams at all, & a fresh start could be what they need.

You left out Matt Leinart. Not sure I would really want him tho.. But I suppose he could at least put pressure on Henne and is still young.

Everybody seems to forget about Tyler Thigpen i hope he is around to compete for the number one spot he is like Matt Flynn only better.

...What would you guys think about a scenario where we signed Namde Asimngowa.Then made a trade that involved Vontae Davis. He would hold the most value ofany position player not named Jake Long...It would be an upgrade at corner as well. Vontae alone wouldn't land Kolb. But maybe Orton.or Palmer.

Palmer would probably be my second choice behind Orton, despite the obvious lack of sucess.

The problem is the Bengals. They're going to want way more than I'd be willing to pay.

Just retire Carson, you don't want to look like a poor mans Brett Farve.

You wish!

(I wish Armando would respond to my Pouncey post above)

I wouldn't even consider Kolb or Leinart.

Both are too risky and I wouldn't want the trouble.

If you're going to go after a QB here, do it just like you would in the draft. Find the guy you REALLY want and pony up whatever it takes to get him.

Otherwise, just ride Henne and Thigpen with an eye towards next years QB class.


I know you're out there!

I know you ALWAYS read the first few responses to your new blogs!



The words trade and Davis just doesn't sit well with me.

I subscribe to your notion of the importance of the evolving nickle corner. I don't think we have enough good corners as it is.

I honestly believe we should have taken Prince instead of Pouncey!

Brady likes Sapp to much for me. I have doubts that Allen has a come back in him at this point in his career. Carroll showed a lot of flashes, but he's to much of an unproven commodity for me.

Our defense was awesome, except for thos nickle and dime situations where we couldn't get off the field.




Fine! I'm going to go watch some reruns of All In The Family. That Archie Bunker, he's such a Cad!

One more repost and please, somebody help a guy out:


Will somebody please post some links showing Pouncey kicking some a s s?

I've seen the one where he manhandles the piece of plywood and the heavy bag. I wasn't impressed.

PLEASE post something that shows he can actually block a real live living breathing human being.


Found this on a Redskins website:

"Daniel Thomas.....Underrated and Overlooked"

I was recently reading the article by Gary Fitzgerald on redskins.com titled:

"Roster Review: Running Backs" when I noticed at the end of the article that he mentioned some running backs that will be available in the 2011 NFL Draft (Mark Ingram, DeMarco Murray & Ryan Williams), but failed to mention the one cut running back that would fit Shanahan's offensive scheme PERFECTLY, DANIEL THOMAS out of Kansas State.

Thomas is a physical specimen with the VISION, POWER, SIZE and DURABILITY that we need here on the REDSKINS after Portis is sent packing. I couldn't understand why Gary Fitzgerald failed to mention Thomas, but mentioned Murray and Williams (both of which have questions about their durability, not to mention BOTH of which were not as productive OR impressive as Thomas this past season).

Daniel Thomas is basically an Adrain Peterson clone with SLIGHTLY less speed (I say slightly because he's pretty fast, just not AS fast as AP, but close). If you have never heard about Daniel Thomas (as I suspect most of you haven't) you need to do your research, dude is a BEAST at the RB position.

After showing a stat comparison, click on the link to the youtube highlight video of Daniel Thomas I will post at the bottom of this Blog if you've never seem the kid run.

DeMarco Murray 2010 stats: 282 carries, 1,214 yards, 15 TDs (4.3 yard per carry average). Murray rushed for 208 yards one time this season in his first game on 35 carries. That was his ONLY time this season over 200 yards.

Ryan Williams 2010 stats: 110 carries, 447 rushing yards, 9 TDs (4.3 yard per carry average, missed ALOT of playing time due to injury issues). His best performance this past season, he rushed for 142 yards on 14 carries, he NEVER went over 100 yards rushing at ANY time before OR after that game.

Daniel Thomas 2010 stats: 298 carries, 1,585 yards, 19 TDs ( 5.3 yard per carry average, didn't miss ONE game due to injuries in EITHER of his LAST 2 SEASONS). Thomas' best performances this past season, 234 yards rushing on 28 carries with 2 TDs (against UCLA with Akeem Ayers in the backfield), 269 yards rushing on 36 carries with 2 TDs, and 181 yards rushing on 34 carries with 2 TDs.

Daniel Thomas is believed (by a few people, including me) to be a better pro prospect than EITHER one of the previous mentioned running backs (Murray & Williams). If you've never seen Thomas run before, here's a youtube highlight video of the BEAST, enjoy.

Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCsgxRveJjg

Pat Devlin?

DB, thanks for the report on Thomas. I hope he becomes a serious offensive weapon on day 1. What I can surmise from the pick is that the we will see the Wildcat 2.0. Imagine if they resign R. Brown and line him and Thomas in the back. Could be sight to see.

I think Tyler Thigpen has forgotten about Tyler Thigpen:).

Look for clips on Pouncey vs Marcell Dareus, Pouncey gave Dareus a real battle.

The only thing that I can see Daniel Thomas and AP having in common is they both fumble. Not quite as fast? The differance between 4.37 and 4.6 doesnt seem like alot of time. But in the pros? thats the differnce between being able to take it to the house and not. Does anyone know of any DBs or FS's that run 4.6 or slower? Maybe a few but not many.

I watched film on all of these guys and the only highlight film that i wouldnt consider a highlight film would be daniel thomas. That being said the real running back that we should have held out on is Richardson from bama...have to wait till next year. Kid runs with the ball high and tight and is fast. Give me Demarco Murray any day, has injury problems? So did another sooner HB that he runs like...cant think of his name (sarcasim off)

Also As far as the pouncy video goes? haha I havent found one either of him completely dominating. That being said I do like his feild awareness, he seems to always have his head on a swivel. Another thing to like is he is rarely off his feet, wich is kinda a rarity for a lineman. Im not sold on the pouncy pick however I am willing to see how he performs before I pass judgemnt.

On a side note.. I have been a long time reader of these blogs about 2 years now, but this is my first time posting. Love the bloggers here, Sometimes you get better opionons and info from you guys than the article( No Offense Mondo)

Mikel Leshoure has much better stats than Thomas and is generlly ranked higher by most scouts. Wonder if Miami could have traded higher for him before detroit took him.

Thomas is also 24 years old and will be 25 years old in a few months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most RB are no longer relevant after 30. He is almost 3 years older than most other rookies. Another brilliant move by Ireland.

I think Pat Devlin is a good Undrafted free agent option if for nothing else but to add competition for Henne in training camp.

I like Carson or Orton as stop gap measures and as QB's that can provide real competition and depth with Henne.

I would try to not spend a first rounder for any of them though.


His contract will only be 5 years, so what difference does it make anyway?

I totally agree with you Odinseye. Everytime I've seen him play it just did not impress and the only time you do see good things is when he gets to the 2nd level and is picking on 195 lb DBs. Last time I checked Vince Wilfork is a tad heavier than that and if we want to run the big boy needs to get moved. There were better rated offensive linemen available at 15 and I just don't like that we reached on him.

What about brandstater who is on the dolphins practice squad?

For me Daniel Thomas looks like he runs in the same style as Legarrette Blount and that guy has been successful in Tampa without being 4.3 fast. If he is anything like him then ill be happy

Bulgar, Orton, Palmer.... realistically how much better than Henne will any of these be? Don't understand the Orton fetish, the guy will never be anything but mediocre.

If our 3rd stringer Brandestater (sp?) is a viable backup, I wouldn't invest a dime in any of these stop-gap QB's because if Henne isn't the guy, you move into the top 5 in the 2012 draft, pick your QB of the future, and start him right away. Forget the 3 years on the pine nonsense. Had we started Henne from day 1 we'd now know what we have, instead we have to spend yet one more season figuring it out, which as well altered our draft board. The modern day approach has been to just start them and let them learn (Stafford Bradford Sanchez Flacco Ryan)If we pick a top QB in the 2012, we do the same. In retrospect, Henne's year of tuteledge on the bench has only slowed his progress, not accelerated it.

armando r henne and long still organising unofficial offense practice?

Hate to say it but Thomas reminds me of Sammie Smith. Big, long legs, kinda fast, one-cut runner who was good on the collegiate level because the holes were big and the back-side and lateral pursuit weren't there like they are in the NFL. With the small holes (creases really) our o-line creates I worry that he will have trouble getting past the line of scrimmage.

Jimbo the Bo$$, the hardest thing for an O-Lineman to do is to block a fast agile DB in the open field. Thanks for for the feedback on Pouncey.

Kyle Orton would be leaving his second team and there is no Red Flag.
Vince Young would be leaving his first team with a new head coach coming in and that is a Red Flag.

Vince Young has thrown 42 TDs and 42 INTs.
30 of the INTs were in his first two years. In the next 3 years he has thrown only twelve INTs while putting up 21 TD passes.

Vince Young also helps in the running game because he freeses the DEs and LBers because they have to keep their lanes and cannot crash inside unless they take a chance that Young comes out the otherside and has open field to run. That adds versatility.

Don't worry and stop whining guys, Ireland will not be bringin a black QB to this team, atleast not to play QB. It's not his style

we took a pulling guard at 15;no value with that pick. jets at 30 got more value with their pick. thomas, the 2nd round pick, runs upright;injury waiting to happen. we didnt address a glaring need at qb. mcelroy to jets in the 7th round would have been nice pick for us. missed on stanzi and kaepernick too?ireland strikes out again.

The Dolphins QB in 2011 will be:

Chad Henne

Bank on it.

Vince Young is 30 and 17 in 47 career starts. I don't see how it doesn't make sense to give him a chance. He's a winner. You hope he's matured and learned something from his stay in Tennessee.

like i said long time ago, henne will never start another game for us

By your train of thought then, we lost our chance on a QB when we didn't pick up one in the draft. McElroy and Yates were available in the 6th round before we picked. Of the QBs you mention I would only touch two of them. Flynn or McNab.

mcnaab is garbage. flynn is unproven and would cost us too much in draft picks. we all know they want palmer badly. but i think bulger and his quick decand accurate throws would be the best choice. plus hes big time motivated

The FA or trade options are uninspiring, which we all knew already. Henne will likely be the starter to begin the season at least. I hope a new offense will change things. We all should but time will tell.

If I were Ireland & Sparano, I'd get my resume ready LMAO

What about Dennis Dixon from the Steelers? Isn't he going to be a free agent? I think he has a chance to be special if given an opportunity.

Ok, so you sign one of these guys, what's next? Teams need 3 QBs and right now we only have one. Thigpen is tendered as a RFA but that's under the old CBA's final year rule. He'll be UFA under a new CBA which means the tender won't mean anything.

But here's another thing. The 'new' QB beats Henne out. You know that's going to pi$$ Henne off and he'll want to go to another team in 2012. So, what then?

I guess that's a problem for the new coach and GM.

i wonder why no love for alex smith, he could get him for a third or second rounder, can make all the throws and has shown flashes of being a good to great QB, i think the change of team will be good for him and the dolphins

Why not trade Benny Sapp to the Cowboys for Jon Kitna. We need a QB and they need CB help. Makes sense.

Bryan, I would do that in a second but, Dallas is looking for GOOD DB's LOL


Well 2011 will be a wash, book it !

I'd be more than happy to look at ANY & ALL available Free Agents options.
I do not (under an circumstance) support utilizing any draft pks for the acquisition of any QB.
We need any and all our draft pks if we want to be in a position to draft a 1st rnd FRANCHISE type QB.
We need to consider being in a position to trade up if necessary.
(That will require additional draft pks)

Any of the QBs on that list should be able to give Henne a run for his money.
It ain't that hard folks given Henne SUCKS !








I'm a fan of Orten as well, but I can't see Denver getting rid of him. They won't be able to get a 1 for him, and Tebow is absolutely not ready, so unfortunately Orten isn't going anywhere. That said, I do not want to give up any draft picks for the remaining QB's assumed to become available (please do not go after Palmer). I would rather assure Thigpen he'll get an opportunity to start and let him and Henne duke it out. Henne will win and be much better than last year.

Armando: why not Alex Smith


75.4 RATING 82.4
3,301 YARDS 3,970
15 TDS 26
19 INTS 20
61.4 PASS PCT 61.8
6.7 YDS PER 6.8
490 PASS ATT 586
25 AGE 31



I predict our opening day starter will be no one on Armando's list or currently on the roster. What kind of odds can I get? Of course the longer the lockout goes the more likely it will be Henne or bust. We shall see...

Henne will be just fine!!! Give the kid the benefit of the doubt with a NEW, NON CONSERVATIVE O.C., Dabol DID beat the patsies convincingly & 2 years agot Henne did come from beat the patsies 22-21!!! HAVE A LITTLE FAITH!!!GO FINS!!!


75.4 RATING 82.1
3,301 YARDS 2,370
15 TDS 14
19 INTS 10
61.4 PASS PCT 60
490 PASS ATT 342
25 AGE 26







I think Ireland will aggressively go after a FA QB if he feels they are an upgrade. The draft says to me that he wants to win now and didn't think, rightfully so by that school of thought, that any QBs could serve that cause. I'll bet Ireland will move heaven and earth to get a veterain QB if there's one he likes. That would include trading high future draft picks, which he's not likely to ever get to use if we don't improve pretty quickly. What the hell will he care about our #1 pick in 2012 if he's a special assistant in Carolina or God knows where?

What about John Beck?

Justin keeps making some good points.

I WAS the biggest Henne fan alive. I'm still rooting and hoping for the best with him, but even I have some doubts.

The thing is, as Justin points out, are ANY of these guys enough of an upgrade to spend the draft pick(s) on?

If they were considered sure fire starters, that would be one thing. But spending draft picks just to bring in COMPETETION?


I think this, I think that. Ireland will do this, Ireland will do that. They should do this, they should do that. I know better, listen to me. Blah, blah, blah.

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