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The definitive look at the remaining QB possibilities

The Dolphins will address their need to add a quarterback to the roster once the league year begins and free agency and trades are allowed. That isn't speculation.

The Dolphins will do this because they could not find a quarterback in the draft they were willing to take when they were on the clock.

“Well I think we’ll have to look in free agency if we’re going to do that," general manager Jeff Ireland said. "Certainly we’ll look at all the quarterbacks in depth and (you know) the board didn’t fall right for us to pick up a quarterback. I didn’t feel like we were desperate for one and so we didn’t adjust our board to try to go after one. We stuck with our board and let it fall as it did.”

In a perfect world, the Dolphins would be able to find a player that could be a franchise caliber quarterback. there is really only one of those in the group that is likely to be available. His name is Carson Palmer. If Palmer doesn't become available, and the chances are good he will not, the Dolphins have to get creative and lower their expectations all at once.

What follows is an extensive look at the quarterbacks who are likely to be available and what their situation looks like. I present to you the signal-callers in order of how likely each player would be the answer for the quarterback-hungry Dolphins.

Carson Palmer: I told you in mid March that Dolphins sources were telling me he would be their No. 1 option if he becomes available and at the right time. The Cincinnati Bengals own his rights. He hates the idea of going back to Cincy to a degree that he's promised to retire if he's not traded. The Bengals have said they will not trade him, but they also have obviously moved on -- picking Andy Dalton in the second round of last week's draft. So perhaps the Bengals stick to their word. And perhaps they try to get something for Palmer. It could be nothing. It could be everything! If the Bengals put Palmer on the market, I report to you the Dolphins will be in line to get him. But even if that happens, other teams might also be in line, including Seattle and Arizona. Palmer has stated he'd like to play on the west coast. Seattle coach Pete Carroll coached him at USC. One small bit of trivia: Palmer's agent was also Dan Marino's agent back in the day. Don't know what that means, or if its too much information but I want to share as much with you as possible.

Marc Bulger: He will be starting his 11th NFL season in 2011. He was once considered among the most accurate and most-gifted quarterbacks in the NFL. That was circa 2004-2006. That was also when he was playing behind a solid offensive line and with some talent around him. But the Rams declined as the talent around Bulger aged and disappeared. So he declined. He got beat up and seemed beat down when I saw him play against Miami in 2008. He was bailing out of the pocket. He was rushing his throws. He had happy feet. Bulger was injured in 2009 and then signed a one-year free agent contract with the Ravens in 2010. He did not throw a pass in a game. Some people believe that year off served as a rehab of sorts for Bulger -- a time to heal and find himself again. He will be on the market. And there will be takers because Arizona, for one, might see him as a reclamation project similar to the one they undertook with Kurt Warner -- which worked out pretty well. I believe if the Dolphins cannot get Palmer, Bulger will be their second target. Not anything anyone has whispered to me. Speculation. But it is logical. The Dolphins can sign Bulger for a year or two and offer him a chance to win a starting job. If he beats out Henne, so be it. If he doesn't, he sits. Arizona might be able to offer him the starting job outright. We'll see.

Kyle Orton: He is limited. He is also under contract in Denver. This would have to involve a trade. That would mean the Broncos would have to be willing to get rid of a security blanket. It would signal that club president John Elway is handing the keys to the franchise to Tim Tebow. I don't know that Denver would be ready to do that in the offseason. Elway might want to wait until a training camp competition decides matters. If Elway is convinced Tebow is going to be his quarterback, he might want to get rid of Orton to avoid a QB controversy and also to save Orton's salary and and get compensation for Orton in return. That's not really a situation the Dolphins or any other outside team can really drive. 

Matt Flynn: He is never, ever, ever going to play in Green Bay unless something happens to Aaron Rodgers. So the Packers might be willing to part with this youngster (and winner) for the right draft pick compensation. He played when Rodgers was injured last season. He had a nice performance (3 TD, 1 INT) versus the Patriots in a 31-27 loss. It was his only start of the season. The case for Flynn is simple: He played collegiately in the Southeastern Conference and helped LSU win the national title. He's been very well coached in Green Bay. He's only 25 years old which suggests he could be part of the future. But ... He's unproven and moreso than Henne. He has played in the West Coast offense and the Dolphins don't run that. If the Dolphins are looking at the QB spot with a view of the future, this might be a good move. If they want someone for right now, and aren't eager to give up even modest draft picks, this isn't the move.

Kerry Collins: If this was 2001 instead of 2011, Collins would make great sense. But Collins is 38 years old now and there is no knowing how much he has left in the tank. I'd say he's a good option as a veteran backup that can pick up a game or two in a crisis. But compete to win the job? that is seriously hoping against hope. So why is Collins on this list? He's still got a great arm. He's good in the locker room. He's a professional. He has no off-the-field issues. To me, he makes perfect sense back at Tennessee where he can tutor Jake Locker. I assume that will be his preference. But you never know. He's one of the few guys on this list that isn't exclusively a West Coast offense quarterback.

Matt Hasselbeck: He was amazing in the postseason, throwing seven TDs and and only one INT. I don't know if he was finally healthy. I don't know if he was playing for a new contract. I don't know if the 35-year-old took a drink from the Fountain of Youth. Whatever, Hasselbeck positioned himself into being valuable to someone in free agency. Don't get too excited. Before he played a Pro Bowl player in the playoffs, Hasselbeck was bad in the regular season -- throwing 12 TDs and 17 INTs. That's really no upgrade in stats over what Henne offered the Dolphins. Hasselbeck is and has always been a classic West Coast offense guy, which is not a great fit for Miami's offense. Can the old dog learn a new offense? Will he want to? And would he want to come to a mediocre team in Miami for what might be the end of his career?

Kevin Kolb: He lost the starting job to Michael Vick last season and could now be expendable. The Eagles are expected to entertain trade offers. There are rumors the San Francisco 49ers covet Kolb. There are other reports the Arizona Cardinals will be players in the derby for his services if and when the Eagles open the market for him. I see Arizona as his most likely landing spot. I don't see the Dolphins participating to any degree because the price for him will be higher than any other QB on the trade market -- higher than Palmer, if Cincy budges -- because of his age. But that high price comes with limited experience. He has played 19 games in four years. He has 11 career TDs and 14 career INTs. There are NFL people that see him as a sure thing. There are NFL people that see him as a question mark. The detractors also say Kolb is more suited for a West Coast offense. It's what he knows. It suits his skill set. The Dolphins do not use the West Coast offense.

Vince Young: The Titans are parting ways with their former first-round draft pick. That should give you pause. It would be the second Titans coaching staff that would be comfortable with the idea of getting rid of Young. That should give you pause. And, ultimately, the separation is not really a matter of performance on Young's part but rather because of his locker room and off-the-field and personal dealings with coaches and teammates. That, again, should really give pause. Finally, on the field, Vince Young has been a winner but not really spectacular. Young has played 54 games. He's thrown 42 touchdowns. And 42 interception. I don't see how this makes sense.

Donovan McNabb: What happened? Two years ago he was a really good player. But much like other Philadelphia quarterbacks that go to other teams, McNabb suddenly stunk, throwing more interceptions than touchdowns for the first time in his career. Should McNabb become available, the Redskins will probably try to get something in trade for him. I don't see his trade value to be very high. Maybe a fifth-round pick. The Dolphins and Redskins have a relationship in that they made a trade in the most recent draft. (Maybe TMI again on my part.) I must tell you McNabb was excellent in Andy Reid's west coast offense but he didn't seem to take a shine to Mike Shanahan's run-heavy version of the offense. He also didn't seem to particularly endear himself to Shanahan behind the scenes so that raises red flags as well. Don't see him as a fit.

Kellen Clemens: He's a free agent. He's been with the Jets since 2006 and was once considered the future starter until Mark Sanchez came along. He has a nice arm, a nice disposition, and a history with offensive coordinator Brian Daboll. No, he's not the answer to the quarterback question. He's a possibility as a backup. He would be a guy to remember if the Dolphins fail to find a veteran that can actually go toe-to-toe in a legitimate competition with Henne. Failing that ... Clemens is a possibility. Not possible, you say? Dolphins don't sign good guys when they cannot start in the NFL, you say? Two words: Josh McCown.

Brett Ratliff: You've never heard of the 6-4, 224-pounder from Utah. Neither had I until I started doing some homework. Ratliff played for Dolphins offensive coordinator Brian Daboll in New York. He was traded to the Browns when Daboll came on board in 2009. Somehow he ended up on the New England practice squad. I assume the Browns cut him. And then the Browns signed him off the Patriots practice squad last season. No, he didn't start. He hasn't ever thrown a pass in a game. But if you're looking for a name that Miami might be interested in as a third QB toward the end of training camp, this is the one. Ratliff signed a future's contract with the Titans so he belongs to them right now. (Hey, we're talking QBs here. Everyone's important.)

Yeah, that's about it at the moment. Maybe somebody loses their mind and becomes suddenly available. Otherwise, maybe Dan Marino is itching for a comeback.




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I wouldn't waste any draft picks on any of these QBs that are available.
Sign Bulger (if healthy) or Smith to contracts with a low base value and lots of incentives, to compete with Henne and look at next years draft if Henne doesnt step up (which I would be surprised if he did). I think Bulger could do pretty well if our OL has improved and with the skill players the fins have. Just my opinion.

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Jimmy Jam,

Sorry but there isnt a qb in this year's offseason worthy of a premium pick for us. "Safe" qualifies as 6th rd pick max, IMO.

If we go trade route, no more than a 6th, or just sign a fa qb. Of all the qb's available, all have about equal chance of getting us to a playoff game based on track record. So why over pay?

Gulliheats 10:34 post says it all. there's a ton of people who post on here that henne sucks and the fact that he didn't have the supporting staff on offense didn't matter. he is the qb and he should lead the team to victory no matter what. but, when losing records are posted for qb's that others would like to see come to miami and compete against henne the first thing that happens is they defend the losing record by saying, "it's a team game. a qb needs players around him". and then the comment comes, "the dolphins won many games despite henne not because of him."

defend qb's on other teams with losing records but, when it comes to the qb of your own team, criticize him for the team not winning games. defend that. logically.

I would be very disappointed if we spent more than a 6th rd'er to aquire any of these qb's.

Remember, we're in the afc east, one of the absolute toughest divisions in all football. We need our premium picks to keep pace with everyone else.

Jimmy Jam,

So what your stats seem to imply is that a QB can vastly improve from his first and second season? NO WAY! REALLY?

Now that you mention it, this does happen to QB's quite a bit.

But Jimmy, according to a lot of the dolts here at Dolphins In Depth, even though it Happens to Brady's, Mannings, Flacco's, Ryans, Farve's and even VY, it just can't happen to Henne.

Even though it flies in the face of the facts of NFL history, the experts here have already determined it is scientifically IMPOSSIBLE for "it" to happen to Henne.

Vince Young has improved the past two years with a passer rating of 82 and 98. 20 tds/ 9 ints! Jeff fisher lost that locker room. You talk about the coaches and how they feel but he never lost the players support. Who opinions counts more? Ask Chris Johnson, Kenny Brit or the rest of that offense how they feel about Young. I've never been a Vince Young supporter but his qb play in the past two years and his age should place him much higher on the list. Oh yea, he isn't a West Coast qb and he could come without giving up draft picks. He could have the same effect that Mike Vick had in Philly.

jimmy jam's 12:41 post is another example. look at how vince young got better as he played longer. "notice how his rating went up and up over the years." again, defend a qb you want to bring to the team for their poor play elsewhere but don't defend the guy who's qb on your own team.

Henne compares favorably to every qb we could trade for.

Palmer-- 2 playoffs in 8yrs
Orton--- 0 playoffs in 6yrs
Young--- 1 playoffs in 5yrs

Coincidentally, in Young's playoff season he had 2459yds passing, 9td's, 17 interceptions. In his only playoff appearance he was 16 0f 29 for 138yds, 1 interception, 12yds rushing, and a 53.5 passer rating.

I'll say it again, the Dolphins left themselves with very few options, all questionable. Accept the fact that the ownership and leadership have been sinking this team further into oblivion with each passing (no pun) year, something it will take years to recover from.

Based on my 1:15 PM post, that's pretty much all of the evidense needed to conclude trading for any of the qb's listed and giving a premium pick is just plain foolish.

Henne looks as much the future of our franchise as any of these. LOL..........

you're wasting your time. it's not young's fault; it was the fault of the team. in henne's case everything is his fault. it has nothing to do with the players around him.
so, the henne haters are going to tell you that vince young, orton and palmer were just victims of cirumstance. they all played on bad teams and had they played for the fins we would have been a perrenial power in the league.


Armando hates V Young. Armando is a right wing conservative and fundamentally dislikes certain players like Young or Ricky.

It's funny how often christian types do not want to give a person a second chance.

Armando's bias has effected his perception on Young. The biggest set back for the Dolphins would be to over pay for any of these QB's.

All the guys at the top of the list would cost a lot more than a 6th round pick. IF Ireland could trade a DE for Young and a later round draft pick then he is by and far the best option or just sign him in FA.

Mondo having Kolb ahead of Young is evidence enough that his views are completely skewed on the subject. Kolb has done NOTHING in the league. Meanwhile I'd guess Young's win % is better than any on the list.

Palmer though old could play well but would cost multi 1st round picks. Hassleback could be good to actually but he is old too.

Marshall is the best WR that Henne ever played with, bar none! In his first season as a starter and with Marshall they hooked up for 85 and got about 1100 yards.

He seemed to figure out how to use a serious slot receiver in Bess pretty quickly as well.

Matter of fact, in his first season as a starter Henne, Marshall and Bess broke a team record for receptions set by Marino and the Marks Brothers.

Now he's going to have a legitimate speed receiver in Gates to work with too.

Matter of fact, Henne's still head and shoulders above where many franchise QB's were at this point in their careers. Henne's well ahead of the curve when compared to VY, yet many dolts would have us replace him WITH VY.

I know improvement is nearly impossible for a third year QB, but if he improves any at all in the redzone, hmmmmmmmm.

Nah, now that we've improved the roster and got rid of the worst OC in the ganme today, lets replace Henne with Alex Smith!

I mean history dictates that this is the point where most sucessful QB's make their biggest improvements and really start to shine.

BUT, lets not chance it, get me Marc Bulger!!!!


The same argument can be made here about Henne amongst our fans. There were mitigating circumstances around Henne:

Dan Henning
Limited weapons
Even Henne himself

Bottomline: There are mitigating factors with each of these qb's. Still Henne lead his team to a "FAR" better 2010 record under these "mitigating" factors.

So tell me, with Henne having led his team to a far better 2011 record under mitigating factors. Then why do all of the other qb's get a "free pass" as being an upgrade to Henne?


There isnt one player available via trade that we can conclussively say is a clear "upgrade to Henne." Henne led his team to a far better 2010 record than any of these.

So what's the deal, are you guys trying to go forwards are backward here? We're far better off going the fa route and not having to give up draft picks for guys who clearly didnt lead thier teams to as good a record as Henne.

You guys get your wish and the step you thinkl we take forward. In reality may clearly be "2 steps" backwards.

does anyone know the status of Pennington?
his he in the mix?
will he even be on the roster come Aug?


exactly right on how Henne get's the blame all around and for all aspects of the offense.

Look Young is an unconventional player who still has learning to do and some growing up to do too. He has room to improve his game with accuracy and reads.

BUT, the guy wins games at the highest level. The guy has a good arm and can make all the throws, the guy IS elusive in a league where that matters and the guy is young and could become a long term answer for the Dolphins



I really dont care 2 s*hits what fa qb they bring in(hopefully a decnt one)as long as its a fa qb. The trade route definitely means giving up a pick.

But to give up a pick(s) for guys win wise whom Henne was far superior to in 2010 is totally ridiculous!

DB & odinseye....you guys seem to be in the loop.
what do you believe the fins will do with Pennington once the lockout is over?

u guys are dumb HELLOOOO ANDREW LUCK :)

I have defended Henne all along the way pointing out the deficiencies around him.

I am hopeful it really clicks for Henne and I suspect he will be the starter this year.

I simply believe Young is the best player available for the cheapest price to back up Henne and be successful if Henne were to implode.

Besides being in one playoff game in his career and bumming out pretty badly that game(53.5 passer rating). VY also brings great risk of being a total cancer to the team.

VY has yet to disclose any type of conclussive greatness to definitively suggest he's well worth the gamble. The guy has yet to even complete 60% of his passes in 5 nfl season.

He just hasnt "definitively" shown the risk is well worth the reward.

Oregon--- I would only take VY if it involves no greater than a 6th rd pick.

NHFIN--- No way Pennington occupies a roster spot. He could become a qb coach in training at most. If not totally let go.

Now is our chance to finally sign Brady Quinn, Daboll worked with him.... WAit, I cannot stop laughing!!! This season i sgoing to be a joke!! Gruden and Andrew Luck here we come!

I have stated over and over again for the last month that, while I don't like Henne and think he will not improve, the team has put the pieces in place to give him every chance to do so. I would prefer that Henne turned out to be our franchise guy because I don't want to have to wait around for another Rookie to "develop." That said, competition does not hurt and I am not willing to say that the reins should simply be handed to Henne without having another decent QB on the roster. I agree with DB that we should not be handing out high picks unless we're sure. So my desire for Orton is misplaced. VY, however, can be had for nothing if we want to get into a bidding war after he is released or for a player/low pick if we want to secure his services while he's under contract with the Titans. He is, by far, the best combination of cheap (in terms of trade) and and good.

So please, I may think Henne doesn't have what it takes but I am not stupid or unreasonable (during the season I was, but that was emotion: If he can do it with what they've given him then I have no problem with a Dilfer-esque player behind center.

But here's the thing: He has been given the surrounding cast... there are NO MORE EXCUSES for him. If he gets the starting job this year and doesn't get it done, will the Henne lovers then admit (as I am willing to do if he succeeds) that they were wrong?

I wouldnt take Palmer even if the asking price were a 5th rd'er. For one, based on his 8yr track record he isnt "a lock" to get us into the playoffs even. For two, a qb of his supposed pedigree. No less than a afc championship game with the weapons he would now be surrounded with would be an aweful waste.

Three, no less than a afc championship appearance of Plamer's supposed pedigree and we're far better served using even a 5th rd'er in 2012's draft.

Jimmy Jam,


Loving the Henne defense today. Dmdolphan don't try to explain anything logically in here, some of these dolts will never understand. Odinseye and Dying right on with your assesments. But way to logical. Well thought out with facts to back up your opinions? Won't fly in here. Or maybe we're taking this blog back from the insane asylum.

I can see where you would think that way.

All the same things and worse could have been said about M Vick prior to last year too.

I suspect he would cost slightly more like perhaps a 5th or a 4th in which case I would make that deal only after trying to deal a DE for him.

No more Pennington. People please put that talk to rest.

What's up fellas? I'm with most of you guys (odin, DB, dm1) that Henne is probably the best of the worst.

But I think we've all gotten over last year at this point. If we remember back to December 2010, I think Henne might have been the absolutely worst QB in the NFL. Not sure what it was, but the guy just stunk like rotten flesh at the end of last year.

I hope and pray he's past that. That he CAN and WILL improve, and that the improvements around him will help him be better. But, if you ask me to put money on it, I wouldn't wager more than $1 (maybe $0.50).

And that's why we absolutely MUST have a legitimate backup here to at the very least push Henne and bring competition to that position. And, QBs don't last a whole season in today's NFL (even Henne, who's main strength is he's very durable). We will need someone who can win a game behind Henne (and I doubt Thigpen is it).

So hopefully they can get someone in here, and hopefully regardless what happens, we pick a QB next year because we can't keep having an issue at that position. You see how Jax picked a QB (when they had one), NE did, and Carolina did in back-to-back years. There's something Miami doesn't get, and that's if you don't have a successful QB, you don't have a successful team.


There isnt even 60% certainty any of these available qb's can get us to a playoff game based on playoff game appearance by any of them in thier nfl careers. So why waste a premium pick?

Even Henne stands out as firm as any of these in this regards.

Scratch that DM1, I thought you were defending staying with Henne but you are actually thinking Young or one of the others is an upgrade. Didn't read your sarcasm the first time around. You'rew off the list of logic and back on the list of "don't get it".

I like Matt Flynn and / or Brett Ratliff to come and push Henne. The Dolphins should try and get Tony Pike from the Panthers IMHO.

- I have faith in Chad Henne. GO DOLPHINS!

We will see how it all breaks down.

I am encouraged by how Ireland handled the draft.

I hope that next year Miami will be desperately need for a QB, as in fact, was this year, but not acknowledged by Ireland. That is why we dolphans and media need to do a very strong campaign for Miami to pick the best QB available for the draft 2012. Yes ! Miami staff has to do whatever it takes to select the best QB (Luck, Jones, etc.) There will be no excuses, even if Henne suddenly improves this year.


We already far overpayed for Thigpen giving up a 5th rd'er for him. He maybe even out of the league for good once we let him walk.

OregonD--- IMO, a 4th or 5th rd pick is too much for a qb with one playoff appearance and an aweful game to boot. VY's qb rating that game was 53.5, Thigpen could have put up those numbers.

Got to go earn a living. Nice chatting with you guys, as usual. Glad we are all huge Dolphins fans. We can disagree (and, Lord, do we!) but in the end, we want the same thing: the resurrection of our once proud franchise.

I'm out. Catch you later.


I am hopeful Gates can win a WR spot and beat out Hartline.

I know how much Mr FG loves him some Hartline (unexceptional, non deep threat, possession WR)

But it really is time to get some SPEED on the field and use it.

Go Edmond Gates!

One more thing guys, it's fine to have a QB who's basically a game manager (as long as he's a good one). And it's fine to say a QB can't do it all by themselves.

But the BEST QBs in this league at times (some more times than others) carry their teams on their shoulders. The best MAKE everyone around them better. Perfect example is Drew Brees, who took a bunch of no name receivers and made them exceptional by his play.

I hear you guys that probably no one would have been successful under Henning last year. But I'm not going to stop wanting a QB to lead this team who can raise the level of play of everyone around him. The guy who'll spark the team by making a great throw, calling the right audible, doing something with his feet or his football intelligence.

And no one can say Henne (at this moment) possesses that talent. All I'm saying is, regardless of how Henne fares this year, THAT will be the most important determination if he should continue to be QB next year. In order for us to go to a SuperBowl, Henne (or ANY QB) will one day have to carry the team on his shoulders (like all great QBs do from time to time).


I agree. I would rather spend a premium pick in 2012's draft on a young qb to develop than spend it on this years diluted crop via trade.

Have to agree. Not one of these guys are worth a giving away low round pics next year. Smart move would be to cut your loses, sign Thigpen and wait for next year's draft.

But they won't do that. They'll give some team next year's pic and we'll be trading down again maybe missing out on a QB.

@ odinseye:


I saw the game Matt Flynn played against the Pats. Just from seeing that I'm hoping for him.

we can agree to disagree.

Thigpin and Young are not comparable. Young is no panacea yet does possess significant upside and downside.

Non of these QB's are worth more than a 3rd round pick at best and it seems that Young could be simply signed as a FA.


Hartline can play slot. So if Gates pushes him out, I think Hartline(greater speed) may push Bess out. If things happen this way, Bess makes great trade bait.

Who knows, maybe even Bess becomes trade bait for a qb.

Oregon, I think you've hit the nail on the head. Gates will determine (IMO) how good this draft was. Pouncey should be a the very least a starter and good player (maybe not better than his brother, but serviceable). Thomas, as long as he doesn't fumble, should be an upgrade over Ronnie Brown (fresher legs). But if Gates can do what he was brought here to do, that will completely change Miami's offense and scare the Bejesus out of our opponents.

It's all about Gates. He needs to win a spot, at the very least have a couple plays designed for him, plus make waves on special teams, and if so that should make this Draft class a success. If the guy can't get on the field this year, we all need to worry.

What about Josh Johnson of Tampa Bay, maybe David Garrard?


Already said I would accept VY if no picks were involevd. If they are a 7th rd'er would be ideal.

Dying Breed,

I was with you 100%. Right up to the 5th rounder.

I would at least CONSIDER Palmer for a 5th. Maybe, MIGHT!

I'm with you though, I don't want to give up any picks at this point.

WHATEVER we end up needing in next years draft, I want to have the full compliments of picks-PERIOD-LOL!

Hartline would be able to "stretch the field" more from the slot position than Bess does.

I am already worried because Mr FG is still the HC and I believe his conservative nature and overall lack of coaching ability will cost the team numerous games AGAIN this year.

The other X factor is Clay.

IF Daboll can design and implement a dramatically more diverse and complex offense this year, Clay could become a weapon.

The Browns offense last year does not indicate much hope about seeing that happen ... but hopefully I am wrong.

Scratch Tony Pike from my wish list.
The Dolphins should see if the can snatch Caleb Hanie from the Bears.

The bigger question is; what kind of moron HC allows his OC to run an offense that has the QB in a 5 step drop exclusively?

As a fan viewing the game on TV the offense screamed predictable to me.

Dam Sparano gets to see the thing up close every day, participate in the game planning and personnel and let's that crap go on for 3 years!? Wow.

The guy might be the most incompetent HC to ever be a Dolphin.

I agree. Sparano has responsibility for the offense. Maybe in his situation he couldn't override henning. But that's his job.

Bess is a much better route runner and has better hands than Hartline IMO.

I have just never seen it with Hartline. Maybe he turns into who? I dont know, I'm trying to think of a good payer who he resembles and cant think of one.

He is a guy on the roster, Mr FG loves him, hopefully he turns out to be the greatest WR ever. I just dont see it.

What's up fellas...

I don't see 1 free agent available that is going to be the savior of this team. Call me crazy. But I think for the FUTURE of this franchise. The best bet is Chad Henne. 1 of 2 things will happen. 1 Henne will improve his play and be just as good as anyone we may bring in. Or 2 he will be the same ol' Henne and we can put this debate to bed. Whatever we do, do not give away any picks that we may be able to use in a trade next year if Henne soils his shorts.

What is the realistic expectations for this team next year? Are we a Super Bowl team? Can we get to ten wins? 500? A losing outfit? I say that we can improve by 2 or three wins with whoever is playing quarterback. Even Henne.

Here is the recipe(IMO) WE have invested in trying to improve the run game. Even thought the thought is this is a pass first league. This rule only applies to teams that have outstanding quarterback play. I do not see this guy out there in free agency. We have to get our run to pass balance closer. In games we won last year we ran the ball 246 times-211 pass . In games we lost we ran it 199 and threw it 346. There were only a few exaples of games where we were so far behind that we were forced to pass to try and get back into games. In fact we were in just about every game going into quarter 4. A few examples where we weren't. But for the most part, we abandoned the run, and became a pass first offense.

Part of the reason was that we just sucked running the ball. I think this has been addresed this draft(or an attempt, we will see)
My point is that no matter who we get is not going to be elite. If Henne can cut down on his mistakes(mental included) This offense can be efficient enough for this team to improve. I understand that in recent years the key to the Super Bowl trophy is via the air.. But this may not be in our cards. We have to play to OUR strengths, and not into the hands of what opposition defenses want us to do..We have to be able to run.

I'm not a Henne hatter. Henne is every bit a good as Sanchez. The Jets have a defense, great receivers and yea Ricky Williams the Jets have a running game. Ricky happens to be my favorite NFL player but I though he hit Henne with a cheap shot. You want to pick someone up in free agency. Pick Carolina receiver Smith. This would change everything on offense. If Henne doesn't make, I'll bet he will, but IF he doesn't you give the house in 2012 for the best QB in the draft."TEAM COMPLETED"

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