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The definitive look at the remaining QB possibilities

The Dolphins will address their need to add a quarterback to the roster once the league year begins and free agency and trades are allowed. That isn't speculation.

The Dolphins will do this because they could not find a quarterback in the draft they were willing to take when they were on the clock.

“Well I think we’ll have to look in free agency if we’re going to do that," general manager Jeff Ireland said. "Certainly we’ll look at all the quarterbacks in depth and (you know) the board didn’t fall right for us to pick up a quarterback. I didn’t feel like we were desperate for one and so we didn’t adjust our board to try to go after one. We stuck with our board and let it fall as it did.”

In a perfect world, the Dolphins would be able to find a player that could be a franchise caliber quarterback. there is really only one of those in the group that is likely to be available. His name is Carson Palmer. If Palmer doesn't become available, and the chances are good he will not, the Dolphins have to get creative and lower their expectations all at once.

What follows is an extensive look at the quarterbacks who are likely to be available and what their situation looks like. I present to you the signal-callers in order of how likely each player would be the answer for the quarterback-hungry Dolphins.

Carson Palmer: I told you in mid March that Dolphins sources were telling me he would be their No. 1 option if he becomes available and at the right time. The Cincinnati Bengals own his rights. He hates the idea of going back to Cincy to a degree that he's promised to retire if he's not traded. The Bengals have said they will not trade him, but they also have obviously moved on -- picking Andy Dalton in the second round of last week's draft. So perhaps the Bengals stick to their word. And perhaps they try to get something for Palmer. It could be nothing. It could be everything! If the Bengals put Palmer on the market, I report to you the Dolphins will be in line to get him. But even if that happens, other teams might also be in line, including Seattle and Arizona. Palmer has stated he'd like to play on the west coast. Seattle coach Pete Carroll coached him at USC. One small bit of trivia: Palmer's agent was also Dan Marino's agent back in the day. Don't know what that means, or if its too much information but I want to share as much with you as possible.

Marc Bulger: He will be starting his 11th NFL season in 2011. He was once considered among the most accurate and most-gifted quarterbacks in the NFL. That was circa 2004-2006. That was also when he was playing behind a solid offensive line and with some talent around him. But the Rams declined as the talent around Bulger aged and disappeared. So he declined. He got beat up and seemed beat down when I saw him play against Miami in 2008. He was bailing out of the pocket. He was rushing his throws. He had happy feet. Bulger was injured in 2009 and then signed a one-year free agent contract with the Ravens in 2010. He did not throw a pass in a game. Some people believe that year off served as a rehab of sorts for Bulger -- a time to heal and find himself again. He will be on the market. And there will be takers because Arizona, for one, might see him as a reclamation project similar to the one they undertook with Kurt Warner -- which worked out pretty well. I believe if the Dolphins cannot get Palmer, Bulger will be their second target. Not anything anyone has whispered to me. Speculation. But it is logical. The Dolphins can sign Bulger for a year or two and offer him a chance to win a starting job. If he beats out Henne, so be it. If he doesn't, he sits. Arizona might be able to offer him the starting job outright. We'll see.

Kyle Orton: He is limited. He is also under contract in Denver. This would have to involve a trade. That would mean the Broncos would have to be willing to get rid of a security blanket. It would signal that club president John Elway is handing the keys to the franchise to Tim Tebow. I don't know that Denver would be ready to do that in the offseason. Elway might want to wait until a training camp competition decides matters. If Elway is convinced Tebow is going to be his quarterback, he might want to get rid of Orton to avoid a QB controversy and also to save Orton's salary and and get compensation for Orton in return. That's not really a situation the Dolphins or any other outside team can really drive. 

Matt Flynn: He is never, ever, ever going to play in Green Bay unless something happens to Aaron Rodgers. So the Packers might be willing to part with this youngster (and winner) for the right draft pick compensation. He played when Rodgers was injured last season. He had a nice performance (3 TD, 1 INT) versus the Patriots in a 31-27 loss. It was his only start of the season. The case for Flynn is simple: He played collegiately in the Southeastern Conference and helped LSU win the national title. He's been very well coached in Green Bay. He's only 25 years old which suggests he could be part of the future. But ... He's unproven and moreso than Henne. He has played in the West Coast offense and the Dolphins don't run that. If the Dolphins are looking at the QB spot with a view of the future, this might be a good move. If they want someone for right now, and aren't eager to give up even modest draft picks, this isn't the move.

Kerry Collins: If this was 2001 instead of 2011, Collins would make great sense. But Collins is 38 years old now and there is no knowing how much he has left in the tank. I'd say he's a good option as a veteran backup that can pick up a game or two in a crisis. But compete to win the job? that is seriously hoping against hope. So why is Collins on this list? He's still got a great arm. He's good in the locker room. He's a professional. He has no off-the-field issues. To me, he makes perfect sense back at Tennessee where he can tutor Jake Locker. I assume that will be his preference. But you never know. He's one of the few guys on this list that isn't exclusively a West Coast offense quarterback.

Matt Hasselbeck: He was amazing in the postseason, throwing seven TDs and and only one INT. I don't know if he was finally healthy. I don't know if he was playing for a new contract. I don't know if the 35-year-old took a drink from the Fountain of Youth. Whatever, Hasselbeck positioned himself into being valuable to someone in free agency. Don't get too excited. Before he played a Pro Bowl player in the playoffs, Hasselbeck was bad in the regular season -- throwing 12 TDs and 17 INTs. That's really no upgrade in stats over what Henne offered the Dolphins. Hasselbeck is and has always been a classic West Coast offense guy, which is not a great fit for Miami's offense. Can the old dog learn a new offense? Will he want to? And would he want to come to a mediocre team in Miami for what might be the end of his career?

Kevin Kolb: He lost the starting job to Michael Vick last season and could now be expendable. The Eagles are expected to entertain trade offers. There are rumors the San Francisco 49ers covet Kolb. There are other reports the Arizona Cardinals will be players in the derby for his services if and when the Eagles open the market for him. I see Arizona as his most likely landing spot. I don't see the Dolphins participating to any degree because the price for him will be higher than any other QB on the trade market -- higher than Palmer, if Cincy budges -- because of his age. But that high price comes with limited experience. He has played 19 games in four years. He has 11 career TDs and 14 career INTs. There are NFL people that see him as a sure thing. There are NFL people that see him as a question mark. The detractors also say Kolb is more suited for a West Coast offense. It's what he knows. It suits his skill set. The Dolphins do not use the West Coast offense.

Vince Young: The Titans are parting ways with their former first-round draft pick. That should give you pause. It would be the second Titans coaching staff that would be comfortable with the idea of getting rid of Young. That should give you pause. And, ultimately, the separation is not really a matter of performance on Young's part but rather because of his locker room and off-the-field and personal dealings with coaches and teammates. That, again, should really give pause. Finally, on the field, Vince Young has been a winner but not really spectacular. Young has played 54 games. He's thrown 42 touchdowns. And 42 interception. I don't see how this makes sense.

Donovan McNabb: What happened? Two years ago he was a really good player. But much like other Philadelphia quarterbacks that go to other teams, McNabb suddenly stunk, throwing more interceptions than touchdowns for the first time in his career. Should McNabb become available, the Redskins will probably try to get something in trade for him. I don't see his trade value to be very high. Maybe a fifth-round pick. The Dolphins and Redskins have a relationship in that they made a trade in the most recent draft. (Maybe TMI again on my part.) I must tell you McNabb was excellent in Andy Reid's west coast offense but he didn't seem to take a shine to Mike Shanahan's run-heavy version of the offense. He also didn't seem to particularly endear himself to Shanahan behind the scenes so that raises red flags as well. Don't see him as a fit.

Kellen Clemens: He's a free agent. He's been with the Jets since 2006 and was once considered the future starter until Mark Sanchez came along. He has a nice arm, a nice disposition, and a history with offensive coordinator Brian Daboll. No, he's not the answer to the quarterback question. He's a possibility as a backup. He would be a guy to remember if the Dolphins fail to find a veteran that can actually go toe-to-toe in a legitimate competition with Henne. Failing that ... Clemens is a possibility. Not possible, you say? Dolphins don't sign good guys when they cannot start in the NFL, you say? Two words: Josh McCown.

Brett Ratliff: You've never heard of the 6-4, 224-pounder from Utah. Neither had I until I started doing some homework. Ratliff played for Dolphins offensive coordinator Brian Daboll in New York. He was traded to the Browns when Daboll came on board in 2009. Somehow he ended up on the New England practice squad. I assume the Browns cut him. And then the Browns signed him off the Patriots practice squad last season. No, he didn't start. He hasn't ever thrown a pass in a game. But if you're looking for a name that Miami might be interested in as a third QB toward the end of training camp, this is the one. Ratliff signed a future's contract with the Titans so he belongs to them right now. (Hey, we're talking QBs here. Everyone's important.)

Yeah, that's about it at the moment. Maybe somebody loses their mind and becomes suddenly available. Otherwise, maybe Dan Marino is itching for a comeback.




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I'd like to see Henne get one last shot, but i have a feeling this front office is in panic mode and that they won't mind throwing away picks for a vet when free agency opens.
I would like to think we could make a play for Luck next year but i don't think we'll get that chance.

Hartline can play slot. So if Gates pushes him out, I think Hartline(greater speed) may push Bess out. If things happen this way, Bess makes great trade bait.

Who knows, maybe even Bess becomes trade bait for a qb.

Posted by: DyingBreed | May 04, 2011 at 02:02 PM

This is complete lunacy. Bess is the ONLY WR on this team who is always open, even when he's not. Just signed a big extension, he is not going anywhere.

Make him expendable IF, A BIG IF, a 4th round pick from a small school manages to catch on?

DB, I used to view you as somewhat intelligent and articulate. This is just absurd, even if only hypothetical. No offense of course! :)

I'd rather trade starks than bess. We can't make our offens worst.
Another idea is to trade mr FieldGoal carpenter. If he wasn't so good maybe sparano wouldn't try 50 yard FGs all the time

I don't want to defend SpOrano because he SHOULD have vetoed Hennings on numerous occassions last year.

In his defense though, Henning was a legend and really tight with Parcells. I know I saw a couple of instances wher Hennings senility was really showing and the camera panned to SpOrano.

You could see it in his eyes(right through the shades-lol)and the look on his face, it was simply a WTF? moment!

I was against Henning from the beggining and I posted it right off the bat that I thought he would be our biggest problem on offense. Regardless of who takes hand offs and who throws the ball.

People want to claim Daboll was just as bad as Hennings. I beg to differ. Can you imagine what Cleveland would have looked like last year with Hennings? Colt McCoy, their biggest surprise would have never seen the field!

Scouts Inc.’s Matt Williamson looks at AFC East players on the verge of a breakout in 2011:

Koa Misi certainly benefits from having stud pass-rusher Cameron Wake on the opposite side of him in Miami’s 3-4 scheme, but this is an impressive young player in his own right who is poised for a breakout year in 2011. In fact, I think the Miami defense as a whole is on the verge of establishing itself as one of the truly elite units in the NFL.

A great defensive line that should be much healthier this year will have a lot to do with this, but so will the development of this 24-year old linebacker. Misi has a sturdy frame and plays to the whistle snap after snap. His pass-rushing arsenal should improve with experience, but he is already very sturdy securing the edge as a run defender. In this respect, Misi was one of the better run defenders at his position last year.

Along with Misi, this Miami defense has plenty of young players who could qualify as on the verge of stardom. To go along with what I expect to be an outstanding and improving defensive line, Vontae Davis and Sean Smith could be on the cusp of becoming perhaps the premier tandem of corners in the league. In fact, both Davis and Smith are superior players to Misi at this point. But having all this talent surrounding the second-year outside linebacker should put him in a position to flourish.

Another thing about Henne...This insn't an endorsement. I'm just trying to get into the head of the franchise. Henne is in the last year of his contract. This could work a few ways as well. The pressure of knowing he may be playing for his last chance to start in this league may be too much. Or,he may even suprise everyone and play well.

It is in our best interest to at least give Henne a chance. If he plays well his value skyrockets, and we have some leverage(assuming the free agent rules stay similar, he could be franchised, or even signed and trade if we choose) If we have seen the best of Chad Henne, and he fails to impress. We will absolutley know what we have. There are just so many questions unanswered to just let him fail. 5 step drop schemes come to mind, Dan Henning comes to mind, 3.4 ypc comes to mind. Henne has no more excuses. He can hang himself, or he can redeem himself.


I have to agree with you on the Bess post. I was thinking the same thing as I read DB's post. Lunacy!

DB is intelligent and has some great football knowledge. Believe me though, I've been posting here long enough to know. He does tend to get carried away just a bit, every once in awhile.

Bess is the perfect compliment to Marshall and a speed demon like Gates. If anything Hartline MIGHT stay ahead of Moore and Wallace.

Even if/when Gates moves ahead of Bess, you have to have and you won't find a better slot receiver than Bess.

By the way, have you watched much video of Gates? He looks just like Bess, only with a turbo charged extra gear. I know he has to work on his routes and beating the jam, but still, he looks just like Bess. Tough, shifty and got it done. He's NOT just a straightline speed guy either, he's got moves and skills. Fights for the ball too. The comparison to Bess with speed is what makes me so fired up about this guy. He's the best pick Ireland made this year.

Henne needs this, Henne needs that. I think this, I think that. Ireland should do this, Ireland should do that. I know better, listen to me. Blah, blah, blah.

There is room for Marshall, Bess, Hartline and Gates. Its Moore or Wallace that will go.

What about me?

blahblah...Nice post. Way to contribute.

Thanks Darryl. I admire brevity. Some go on and on and say no more than what I did.

Sorry JaMarcus I'm not sure there's room for a 350lb QB on the team.


Want to make a side bet?

I don't know who ends up getting the ax. But I'll bet you I know who Daboll goes with as our top 4 and I can tell you why.

1. Marshall

2. Bess will stick as our no. 2 because of his experience, but for all intents and purposes he will remain our SLOT receiver.

3. Gates.

4. Wallace.

Marshall's a gimme.

Bess and Gates because of their Slot and speed skills respectively.

Wallace will stick because he's almost a clone of Marshall. He has a lot of polishing up to do. But he's got good speed and size. He's big enough and has the go up and get it mentality to beat most corners and safeties.

In a 4 wide set with Marshall, Bess and Gates on the field, Wallace and his skillset presents the best oppurtunities for COMPLETE mismatches.

So my bet would be that Wallace sticks before Hartline and Moore this year. Whaddya say?

Blahblah... brevity is not my strong suit! This is better, yes?


You have to tighten up your game.

You might have been able to get away with that limited humor on last years Dolphins In Depth Blog, but this crew has been improving.

The way it's looking for you, you won't even make it through training camp, let alone the pre season.

If you want to make it to the 53 man roster you better tighten it up My Man!

.....GOAL!!!!!!! Valencia.


...GOAL. Gibson! It's over. United v Barcelona is gonna be sweet.

No pics to be released....body dumped in the ocean.....you guys belive this sh*t if you want.....

I got some ocean front property in Arizona to sell you......

OK....back to football....


I like your post @ 3:12 and agree TOTALLY!

PS: I would've typed LOL at the end of that sentence, but you already pointed out that I never type LOL.

So that's why I left LOL off the end of that last sentence..........LOL!

Hey what's up fellas?

I can't see Miami going with a low tier Free Agent like Kellen Clemons or washed up has beens in Hasselbeck or McNabb. Tony Sparano has his one and only shot to be a Head Coach on the highest level. He will never get this opportunity back. Jeff Ireland is also in the same boat as a GM. If this team fails to make the playoffs they are both GONE.

With that being said there is no way either men would be foolish enough to beleive Chad Henne is the answer as a QB either. Sparano benched Henne last year after losing faith in him. Potential franchise QBs don't get benched after rough spots. It's obvious to people who understand football that Henne has shown no progression or consistancy to be the QB of this team and that is why he was benched. Henne is only on the team because he is under contract.

Miami will do everything they can to obtain Carson Palmer imo. The problem is the Pete Carroll and obvious geographic location of Seattle is going to be present competition for his Palmer.

Carson Palmer had the unfortunate circumstances of first and foremost being drafted by the Bengals. They are a horrible organization who chases "Bad Guys" but won't spend money on top tier free agents. They draft flops year after year and have a mediocre coach because the owner doesn't want to pay for a better coach. Palmer also has had bad talent, over rated talent (Ocho Stinko) and a horrible offensive line for years. Couple that with his injuries and his confidence had to be shot! I think a change of scenery would help Palmer revitalize his career. Miami has some nice pieces and the offensive line this year will resemble the offensive line of 2 and 3 seasons ago more then the one that was average at best last season.

Miami must get Palmer or Sparano and Ireland won't have to worry about replacing Henne the following year because they won't have jobs in Miami.


Who cares about pictures and how we disposed of the body?

The main thing is the Boogie Man's dead. Isn't that the important thing here?

Now EVERYTHINGS right in the world again.............OK?

I think guys are missing the whole point of picking up a QB in FA...it's to PUSH Henne or even beat him out for the job. If, as most of you are, as down on Henne as you are, this shouldn't be a hard task. Wouldn't you think, for ALL the guys on here that trash Henne repeatedly, that this would be an increcibly easy task to find a replacement. After all, couldn't just anybody do this job? That's what most of you have been saying for the longest time....so why the debate?

The reality is, there are no 'franchise' QBs laying around in FA. I've argued for the longest time that there are very few true 'franchise' QBs in the league and that's why this exercise in trying to find one is so futile. The secret is to find a guy who will make Henne better or beat him out and help the team. If the whole thing goes terrbily wrong then we re-evaluate things next off-season and one of those options includes take a QB in the first round, when the drop of QBs is supposed to be better.

What an appalling bunch of QB's listed. Palmer is 6 years past his best...Bulger has only ever had 1 decent season...Kerry Collins,Matt Hasselbeck and Donovan McNabb are all older than my gran and the Dolphins aren't in any position to give up high draft picks for a guy that is barely mediocre in Orton.

Vince Young is immature...Flynn and Kolb are inexperienced and dont even get me started on Clemons or Ratliff.

Sign Thigpen and go with Henne i say. I wasn't optimistic about Henne but knowing we've now gone away from Henning's awful,predictable playcalling,Daboll might just bring the best out of him...

should have been 'crop'....


How are you doing man?

I don't believe Ireland will be fired if the Dolphins miss the playoffs again. I DO believe Sparano will be fired. Ireland just had ANOTHER solid draft and he's not done with FA yet. I think the owner likes him and just signed him to a three year contract. He also had him along as part of his contingent when they courted Harbaugh. Unless the Dolphins fail miserably this season, I expect Ireland to be back.

Vince Young is the best option. Marc Bulger? Are you joking? Vince Young wins games and that is what we need. It will be up to the coaches to make sure this guy behaves in the locker room. We already have Marshall so the Dolphins shouldn't have any fear of trouble makers at this point. At least it would be more interesting than watching Chad Henne lose game after game.

Odin.....its deeper than that for me.....i refuse to be Jedi mind tricked....."(we are not the Jedi's you are looking for"....as the President waves his hand in front of my face.....

While flying today I was both micro-waved (body scan)mand groped......because they said I moved while I was being scanned......seriously.......

The American people deserve proof....the American people deserve thier lives back.....

The American people need to stand-up and demand MORE from their goverment than words......

Remember those weapons of mass destruction...and aluminum tubes....

Fool me once.....you know the rest....

SO much discussion about how bad the crop of QBs is in FA and how poor it was in the draft. Could it just be that playing QB in the NFL is ACTUALLY a hard thing to do and that finding an ELITE QB is actually a hard thing to do? SO many Henne nay-sayers but so few clearcut better options out there....I think that says a lot about the state of QBing in the NFL.

Henne has outplayed Palmer even though he's less experienced and had less talent around him.

Henne has potential upside, Palmer's aging fast and never recovered from a catastrophic injury.

Despite having Ocho, Owens, Benson and Jermaine Gresham, Palmer managed a whopping 4 victories all season.

So yeah, the people that have so much more real football knowledge than the rest of us knows EXACTLY what to do.

Make every EXCUSE in the book for this guy. Blame the team for his short comings. You know, like were not allowed to do for Henne. Then simply give up some prime mulah and draft picks and Whaa-Lah!

Palmers suddenly an ALL-Pro!

SO many people arguing that you can't win in this league without a first round QB. I guess we can also say with ABSOLUTE certainty that the Panthers, Titans, Vikings and Jaguars are well on their way to success!!!.....

Yeah right!

What Ireland said is "we're not desperate for a QB". What he meant is "we're not desperate for a rookie QB who probably wouldn't help this year anyway and we're only going after players who can potentially help this year because our jobs are on the line."

I think if the asking price was very reasonable, the Dolphins FO would prefer to trade for Palmer. I don't think it will all come together which tells me the likely scenario will be that they will add Vince Young in FA.

Be prepared for a Henne vs Yound showdown in camp. Let's see....one guy is a hard worker, the other guy aloof. One guy is familiar with the playbook and players, the other guy it will be all new to. One guy is in the last year of his contract and the other guy should have a chip on his shoulder. Should be interesting....

Henne--- 7-9
Palmer-- 4-12
Vy-- 6-10

Remember these are the qb's some of you propose to give up draft picks to replace Henne. Henne has the better 2010 record, which isnt great, but you wanna replace him with guys whose 2010 win loss records suck even more.



I was tring to be sarcastic.

I couldn't believe when they told me his body was dumped at sea. I thought the guy was joking!

Just looking back in..
Craig well said. QB the toughest position in sport.
And difficult to overcome for the franchise when you miss on a high cost QB.

Henne could be significantly better this year.

Getting more solid up front, adding the speed WR and fresh legs in the backfield was the thing to do.

The Daboll game plan is of interest. How dynamic and aggressive will he be?

I want an Eagles or Packers style offense, attacking and aggressive.

I dont think I am going to see that in Daboll but I will hope for the best.

Chris@ 3:38, bingo!

I think there's better chance of a August snow coming to Miami than VY landing here. Not saying it isnt possible but just as likely.

Gotcha man (Odin)....mis-interperted what you were saying......

A late round draft pick to get V Young would not be a bad deal.

If Gates beat Hartline out, Hartline also knows how to play slot. You guys will be shocked when Hartline is moved to slot over Bess.

Hartline's much faster and will someone please wake up next time Bess has a long td run out of the slot. Didnt Az Hakim(greatest show on turf) show you guys that speed absolutely kills from the slot position?

There aren't any QB'S out there worth a high draft pick.The Bifecta doesn't want to break in a new QB with there jobs on the line.You can see by the draft and what they've said that there going to run run run the ball and play D, and be a .500 team. They want Henne to be a caretaker QB, just to hand the ball off, our new OC also ran ran ran the ball with the Brown's.It's going to be one hell of borning, loseing season.

It is not even looking like the Dolphins would have to trade for Young. I believe the Titans have declared they intend to let him go to FA.

I think it is reasonable to make a trade offer of a late round pick and/or a DE, if possible to lock him up. Might get him for cheaper that way too.

Otherwise perhaps the Dolphins land him in FA.

How Craig described that going down sounded plausible to me.

Another aspect is that the run first style of Sparano does suit Young.


A late rd pick as in a 7th rd'er. If Henne isnt the answer we have to turn around and spend a 1st rd pick at qb in 2012 anyway. So why piss away other valuable picks better served used in 2012?

I dont see one qb available this offseason that allows us to hold off on spending a 2012 1st rd pick should Henne bomb out.


I'll take that bet. Gates has yet to take the field, we don't know what his learning curve will be or if he will start out just doing returns. I say Moore will be the odd man out.

Winner gets to ridicule the other until the end of time.

But I spent all my 70 million dollars on the buffet circuit and need some money. I figured since the Dolphins are desperate they over pay for the "ugly chick" as some may put it

Ever get the feeling that some of the guys on here would rather see Henne fail so they can say 'I TOLD YOU SO', than see him have success. True fans!!


I believe a late round pick is reasonable you do not.

agree to disagree.

Moving on.


State what you mean by late rd p[ick for VY. I have clearly stated what I meant by late rd pick is a 7th rd'er. PERIOD!

I am intrigued about this H back offense.

So 2 TE one a H back. Motion and Henne throwing new routes and getting options outside of the 5 step drop back.


A darkhorse to be the competing QB next year....and guys are going to HATE this idea...is Matt Hasselbeck. If the Seahawks jerk Hasselbeck around and instead decide it's better to cut ties to him and go out and trade for Kolb or Palmer, then Hasselbeck might bolt. Not sure it will do much in terms of competition for Henne but it might not be a bad fit in terms of mentoring. Watch out of this one.....

qb's are always the target, take the heat for everything. and then everyone thinks they know which qb will be better. the qb draft was interesting in that the only team willing to pick mallett was a team with no need for a starting qb for at least 5 years.


The Titans have decided to completely dump VY. Theyve had eyes on him for 5yrs. Final analysis of a guy they spent on the 3rd overall drafted player from the 2006 nfl draft:

"HE'S WORTH ZERO!" Not even worth keeping as a 3rd string backup!



Hey if guys need some QB depth I'm willing to come back




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