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Dolphins implement financial austerity measures

The Dolphins told their employees in early March that the club was instituting a three-part plan to handle its finances during the current NFL lockout.

The first part of the plan was to simply hold the line and not make any cutbacks of any kind while waiting for the lockout to lift. That would be the case, club employees were told, until the April draft, meaning no jobs or salaries would be affected at least until then.

The second part of the plan would be to revisit the issue following the draft and make adjustments to salaries and or employee numbers if the lockout persisted.

The third part was to revisit the issue a third time in the fall if the lockout continued, cutting more deeply into ticket sales and possibly hurting the franchise with the loss of actual games. That third option would result in people losing their jobs.

The Dolphins on Tuesday announced to their employees the implementation of the second phase, citing lagging ticket sales and revenue due to the lockout. The Miami Herald reports everyone employed by the club making over $75,000 annually would get a 20 percent salary cut, everyone making more than $50,000 annually would get a 15 percent pay cut, and everyone making less than $50,000 per year would get a 10 percent pay cut.

Club employees were told the cuts affect "everyone," meaning coaches, personnel department staff and business side management are also believed affected although that was not made clear. The cuts affect only salaried employees but not employees making an hourly wage.

Pension plans and health insurance were not cut. The club advised employees on how to cut 401K contributions for the time being if they that is what they wished to do.

The news was delivered first to department heads in a 30-minute session at club offices at Sun Life Stadium and then to subordinate employees afterward in a 10-15 minute meeting.

All employees were told the club would restore their salaries to previous levels once the new league year begins -- whenever that happens.

The fallout from this?

Where to start?

The most ironic result is that Miami Dolphins employees, who are working for the club and NFL, are now solidly backing the players and are against the NFL in the current labor struggle. It's a pragmatic approach. Simply, the quickest solution to the lockout would come if players continue their current legal winning streak, thereby causing the new league to begin the quickest it possibly can. Remember Dolphins employees will have their salaries restored once the league year begins. So no one is rooting for club owner Stephen Ross and his fellow owners to find legal remedies that might draw out the lockout.

Secondly, I'm told there soon spread resentment among the so-called "regular Joes" that they are collateral damage in the battle between the billionaire owners and millionaire players. It's classic class warfare thinking and it is now spreading.

Thirdly, the Dolphins will soon have a morale problem among its employees if the first-day reaction to the news is any measure. Club hierarchy was asked if there would be any measures takent to ease the pain from the cuts. A party was quickly ruled out, I assume for its cost and sheer misplaced call. The club was asked if room could be made for shortened work weeks to somehow ease the pain of what is a 10-20 percent pay cut. No, was the answer on that one also. Folks are expected to continue working usual business hours.

Fourthly, club employees are questioning how they are having their pay cut to help the club's sagging finances but the club spent untold sums of money on Tallahassee lobbyists to try to convince state lawmakers to raise the state hotel bed tax, thus setting the stage for a local initiative to add a canopy roof and make other improvements to Sun Life Stadium. That measure did not pass in the legislative session so the lobbyist didn't get it done.

Club employees were also wondering how much money might have been saved had the club not built a nightclub in the stadium that opens only on game days. In truth, it's unclear if Club LIV at Sun Life is a money maker for the club or not, but that doesn't seem to matter to some disgruntled employees who see the expense as money spent on a boondoggle. "It cost the team money to build that they're now taking out of my paycheck," I was told.

It should be noted the Dolphins are not alone in asking employees to bear the brunt of the current lockout. In fact, fewer teams than not have held the line against cost-cutting that includes salary cuts. So it would not be fair to single out Ross as an irresponsible owner coming down on the little people.

But does that relieve any of the coming financial pinch for Miami's employees? Does it ease their frustration?



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Dumb, dumb, dumb! They should all be greteful they still have jobs. "The club shouldnt have added a nightclub?"

Did you ask those employees what type of stupid personal purchases they have made. Had they not made them, they wouldnt be b*itching about the small cuts in salary? Tisk, tisk!


You brought up the line of conversation this afternoon and alot about what we have been debating was based on your opinions/assumptions or whatever. I haven`t and never would be offended by yours or anybodies point of view because it`s exactly that which makes this more interesting than TV. I don`t get why you get so bent out of shape and need to tell me your post was for 0x80 as I can read just fine but keep in mind responding to opinions directed at others is done by all on here including you, so if you want to drop the point you just need to say so at the end of the day Mando`s claim be damned I doubt the FO really takes our opinion into great consideration as I imagine they take pride in there own opinions while worring about job security these days.


Please excuse the Mando claim be damned comment in my post wrongly worded on my part, should have read Mando`s claim aside but I think that while our opinions might make for some reading material for the FO at the end of the day it`s there jobs and in there positions if I fail it will be based on my gut feeling more than anything, Good Luck to you !

This whole thing is stupid! You mean the NFL and players can't negotiate this deal? C'mon Man....


I appologize if I sounded offended. I really wasnt.

I am fearful that this will result in fewer purchases of Clarified Butter in South Florida.

Screw clarified butter! Let's play football NFL!

Look the owners and players are all in fault, a bunch of greedy people! There is plenty money to go around!! Football is the mega of sports in the world and they can't figure this out!!! What a bunch of low life!!

"They should all be grateful that they still have jobs" Wow, class warfare indeed. You only happy if no one has a job and people are all begging for a handout? Take down your neighbor because he has greener grass then you? Everyone should have a job and jobs should be decent and fair and pay well enough to live in this country. If you have a special talent or are lucky then you can make more but by what you espouse we should always live in fear of the "owners/bosses" constantly threatening us over jobs. What they are gonna take football overseas too? Someone is always willing to do the same thing for less? What a debasing and destructive attitude. Eat yourself to death by that destructive model tough guy. Congratulations folks you live in wackadoo republican fear mongering Florida.

I am also hopeful that your game of "foot ball" will be played, but please show respect for Clarified Butter.

My favorite team is the Bengalis. Ha Ha! That is an old Indian joke.

Won't you help to sing
These songs of freedom?
'Cause all I ever have:
Redemption songs,
Redemption songs,
Redemption songs.

Dear Dolphins, I have no job and will take
one of the disgruntled people's job, with pay cut, ASAP !!! I will even not take the pay cut back when the strike is over, it's still more
money they I make now, which is zero. I promise to never run to the media and cry over a tiny cut and bad mouth my employer.

I wonder if the employees also get their job functions cut. It should be more of a temporary lay off. But if their work gets cut by 20% then I guess their pay should too. At least they get to go to the beach... think about if you worked for Buffalo!

Why did you pull that story Mando? It was right before this one and I read it about an hour ago. Just came back to the app and it disappeared after the app refreshed... Did you get in trouble mang?

They CAN figure it out...they just don't WANT to right now..sucks big-time mam, I'm with ya ...

Willing to work for the team doing anything except.....clean toilets.

I'd be willing to earn the lowest minimum wage allowed by law.

My business in Real Estate can be done part time so it wouldnt be an issue nor would it interfere with my duties.

Miami Herald has my email.

to save some money we could stop giving 30 million to jake grove,25 million to smiley, 45 million to carey(over paid and over weight), 12 million to solai for 1 year etc. and we still dont have a functional oline. penne made 5 million for 2 snaps which begs the question;why was a one armed qb even on the payroll? team is dysfunctional from ross down.

greg: Most of those monies were never seen by those players. MOney was also coming in. No money is coming in, is Ross the US goverment and supposed to run a deficit ? Is he a charity ?

Dear mr. Salguero

My heart and sympathy goes out to these poor people so deeply affected.

As you know I just recently finished a 2 year tour of duty on the unemployment lines so I have seen first hand the devestations of cutbacks and those released outright.

I myself am surviving (trueth) on $125.oo a month in foodstamps and donating (selling) my plasma...although I feel I should be compensated more for the elevated THC lvls in my blood sadly thats not the case.

I will say this, Dolphins people or not ...If I catch any of you's people trying to muscle in on my very properous "will work for food" intersection...heads will roll, and the blood will be on Mr. Ross's hands.

Soiled :)

Dear Mr. Salguero

All those taking that paycut were chosen to be sacrificed so the GODS my have there champagne and caviar....back in olden times it was considered an honor....how times have changed

Dam ingrates I tell ya

Soiled :)

It's nice a new column is up in the morning when I wake up for class/work. But a column during the day when I refresh a dozen times would be a nice surprise too. It's only recently that you've been a night hawk and posted your columns at midnight. Must be spring fever.

As for the column; the rich have done what they always do and that's hurt the people lower than them for their benefit. That's why politics sucks and people like Steven "I know jack about football" Ross are too greedy to see how actual working (not jamming at Club LIV) people live life. When the rich get a clue then I start to ease up on them, but while this lockout continues and $hit like these paycuts still happen I refuse to cuddle up to any word they say. They don't care about the fans they care about the Forbes top 100 richest people. I say to hell with em

Dear Mr. Salguero

I just thought of somthing that may help Mr. Ross turn a buck.

Rename the Stadium to "The Colosseum", then turn the concession stands into Gladiator schools.

Then the employee's can fight to the death for there original salaries.

Its a win win situation for Mr. Ross, he doesn't have to pay those ingrates that lose and gains loyalty from those that don't have to have there salaries cut.

I'm whatcha call an idea man

Soiled :)

Soiled :)

Get a clue people. The owners are at fault. The owners are the ones who opted out of the collective bargaining agreement with a year left on the agreement. The owners get 1 billion off the top and now they want another billion right off the top. That's 2 billion dollars off the top before sharing the remaining 7 billion dollars. These are the same owners who negotiated lower fees for the TV rights in order to guarantee a 400 million dollar pay out in case of a lockout this year. How many family members does Ross have on the payroll? How many personal "company" vehicles does Ross have on the books? How many meals does Ross and his executives charge to the company? They don't personally pay for a single meal and I'm pretty sure they aren't eating at Mickey D's or Burger King. The owners started this mess because of simple greed.

I agree they should be glad to have a job(one)and (two) their pay cut will be given back to them,alot of people would line to take their spot if they are not happy, it is part of being a worker bee.



Dear Mr. Aloco

I am currently working(yeah right)on another analogy between the disappearence of Bee Hives and the disappearence of the NFL.

Queen Bee's/team owners are shutting down Bee hive's across the country...Drone or worker bee's want a bigger slice of the honeycomb but dont realize without the Queen...there is no honey to be had.

Anywhoo it may come to fruition and may not...still thinking about it.

Soiled :)




Some of you guys are really a joke, seriously. That's the damn problem with this country. Here you have BILLIONAIRES, crying about an agreement THEY signed, THEY agreed to, and now want to renig on it because they are SO greedy they can't accept millions and billions in profits. And really the issue is between the big market teams and the small market teams. But of course, as is the American way, it's always sh*t on the little guy. But guess what, the "little" guy in this case are millionaire athletes. And guess what millionaires have access to? GOOD LAWYERS! So they can fight against Goliath.

Us little guys out here should be applauding the "David" millionaire athletes. Because if they win, WE win. How? Next time some greedy company wants to sh*t on ITS little employees, the courts will have a precedent to beat them back with, to say you just can't steamroller over people because you're not happy with a BILLION dollars.

But some of the folks here are just haters. They'll NEVER be billionaires, they'll NEVER be millionaires, but for some idiotic reason they side with the greedy billionaires (and against their own interests). Wake up and smell the coffee people. Football (or ANY business) would NOT make money without ANY of the components (owners, workers, big execs, menial laborers, etc.). This idea that an owner of a business should get 100-1000 times more compensation than a regular employee is what's RUINING this country. That's not how it was before the 80's. You should get a clue and read about how the country was run before greed took a hold and started crumbling our empire.

Look, it's one thing is teams weren't profitable. Then I'd say something's gotta change. But when some greedy owner says they only want MORE profit, that's when enough is enough. What the hell is a billionaire gonna do with an extra billion dollars. Just keep stuffing their greedy faces while the bottom 95% of the World just starves and kills itself to earn $1/day.

I support workers. I support the little people in this World who MAKE the money for the rich people to galavant around the World using up all our natural resources, thinking they are Gods among Men. One day, when enough of you sheep will wake up and see how the balance is completely turned upside down, and it's destroying this country, hopefully it won't be too late to save us from Greed. For the children's sake, I hope you wise up sooner rather than later.




Maybe we should all donate some of our income. After all, Ross is only the 227th richest man in the world.

What if he slips a spot or two? Ross dropping all the way to #230? It could happen and I for one don't want to live in a world like that.

DC when you make a billion dollars like Ross has and buy a business, you can run that business how you want. The point is the owners really don't need the players. They can get replacement players. People watch the game because of the game itself not the players. They come and go.
If the players don't like the way the owners are running the NFL they can go ahead and start their own league. This is capitablism.
I'm not saying the players are at fault or the owners. I think they both are at fault. But the agreement the owners signed expired last year. They signed it because they knew it was only for a few years. I'm sure they wouldn't have signed the last CBA if it was going to be a permanent thing.


Dear Mr. Cocoajoe

"Maybe we should all donate some of our income. After all, Ross is only the 227th richest man in the world"

If I could I would, but seeings how my only cash income is from donating plasma which only covers my alcohol and medicinal herbs intake is not feasible...I guess I could start selling my body to help Mr. Ross.

This old dog is willing to perform new TRICKS for the greater cause.

Soiled :)

They should cut salaries of Gloria Estefan, Marc Anthony, and the Williams sister also.

Why not reduced hours to sweeten the pay cuts?
Way too busy during the lock out?

What A-holes!


SPARANO GETS 400,000 CUT A YEAR ,A 20% CUT OF 2 MILLION A YEAR ...............

Soiled, you're one of the few that 'gets it'. I don't think the average fan realizes the shame and possibly embarassing jokes Mr. Ross will have to endure should this happen.

We should all get behind our owner and do whatever it takes to get Ross into the top 100. If it takes selling blood or even pimping your wife or girlfriend out, Mr. Ross will appreciate it.

just because someone does not have a job that does not mean it is ok for someone else to get screwed over.


I agree NFL owners in their greed under estimated how the players Union would react to having the 2006 CBA scrapped by owners crying poverty. I think that any business generating the amounts of money in question with an anual growth in todays economy should be more then satisfied with it`s business model. The owners really get no sympathy here especially in a profession with a 3 year life span, high risk of life long degenerative injuries and no long term health care plan.

It was this insistance that revenue was down that had the players Union seeking to see all financials for each individual team league wide. It`s here were it gets dicey for me and were the Brady lawsuit can set a dangerous prescedent because while you analyze it from the point of view of big bad corp. America squeezing the little guy I myself see it in an entirely different light.

I ask you what you think will become of middle American to standard mom and pop operated Companies around America if in the middle of a crisis like today`s any attempt at downsizing in order to save there business could be met with angry employees demanding to see the books to properly gauge profit sharing within the business model. I tell you what will happen you`ll see the model cave and all the smaller companies left will sell out to bigger companies that in turn will sell out as well until were all living in one big giant fish bowl controlled by three to four Corp. giants, putting an end to what actually built America and makes her go while other Nations around the World falter at there attempts at our Democratic model and that my friend are the lower to averege MIDDLE CLASSES.

I am speaking to you know as seriously as I can because I am presently living this phenomenom. I work in the Freight Fowarding industry and we are all in my line of work essentially middle men providing a service between clients looking to move goods/cargo and the shipping lines, Seaboard Marine/Sealand Meark ect... and have seen our productivity decrease to the point of having to let alot of trusted long term employees go! but if this isn`t done we could loose our business model while being absorbed by the shipping lines as employees and that`s for the lucky ones, there is a reason people came to this Country to set up shop and it had nothing to do with hiring potential 50% partners, heck maybe we could all then take 50% of our own 50 give it to the Gov. and simply call it 21st Century Socialism it works for the Chinese.

If this keeps up -- ALoco will be forced to support even more unemployed people with his excessive taxes.

At least they cut salaries, not jobs

What can I say. Wow. How classless a move is this? Talk about taking the wrong course of action to gain public support.
It may just be me, but it sure feels like there is nothing going on but negativity in Miami lately. It's getting old and I'm starting to tune out.
I guess the desire to save a few pennies is more important to Ross and his leadership team than being a leader and being loyal to the folks that make the Dolphins organization what it is. A real leader would have taken this opportunity to show how important their staff is to them, like the Steelers and Packers have done. Character is always easy to spot in a public situation like this, and we were just found lacking.

I'm embarrassed for this organization.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Will Emperor Palpatine be able to crush this rebel alliance ?

Que evil Star Wars music

Soiled :)

Kinda funny....

Firing a coach with one or more years left on his contract, paying him millions to do nothing for you is good business.

Paying out thousands to employees for a few months(hopefully) who are actually showing up and working during this is bad business.

Hey BoulderFinFan,

Please move to another country because with people like you voting it is no wonder the country is where it is at.

P.S. Here in Montana the city of Boulder is where the tard hospital is. You should be a BoulderMT Fin Fan.

For a guy from Michigan Ross doesn't seem to understand jack about employee relations.

He publicly humiliates and undercuts his head coach while on a wild goose chase for another.

He spouts off at NFL meetings about "entitlement" and how bad unions are for this country and for business in general.

Then he asks for pay cuts while giving no quarter in terms of reduced working hours so that, you know, entitled folks could go get a part time gig to help make ends meet.

What an ahole.

I took a 20% pay cut for 2009 and 2010, and all employees took at least 10%. While it may not be the case with Ross - our pay cuts saved the company from having to close it's doors and go bankrupt. Now wages have been restored and the company is healthy. Employees need to realize that when times are tough everyone needs to chip in to help.

Obviously a company with 100 employees owned by a family that are not millionaires is different the the Dolphins. But those who think employees shouldn't have to pitch in when times are tough need to realize that a pay cut is better than unemployment.

Mando, this is a business not a charity. All of the other expenses that you outlined are designed to increase revenue. I guess you would have preferred that they fire 20% of the staff versus giving them pay cuts...



Personally I agree with DyingBreed about the fact they still have a job. Hey, it is bad to take a pay cut but that is the nature of the beast. Their livelihood is tied to a sport. Not exactly the safest position. Like any other job, if you are unhappy with your job, pay etc you are welcome to go somewhere else.

I am not debating the pay cuts themselves, that is a business decision that I can't make but I can decide if I want to stay or go somewhere else.

I would rather work for a living than be on the dole from the government.

The Dolphins on Tuesday announced to their employees the implementation of the second phase, citing lagging ticket sales and revenue due to the lockout.

Uhh, pardon me!!!! The reason WHY they are lagging in ticket sales IS for one reason..

THEY SUCK!!!! And WE the fans know it.

You have the NFL itself. The hub which the tire itself revolves around. The owners and the franchises represent the spokes. Coaches and management the rim. The players are the air in the tires and all of the salaried employees the sidewalls of the tire. With all of the little people being where the rubber meets the road.

Thats an awful lot of hands to be paid. Guess who's paying out all of that money? The owners. They pay franchise fee to the nfl itself plus all other costs. Have you ever heard of a franchiser not charging a yearly franchise fee? I have no idea what the nfl charges but Im pretty much sure its there.

Guys on the surface it may appear the owners are making a Ft Knox. But after all's said and done and the smoke's cleared. It may not be nearly as much as we think it is. Also remember, there's Uncle Sam and in a lotta cases State and local taxes too.

If I bought a team for 1 billion dollars, more than likely I got that financed too. Even if I had to pay 0% interest I would have to clear $50 million a year for 20years to pay off the 1 billion dollar interest free loan just to break even.

So how much more money do I have to clear paying interest on that loan if I got 20yr financing to eventually be able to declare a real profit for myself? Player salaries alone are close to the neibhorhood of $200 million a year.

It maybe farfetched to say an owner pays himself $50 million a year when all of the smoke is settled and done. Even though he has assumed all of the risk in a billion dollar purchase.

The Unions are exactly like Obama. They rob from ANYONE that busts his butt to make money, and in this case, Ross as the owner made his billions and is dolling out millions and millions to a bunch of kids for playing a child's sport.

Imagine that.. Pop Warner kids of all ages... High school kids of all ages play for FREE and these so called "Pros's" are unhappy with the millions they make???

I truly HOPE that the Union gets busted for us fans sake. WE THE FANS have been subjected to yearly ticket costs,apparel, and anything that brands the name NFL or Dolphins in creeping upward costs which we cant afford.

Case in point..

October 15, 2006 I took my 9 year old kid who loves the Fins to a Miami VS Jets at Meadowland.. We lost. I got tickets up in the bleachers around the 40 yd line. Good seats but I had to buy them through stub hub.

The FACE VALUE of the seats were $70.00 and parking was another $20.00 for a total FACE value of $160.00

The cost through the agent was $255.00 each seat or $510.00 plus the fee.

I have nothing against Stub Hub as they are a BUSINESS and they Capitalized on what the market indicates.

Now.. back to the face value... $70.00 face value and that's a nose bleed seat. The owners need to charge high ticket prices to pay for ALL the Players, concession stands, all the food and drinks that are sold at the game, Police protection, electricity, gas for cooking and the garbage man to hall away the Dolphins, I mean trash.

The OWNERS directly and indirectly KEEP people working.

I'm sick of these greedy players and the NFL. Again, I hope that the unions get busted up and that the NFL greedy players get a real feel of reality. Get a job, work 40 -78 hours a week, pay for benefits, dentists, etc and these greedy Union players making Millions are looking to take from the owners??

I say FIRE THEM ALL!!!!!

I'm sure in the end, Obama is going to stick his socialist grubby hands into this as the union backs Obama up.

Let's see how that played out.

this is another embarassment ... and usually stuff like this comes around to you one way or another

keep in mind though its pro rated so sparano isnt going to loose 400,000.00

once again its the little people getting screwed well said by DC

think about it on another level some of these people make like 1000 by weekly taking 200 dollars from there 400 a month thats a car payment or groceries





I'd like to start by telling everyone who is whinning about low paying jobs and about not having a job to keep it to yourself. I don't mean to sound insensitive, but ANYONE who suddenly loses 10 to 20% of their salary will be upset.

And saying "I wish I had a job - its better than nothing I get.." I mean really, why are people so self centered.

Don't compare your current situation to their situation... that approach is flawed because their are almost 7 billion people in this world and I can safely say that you do not have the roughest life... so hold back on the woe is me.

2 weeks ago, they were making 10 to 20% more than they will be making going forward.. because of millionaires and billionaires not being able to sort out a split on 9Bn dollars. I would be F'n pissed too! People who make that much usually have a budget - car payments, mortgages, child care, etc.. those don't just go away too...

ugh, why am I bothering... people are so self involved they will completely miss my point.

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