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How a conversation turns into a rumor

Mike Sims-Walker? Really?

I've had a handful of e-mails from fans suggesting I check out the story about erstwhile Jacksonville Jaguars receiver's intention of joining the Dolphins once the lockout ends. So, being one that eventually takes a hint, I checked out the original post from which the rumors are now heating up.

All I can say is we're hurting for something to talk about. The post is a conversation between a reporter and a player. It's good stuff. But it never says Sims-Walker is headed to Miami. All it says is the receiver, friends with former University of Central Florida teammate Brandon Marshall, would like to reunite with Marshall.

"Me and him, our relationship on the field and off the field, we make each other better," Sims-Walker told the Florida Times-Union. "We compete with each other so much that we're going to bring the best out of each other every single minute. That will be the best thing for the whole team."

That does not mean Sims-Walker is headed to Miami. Will he shop his services with the Dolphins? Probably. Will he shop his services with the 30 other teams not headquartered in Jacksonville and Miami? Probably.

Sims-Walker will be hunting for a job after the lockout ends. I'd get interested if and when the Dolphins are hunting for Sims-Walker.

And I would not exactly bet on that happening for several reasons:

1. He is injury prone. He missed all of 2007 with a knee injury. He had various nagging heres and theres last season, including an ankle injury.

2. He is outgoing and vivacious and at times provocative. The Dolphins hate outgoing and vivacious and at times provocative.

3. He's had only one good season -- that in 2009 -- out of four in the NFL. That means he's hitting .250 which isn't too good.

4. The Dolphins have young, hard-working, faster players in the pipeline -- including Marlon Moore, Edmond "Clyde" Gates, and Roberto Wallace.

5. The Dolphins have needs above wide receiver that they will almost surely address ahead of wide receiver. The wide receiver position, barring some significant move with Marshall, is not likely going to be a position of major upheaval.

Other than that, sure, Sims-Walker might become a Dolphin.