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How a conversation turns into a rumor

Mike Sims-Walker? Really?

I've had a handful of e-mails from fans suggesting I check out the story about erstwhile Jacksonville Jaguars receiver's intention of joining the Dolphins once the lockout ends. So, being one that eventually takes a hint, I checked out the original post from which the rumors are now heating up.

All I can say is we're hurting for something to talk about. The post is a conversation between a reporter and a player. It's good stuff. But it never says Sims-Walker is headed to Miami. All it says is the receiver, friends with former University of Central Florida teammate Brandon Marshall, would like to reunite with Marshall.

"Me and him, our relationship on the field and off the field, we make each other better," Sims-Walker told the Florida Times-Union. "We compete with each other so much that we're going to bring the best out of each other every single minute. That will be the best thing for the whole team."

That does not mean Sims-Walker is headed to Miami. Will he shop his services with the Dolphins? Probably. Will he shop his services with the 30 other teams not headquartered in Jacksonville and Miami? Probably.

Sims-Walker will be hunting for a job after the lockout ends. I'd get interested if and when the Dolphins are hunting for Sims-Walker.

And I would not exactly bet on that happening for several reasons:

1. He is injury prone. He missed all of 2007 with a knee injury. He had various nagging heres and theres last season, including an ankle injury.

2. He is outgoing and vivacious and at times provocative. The Dolphins hate outgoing and vivacious and at times provocative.

3. He's had only one good season -- that in 2009 -- out of four in the NFL. That means he's hitting .250 which isn't too good.

4. The Dolphins have young, hard-working, faster players in the pipeline -- including Marlon Moore, Edmond "Clyde" Gates, and Roberto Wallace.

5. The Dolphins have needs above wide receiver that they will almost surely address ahead of wide receiver. The wide receiver position, barring some significant move with Marshall, is not likely going to be a position of major upheaval.

Other than that, sure, Sims-Walker might become a Dolphin.


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Intresting on top of everything else he seems to be a poor mans MArshall when we need to keep speed guys out there
Does anyone know anything about the quaterback we had on practice squad Tom Brandstater?Is he a viable backup
also what do you think of either tavaris Jackson or troy smith both fa's to push henne if we don't get a new starter?

C' Mon u serious

Next Blog please

WR is not a spot we have issues with. We will not sign Walker due to this NON-NEED. We really need some O-LINE help and RB AND TE. But the most upgraded position we need is QB. So walker is not even a story here in Miami.

We all know obvious needs but for the right price why not bring Sims-Walker in and give it a shot. I believe he's got more upside than not. Will be a good weapon in red zone when Marshall is double covered.

How about a blog on "clock management" which was non existent when it was needed.

Were YOU also screaming for them to hurry up and snap the freaking ball?????

There.. there is a story and what exactly did the Fins do during the off season to address THAT... I tell you what they did.. Hired Tony Soprano Jr.

We really need a HEAD COACH.
Just sayin.

who cares....really? I rather you write a story on the possibility we get Reggie Bush...that makes more sense. Ownership and coaching staff looking for more speed and energy. A new weapon. Returns improved. A place where he can get a quality 15 touches or more......lets go with that....

I really need to give my boyfriend HEAD

Just sayin.

wow im starting to get really bored lol with this lock out

NY G hella point dude, hella point. Hurry up offense was non existent last yr!

Get this guy, get that guy. On and on it goes. Dolfans are stuck in the Dave Wanstadt philosophy that we can get to the super bowl with other peoples trash. Look at Green Bay, Pittsburgh, New England the Colts etc. It's done thru the draft. Stop with the nonsense of trading picks for quick solutions. Of all people we should know that this does not work.


Tmfmis, all I know about Brandstater is that he played well enough in the preseason games last year with the Broncos to make some people think he would beat out Brady Quinn.

Here is one reason I think Sims Walker ( for the right price ) could be here. To keep Marshall grounded. Sims Walker is a good WR that will help on the field but could help a lot more off the field. At a time when our high priced big time WR is getting stabbed by his wife ( and a mistake away from a season long suspenion ), Why not bring his best friend on board to keep him happy. I think it would be a smart signing. I know there are many young WR on this team but at the end of the day, he would be the 3rd best (maybe 2nd ) WR on this team as of right now besides Marshall and Bess. The other WR are all young with potential but have not proven anything.

I would love to see Sims-Walker here, only if it'll bring the Mark Brothers type production to the Offense and help Henne (in the words of Coach Ryan) "look like Dan Friggin Marino".

Let's get Brandon Marshall a nanny. For god's sake if you need to sign a player to keep Marshall grounded then you don't need Marshall.

And for all the Dan Marino and Marks Brothers love out there, lets see, how many super bowls did they win? Oh yeah, none.

This blog, the topics, the poor grammar, the soap opera bloggers with a million names and the entire overall content has sunk to a sad low level of frivolous gossip and whine.

Cheers ripp sounds a brandstater sounds like a decent project then the longer the lockout goes on the more chance he has of making the acctual roster

If nothing else simms walker gives henne another option but as others have said it is not a newd.although as long as it's for the right price I see very little downside tmin getting a solid player and one who'll keep marsh in a good mood with coaches and henne.might improve productivity

...You can never have too many good players on a team. But who would Simms Walker replace? Hartline? Is that a major upgrade, or worth the risk? I think we are set as far as reciever goes if Simms Walker is a guy that could be in the fold. Let the young guys develop, and find ways to get Marshall the ball in the red zone.

Can you offer a solution to improve the blog? What would you do to make the content more interesting? Some contribution would be a step. Why worry about those who post here regularly? If you do not like what you read here, there are plenty of other forums to voice your opinion.

I'd take a chance on him if he came cheap.


I agree with you Darryl! Re: Sim-Walker and the rest!

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | May 19, 2011 at 04:45 PM

To make the content more interesting, replace Armando with someone who has at a minimum professional, journalistic grammar skills and an imagination more interesting that cheese whiz. Then, ban bloggers who routinely go off topic or drag the blog down with kiddie nonsense or imposter others.

Simms is not even worthy of discussion. He upgrades nothing. Waste of time topic. Just like Beck is a waste of time topic. Most of the recent blogs were nothing but fodder for gossip queens.

The focus should be on who we do have, who we should try to get and why, serious news about other teams in our division, or any insight on the cba situation.

..As a free agent Locke would offer a lot of upside with no risk. I was very suprised Locke went undrafted. I wonder what gives? He was hurt a lot, but fairly productive when healthy. He is a multi-purpose guy, and has speed that most NFL teams love. Maybe it was durability issues that scared teams?

I'm sure there will be plenty of teams that are looking at him once the CBA is resolved. For our team Locke could be a guy that gets 4-5 touches a game. And used in the return game. If he can hold up then he could possibly be integrated into the gameplan more. As an rookie free agent I see no downside in having a talented player like Locke competing for a spot.

Man, don't include me in that stuff. I dont want to harm amondo and his little amondito.

" I'm going to comment on one thing. As Armando seems to be the voice of reason in this whole thing, and i agree with him about Walker not joining the Dolphins, I completely disagree with this statement.

"He is outgoing and vivacious and at times provocative. The Dolphins hate outgoing and vivacious and at times provocative."

Armando keeps saying this yet the Dolphins have signed Joey Porter, Brandon Marshall, Incognito, Ricky Williams, Channing Crowder, am I missing anyone here? That's 5 guys, two of which are the two biggest mouths in the league, one guy who was voted the dirtiest player in the league the very year they signed him, one guy who failed multiple drug tests and is the epitome of provocative, And the last guy (Crowder) is all three rolled up into one.

So what am I missing in Armandos constant criticism that the Dolphins don't sign these types of players? And I call it criticism because not once has he reported that not signing those types of players is a good thing. There's always an underlying tone that is obviously against the supposed code of honor.

DyingAlocoFn4OdinKrisCraig0x80CubanDarrylOscar... I agree that Armando has been putting a weak effort as of late. Days with no new topics. Topics that have little or no value, and an overall feeling that he doesn't care.

Sometimes when news is slow the blog gets a little sideways. Choose to ignore that stuff, and contribute when the debate sparks your interest. Most of the folks that use this forum are on point, and great to exchange opinions with. The blog comes and goes with the guy who runs it. If you are frustrated with the content, perhaps the best way to voice your dissapointment is with Armando, not the folks who frequent this site. Just my opinion.

Darryl Dunphy,

In reference to you 4:45 post.

Regretfully, contributions to a blog require people to take themselves and others seriously. And while there are certainly a fair number of people on this blog who do, it is exasperated by those who use this space as their daily chat room, sarcasm test track or their "social agenda" forum.

I personally have taken the opportunity to read and look into matters on my own rather then post or have much to say lately. And while I post very infrequently there, I feel this blog could learn a great deal from the one on the Sun Sentinel. Yes, they do have their share of idiots and trolls, but they also have a base and a group of committed members, along with someone who constantly monitors the conversations and has NO problem throwing people's ass off the blog for a few weeks to think about the way they act. His name is Chris.

I despise Big Brother looking over my shoulder, but until there is someone to weed out the multi-handle agitators and "Political Rhetoric" Social commentators. Chances are this blog stays in a constant state of anarchy and ramped stupidity until there is something of worth and substance to discuss and those who do the discussing out number the idiots.

Sorry to be the "bearer of bad tidings"... But there it is.

Well!, Jeff is right. We have signed our share of discontents, malcontents and outright sociopaths. Look at Belichick, he drafted that very good QB and doesn't really know the misery that's coming.




we don't need another reciever. Maybe Jax will take brandon marshall and give up their next year's first rounder.

Derek4Dolphins..Whats up???

I agree that a moderator would be an upgrade for this blog. The Sentinel has an advantage of having 2 reporters who post topics. So the material is fresh each day. I have nothing against the SS. I think that the folks over there offer great information, and the posts make a good read. Armandos can be the best source for all things Dolphins when he is interseted, and the topics relavant. Lately this hasn't been the case.

Nothing to be ashamed of. Even Shula drafted Cecil "the Diesel" Collins, a perpetual criminal.

That's not a bad idea, Boulder @5:50PM.

ALoco...I know that Locke has had issues with his health. I believe a knee his sophomore year, and his shoulder last year. That is probably the reason he was undrafted. As a rookie free agent, there is little risk in giving him a training camp ticket. If he can make the team, great. If he can't, no big loss.

Maybe teams are worried that Locke will be fools gold. Good enough to take a roster spot. But not durable enough to warrant using that spot..We will see.

Was somebody just speaking of anarchy in a negative manner?

Wow! I must be getting old. Anarchy Rocks!

I have to respectfully disagree. I'd take anarchy over Big Brother six days a week and twice on Sunday!

The way the Sentinel bloggers all clamor to agree all over each other and the way Chris sqashes dissenters, whether they have any merit or not is just too Rainbow Room for me. I've been there a couple of times and I ALWAYS get the feeling I'm in a gay bath house.

I'll take the chaos and anarchy and Rock on off into the sunset!

PS: I waqs all for Simms Walker until we drafted Gates!

I'm GOOD(football talk)!

I always come here but never post. I had to do it this time in response to darryl.

Sir, I'd much rather have Armando post nothing than give us ficticious and otherwise ridiculous posts such as depth charts that don't exist or free agency reports for free agency that isn't likely to begin for six or seven weeks at the earliest and whose rules we don't even know.

The SS breathlessly told us how certain the signing of DeAngelo Williams is and it wasn't until earlier this week that Armando explained he might not be a free agent at all.

So maybe you're happy as long as there's something new to read -- even when it's just bs. I prefer to get pertinent information that relates to reality.

The reality also is there is no football happening now. The league is locked out. The players are locked out.

Mando, I post this to you as much as darryl. I appreciate the work you do. I appreciate the manner you do it. Don't go changing because one person wants you to mind ufck him with made up topics.

He is way better than Hartline

Who is this Chris? By Jove, I will bash him down!...who is Simms-Walker?




YOU WERE TALKING TO FAKE ALoco today .forgive him /

Reason...Thanks for the feedback. If you noticed I said @5:51 That I believe that Armando has is the best source for all things Dolphins when he is interested. I have been a regular blogger here for close to 2 years(not that this gives me any entitlement) And have noticed that of late his topics are few and far between, and lack any relavance to what is going on with the team, or the league. This is just my opinion. You do not have to agree with me, and if you think that the blog is just as good as ever that is fine.

Chris is like the Gestapo.

You'll remember him from high school. He was the debate team captain that always got smacked around and never had any lunch money.

If you want to swing along beside him on Omar's nads, you'll be fine. Disagree with one single solitary thing and you're toast!

You might have to put up with Armando/Aloco and Homes here, but at least Free Speech still reigns Supreme!!!!



Maybe Armando is enamoured with the Miami Heat currently.Maybe his mind is elsewhere because the Heat are current and winning. Armando does a good job and breaks all Dolphin news at least. For people that want football newsin bunches daily and want to respond Profootballtalk.com is a good place to go.

In Armando's defense theres not alot to talk about but the depressing lock-out. The only news with that is more bad news.

Personally I've heard enough from the greed mongers.

I does look like the Dolphins stand pat approach to fortifying the current team in the draft and not changing the offence much was the best idea with a short preseason and no ota's.

It looks like resigning Ronnie or Ricky when free agency does open up would be a good idea because Thomas surely won't have time to learn the playbook let alone his blocking assignments.


Trouble is such a subjective word. Just play along, this is fun!

Tomorrow, I might even be Soiled Bottoms ;)

6. We still have to find a QB to throw the ball to these receivers and until that happens we are still a 7-9 team.

Sims Walker would be a good fit. This is Henne's last shot. With a solid O-line and better running game we'll see what he can do.

Dear Mr. Aloco Cuban Menace Salguero

With all this recent chatter about fake posters and body doubles plagueing the blog may have caused the president to act.

Ive been hearin whispers about Seal Team 6 has already logged on and is in a search and destroy mode now!

Gonna keep a low profile till the real Mr. Salguero puts up a new blog article.

Soiled :)



Why does everybody think Tailbacks need to be expert blockers?

This ain't 1989!

I wonder if Tennessee worried about Chris Johnson's blocking abilities?

If I draft a Tailback I want the guy catching passes and breaking off long gainers. You know, MAKING PLAYS!!!!

If you're going to stick with the Dan Henning model, you should have drafted Maurkice and Mike Pouncey to play fullback and tailback!



Right on Que!

It's hard to fake someone when their that good!

The Lions are working hard(football talk) ;)

I really do think Marshall will be traded. For a QB or WR. Trouble follows this guy.


Night Rider,

Remember when you had that really kool car that would do everything you told it too?


What can we poor Folks say in these Times? Probably the Owners know the U.S. is heading into another recession(and it is probably true) and there is no sense in wasting any money now.

I got a GREAT idea!

You mean Cycle ? The guy is a train wreck . And has all the talent in the world . He can't stop either.

Cheers, Odin.

Things are going from bad to worst.

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