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LaCanfora: Orton won't be available either

Another potential offseason veteran quarterback might be off the market. More good news for Chad Henne.

Terrible news for anyone hoping for a legitimate competition at quarterback for the Miami Dolphins.

Jason LaCanfora of the NFL Network, reports today that "people I've talked to" in Denver are telling him they can see a scenario where Orton is the Broncos' starting QB in 2011 -- ahem, whenever the season actually gets underway.

"Orton is valued by the Broncos," LaCanfora writes. "They know he can be a winning quarterback. He's smart and can absorb a system, and has some natural chemistry with receivers there like Brandon Lloyd. For a franchise that is dealing with significant fan unrest, and coming off a collapse of a season, and with a new regime in place, the Broncos need to win some games. Now.

"Without question, Orton gives them the best chance to do that"

So how does that affect Miami. Simple: The Dolphins are going to be in the hunt for a quarterback that can challenge Henne for the starting job. The job requires experience, an ability to have instant success against good opponents, and an obvious need to be available in the offseason.

With Orton, you could check off the list of requisites one after another until, well, now when we reach the avialability issue. Obviously, anything can change and it often does. So the thinking in Denver can go a different direction.

But if LaCanfora's people are correct, you can cross Orton off Miami's list of potential QB challengers.

Let's see ...

That leaves ...

Marc Bulger, Vince Young, Kevin Kolb, maybe Matt Hasselbeck, maybe Donovan McNabb.


[NOTE: Jason LaCanfora will join my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, at 8:10 on Thursday morning for his weekly segment. We'll talk about this Orton situation and other NFL issues. Listen in.]


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First!! Woo hoo!! LOL!!

Good, gving away a pick would be stupid. Bulger or Young are free, even Hsselbeck.
It's supposed to be a competition, not
trading for someone who'll be handed the keys.

We must have a plan b, i don't think we go after any of the remaining opportunities.

We may trade for mallet with the pats, we may offer a 1st rounder for Palmer or we will just stay with henne.

This is why:

M.Bulger, too old, not enough good years V.Young, to much problems outside the field. Kevin Kolb, not proven and to expensive.
Matt Hasselbeck, not a good fit.
Donovan McNabb, will be a viking.

Henne seems to be our 2011-12 starter.


Giving a pick is the only thing that makes sense, we got robed by the pats on the draft and got to pic thomas.

Now is the time to win in miami, we should offer something really good for palmer.

..I was making this point yesterday. What guy available is going to be that much of an upgrade to Henne? Sure Palmer, or Orton could possibly become available. But for what price?
Out of the above mentioned Bulger isn't much different then Pennington(injury wise, and snaps taken the last few years)

Hasslebeck, is a reliable guy, that is cerebral, and had some success. Could be a guy that would be good competition for Henne. but not really much of an up-grade at this point in his career.

Young is a dumpster fire. That perhaps in the right system could be effective. He has had the luxury of one of the leagues top running games in his time under center at Tenn. He was a guy that was supposed to be the franchise guy in Tenn, and could not pull it off. This team needs leadership. I'm not sure Young offers this.

McNabb.. He is another guy that may have seen his best days past. He would be an interesiting aquisition. He did his best work in the West coast style of offense. I think that we could run some version of this because we do have the personell do do it. But would we change the whole scheme to fit a guy that is going to be a stop gap? McNabb would offer some leadership, and I think that the young guys on the team would respond to him. but again he was benched in favor of Rex Grossman, and seems to be second fiddle to John Beck...I'm not sure this is a rousing endorsement.

Kolb...would make the most sense if we wanted to make a trade. As he is the one guy that has some upside that would solidify the postion for more then a year if he could perform to his expectations. But this begs the question..Is he worth the risk, and the ammunition it would take to aquire him? I say no...

This leaves us in a bad spot. Remember we aren't the only team looking for quarterback help. Like I said last night. No guarantees that we can sign, or trade for any of these guys. I think it is going to be Henne by default.

8-8 here we come.

LaCanfora also said that Miami was taking Kaepernick w/the 1st pick...what ever zzzzzzzzzzz!! wake me up w/some real news

Boulder Phin Fan.....

I'm worried you may be right....and that is a sad state of affairs.....

The worst thing to come from being 8-8.....


He was 7-9 under Henning in 2 years....

and its only his 2nd season starting.....

Looking more and more like it's going to be sink or swim with Henne. Oh well, this administration ahs nobody to blame but themselves by avoiding a Qb in the 1st round for 3 years.

I hope this means that if Henne shows once and for all he doesn't have it that this team will do everythingn it possibly can to address the position in the 1st round next year - including mortgaging the entrie draft to get that one piece - the most important piece - the piece you can't win without.

I can only go on beating this drum for so long.


Excellent points....excellent

This was the plan all along by Ireland and Sparano. They still believe in that loser Henne. Good, that stubborness is what's going to get them fired just like Wannstedt's insistence that Jay Fiedler was the man led to his demise as well. Pride before the fall!!! Hopefully Andrew Luck in 2012 and a new coach and GM!!!! Go Fins!!!!!!!!!!

You know folks, I can see that some of my fellow fans did not see any Denver games this year. Orton is a gun slinger. He goes deep all the time and go after corners like number 13 used to. Henne does non of this. If we can't get Orton or Kobb that the season over.


I live the commett..."Pride go eth before the fall".....

But I don't want to fall so far as we need or deserve LUCK......

I want this team to be competitive.....even and who knows....10 wins...sneak into the playoffs.....

bring back Pat White

Orton would have been a decent fit, he may not be outstanding, but he seems to be consistant and not make many mistakes.

This is make or break for Henne new weapons, new OC, better O-line. There are no more excuses for him to hide behind now. Maybe he can pul it off, if not we know(hopefully) where our first round pick will go next year.

Having said that I would like to see Vince Young, he's a free agent theres very littl news

does anyone know whats happening with Pennington, will he be able to play ever again?

Also regarding Palmer is the rule you have to spend at least one year retired before you can resign anywhere?

Will it be the same for Palmer, taking into account it will probably be a strike shortened season or no season at all?

at 04:47 PM * Theres very little to loose in signing Vince Young

Mark/Kris, that was going to be my point exactly. Miami has no one to blame but themselves. There were plenty of QBs they passed over this Draft, and they wanted to be cute and too smart by half, thinking they could get a FA QB (like that's really worked so well before) at some point when the lockout ended.

Well, with each passing day, the QB situation becomes more futile, regardless, that guy will have NO time to work with the team (looks like), so yeah, we're stuck with Henne.

Frankly, I've already resigned myself to that fact, and am trying to get behind Henne as much as possible. But I will be VERY critical of the FO is Henne doesn't work out, they should have known that (from the end of last year) and drafted a QB. That's ALL on Sparano and Ireland there.

Do any of you remember Ireland's statement back about 2 months ago? Words to the effect of 'We're not desperate to draft a QB'?

An idiot could see this coming. No real FA choices but yet they didn't draft a QB. Everybody knows that's where you get your future QB. It really shows that this bunch does not value the future of this franchise.


Vince Young = Cam Newton with experience...No draft picks and if he pans out we may be talking Mike Vick type status.

I agree Kris, I'd rather go to the playoffs or be 1-15 so we have a chance at luck next year.

Cocoa, I gave Ireland the benefit of the doubt thinking he was being deceptive for the Draft. But after we got nobody (as far as QB) then I knew they were sticking with Henne.

TMFMISL, I hope you're joking about Penny. Seriously man. If there were ONE worse choice than Chad Henne, it's Chad Pennington. I guess it was too long ago for you to remember the 2 snaps he took before he came crying out of the game. I guess it was too long ago for you to remember that he was 0-3 as a starter the LAST time he played before he got hurt. THE GUY IS DONE! Don't encourage Miami to make their next stupidest QB move of all time (since that's what we're known for now, making idiotic QB moves, proving we know nothing about what it takes to succeed at that position).

I would be fine with McNabb. With a good line and out wide receivers he would be a formidable offensive threat. If it is true that he has gotten too old (I do not agree) then he would be a solid backup. I think McNabb still has a championship in him.

DC, I only thought pennington had one year left in him any. But some two things he did have were respect and a knowledge of how to manage a game and(I know it was 2008) but that seemed to be the missing piece. It was just a dam shame he couldn't stay healthy. Maybe he could have a coaching role?

But he didn't play a brand of football I perticulary liked. In my eyes at least it was pedestrian. But at least we one.
With Henne I feel it is boring AND we don't win, you know what I mean.

Why I'd love us to get Vince Young. He can push Henne and Maybe beat him out

Damn I can't spell

DC, in my opinion it's unforgivable not to draft a QB especially when you're in the shape we're in. I know the owner is still learning but surely he has some advisers.

Even the Pats drafted a QB and that's the real difference. You don't wait until you have a real emergency to react. You look ahead.

Yogurt Balls.

Everyone relax Henne will be fine.

Especially you Armando...
People talk about how the QB position is so important that a team must do whatever it takes to aquire one. Well, we've tried that and it hasn't worked. How about spending another season developing the one we already have? Seems worth it to me.

I like Kyle Orton. I think he's a good QB. I definitely think Denver is going to move forward with Tim Tebow though, and they should. He's the future of that franchise.

What ever we do please just don't give away any of our top draft picks... When we do we lose out on talent we could have had... Our track record for doing this us horrible... And it's keeping us mediocre cause we lose out on the ability to pick up some talent... So we have to search for these acorns which is another thing this fo is not any good at!

Simply need Vince Young.









4-12 here we come!

the only option that will not cost future draft picks is vince young. the titans have threatened to cut him so many times that no one will offer anything for him making him available at little relative cost to whoever wins the free agent bidding alleged scuffle for him. the front office sent a muffled message of something slightly akin to confidence in henne by not drafting a qb. they obviously feel that a good defense with an improved run game will make henne at least somewhat more acceptable at qb than he was last year. he and marshall should at least develop better chemistry by mid-season giving henne a chance to prove he can stay here for more than the next two years. someone will be signed for 2012 and henne will need to stay as a backup. management has obviously already charted this path and wants to keep all draft picks for later. meaning of course if a new qb is signed it has to be someone who will cost no draft picks. young is the only one who fits that bill and has, believe it or not, won some nfl games and made some big plays. he at least can push henne and may improve in a new system and environment. we and young have nothing to lose in partnering up.

Your going to have a guy on your show who said the Dolphins would pick Kapernick with 12th pick.
Conrats mando , no one is still listening to your show. SEDANO CRUSHES YOU


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Yeahh more good news !!!
We still have a chance to land a top 2 or 3 QB in the 1st rnd next yr...!!!

I never thought I'd hear myself cheer for Chad Henne to suck even worse in 2011 !!!

It's only been 27 yrs since we last drafted a quality QB.

The only way I believe we get a QB to win this year is Orton and the way we get him is offer Denver a draft pick due on performance. Say he starts 14+ games or throws for 4,000 give them a first,that way if we are in the playoff hunt who cares he is young enough to be the future. If the season starts to stink sit him.

There isn't going to be any football. This talk about Free-agents, trades, etc. is completely pointless. They are nowhere near an agreement and many offseason programs and events (such as rookie camps) have already been canceled.


I think it was a smart decision in not reaching for and drafting a QB this year. He wouldn't be much help this year anyways because of the lock out. Drafting a RB will help, which was also a need. Mallet was a 1st draft talent that went in the 3rd, Henne was also considered late 1st/2nd round talent and went in the 2nd.

I agree with NYC about Henne, he's still a young QB thats developing. Orton wasn't that good with the Bears, and look what he did with Denver. Brees wasn't that great when Rivers was traded from NY for Eli, and then had 2 good years before moving on to Saints.

We were 1-15 with no talent a few years ago. The 11-5 season made some fans believe we were actually closer than we really are. Now we can see the talent, they just need to put it all together.

TAMPA BAY....... 1

Trying to unravel this pastry. First of and as usual, it's all about $. Why is the League(owners) putting up such a "fight"? Obviously because they want, more money. For what? Ask them. It is also the Perfect Time to provide entertaiment to the very troubled American public. So? Don't hold out, for in these very exceptional and trying Times it might be best for Everybody to transact for less.

Let's give Vince Young a shot seriously! I pray the Dolphin FO signs him once he is released.

Stick with Henne til next draft! Use the money in free agency for other needs. No FA QB thrills me or is worth a draft pick!

It made sense not to draft most of the QBs available in this year's draft - which was a pretty mediocre one at the position. The only one worth gambling on was probably Mallett, and the Dolphins were not the only franchise to pass twice.

It's easy to fool yourself and construct ideal scenarios, but it was never realistic to imagine the Bengals or Broncos just letting go of a good QB so we could snap him up. As for Kolb, he really hasn't looked amazing so far, and would be pricy. I suspect that Vince Young is a little too ... unpredictable... for this franchise.

Henne will start in 2011. Get used to the idea, and start hoping we see more of the 2009 version than the 2010 collapse artist.

The schedule will be brutal. We play the Giants, Eagles, Dallas, Chargers, KC, Texans, Pats and jets twice, ....all expected to be playoff teams. I could see us loosing most of these games plus a couple of unexpected games as well.

6-10 is probably the outcome for 2011

Save our draft picks and let the next coach and GM use them wisely.

This regeme has missed on 2 QB's already. Do you really feel confident inletting them use valuable picks on another?

Predictions are null with the lockout in place.

what a crock... predictions are the same every year assuming they eventually play...

Nothing magical is going to happen after the lockout...in terms of a qb.

Patriots are not going to trade us Brady or Colts, Manning...all the top qb's in the draft were obviously already selected. No great FA to speak of.

we are arguing over the "scraps" of the league at this point at QB.

Yep, suck Parcel.

...One of the reasons I do believe we passed on a quarterback is this. Teams that have lame duck coaches rarely draft first round quarterbacks, almost never. The Broncos did with Tebow, and McDaniels was sacked mid-year.
The reason. The teams know that unless the prospect is a ready to play now guy, they do not want to handcuff the new staff with a QB. that may not fit that particular system. We don't know for sure that this will be Sparanos last go around. Is it out of the relm of possibility that if he has another sub-par year he will get axed? You may think this is crazy talk. But go back and look at the last 7-8 years of the draft. Find a team that drafted a quarterback #1 then fired it coach the next year. It doesn't happen..

This said, it looks like this regime will live and die behind Henne. They must see something in him to just simply ignore the position through the draft, and gamble on a journeyman to perhaps compete for the job.

I see this as no surprise whatsoever. I have said all along there is no way in hell Denver sets out on the first year with their new coach and Elway with Tebow as their only choice other then Quinn. They will allow Tebow and Orton to work it out in camp, just as Miami would allow Henne and Orton to do the same, and then move forward.

Last night I posted that I did not feel Miami is looking for Henne's replacement. Frankly, Darryl Dunphy said it correctly last night when he said that there is not a veteran in the offering that can do anything that Henne cannot. Miami is only looking for a QB who will push Henne, and if possible (though unlikely) unseat him. What Miami is looking for is a backup to round off their QB roster.

Unless Palmer somehow comes available (Which I feel he will) Miami will ride Henne. Even if Palmer IS available, I am uncertain that Ross will condone without question this current coaching staff using a 1st or 2nd round pick to get him. Truth is, Henne likely gives Miami its best chance given his experience with the players. He has been given a great deal of new weapons and a good O-line to work with. Not to mention the coaching reasons he has had for failure have been mostly negated. Henne's numbers say he is quite capable. We shall see...

yea lacanfora is the same one who said the phins would pick k.Patrick with their pick and half the time he is wrong with his stories anyway I'll believe it when I see it

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