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My grade of Dolphins draft: Why do you care?

Let's begin with the fact that no one -- not me, not you, not Mel Kiper nor Mel Gibson for that matter -- can give you an absolutely fair and accurate grading of the Dolphins draft.

I haven't seen these guys on the field. So I have no idea if Charles Clay is the next coming of Chris Cooley or Dallas Clark. I have no idea if Mike Pouncey is as good or better than Maurkice Pouncey. I don't know whether Edmond Gates will play like Mike Wallace of the Pittsburgh Steelers or Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes.

So why does everyone want a grade for the draft?

Why did I get 127 151 e-mails since Friday asking me to grade the draft, some of those before the draft was even over?

Post-draft grades from the media are bogus. They are ignorant. They are an exercise in futility. They are a waste of your time.

Alright, are you ready for my grade?

Here we go:

The case: The Dolphins addressed the long-standing need for a center in Pouncey. They came into draft with only two running backs on the roster and no second round pick and got running back Daniel Thomas in the second round. They needed speed badly that might both improve Miami's ability to get behind the secondary and maybe put a charge in the special teams returns game. The Dolphins want to run a double-tight look a lot with one of those an H-Back type. The team had Paul Soliai locked up as its starting nose tackle and needed some help behind him. And, in the bottom of the musts-needs-wants totem pole, the club wanted a playmaker in the secondary.

The results: The Dolphins got the highest-rated interior lineman on their board in the first round and expect him to start at center. They landed Thomas while other teams were in the middle of a run (pardon the pun) on running backs. They yielded a third-round (valuable), fifth-round (valuable) and seventh-round pick (not so much) to get into the second round. Edmond Gates is now the man they Dolphins expects will "knock the top" off defenses. He is now charged with being deep open to give the QB a chance at a big play. Oh, and he's got a shot at helping on teams in the return game. Charles Clay was versatile and valuable at Tulsa as a fullback and pass-catcher. He's supposed to be good in space. We'll see if that space is located 10-15-20 yards down field. Frank Kearse comes as Miami's project mountain-sized nose tackle. And Jimmy Wilson is the gamble with the final pick that could add an athletic, hard-hitting, angry, sometimes too angry hitter that might upgrade special teams and knock some balls loose.

The projections: Mike Pouncey will start at center. If he doesn't, something went terribly wrong. I don't believe anything will go wrong here. He's solid, smart, and tough. He's a competitor and winner. I predicted this pick and agree with it. Daniel Thomas is another pick I predicted so how the heck am I going to rip it? He'll bring speed to the position that Ronnie Brown seemed to lose in recent years. He'll offer some second-level elusiveness the Dolphins haven't seen in a long time and one would not expect from a 230 pound running back. Gates is the X-factor. If he makes it, this draft makes it! If he's a bigtime playmaker, the Dolphins will score points, improve the passing game and help keep people honest on the running game, and, oh yeah, there's also the possibility I might see a punt-return or kickoff-return TD before I retire. Kearse smells like a practice squad guy to me. Wilson needs to be on his absolute best behavior -- that's the way it is for someone who's been tried for murder. I don't care that he got off, he is by all accounts not an angel. He needs to watch himself and not sully the name of the franchise. Dolphins do that in other ways already, they don't need to add more of that stuff. Clay? Please, please, please makes some plays in space against overmatched LBs and safeties.

The misses: No quarterback. The Dolphins didn't pick either Ryan Mallett nor Andy Dalton in the first round, they passed on Mallett in the second round, and could not trade up to Mallett in the third although I have reported they tried. Bottom line? Mallett would have been a reach early and everyone agreed. I think he just wasn't right for the Dolphins because he needs to go to a situation where he sits for a good, long time and learns to be a professional. He wouldn't have gotten that in Miami. He would have been thrust into a starter competition and because Chad Henne is not a star, Mallett might have won. And then he would have been overmatched with the things it takes for a guy to succeed as an NFL QB -- not just the on-field stuff, but off the field as well. He might become a fine player eventually in New England. I think he would have failed in the wrong situation and Miami was the wrong situation. I wonder why the Dolphins didn't go with Pat Devlin late? Twelve QBs were taken and Devlin was not. Will be interesting to see if Dolphins chase him as an undrafted free agent when that's allowed. finally, it hurts me the Dolphins didn't land Taiwan Jones. Loved him. Loved his 4.3 speed. Thought he had that innate ability to keep defenders from hitting him on flush every time. The great ones have that ability. Yes, Taiwan Jones had fumble issues. Guess what? So did Daniel Thomas.

The spin: The Dolphins didn't have a second-round pick when the draft began because they yielded it and one last year for Brandon Marshall. GM Jeff Ireland talked about Marshall being among Miami's first three picks. No. Second round picks won't make some $18 million the next few years. Second round picks don't come to the team with a reputation for not meshing with the starting quarterback. Second round picks don't usually come with a long domestic violence history and a newly sewn abdomen from a knife wound inflicted by a wife. Second round picks also don't come with the experience Marshall has and the almost certain guarantee that he'll give you 85 catches for 1,000 yards. It's a two way street. But adding him to the draft is spin.

The bottom line: I like the job Ireland did. Really do. He made the best of a tough situation because he came into the draft without a second-round pick while not drafting particularly high. The way to get great is not by drafting where mediocre teams draft. It's hard to find a big-time star there. I didn't love that Ireland had to give up that fifth-rounder while the Patriots were adding picks for next year. (Told him as much, too). But I understand he didn't have much of choice. He needed a running back. Maybe Pouncey is better than his brother. Maybe Thomas is Adrian Peterson. Maybe Clay is Dallas Clark. Maybe Gates is Mike Wallace. If that's the case, this draft will be an awesome haul. I don't see all of that happening. More likely these generally safe, solid, logical picks will add a couple of solid starters, maybe one playmaker, and some guys whose names we won't remember three years from now.

The grade: C++. It is better than average. It is way better than average. But good? Can't be when you didn't draft in the third and fifth rounds. Can't be when you couldn't find a QB. Can't be when I haven't seen any of these players on the field. (By the way, I give the Pats a C+. They had a chance to go for the kill shot on the AFC East and didn't do it.  They continue to put off for next year what they could do now, apparently not realizing Tom Brady continues to age and when he's done, they're done -- Ryan Mallett notwithstanding.)



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well we will see it has been a long time since somebody said the dolphins were smart,it could happen

Fron the pont of view that before two or tree seasons you don't have a real idea is a draft selection pick is a star or a bust, I'm totally agree. May be I'm wrong but Jason Taylor took two or tree season to become a pemier pass rusher.
At the end of the day the adquisition of Marshall only takes a 3rd, 5th, a 7th and the posibility to draft a QB, Mallet for the mayority of the fans, and for me and may be very few others Stanzi.
I was watching youtube videos from Henne and many others QB that could be with the dolphins next season, you know, the highlights, Palmer looks good, Bulger, even Brady Queen, etc. but somebody that I forgot looks very good: David Carr, Throwing him to the wolfs too early took away his self confidence, the point is, may be is a good idea evaluate all the posibilities, even the ones who are not so clear.

I am satisfied with our draft too Armando. Think we could have got a good rb without moving up into the 2nd round. The Blue Hen Pat Devlin would be a good pick up in udfa. Don't think Mallett would last too long with all the distractions in South Florida. I think Jimmy Wilson will make the team at least on special teams. He is a very hard hitter for his size. Gates will be a great addition for us. The passing game can really open up the running game. If our OL does its job I think we will be able to pick up those 3 or 4 yard to keep the chains moving. I think we did as good as we could with what we had to work with,

Good drafts of unknowns and unheralded players for us! That means we got top talent at a low price! Good deal!!!

Armando...your point about Mallet is on point. You can like him or hate him. But Mallet in a Phin uniform would have been a bus crash. He would have been(IMO) set up to fail. Even if he could have sat and learned for a year. He would have been thrusted into the role of starter next year..Chad Henne will be a free agent, and I doubt he would have stayed here knowing Mallet was the future.

This said..If we would have been able to move into the third round and take Mallet(I've heard some rumors the Phins were trying) The move would have made much more sense. A third rounder that doesn't work out does much less damage then what happens when your first rounder, even second round pick fails. You can cut that player without beating yourself up to bad. It was crucial to find starters with those picks. We accomplished this.

Finally, I liked Mcellroy as a late round prospect. But it is a huge longshot that a 7th round quarterback will be anything more then a backup. At that point. It didn't make sense to me to draft the position. Try and find a
player at a position that has a chance to make the team, as a special teamer, or at a position that isn't so vital.

And what about Adam Froman, the guy out buddy Beerphin recomended to us: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fV4iHTWC7hE 6-4 / 220, adequate size, weight, arm strength, mobility, looks good.

Great job covering the draft Armando. I think this regime has put together another solid draft. Liked the strategy all the way through. Liked that they were wiling to trade up now that there are more good players on the roster, something they could never have done 3 years ago.

It's funny how this regime is generally looked at as a failure. I think they have done a sick job of putting together a very young, talented roster. But if you get bottom 5 of the league QB play, it ruins the whole cake. Essentially, the regime is criticized for making one bad move - picking the wrong QB.

Mango I like what you said our fans bum me out they complain that we don't go after anyone , but they wanted Daniel Thomas and they got him all these picks seem versatile and can fill immediate needs . Any qb was a reach considering the picks we had , we did good . If I remember henne did ok when we ran ball well . One thing Ireland said was no qb we could've drafted was a clear upgrade over henne . Let's see what does with an energetic oc with some positive feedback rather than an old worn out guy that keeps tellin him not to make a mistake , that must have gotten so old listening to that , just sayin

hey armando

Yeah....but he's on the radio...AND YOU'RE NOT!!!!

with the caveats , good article

how about grading 2008,2009 and 2010, this fo (+bp) as well? as fake gm says excepting p white and p turner amongst a few others, nobody's perfect and with the jury out on a few of last years pics this fo has not done too bad in terms of personnel

henne's final grade doesn't seem to be in yet either

ts is depressing to listen to and likes a retro-running game as the basis for offense but adding a deep threat, dynamic and speedy wr, and good hands rb and te gives that style winning potential

winning games is what its all about, our d will keep us in games, if henne and the rest of the team can get over the 4th quarter failures success in that quarter will breed success

we're still building from 1-15 and even ts shouldn't be annihilated for being boring, he's still learing and he still could be the coach that takes us back to a sb

This draft has spelled the downfall of Ireland and Sparano. I've seen Pouncey's snaps from the shotgun-- they left a lot to be deisred. The Dolphins should have traded down and picked up an extra pick or two. Instead Ireland gave up 3 draft picks for a fumbling running back! Ireland proved he's no Parcells! This draft grade is a D! Where's Cam Cameron and Dave Wannstadt?
rpgdolfan, unhappy in Jacksonville

Devlin showed he's not that good in his pro day. He isn't as good as any of the QBs taken and he isn't as good as some that weren't... Taylor or McElroy in the 7th would have been good value but they went before miami had a shot... ADAM FROMAN QB LOUISVILLE 4.56 40 time 6'4 ... can't believe this guy wasn't drafted...Ian Williams over Kearse as well questionable only cuz I haven't heard of him and there were so many higher graded NT available... time will tell

for where they picked and who they got i think it was an A- DRAFT imo

If Taiwan Jones becomes great & Danny Thomas (haha) becomes JJ Johnson then give them an F. A big back could have been picked in the 5th round. Lightning speed & the ability to break tackles is a steal in the 3rd.

Almost same team as last year. Mediocre results again. They won't present any danger to the Patriots or Jets. From ownership to all the way to the bottom this is a medoicre franchise.

C++ is too harsh. I'd give it a B+. Remember, you're not grading how they did, but how they did with the picks they had.

The trifecta also found Austin miles in Dallas, I feel petty confident about this draft as A said we really had nothing to work with this year. We adressed real needs and still have free agency to go. Phins could be a shocker again 11-5.

Good points all around.
Like you stated grading the draft is pure speculation until they hit the field.
However based on the needs of the team and the potential quality of the picks taken I would give them:
I like pouncey in the first and Thomas looks like he has potential. Gates should help to keep the secondary honest as long as he is able to catch a ball here and there.
I know we will be active in free agency. This regime can't afford not to be. They have to win now or they're gone.

POUNCEY is not even close to his brothers ability!!!!!!! Ask any real Gator Fan

Mondo.....agreed , Ireland did a helluva job with a tough situation I would give them a B.
It's now time for you to start the Carson Palmer campaign. You can get this done for all of us.

I give it a C- and that is solely based on the Gates pick.
Pouncey: The FO is not sure if he is a Center or guard but will try him at both.

Thomas: No break away speed and not a home run hitter. I have watched video pn the kid and he is a plodder and a banger but he does not bring speed to the team.

Gates: Fast as hell with good body control, but played for a small school and is not a good route runner. Will start as a PR/KR player. I look forward to seeing him play but don't expect him to beat out the average WR Hartline.

Clay: May be very good but what the hell is he? Will he beat out Polite? Will he beat out Fasano? if the Dolphins plan on going two TE, they will most likely be leaning on the running game which wastes gates speed.

Kearse: Practice squad fodder which is not unusual for a 7th rounder.

Wilson: Big ?. The kid may bring BANG to the field but he is a big ? and may not see the field which is no big deal for a 7th rounder.


This does not include FA and the failure to seriously address the QB position is disturbing, but it is their butts on the line and I don't think they can be aggressive enough to save their own butts.
FIRED by years end.

there is always alot of "hope" this time of year because we cant see our weaknesses on the field yet. how did our fins get to have so many needs? it falls on the failure of ireland the last 2 years with frivolous picks and FA busts. if we continue to ground and pound,injuries to rb's and olineman will mount. the elite teams spread you out and will pick your bones clean! we must learn to play smart football;we arent going to overpower anyone and stay healthy. thomas runs upright and wont make it thru a full season. elusive backs who dont take a full body shot are the order of the day.

For the people who crow about the Dolphins not taking a QB means that they must have faith in Henne, WRONG WRONG WRONG.

Armando has reported that the Dolphins were trying to move up to get Mallett and Hank Goldberg reported that the Dolphins had fully intended to take Kaepernick if pouncey was gone when they picked in the 1st.
The bottom line is the Dolphins wanted to draft a QB but the QB they wanted wasn't there.
The crow that you are attempting to dish should be your own meal.

Maybe Clay is Dallas Clark. Maybe Gates is Mike Wallace


Maybe they would be if we had Peyton Manning or Ben R. We have CHAD HENNE!!!! Sorry dude I dont see it

Mando, I was one of those guys that asked you for a grade. Wasn't asking for a prediction of player success or failure. Although odds of success/fail would certainly enter into it.

But more of strategic view on available (picking 15 1st round and no second) pics and positions and players chosen. I didn't think giving up that 5th (screw the 7th) was good strategy.

My view is, well, actually 2 views. From the 'got to win now' I give them a B. That certainly doesn't mean we're playoff bound. No, just means we got better. Looking at the schedule, it'll be a miricale to go 8-8.

My other view is from looking at the future. Not drafting a QB rounds 3-7 screams, we don't care what happens to the Dolphins long term. We may not be here after this year if we don't win some more games THIS YEAR.

QBs take time to develop especially all these spread formations colleges run these days. Not picking a rook QB this year just set us back 1 more year any way you look at it.

And that's why I would give them an incomplete grade for this lack of vision.

this pouncey can't snap from shotgun is a stupid argument. he had a couple rocky try's early as a center. but we don't use shotgun all that much and i think we will be using it even less in our new offense. we want to be a run first, play action passing team. plus poucey will be getting pro level coaching.

You said they gave up a 3rd. They moved up 16 spots. To me that means that they did not give up a 3rd they gained a 2nd. All they gave up was a 5th. Who cares about the 7th.

I found some footage of Clay. Changed my mind. He body catches far too much but has some shifyness in the open field. Fairly fluid in space but can't block at all.

T. Jones will come back to haunt us. That would have been a much better pick than Thomas. Backs that run 4.3 ala Marshall Faulk...A.P and Chris johnson don't come around very often. Jones was not just fast in a straight line but had plenty of moves and was very laterally quick. Hard package to find. Usually guys who are that explosive are very small 3rd down types. He is exactly what a boring...slow offense needs.

You don't stretch the field having one speed element on your offense. You need 2. Preferably your rb and a wr or 2 wr's. We have 1 which still won't do very much. Henne will scan the field ...check it down or run out of bounds. Thomas is just a slight upgrade over an aging Ronnie Brown...not the best move. We won't have a run longer than 20 yds all yr long. But hey...this is what u want to see...short passes....short runs and fg's...right???

Greg, you are correct. We went into this year agruably needing 6 (position) starters. This is after 3 years. This bunch have been only mediocre and that's exactly what kind of team we have....middle of the pack.

These days, if you aren't contending for a champtionship, then you've got something wrong with coaching/front office. This is year 4 and we should be knocking on the gate. We don't even have a QB yet.

So, every team gets a C grade because you have no clue what these players will do in the NFL. Thanks Mando, that was very enlightening.

Truth is, we have history to use as a guide. The best teams are the best because they draft the best (in all rounds). It's easy to take Jake Long with the #1 pick, harder to take the best guy at 15 or at the end of the 2nd-round or later.

Our problem (or the FO's problem) is they've shown the ability to draft decent later on (the acorns and such), but haven't been as good in the earlier rounds, when you can really get stars.

Did we get stars in this draft, we'll wait and see. However, stars sometimes are born, and sometimes they are made. The hard work starts now (well, not this year, but as soon as the lockout is over). For any of these guys to be ultimately successful, they need the right COACHING. We've seen what horrible coaching does to a team (let me introduce you to the '09, '10 Miami Dolphins). I'm less interested in journalists' prognosticating about this or that rookie, and more interested in finding out what the coaching staff will actually be doing with the talent they now have to produce a winning product on the field.

Get to work!

We don't have a qb...a return game or a game breaking rb. Not a fan or Hartline..another wasted pick.

When stars are made u usually must have the physical tools to make the leap. Do u think Daniel Thomas suddenly works himself in to being a game breaking rb??? Does Hartline suddenly become a threat to consistently separate on routes...catch the ball....an be able to elude and out run defenders to pay dirt???

Man, I just can't take it, the same comments here every day. Mando, you the same. Anyone, and I mean anyone trashing Henne for last year have no clue, no clue at all.

O-lines make the majority of QB's, there are a few exceptions, and guess what, Tom Brady IS NOT one of them.

Henne would have been in the pro bowl if he had the Pats system and O-line. Anyway. we drafted a O-lineman that is solid with attitude. I for one think he can snap the ball fine. He struggled the beginning of the year, but settled in find.

Not sure about the RB, anyone that fumbles a lot in college could have a rough time in the NFL, guys strip more and are plenty stronger.

Seems like the WR pick was a good value, so I am happy with that.

Anyway, we have a solid QB that could be upper tier with a good game plan and a consistant line. We NEED to bring in solid competition to be sure, but drafting a QB would not do that. I am happy we did not waste a pick on a QB in this draft, and am excited to see what Henne will do with a new O-cood, and hopefully a consistant o-line.

"ESPN draft expert Mel Kiper Jr. gave the Dolphins a B-minus for their work in the NFL Draft, and on a conference call Monday explained why he didn't grade them higher: He said the Dolphins took first-round center Mike Pouncey too early and perhaps should have opted for Mark Ingram at running back over Daniel Thomas. Kiper conceded that Pouncey is a talented center, but stuck to his mantra of the past month that he's not nearly the player his brother Maurkice has been for Pittsburgh. Kiper had Mike Pouncey as the 28th-best player on his board and said 15th was simply too soon."

Hate to say I told you so, BUT....

It's not all about what you bought when you went to the store. It's about what you bought AND the price you paid! FAIL for Ireland.

all I have to say is this draft could have gone a lot worst. I like it when the FO takes what everyone expects them to take and try and not get cute. Pouncy and thomas will both become starters at some point for miami. And I think gates and clay have great potential. you can't ask for anything more.

Your first problem is you listen to kiper.


Your worst problem is you listen to Ireland.

You say that Miami didn't take a QB, and I think that was smart since no QB they would have taken would have made an immediate impact, especially with the lockout still in place. I would guess that they will bring in two free agent rookie QBs to compete for a job. As for a quick change of pace RB, guys like Noelle Devine (WVU) are out there to sign as a rookie free agent. My biggest concern though is at the backup OT position, when Carey was hurt last year the OL deteriorated. Also, I don't want to hear anything about E. Gates being a returner, he needs to be a receiver first, learn that position first. We can sign a speedy RB or WR as a free agent rookie and have them just for kick returns. Bess is the most reliable punt returner, not explosive, but reliable and doesn't fumble, always gets you about 10 return yards, consistent return guy.

Armando you can't be serious saying Daniel "slow as turd" Thomas will bring some much needed speed to the RB position. He runs a 4.62 in the 40. That is not speed.

I like the Pouncey pick, but the Thomas pick made me sick to my stomach. He does not have the speed that this team is lacking. It seems as if we will be Cleveland south this year. For a big man he goes down too easily.

Most of you fans are CLUELESS ...... and yeah m just sayin .

My grade D-

C\G Pouncey was picked just because his twin brother is so good. That does not translate to him being good.

Traded (wasting picks) up to get a RB that is SLOW and fumbles.

A WR with great speed who has only played a few years of football and is a major project.

A FB\HB\TE\ jack of all trades master of none.

DT who is practice squad guy.

Accused murder was drafted, but couldnt draft a potential franchise QB that smoked pot?

if kiper really knew how to draft then he'd be doing it for a living. I can stand up there and yaap about players with out my job being dependand on it and probably bat close to what kiper is batting. Anyone can.

I think a pretty fair analysis Armando. I give the draft a C.

Most "experts" had Pouncey rated the 25-28th best player & we took hium #15. I know we couldn't trade down but he can be considered a reach. His brother, which all agree is better than our Pouncey, went 18th. It fills a need.

Prince Amakamura would have been much better value. And with Will Allen(no snaps in 2 years) & Benny Sapp your 3rd & 4th DB, he would play right away.

D. Thomas, he fits the mold. That's about all I can say. He sure doesn't sound a whole lot faster than Ronnie Brown. Think of upright runners like Eddie George. Always hurt, always fumbling. Not thrilled AT ALL especially since we traded up for him.

Gates & Clay - Who knows. Gates does not sound polished & will not threaten Hartline for the #2 or even Bess for the #3 job right now. Sounds like he'll be a returner & spot WR if he even makes the roster.

The most intriguing prospect to me is Clay.

Your worst problem is you listen to Ireland.

Posted by: GetAGrip | May 03, 2011 at 08:51 AM

LMAO If we had listened to Ireland all offseason, this team should have drafted like Al Davis - SPEED BABY!

Instead we get 2 mid-late round prospects with some quicks. Although, Pouncey is probably fast for an OL lol

Pouncey was a reach at #15, Thomas wasn't worth giving up a 3,5, & 7 to move up to get, they let other teams influence their draft plan. E.Gates was a good pick in the 4th round, filled a need and was a good value. I think he can make an impact as the #2 receiver as long as he can makes the catches, I think he will be able to get open, but will he drop the balls and shy away from contact like Ginn or go get the ball and make the big play, worth the risk in the 4th round. Clay may be a decent pick in the 6th round, but unless he starts at FB then it was a bad pick. The 7th round guys will have to work hard to make the team, might make it to the practice squad. Its all about the coaches developing the players and putting them in one position to learn that position, stop moving guys around to find a fit, put then somewhere and make them learn it.


What is Kiper batting?

You talk and have no clue what you're talking about. None!

I do not think Pouncy has to be as good as his brother. You put Long, Incognito, and Pouncy together and you should have a pretty good Center to middle. Maybe the right side of the line comes together. We needed to get the piece to finish and settle the line. I think Pouncy does that even if he ends up at guard.

Good lines win Championships and make good RB look great. You get Williams from Carolina or even Bush and maybe, just maybe resighn Brown and I think we dont care to much about grading the draft.

Dink and Dunk Ball can work. Montana proved that in San Fan. I still would try to get Matt Leinert they said he looked good in Texas last year. And best of all HE IS HUNGRY TO PROVE HE IS A NFL QB!! That type of competition could turn Henne into something.

Go Dolphins!! The Refs dont steal the Pitt game last year and history flips.

Joe Schmoe,

LMAO! I'm talking about his post-draft spin of Pouncey and Thomas.

Ireland should have stayed with his 3rd and 5th round picks. He could have got a RB in the 3rd round, then used the 5th round pick for a developmental QB, if he needed to move up or down a couple spots he could have traded away the 7th round picks. It just shows how critical it is to have extra picks, give you what you need to move around and get all the guys you want. Dolphins need to work towards getting at least 10 picks going into next years draft. That will lead to a much better draft. This year I give Ireland a C+, it can be a B if things work out for at least four of the picks. It obvious he needs to develop better working relationship with other team GMs so he can better trade around when he needs to.

ric @ 8:59,
if you watched the combine and listened to the commentary a 4.62 time for a 230 lb back is considered a good time. they also said that the 10 yd split was the more important time of the two because it indicates a backs initial burst and ability to make it through holes in the line quickly. daniel thomas ran the same time in the 10 yd split as mark ingram who, by the way, had the fastest 10 yd split at the combine.

"if kiper really knew how to draft then he'd be doing it for a living."

Posted by: BoulderPhinFan

For the record, you dullard, Mel has been making a handsome living for over two decades sizing up NFL draft prospects. His word carries more weight than yours (or your boy Jeff "Is your mama a ho, Dez?" Ireland for that matter).

you're making a fool out of yourself. taking a player 7 spots ahead of where they were rated by the "experts" is nowhere near being a reach. second, we have a stable full of db's. why would you take a db as your first pick? does it fill a need? if we were going to go defesne in the first getting an elite pass rusher would have made more sense.


I QB that doesn't threaten the defense makes the O-line look worse than they are.
The defensive coordinators played Henne the exact same way you and I would defend against a QB who did not make quick accurate deccisions with the ball, they attacked and ran blitzes from all directions clogging the running lanes and forcing the QB to do what henne could not do well. You know you would do the same thing and so would I, so defending Henne on the preise that the O-line made him look bad is wrong.

If Henne was worth his salt, there is no way the defense would be able to blitz as much as they did because he would burn them to Marshall or Bess and make them change, but that didn't happen did it.

Yes bess and fasano had their best years, but that is because of the dump off passes and you should know that.

I think you know better.

look at this. guys want to bring in bush as a running back. the guy never had a 1,000 yd season. his best season was 580 yds and he played one full season in his career. you guys kill me. you criticize ireland and sparano for their drafts but you think that signing bush would improve the offense. probably want vince young or mcnabb too.


I think the Dolphins would sign Kim Kardashian (with that big caboose) at RB before Bush. He's too pricey for what he brings and has major durability issues.

you're making a fool out of yourself. taking a player 7 spots ahead of where they were rated by the "experts" is nowhere near being a reach. second, we have a stable full of db's. why would you take a db as your first pick? does it fill a need? if we were going to go defesne in the first getting an elite pass rusher would have made more sense.

Posted by: dm1dolphan | May 03, 2011 at 09:39 AM

LMAO The posts on this blog continue to amaze! You consider Will Allen, who hasn't played a down in 2 years, and Benny Sapp who was average at best in the nickel, as a stable of DB's? Not to mention, we were one of the WORST teams in 3rd down defense. Your attempt to mock me with names still doesn't not hold up to reality & common sense.

Also, can you count? Just asking because Pouncey was taken 15th. He was rated anywhere between 25-28, how is that only 7 spots? It's actually 10-13, not 7.

Before calling someone a moron, please look in the mirror. Being called a moron by someone who can't perform simple mathematics is like the pot calling the kettle black.

Mando, Why hasnt some NFL team signed you for a GM job ? (tongue firmly planted)

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