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My grade of Dolphins draft: Why do you care?

Let's begin with the fact that no one -- not me, not you, not Mel Kiper nor Mel Gibson for that matter -- can give you an absolutely fair and accurate grading of the Dolphins draft.

I haven't seen these guys on the field. So I have no idea if Charles Clay is the next coming of Chris Cooley or Dallas Clark. I have no idea if Mike Pouncey is as good or better than Maurkice Pouncey. I don't know whether Edmond Gates will play like Mike Wallace of the Pittsburgh Steelers or Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes.

So why does everyone want a grade for the draft?

Why did I get 127 151 e-mails since Friday asking me to grade the draft, some of those before the draft was even over?

Post-draft grades from the media are bogus. They are ignorant. They are an exercise in futility. They are a waste of your time.

Alright, are you ready for my grade?

Here we go:

The case: The Dolphins addressed the long-standing need for a center in Pouncey. They came into draft with only two running backs on the roster and no second round pick and got running back Daniel Thomas in the second round. They needed speed badly that might both improve Miami's ability to get behind the secondary and maybe put a charge in the special teams returns game. The Dolphins want to run a double-tight look a lot with one of those an H-Back type. The team had Paul Soliai locked up as its starting nose tackle and needed some help behind him. And, in the bottom of the musts-needs-wants totem pole, the club wanted a playmaker in the secondary.

The results: The Dolphins got the highest-rated interior lineman on their board in the first round and expect him to start at center. They landed Thomas while other teams were in the middle of a run (pardon the pun) on running backs. They yielded a third-round (valuable), fifth-round (valuable) and seventh-round pick (not so much) to get into the second round. Edmond Gates is now the man they Dolphins expects will "knock the top" off defenses. He is now charged with being deep open to give the QB a chance at a big play. Oh, and he's got a shot at helping on teams in the return game. Charles Clay was versatile and valuable at Tulsa as a fullback and pass-catcher. He's supposed to be good in space. We'll see if that space is located 10-15-20 yards down field. Frank Kearse comes as Miami's project mountain-sized nose tackle. And Jimmy Wilson is the gamble with the final pick that could add an athletic, hard-hitting, angry, sometimes too angry hitter that might upgrade special teams and knock some balls loose.

The projections: Mike Pouncey will start at center. If he doesn't, something went terribly wrong. I don't believe anything will go wrong here. He's solid, smart, and tough. He's a competitor and winner. I predicted this pick and agree with it. Daniel Thomas is another pick I predicted so how the heck am I going to rip it? He'll bring speed to the position that Ronnie Brown seemed to lose in recent years. He'll offer some second-level elusiveness the Dolphins haven't seen in a long time and one would not expect from a 230 pound running back. Gates is the X-factor. If he makes it, this draft makes it! If he's a bigtime playmaker, the Dolphins will score points, improve the passing game and help keep people honest on the running game, and, oh yeah, there's also the possibility I might see a punt-return or kickoff-return TD before I retire. Kearse smells like a practice squad guy to me. Wilson needs to be on his absolute best behavior -- that's the way it is for someone who's been tried for murder. I don't care that he got off, he is by all accounts not an angel. He needs to watch himself and not sully the name of the franchise. Dolphins do that in other ways already, they don't need to add more of that stuff. Clay? Please, please, please makes some plays in space against overmatched LBs and safeties.

The misses: No quarterback. The Dolphins didn't pick either Ryan Mallett nor Andy Dalton in the first round, they passed on Mallett in the second round, and could not trade up to Mallett in the third although I have reported they tried. Bottom line? Mallett would have been a reach early and everyone agreed. I think he just wasn't right for the Dolphins because he needs to go to a situation where he sits for a good, long time and learns to be a professional. He wouldn't have gotten that in Miami. He would have been thrust into a starter competition and because Chad Henne is not a star, Mallett might have won. And then he would have been overmatched with the things it takes for a guy to succeed as an NFL QB -- not just the on-field stuff, but off the field as well. He might become a fine player eventually in New England. I think he would have failed in the wrong situation and Miami was the wrong situation. I wonder why the Dolphins didn't go with Pat Devlin late? Twelve QBs were taken and Devlin was not. Will be interesting to see if Dolphins chase him as an undrafted free agent when that's allowed. finally, it hurts me the Dolphins didn't land Taiwan Jones. Loved him. Loved his 4.3 speed. Thought he had that innate ability to keep defenders from hitting him on flush every time. The great ones have that ability. Yes, Taiwan Jones had fumble issues. Guess what? So did Daniel Thomas.

The spin: The Dolphins didn't have a second-round pick when the draft began because they yielded it and one last year for Brandon Marshall. GM Jeff Ireland talked about Marshall being among Miami's first three picks. No. Second round picks won't make some $18 million the next few years. Second round picks don't come to the team with a reputation for not meshing with the starting quarterback. Second round picks don't usually come with a long domestic violence history and a newly sewn abdomen from a knife wound inflicted by a wife. Second round picks also don't come with the experience Marshall has and the almost certain guarantee that he'll give you 85 catches for 1,000 yards. It's a two way street. But adding him to the draft is spin.

The bottom line: I like the job Ireland did. Really do. He made the best of a tough situation because he came into the draft without a second-round pick while not drafting particularly high. The way to get great is not by drafting where mediocre teams draft. It's hard to find a big-time star there. I didn't love that Ireland had to give up that fifth-rounder while the Patriots were adding picks for next year. (Told him as much, too). But I understand he didn't have much of choice. He needed a running back. Maybe Pouncey is better than his brother. Maybe Thomas is Adrian Peterson. Maybe Clay is Dallas Clark. Maybe Gates is Mike Wallace. If that's the case, this draft will be an awesome haul. I don't see all of that happening. More likely these generally safe, solid, logical picks will add a couple of solid starters, maybe one playmaker, and some guys whose names we won't remember three years from now.

The grade: C++. It is better than average. It is way better than average. But good? Can't be when you didn't draft in the third and fifth rounds. Can't be when you couldn't find a QB. Can't be when I haven't seen any of these players on the field. (By the way, I give the Pats a C+. They had a chance to go for the kill shot on the AFC East and didn't do it.  They continue to put off for next year what they could do now, apparently not realizing Tom Brady continues to age and when he's done, they're done -- Ryan Mallett notwithstanding.)



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>(or your boy Jeff "Is your mama a ho, Dez?" Ireland for that matter).

Actually, thats a plus for Ireland. Good point.

And dont forget to whine about not drafting a QB. Or did you already? I didn't get through all of your 3,662,322 'posts'.

all this talk about fa qb's and bringing in some competition for chad brings to mind a few guy's green bay has sitting around, matt flynn and brian brohm. granted niether is at all proven but imo wouldnt some younger,hungry talent really bring the challenge henne needs? i mean sure a veteran is always nice but if we are really looking for our long term starter it seems the younger guy's would really go the extra mile to earn the position and i just cant see how one of these three can not be for real. i guess i just hate to see such great past talent sitting, seems a shame.

If Mel had said, "Never in a million years will Merling shred his achilles or scuffle with his girlfriend.", then you've have room to argue.

Posted by: GetAGrip | May 03, 2011 at 12:04 PM

All that is irrelevant. He did nothing his first 2 years before anyof that happened or really show improvement.

On the flip side, Langford, drafted after him was an immediate starter & has shown progress in each of his 1st 3 seasons. Merling has been a back up & continues to be.

Considering he was taken 32nd, which would be considered a first round pick he's a bust.

joe schmoe,
you know what, you're right. taking pouncey at #15 was a reach. taking daniel thomas was also a bad pick. he's a slow back just like everyone else has been saying. i don't know what they were thinking and to think they wasted 3 picks to get a guy who runs that slow and fumbles the ball. you're right. fire the whole lot of them and start from scratch. i don't mind waiting another 5 years before the team turns it around again.

No... 4.6 is not fast and certainly isn't considered adding speed to any NFL roster at rb. Even when referring to the slowest offense in the league(Da Fins). Our running game will consist of Thomas getting to the 2nd level and being tackled quickly...even with daylight or room to shake a tackle and gain big yards. You have watched this movie before. Get used to it.


So Obama is responsible for the rich getting richer? Wasn't that Bush's sole purpose for being in office? Surely, you jest.

The poor and unemployed need to take responsibility for their lives and stop blaming others. I grew up poor (no connections, no wealthy relatives, etc.) and I did very well for myself and my family by working my way through college, investing my money wisely and not getting involved in activities deleterious to my overall well-being. NO EXCUSES!!

joe schmoe,
you know what, you're right. taking pouncey at #15 was a reach. taking daniel thomas was also a bad pick. he's a slow back just like everyone else has been saying. i don't know what they were thinking and to think they wasted 3 picks to get a guy who runs that slow and fumbles the ball. you're right. fire the whole lot of them and start from scratch. i don't mind waiting another 5 years before the team turns it around again.

Posted by: dm1dolphan | May 03, 2011 at 12:48 PM

1stly, Sarcasm is not your strong suit.

2ndly, I agree with you. Fire the whole lot of them & start anew with competent people who can do the job. I've been a proponent of that since the season eneded.

3rdly, I didn't say Thomas was a bad pick. I said he isn't what they promised us. Maybe you like being swindled or lied to LOL

Cane, if Belly really can take our players and beat us, then it simply speaks volumes about our own upper staff, coaches etc. A old quote from Bum Phillips about Shula: "He can take his'n and beat your'n, then he could take your'n and beat his'n." Sounds familiar. I'm not a Sparano hater or lover, but if there was a coach draft, he'd be falling on my board. Honestly, I think (right or wrong) if they don't make the playoffs this year, then all these draft picks are going to be a new HC and GM's bunch of unwanted guys, and we start all over again. Future seems so tense.


Posted by: dm1dolphan | May 03, 2011 at 12:48 PM

your sarcasm suggets that you believe the current regime will turn it around sooner? i mean... how can they not with that new OC that rocketed Cleveland's offense last year all the way to last place, right?

anyway... if it's inevitable, which it is... why wait to do it?

You are all ignornant douches.


Posted by: Posted by: ALoco

Post of the day

Considering he was taken 32nd, which would be considered a first round pick he's a bust.

Posted by: Joe Schmoe

He's not a bust until he shows that he just can't play at the NFL level. I personally haven't seen that to be the case. Come to thing of it, weren't there articles written about his playing well in games but not getting on the field much because he's just not a "practice player" and that type of player not meshing well with Parcells/Sparano who both believe that you practice the way play? So let's not pretend that it was beyond the trifecta to sit/punish a player that was better than the guy who actually got on the field on a given Sunday. I don't know if Merling is a bust or not, but I certainly don't think that the verdict is in just yet.

well, since all you guys think that this team is going nowhere fast why are you bothering hanging around. why don't you just hang it up now and start rooting for new england or pittsburgh. maybe even the saints or atlanta.
cleveland has had one of the worst teams going for years and you're going to hang the fact that they had a last place offense on dabol. what about mangini? yeah, he's a real gem at head coach.
anyway, why don't we put joe schmoe in as gm and he could hire us a new head coach from all of that elite nfl head coaching talent that is available right now. come on joe, who's the guy you want to turn the franchise around?
finally, daniel thomas runs the same 10 yd split as mark ingram. the 10 yd split indicates a backs ability to make it thru the line quickly and get to the 2nd level. thomas is 15 lbs. heavier than ingram and still runs the 10 yd split in 1.54 seconds with a tight quad. if that isn't sufficient enough for you guys then there isn't anything that ireland, sparano or anyone else in this organization is going to be able to do to satisfy you.
this team had a lot of needs on offense going into this draft and anyone who thought they were going to get everything needed to turn this team around in one draft is kidding themselves. that person is joe schmoe.

I think the FO did a good job, lets wait and see what this players can do


it amuses me that people who think that a 230lb back running a 4.6 is slow. stand in front of a 230 lb back running 4.6 and let him hit you and see how slow it is.
actually, my point is that a back that runs a 4.6 is one tenth of a second slower than a back that runs a 4.5 and three tenths of a second slower than a back that runs a 4.3. if a back were to work on their calves and thighs in the weight room and work with a speed trainer do you think he could shave three tenths of a second off his forty time. you're splitting hairs. 40 times are overrated. look at the 10 yd split to see the backs initial burst.

Sorry, I have to say it, since this is one of top 10 pet peeves.

To all you people on the left, Congrats on your boy killing Bin Laden. That is an incredible accomplishment and it made me feel better being a NYer most my life. Now, you NEED to sop blaming bush for the economy there is little basis for that. Resessions come in waves can not do anything to stop them and recovery's The same. the truth is your boy at best really hurt the economy by printing way to much money and killing our dollar. The mess that you speak of was brought on by your own bad decisions not Bush.

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The point being this right left crap is stupid. Both sides have resons why this guy is dead, both have cointributed to the financial trouble. (Personally Pelosi screwed up the sub prime morgage situation by rejecting Bush's corrective bill for the banking system, she did it 3 times)

Anyway... Neither of you can take vcredit for it all, so get over it. Back to football... :)

I'm glad to see someone impersonating me @ 1:01. Stealing one's identity is the highest form of flattery. Keep it up sissy LOL


Most of the people complaining didn't think the the Phins would get everything they needed in this draft. They just thought they'd get more. Drafting a G/C at 15 appears to be a reach. Pi$$ing away three picks on a slow, fumble-prone RB doesn't seem to advance our cause much either.

Saying that Thomas ran the same 10-yd split that Ingram did is just a sneaky way to say that Thomas is just as good as Ingram. FAIL. Thomas isn't as good a blocker or runner and certainly doesn't have Ingram's vision. There is no comparison between the two other than the fact that were drafted in the same year. I won't even harp on the fact that Thomas will turn 24 this year since RBs generally don't have long careers anyway.

In short, we paid too much for Pouncey and Thomas. That's all.

think of it this way. a guy who runs the 10 yd split in 1.5 seconds runs 10 yds in a second and a half. that is phenomenal when you think about it. now, think about this. in 3 seconds the back should be a twenty yards so in 6 seconds he should be at forty. but he's not. he's actually faster getting to 40 yards.
lastly, how many backs in this league do you know who consistently run 40 yards when they carry the ball? zero maybe?

"it amuses me that people who think that a 230lb back running a 4.6 is slow. stand in front of a 230 lb back running 4.6 and let him hit you and see how slow it is."

Posted by: dm1dolphan,

Unfortunately, we're not the ones who he'll be hitting. Nice try though.

From what I saw in the video clips Thomas doesn't absorb contact well, lacks balance and generally goes down on the first hit. Not good for a "big" back.

in 2010 daniel thomas had long runs of 44, 45, 23, 31, 34, 36, 52 and 51 yds. but, he's a slow runner. i don't care who you are playing against that says something. you can talk that he played against a lesser level of competition than ingram but then that says his o-line wasn't as good at blocking as ingram's either.

Curtis Enis had long runs in college. Ron Dayne had long runs in college. Sammie Smith had long runs in collge? How'd it work out for them in the pros?

It's been fun. Gotta go.

Curtis Enis had long runs in college. Ron Dayne had long runs in college. Sammie Smith had long runs in collge? How'd it work out for them in the pros?

Posted by: GetAGrip | May 03, 2011 at 01:32 PM

LOL No where did I see the 60, 70 & 80 yd TOUCHDOWN runs that guys like Denagelo Williams, Reggie Bush & others have had. 4.55 or whatever number is NOT fast for a RB. No faster than Williams & Brown. Which consequently, wasn't fast enough which caused us to want to upgrade te RB position in the 1st place.

The simple fact remains, based on what his numbers are as we know them, he is not the breakaway threat we were promised in the draft. We can only hope this FO has a BIG bullseye on D. Williams back.

u guys who want a new fo+hc, give us your mock fo and hc now, and wherever they go we can see how well they do

remember this was a 1-15 team with draft disasters bigger than the gulf oil spill going back years in a row

ok we're at a standstill in terms of results and we by no means have a stellar team, but if a team improves year on year relative to the other 32(+ esp other 3 in their div) they will get to the second level eventually and then stay there

u guys dream that gruden and cowher etc will come in a sweep us off to a sb, maybe they would but maybe they would take 5-6 years to do it and u guys will be the first to kick them out the door when they go 7-9 in their third year

if sparano and the fo don't get close to the p-o's this year (9/10 wins+) its time for them to go, imo it's not time for them to go yet

3 years 1 trip to the playoffs, a young roster, an improving team, yeah hits and misses

a hc in his first job, ie still learning

we've had mega changes for years and look what it led to

other 31

Think everyone needs to forget about the draft slot once practice starts. If Incognito can handle the center position with his strength then Pouncey needs to be LG. I don't care where he was drafted, his strength seems to be pulling from the LG position. Richie just couldn't handle that.

The Thomas pick was so damn transparent. This regime gets so infatuated with the wildcat that they had to trade up to get another wildcat rb. Sure he will be better at it than the gross P White pick but putting all our money on Thomas carrying the load because he can throw the ball is not a smart way to draft. As far as his breakaway speed, that doesnt bother me because people say the same thing about Ingram. 5-10yd gains are just fine from your primary RB. Was hoping they would have went with Kendall Hunter to pair with him but since they traded up for t reach for the wildcat guy they couldnt get Gates and Hunter.

The Thomas pick will determine this draft. Scary but he is still learning the position and hopefully can be successful.

Love the Wilson gamble. He might even take over for Yeremiah in a couple of years.

if bellichick moved franchises and started winning with a run first team, that could quick strike with the passing game when needed everyone would be saying that the passing game was old fashioned football and that bellichik was a genius

it only takes winning to make a scheme fashionable

besides if you're the only team doing it , other teams won't be used to playing it

sparano just needs to come up with a better name for his type of offense than "i guess its just in my nature"

i might suggest the Wolf in Sheeps Clothing Offense or the MIAMI WISCO born in 2011 spearheaded by a great o-line, henne, rb's r brown d tomas a d sproles, marshall,gates,bess and hartline, clay

but that would be a bit narcissistic

so maybe it should be the RUN&GUN offense

ps i know jack sh*t about football, but do have an opinion and am bloody hungry!















The wolf, your post made some sense up until this:

"3 years 1 trip to the playoffs, a young roster, an improving team, yeah hits and misses"

A. The playoffs happened year 1. We have regressed 2 years IN A ROW since then WITH SUPPOSEDLY BETTER talent. Explanation?

Also, can we get over that flop of a playoff appearance? No Brady, Penny fell in our laps & the softest schedule in the NFL. With better talent & a tougher schedule we have been worse.

That's what you need to focus on!

B. The flubs in FA & the draft are well documented & a yearly ritual.

C. The Defense needed to be rebuilt after 2 years. Now, after year 3, the offense. The ST has needed upgrading since the beginning. Haven't gotten around to it yet.

D. The Oline has been mangled every single year, 4 years in a row. We can never get it right.

So my question to you is this:

Should we continue reshaping the players & coaching staff every 1-2 years or should we finally start holding the people responsible for putting this team together accountable?

We can turn the roster, the coaches, the playbooks, etc..all we want. Until you take care of the ROOT problem, this team will not advance. Don't take my word for it. Look at the last 2 years.

With Ireland & Sparano, this team is stuck in quick sand.



Joe, I understand your argument, but to answer your question in my opinion from the wolf. Our schedule juast happened to be cake the year we made the playoffs. I mean the planets aligned. the Jets and bills sucked, and the Pats lost brady that year. then I think we played the The two worst divisions in the AFC and NFC. I remember that year well, we did lose to most of the teams that were head and shoulders better, then in the playoffs we looked inept. Since then our schedule has been pretty brutal. Just my opinion. I don't think we talent wise got worse, last years o-line injuries were a disaster. But I do think our compition got incredibly better the last 2 years.

Oh, I do think our coaching got incredibly worse however... that is a side note... :)

Never mind the players, lets grade the coaches, they have been here long enough to give a grade.



Poizen, no, our talent base didn't get worse, you're right. It got better. But that's exactly my point! With better talent after 3 years & against stiffer competition, we are NOT progressing. Do you expect us to have a cake walk schedule every year? That's the only way this team will make it back to the playoffs.

That's what everyone needs to focus on. It's not the players fault. It's the people responsible for putting this team together.

I do not see any other team rebuilding an Oline every single season. Do you? I do not see a team need to rebuild 2/3 of their team in back to back seasons. Do you? I mean, how much more incompetence do they need to show people before they wake up?

How anyone can possibly defend this FO is funny to me. It's like you owe them a favor because we aren't 1-15 anymore. BIG DEAL!

As far as competing, against whom really? We competed against & lost to the worst teams in the NFL over the last 4-5 years.

GB was decimated when we played them. The Pitt & 2nd Jets game are the only games vs. legit teams we were even close. Competing is great but it has to result in wins. Not losses against the worst teams.

And I'm pretty sure that until Ireland & Sparano are gone, it won't.

henne cannot complete deep passes or touch passes.

he is the problem

Everybody needs to take a chill pill and RELAX. Sparano and Ireland are both out at the end of the year. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to see Ross eat the Sparano's contract and can him before Thanksgiving. This season won't be pretty, boys!


poizen has it to some extent, imo

firstly we had a qb who could execute the plays better than henne but he is not our future we had an oc who loved the way penne excuted and tried to turn henne into penne but w/o a running game and with henning having less brain function than me

i do think our team has improved since 08 on paper (which means nothing i know)in most departments except ol,qb,rb and te and COACHING (and footwear) which is what we've been blabbing about, but any hc/fo knew that they prioritised d last season and the ol/qb and rb and oc were way worse than expected

we have yet to see how well they've addressed these issues and whether the coach can coach or even if he can coach, if u follow me?

There is that ridiculous comment, that random one, that somehow Henne can not complete a deep pass. Purly stupid comment. Guess he did not watch the green bay game or the Pitt game last year. THOSE ARE THE COMMENTS THAT GET ME!!!!!!!! :) OK I am better now,. :)

I don't understand how anyone can defend mel kiper as a real football guru that can pick BFL talent.
All kiper has is his OPINION. Every can have opinions but only certain people get paid by an NFL team to actaully pick their players and kiper is not one of them.

I don't care what sport you're in it takes a front office 10 years to get things in place for success. Ten years!!!

Why can't y'all show some patience? And nobody's even mentioned the fact that Ireland & Sparano are finaly free to pick who they want and hire whichever coaches they want. Parcells owned up the the Pat White pick. Who's to say he wasn't repsponsible for the other bad decisions made in the last three years? Huh? Who's to say? Give Sparano & Ireland a chance for Pete's sake!!!

I actually like our draft. Pouncey looks like he will improve the Oline considerably...Edmond Gates will provide a great deal of speed which is exactly what this Offense has been missing for way too long...and fingers crossed,Clay will be a productive TE.

However,i'm alittle bit surprised that Daniel Thomas is'nt getting alot of love from some of you. To be honest,he may not be the speedster we all wanted but i see him as a Steven Jackson type....big,strong,powerful and highly productive.

BUT,this Offense will only be productive IF Henne improves (if he starts). It's nice that we've added more weapons for him to use but that doesn't guarantee Henne becomes a good/great QB.

IF Henne becomes alot better,we go to the playoffs....if he doesn't improve,we'll be winning no more than 6 games,no matter the talent around him.

You guys forget in 07 the oline was one of the absolute worst in all football. Jake Long as a 1st overall pick in 08 was prove enough. Dont belive it see: "Passing On Matt Ryan.

The new regime used best available sources on hand to quickly rebuild oline see: Smiley/Grove. Even though injury prone, that's the desperation that existed.

Hey, if Smiley/Groves works out, then oline done. Was a huge gamble with just as huge reward. Just couldnt get lucky enough injury histories take turn for better. Hence 2010 still working on line.

Bottomline, after 1-15, 85% of team needs rebuilding. Geesh guys you got a 11-5 2008 afc east championship out out of these huge gambles that just didnt pan out. We're still a work "IN PROGRESS". If all of this draft's offensive additions pan out I expect no less than legit wildcard team. It also means Henne has panned out in 2011 too.

Okay..just some observations....
1)The wildcat offense is doomed..all good D's stop it..
2)Parcells told the FO last pre-season that Chad Henne was not the answer, to sign a FA..they refused to listen..Big Bill took his bucks and walked
3)Tony S will continue to micro-manage what is in place instead of looking for players that will upgrade the team..beginning with a QB
4)The owner, Ross is not a football man, he is a business man who wants his acquisition in the spotlight..another mediocre performance means Tony S is history
5)Mike Nolan's defense gave the team a chance to win all but maybe 3 games..Defense is not the problem, holding opponents to 18 points or less the majority of games
6)The lack of scoring is the problem...the QB is at the center of that..before the RB or the WR or TE gets a chance to shine, the football has to get to them..it matters immensely who throws it/hands it off/makes the believable play fake/ and the right decisions.
.....meanwhile the fans are asked to patiently wait for a miraculous transition from Henne...WRONG!!..ticket sales will slump..the record will mirror last year..and the Tony Sparano/Chad Henne experiment will be history.
Do we have a Coach Gruden in our future? Time will tell.


my point was that imo 3 years from 1-15 is not enough time unless the team is awful (ok depends on what u think is awful)

whoever comes in next could be worse no matter how big the name or do a runner after 2 seasons coz thay can't be a*sed any more

sparano's ideals were antiquated, he fist- pumps field/failed goals (its gonna be interesting to see if he still does that) and
he is uninspiring in the media, he has no obvious charisma, however at least for the first 2 seasons his players exceoting big mouth portre loved him, most still do (apparently) and if theres any probs there now its prob ross's fault for undermining him

i think he knows he needs the RUN&GUN offense tweak to his nature, he's learning

he's my dad, i was spawned in the detritus of his head and i know he's gonna feed me bigtime soon!!!

10 years? HOLY S*&! Did it take Belly 10 years in NE? Peyton in NO? Coughlin in NY? Billick in Baltimore? Mccarthy in GB?

Coaches usually have 3-4 years to show they can turn it around. It does NOT take 10 years to build a winner!

How does anyone know that Parcells felt that Henne was not the answer? I haven't read that anywhere!!! Henne was Parcells' guy through and through and now Parcells has run out like a thief in the night!!!


Hope you dont get your Gruden wish. We'll be on a 3 yrs 5-11 musical qb carousel. Then Grude will be fired.

I get it with the so-called expert "nutjobs". You cant automactically assume Pouncey will be as good or better than his twin brother Marquice. However, if they both share the exact same dna blueprint is not farfetched to think he couldnt.

What the "nutjobs" fail to consider is not only are they brothers, but they also share the exact same genome map.

How does anyone know that Parcells felt that Henne was not the answer? I haven't read that anywhere!!! Henne was Parcells' guy through and through and now Parcells has run out like a thief in the night!!!

Posted by: seminolesam | May 03, 2011 at 02:36 PM

There was allot of chatter before last season that Parcells lost faith in Henne & that was a major influence on why he finally left. Left the ship before it sank. Nothing substantiated but rumors were swirling.

Wait a minute, Joe!!!

Belly, Peyton, Coughlin and Billick already had front offices in place and at least a semblance of a team. They didn't inherit a 1-15 team. Conversely, the Dolphins FO was in complete shambles, picks had been flying out the door for bad trades and there was no talent on roster. Hell, talent was so scarce that Cam drafted Ted Ginn AND HIS FAMILY!!! Give Sparano & Ireland at least another 7-8 years to get things straightened out, why don't ya!!!


I;m going to laugh at all of you poser fans when these rookies come in and change up the whole feel of our offense... I thought it was a brilliant draft. All besides Frank Kearse... I have no idea who that guy is... even our last pick is impressive ST immediately... I think they should have taken John Graves or Chris Neild for NT or DE Brandon Bair or Ugo Chinasa OSU with that 7th but hopefully Kearse sticks and is good for the team.

yeah and thats what a lot of big names tend to do if it aint happening

bellichik ahdn't done it big elsewhere

last post re joe @2.43

Even though Edmund Gates played division 2 and dominated on that level. What I like most from his highlights reels is the fact that the kid played with "SWAGGER". You cant teach swagger.

Had Gates played for a major Division school the kid may have been easily been a top 10 2011 pick. We may have a very HUGE steal in this kid and owe it all to him playing at the division 2 level. This kid has "HUGE SWAGGER."

Sorry seminolesam....it was clearly reported...in several periodicals, that Parcells was not happy with Henne's progress.
Yes, Parcell's drafted him, but the Tuna was always the first to admit that the draft is at best a crap shoot. However , his success everywhere he has been is to recognize his failed picks, cut his losses and move forward.He and the FO had a difference of opinion on this point. Because in the past, eg with the Jets, he had been hamstrung by ownership, he made certain that subsequentyly he had final say on all personel. He did that when he came to Miami. Wayne Huisenga agreed; the contract was guaranteed to prevent any conflict with future owners. When Parcells' advise was disregarded, rather than be caught in struggle of divergant philosophies, he excercised his option, and walked. Paid in full. And it was over the decision to stick with Henne, against his advise and insight. You can take that to the bank. It's fact.

What the "nutjobs" fail to consider is not only are they brothers, but they also share the exact same genome map.

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I'm all for Sparano & Ireland more than anybody on this board, but you're taking things too far. Twins? Yes. Same drive, personality, determination, football IQ? Not necessarily. Otherwise, both would have turned pro last year. They're different people.

BeBe and Dotty are coming over today and we're goping to have ice cream and cake! I'm going to wear my pretty sun dress!

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