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My grade of Dolphins draft: Why do you care?

Let's begin with the fact that no one -- not me, not you, not Mel Kiper nor Mel Gibson for that matter -- can give you an absolutely fair and accurate grading of the Dolphins draft.

I haven't seen these guys on the field. So I have no idea if Charles Clay is the next coming of Chris Cooley or Dallas Clark. I have no idea if Mike Pouncey is as good or better than Maurkice Pouncey. I don't know whether Edmond Gates will play like Mike Wallace of the Pittsburgh Steelers or Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes.

So why does everyone want a grade for the draft?

Why did I get 127 151 e-mails since Friday asking me to grade the draft, some of those before the draft was even over?

Post-draft grades from the media are bogus. They are ignorant. They are an exercise in futility. They are a waste of your time.

Alright, are you ready for my grade?

Here we go:

The case: The Dolphins addressed the long-standing need for a center in Pouncey. They came into draft with only two running backs on the roster and no second round pick and got running back Daniel Thomas in the second round. They needed speed badly that might both improve Miami's ability to get behind the secondary and maybe put a charge in the special teams returns game. The Dolphins want to run a double-tight look a lot with one of those an H-Back type. The team had Paul Soliai locked up as its starting nose tackle and needed some help behind him. And, in the bottom of the musts-needs-wants totem pole, the club wanted a playmaker in the secondary.

The results: The Dolphins got the highest-rated interior lineman on their board in the first round and expect him to start at center. They landed Thomas while other teams were in the middle of a run (pardon the pun) on running backs. They yielded a third-round (valuable), fifth-round (valuable) and seventh-round pick (not so much) to get into the second round. Edmond Gates is now the man they Dolphins expects will "knock the top" off defenses. He is now charged with being deep open to give the QB a chance at a big play. Oh, and he's got a shot at helping on teams in the return game. Charles Clay was versatile and valuable at Tulsa as a fullback and pass-catcher. He's supposed to be good in space. We'll see if that space is located 10-15-20 yards down field. Frank Kearse comes as Miami's project mountain-sized nose tackle. And Jimmy Wilson is the gamble with the final pick that could add an athletic, hard-hitting, angry, sometimes too angry hitter that might upgrade special teams and knock some balls loose.

The projections: Mike Pouncey will start at center. If he doesn't, something went terribly wrong. I don't believe anything will go wrong here. He's solid, smart, and tough. He's a competitor and winner. I predicted this pick and agree with it. Daniel Thomas is another pick I predicted so how the heck am I going to rip it? He'll bring speed to the position that Ronnie Brown seemed to lose in recent years. He'll offer some second-level elusiveness the Dolphins haven't seen in a long time and one would not expect from a 230 pound running back. Gates is the X-factor. If he makes it, this draft makes it! If he's a bigtime playmaker, the Dolphins will score points, improve the passing game and help keep people honest on the running game, and, oh yeah, there's also the possibility I might see a punt-return or kickoff-return TD before I retire. Kearse smells like a practice squad guy to me. Wilson needs to be on his absolute best behavior -- that's the way it is for someone who's been tried for murder. I don't care that he got off, he is by all accounts not an angel. He needs to watch himself and not sully the name of the franchise. Dolphins do that in other ways already, they don't need to add more of that stuff. Clay? Please, please, please makes some plays in space against overmatched LBs and safeties.

The misses: No quarterback. The Dolphins didn't pick either Ryan Mallett nor Andy Dalton in the first round, they passed on Mallett in the second round, and could not trade up to Mallett in the third although I have reported they tried. Bottom line? Mallett would have been a reach early and everyone agreed. I think he just wasn't right for the Dolphins because he needs to go to a situation where he sits for a good, long time and learns to be a professional. He wouldn't have gotten that in Miami. He would have been thrust into a starter competition and because Chad Henne is not a star, Mallett might have won. And then he would have been overmatched with the things it takes for a guy to succeed as an NFL QB -- not just the on-field stuff, but off the field as well. He might become a fine player eventually in New England. I think he would have failed in the wrong situation and Miami was the wrong situation. I wonder why the Dolphins didn't go with Pat Devlin late? Twelve QBs were taken and Devlin was not. Will be interesting to see if Dolphins chase him as an undrafted free agent when that's allowed. finally, it hurts me the Dolphins didn't land Taiwan Jones. Loved him. Loved his 4.3 speed. Thought he had that innate ability to keep defenders from hitting him on flush every time. The great ones have that ability. Yes, Taiwan Jones had fumble issues. Guess what? So did Daniel Thomas.

The spin: The Dolphins didn't have a second-round pick when the draft began because they yielded it and one last year for Brandon Marshall. GM Jeff Ireland talked about Marshall being among Miami's first three picks. No. Second round picks won't make some $18 million the next few years. Second round picks don't come to the team with a reputation for not meshing with the starting quarterback. Second round picks don't usually come with a long domestic violence history and a newly sewn abdomen from a knife wound inflicted by a wife. Second round picks also don't come with the experience Marshall has and the almost certain guarantee that he'll give you 85 catches for 1,000 yards. It's a two way street. But adding him to the draft is spin.

The bottom line: I like the job Ireland did. Really do. He made the best of a tough situation because he came into the draft without a second-round pick while not drafting particularly high. The way to get great is not by drafting where mediocre teams draft. It's hard to find a big-time star there. I didn't love that Ireland had to give up that fifth-rounder while the Patriots were adding picks for next year. (Told him as much, too). But I understand he didn't have much of choice. He needed a running back. Maybe Pouncey is better than his brother. Maybe Thomas is Adrian Peterson. Maybe Clay is Dallas Clark. Maybe Gates is Mike Wallace. If that's the case, this draft will be an awesome haul. I don't see all of that happening. More likely these generally safe, solid, logical picks will add a couple of solid starters, maybe one playmaker, and some guys whose names we won't remember three years from now.

The grade: C++. It is better than average. It is way better than average. But good? Can't be when you didn't draft in the third and fifth rounds. Can't be when you couldn't find a QB. Can't be when I haven't seen any of these players on the field. (By the way, I give the Pats a C+. They had a chance to go for the kill shot on the AFC East and didn't do it.  They continue to put off for next year what they could do now, apparently not realizing Tom Brady continues to age and when he's done, they're done -- Ryan Mallett notwithstanding.)



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note....I spelled divergent and advice incorrectly...the rest is spot on!!!!

Sorry, Buster!!!

It was NEVER reported that Parcells didn't think Henne was the answer. NEVER. Provide a link and I'll shut up about this, but I don't think you can. I'm on fire!!!

I really cant say a whole lot for Thomas and Clay because I dont know a whole lot about either. However, 2 things about each immmediately pop out.

1. Both seem to be very solid picks if not spectacular picks.

2. The wildcat may successfully respond and be be totally revived by this new anibolic steroid injection. Only time will tell. None of have crystal balls.

Wait a minute, Joe!!!

Belly, Peyton, Coughlin and Billick already had front offices in place and at least a semblance of a team. They didn't inherit a 1-15 team. Conversely, the Dolphins FO was in complete shambles, picks had been flying out the door for bad trades and there was no talent on roster. Hell, talent was so scarce that Cam drafted Ted Ginn AND HIS FAMILY!!! Give Sparano & Ireland at least another 7-8 years to get things straightened out, why don't ya!!!


Posted by: seminolesam | May 03, 2011 at 02:44 PM

Seriously? That's as misguided as it is ignorant. No offense. Coaches come in & turn things upside down. They install new Offense, defense, playbooks, coaching staffs, players....EVERYTHING GETS CHANGED.


Also, why bring in a new coach if you're gonna conduct business as usual which led you to hire a new coach to begin with? YOU WOULDN'T!

If you're ok with 10 years of ineptitude & futility, then you won't be disappointed with the next few years if Sparano & Ireland somehow survive. If Ross let's this go on for 6-7 more years, there will be no more fans left.

Thankfully, if anything, Ross will not be as patient or forgiving. Sparano has until mid season. If Sparano goes, Ireland will join him at seasons end.



ok just a couple of things to throw out there; first those quoting Kiper and saying Ingram would have been a better rb pick over Daniel Thomas I say well of course he would have but Ingram was a 1st round grade rb and we got Thomas at the end of the 2nd (almost the 3rd) so the comparison is just.

Second Kiper is just saying he had Pouncey rated 28th, but he is a sports analyst and last year he had Jimmy Clausen rated higher than Sam Bradford and the 4th best player in last years draft (google him for yourself) so to quote this guy doesn't give you any credibility.

So saying that i really don't think Ireland and Sparano think Pouncey was as good as his brother, but he fit a need, and having to make a decision between him or Ingram while also considering the players potentially available with their next pick they chose right. What olineman was theier who would have started day 1 when we picked Thomas?

No insult intended, Joe, but you're about as dumb as a bag of hammers if you think that constantly shuffling coaches and front office philosophies is going to change things for the Dolphins. Since Shula retired, this organization has been all over the place and enough is enough!!! And how nice of you to totally discount S & I's first year when they took the team to the playoffs with a noodle-armed QB and CFL/XFL/WFL rejects!!! You're all heart!!!

I'll be interested to see what Free Agency brings us. You know we are going to be very active.

The Front Office jobs are on the line.

If they don't produce a solid team with wins at home by thanksgiving expect to see interim coach Mike Nolan running the team for the rest of the year.

meant to say the comparison isn't just

Joe Shmoe,

Dont know where you guys get the Sparano will be fired by midseason crap from. Even if only 1-7 at the time it aint happpening. 0-8 possibly.

The absolute worst start I'll even anticpate is 3-5. That aint getting no one fired midseason. But if things dont improve by in 2nd half of season then its "highly likely" there will be "end of season" coaching change.


Everybody lauds Atlanta for being so-called 'geniuses' for drafting Matt Ryan. We handed him to them. What's so brilliant about that. The other part nobody mentions is that they handed over not one but TWO second round picks in order to draft a passable LT in Sam Baker. So it's easy to criticize our FO for not drafting Ryan but what could would it have been to draft Ryan if he never had time to throw and our LT was a revolving door. You are correct, the OL this regime inherited was a joke. All people to harp about is the fact that they have supposdely tinkered with it continuously over the last four years. The alternative is to sit on their hands like Buffalo has done the last few years rather than at least attempted to improve it with FA signings of Groves and Smiley and the drafting of Pouncey and Jerry. It's easy to criticize the Smiley and Groves signing now but there was competition for their services and obviously there was no way to know they wouldn't turn out.

No insult intended, Joe, but you're about as dumb as a bag of hammers if you think that constantly shuffling coaches and front office philosophies is going to change things for the Dolphins.

Posted by: seminolesam | May 03, 2011 at 02:58 PM

LOLOL And no offense to you, but, you're dumber than a 2x4 if you think that you can keep the same coach & constantly change personnel, playbooks & philisophy & win!

10 years? That's hilarity at it's best!

HOW IS IT ANY DIFFERENT having a coach who changes everything every 2 years vs. hiring new coaches??

FYI...IT ISN'T!!!!!!!!! You just ain't hiring anybody new! Seriously, trying to make sense of your lunacy is like trying to clap w/1 hand.

Joe Shmoe,

That's exactly why the fo didnt draft a rookie qb(NE did get wind we were trying for Mallet 3rd and snatched him to prevent us from getting him).

Overall that's the reason we're going the vet route for a qb. If we open 4-4 or less and its "predominantly" on Henne. The vet qb most likely leads us the rest of the season. Maybe even rallying us to the playoffs.


Its just that its a lot easier for "doubting thomas" fans to conveniently forget about about the 2008 afc east championship on the heels of the Smiley/Grove signings.

Yes, there was great risk, but the reward was going from 1-15 "chumps" to 11-5 afc east "champs".

We cant buy american products becasue there is nothing made in america, + what is the goal for these wars we are in???????? To get the bad guy. I read someones response to the killing of BL, TRILLIONS OF DOLLERS AND OUR TROPHY IS SOME WRINKLY OLD GUY. YEAH theres a just cause for war. WAKE UP AND SEE WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THIS COUNTRY AND QUIT MAKING EXCUSES TO JUSTIFY A WORTHLESS COST. IMPEACH EVERY SOB IN OFFICE AND GET PEOPLE IN THERE THAT CAN RUN THIS COUNTRY. PERIOD!!!!

It's interesting how a guy like Bellichik was canned in Cleveland because his teams stunk and yet he's considered a 'genius' and a future Hall of Famer now that he's in New England. I guess he must have TOTALLY changed his whole coaching philosophy versus what he did in Cleveland.

Interesting too that they were ready to fry Lovie Smith in Chicago this time last year and yet he was still able to lead them to the playoffs and first in their division this year. He must have got smart overnight...

The point being...firing the coaching staff and everyone else with them isn't always the answer.

Because Belichik did have a "slew" of picks he could afford to prevent us from getting Mallet.

I dont think Belichik just so badly wanted Mallet. But he saw the great "potential" so picking him was an attempt to block playing against him in case the kid really does become "great".

Kind of like us snatching up "Pat White" on the winds of hearing Belichik potentially was after him.

Hopefully."NOW" Mallet will be for Belichik what Pat White was for us. If so, on the "winds" of hearing we were after "Mallet" Belichik just "blew a 3rd rd pick."

"How Ironic Would That Be"! LOL.......

Joe, Joe, Joe (smh)

Your approach hasn't worked, fella. You keep changing batteries in a feeble-minded attempt to make your car faster (bless your heart) and seem genuinely startled when you notice that it doesn't affect your engine's performance.

Ten years TOTAL is what it is going to take for our beloved Dolphins to get where they need to be. Longer if Sparano & Ireland are fired. You'll see.

Joe Shmoe,

That's exactly why the fo didnt draft a rookie qb(NE did get wind we were trying for Mallet 3rd and snatched him to prevent us from getting him).

Overall that's the reason we're going the vet route for a qb. If we open 4-4 or less and its "predominantly" on Henne. The vet qb most likely leads us the rest of the season. Maybe even rallying us to the playoffs.

Posted by: DyingBreed | May 03, 2011 at 03:06 PM

Db, here's is why it was silly not to take Mallett in the 2nd. Are you ready for this? WE WERE GONNA GET A VET IN FA ANYWAY!

We could have had Mallett, a young talented guy, a vet AND HENNE AND THIGPEN! Had we taken Mallet or not, we were gonna end up with a Vet. We could have gotten a vet in FA. There are better prospects of RB's than QB's there. That's just a fact!

I'm over missing on Mallet. But if I have to endure 6-7 more years of this mismanagement that semionlesam advocates, Miami will have no fans left & will relocate.



People will defend D. Thomas until they see him run wide on the NFL level and not be able to get to the line of scrimmage. If he ever has to change direction or make a move he gears all the way down. He won't turn the corner in the NFL so get used to him running iso's....traps and dives. He is big but doesn't break many tackles. So...what does he really do well.

Steven Jackson ran a faster 40 and is actually a very powerful runner. Thomas is neither strong nor fast. No comparison.

Joe Shmoe,

We havent seen Mallet play an nfl down yet. For all we know some of the experts maybe right that he's the 2nd coming of Ryan Leaf.

If it turns out this way, as a very loyal dolfan, Im sure you too will be very happy we didnt pull that trigger.

I was on the Mallet bandwagon as much as anyone. But now Im rooting for the guy to be complete bust as any other "loyal" dolphan. As "loyal dolfans" this is where all of our focuses should now be.

Bummer, I am looking for a "feel good" report on D thomas.

Lovie Smith? LOL Lovie earned the benefit of the doubt because he took his team to a Superbowl!

Bellicheck lost his job in Cleveland by failing to accomplish anything.

Like Gerry Glanville said the NFL = Not For Long.

According to some, this does not apply in Miami!



We would have been far better trading up for Leshoure or Williams. I'm not sold on Thomas either. I actually think DeMarco Murray will be a better back. I think the brash actually thought either Leshoure or Williams would drop further and in a panic found that they had to trade up to get Thomas. I was fine with the trade up but not in love with the pick. If they can couple him with D. Williams then things will be better.


todays blog almost smells like food

miami wisco or run&gun?

But if I have to endure 6-7 more years of this mismanagement that semionlesam advocates, Miami will have no fans left & will relocate.

Posted by: Joe Schmoe

Ross learned a lot from his Harbaugh flirtation. I suspect that S&I will be here for at least another 6-7 years if they can catch a few breaks.


I believe you maybe
way premature" in your ascertations we wont pick up a speedback. Derrick Locke and Noel Devine both are available as ufa's. There are 3-4 of them in fa and we still have Corey Sheets.

Everyone agrees Thomas isnt a speedback and wasnt draftedb as a speedback. So its "way to early" to base your 2011 Dolphin backfield on that.

craig m

i'd have gone demarco murray too but i'll take thomas depending on who he's paired with

DB, are you reading? I'm over the Mallet mishap. Who said I'm not hopeful or on board? I'm a fan, of course I am.

But, do you even see the point? LOL Do you not realize we could have had Mallett & Henne & Thigpen and a vet? Mallett wouldn't play & we'd still have last years starter & a vet. How is that any different than what we'll have after FA? No difference except we don't have a talented young QB.

Instead of D. Thomas, we would have to pluck 2 FA RB's instead of 1. Considering I see you as pretty astute, I'm shocked you're not grasping it.

Not a bad draft. The only thing that I see here is Mallet being a thorn in the Fins side for years to come after Tom Brady retires. It will happen. They are that smart. On top of that he will learn from one of the best in history. If he went to any other team I would have been happy but to go to the enemy? That just plain sucks!!

DeMarco Murray is pretty unlkikely to be a day one starter for any nfl team unless he miraculousy becomes a very good blitz pickup rb. One of Murray's greatest colegiate weaknessse was in pass protection.

Murray wouldnt even get on the playing field for this regime. So he would have been a totally wasted pick for us.

Guys, If Mallett was a cant miss pick the whole NFL would not have passed on him twice... Seriously.

I mean all the mid round guys who are successful were not predicted to be a 1st pick and drop to the 3rd...

Dr. Pepper was not invented by a real doctor!! It is a MADE UP NAME!!!

Joe Shmoe,

I absolutely feel your pain buddy. But in the Thomas case, spending 3 picks on him definitely says he figures "prominently" in Sparano's 2011 plans. Ex qb, See: Wildcat on 'Roids".

Looking at the rb side of the draft suggests to me the plan is to add a "speedback" in fa, ufa, and Sheets. We may have plans to let all three compete for the "speedback position".

Still remember Ted Ginn was used on "end arounds". We also have the option of using Gates "blazing speed" in the exact same manner.

The fo is well aware of the "need for speed" at the rb position. But it doesnt mean you have to draft it as your primary rb.

You still need that grinder when time to eat the clock. If your grinder successfully does his job wearing down the defense. It makes the speedback even more dangerous.


Guys, If Mallett was a cant miss pick the whole NFL would not have passed on him twice... Seriously.

Posted by: Poizen | May 03, 2011 at 03:38 PM

99.9% of players drafted aren't considered can't miss. And please tell me you're not one of the people who don't think he had first round talent. I don't think you'll find 1 knowledgable NFL exec who doesn't think his talent was 1st round level.

The only reason the kid slipped is because of character concerns. But please don't tell me Miami was wise to pass on him cause others did for 2 rounds as well. That's insanity.

Other teams passed on Brady, Brees & Montana. How smart did they look? NOT VERY!

IMO, I think some of us are using so much energy looking for reasons to doubt, that we dont see the pieces of the puzzle that's unfolding right before.

Dynamic pieces have been added on offense with potentially more to come. The 2011 offseason puzzle is still far from complete.

I don't even want my tailback to block.

I want dynamic. I want everybody out in routes.

Teach the backs and receivers to make the hot reads and kill the blitz in the flat or with the quick slants.

I want Henne running and gunning like a River Boat Gambler.

A running back wont see the field because he can't block? That's pacifist football. We got 5 offensive lineman for blocking.

If the defense sends more than 5, then they can only have 5 in coverage. It's a numbers game. If we have 5 guys out in routes, at the worst, the defense is forced to play man. At best, there's a missed assignment and somebody comes completely free.

Henning never got this and it's why the game passed him by. I hope Daboll gets it. Tailbacks aren't supposed to be blockers, they're supposed to be weapons.

Reporter (:innocently:) - "So Coach, which one is it going to be - Daunte Culpepper or Drew Brees?"

Nick Satan (:angrily:)- "Let's see, smart aleck - Culpepper loves football so much that he hasn't seen his doctor in weeks and he's been working out in the parking lot near a laundromat with some guy who claims he'll be a trainer to the stars someday. Compare that to Drew who doesn't make a move without his doctor's consent and has been playing it safe and working out with a certified trainer under very controlled conditions. We know what we're doing around here! Which guy do you THINK we'll go with (:jabbing the reporter in the chest with his index finger, forehead vein about to burst:)?"

Reporter(:confused, hurt:) - "I perfectly understand."

Days later at a press conference...

Nick Satan (:smugly:) - "I'm proud to announce the signing of our QB for the next 10 years, Daunte Culpepper!"

ONLY 127 e-mails armando???? thats not very much, u must be losing it with all the free time you have in this wonderful lockout edition of greediness???*LOL*

Joe Shmoe,

As I stated earlier, I was one of the biggest proponents of Mallet becoming a Dolphin. Now Im one of the biggest proponents in hoping Mallet becomes a bust. Especially since he's a patriot.

Please dont tell us youre rooting for Mallet to become a All pro juats to have the rights to tell us all "I TOLD YOU SO." Please tell us this isnt so!


You dont even want your tailbacks to block? DC's would absolutely love playing against your offense.

It means everytime time you were going to pass you would have to pull him to the sidelines. Duh..... every DC in the league would know its a pass play coming up becuase you pulled the "NON BLOCKING" tailback to the sidelines.

......And thought thought what Henning was doing as OC was predictable! LOL..........



It wasn't just the character concerns with Mallett, it was also his (lack of) intelligence.

He may mature, whether or not he has the brains to thrive is another question. There's no teaching that part, unfortunately.

As a Little Rock resident and Razorback fan I wish him well. I've probably also been exposed to him more than most, though, and the concerns are totally valid. This is not a smart guy, I'm sorry to say. That's an issue aside from mere "immaturity."

Okay Seminolesam, and everyone else who doubt, here it is:
Bill Parcells reportedly "disappointed" in Chad Henne
Posted by NBC Sports on September 10, 2010, 7:31 PM EDT
A training camp that started sunny in Miami has given way to an increasing number of dark clouds over the Dolphins franchise. Add this comment from NFL.com’s Vic Carucci to the mix:
“I will say, for whatever weight this carries, that Bill Parcells is very disappointed in [Chad Henne],” Carucci said on WEEI on Friday. “But that’s not what made Bill resign his position or anything.”
Unfortunately, the show’s hosts cut Carucci off with jokes before the listeners could learn more, but the point was made. Carucci is tight with Parcells, and you can be sure those concerns extend throughout the upper brass of the organization
and here is the link:http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2010/09/10/bills-parcells-reportedly-disappointed-in-chad-henne/
And this, from our host Armando's column back then:
But despite signs Henne is getting better and has a chance to be elite, there are detractors. There are stories with unnamed or no sources in the media about Bill Parcells not being happy with Henne's progress. There are heated sideline and huddle exchanges between Henne and star receiver Brandon Marshall that have some questioning Henne's leadership

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/10/04/1855943/dolphins-chad-henne-enters-second.html#ixzz1LJvOscRU
And then this:
Bill Parcells told The Miami Herald he has no regrets about stepping away from the Miami Dolphins last October, and is happy about with his current role outside of the NFL, partly as a 2011 draft analyst for ESPN.
He did, however, share regrets about some of the draft picks he helped the team make in his three years (2008-2010) in the front office.
With one of his 2008 picks, Chad Henne, not working out at quarterback for Jeff Ireland, Tony Sparano and the current regime, Parcells mostly wishes he could take back his draft decisions regarding that position.

Read more: http://www.philly.com/philly/sports/eagles/eaglespreview/Aol_sportingnews_20110412_Bill_Parcells___Maybe__Dolphins_should_have_drafted_Matt_Ryan.html#ixzz1LJwduiGV
Watch sports videos you won't find anywhere else
And finally from an article in Real Sports:
'Meanwhile, Wayne Huizenga sold the team to Stephen Ross, who seemed more intent on attaching celebrities to the Dolphins than winning.
Parcells reportedly was not happy with Ross, and he had a buyout clause in his contract he could exercise at any time'
And later in the same article:
'Also, remember Parcells passed on Matt Ryan in favor of Jake Long, and selected Chad Henne later in that same draft. Henne, of course, has been a major disappointment'
And the link: http://www.realclearsports.com/blognetwork/dolphins_watch/2011/03/parcells-failed-in-miami.html
Okay Sam and the doubters...there it is..don't shut up..just retrieve the implication that i made it up. Thank you.

Has anyone read Mendenhall's comments? What a dope.

Adam, Dan Marino had character concerns, drug use concerns & people questioned his intelligence. Just saying.


Plus there wasnt an "Adrian Peterson" available(speed, power, elusiveness). If there was an "A-Pete" type guy available we wouldnt even see Mr. Pouncey here right now.

151 E-MAILS???



WOW! You went to great lengths to post what we all already know.

Again, when a kid, did your parents kick you out of the house just because they were disappointed in you?

We will get a vet fa qb as a "CONTIGENCY HENNE PLAN." A rookie qb does ZILCH for us this season. Give the the fo some credit for even trying to trade into the 3rd for Mallet.


Db, he was asked to provide proof of a comment he made earlier. Read & react, don't just react.

thats alot of pasting and copying buster.....for something over a year old,
thx anyways?!!!

No one passed on Brady, He was not predicted to go until the 5th round due to how he graded out. Brees a different story, but the whole league did not pass on hi twice, same with Montana.

I am not saying Mallet will not be good, But I find it a hard sell for anyone here to claime we wre stupid not to pick him. A lot of teams did not pick him and as you said he was a 1st round talent. there have not been successful QB's that were predicted as a top 15 pick that drop all the way to the third round and become superstarts.

Normally they guys drafted later are drafted where they are supposed to and develop beyong anyoness expectations. that was what I was saying.

I think there is more to Mallett than just character issues... someone would have chanced in the 2nd round if that was all it was.

All of our problems started with marshall trade. If he hadn't traded marshall we would have had dez bryant, probably koa misi, and probably ryan mallet. Because we wouldn't have traded down last year and we'd still would have had our second rounder to pickup mallet.
It's all marshalls fault.

BTW my last post was suppose to be a joke :)


What are you talking about?

Why would I pull my tailback on a passing down?

Your defense sends and extra rusher and you're doubling Marshall or Gates deep, my Tailbacks catching a big gainer in the flat with nobody home on defense.

Dynamics Baby!

By the way, if you were a DC, I'd like to play you twice a year-LOL!

Buster: I don't want to bash your work, you put a lot of work in to get those. but very little of that was actual quotes from Parcells. He did say disappointed, which I do not feel is a big deal. but most of the rest that you have there is a writers interpretation of what Parcells meant by his comment. Very little were quotes. Mando does this all the time with the interviews he has. All writers do it.

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