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My grade of Dolphins draft: Why do you care?

Let's begin with the fact that no one -- not me, not you, not Mel Kiper nor Mel Gibson for that matter -- can give you an absolutely fair and accurate grading of the Dolphins draft.

I haven't seen these guys on the field. So I have no idea if Charles Clay is the next coming of Chris Cooley or Dallas Clark. I have no idea if Mike Pouncey is as good or better than Maurkice Pouncey. I don't know whether Edmond Gates will play like Mike Wallace of the Pittsburgh Steelers or Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes.

So why does everyone want a grade for the draft?

Why did I get 127 151 e-mails since Friday asking me to grade the draft, some of those before the draft was even over?

Post-draft grades from the media are bogus. They are ignorant. They are an exercise in futility. They are a waste of your time.

Alright, are you ready for my grade?

Here we go:

The case: The Dolphins addressed the long-standing need for a center in Pouncey. They came into draft with only two running backs on the roster and no second round pick and got running back Daniel Thomas in the second round. They needed speed badly that might both improve Miami's ability to get behind the secondary and maybe put a charge in the special teams returns game. The Dolphins want to run a double-tight look a lot with one of those an H-Back type. The team had Paul Soliai locked up as its starting nose tackle and needed some help behind him. And, in the bottom of the musts-needs-wants totem pole, the club wanted a playmaker in the secondary.

The results: The Dolphins got the highest-rated interior lineman on their board in the first round and expect him to start at center. They landed Thomas while other teams were in the middle of a run (pardon the pun) on running backs. They yielded a third-round (valuable), fifth-round (valuable) and seventh-round pick (not so much) to get into the second round. Edmond Gates is now the man they Dolphins expects will "knock the top" off defenses. He is now charged with being deep open to give the QB a chance at a big play. Oh, and he's got a shot at helping on teams in the return game. Charles Clay was versatile and valuable at Tulsa as a fullback and pass-catcher. He's supposed to be good in space. We'll see if that space is located 10-15-20 yards down field. Frank Kearse comes as Miami's project mountain-sized nose tackle. And Jimmy Wilson is the gamble with the final pick that could add an athletic, hard-hitting, angry, sometimes too angry hitter that might upgrade special teams and knock some balls loose.

The projections: Mike Pouncey will start at center. If he doesn't, something went terribly wrong. I don't believe anything will go wrong here. He's solid, smart, and tough. He's a competitor and winner. I predicted this pick and agree with it. Daniel Thomas is another pick I predicted so how the heck am I going to rip it? He'll bring speed to the position that Ronnie Brown seemed to lose in recent years. He'll offer some second-level elusiveness the Dolphins haven't seen in a long time and one would not expect from a 230 pound running back. Gates is the X-factor. If he makes it, this draft makes it! If he's a bigtime playmaker, the Dolphins will score points, improve the passing game and help keep people honest on the running game, and, oh yeah, there's also the possibility I might see a punt-return or kickoff-return TD before I retire. Kearse smells like a practice squad guy to me. Wilson needs to be on his absolute best behavior -- that's the way it is for someone who's been tried for murder. I don't care that he got off, he is by all accounts not an angel. He needs to watch himself and not sully the name of the franchise. Dolphins do that in other ways already, they don't need to add more of that stuff. Clay? Please, please, please makes some plays in space against overmatched LBs and safeties.

The misses: No quarterback. The Dolphins didn't pick either Ryan Mallett nor Andy Dalton in the first round, they passed on Mallett in the second round, and could not trade up to Mallett in the third although I have reported they tried. Bottom line? Mallett would have been a reach early and everyone agreed. I think he just wasn't right for the Dolphins because he needs to go to a situation where he sits for a good, long time and learns to be a professional. He wouldn't have gotten that in Miami. He would have been thrust into a starter competition and because Chad Henne is not a star, Mallett might have won. And then he would have been overmatched with the things it takes for a guy to succeed as an NFL QB -- not just the on-field stuff, but off the field as well. He might become a fine player eventually in New England. I think he would have failed in the wrong situation and Miami was the wrong situation. I wonder why the Dolphins didn't go with Pat Devlin late? Twelve QBs were taken and Devlin was not. Will be interesting to see if Dolphins chase him as an undrafted free agent when that's allowed. finally, it hurts me the Dolphins didn't land Taiwan Jones. Loved him. Loved his 4.3 speed. Thought he had that innate ability to keep defenders from hitting him on flush every time. The great ones have that ability. Yes, Taiwan Jones had fumble issues. Guess what? So did Daniel Thomas.

The spin: The Dolphins didn't have a second-round pick when the draft began because they yielded it and one last year for Brandon Marshall. GM Jeff Ireland talked about Marshall being among Miami's first three picks. No. Second round picks won't make some $18 million the next few years. Second round picks don't come to the team with a reputation for not meshing with the starting quarterback. Second round picks don't usually come with a long domestic violence history and a newly sewn abdomen from a knife wound inflicted by a wife. Second round picks also don't come with the experience Marshall has and the almost certain guarantee that he'll give you 85 catches for 1,000 yards. It's a two way street. But adding him to the draft is spin.

The bottom line: I like the job Ireland did. Really do. He made the best of a tough situation because he came into the draft without a second-round pick while not drafting particularly high. The way to get great is not by drafting where mediocre teams draft. It's hard to find a big-time star there. I didn't love that Ireland had to give up that fifth-rounder while the Patriots were adding picks for next year. (Told him as much, too). But I understand he didn't have much of choice. He needed a running back. Maybe Pouncey is better than his brother. Maybe Thomas is Adrian Peterson. Maybe Clay is Dallas Clark. Maybe Gates is Mike Wallace. If that's the case, this draft will be an awesome haul. I don't see all of that happening. More likely these generally safe, solid, logical picks will add a couple of solid starters, maybe one playmaker, and some guys whose names we won't remember three years from now.

The grade: C++. It is better than average. It is way better than average. But good? Can't be when you didn't draft in the third and fifth rounds. Can't be when you couldn't find a QB. Can't be when I haven't seen any of these players on the field. (By the way, I give the Pats a C+. They had a chance to go for the kill shot on the AFC East and didn't do it.  They continue to put off for next year what they could do now, apparently not realizing Tom Brady continues to age and when he's done, they're done -- Ryan Mallett notwithstanding.)



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To the people still swinging on Mallets nads.

How is it that Mallet couldn't succeed here because of this and that, so on and so forth, ad nauseum.

Yet Henne is the biggest problem we have on this team?

Let me see if I'm getting this right. The excuses you guys make for Mallet aren't good enough for Henne?

Interesting, VERY interesting!!!!

It tickles hell out of me when a guy here is told his statement id a dumbass statement he takes it as its name calling against him personally.

There's a HUGE difference between if a person tells im making a dumbass statement and personally calling me a "dumbass." But I guess "very sensitive" posters are willing to make that HUGE reach that someone's personally calling them dumbass. LOL...

Just reported on espn the Dolphins have at least "30 players" currently working out together. Go Dolphins!

Joe Schmoe@10:21 good analysis. I cannot for the life of me, understand the tunnel vision of some fans. Fans that are halfway knowledgeable about the game.

LOL, Now I'm hald knowledgeable, you know nothing about me cocoa, so you may want to BACK OFF a lot.

It is not tunnel vision if someone does not agree with you, if it a different opinion on the cause and effect. Stay on your high horse... you definitly belong there...

Posted by: Poizen | May 03, 2011 at 11:11 AM

Hey poizen, I did not address you. I don't want to know anything about you. I don't communicate with cheerleaders and people who know nothing about the NFL and football in general. And I will never back off from expressing my opinions. You would be well advised not to fight with me, you don't have enough skill

BTW, this blog is for the hardcore. You might find the SS more to your liking...lots of cheerleaders there.


"The Negative Waves" video was the bomb! Sounds exactly like this blog. LOL............


Your skills are GOOD Grasshopper.

But mine are SUPERIOR!

Hiiiiiiiiiiigh YAH!

it's my little gift to the people who hang out here.

The Phins are stuck in mediocrity. Constant 10-15th pick. Hard to be the best when you can't draft #1 - 5 for 3 years in a row.

They used this years pick on a starter. Second rounder for a sure starter.

They used the first pick to solidify a pourous line. Not bad.

They got a running back with speed and power. Good.


So what are you trying to say DB?

You calling me a dumbass?

You insensitive Galute, you've insulted my over-sensitive sensetivities.

Now read that last sentence over 4 times really FAST! Ha!!!!

(you did too-don't lie. You read it over twice and then gave up on the third time, I know, Un Huh, I know!)

Tiki Barber, wants to play football this year.


LOL Odin, my zen training was not completed due to my opinions about my master.

Just sayin, my training was completed. 18yrs to be exact. Please men keep it Dolphin football. I love reading your stuff.


Not much going on here.

I think I'll take the old 30 30 and a bottle of Jack down to the local junk yard.

See if I can't find a foreign car to shoot the shyt out of. Lever action, John Wayne style!

I shoot American cars too, but the foreign ones are much more satisfying.

Funny thing is........you guys will probably think I'm joking.


On a serious note, I love living up here in the Great White North(white as in snow, don't get any ideas. Our winter season lasts forever).

Anyways, I was out sighting in and practicing with a rifle and a shotgun. There's a spot just off the road and I fire into a hill as a backstop.

The ONE Sheriff around for miles and miles drives up. He slows down with his window open, smiles from ear to ear, waves and just creeps on by.

Big difference from growing up in Chicago and Detroit. Don't think I'll ever get used to it, but I love it just the same!

Now, to go shoot the shyt out of some foreign cars. Not much daylight left!

Good night,


Odin, u got a 30-30 Winchester? I got one in 44 magnum to match my model 29 S

Odin...LOL @ the freakin snow. In the last 3 weeks we got 38 inches. Will this winter ever end?

This may not be a popular idea, but I'll give it shot. What are the odds Jacksinville trades David Garrard? Before you fine folks get up in arms and call me a crazy man. Garrard would be a stabilizing asset to a position that needs that fix. Is he a franchise guy? No. But it looks like our best option will be a stop gap, or Henne. Garrard has 25 million left on his 6 year contract that he signed in 2008. I haven't looked at comparisons to other QB's but if he became available. Garrard would be a suitable replacement, and an upgrade at the position. The question is. Will Jacksonville put him on the market?

Odin, S

Hey Darryl!

The only way the Dolphins improve this year is to go all in for a veteran QB that can last through the next two to three years so we can find a franchise QB in the draft and not have to throw him to the wolves to cover for check-down Henne. Palmer works, Leinart works, Orton works, maybe Flynn and possibly Carr. But with the importance that this regime attaches to quarterbacks (none) we'll probably get Tavaris Jackson or Vince Young, neither of whom will improve this team. We have to find a QB that can get the ball off quick--Palmer, Carr--throw an accurate long ball -- Leinart, Palmer -- be able to know when to throw and when not to -- Palmer, Orton -- and get some respect in the lockerroom -- Palmer, Orton. Henne will never win with this franchise, even with a solid O line and good running game. And we have no one else. I smell a 6-10 year and a new GM and HC next year, probably mid year.

What up Redsky?? Hangin' in Bozeman getting my car fixed... Caught a few rainbows on the Yellowstone outside of Livingston today..

Odin, was looking at a Sig Sauer P580 compact at a gun show Saturday. Always wanted a Sig but was a little leary of the 'DAK' system. Like single action though and don't know much about DAK. Sweet piece and good price...you know much about SIGs?

Darryl, can't believe your still getting snow! Crap! Almost 90 in SoFla .

Blog disappeared, test!

Cocoa, Sig is a fine gun!

I think Sparano has a big hand in this draft. He is done with players having talent but not the will or mental fortitude to win, including R&R and Henne. Henne will not be the starter when the season starts and new running backs will prevail. The Ricky and Ronnie show is a bust and Henne is not clutch. Sparano knows this and is trying to bring in people who are hungry and talented...not just talented. Sparano is a passionate competitor and the Dolphins are not. We all know and he knows and every other team in the top half of the division knows that the Dolphins roll over when the stakes are high. He is working to change this more than anything.

DB....stop making dumbass statements......

Redsky, I'm a believer that a handgun should 'feel' right. Had Glock and I hated it. Too boxey. That Sig was one sweet piece, fit like a glove. Done research but still confused about DAK. It's supposed to be a safety thing in case of misfire where you can pull trigger a second time. Never had no prob with misfires with quality handguns and second nature would be to rack it to clear.

Joe Schmoe......

The tide has completly turned in this blog.....and now to be realist means you are un-American......un Dolphin-like... if you will.....

I believe people want to feel good and believe that the draft has fixed 95% of our problems and that the last 5% will be fixed in a shortened FA period.....

I want to believe it.....

What is there to do now but wait and see......

I think ammunition is too damn expensive these days.

I just racked off over a hundred dollars worth and all I got was an old Ford Pick up and a Saab!

Why are we giving billions in free aide to Pakistan when its blatantly obvious their own military insiders were assisting in protecting Bin Laden? What a joke of a joke this country has become.

Everybody, just keep your heads in the toilet bowl, don't read, don't keep yourselves informed. Just keep voting for the enemies that make up 90% of congress.

All the fans, the rookies, the GMs and coaches just got a big football fix.

Now everybody is just sitting back twiddle their thumbs.

I can feel a fever coming on. My arms feel weak and my body feels tired.

All the classic symptoms are there. I think I'm going into some serious withdrawal sickness!

Get this lockout lifted and get these spoiled rotten millionaires back to work!

Craig....don't fall for it.....OUR MILITARY WAS THERE TOO!!!!!

Pakistan will be the next target.....don't fall for it!!!!!

What are you saying kris? Our military hid BL?


Im sorry, but didnt you get the memo?

If I stopped making "dumbass" statements I wouldnt have anything else left to say! LOL..........

i'm asking the question.....we have had free rein of this country since 2001.....

Now the press is getting the people ALL HYPED UP against pakistan......

As the American Military hasn't been there for 10 years....

whats wrong with our on the ground intelligence.....

think about it man.....

lol DB.....just joking with you man....about your overly sensitive post...lol

Something stinks Craig...and its not bin laden's body....

Before we can even claim victory....we are laying the pre-text to topple another regime....

I thought the Yemeni's would be next.

I do believe they've got themselves into quite a quandry.

I can't even think about foreign policy right now.

These A-Holes need to either do away with NAFTA or implement a prevailing wage for all of the countries participating.

Just give the American worker a fair, level playing field and I'll be happy with that for now!

Who the hells making money when we're blowing up the Middle East? Not your everyday average hard working American, I can tell you that right now buddy!

If this countries so called Leadership continues on business as usual, the greatest threats of terrorism will cease to be foreign.

It'll be home grown and well deserved.

How long will the American citizen keep putting up with the leadership only serving the needs of big business and the military/industrial giant?

Free reign doesn't mean you necessarily know whats going on in every house on ever corner in the whole country. As well it took many months of sophisticaed surveilance to figure it out. This was a neighborhood chock full of military and government intelligence workers. Hard to believe the Paki government were 100% clueless. We are giving billions in aide to an obvious enemy instead of investing that to improve our own country. Sick. Anyone claiming to be democrat or republican is clueless, those labels are just charades to appeal to different population sectors. In the end neither of them do whats best for the citizens.

Odin...your right...NAFTA must GO.....our president ran on that policy....but then again they all did.....soon NAFTA may become the North American Union.....

Craig....i'm 97% in agreeance with you....I just want you to take a little bit harder look through that microscope and tell me what you see after you re-focus.....

We have the best intelligenc/best military in the world.....Pakistan is dirty....no doubt.....it takes 2 to tango.....

odinsey, who makes money you ask? Of course not the American worker. Who really cares about them? Outsourcing has boosted the profits of large corporations immensely. The financial crises only accelerated more outsourcing. The stock market is booming because big business is booming. Who cares about the American worker? Not your elected officials who among many other things give tax breaks to companies that outsource. Is that criminal or what? Your own elected officals promote companies to send their jobs overseas.

The thing is kris, if we did no about this all along, I can't come up with any logical reason for waiting to kill him. Surely Bush wanted that trophy before leaving office. Obama could have simply waited to shortly before elections and get a ride out of it. I can't see how anyone benefited by waiting until now if they already knew where he was.

Craig M....the thing is....once bussh got re-elected he had nothing to gain form anything Osama related.....from his own mouth...."i don't care about Bin Laden....I don't even think about him"......(bush).....

Obama was/is in trouble.....Birth Certificate comming under scrutiny......people asking for his Collge records.....All time low poll numbers for a 1st term president in year 2......

We have seen this before......

Clinton gets caught with his pants down (literally)...he fires a missile in to china....country distracted.....problem buried.....

Well I don't doubt stuff like that goes on, but in this case, seems a little far fetched to think they had him pegged for some time and were just waiting around for an advantageous political ploy to do the raid. Maybe there will be an Oliver Stone movie on it one day.

The problems began with some important lessons learned at the close of WWII.

When John Foster Dulles was Secretary of State and his brother Allen Dulles became head of the CIA, the treasonous subversion began in earnest.

These douchebags, together with their big oil family cohorts(Bush, Prescotts, Rockefellers and Murchisons)high jacked this country and took it away from the American people.

The half a million American lives lost in Viet Nam was all about Heroin profits funding black ops(over throwing foreign Govts.)and Rubber plants propelling the wheels of their war machine.

JFK was in the way of this and RFK would have been too. Nixon's sleazy a s s was just fine until he tried to end the war. They couldn't afford more bullets on another sitting President. So, some CIA operatives "bungled" a burglury and the WaterGate crisis worked perfectly.

George Bush actually made a deal with the Iranians not to release the hostages until after the 1980 election. He went behind the back of a sitting President and made a deal with an enemy of the state to secure favorable election returns. Treason any way you slice it.

The election in which he became Vice President. If you think it was coincidence that Pres. Reagan was shot shortly thereafter, I got a bridge for sale. Bush almost became President a lot sooner.

These guys will stop at nothing. Too much money at stake. Screw the American citizen. Screw the Democratic process. Any of you remember what happened when another Bush was running for President? Any of you Florida residents ever hear anything like this(wink, wink). What was it that Gov. Jeb said.............

Take that conspiracy theory and shove it up yo a z z!!!!

Its cool Craig...I like your thinking on congress....and we are in 1000% agreement in that.....

but let me ask you this...if you had kids....and they were scared of the BOOGEY MAN...who slept under their bed every night.......

So one day you capture and kill the boogey man.....do you tell your kids you killed the boogey and threw the boogey man's body in the ocean....

Or would you show your kids that the no longer have to be scared by letting them get a good look at the body....,

which would you do.....

For the security and morale of your people.....not to mention the billions of dollars and loss of life (American and forein).......would you show them that you caught the boogey man......

The Heat is on!!

What kills me is all this 'its a free country' propaganda. Just what he hell is free? Freedom of speech? Not if it goes against the advertisers of the media outlet. Bill Maher had a show 'Politically Incorrect', which later got canceled because he said something politically incorrect. Go figure. Freedom of religion? Wow, big deal. When I was a kid growing up hearing we were a free country, I had images of russians and chineses working the fields in balls and chains and being whipped before bed. Thats just what they wanted us to think.

Odin......that was great.....I mean that....even a 10 year old can understand that....well written!!!

Craig M....good points....its brain washing.....i've been to Iraq.....and as soon as I crossed the border I had kids (12-16) trying to sell me weed and alchol....

They don't walk around there all day facing Mecca and praising Allah......

But thats what were told......

Just like us....they have some that go over board with religion....but most I met are in the middle.....

no subject may be to taboo...but don't write the word p0rn....or your post will be deleted

Depends how scary the dead boogey man looked, wouldn't want my kid to have nightmares forever. To come out and globally claim they killed him if they hadn't would only make them look like the biggest fools on earth and for sure Obama would be impeached. Risk/Reward ratio just not in their favor. By giving him the proper islam burial, they were just being respectful of that religion and try to keep the rebellion down to a minimum. You can be sure I believe very little too easily, but one day the photos will surface and I'm betting we won't see anymore obama videos reffering to anything that happened after May 2. But will we be sending billions more in aide to the Pakis?

slippled there, meant to say osama videos. Now if a news broadcaster made that slip he'd be fired. Its a free country..uh huh.

No Craig...no more Osama videos.....i think we can guarntee that.....

and you slipped typing.....lol

Liriano just complete no hitter for Twins against White Sox! LOL..........



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