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Marc Bulger perhaps more attractive than you think

Marc Bulger.

I advise you to think Marc Bulger.

Why, you ask in an inquisitive voice, should I think of Marc Bulger on the Memorial Day weekend? Well, as I shared with you in a previous post, the NFL Network's Jason LaCanfora was reporting the Broncos are more likely than not to keep Kyle Orton when the season eventually gets underway. That seemingly eliminates one semi-attractive veteran quarterback option.

Yet another post this week had Bengals owner Mike Brown swearing Carson Palmer won't be traded, thus putting a dead end sign on that possible veteran QB avenue.

The possibilities are dwindling, folks.

So today when LaCanfora did his weekly segment on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, I had to ask, what legitimate most likely options that leaves the Dolphins? We both agreed not Kevin Kolb of Philadelphia. We both agreed not likely Donovan McNabb.

We both agreed Marc Bulger is a possibility.

Disclaimer: The last time I saw Bulger play was 2008 in St. Louis and he looked tentative, worn, and frankly, a little afraid to stand in the pocket. I thought he was done. LaCanfora acknowledged that Bulger was not good in his latter Rams days. But he told me something I didn't know about Bulger's most recent stint as a backup with Baltimore in 2010.

"I have some pretty good sources on the Ravens," he said. "When I talked to people there they were very impressed with Bulger. They told me when he's on the field and running the offense, the ball often doesn't hit the ground ... They believe he's going to be a very good quarterback in 2011. They would love to keep him in Baltimore as the backup but they think someone will sign him to compete to start or be a bridge quarterback and a pretty good one at that."

Bulger makes sense for Miami because he does have plenty of experience. He has had time to recover from the beating he suffered in 2008-2009. He won't require draft choice compensation. He won't be extremely expensive to sign. He is not exclusively a West Coast offense guy like McNabb and others. And the last time someone took a chance on a seemingly washed up former St. Louis QB, it paid off handsomely.

Kurt Warner went from New York Giants has-been to Super Bowl QB in Arizona.

I'm not saying Bulger will reap similar benefits for his next team. I'm not saying he will be the answer to Miami's QB problems for the next five years. The truth of the matter is the Dolphins are not likely to find that guy in free agency or via trade. Those guys don't just show up on your doorstep.

So if that is what you're hoping for, don't bank on it. I've told you, Peyton Manning isn't signing with Miami.

I'm just saying don't dismiss Bulger out of hand as a Miami possibility. He might not turn the franchise around. But he would serve as competition fo Chad Henne. At this point, that may be the only possbility the Dolphins might be left with.



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Ive been saying for months that Bulger should be the guy. Bring him on, well if there is a season..

Please nooooooooooooo....

Not the long term answer.. Tell the Phins not to go cheap on this.... this is a key position and needs addressing.. a temporary solution was Pennigton.. got us the to playoffs and then what? we have to start over again?? no thanks..

"Disclaimer: The last time I saw Bulger play was 2008 in St. Louis and he looked tentative, worn, and frankly, a little afraid to stand in the pocket. I thought he was done."

So now you see Henne in the same light as you seen Bulger?

People just don't get it, they never learn....

Sorry Mando, but a big NO THANKS to Marc Bulger. In the last 3 seasons THAT HE PLAYED, he didn't have a QB rating over 71.4 (lower than Henne). In those last 3 years he's thrown 27 TDs and 34 INTs. He's not the upgrade the Dolphins need at QB.

And saying that options are dwindling isn't true. People are saying a lot of things now, but things will change when the Lockout is over. Mort himself said there's a 70-75% chance that Orton gets traded. He's thrown for 41 TDs and 21 INTs in the last 2 years...He'd be worth SERIOUSLY considering for a 2nd round pick.

Bulger can be an efficient QB on a good team. He can make throws that Pennington cannot. And if he doesnt beat out Henne? So what. You didnt give up anything to get him.

Outside of Orton, Bulger is the best in a field of unattractive options for the Fins.

If you can protect him, I think he's pretty good. If you can't protect him, he's less than mediocre and his slight frame exposes him to durability problems.

I also heard that he has been uncertain whether he even wants to keep playing football.

...We have been discussing this all week. There is no long term answer as far as this group of potential quarterbacks. They are at the most a stop-gap measure. Realisticaly, they are probably a prop for a quarterback competition. Can they give Henne a real run for his position?

Bulger is not my favorite guy. But really we are talking about a guy that will be the back-up not the starter. The best answer at this point is Henne. You don't have to like him, you can think he has no chance. Of the prospective quarterbacks. Henne is the youngest, he still may have some upside, and if he can play well would be the better solution to our quarterback conundrum in the short term.

If Henne cannot play, or proves to be what many think he is. Having a veteran guy like Bulger, or Hasselbeck would be a good option. But don't think either of the two is going to be a long term, or even first choice selection to be our QB.

A great third string QB.. where is the starter?

He "can" make the throws Penny cannot.. doesn't mean he "will".. He hasn't proved he "will" in years... that's why he isn't a starter.

Yes Mando, I dismiss Bulger OUT OF HAND. Why do you always express the half-full (Kurt Warner) sentiment and not the half-empty (Trent Green).

If this were any other team, I'd say Bulger is a possibility (I wouldn't want him, but a possibility). But you and I are MIAMI DOLPHINS fans. We've watched this team for years and years. And what's our success rate with over-the-hill FA QBs? I'll wait.....exactly, God awful, horrible, disastrous even (save one season of Chad Pennington).

No, I'd rather chance it with Henne. Also, why believe what Baltimore says about a QB then KNOW want's to start, therefore will try to prop up to get the most for him? THINK MANDO!!!!

So, this Memorial Day, I'm giving thanks to Chad Henne, the last man standing. Not because I have faith in him, but because he's the ONLY man in the room! Everyone needs to get Henne in their mind, not Bulger, not Kolb (why pay all that for a QB who probably won't fit when we can get one in the Draft next year and get the right fit?), not Donovan, Chad freakin' Henne. It is what it is people, don't love it, wish it were different, but it ain't. Bring in Vince Young as the backup, see if he can compete (but I doubt he can beat out Henne at this point) and be done with it.

Chad Henne.

...Chad Hennes career in the NFL would be relegated to Oakland backup if he could not beat out a guy like Bulger. Bulger is a guy that did not take a snap last year, and from 2007-2009 he was a QB with a rating right around 70, who threw more interceptions then touchdowns.

If the Phins want to bring in Bulger, that is fine. If Henne cannot beat him for the starting job. Next season is going to be a dumpster fire...Let the Andrew Luck Derby begin.

If Bulger doesn't turn this franchise around,whats the point in signing him? We need a QB that will turn this team from a 7 win team into atleast a 10 win team but i have serious doubts Bulger can do that.

Just go with Henne and hope he turns this franchise around...and if he stinks it up,draft a QB in the 1st round of next years draft...

lol DD, Andrew Luck Derby. We can dream, but I really hope we're not that bad. I'd rather have no season than see a repeat of 1-15. There's too much talent on this team though for us to fall that much.

DC...My feeling is that if we want to bring in Bulger. That is fine. But I think it is Hennes job to lose. If Henne can't beat out Bulger we are in big trouble.

Question folks (I know my answer, but want to see what others think):

If Henne wins 8 games this year (8-8), playing relatively similar to 2010 (obviously, slightly better, but only slightly). Are you done with him? Do you get a 1st-round QB? AND a backup and trade/get rid of Henne, or do you keep Henne? OR, for you really wacky people, do you say Henne got better (although slightly) therefore deserves another year as the starter?

Some observations:

1) Armando, you equivocated more in this column than in 5 Andy Cohen columns ... and Andy Cohen is the king of equivocation.

2) Thank God that Israel has a prime minister who will not yield to Barack Obama's foolish, naive, and yes evil, plan to compel Israel to go back to its pre-1967 "Auschwitz" borders. When one considers that all of Barack Hussein Obama's formative influences were radical leftists, one should hardly be surprised at the abominable policy positions he often takes.

3) Dogs are made in the image of man. Man is made in the image of God. Therefore, dogs have a spark of the divine inside them.

Cats are made in the image of Satan. While one can admire a cat's beauty and ingenuity, one must never trust a cat.

4) A co-worker of mine had the following dream a few nights ago. I was sobbing uncontrollably because Barry Manilow had died. I am not a huge Barry Manilow fan (although he knew how to write a good tune), so I'm not sure why her subconscious decided to take that bizarre route.

5) There's a part of me that still hasn't gotten over the fact that twice Miami missed the playoffs in the 1970s (1975 and 1977) while boasting 10-4 records.

6) These are your odds of rolling the following with 2 dice:

2 (1 in 36)
3 (2 in 36) (1 in 18)
4 (3 in 36) (1 in 12)
5 (4 in 36) (1 in 9)
6 (5 in 36)
7 (6 in 36) (1 in 6)
8 (5 in 36)
9 (4 in 36) (1 in 9)
10 (3 in 36) (1 in 12)
11 (2 in 36) (1 in 18)
12 (1 in 36)

7) I was riveted watching last Sunday's "60 Minutes" report on Lance Armstrong's doping history. And then I asked myself - you don't care a fig about cycling, so why are you so interested? I guess the combination of testicular cancer/Sheryl Crow/steroids is just too compelling.

8) Happy Memorial Day. Let us remember all our gallant heroes - men much better than we are - who gave their lives so that we may enjoy the freedoms today which we take for granted.

In the end, the ball may never have touched the ground but Bulger never touched the field. Him being the best competition would be a statement of how awful the FA pool is.

I have been thinking this for a long time as well, I happen to be on board here with Mando 100% I think alot of people forget that the St. Louis Offense required a Q.B. that not only had to have a strong arm but throw accurately into tight windows being it was a tempo scheme were most of the passing was quick 10 to 15 yards throws down field into the middle of the Defense.If you have questions about his accuracy then go see Jay Cutler trying to run that scheme for Martz in Chicago having problems with it because while Cutler may have a rocket arm his accuracy is a question mark to say the least. Martz was just lucky enough that in Warner and Bulger he had to of the more accurate passers of the late 90`s into the last decade.

It is also worth noting that Bulger gets the nod over Warner when Warner was still a viable commodity albeit at the time an expensive often injured player with a re-occuring problem in his throwing hand. I watched the Rams some in those days and remember the wars they had with Holgrem`s Seahawks and Bulger always seemed to get the better of them. It can`t be overstated enough that Bulger also thru years of neglecting the O-Line by Martz was basically a sitting duck in the pocket while dealing at that stage with an often injured and breaking down LT in Orlando Pace.

Armando, again, if Henne needs somebody to "push" Him, then He's NOT an NFL level starter. Name one elite QB in the NFL that's NOT a SELF STARTER. And I don't think Henne is not a self starter, I think the problem is can He expand on what the coaches are teaching Him, instead of this robot that we see on Sundays. What's His IAQ (Intellectual Athletic Quotient) is what I'm saying...

Nathaniel, unfortunately, you must not be a friend to Israel. If you were, you'd understand Pres. Obama is just trying to help his friend EXIST! The truth is the World is on the Palestinians side in this struggle. They are getting quite fed up with Israel's foot-dragging. If you haven't been paying attention (or aren't knowledgeable about him) Bibi Netanyahu is a hard-liner fundamentalist who has NEVER wanted the 2-state solution. That's the joke here. The guy felt the same way 5,10,15 years ago. His master plan would force Palestinians into Jordan, Lebanon and Syria and Israel would take all of the West Bank and Gaza.

Unfortunately, that's not gonna happen. Whatever side you're on, the Truth of the matter is BOTH sides will need to relent, will need to compromise, will get only PART of what they want.

Guess what that means? That means a two-state solution, BASED on the 1967 lines, WITH LAND SWOPS, decided by the two parties (Israel and Palestinians), predicated on a LAND-FOR-PEACE deal. That means if Hamas wants to continue sending rockets into Israel, then no deal. If they want to send suicide bombers into Israel, no deal. If they recognize Israel and say the right things, then DEAL.

After that, if they continue to pester Israel, then Israel goes INTO their country and handles it (just like we would if we were terrorized by Mexico or Canada). But guess what, we HAVE been terrorized by Mexico (ask the people in the border communities of Texas, Arizona and California). Did we go to War, nope. So, Israel will have to accept the possibility that they MIGHT have problems with Palestine once it comes into existence (that's not a reason not to make the deal). However, again, going back to the deal, in order to INITIALLY get their land, the Palestinians will HAVE TO cease military actions against Israel, and recognize the Jewish state.

Now, that's the only way it's gonna get resolved, and the fairest to both parties. Anyone who thinks any differently either doesn't understand the issue or doesn't want a resolution. Pres. Obama understands the issue perfectly. The Israeli population AGREES with him (at least the majority). Netanyahu will go down in history as the guy BEFORE the guy that made the deal and got peace for Israel. That's not a hero to me, but you can have your own opinion.

DC Dolfan, you're equivocating more than Armando in his article. On the one hand, you say that if Hamas continues to terrorize Israel, then no deal. But once a deal is made, and the inevitable terrorist attacks continue, then Israel will just have to learn to live with it.

You present a false analogy by equating terrorist attacks against Israel to Mexican infiltration across the border. As weak and innefectual as our current policy is regarding our southern border, Mexican infiltration does not represent an existential threat to our country. Terrorism (particularly with the potential of weapons of mass destruction) and an Israel 8 miles wide, thereby inviting invasion from land armies, DOES represent a threat to Israel's existence.

The problem with your analysis, and I say this respectfully, because I believe you are a decent person who wants peace and justice for all parties, is that it implies that if only Israel were more forthcoming, we'd finally have a peaceful solution. That is folly. Numerous times Israeli governments have offered the Palestianians very generous terms for a state only to be rebuked, not because the Israelis weren't forthcoming in negotiations, but because the Palestianians and broader Arab world have NEVER reconciled themselves to the existence of a non-Islamic country in that region. The Arab dream is not a two-state solution, but a one state solution - i.e. a radical, Islamist state in all of Israel/Palestine.

I might remind you that it was a government even further to the right of Netanyahu's (Begin's Likud) that gave up the ENTIRE Sinai to Egypt, because they felt that they had a genuine partner (Sadat) who would recognize Israel's right to exist and maintain a safe border.

To conclude, this is an absolute fact. If the Arabs put down there weapons, there will be peace. If the Israelis put down their weapons, they will be destroyed. Such formulations are generally mocked among the "sophisticated", "wordly" set, but if you search your heart, you'll acknowledge it's right.

I dont know if everyone is aware of this but throughout the whole "this is a qb driven league" saga we have yet to hear why that is. Why is it now a QB league where you need a great QB to be competitive as opposed to in the recent past where defense and a solid running game could get you to the SB?

It's very simple and it's a two part answer. First the NFL has turned into a sissy league that only worries about protecting their offensive players while ignoring the health and well being of the defensive players. QBs are barely allowed to be touched while it's perfectly okay to roll a dt's ankle as that is considered "part of the game". Second,this came about because fans are drooling idiots who won't watch games unless there is a lot of scoring. Defensive games are boring to the laymen and ratings dropped during these games.

SO there you go, it's a pansy league who's customers are all a bunch of sissy mary's, just ask James Harrison.

Mando, why aren't the Ravens re-signing him?

IMO, we going to get better production out of Henne (and Marshall), so bulger will probably remain a back up player in Miami.

Bulger would not be at all surprising for this tepid, fearful, visionless organization.

There is one guy who could be an improvement over Henne while not costing your organization it's future by ponying up high draft picks.

But mando hates him so he will go unmentioned and be derided.

This player was a national sensation out of college led his team to a national championship.

He wins games in the NFL. His final 6 games last year yielded a 90 QB rating.

This is a guy who has the talent to straight up beat Henne out for the starter position.

This is a guy who has elite elusiveness, an ever increasing valuable commodity.

This guy was also immature, had some problems that became very public and needs a second chance.

But Vince Young is totally off the table as an option because he is a bad guy.

Yet,the dolphins roster includes numerous players with DUI's, which is a potentially more dangerous and socially destructive act than anything Young has done.

And the Dolphins team includes a guy who will punch his pregnant girlfriend. How many wife/girlfriend beaters are on the team. But that's not big deal. Those guys are cool with this organization.

This organization is too conservative to win games and too visionless to take a chance to upgrade the most important position.

Right now the best long term options to the Dolphins are Andrew Luck, Matt Barkley, and Landry Jones. Unfortunately none of them will be here to save 2011. But if we're really lucky, this team will suck (again) and we will in position to take one of them and finally provide some hope for this long struggling fanbase.

Or we may draft the best OLB on the board. Who knows with this administration?


I have been harping VY on here for a while as well but if they are to fearful as you say to go the route of bringing in the guy with the biggest upside talent wise then in my book Bulger is the best option available, read my post @ 12:42 and you get my take on it. The only thing about VY that gives me pause though is putting him and Marshall on the same team because it could be a boat laod of distractions waiting to happen with two this generations proven headcases.

REALLY?? Marc Bulger? Come on guys... Marc Bulger is WORSE than the majority of the horrible backups/washed up veterans we have been counting on and signing every year since Marino. When is this trend going to change? Is it ever going to change?

Jeff @1:03

I happen to agree 100% with that statement and echo the sentiment!!!!!

excuse me Jeff @1:13 good post!!

some observations...there isnt going to be a season cus the lawyer for the players is a marxist biotch!

Dear Mr. Salguero

May I call you (Mandy) ?

So last night I was having drinks with friends
(at the Copa..Copacabana), when I realized that I was (Ready to take a chance)on a season with Chad Henne as our starting QB once again.

(Could it be Magic)this season, because (I made it through the rain)last season ?

Listen, we as fans are (Try'in to get that feeling again) so if the Dolphins can get through the (Weekend in New England)I think our chance's of playoffs will be good.

I am also glad you are writing articles almost everyday now (Its a miricle) because ( I cant smile without you).

(Even now) as you (write the songs/articles...That makes the young fans cry)I stand behind you 100%.

Anyhoo I gonna spend the rest of the day listening to my extensive Barry Manilo collection.

Your friend

Soiled :)


nathaniel....armageddon takes place in isreal right about where they were fighting with hamas in 07'

the world vs. isreal....rivers of blood evrywhere...god intervenes and throws the forces of evil into the lake of fire and the NFL resumes with godly saints who understand that money is useless greed driven evil based on useless paper...

now you can go back to your regularly scheduled programing that is asking you to buy something you wont need anyways when the sparks start fying.

NO BAMA 2012!


Yep I understand the appeal of a guy like Bulger to this org.

A cursory examination of world champion teams would include a long laundry list of bad character guys.

I admit to concern about having Young in S florida.

The thing is this is a parody league and talent wins games.

Unwillingness to take a chance on a guy is tantamount to failing to do your job.

So Sparano must admit that he is not coach enough to deal with a player like Young?

The organization the locker room is too weak and easily influenced to include Young?

The Eagles were willing to face a firestorm to add a bad character guy. But the Eagles are a totally different class of organization, right?

Better coach, stronger culture, better scheme so we ought not compare to the Eagles.

Why be like the Eagles. They win more games, go to the playoffs, score points. But Mr FG has a better philosophy.

We should pound the ball instead, handcuff the QB, make sure to not bring in players who would ever talk back, settle for mediocrity. Great!

It's a football blog people. There are a million places you can go on the net to discuss Israel or your hatred of President Barack Obama.

Oregon @1:45,

You get no argument out of me there, here is one you haven`t heard out of me before "I agree 100%"

If you're going to have VY and Marshall on the same team, don't worry about it.

Just call pass plays to Marshall 90% of the time and things will work out just fine.

Marshall: Why you run?

Young: You wuddn't open.

Marshall: WHAT!? MAN, I was wide open!

Young: No you wuddn't.

Marshall: You wuddn't looking or you'd know, I WAS OPEN!

Young: Aiiright, I git you dis time!

Marshall: You better cause Imma be open agin!

What's he won?

Gucci Men? Sports Mascots? Broder!

odin @1:57,

You got a Time Machine or something, cause I was totally picturing that in my mind whlie reading, a little Nostradomus in ya ?

Okay... I have a challenge for you guys who have "Nay say'd"... Who have "Ripped Armando" and to those of you who have given every reason you can why Bulger should not be brought in.

Instead of showing us all your prowess at negativity and sarcastic ripping of an idea... Tell us all WHAT MIAIMI SHOULD DO..... Not what they should have done 20 years or 5 years or in the draft ago... What should Miami do RIGHT NOW to address their QB situation?

Now... Keep in mind you are NOT allowed to use Orton because chances of him leaving Denver are so slim that….... Well let’s just say you can't use Orton.

You also cannot Use Carson Palmer... because the owner of the Bungles has nearly sworn out a personal statement that he will NOT allow Palmer to leave.

Remember also... You cannot use our first round pick next year... So there goes Kolb. No way you dolts are going to blow our chance at Drafting a REAL QB using a 1st on another Andy Reid retread named Kolb or Beck or McNabb or whothehellever.

You CAN use McNabb... if your stupid enough to place a West Coast system driven QB like Culpepper or Beck or any of those idiots like him in here... so be my guest... Get ready to be ripped yourselves however.

SO..... There ya go.... “Smart guy's”

What should Miami do?

Let’s see how many of you can THINK as good as you run those pie holes…

No sarcasm, please, no coulda, woulda, shoulda... Just clear and concise reasoning....

Myself, Darryl and some of the people here with some ability to think and not cut the team apart are waiting for your thoughts.....

BTW….. I feel Miami needs to bring a solid veteran in, be it Bulger or someone similar to both help and compete with Henne. I DO NOT feel Miami is looking to replace Henne, and until he is proven to not be able to manage the team with what he has been given and the new coaching. I feel what Miami is looking for is a good backup who MAY JUST have enough in him to beat out Henne, if not no biggie… and hold Miami over until a good draft class of 2012 allows for a guy to be brought in (if necessary) to be our future.

So that is me……


Did Derek just use the word "Prowess"?

Oh man, I love that word!

Sit back and let me ragale you with my intellectual "Prowess"!

I have no idea what that means, but doesn't it sound Kool!



Hey Nathaniel Dodsworth!

You're a bit of a buzzkill and quite a pain in the arse.
(Just sayin')

Sign him, we go 4-12 or worse and then new Coach/GM Cowher will pick Luck with the 1st pick. Makes sense to me.

Smart guy, Huh?

You talkin ta ME?

Seriously Derek, what more can you say?

Even if Henne leads us deep into the playoffs and makes the Pro Bowl this year, I still want next years 1st round pick for a QB.

I don't particularly like the idea of Bulger, but in holding on to ALL of my picks for next year, what other VIABLE options are there?

Due to the lockout, I can't see anyone that's available challenging Henne anyways. So why not?

Throw Bulger in there with Henne, Thiggy and Brandstetter. Fasten your seat belts and get ready to make the BEST of a bad situation.


Worst idea ever. Thank god this Armando idiot isn't calling the shots!! Hey 'Mando...I can make vauge predictions based on my gut feelings too..but be right way more than you. How the hell did you get this job anyway? Interview a Dolphin player for christmas sake..oh wait..you dont have that kind of pull with the team you supposedly cover. WE NEED A NEW SPORTS WRITER IN MIAMI ASAP!!!!!!!

I don't want to get all deep into the intellectual prowess stuff.

At least not until I give a shout out to ALL of our Soldiers everywhere!

Not just today's Soldiers, but all Soldiers that served and especially those that gave their lives in defense of this Great Country!



What can I say, My friend?

Your approach was a No-nonsense, direct and smart attack on ignorance.

Thank you for not sounding like a dolt.

Your intellectual, Prowess is indeed intact when speaking of NOT allowing this coaching staff to touch anything above a 3rd. And it further exemplified in your desire to draft a 1st round QB no matter WHAT happens this year...

My faith in the people of this blog is temporarily justified!


I already offered another option and listed the numerous reasons why he could be a good fit.

And why the tepid Dolphins will not pursue him.

Other than V Young, I am not overly interested in any of the other options.

Henne is better than any other FA QB sans QB's requiring a high draft picks or picks.

Derek4 @2:46,

You can have my answer now without pause for second guessing myself on my 12:42 post. I also would not part with any of our draft picks in the available, "thru trade", Q.B. class being bounced around and especially not for everybodies darling in Kevin Kolb (Glorified AJ Feeley) he had a shot at running the most explosive Offense I`ve had the pleasure of watching in some time and really underwhelmed me.

I don`t know about the rest but I refuse to give Andy Reid anymore cannon fodder for making us the punchline of alot of jokes at his family gatherings. I imagine taking us for a high 2nd round pick for AJ Feeley in 04 must still get over well while garnering some big laughs!!!!

Oregon Dolphins fan...

I have no issue whatsoever with Miami using Vince Young instead of Bulger. Young is not a "system guy"... is not a "One trick pony" and will give our AFC East rivals fits on the grease board particularly with our available talent set at the WR positions.

I also feel our new draft pick "Clay" has a skill set that would gell very well with what Young does..

Only down side... Young’s noodles are just a touch "Overcooked" Where Bulger is still "Al-Dente" between the ears. But... Bulger's landing gear is damaged from time and use.

GREAT examples of what Miami COULD do...!

Thanks for playing along!

I thought Bulger was the best option from day 1. However, I also believe Henne is the future of the franchise from what I have seen. I think Henne will be a tier 1 QB in the NFL.


Being memorial day and all, I'm pumped and in the spirit.

My oldest son is back from Afghanistan permanently(I hope)and my 15 year old just graduated from his first level of JR ROTC!

I have a big party going here tonight, with a big cookout.

Tomorrow were straight up partying old school style with the live band thing and all.

I didn't think it was POSSIBLE for me to be in a better mood. Then I read your kind words-THANKS!

Say a prayer for the troops and drink a lot of something special in their Honor!


I am also in the no high picks for anyone in this FA QB class.

Just silly how badly the Dolphins have been burned by trading high picks for lame QB's.

IMO Bulger would be a better option then Orton. Bulger will not cost a thing and would serve the purpose of a stop gap QB. I mean how many people thought Pennington was going to make a impact on this team in 2008? Like Bulger, everyone thought he was washed up. Not that I am against Orton coming to Miami, but it has to be at the right price because I don't see him as anything more then a stop gap QB as well. Orton has great stats and all but look at his win loss record, look at how inefficient he is on 3rd downs and his failures when it comes down to game winning drives. For those of you who say that Orton did not have support, just look at the year that Mike Nolan was there or his time with the Bears. He had everything he needed and in the end he still choked. Another thing is that Elway has said he is unsure if Tebow is the answer. So if the Broncos are willing to trade Orton even though they are unsure of their QB situation, isn't that saying something about Orton?

And all you Henne bashers, Honestly think about what your saying. you have seen a QB struggle in a failing system in Miami. If any of you feel the system we had in Miami was functional last year you need your head checked.

We have no idea what Henne can and can not do, so to say he IS a #1 QB is undetermined, and to say he ISN'T in undetermined.

So stop making claim here tha HENNE is definitly a career backup and will never be good because the comment is idiotic. There is no way to know, because the system he was in was a complete failure. Not just him, the whole DAMN system.

That is why you bring in competition, not to PUSH Henne, but to believe you have righted the wrongs, and if Henne sucks when you right the wrongs you need a capible player to take his place.

Holy Crap Odin... congrats on your son being home!!! Thank him for us.


As a veteran I am "DELIGHTED" to hear that your son is home. Absolutely DELIGHTED!!!

A word of encouragement and a smidgen of advice from someone who did 1 tour in the 91 Persian Gulf War, a stint in Somalia and 2 13 month rides through Afghanistan... I had a 24-year stent in our Military. And found in my first deployment that all of the training and all of the "Pumping up" cannot do justice to what it is like the first time someone fires a shot with bad intent at you, or you walk/drive around waiting on every little piece of garbage to blow-up because it may be a IED..

Please, sir, Be patient!! DON"T be loud, speak evenly and without drama... and hug the kids 20 times a day reminding him how glad you are he's there. He should arrive in about 3 or 4 months. Right now... you have a Body that can walk and talk (THANK THE MAKER!!!), the rest will come home in a bit, little by little...

God bless, Odin.... And tell your son I said... "Thanks"

The bed is made. We are going in with Henne (because there is nobody else better available with high compensation) and if he's good - then great. If he stinks - we put ourselves in position to at least trade up to grab one of the QBS. If the team wanted to address the QB position this year, they would've traded up to get Gabbert or Ponder or down to get mallett, Kaepernick or Dalton. The ship has sailed - boom or bust with Henne. He surely is better than Bulger.


Yes, we have spoken before about your thought at QB. In the past several day I have done some reading and seen some stuff on Bulger and feel he is NOTHING to scoff at.

As you said Fin4life, Bulger was a VERY accurate and smart QB. He was nearly killed behind an O-line that may have been the worst since the ‘77 Tampa Bay Bucs (if that is possible)...

Yours is an has been a sound set of solutions. Not just "lip flappiations!!!"

I also must agree with POIZEN...

Dismissing Chad Henne before we see him play under anyone other then Dan Henning may be one of the most foolish things Miami would ever do. It is insane to think a coach and the tools you have do not affect your ability to do your job in the NFL. The NFL first and foremost is a "TEAM SPORT" and unless a QB has weapons and a system he fits in, his productivity will suffer. The list of QB's who moved on and did better or did better under different Coaching staffs is significant as are the names on it.

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