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Marc Bulger perhaps more attractive than you think

Marc Bulger.

I advise you to think Marc Bulger.

Why, you ask in an inquisitive voice, should I think of Marc Bulger on the Memorial Day weekend? Well, as I shared with you in a previous post, the NFL Network's Jason LaCanfora was reporting the Broncos are more likely than not to keep Kyle Orton when the season eventually gets underway. That seemingly eliminates one semi-attractive veteran quarterback option.

Yet another post this week had Bengals owner Mike Brown swearing Carson Palmer won't be traded, thus putting a dead end sign on that possible veteran QB avenue.

The possibilities are dwindling, folks.

So today when LaCanfora did his weekly segment on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, I had to ask, what legitimate most likely options that leaves the Dolphins? We both agreed not Kevin Kolb of Philadelphia. We both agreed not likely Donovan McNabb.

We both agreed Marc Bulger is a possibility.

Disclaimer: The last time I saw Bulger play was 2008 in St. Louis and he looked tentative, worn, and frankly, a little afraid to stand in the pocket. I thought he was done. LaCanfora acknowledged that Bulger was not good in his latter Rams days. But he told me something I didn't know about Bulger's most recent stint as a backup with Baltimore in 2010.

"I have some pretty good sources on the Ravens," he said. "When I talked to people there they were very impressed with Bulger. They told me when he's on the field and running the offense, the ball often doesn't hit the ground ... They believe he's going to be a very good quarterback in 2011. They would love to keep him in Baltimore as the backup but they think someone will sign him to compete to start or be a bridge quarterback and a pretty good one at that."

Bulger makes sense for Miami because he does have plenty of experience. He has had time to recover from the beating he suffered in 2008-2009. He won't require draft choice compensation. He won't be extremely expensive to sign. He is not exclusively a West Coast offense guy like McNabb and others. And the last time someone took a chance on a seemingly washed up former St. Louis QB, it paid off handsomely.

Kurt Warner went from New York Giants has-been to Super Bowl QB in Arizona.

I'm not saying Bulger will reap similar benefits for his next team. I'm not saying he will be the answer to Miami's QB problems for the next five years. The truth of the matter is the Dolphins are not likely to find that guy in free agency or via trade. Those guys don't just show up on your doorstep.

So if that is what you're hoping for, don't bank on it. I've told you, Peyton Manning isn't signing with Miami.

I'm just saying don't dismiss Bulger out of hand as a Miami possibility. He might not turn the franchise around. But he would serve as competition fo Chad Henne. At this point, that may be the only possbility the Dolphins might be left with.



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Above you'll note that I say injustices are everywhere.
But because I am intellectually myopic, I can only focus on the United States.
If I did this in some countries, they would hang me for it.

What I am getting at is that I speak for God.

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Posted by: mialuce | May 15, 2011 at 07:49 PM

Everyone feel SORRY for izar ? I REALLY DO.

Someone above says he speaks for God, yet calls me an idiot. Hmmm. Is that god like? If a childish name caller like you can speak for god, anyone can.

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you are a silly frightened coward and you don't get to tell me what to do. I think I'll hang around for awhile.

Posted by: Izar | May 30, 2011 at 05:37 PM


Like I said, I speak for God.
I get to call people names (silly - frightened - coward) but you don't.

?, Izar(eal) idiot, and whatever your real blog name is

Come back when you actually have something of substance to say. I'll waste no more time responding to a blogger just looking to stir things up. You are boring the blog, go try to reduce someone elses world down to your level now. Buh bye.......

It's a football blog people!

There are numerous places you can go on the net to talk politics, religion or whatever.

Anyone think Edds could have a break out year?

Would Edds have to beat out Crowder to get on the field? I am a little unclear on that.

If Edd's could cover TE's it would free up Dansby to be more aggressive.

I am hopeful about that.

I am also hopeful that Gates can really shine and beat out Hartline for a starter spot.

I expect Sparano will want to play it conservative and maintain his love affair with the mediocre Hartline.

It sure would be nice to see that pure speed on the field though.

I know many of you like Hartline. I just do not see it.

...Oregon DP.

I actually think Hartline is a little under-rated. Look at what happened to our offense after the Oakland game when Hartline was sidelined. The one thing Hartline does for this offense is gives the quarterback a reciever that can get open in the intermediate areas of the field. Hartline averaged something like 14 ypc last year. Not so bad.

Back to where I think Hartline is under appreciated. He will not wow you with his physicality. But he knows how to get open. Look how it effected the amount of sacks we took from the Cle game to the last game of the year. The young guys couldn't get open to save their lives. Our third down conversion rate struggled as well. People may not believe this. But up until the Chicago game Miami was a top 5 third down conversion team...From the Clevland game on...You guys know the score.

Hartline does the little things that get overlooked by the fans. Stuff that isn't automatically apparant. but hugely important to the offense. The addition of Gates should help Hartline, as well as the whole recieving corps. Think another slot reciever that can stretch the field from the seems, or a guy that can get into the middle of the defense, and create some yac, or just havoc to linebackers, and srtong safties. Hartline becomes a matchup advantage for us. IF...and a big IF..Gates can learn to run routes.

?, Izar(eal) idiot, and whatever your real blog name is

Come back when you actually have something of substance to say. I'll waste no more time responding to a blogger just looking to stir things up. You are boring the blog, go try to reduce someone elses world down to your level now. Buh bye.......

Posted by: Izar | May 30, 2011 at 05:48 PM


Izar and "its" topics of discussion are an attempt to stir things up on this Memorial Day.

Izar is waste of flesh and blood.

Please leave this country if you are not happy with it.


You said "Hartline does the little things that get overlooked by the fans. Stuff that isn't automatically apparant. but hugely important to the offense"

Can you elaborate?


Waste of flesh and Blood. Yes its true.

izar is a human parasite.



Wears a funny hat and is bare footed. And belongs to a VILLAGE. See, i get it.

Guess who,

High Five,,,,,,,,

It is always difficult for fans to see and understand the little things that a player does that separate them from others.

I understand it about basketball very well because that is what kept me in the game as I did the little things and the dirty work, coaches see it and know it.

And Darryl you could be right that Hartline does those things.

He just does not pass the eyeball test for me. I know that sounds absurd but to use a Sparano euphemism, I dont 'feel him' out there.

In fact what I recall is that the Oakland game was a break out day for the WR's as I believe it was Wallace had two big plays in the passing game due to his speed.

With Hartline on the field the Dolphins basically had three possession WR's.
Marshal is talking about being a deep threat again but he really wasnt last year.

And granted it seemed to me Henning was deep route adverse the entire season, so that's a factor too.

I really believe that the lack of any deep threat to knock the top off the opposing D was a major problem for the offense last year.

Teams know Henning was not going to call deep pass plays and that the Dolphins did not have anyone to fear on deep routs allowing for defenses to cheat up, load the box and double BM.

The game is so much easier for the D when you cheat up and shrink the field.

There were SO many problems with the structure of the offense last year, from only having 5 step drops, to zero screen plays, no quick slants and only one or two deep pass plays called a game.

God I hated Hennings prevent offense.

Love me or hate me, some people just can't avoid me.

Alexander the Great

Ivan the Terrible

Hagar the Horrible

Izar the Idiot

You'd have 'felt' Hartline out there more if Henne through an accurate ball when he had the D beat.

Low Five,

Deserves a HIGH FIVE.

Henne did have some struggles with the deep ball on the one or two times a game has was called upon to throw it.

Henne was very tight out there last year. I see what Ricky was talking about in the over coaching.

I really dislike Sparano and view him as a choke artist.

I just want to dream about Telly Savalas applying coconut tanning oil to my back with those rough, calloused hands of his and then letting the big Greek slip a finger under the waistband of my Speedos.

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We have a blogger so utterly bored with life that he is talking to himself on a blog for over an hour. Scary.

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I hope by after the first play of the 2011 season we stop hearing about Henning, hand cuffs, over coaching and it was everyones fault but Hennes.


Aloco, please read the above post.
He had cheap bacon in a trailer park.

Grilled NY Steak, baked potato steamed broccoli. A big alaskan oatmeal stout, its a nice smooth brew.

But if the Defence has 8 in the box there must be somebody out there open deep. In Miami's case, was it the receiver's fault that they culdn't get open? Out of the question. Was it Henning's fault in not calling more deep passes? I doubt it for even the worst OC would jump at this opportunity; besides, Henning himself has said that during games he always had calls for 4 or 5 deep passes. So? The only remaining explanation is that Henne can't throw that type of ball accurately, and the Coaches know it. Welcome to another QB.

First play of the 2011 season? When is tha happening, 2012?

Grilled NY Steak, baked potato steamed broccoli. A big alaskan oatmeal stout, its a nice smooth brew.

Posted by: Izar | May 30, 2011 at 08:00 PM


Translation - Whopper Value meal.


What I saw frequently last year was the deep pass was impossible because the O-line could not protect for a 7 step drop.

And Henne was captain check down because that is what was drilled into him by the hyper conservative Sparano.


I hope we see a much different offense this year.

However, I have serious doubts we will. Everyone wants to believe everything was on Henning. But Sparano signed off on Henning's offense all the way.

That was just as much Sparano's offense as Henning's.

Are'nt the fins the only team in NFL history to lose to the Browns,Bills and lions in a five week span?, At home?

What has the fins record been the last half of the season(Games 8 thru 16) the last two years??

4 and 12?, I think.


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