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Marshall and Wake among the NFL's Top 100

If you're still paying attention to football these days -- and the assumption is you are because, well, you're on a football blog -- then you're probably aware of the fun exercise the NFL Network is undertaking in ranking the league's top 100 players.

The countdown started at No. 100 and is down to No. 61 so far with more installments on the way until we reach No. 1. I have the feeling Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady will find themselves vying for No. 1, and if they don't something is definitely wrong.

Dolphins players in that elite group?

Cameron Wake hit No. 63 in the released list of top 100.

"They asked me and when I voted, I didn't put myself in there," Wake said.


Wake definitely deserves the recognition. But that which is most exciting about Wake is that while other pass-rushers such as Pittsburgh's LaMarr Woodley will already find themselves rated behind Wake, there is so much further Wake can go.

I see Wake becoming every bit as dominant as Woodley's running mate in Pittsburgh, James Harrison. Harrison isn't as big, isn't as quick or as explosive as Wake. He is much more refined in his technique, he's slightly stronger in the upper body and his work ethic is beyond reproach.

DeMarcus Ware also will be ranked among the league's top 39 players.

So Wake, with one great 14-sack season on his resume, can definitely improve. (I would tell you he'll be a lot better if Koa Misi or another Dolphins rusher offers a counter-balancing rush threat as Woodley does for Harrison.)

Interestingly, Wake rates ahead of Houston defensive end Mario Williams on this list. Williams, you'll recall, was the No. 1 overall pick in the 2006 draft. Think of the bargain the Dolphins got in adding Wake as an free agent out of the Canadian Football League.

Wake isn't the only Dolphins player on this list. Brandon Marshall is the NFL's 61st best player, according to the voting by his peers.

I have no problem with the ranking. Marshall, when he's right, when he's healthy, when he's feeling confident and engaged and enthusiastic, can be elite. Unfortunately, if you pay attention to the video of Marshall on the NFL Network site, most of his highlights come when he's in a Denver uniform.

Now, I recognize Marshall played most of his career in Denver and only one season in Miami. But the point I'm making is I still haven't seen in Miami the WR that Marshall was in Denver. Just look at his running ability in the Broncos uniform. Watch Marshall's ability to cut once he has the ball to make the defense miss. I didn't see that in Miami last year.

I saw Marshall break tackles on sheer strength and power. But I didn't see that kind of quickness. Not even close.

Marshall was working toward getting back that kind of quickness this offseason when he was stabbed by his wife in a domestic violence incident that is still unsettled. And although Marshall is expected to recover from the incident with his wife, he has not yet returned to working out fulltime.

NFL.com senior columnist Vic Carucci writes that Marshall deserves to be higher on the list of the Top 100 if one accounts for talent alone. But talent is not the only thing that decides a player's success in the NFL. So Carucci points out that Marshall is ranked where he is based on the fact other players didn't trust his him off the field.

Carucci goes on to outline the off-field issues Marshall has had and makes the point that if one is not on the field or free of off-field worries, it is tougher to reach one's potential. That, the columnist hypothesizes, is the reason a talent of Marshall's scope is pushed down the list of the top 100.

I would tell you the Dolphins have two more players with significant hope of being in the Top 100 -- ILB Karlos Dansby and LT Jake Long.

Dansby might or might not make it. Long is a certainty.

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Yes now you get it. The fans that these owners and players care so much about have to pay taxes to make building and pay for tickets just to watch them play. If the owners want more of the gross than let them pay for the buildings. We will pay for the tickets and all will be fair. I do not get any extra incentive to pay for those buildings unless I have a food chain near by.


I agree. Those "exception to the rule" cities didn't want to play ball(no pun intended)with the owners.

The owners negoitiated better deals with cities that welcomed them AND the new stadium tax.

Coaches - 2010 (partial list - revised):

#32 - Wade Phillips

#31 - Josh McDaniels

#30 - Tom Cable

#29 - Marvin Lewis

#28 - Brad Childress

#27 - Tony Sparano

#26 - Eric Mangini

#25 - Steve Spagnuolo

I think where Marshall and Wake is located is just about right. Marshall's where he's at based on his disappointing season of last year, and make no mistake, it was a disappointing season. When he's on he's a top three receiver, when he's like he was last year, he's barely top three. The problem with last year is that he had a very non-impactful season. Part of that was Henne, part of that was Henning's inability ot get him away from the double team and part of that was too many drops from Marshall. I'm hoping for a bounce back season.

Wake is simply where he is because he's only done it for one for season. I worry that he won't get the support he needs from someone like Misi to get better. Time will tell.

No question that Dansby and Long deserve to be in the top 100 also. Dansby I worry about being left off but he desreves to be there. Interestingly also that Vontae Davis made Peter King's top 100 list at 79 but it looks unlikely that he is going to make this list.


Thanks for letting me vent. I just get tired of hearing those players and owners talking about how much they care about the fans and then make our lives harder by making us pay money just to keep them around. I just wish they would do one damn thing to help us poor folks (at least I am) once in a while.

I hate Patriots.
I hate the Red Sox.
I hate the Celtics.

I hate the Bruins - Go Tampa Bay Lightning!!

To all the Henne bashers:

We had a combination of problems last year.

You guys want to lay blame on Henne. That's fine. Too bad the FO, the people that actually make a living at Pro Football disagree with you.

Dan Hennings was definitely a problem. Henning and his archaic offense is GONE. Henne is still here.

David Lee and his wild gadget, GONE. Henne is still here.

Ricky and Ronnie, probably both GONE. Henne is still here.

Berger and if there's free agency, probably Carey, both GONE. Henne is still here.

They think so much of Henne, not only did they NOT draft a QB, they actually went out and drafted a speed receiver for HENNE!!!!

The only other thing I can say is they're experts, YOU on the other hand, are NOT!

I'm going to go with the experts and keep on rooting for ALL MY MIAMI DOLPHINS!

Nuff said!

Fist Pumps all around!!!!


By the way that was Baltimore not Indy that lost thier team. The team ended up in Indy. Funny that Baltimore desided to buid a new stadium and stole the team from Cleveland. At least the owners were nice and decided to make a new team for cleveland instead of stealing another cities team.


You and me too!


It is kind of ironic how that rotation worked out.

The city of Baltimore learned a hard lesson. Then shortly thereafter won a Super Bowl.

Go Figure....................

Yes they did win the big one but the fans are still payen for the taxes on that building. So I guess the last laugh is on them!!

Well I have to go nice talken to you odinseye.

Hey guys! WAZZUP?



Careful bud...they'll start telling you that this team can't win without a first round QB. If things go wrong again this year it will be all be Henne's fault. They forget it takes 53 guys to win.

I'm just saying....

With each passing day we come one day closer to missed games.....it will be June 1st in about 9 days......

Armando......how about an article on the DROP-DEAD date for missed or postponed games......

Not pre-season or otherwise......I need to know if I need to re-new or cancel my football package......

Sory but Carlos Dansby isnt making top 100 nfl players. Here are the top 10 ilb rankings and Dansby isnt in it:

1. Patrick Willis, San Francisco 49ers

Improvements in coverage and awareness last season put him on another level.

2. Jon Beason, Carolina Panthers

Young emotional leader who has fantastic sideline-to-sideline speed

3. Brian Urlacher, Chicago Bears

Last year, Bears found out the hard way just how valuable he is.

4. Ray Lewis, Baltimore Ravens

Intelligence makes up for mild decline in athleticism.

5. London Fletcher, Washington Redskins

Football IQ is off the charts. The more washed up he’s supposed to be, the better he seems to get.

6. DeMeco Ryans, Houston Texans

Made more tackles near the line of scrimmage in 2009.

7. Jerod Mayo, New England Patriots

Struggled in his second season (thanks, in part, to injuries) but was arguably the league’s best ILB as a rookie.

8. Bart Scott, Jets

Versatility allows him to play in constant attack mode.

9. David Harris, Jets

A thumper who has good lateral range against the run.

10. Jonathan Vilma, New Orleans Saints

Without him, the Saints’ run defense is well below average.

However, Dansby appear in the top 20 list.

Dansby's a great ilb, however, teams still believe they can have a fair amount of success running right at Dansby.



It is with great sadness that we are witnessing the end of the Oprah Winfrey Show this week. So hard to stop from crying whenever I think of it.

Dear Oprah, may your Wisdom and Purity of Essence guide us forward. May your Word be a beacon of hope unto the world. May future generations come to understand your Purpose on this Earth and reflect upon your life and Mission with bowed heads of gratitude.

odnsneye guards ass

Joe seems to talk about other guys a s s e s an awful lot.


Macho, macho man, Joe's got to be, a macho man!






That was a good top ten on MLB`s I think P.Willis is hands down the best playing the game today. Every time I get to remembering we passed on him an drafted Ginn and his family I feel like puking!!! The one guy on that list who`s a bit high considering all the injury history and drop off is Urlacher.

I think David Harris will fly up that list and think he`s the best at the position alot of people don`t talk about. He is the one player without a doubt I`d love to take from the Jets not named Reevis. I would also put Brady James on that list without a doubt the most unsung Cowboy nobody ever mentions either.

As much as I love Ray Lewis you may have him a bit high as well considering the major liability he`s become in pass coverage also don`t loose sleep on Relando MCclain either cause he will crack that list soon. I don`t know much about DeMeco Ryans except that alot of folks feel like he`s for real, his teamate Brian Cushing may be primed as well if he`s not just another modern day steroids/HGH enhanced Brian "The Boz" Bosworth

odinseey also talks thru his ass

Odinseye, Henne was benched and the Speed Wr is so Marshall will not be doubled all day. What is it that makes him Special? I go to many of the practices and I just don't see it. Even Thigpen out shines him. We have the worst QB out of the Florida teams.

I'm starting to wonder what it will be like without NFL this year. In a way it could be great to come on here and find "fake fans" such as Joe gone for the year. No crying, no moaning, no whining like a little girl. Might really be enjoyable to watch guys like Joe having to find other things to do in life.


In reference to your post at 7:19...

Regarding Chad Henne, we all know there is room for improvement. He struggles with down field passing. He has an occasional brain fart that leaves ya scratching your head. And I feel he needs to be more assertive.

But I completely agree that with the people that are now history from the team. And with the undeniable help that Ireland and Sparano gave him out of the draft and hopefully out of FA, Henne has the base line numbers to improve. I still sort of giggle when the blog writers talk of who should replace him, and with only three very expensive exception one of whom is a very inexperienced QB from Philly in Kolb, that none of the above in the Free Agent list seem to offer any more then Henne already provides.

But, in truth, I don't think Henne is the only player to have suffered last year from Henning and David Lee's silliness. I believe the way the offense was ran, with the extreme predictability and consistent 5 & 7 step drops of Henne, The guy's on the O-line, Running Backs, and certainly guy's like Marshall who are used to attacking Offensive sets were KILLED by Henning and Dee.

The whole matter, the whole big picture in Miami was effected by those people who are now gone. And that is one of the reasons I feel Henne will be tough to unseat, and why I say Henne will be a team captain this year if he wins out the QB comp. And why I feel every player on Offense will play better and the entire team should be better.

Pardon My optimism, but I feel if the NFL does play... Miami will be FAR from a pushover and will very likely be a damned dangerous team for the so called "Front runners" to mix it up with.



Tampa Bay Lightning lost.
Was hoping to see a Florida team beat a Boston area team.

0.02 ,




ALoco, Tom Brady is your Daddy!
How's the search for Chat Brian going?



Aloco, Tom Brady is the object of your affection.
Please go to Boston area blogs to post.
They have an excellent choice of glues to choose from.

D-WADE is ALoco's daddy!



Lebron James is ALoco's second daddy!

Chris Bosh is ALoco's third daddy!


Udonis Haslem is Aloco's fourth daddy!

The Heat have already destroyed the little horsies from Texas - see 2006.

LAKERS...................... 17
MIAMAI....................... I LOUSY ,THANKS TO SHQ

ALoco, do you prefer Elmer's glue or Gorilla glue?


Miami Heat - founded 1988.

Championships 1 (2006)
Conference titles 1 (2006)
Division titles (1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2011)

Not bad for an expansion club.

At least Florida people know how to spell words in the English language.

So ALoco, how's the search for Chat Brian going?

Be very clear about this, Chad Penne(whenever he plays) will be under intense scrutiny, by everybody.

So ALoco, how's the search for Chat Brian going?

Posted by: $0.02 | May 23, 2011 at 11:30 PM


Wait don't tell me - your hacking the French language too?
How Bostonian!

Elmers glue was a subpar product.

ALoco, I want you to work a double tonight so I can get an extra bonus in my Welfare check.
I am going to buy a D-Wade shirt with the extra cash.

ALoco, when you pull this double shift for me, will you be handling the burgers or the fries?
They know what fries are in Boston don't they?


Thanks for the love abaove…. BUT……

The Heat became a franchise in 1988... In that time they have won 1 (One) NBA Championship...

The Celtics have been a NBA Franchise since 1946. .....BUT.... Have only won 1 (One) NBA Championship since the Heat have been a franchise. That one in 2008, 2 years after Miami won theirs. Before that, the Celtics had not won a NBA Title since 1986.

So... based on time in the league... The Heat and Celtics are even as far as Championships go.

As far as the Lakers go... Hey, what do you expect? No NFL Team... A MLB Team that has been taken over by the League for phony Bologna business transactions. And another NBA team (The Clippers) that everyone but the Backdoor Pirates love to hate. The Lakers are a great NBA Team... but the fact is... The NBA is all LA has worth talking about other then they make movies there...sometimes...

As far as your statement... "Miami won thanks to Shaq"... COME ON MAAAAAAAN!!!!

You cannot say that and keep your legitimacy intact! Then you have to say, "The Celtics of the 80's won thanks to Bird. Or the Celtics of 08 only won thanks to Allen... Damn dude, I remember the MVP of the 2006 NBA Championship series was Dwayne Wade.... RIGHT????

Bad argument brother..

Celtics are nothing special, they have won 1 Championship since Miami has been a team. The Lakers are on another planet.... But we swept their ass again this year.... Didn't we!!!!???

Even the Marlins got smack to talk.... The Marlins have been a team since 1993... they have won 2 MBL WS Titles in the 18 years they have been a team... That is better then a 20% WS win average.... I bet that average as a team is up there with the best. Ya can't fault a team that did not exist!!

Derek4 @11:46,

Great rebuttle I won`t even touch that one except to say that Shaq while an integral part of the 06 Eastern Conf. championship vs. the Pistons was to slow in the NBA Finals vs. Dallas and lived in foul trouble it was a combination of great D out of Haslem and some super minutes of the bench by the best Center in those Finals Alonzo Mourning, don`t you remember the monster minutes he put up in the deciding game 6 with 4 blocks in the second half which helped swing that game? Just thought I`d throw it out there for all those that think Shaq came to Miami and single handedly won an NBA Title.


The ilbs rankings wasnt my own personal rankings I pulled them off of a website. LOL...

Go Dolphins

Hey DB whats up, you see the post were Shaq won the 06 Finals all by himself, LOL! Just watched The Thunder come completely undone in the last 3 Min. and blow a 15 point lead. I guess it`s Dallas in the West.

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