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More Palmer trade denials from Bengals

The lead story over at NFL.com is bad news for the Dolphins.


Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown continues to take a hard line regarding the possible trading of disgruntled quarterback Carson Palmer, saying from the current NFL owners' meeting that he remains adamant he will not trade the former Pro Bowl player.

"We don't plan to trade Carson," Brown said Monday at the NFL Spring Meeting. "He's important to us. He's a very fine player, and we do want him to come back. If he chooses not to, he'd retire. And we would go with Andy Dalton, the younger player we drafted, who's a good prospect.

"Ideally, we'd have both of them. That'd the best way to go forward. If we don't have Carson, we'll go with Andy."

I reported way back in March that of all the veteran quarterbacks with a possibility of being available when the NFL gets back to work, Palmer would be first on Miami's wish list if he's indeed available. I also told you that could be wishful thinking because the Bengals, specifically Brown, has said countless times he's not trading Palmer.

Palmer, as you may know, has said he will not play again in Cincinnati. He's said he would rather retire than return. So Brown is apparently picking the nuclear option rather than considering a trade that would bring a draft pick to his team.

And everyone I've spoken to tells me Brown is serious. So I get it.

But ...

I've been at this for a long time. And I know sometimes -- more often than many know -- things are said definitively for public consumption for the sake of taking a stance that improves ones status, or bargaining position, or fulfills some other agenda.


"I will not be the Alabama coach."

--Nick Saban

"We are not trading Jason Taylor."

--Bill Parcells

"We are not selling the Miami Dolphins."

--Tim Robbie

"I did not have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky."

--President Clinton

"Read my lips, no new taxes."

--President Bush 41

"I'm starting my diet tomorrow. Pass me the carrot cake."

--Armando Salguero

"Tom Brady, right arm (questionable)"

--New England Patriots injury report

"I believe this is the year that we're going to win the Super Bowl. I thought we'd win it the first two years. I guarantee we'll win it this year."

--Rex Ryan

Lies. All of them. Lies. Folks sometimes say things to suit their agenda. And when setting up a possible trade, it suits a team's agenda to raise the value on that player. I do not know if this is what Brown is doing. Again, from all I'm told, that is not his way of operating.

But until we know for sure, we cannot dismiss the possibility, however small, that Brown is saying he will not trade Palmer because saying otherwise at this point would basically lower Palmer's value. Think of what the Tennessee Titans are doing with Vince Young, for example.

They are being completely forthright. They are saying they'd like to trade Young, but will release him if a trade cannot be worked out. So Young's trade value, not great to begin with, is through the floor because every team knows if they hold fast on giving up compensation for him, they can enter a free agency derby for him without having to pay a draft pick in return.

Palmer, meanwhile, has most value if the team that currently holds his rights values him so highly that they would rather have him retire than let him go elsewhere.

Another agenda possibly at play here is one taught to me by a wise football man. He told me you never give in to a player who demands to leave your team because then you might have a handful of players making that demand. You hold that player hostage as long as possible. Then, if and only if you get high return for that player, you dump him before he becomes a distraction or problem in your locker room.

That is, if you remember correctly, exactly what the Dolphins did with Jason Taylor. It is, if you remember correctly, what they did with Patrick Surtain. It is, if you remember correctly, what they failed to do with Daunte Culpepper because they missed the timing for getting rid of him and he became a distraction in the summer of 2007.

So don't bet on the Bengals getting rid of Carson Palmer because owner Mike Brown is saying otherwise. But do not be surprised if the Bengals do get rid of Carson Palmer even though owner Mike Brown is saying otherwise.


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first. love the quotes by the way...

"Read my lips, no new taxes" was actually Bush 41, the Bush 43 quote is "We believe Iraq has weapons of mass destruction."

But you need to look at all the players the Bengals have denied trades after asking publicly.

Going all the way back to Boomer ,who wasnt traded till the year after. Correy Dillon wanted out.Ocho wanted out. Just to name a few


I didn`t catch the whole interview with Wake on NFL.Network, so they gave him bunny ears at one point, huh ? I guess they should thank there lucky stars that Cam is so mild mannered because I would have made Sapp eat those bunny ears at the least slapped them out of his hand. I did see were he said Palumalu was the best player and thought it an interesting pick by Cam going unconventional and not picking a Q.B. and yes Sapp rolled his eyes at him which I thought a bit unprofessional.

The Bengals along with the Lions are basically the Siberia of NFL teams with the exception that the Lions appear primed for a re-birth. I think Mike Brown might just hold fast not wanting to send the wrong message to the rest of the team that the Bengals are nothing more than a stepping stone or doormate to greener NFL pastures and it`s deffinetly bad for them if Palmer is telling every potential future FA and draft pick that he`d rather retire than play on a team two years removed from a division crown. I don`t know how I feel about bringing in a guy like that anyway seems to have backstabbed that organization and Mr. Brown with his negative message to his teamates and players league wide.



We won't be able to get palmer unless we give up a 2nd or 1st. Its too much. We may have a new coach next year. we should grab an FA that doesn't cost draft picks and give henne a chance to beat him out. This year will be a wash anyway. We can spend a high draft pick next year on a decent crop of QBs coming out.

Ha Ha, nice list of examples!

Please somebody tell me that Cam Wake didn't actually put the rabbit ears on.

Please, somebody????

Oh yeah.

ARMANDO! You keep swinging that hard and high, you're likely to rip those things off.

Carson Palmers toast!

I appreciate Mike Brown's honesty, but he's an idiot. His comment that the Bengals will go with Andy Dalton, instead of saying that he'd go with one of the younger QBs on his roster (for example, Jordan Palmer, Carson's younger brother and they guy who's been leading the Bengals in offseason workouts this year) is beyond stupid.

Remember Barry Sanders wanted the same thing. He either wanted a trade out of Detroit or he would retire, and that's what he did.

I think we should call the Bungles right away and demand they trade Palmer to us plus their # 1 draft pick next year for Lousaka Polite and our # 7 pick in next years draft.

I think that is a very fair deal for both sides

I wonder if Carson retires, what the length of time that is mandatory for him to wait till he could "un-retire" and then go where he wants? Does the original team retain the rights? I'm not sure. Does anyone have the answer to this????

"Do you get a bonus for that?" "I don't know how much that's going to get us, but OTA champs, I'll take it"
-Bart Scott

Please somebody tell me that Cam Wake didn't actually put the rabbit ears on.

Please, somebody????

odinseye | May 24, 2011 at 12:15 PM


I don`t know if he put them on and God I really hope he didn`t cause I only caught part of the interview but they were being down right rude. At one point Sapp went as far as to ask him how it felt to get of the couch and put the Dorito`s down to play Football again, not sure if he couldn`t have worded it differently. Cam did eat a bit to much humble pie for my taste though from what I saw of the interview but in retrospect he did show alot of class representing the Fins. The one guy though that was very cool with him in the interview because of the similar routes they took to the league was Kurt Warner who `s quietly becoming one of the better broadcasters on that channel. I get a feeling he`s primed for a jump to one of the big networks.


Unless the original team grants him a release he is there`s for the trading or whatever they wish to do with him, case in point Tiki Barber wanted to unretire and the Giants immediately granted his release from the club and he retired 5 seasons ago.

Mike Brown's stubborness tells us all we need to know why the Bengals are the NFL's laughing stock and why Palmer wants out.

Not buying the argument that Brown is "positioning" for higher trade value for Palmer. Palmer will command a high draft pick regardless given so many teams in need of a good QB who was once a Pro Bowler and who can become one again, with the right team.


This isn't bad news...it's good news! I don't get your fascination with wanting to trade a draft pick(s) for a QB on the downside of his career, who is pretty much finished. We did it with Culpepper, we did it with A J Feely. Did we do it with Trent Green too or was he a FA, I forget? FA I think.

Show me one other successful franchise who does business this way. It's not the way to build a winning team. Didn't work out when the Bills and Cowboys traded for Bledsoe. Didn't work out for the 'Skins after trading for McNabb. Hasn't worked out for the Texans adding Matt Shaub, nor the Titans adding Kerry Collins.....do I need to go on?

I'm all for getting Henne some competition but forget this idea of continually giving up draft picks. There are guys out there who can give him competition for a year, namely Young, Smith and even Hasselbeck for a year. Henne either gets it this year or they draft a 1st round QB next year. That seems fair to me. No more band aid solutions!!

Brown will trade, release, Palmer before training camp starts. However, folks, I dont see any light at the end of this dark and deep void called the "lockout". The NFL and owners are in "bunker" mode. The owners are in for the long haul, which might be the end of 2011 season before it begins. De. Smith and players need to keep their mouths shut.

I'll echo other commments from above....this is why the Bengals appear to be content to be 4-12 every year. The owner is stubborn and does things his way. No other franchise in the NFL do their business this way. Mike Brown doesn't know squat about talent and they're destined to be bottom feeders again this year, while an asset they have (that doesn't want to be there) rots on the bench. All so that the owner can be RIGHT. Sad and pathetic!

If I were the Bengals owner, I would not trade Palmer. If I did, I would sacrificing long-term effects for a short-term gain. The short-term gain is the draft pick, however, the long-term effect is that any player, who has willingly signed a contract, will feel they can get out of it by threatening to quit. As much as I would like to see Palmer in a Dolphins' uniform, I would understand it if the Bengals' owner stood his ground.

Again with this Palmer crap... Give up on that washed out Crappy qb...

The rookie symposium has been canceled.

The dominoes are starting to fall.

To hell with DuhMaurice Smith and the NFLPA.

I'm going to start making plans for some unprecedented hunting and fishing trips for me and my kids.

As much as we love NFL football, we love the Great Outdoors as well!

Eat shyt and die DuhMaurice Smith!!!!

I'm curious how the 'true' fans will react if somehow this season gets cancelled. There's going to be an awful lot of really BITTER fans if it ever gets to that.

Think about it for second....football is by far and away the most popular of the four major sports. We plan our Sunday's around the games, play fantasy football, watch the NFL Network daily, read all the colums and blogs and come hear regularly. Life as we know it may change. For a lot of us it's an escape from the harsh realities that can often be our lives. What the heck will be do and will football ever recover? Baseball never has and I think most of us can look at baseball and see a million things we would change to make the game better, from an interest and competitive nature. But football always seemed to have it all...almost perfection.....big change in attitudes towards the game from the fans could be on the way if things don't work out. Could THIS be the end of the world that some people were predicting?

I don't know if this makes sense or not but...
Won't the Bengals get a compensatory draft pick for losing Carson anyways? Even if its a late round still getting something for their ginger quarterback when he retires

Having this season cancelled will be just like having a woman that cheated on you.

You might SAY you forgive her, you might NOT!

Somewhere, deep down inside, you MIGHT even still love her.

It doesn't matter. Once it happens things will NEVER be the same.

Thanks DuhMaurice! Gene Upshaw could smack more sense into you than your Momma and Daddy put together.


This is affecting me already. It's affecting me way more than I want to admit.

I'm afraid to even drink at the bar for fear of coming unglued and assaulting innocent bystanders.

I saw a little kid with a candy bar the other day. I had to fight the urge to snatch it out of his hands, throw it on the ground and stomp it into the DIRT!

God help me if there's no NFL this year, cause this ain't me. I'm not like this.

PS; If I even SEE somebody that SLIGHTLY resembles DuhMaurice Smith, I'm going to jail!

Who really cares a rats tit about Carson Palmer.

I don't think Armando REALLY loves Carson Palmer.

He's still rebounding from JT jilting him.

Armando probably believes he loves Carson, but it's really just an infatuation.

Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea sucks as much as DuhMaurice Smith!

Smith is the anti-christ!

Or worse, he's the anti-intoxicant!

Just remember Karma Mr. Smith, just remember KARMA!

The thing is everyone is speculating that the Bangles will demand a 1st rd pick for Palmer. Do you really think Palmer who is viewed as a stop gap QB is worth a 1st rd pick? Having a stop gap like Palmer to compete with Henne this year would be great but not for a 1st rd pick. At some point we need to look for a real solution at QB.

The thing about the lock-out is the more I read the more I come to the conclusion that it`s not just the players and owners in a stand-off, there are 4 or 5 diffrent angles here all based on personel agendas and greed. The good news is that when week one rolls around and the players don`t get there game check and the owners are dealing with empty Stadiums we will see a stampeed back to the negotiating table,you see that will be when players tell Mr. DeMaurice (Greedy Pig Snake oil salesmen)Smith that they need the new CBA done ASAP!!!!!!

It`s also when the Networks will begin applying there own brand of pressure on the league, you don`t make the biggest investment in TV History and then sit arm folded because the over grown children can`t play nice amongst each other. Odin, I also look back at the days of Gene Upshaw and wonder if he`d have let it come to this, remember in 87 when he wanted to play hardball it was the replacement games with players crossing picket lines that broke the Union.

It wasn`t till Reggie White`s landmark lawsuit calling the league inconstitutional because of it`s unfair business practices in keeping him from contracting his services were he saw fit that the FA Jinnie is let out of the bottle for good and that was 6 years later in 93. Upshaw understood that negotiation was the route with owners not antagonism and threats like Smith is doing at the end of the day based on his personal agenda.


Too funny. I guess it's true what Ray Lewis said...'If there's no NFL this year, crime rates will go up'.

There you have it.....


I don't even believe Palmer is worth a second round pick. He's not the same QB he was before the injuries. I was reading a guy the other day (I believe his name is Cosell) who said that Palmer back in 2005-06 was a top five QB. Today he says he can't make the same throws with the same crispness that he used to. IMO, to give up ANOTHER second round pick for this guy would be a total waste. I guess this organization just doesn't learn from past mistakes.

I wonder who would have had more of an impact on this team this year - Pouncey or Thomas (i.e. our 1st or 2nd rounder) or Carson Palmer. I imagine Cincinnati would have taken either of those for a disgruntled Palmer.


Part of the problem with Palmer is he`s never realy let it go again on that left knee and I don`t blame him he tore all 3 ligaments and then due to an infection had a scare were they were talking about having to amputate it. The sad thing is that hit in the 05 playoffs by Kimo Von Hoffelmen was cheap, he could have let up as Palmer had already thrown the ball and then he followed threw anyway, he later apologized but the dammage was done.


I agree what you've said above and thanks for the additional information. The part I have a problem with is whne everybody thinks that running out and trading for ANY veteran is the right answer. Armando, as an informed football writer, show know that Palmer is damaged goods and shouldn't be advocating this stuff. Unfortunately, there are too many sheep on here who just follow along and think that yeah...'we're getting the Palmer from 10 years ago'. He's not the same guy any more.

It'll be interesting to see if Palmer makes it into the top 100 players in the NFL, as voted by the players. I highly doubt it but you never know.

Bush 41 said no new taxes and I don't remember the Fins trading Jason Taylor to the Jets


Aside from his injury problems I`m not sure how I feel about a guy who quit on his team like he did. I posted it earlier and saw everybody replied that Mike Brown is the bad guy in all of this but wasn`t it Brown who gave him all the Offensive pieces he`s had over the years, and he`s had plenty (ocho, TJ,Chris Henry, T.O.,Gersham ect..)Then when it was a for gone conclusion that Palmer was dammaged goods wasn`t it Brown who put up that 100 Million dollar contract of his?

If I were Brown I`d feel insulted and worried about my teams future more than ever because of Palmer`s actions. What is the message to FA and draft picks when your high priced superstar says he`d rather retire than play for you? What is the message to the locker room and morale as well, besides don`t give me the song and dance about VY when Palmer is a premadonna himself, his own RB Benson says he should just go already.


He was traded to the Redskins....I think for a second and a sixth.


JT was traded to Washington in 08 for a 2nd round pick that we would blow on Pat White but Mando did flip flop his Bush`s that statement haunted Bush 41 in the 92 elections.


You're right. Listen, nobody forced Palmer to sign the contract he did but sign it he did. So if he actually does have $80 million in the bank, then he's gotten rich of the Bengals. Pretty good for a guy who has never won a playoff game. I get that he's frustrated with the Bengals organization but that's not how you do things. You can't expect to get paid like a superstar and then quit when things aren't working out. The proper way to send the message is not to sign the contract in the first place.

And then you leave when you have the chance to do so in FA.....



Yea, I can't agree more that Palmer is damaged goods physically. Maybe even mentally.

There still is that 1st pick stigma that sticks with him though. He was a really smart QB his whole career. But I do agree that there may only be a 20% chance that we get anything close to the Palmer of old.

I think everyone is hoping for a Rich Gannon story or something.

Probably not likley.

You guys want to know why I would want an older (only 32), supposedly lessened or injured veteran on the downside of his career over the younger QB with more potential Miami already has on its roster?

Because last year the older guy on the downside threw 26 TDs and 20 INTs for the crappy Bengals.

And the younger guy with more potential threw 15 TDs and 19 INTs for the Dolphins.

Any more questions?

I was a proponent of bringing him here. But like i said the injuries and the mental side of this game seems to have affected him.

That being said Mando. Do you really feel Henne had the same opportunity that Palmer had?

I really don't, Henne was handcuffed and Cincy has free slinging. And that is a coaching philosophy.

Just asking not being smart with ya.

With a dimwitted answer like that, NOPE! No further questions, I rest my case.

Poizen....your a good guy....(no sarcasm implied)

I respect that......

With Ocho, Owens, Gresham and Benson grinding out over a thousand and poor Palmer played on a crappy team?

Come on Armando, you'd take Gresham over Fasano everyday of the week. Not to mention Owens and Ocho over all our receivers put together, save Marshall.

You take the touchdowns with the better receiver corp, the ragged aging knee and the quitter mentality.

I'll take Henne and more wins, despite Hennings system and implosion of injuries.

Get out of here with that Crap!

Chad Johnson (ochocinco) was not traded several yrs ago when they had an offer of two first round picks for him. Brown will not trade Palmer!


you are comparing apples to oranges.

Palmer had two outstanding WR's and a good TE and arguably behind a better line.

Henne had an inept OC, shitty line play and no WR's getting open. Unless you count how Marshal is always open in his mind, yet Henne would be scolded for throwing to him if he were covered.

In your comparison you totally ignore the coaching. If Palmer were to come here like yo want he would have a difficult time adjusting to the micro managing suffocator that is Tony Sparano.

Look, like craig is saying why are you so hot to dump picks on another over the hill injured QB?

Get with the V Young push already.

Thanks Kris, I guess i was not expecting an answer, however I wanted to be sure he understood i was being diplomatic in my response.

Odin took my vibe a totally different direction, ha!!

I love the passion Odin.

Armando...only a fool would compare those stats and think that was the whole story. In addition to one goingup and the other going down Palmer and Henne weren't playing the same cards. Palmer was delt four aces and turned them into a miss deal. Henne had to make a silk purse out of a pig's ear, or was it a pig's @ss?

OK, so Mando, I was trying to be nice in getting there... But I agree with Odin and Oregon here. I think their points are EXTREMLY valid when comparing these 2 guys.


I agree with Oregon up to the Vince Young part. I think I would rather have Ghonorea than Vince young.... Ouch....

A little Ace ventura reference ther. :)

I assume Carson Palmer will most likely retire or the Bengals ownership should negotiate a $1 buyout for his remaining years and let him go where he wants.

For the record, I love the Miami Dolphins but don't like the Miami Heat! Anyone with me?

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