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More Palmer trade denials from Bengals

The lead story over at NFL.com is bad news for the Dolphins.


Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown continues to take a hard line regarding the possible trading of disgruntled quarterback Carson Palmer, saying from the current NFL owners' meeting that he remains adamant he will not trade the former Pro Bowl player.

"We don't plan to trade Carson," Brown said Monday at the NFL Spring Meeting. "He's important to us. He's a very fine player, and we do want him to come back. If he chooses not to, he'd retire. And we would go with Andy Dalton, the younger player we drafted, who's a good prospect.

"Ideally, we'd have both of them. That'd the best way to go forward. If we don't have Carson, we'll go with Andy."

I reported way back in March that of all the veteran quarterbacks with a possibility of being available when the NFL gets back to work, Palmer would be first on Miami's wish list if he's indeed available. I also told you that could be wishful thinking because the Bengals, specifically Brown, has said countless times he's not trading Palmer.

Palmer, as you may know, has said he will not play again in Cincinnati. He's said he would rather retire than return. So Brown is apparently picking the nuclear option rather than considering a trade that would bring a draft pick to his team.

And everyone I've spoken to tells me Brown is serious. So I get it.

But ...

I've been at this for a long time. And I know sometimes -- more often than many know -- things are said definitively for public consumption for the sake of taking a stance that improves ones status, or bargaining position, or fulfills some other agenda.


"I will not be the Alabama coach."

--Nick Saban

"We are not trading Jason Taylor."

--Bill Parcells

"We are not selling the Miami Dolphins."

--Tim Robbie

"I did not have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky."

--President Clinton

"Read my lips, no new taxes."

--President Bush 41

"I'm starting my diet tomorrow. Pass me the carrot cake."

--Armando Salguero

"Tom Brady, right arm (questionable)"

--New England Patriots injury report

"I believe this is the year that we're going to win the Super Bowl. I thought we'd win it the first two years. I guarantee we'll win it this year."

--Rex Ryan

Lies. All of them. Lies. Folks sometimes say things to suit their agenda. And when setting up a possible trade, it suits a team's agenda to raise the value on that player. I do not know if this is what Brown is doing. Again, from all I'm told, that is not his way of operating.

But until we know for sure, we cannot dismiss the possibility, however small, that Brown is saying he will not trade Palmer because saying otherwise at this point would basically lower Palmer's value. Think of what the Tennessee Titans are doing with Vince Young, for example.

They are being completely forthright. They are saying they'd like to trade Young, but will release him if a trade cannot be worked out. So Young's trade value, not great to begin with, is through the floor because every team knows if they hold fast on giving up compensation for him, they can enter a free agency derby for him without having to pay a draft pick in return.

Palmer, meanwhile, has most value if the team that currently holds his rights values him so highly that they would rather have him retire than let him go elsewhere.

Another agenda possibly at play here is one taught to me by a wise football man. He told me you never give in to a player who demands to leave your team because then you might have a handful of players making that demand. You hold that player hostage as long as possible. Then, if and only if you get high return for that player, you dump him before he becomes a distraction or problem in your locker room.

That is, if you remember correctly, exactly what the Dolphins did with Jason Taylor. It is, if you remember correctly, what they did with Patrick Surtain. It is, if you remember correctly, what they failed to do with Daunte Culpepper because they missed the timing for getting rid of him and he became a distraction in the summer of 2007.

So don't bet on the Bengals getting rid of Carson Palmer because owner Mike Brown is saying otherwise. But do not be surprised if the Bengals do get rid of Carson Palmer even though owner Mike Brown is saying otherwise.


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Crtz, I am with ya... Was a fan of the heat when they had Glen Rice, loved that guy. But been a different teams fan for years.

Poizen......in no way was my calling you a "good guy" meant to be a dig at Odin......

and if that post was interperted that way......I can assure Odin and the blog that was not my intent......

You guys have different personalities.....that doesn't mean one is better or worse....just different.......

What just happened? Compliment to an insult... nice nice... :)

Poizen, I'm sure there are others like us!

I'm not really gonna coment on this QB issue...I think its a dead horse needs to be buried......

Wether I like it or not.....Henne is gonna be the starting QB.....(

But I do have one question for Odin/Poizen, and the rest of the crowd who BY FAITH are collectively willing Henne to be something he hasn't been since the jets game in 09......a CONSISTENTLY GOOD......... STARTING CALIBER QB........

My question is this.......

out of one side of the Pro Henne argument i read...."Its everyone else's fault but Henne's.....

out of the Anti-Palmer argument I read...."Palmer had EVERYTHING he needed to be sucessful.....so the Bengals woeful 4-12 season is all PALMER'S fault.....

The Pro Henne crowd says.....YOU CAN'T BLAME IT ALL ON THE QB

The Anti Palmer crowd says....BLAME IT ALL ON THE QB.......

The problem is.....the PRO HENNE CROWD....AND THE ANTI PALMER CROWD are the same crowd.......

I wonder what Palmers first choice team would be. Probably the Vikings but Dolphins have to be at the top.


Quit trying to blur the issue with a bunch of useless details - Sheesh!

Kris, I think you have a tough time lumping me in a group that I was never in.

I never said that Henne does not have anything to improve on. I ALWAYS have said he does have things to improve on.

However, What I did say is that you can not blame the majority of the problems on Henne. there is a cause and effect situation that can not be ignored.

We did not give Henne freedom to play the game, coaches reeld in the whole offense and made it stale and predictable. the O-line due to injuries and shuffeling was one of the worst in the league protecting a QB conisitantly, or opening wholes for RB's.

If that is fact, which most certainly it is, then there are far more CAUSE problems with this team that in EFFECT dicatated how well the players played.

So to blame the majority on Henne is absolutly insane. We have seen good things from Henne, so we know there IS talent. We need to not handcuff the kid and coach with his abilities. then we will truly see if he is good or below average.

But by no means have I ever said NONE of it was Henne's fault, and i challenge you to go back and find my posts and you will see that.

I did say there is more fault to coaching and o-line issues. I never also blamed Palmer for anything at all for the record.

I like Mike Brown. We get to see what it would be like if a casual fan got to run a football team.

I can see Mike sitting in his underwear with a pile of 3-year-old Sports Illustrated magazines, playing Madden '98 and trying to swing trades for players that aren't even in the league any more.

If Tony Siragusa inspires fat guys accross America that they too could have been a pro football player. Mike Brown inspires idiots across America that they too could run a football team.


Seriously though, I believe Palmer is fading fast, in ADDITION to having never really recovered from the terrible injury.

Having said that, I don't blame only Palmer for a horrendous 4-12 season last year. He played a part no doubt, just like Henne here.

Just for the record, if I had to lay blame on Cinci's season, I'd put it on the defense. While they weren't completely putrid, they had major breakdowns at the most inopportune times. Compared to them, our D wasn't bad at all on third downs-LOL!

Anyways and ultimately, as I've said before, I'll stick with the up and comer for this season, along with ALL OF MY DRAFT PICKS!!!!

PS: If that was a dig at me earlier, could you be a little more obvious next time. I completely missed it!

ValHalla - PERIOD!!!!

Poizen.....you are correct.....I went back and read page 1.....

I incorrectly took Oregon's post for one of yours.......

We (you and I) were posting about what a good I you were and I took something Oregon wrote and thought it was you.....

but in actuality that post is for anybody and everybody who believes you get get 1/2 a dozen of one......without 6 of the other......

thats my only point......

Fair enough. No harm no foul. However I like the complimenting Kris, not the one that takes them back. :)


Here is how we begin.


We MUST vote to keep Hennie, Soprano, Ireland and their peps. We MUST hope and pray that the above comes true and Hannie gets the starting job.

Once we have Hannie proclaimed as the starting QB we move onto phase II

Phase II;

Hope and Pray that they insert the full regiment of at least 40 snaps PER GAME dedicated for the WILDCAT.

As long as the WILDCAT is called it keeps Hannie OFF THE FIELD.

So, remember the chant... Wildcat, Wildcat, Wildcat and watch Hannie on that sideline and WE THE FANS will WIN by losing.

We lose the game because of the Wildcat and we lose the games when the wildcat is between plays.


At the conclusion of the next season 2011 or 2012 if the 11 season does not come together. we can watch as Ross has a nervous breakdown of his money as he FIRES Soprano, Ireland and Hannie is traded away or demoted to the number 3.

In 2012 Ross finally listens to the fans and hires a REAL and PROVEN Head Coach and the name of that coach is COWHER.

So, COWHER will be the chant in 2015 because it is going to take him 3 years to purge the fins of all the useless players who don't put out.


Yeah.. That's the path to a Championship in 2016.

Gary Stevens,

Very enlightening post!

I think you just made Mike Brown my Hero AND my Inspiration!

Odin....No dig at you earlier.....you know if i got somethin to say I'll type it....you pinko-commie.......lol

If I had my way Palmer would be a Dolphin for the next 3-4 years...Mallett would be on the bench learning....and we would most likely be set @ QB for the next 18-20 years.....kinda like Belicheat has set up his team......

But I like to think forward.......you know....plan ahead.....

However...I can see Sporano and Ireland's plan too.....

You got Henne starting.....and whats his name backing him up.....you know......whats his name......oh yeah.....NOBODY!

Well thats only one mistake.....a least were set @ RB......oh....wait were not.....

Is anybody comming into this lock-out season in worse shape (planning wise) then us......

Sorry off topic.....


No offense, but I think that's just about the dummest thing I've ever read here.

OK, my apologies, it's definitely not the dummest, but it's at least deserving of an honorable mention!

Poizen.....never took it back.....I stand behind everything i write on here.....your a good guy.....imo

Though I have been consistent in pointing out the mess around Henne I would not count myself in the it's not all Henne's fault or the QB has little role crowd.

Henne's was delt a crap hand AND he could have done more with it last year.

Also I support bringing in competition for Henne as well.

Thing is i DO NOT support dealing a high draft pick for any of the FA QB's. Sorry Palmer is not close to worth that.

IMO V Young provides the most upside. I would have traded for him end of last year and have the thing wrapped up already.

Young is a controversial pick-up and would be taking a chance. I think the chance is worth it to potentially upgrade the position.

The conservative Ireland/Sparano will not go for Vince though. It's just what I want to see happen.

Who cares about Carson Palmer anyways? He's not coming to Miami even if there is a trade! Too expensive! We better get used to the idea of Henne as the starter. Like it or not!

And, some of you guys have been drinking the Kool-aide that the NFL has been spouting! As I remember it correctly, the players were just fine with things the way they were and had hoped for a new CBA just like the last one (or close to it). It was the owners who wanted and EXTRA BILLION off the top, threatened an 18 game schedule, and had already stacked the deck by insisting on TV contracts thet would pay them if there was a lock-out 2 years before they intended to lock the players out. The owners were the one who handed the players a contract at the last minute with a "take-it-or-leave-it" attitude. The players WANT to play! Otherwise, why are they having workouts on their own? Get real, folks! The Billionaires are the ones screwing up the game...not the millionaires!


I agree and will not argue the point of bad planning on behalf of the FO.

However, I do have to say that I have no more confidence in the quarterbacking duo of Palmer/Mallet, than I do in a Presidential ticket featuring Obama and whats his.......ah, her name..............?

Sorry, that's off topic too ;)


Completely agree about the lock out.The owners are greedy and destructive on this thing.


You obviously haven't been paying attention.

The main sticking point with and NFLPA is the 50% of profits for the players.

At the rate of expanding profits in the NFL, this insistence by Smith and the players is ignorant and ludacris.

Even with say a 40% share, the players will still see an increases because of the expanding profit levels over the past 50 years.

Sorry buddy, but apparently you've been drinking something because this is nothing but a greed motivated, egotistical power play on behalf of the players, DuhMaurice Smith and the NFLPA.

The ONLY thing that SHOULD be in question at this point is realistic and comprehensive Health Care Benefits for ALL the former players that have sacrificed so much to bring us our favorite game!

funniest quote ive read yet regarding the lockout is channing crowder saying the quality of play will suffer greatly if lockout goes too long. dont worry crowder im pretty sure in your case no one will be able to tell the difference anyway

The Bengals not wanting to trade C Palmer is EXCELLENT News !!! :) :)

No more draft pks for FA QBs !!!!
We suck with Henne 1 more yr or any other QB who wont cost us pks.

Next yr we move Hell 7 High Water to draft one in the 1st rnd.


LOL.. Myself as a life long Fan back to the AFL times and of course the perfect season. Seen them all come and go.

I remember way back what the late Jets owner Leon Hess said.. I'm 85 years old and I WANT TO WIN!!!! AND I WANT TO WIN NOW!!!!!

He Died shortly after.

We fans can take so much and the Fins are and have been in a terrible place for many, many years. We have a bunch of people running the organization who are wearing diapers (less the DC). Parcells did nothing for us and scampered away as he always does which is his "MO".

We are left with Parcells left overs in Soprano and Ireland and company. Yes, Ross "rewarded" the left overs with contract extensions. How many losing seasons and they are rewarded?

In a nutshell as myself being a Fin fan must be nuts for hanging on...

I wont stand here and cheer for what WE ALL know is the outcome with this crew. We will lose. Lose NOT because the fans have drifted away or because of some Union lockout, we will lose because we DO NOT have the people in control who understand how to WIN.

We don't have mentors for the young players to look up to. We don't have ANY winners on the team, just a bunch of overpaid wannabees who talk but when the time comes to WIN, we all know what that leaves us with. Another Loss.

The "spirit" of the team is non existent. Marshall is disgruntled with Hannie and THAT will remain apparent this next season as Marshall gets frustrated with Chad.

So, am i really that bad in my other post to vision the future.

After all.. I truly cant recall but how many field goals did the Dolphin's kick??

The Dolphin Owner, head coaches, coordinators, GM and players ALL lack the necessary killer instinct to step onto the field and execute a win.

Coach Shula in his day had that killer instinct to WIN and he WON with class without running up the score.

Again, if it takes us losing to gain a future WIN with a change of it all. So let it be written...

i still dont see why its the owners responsibility to take care of these ungrateful greedy players for the rest of their lives when their done playing if its too risky of a proffesion go do something else bunch of ingrate thugs


Forget about Carson Palmer!!! Mike Brown is one of the most obtuse and stubborn men on the planet!!! He will not give into Palmer or anyone else for that matter EVER just to spite them! He is that type of guy!!! If you called him about a trade for Palmer he would basically make you a F*** off type of offer of say two first round picks for him which no one will do!!! Time to move on you are beating a dead horse here!!!

Dear Mr. Salguero

More for your list

I promise not to Cu.. in your mouth

--Every man on the planet

How about I just put in the tip and not an inch more if you let me have the back door

--Every man on the planet

To the employment security commision : Of course I went on 3 job interviews this week


Aloco and the Cuban Menace are not my alias's

--Mr. Salguero

I have never cheated

--Lance Armstrong

I luv a good list

Soiled :)

I don't get a good feeling with Palmer, I still think we need a power house, maybe it will change once he is with the finz, I don't know I agree with the guys above,It didn't work elsewhere.I don't know the answer but we need to pull a rabbit out of our hat and quickly because the fins are losing support by the fans, and I have been a fan for over 40 years and I'm getting tired of what their doing.....It's always the same ol same ol. can they just get a QB that rocks with the receivers. Just once!!


Thanks for recognizing my attempt at a little humor.

I was reading and laughing at your post as well. I was feeling your compassion and pain.

I read the last line of your post about four times before I started to tear up:

"Yeah.. That's the path to a Championship in 2016"

As I read it, 2016 seemed to echo on endlessly!!!!

I feel a sloppy drunk coming on QUICK!


Just the fact we're talking about Palmer should speak volumes about the current management. 4 years and we're hoping Palmer is available? That's it? That's the best they could do in 4 years?

Tyler Thigpen will play a major role in our offense this year, especially in the red zone, get used to it.....

If nobody else is going to say it I will.


You're humor hit just a little too close to home this time!

PS: I SWEAR, you CAN"T get pregnant doing it this way............

You guys want to know why I would want an older (only 32), supposedly lessened or injured veteran on the downside of his career over the younger QB with more potential Miami already has on its roster?

Because last year the older guy on the downside threw 26 TDs and 20 INTs for the crappy Bengals.

And the younger guy with more potential threw 15 TDs and 19 INTs for the Dolphins.

Any more questions?

Armando Salguero | May 24, 2011 at 03:27 PM


In all my time posting on this blogg I`ve never read such a half backed rediculous response from you, are you kidding me? Palmer had Ocho, T.O. and Gersham with Cedric Benson behind a better than averege O-Line and your telling me that in ripping of 4 wins with that supporting cast you`d still like to see him and his masacred knee behind Center for us next season.

Odin put up a post at 3:55 that basically takes the words right out of my mouth because with the exception of Marshall I`d take every member of there Offensive skill players and trade them for ours blindfolded. You also forget that towwards the end of last season there 3rd round steal Brandon Shipley (WR) out of Texas started to really come on as a possession guy for them and Benson was 10 times the RB that either Brown or Williams were last season as well. I can think of any number of Q.B.`s that would have put up 26 TD`S with 20 picks in there attacking styled Offense or didn`t you watch the way AFC Super Bowl rep Pitt. did all they could to hang on to a Monday night victory against that Offense? It`s more an indictment of Palmer that they only one 4 games than it is anything else.

So Mando, if the Palmer thing don't happen, what's plan B? Or maybe I should ask, is there a plan B?


Please think for a second if you will ... Many here are saying Palmer and Henne cannot be compared because Palmer played with so much better talent.

That is blatantly incorrect.

Chad Ochocinco was a great player about four years ago. Recently he is no longer a deep threat. He is not able to separate. He has no quickness. Beyond that, his ego is one that he still thinks he's elite when he is merely a JAG (just a guy). That makes him the worst kind of locker room presence -- big ego former star that is fading and no longer very productive but thinks he's still great and feels a sense of entitlement.

Think on this: The Bengals want to keep Palmer because he is excellent. They have ZERO desire to keep Ochocinco.

The Bengals also had Terrell Owens in 2010. The Bengals will not have Terrell Owens in 2011. If he plays at all in 2011 instead of being FORCED into retirement, it will be with a team that uses him to fill a void out of desperation. That's all he is anymore -- a fill in. He is similarly problematic in the huddle. He is no longer the guy we remember at his height four or five years ago with Dallas.

And if he plays in 2011, Owens will be playing with his fourth team in four years. There is a reason he is bouncing around now. That should raise red flags in all your minds. Think! He's not that good anymore.

On the other hand, you guys are saying Henne had no weapons to work with. Did you see the last post on this blog?

Brandon Marshall was selected the 63rd best ranked player in the NFL in a vote of his peers. For all his faults, he remains better than ANY WR the Bengals put on the field. He had a down year last year and still went over 1,000 yards.

Davone Bess, meanwhile, is a consistent possession receiver. He is today better than Ochocinco. I know you don't want to admit that. But you must disengage from thinking emotionally and believing in players because of their reputations and think of their production instead. Four years ago, Ochocinco was superior. Today, Bess is superior.

So suddenly, where is Cincinnati's better WR corps?

Finally, if you are indeed looking at the offenses, understand that Henne was playing with a better running game on his side than Palmer had working for him.

The Dolphins had the 21st ranked running game in 2010. The Bengals had the 27th ranked running game. The running game, as many here know, is the quarterback's friend. It keeps defenses honest.

And yet, armed with a better running game and what is generally considered among NFL people as a better WR corps, Palmer still turned in a better year statistically than Henne.

You can choose to ignore those facts. But that doesn't erase facts.

The Pro Henne crowd says.....YOU CAN'T BLAME IT ALL ON THE QB

The Anti Palmer crowd says....BLAME IT ALL ON THE QB.......

The problem is.....the PRO HENNE CROWD....AND THE ANTI PALMER CROWD are the same crowd.......

kris | May 24, 2011 at 04:34 PM


There not all the same crowd cause while not sold on the Henne am completely dead set against Palmer. They played on two completely different systems with a different level of talent around them. Armando says he likes the 32 year old Q.B. over the potential in our 25 year old player and I say that is the thinking that sunk us to begin with. Palmer had skill around him that has collectively been to something like 12 to 15 Pro Bowls (8 for T.O., Ocho has been to 3 or 4 can`t remember exactly and Benson has been as well)

Henne had Marshall who played with a hip problem all year, a broken down line that was as much the problem with the run game as anything, an old Ricky who ain`t what he once was, a Ronnie who doesn`t like the contact anymore and a Possession guy in Bess because personally you can keep Hartline,me I`ll take Shipley who`s the possession guy in Cincy.

All of this in a prehistoric Offense that opposing Defenses would openly mock while calling out there plays at the line, given all of that I don`t give Henne a free pass cause he has to make it happen by leaps and bounds but I won`t kick him to the curb for a dammaged Q.B. on the wrong side of 30. If we do this we could end up simply setting the organization back further because this would be no more than a desperation move with no regard for the cost to our future by Ireland.

... Oh, I forgot to include the comparison of TEs ...

Jermaine Gresham has great potential. And Anthony Fasano is clearly not beloved by Dolfans because he is a B-player and everyone wants an A+ player.

But it can be argued Fasano is a better pass-catcher and deep threat than Gresham.

Last year, Gresham caught 52 passes for 471 yards.

Fasano had fewer receptions (39) for MORE YARDS (528).

Gresham averaged 9.1 yards per reception. Fasano averaged 13.5 yards per reception.

Both had four TD receptions.

Fasano is also a better downhill blocker.

So, again, you can say Palmer had a superior TE to work with compared to Henne.

But what happened on the field says quite the opposite is true.

Kool Armando,

It doesn't erase the facts, but you sure are SLANTING them hard right!

Recognize these facts: Henne is here and will make about $330,000 this year.

Palmer, with no guarantees of being an improvement, will cost multiple high picks and who knows how many tens of millions of dollars against the new cap.

I'll take my draft picks and the kid that won more games. After all, wins are more important than stats.

I cut back on the kool aid last year Armando, you should too!


I respect your point on Ocho no doubt but T.O. is on his 4th team in as many years because he need mental health, not because he still isn`t even at his age very productive.

Your a Sports writer so you now it better than me, he had I believe 3 games last year were he lit the competition up for over 200 recieving yards. I wonder did you see the Monday Nighter vs. Pitt. because it was Palmer that blows it late with some questionable passes Owens was on fire and smoking that Pitt D in the middle to the sidelines and yes even downfield, Polamalu played in that game by the way.

You can put up stats but how about Brandon Shipley and the way he played the 2nd half of the season for them and I know your nor making a case for Anthony Fasano over Jermain Gersham. I get it everybody wants to see it,a successful Q.B. I`m no different but if this is the route chosen then I would have moved hell and highwater to get back in round 3 for Mallett a young Q.B. who may just pan out given that rocket on his shoulder, before I would put all our eggs in this basket.

Your not even taking into consideration the fact that he quit on his team, what happens if things get tough for him here and I tell you there have been a bunch of games I`ve watched him over the years were it`s really looked like he mailed it in before the clock hit double zero, the 09 playoff game they had vs. the Jets comes to mind, he quit on them before the 4th quarter was even warm

Last year, Gresham caught 52 passes for 471 yards.

Fasano had fewer receptions (39) for MORE YARDS (528).

Gresham averaged 9.1 yards per reception. Fasano averaged 13.5 yards per reception.

Both had four TD receptions.

Fasano is also a better downhill blocker.

So, again, you can say Palmer had a superior TE to work with compared to Henne.

But what happened on the field says quite the opposite is true.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | May 24, 2011 at 06:19 PM

So, using your own logic, in two short years Henne has ALREADY learned how to use the TE/middle of the field better than Palmer has in 10.

It's not helping your argument any, BUT, GOOD POINT!

odin @6:33,

That`s a good point and by the way Gersham was a rookie last year had some drops but flashes speed Fasano only dreams of at night. I got nothing against Fasano as a #2 but it`s reaching to say anything else and don`t forget Fasano had to long plays one the td vs. G.B. the other the pass Thigpen threw him vs. Tenn that helped pad 100 yards on that stat sheet both by the way were misdirection plays that caught those respective Defenses of Guard.

I stopped drinking Kool-Aid around 7 years old, Odin.

The stats are not slanted. They are what they are.

The argument for Palmer wouldn't be that he might be better. It is that he IS better.

You're betting on Henne after 27 games in which he's thrown more INTs than TDs. You are free to do that.

My argument for Palmer is his career shows he's an upgrade over Henne and that is obvious.

As for your argument that Henne is cheaper ... You want cheap or you want improvement?

Anyway, it's fun debating with you guys.

I doubt this happens anyway. It's not looking good.

But there is a Plan B, cocoajoe. They will find another QB to compete with Henne. Orton, Bulger, somebody...


Wonder why they want to do that?

Frankly, having Palmer or not in Miami is irrelevant !
In fact, I rather see Henne failing again than having an old QB that will serve as a new excuse for the staff to avoid selecting a fresh QB next year in first round draft.
Palmer would become the next, Fiedler, Harrington, Culpepper, Griese, Pennington, etc. That is, QB with no future at all in Miami. It seems that you have a very short memory pal.
Pennington's season was just a fluke which did not reflect the real level of our beloved team.

We dolphans don't want others' team remainings. We are fed up of that. So Armando, please, do not keep feeding this issue, even if you have good intentions.

OK Mando,

I was just trying to rattle you a little. Touche'.

So if I concede Palmer is an upgrade, I guess the question becomes:

Is he a twenty million dollar upgrade worth two high draft picks too boot?

Like you admonished us to do earlier Armando -THINK!-

Oh...so, the players should let the owners have 2 billion off the top, split the rest 40-60, play an 18-game schedule, forget about those old players who are crippled because of the injuries they sustained in a career that, at best, lasts only 4 years and be thankfull that they're still allowed to make a lot of money playing a "game?"

Wow! I guess I really am out-of-touch with what's going on...

Hey Mando,

Maybe the Bengals can let us have Carson`s little brother Jordan instead, he`s never suffered a serious injury and they are almost identical so you can fool yourself into thinking it`s Carson if you wish, by the way did I mention he`s younger and I doubt he`d cost more than an after thought 7th rounder. The more I think about it the better it actually sounds,(Dripping Sarcasm!!!)

Henne's had 27 games in which he threw more int's than TD's. A trait not unfamiliar to many of great QB in their first two seasons.

Palmer has played for ten years in which he lost more games than he's won.

Stats are nice, but wins are wins!

$330,000 or twenty million and two high picks? You do ther math!

thats whay the bengals are the bengals. worst owner in the nfl. he wouldnt deal chad couple years back either when he wanted out and idiot dan snyder offered 2 number 1 picks

...sorry, I didn't realize that Craig M posted almost the same ideas. Well at least I'm glad to see that many of us coincide on the same path.

Look to be honest i believe in henne for several reasons. it's only been two seasons and in his first season he was actually fairly impressive all things considered. He had several games of 300+ passing yards, orchestrated multiple would be 4th quarter comebacks had our defense not given up in the second half every week, and in one game even tied the franchise record for consecutive completions at 17. pretty good for a first year starter id say. Last year, obviously, not his best but i don't place the blame solely on henne. I blame henning for the ineptitude of the offense and i believe henne was coached to check down. A lot of plays were designed simply to clear out space for an underneath dump off to the RB or TE. Henne wasn't allowed to audible at the line if he or his wideouts saw an obvious mismatch. He improved on his intermediate throws showing the ability to drop a ball behind the LB and in front of the safety giving his WRs a chance for the ball. and if you go back and watch the film a lot of those ints were solely his fault either. sometimes a WR fell down or didnt fight hard enough, some of the plays looked like miscommunication and most of those ints were in 4th quarter when the fins were in desperation mode. and come one it has only been two years give the kid a break and exercise some patience and actually cheer for the people on your team. carson palmer is NOT the answer if henne falls apart this year draft a solid qb out of college and let him compete with henne. palmer only has a few goods years left in the tank if that. hes a stop gap not a long term solution


First of all, the players aren't going to "LET" the owners have anything! IT"S NOT THE PLAYERS MONEY-PERIOD! You're maybe thinking along the same lines as them in thinking their entitled! They're NOT!

Secondly, if they take the 40/60 split, their still getting more money than the year before because of the ever present increasing profit margin.

The whole deal is very simple if it weren't for the greed and the egos. I've had many a public defenders in my younger years that could dispense with this mess in a heartbeat.

1. You take the catastrophic health care or whatever the case may be, you take that off the top. Realistic and comprhensive health care for all former players that played for a specified minimum number of years.

2. The owners drop the 18 game fantasy.

3. The players take the 40/60 knowing that the pie will be larger than last year and still get bigger each year.

4. (this one is optional)Demaurice Smith has to make a public apology to all those interested and is exiled to Timbuktu!

Here is the thing...If the team is is a mind frame where the FO thinks that it can win right now with Carson Palmer they should make the move. It doesn't matter what I think, or you think. If they feel he is the guy, pull the trigger.

Now I think that Palmer may offer a window of a couple years that could make us a little better. I do not think he is the guy that is going to get us over the top, and make us SERIOUS contenders. We may be a few games better with him, but we are still pretty much the same team with Henne, as with Palmer. We will just be picking a few spots deeper in the draft.

Let Henne play this next year, put all of this stuff to an end. None of the prospective replacements are much of an upgrade, so why pay for anything that makes the team just a tad bit better? Lets see if Henne is an incompetant dunce, or if it was the workings of an evil madman. If we are going to be middle of the road(around 500, or battling for a one and done wild card style) Lets do it with Henne. Do not..Do not give up anything for the prospects that are the 2012 quarterback class. And who knows, perhaps Henne figures something out...Stranger things have happened.

bulger is the guy to get. quick accurate throws. plays smart. good stop gap starter till we draft someone

Agree dusty. Not a bad option if Palmer is unavailable

I agree Darryl!!!!

I don't to hear any excuses next year on why we can't get a top tier QB in nexts years draft.

If Henne surprises everyone, then fine, we in an even better position.

But if he falters, I want AT LEAST my FULL compliment of picks to do whatever it takes to get that QB in next years draft.

Palmers like that Hooker that's one pull of the pipe away from ten dollar Gigs!

I just read my last post back.

I sound like a Drunk Viking!

Spell check didn't even help......much!


odin @7:19

Glad to see somebody else sees it that way as well, by the way to your 4th point about DeMaurice (snake oil salesmen) Smith I would like to add a public lashing as well anything less for me is unacceptable at this point. I also as you stated earlier would probably find myself in jail if I bump into that guy!!!!!!

henne will never start another game for us

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