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My favorite Dolphins draft pick: Frank Kearse

It's not difficult for me to like rookies. They are a blank slate. They are often enthusiastic. They have, if one gets to them early enough, not been Dolphinized and therefore stripped of their personality.

Kearse_Frank Dolphins seventh-round draft pick Frank Kearse is one such individual. He is projected as a backup project player behind Paul Soliai. He comes with much to learn and many rungs of the ladder to climb because he played collegiately at Alabama A&M.

But during a recent guest appearance on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, I quickly went from wondering if he's a good dude, to liking him, to liking him a lot, to loving him -- without ever watching him play.

The fun began when I asked Kearse what he had for breakfast.

"Grits, eggs, sausage, a waffle and a bowl of oatmeal," he told me.

I asked him if he had a quarterback on the side.

"Once the lockout is over, it will be," he answered.

And we're off and running. And I'm beginning to like him.

Kearse is obviously a trusting soul. I asked how much work the Dolphins had done in studying him. Had they visited with him at the combine? Had they visited with him at his Pro Day? Had they brought him in for a private workout or a meeting with coaches? How many times had the team made contact with him?

"Honestly, I can only remember once," Kearse said. "A guy called and asked for my social security number back in February. In my wildest dreams I never thought it would be Miami. I was talking to Pittsburgh and New England and them other guys like every other week or every week. I thought it was going to be one of those guys but Miami swooped in and I'm happy they did."

So let me get this straight: Pittsburgh was interested. New England was interested. The teams that have combined for seven Super Bowl trips and five Super Bowl victories since 2001 were so interested in this kid they called him routinely. And the Dolphins plucked him?

I'm liking him a lot now.

And what about this answering the phone and having some guy on the other end of the line say he's with the Miami Dolphins and ask you for his social security number ... And Kearse give it to him?

"Hey, it's the NFL, man!" Kearse told me.

So he's trusting. I really like this kid now.

So what kind of player did the Dolphin get?

"A hard worker, intense, I hate losing," he said. "That's the thing. I hate losing. I swear, that's the worst thing that ever happens to me. But I know you have to do things in a certain way in order to win."

Kearse is 6-4 and 313 pounds. But he's no goofy Baby Huey type. He can be something of a nasty individual. I asked him if he'd ever been in a barfight and he said he had not. But on the field is another matter.

"I kind of walked by and hit this guy in the nuts one time when ref was on the other side of me," he said. "I got ejected like five minutes later because the guy wouldn't get off the ground. They scored quick, and I've been beating him, but the quarterback got rid of the ball before I could get to him, whatever. So we're going up the field for the PAT and he's talking trash. He's saying, 'You're supposed to be so good,' talking trash to me all the way down the field. So during the PAT he's still talking trash and I just wanted him to kind of shut up a little bit. But I didn't know he was going to take it that serious, falling down, walling around on the ground and such."

I now love this guy!

Kearse made the transition to defensive lineman from offensive lineman, which suggests he'll do whatever it takes to help the team. So I asked him if he ever punched anyone in the nuts as an offensive lineman.

"Oh, yeah, absolutely," he said.

I totally love this guy!

Listen to the entire interview. You'll have a smile on your face, I promise.

Frank Kearse on Armando and the Amigo




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Please don't let him hit us Big Mondo !!!

dude sounds like a potential superstar.

a potential "sack" master

You have to get credit to Jeff Ireland for finding guys in the middle and later rounds - Devone Bess (undrafted), Nolan Carrol, and Brian Hartline have all become nice players. You can't be surprised if Kearse turns into a gem, Ireland does his homework.

Holy crap, I LOVE this guy.

This guy better make the team! I LOVE this kid! I was cracking up... still chuckling. Hey Armando, you aren't exactly a tough interview, but I was definitely entertained. He is my new pet player. Please keep us updated on his progress and make sure that any further interviews get added to your column. Still chuckling...

Yeah, imagine being the guy on the other end. A guy supposed to be a stud and a leader and you're beating him and in his head, and so he punches you in the nuts. Apparently NONE of you have played sports and been allowed to have been cheap-shot by the other team. Yeah! Moment to be proud! Speak for his competitive spirit, not so much his character.

Awesome, simply awesome! That was the funniest and most inspiring interview with a seventh round pick ever!

He sounds like a great kid, no doubt. I'll be rooting for him.

Reality (unfortunately) is that he has low odds of ever making it.

For every Jeff Cross or Mark Clayton, there are 30 picks that low that are never heard from again...some of whom I'm sure were just as likeable.

Just the reality of the situation. Sorry.

really this is your favourite pick?

nothing wrong with having media savvy or not having any and being straight, the fins thought he had potential, surprise surprise

what ya gonna say after you've had gates on the show, or pouncey or clay or thomas, how many have u met so far? which is your least favourite and is it based on potential or their golf handicap,

give us some "in depth" armando!!

I believe the Dolphins will punk the season out at 3-13. Does anyone agree with me on this prediction?


Please give the kidd some credit! He seems like a real gamer.

abdul, i reckon we're gonna be in 9-7 to 10-6 territory and this should be good enough for ts and ireland to stay


I don't think so my friend. but, I hope you are right

We do not have a quality QB and Daboll does not inspire confidence in me. The FA QB are all pretty bad.

I would like them to try out David Carr, he was the top pick a few years back and did not have a chance with a terrible offensive line in Houston. I saw him in preseason one game he had over 300 yards passing. he has all the ability. He could be a gem.

David carr

Prior to last year, he played 2 years for the Giants in 9 games : rating of 93 and 144%

2008 21 33 63.6% 225 yards 1td 0 ints
2009 9 12 75.0% 115 yards 2tds 0 ints

Intyeresting article from 2005 - when Miami was going to trade for him!!!
Was listening to our local ESPN Radio sports affiliate here and they are reporting that the Houston Texans are in discussions with the Miami Dolphins.

They are reportedly disussing a trade that would send David Carr to Miami in exchange for Ricky Williams and a draft pick. This would open the door for the Houston Texans to draft Vince Young with the first overall pick of the April 2006 draft.

Vince Young went to high school only about a 10 minute drive from Reliant Stadium in Houston. There is a new bandwagon in the Houston area that really wants to see the "local" guy come and play QB for his hometown Texans.

Again, still too early to speculate since we don't even know who the new head coach is going to be. But if this is true, it could place Ricky Williams and Vince Young in the same backfield. Both players standouts from the same University.

This would certainly address Miami's need for a QB, and they already have a very talented RB in Ronnie Brown, Ricky Williams is good trade bait.


our qb has never shown consistent quality for sure

i actually worry more about not having a cameron wake opposite cameron wake

misi might well progress to a higher level this season, i expect our defense to improve though and keep us in games, i also believe whoever wins out the strating qb job will be in control of an offense that is far superior to last year
these factors will be enough for us to improve and be able to get over the line in those close games, so we improve in the results department as well

daboll is an unknown but i believe that even if he is average he will do better than henning

On quiet evenings, I can hear my neighbors urinating.

I'd rather trade Ronnie befor I'd trade Ricky. Come on... Ricky is far a superior RB

I agree wholeheartedly ReyRey, however, both Ronnie and Ricky are UFAs we can't trade either of them.

they should make frank kearse team captain.

I'm not sold paul solia yet. I think its good the phins are looking for backup. I think this guy will be practice squad guy but he might get plucked by the pats or steelers.

Frank "the nut-cracker" Kearse...good nick name for a nose tackle.

Trade Ronnie for Carson Palmer and let him fight it out with Henne for the starter role. Sign a good freeagent RB to bolster the depth there and the O should be ok IF the coordinator does his job.

KYLE ORTON TO ARIZONA .......................... WILL BE SIGNED NEXT FEW DAYS ..................

WE HAVE THIGGY AND BRADSHAW .................. ???

Is there room for this guy? Who won't be back this year? McDaniel? Who else?

I don't know anything about the kid but I suppose it's always good to heave more depth on our line. My guess is he plays on the practice squad and maybe makes the active roster in 2012...just a guess.

I second the "Nutcracker" nickname.


For all the guys that love to trash Henne and Sparano here's what Don Shula has to say about them.I would think Don Shula knows a thing or two about QBs. Notice he doesn't say anything about Sparano being dumb or Henne not having it. Interesting....

Don Shula disappointed Bill Parcells “bailed” on the Dolphins
Posted by Michael David Smith on May 6, 2011, 6:50 AM EDT
Bill Parcells quit after three seasons with the Miami Dolphins’ front office. The man who coached the Dolphins for 26 seasons thinks Parcells jumped ship too soon.

The Miami Herald reports that Shula said he was disappointed by Parcells’ abrupt departure from the organization.

“It seemed like he bailed,” Shula said.

But while Shula doesn’t like the way Parcells left, he does like some of the elements that Shula left behind, including head coach Tony Sparano and quarterback Chad Henne.

“I like Sparano as a coach, and he’s a good guy, too,” Shula said. “[Henne] is a big, strong guy. He’s got a great arm. He needs to work on the touch and the accuracy. That’s the biggest thing. He has all of the stuff to play in the NFL. He just needs to get settled into the role. He can’t make those critical errors.”

So Shula thinks Parcells built the foundation for a good team in Miami. He just doesn’t think Parcells should have walked away from that team.



I liked this pick before the article. Somehow I think he works out. Great that two good teams were looking at him too

i heard him on another show and he was just as funny and charming on that show. he should be lots of fun in the locker room, maybe a less crazy Chowder lol. Hope he plays as well as he entertains

Mando, you should have asked him how he got the nickname "Big Spoon!" I like the kid and I hope that he can make it into the rotation.

On another note, the biggest question mark for the Fins is our Offensive Coordinator! He didn't wow anyone before he came to Miami and I'm concerned that he's not going to put players in the best situations to succeed. His game management skills aren't that great. From what I've heard, he likes to run it between the tackles irregardless of what the defence does. The good news is that Henne won't be dropping back 5-steps to pass on every play. Henning's playbook was known by every team in the NFL! They all knew what the play was before it ever left the huddle. And, pass-rushers knew to find Henne 7 yards back from the center every time!

But, the rumor was that there wasn't enough time to get the playbook to the rookies after the draft. That sounds to me like there wasn't a playbook to hand out! I just want to know, "Is there a playbook?" We do have one, right? Please tell us that it exists! Please!


I'm not sure I agree that Daboll's game management skills are suspect. Go back and look at the Browns vs Pats game from last year. I thought it was sheer genius. They kept Brady off the field and just kept ramming Hillis down their throats. I forget what the final score was but the Browns controlled the game from beginning to end. Great game calling!!.....and let's remember, outside of Hillis and maybe McCoy, he literally had NOTHING to work with. The talent base will be better in Miami, so let's see what he can do.

i see jeff ireland decided to join the phinsiders. so this will be jeff's 4th year with the dolphins and he has decided(with the owners mandate)to speak to the fans about the team. this is something parcells/ireland hadnt done up to now. it was their team,not ours and they acted in such a manner. well now, i've decided i don't want to hear what he has to say. i'm sure sparano finds it difficult to face him daily after what happened with harbaugh.

irregardless = regardless

irregardless = regardless


I hope you're right. We've had enough of "Three Yards and a Cloud of Dust" and "Don't Throw it Long, Go to the Checkdown!" Dan Henning's offence was atrocious, to say the least. My comments were based on things I've heard from Cleveland fans and sportswriters. I very rarely watched the Browns play last year. However, I'm willing to give the man the benefit of the doubt. I'll know more come September 12th, opening night with the Pats on Monday Night Football! Let's see what he can do on the big stage, primetime!



this guy makes my toes tingle

And, to the Word Police,

irregardless is a non-standard usage of the word regardless. However, your Webster's will also tell you that

"Those who use the word, including on occasion educated speakers, may do so from a desire to add emphasis."


2009....... RANKED 32nd
2010.........RANKED 29th


And outside of Joe Thomas and Hillis, what competent offensive player have they had the last two years? Pretty hard for Daboll to open up the offence with next to no weapons to play with. Hence the reason he had to play the cards close to the chest. He'll have more options available to him in Miami.




Posted by: Craig M | May 06, 2011 at 11:16 AM

Wow Craig... that is amazing. This guy rocketed the Browns offense all the way to last place in the league last year and yet you have managed to place him in the genius category. I am a HUGE fan of excuses... I just hope that you have some saved for him this season... oh, wait! No, you seem to have eliminated any possible excuses with your statement that he has soooo much more to work with here in Miami. There you have it everybody... the Dolphins are going to win the SB this year. Thanks Craig!

And so...I shall continue to use the word "irregardless" regardless of what you say or think!
Compared to some of the posts that I've seen on this blog (yours included), might I suggest you find a better use of your time and energy. Perhaps, you should post something of importance about the Miami Dolphins. Or, do you strictly follow the Jets and only show up here to antagonize and ridicule?



I see they didn't cover READING where you went to school. Where did I say that Daboll was a 'genius'? You'll have to show me the direct quote. Maybe show me the one where I said they were going to the Super Bowl also.

To repeat....all I said was, it's impossible to judge Daboll fully from his time in Cleveland because he had so little to work with. To borrow a line from DB, 'it's hard to be offensive in a game of chess, when all you have are a bunch of pawns.' That's what he had in Cleveland. Again I didn't say 'he has so much to work with in Miami', I simply said he has more to work wth than what he had in Cleveland. Do you want to argue that point too?

037Cane, get someone to read and explain this post for you...you obviously struggle in comprehending words on a page!

Craig M.

Ok, I'll give it to you that in that game, Daboll was tenacious. "I'm gonna run until you stop me!" But, I just hope that he can create mis-matches on the field, keep the defence on their heels, and make adjustments during the game. I really do hope so! We've got to use our strengths against their weaknesses. Show run, then go with Play-Action! Go 4 wide to spread out the D and then run it up the middle. Throw everything, including the kitchen sink, at them. Be an attacking offence! If we can be a top 15 offence, and a top 10 defence, then we might smell the play-offs this year. But, that's a lot of "ifs!"

all things considered the nurses here in icu r a pretty dull lot, but they will take a wager on anything , they say the bookie down the road has odds of 50/1 for the fins to win the sb, whilst it would come as a surprise, a pleasant one no less and would leave me feeling a trifle full instead of my currnet nutritional status (very empty)i have placed a small sum at those odds, this is becoz i believe it could happen,and also coz i can afford to risk it as i can't get out of here to spend it on anything else until i'm fed

bottom line

i'm a believer

go fins

get training


'I thought it was sheer genius.'

maybe i added that myself!? or does this actually infer that Daboll is obtuse!?

i see that your argument is that i stated that you called Daboll a genious whereas i merely stated that you put him in the genius category... if you are going to mince words to argue an ill point then i guess that i can do it too... comprehension friendo... it's a terrible thing, huh?

Hey what's up fellas?

I been saying it since the draft that my favorite pick was Daniel Thomas. I don't care about his 4.6, 40 yard dash time. He is athletic, makes sudden moves and cuts and is big and strong. A 40 time to me is the MOST OVER RATED pre draft workout there is. So many guys get drafted high because of a great 40 times and as Miami fans we all know too much about that with Ted Ginn.

The LEADING RUSHER in the NFL last season was Arian Foster he wasn't drafted because of multiple reasons like an average career at Tennessee, injuries and character concerns but MOSTLY BECAUSE he also ran a 4.73 40 at the combine! I remember a few years back Michael Turner ran the 40 in 4.5 but honestly with his size at around 240 lbs he can't touch that 40 time now with a 5 yard head start. He is fast when he gets going and is load to bring down but would bet money he can't crack that 4.5 mark. Same thing for Steven Jackson who ran a great 40 time under 4.5 and does anyone think he can still run that time?

My point being there are plenty of good RBs who aren't TRACK FAST which is exactly what the 40 is designed as. I don't know any RBs who are going to get in a Carl Lewis stance to play football.

I, for one, like our draft picks. I believe that they make us a better team already (even though they haven't played a snap yet). They're all good solid picks! Sure, we may have a few weaknesses; what team doesn't? But, we still don't know how many rookies, 2nd year, and 3rd year players are going to step up their game. For some players, it takes a while for the lightbulb to come on or for the game to slow down for them. They've got to get their heads out of the clouds and stop thinking "Wow, I'm in the NFL!"

If I heard that story come out of a player from any other team, I would be appalled!

Since it's frank Kearse and he's a Miami Dolphin, all I got to say is "Go get em, Killer"!

Oh wait, that Wilson guy from Montana already has that nickname.

Is yo Momma a Ho?

No, but I killed her Husband!

I punch people in the nuts!

I beat up my ex-wife and two of my Girlfriends!

We got to get rid of the drunk driver and the dope smoker, they just don't fit in with this team anymore!

Way to go Jeffy!

Frank 'the ball buster' Kearse!!

Posted by: Andy NJ | May 06, 2011 at 12:55 PM

that is actually a pretty dang good argument... not necessarily that i agree but i don't exactly disagree... what i mean by that is that i feel that the 40 times are a reliable gauge of an athletes propensity to succeed in the NFL among many other characteristics... but i believe that your information regarding other successful players with slower times is accurate... and you have made me feel a little better about Thomas...

So let me get this straight you will hate on Mallet because he said something to his father but you love this guy cause he hit someone in the nuts lol. He gets beat for a td then out of anger slaps a guy in the nuts then gets ejected. HMMMM last I checked that sounds like an anger mgmt problem and getting ejected from games is not a good thing idiot. You only like this guy because he went on your stupid radio show. I could only bare to read half of this article ur man crush with an unproven seventh rounder was making me sick.


This article only proves the Dolphins only sniffed his cologne. But NE/Pitt sniffed arm pitts, balls, a*ss, feet, and cologne. Then concluded even though the cologne smelled great. The rest of this guy smelled like s*hit warmed over.

Seems NE/Pitt spent "far more" time in thier evaluations of this kid than the "one hit" Ireland.

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