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My favorite Dolphins draft pick: Frank Kearse

It's not difficult for me to like rookies. They are a blank slate. They are often enthusiastic. They have, if one gets to them early enough, not been Dolphinized and therefore stripped of their personality.

Kearse_Frank Dolphins seventh-round draft pick Frank Kearse is one such individual. He is projected as a backup project player behind Paul Soliai. He comes with much to learn and many rungs of the ladder to climb because he played collegiately at Alabama A&M.

But during a recent guest appearance on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, I quickly went from wondering if he's a good dude, to liking him, to liking him a lot, to loving him -- without ever watching him play.

The fun began when I asked Kearse what he had for breakfast.

"Grits, eggs, sausage, a waffle and a bowl of oatmeal," he told me.

I asked him if he had a quarterback on the side.

"Once the lockout is over, it will be," he answered.

And we're off and running. And I'm beginning to like him.

Kearse is obviously a trusting soul. I asked how much work the Dolphins had done in studying him. Had they visited with him at the combine? Had they visited with him at his Pro Day? Had they brought him in for a private workout or a meeting with coaches? How many times had the team made contact with him?

"Honestly, I can only remember once," Kearse said. "A guy called and asked for my social security number back in February. In my wildest dreams I never thought it would be Miami. I was talking to Pittsburgh and New England and them other guys like every other week or every week. I thought it was going to be one of those guys but Miami swooped in and I'm happy they did."

So let me get this straight: Pittsburgh was interested. New England was interested. The teams that have combined for seven Super Bowl trips and five Super Bowl victories since 2001 were so interested in this kid they called him routinely. And the Dolphins plucked him?

I'm liking him a lot now.

And what about this answering the phone and having some guy on the other end of the line say he's with the Miami Dolphins and ask you for his social security number ... And Kearse give it to him?

"Hey, it's the NFL, man!" Kearse told me.

So he's trusting. I really like this kid now.

So what kind of player did the Dolphin get?

"A hard worker, intense, I hate losing," he said. "That's the thing. I hate losing. I swear, that's the worst thing that ever happens to me. But I know you have to do things in a certain way in order to win."

Kearse is 6-4 and 313 pounds. But he's no goofy Baby Huey type. He can be something of a nasty individual. I asked him if he'd ever been in a barfight and he said he had not. But on the field is another matter.

"I kind of walked by and hit this guy in the nuts one time when ref was on the other side of me," he said. "I got ejected like five minutes later because the guy wouldn't get off the ground. They scored quick, and I've been beating him, but the quarterback got rid of the ball before I could get to him, whatever. So we're going up the field for the PAT and he's talking trash. He's saying, 'You're supposed to be so good,' talking trash to me all the way down the field. So during the PAT he's still talking trash and I just wanted him to kind of shut up a little bit. But I didn't know he was going to take it that serious, falling down, walling around on the ground and such."

I now love this guy!

Kearse made the transition to defensive lineman from offensive lineman, which suggests he'll do whatever it takes to help the team. So I asked him if he ever punched anyone in the nuts as an offensive lineman.

"Oh, yeah, absolutely," he said.

I totally love this guy!

Listen to the entire interview. You'll have a smile on your face, I promise.

Frank Kearse on Armando and the Amigo




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Unfortunately, I don't think we're making much progress in negotiations because they really aren't happening," Goodell said on the call. "Right now, it's in a litigation phase and the union is pursuing that while we are defending that. Unfortunately, there are not enough negotiations, which ultimately it's going to have to come back to and is where this will get resolved and end in a new collective bargaining agreement."

The next date for court-ordered talks in front of a federal magistrate is May 16.

Chiefs owner Clark Hunt told callers that small-market teams such as the Chiefs could be at a competitive disadvantage with big-market teams if the NFL does not adjust to the times.

For an example, Hunt needs only to watch the small-market Kansas City Royals. Unable to match the richer clubs' salary offers for top players the Royals have developed, Kansas City has been shut out of baseball's postseason since 1985.

"It's incredibly important for a team like the Kansas City Chiefs that we have a collective bargaining agreement that is good for all 32 clubs," Hunt said. "We don't want a system that heads in the direction of baseball. We have some concern that this has the potential to go that way. We want a deal that allows our great game to continue to grow."

-Litigation = Bullshyt! Eats up a ton of time and money. Realistically has almost NO BEARING on the CBA! It's a ploy by the NFLPA. Their arguing conditions of the STRIKE. Not conditions of the new CBA. Bad scene.

-The next court ordered talks are May 16th! That's 10 more days of nothing. The two sides aren't even communicating. Unacceptable in my opinion.

I hope the owners and the NFLPA at least realize what this will ultimately accomplish in terms of the fan base.

Us hard core fans will be here one way or the other. There's just no life without football for us.

The fringe fans, the fair weather fans, which make up a large part of the fan base and represent the largest potential for future growth, these fans will be lost.

With the NFL being a big business, it seems growth should be a priority. Especially in these dwindling economic times.

PS: For those of you that hate long posts, Eat Me! Thug U! I want a deal done NOW!!!!

So what do really have in Kearse, a developmental olineman or NT?

Can he refill the the gatorade keg too?

No way DB this guy is the real deal he was on Mando in the morning or whatever the hell that shows name is.

Maybe he can start running spell check and proof reading for Mando too. Lol last nights post was hilarious how he was trying to drill Mallet but his words and numbers were all jacked up!

Here we go again, more "Men loving" from Armando


Oh.......... I guess if I ever decide to become a presidential candidate. I need do so by first appearing on "Armando And The Amigo" radio show.

Eureka!!! Now I get it. Why have I nebver thought of this before. Absolutely f*uckin brilliant! LOL........

I'm gonna perform brain surgery. Am I a surgeon? Nope but I did appear on the "Armando and The Amigo" radio show yesterday lol.

Ima go get this dudes rookie card he is a future hall of famer for sure lol!!!!!

Barak Obama will never be elected simply because he failed to appear on "Armando And The Amigo" radio show.

Guys if Obama appears on "Armando And The Amigo" before next years election, then his re-election's in the bag!

Ryan Mallet is going to be picking up this dudes trash on the corner everyday because he failed to appear on the "Mando and The Amigo" radio show and is now hated by Mando lol.


If you ever want to be considered a serious presidential candidate. You must first make at least one appearance on the "armando And The Amigo" radio show.

If not, you may as well be Sarah Palin. Your chances of winning are even worse. LOL....

Gyus, Armando hates us all because none of us have appeared on "Armando And The Amigo". LOL.......

Ha Ha!

Somehow I have no qualms about a NT down in the trenches being meaner than a rabid pit bull. On the contrary, I almost relish the thought!

The QB however is a different beast altogether. To much rides upon his shoulders and to many eyes are focused on him.

While I do think a competitive nature is required, I do believe a certain amount of tact an eloquence should exist as well.

Talking about payback time is all good and well. Talking about payback time somewhere in the realm of the next decade however, belies a sense of an overly exuberant almost begrudging attitude.

Or more simply said, the guy sounds dumerin a sack a rocks!

PS: You ever notice how much differently you write when sober?

I use words I didn't even know I knew?


Yeah DB but what if Sarah Palin goes on the "mando and the amigo" radio show? If that ever happens I'm moving to Brazil cause she will be elected president for sure.

Awe man I just tried getting this guys rookie card but there aren't anymore left. Apparently somebody by the name "Armando" bought them all. Man whoever bought them is gonna be rich real soon lol.

Well guys I gotta go slap somebody in the nuts and get in line for the "mando and the amigo" radio show lol.Have a fun filled yet safe weekend.Oh yeah and don't forget it's mothers day Sunday; no need to piss off any females there is enough nut slapping going on already lol!

This reminds me of a saying we have back in the islands. "Ne ha'aa kolo molokai na' a faaola."

On Monday, in reference to public reaction to the death of bin Laden, Mendenhall tweeted, "What kind of person celebrates death? It's amazing how people can HATE a man they have never even heard speak. We've only heard one side..."

He also tweeted, in reference to the 9/11 terror attacks: "We'll never know what really happened. I just have a hard time believing a plane could take a skyscraper down demolition style."

Mendenhall wrote a clarification and apology Wednesday.

He agreed to a four-year extension with Champion on Sunday, but the company pulled the plug just a few days later. Mendenhall has endorsed Champion products since becoming a first-round draft pick of the Steelers in 2008.

-Mendenhall just lost a ton of money.

I did think some of the celebrations over Bin Laden's death made us look eerily similar to the crazies in the Middle East celebrating terrorist attacks on America.

Other than that Mendenhall just sounds like a first class idiot!

Live by the sword, die by the sword.

You get what you play for.

Mendenhall's comments were insipid, but unfortunately he joins with millions of others in the "conspiracy crowd" who think this way.

Back in the real world, kudos to the military and our Commander in Chief who executed this plan brilliantly---and fully agreed with the president that releasing the "death photos" serves no good purpose whatsoever.

Not trying to make any comparisons, but Jason Ferguson was taken Number 229 in the 7th back in 1997. Same position. Now Ferguson had to contend with testing positive for Marijuana just before the draft, but the fact remains that often time "Big Bodies' can be grabbed in late rounds because they are not always so easy to grade out. I have respect for the Pittsburgh Organization looking at him. They know their Linemen and also know how to drag long term high productivity guys out of the lower draft picks.

As far as Kearse being Armando's “Favorite” Rookie, and all those things spoken here, I think a few guys’ need to know when things are said that are dead serious. And when things are said that may have substance and merit, but also have their share of "Tongue in Cheek" sarcasm. The guys is a refreshing personality from a generation lacking in such things.

Channing Crowder could've used a teamate like Kearse when he was getting beatch slapped around and spat on.

I don't want CHEAP DIRTY players.

But I'll take wicked, mean and nasty EVERYDAY.

I myself am hoping Kearse ends up in the Pro Bowl wearing a Dolphins helmet. If he has to kick some nads along the way, so be it.

If you've ever played football, you know them trenches are a dangerous place!

Walter likes apricots and Deborah likes walnuts. Cynthia does not care for leeks, however.

Odin, Mendenhall is the typical example of an athlete talking about something they know nothing about (the problem here is Twitter, not anything said).

Mendenhall said we're just getting one side. Really? I guess he never heard the many dozens of proclamations bin Laden has made over the last decade. Things about killing infidels, destroying the "West", etc.

I was born in the Middle East (dad was working for the State Dept), have family from and living in the Middle East and have studied the Middle East, and I can tell you first-hand that there's a segment of Muslims who are crazier than batsh*t and only live to destroy infidels (anyone who isn't Muslim). It's not most of the people, it's a small, but very vocal segment. They don't deserve to be listened to, or negotiated with, they only deserve to be destroyed. They are the doorjam to modernity. They live in the 11th Century, not the 21st Century. I have nothing but disgust for those people.

The rest of the Muslims (which by the way is the great majority), I love and they deserve not to be tarnished by these other jokers. bin Laden used Islam as his shield, but any REAL Muslim would tell you he is a disgrace to the true teachings of the Prophet Mohammed.

So Mendenhall knows nothing. I know the type, Americans who think America is always to blame. We are to blame sometimes, but not all the time. And this is one of those times where we did the absolute, 100% right thing for the entire world by ridding it of the trash that bin Laden was. Any intelligent person should see that, and if you don't you need to travel the World, because try going to Saudi Arabia and saying the things people say against our President here, and see if you don't get hung. Our freedom of speech is great, however, in many places on Earth that right does not exist (and you'll get beheaded if you tried). Why doesn't Mendenhall go to Afghanistan (and bring his girl too) and see what happens to both of them.

Anybody who wants to "hear both sides" of the Osama Bin Laden debate ought to be traded to the Yemen Dusteaters. Jeez kid, stfu. You've got it pretty good. Stick to fubbal.

DC Dolfan...

A fine and well written post at 4:23.

There is a reason for those you described. "Americans who think America is always to blame"...
The reason is really simple yet very profound, and even somewhat disturbing. It is easy to point, blame and bad mouth the USA because it is highly unlikely someone will drag you to a Police "Interrogation" center and beat the truth "INTO YOU"... The freedoms we enjoy are often times the vehicle for those who need to assign blame.

It is one of our great character defects as humans. We desperately need to "Blame" someone. We need to assign fault and responsibility. When we don't, we are forced to face the actual problem and trying to find a remedy.

Back in the 80's, the Japanese were very successful in their business practices. They still are in many way, the global economy we have been thrust into just caught up with them. One of their primary "Idea's" they adhered to was when something went wrong, they chose to fix the problem rather then find who was at fault. We have entire media blocks and 24-hour news shows who have no other reason to exist other then to find "Who is to blame"...

I have found that those who are invested in the US. Either through their family, military service, love of freedom, owning a company or even just a bit of some companies stock. Or have taken the time to spend with some Veterans or in SOME WAY invested themselves in our society and in the private (Not Government directed) work that builds personal, mental and emotional wealth even at the most miniscule levels... Instead of waiting for it to be provided... Are FAR FAR less likely to point a finger at our Nation.

You are right we make mistakes... BIG ONES. But my 12 years in the military and other services have taken me just about everywhere there is to go.... and I am ALWAYS glad to come back home. IMO, we are by a long stretch, the best thing going, and are smart enough to have written in the ability for change into our most important documents we live under.

DC and Derek,

Nice posts. I agree, we as a people often times NEED someone to blame.

I haven't thought it through yet, but I feel the need to blame someone right now.

So tonight, I'm blaming YOU DC and Derek, for the ongoing NFL Labor strike!

Nah-Nah NUH Nah-Nah!!!!


Completely Moronic story by the Latino Hyenas

Waste of a blog

and the link

r u kidding me

U thought that garbage was informative or entertaining!?


It Sucked

Absolutely Sucked!

Hey! Even our 7th round pick looks like a bonafide Superstar in the making! Go Miami! Go Frank Kearse, you're going to be a starter before the year is over and I'll bet on that!

IMO, the real problem with Mendenhall's "tweet" is that conspiracy theories only offer "circumstantial, proponderance, or compelling" evidence at best. Well, that's fine if you plan to take someone to small claims court. But you could never get a conviction in any "criminal court" in the land based on those conditions.

Until these conspiracy theorist shallow wits come up with enough evidence to criminally prosecute anyone they'll always be seen as overzealous fantasists of unsubstantiated fools gold of truths.

In laymen's terms, total "NUTJOBS!" Just a shame Mendenhall was "publically" caught up in its slippery web.

Plus conspiract theorist have never even come up with enough "probable cause" according to prosecutory law to even have sufficient cause for warrant of arrest. Let alone prosecute anyone. LOL...........

If there was definitve prosecutory evidence a high ranking govt official was responsible for 911. When prosecuted, he should be tied to a tree and 200 million Americans lined up, with each given one shot at back handed smacking the s*hit out his face.

Even, if he doesnt survive that. Still have a firing squad shoot into his dead body finalizing his shameful, dispicable, and dishonorable act.

Kearse will be my favorite if he pushes Soliai for the starting NT spot.

Misi had good numbers last year and should, like the rest of the defense benefit from year two under Nolan.

Dansby was an improvement in defending TE's last year. He and Edd's could provide improvement there. Dobbins could show improvement too.

The corners are on the brink of breaking out. The too many dropped INT's from last year is an indication.

What is it year 3 for Davis and Smith? I look for several INT's for each of those guys this season.

Then the D line. Really of interest to me because it is arguably the most loaded area on the roster and ought to have a dominant season.

With 4 good DE's on the line Sparano will be faced with decisions about playing time and possibly dealing one.

ST once again will play a huge role in deciding Dolphin games. It would be nice to see that unit click this year running Gates.

I am hopeful that Clay and Gates can stand out and bring something dynamic to the passing game.

Looking for info about Pat Devlin ?

Armando better be careful saying Kearse is his favorite, if Jimmy Wilson finds out he may kill him

All you NUT JOBS....who have a different Opinion just SHUT UP.......difference of opinion is for you conspiricy Nuts....



The goverment never lies....and if they EVER did lie....well that would be for my own good.....and I can live with that....

Sarcasm intended......

So Mendenhall knows nothing.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | May 06, 2011 at 04:23 PM

DC....I would becareful about making such broad sweeping statements about Mendenhall.....

He only sent out a tweet....140 charters or less....

He didn't write an book explaining his inner most thoughts and feelings on the conflicts and workings of 9-11.....

He basically said he didn't agree with what many think are socially acceptable.....

This country was founded by such men......men who didn't agree with the norm.....

men who questioned authority......

Remember when the world was flat....if you thought otherwise....well then you were just a NUT JOB.....or you (DC) might say, that person who thought the world was round....."knows nothing".....

Kearse will push for playing time right away.

After watching him line up against Berger amd Pouncey, SpOrano will think he's All World!


90 KEARSE,Frank 30 tk 27 ast. 57 total 14-30 TFL 1-5 sack 2 FF


As far as the founding of America as we know it today. It didnt arise out of simple agreement. Americans under British rule just refused to continue paying the ever rising and ridiculous tea taxes. Then not having British Parliamentary representation to boot.

Over-taxation without representation was the HUGE problem.

As far as the world being flat, some dumb fisherman found that the further out to sea he sailed. The distance from the horizon remained the same. He never fell off the ends of the "flat earth." The old "carrot on the rope and string trick" if you will.

"simple disagreement"

Kris, Mendenhall still thinks the world is flat and we never landed on the moon!

Mando, have laughed this much at anything football in a while...excellent read, my friend.
Always nice to have a defensive player who's just a little bit "nuts." LOL

He sounds a bit Dick Butkus-ian.
Should be a fun camp, if we have one.

Whoops, I meant "haven't laughed this much..." sorry.

Kris, the 140 word limit should be reduced to 5 or less for those who should basically keep their mouth shut.
If someone feels the need to go public with their personal opinions, then they deserve whatever should befall them.

Anyone taking what Mendenhall said at face value would think him a terrorist sympathizer at worst, or a parrot at best, chirping (tweeting) the company line espoused by a small, anti-US cadre of haters.

Considering the immense amount of money he makes, or WILL make despite saying things that would get a majority of 9 to 5 folks fired, he is lucky just to lose a Champion sponsorship.

Reality check. By this countries own definition of terrorism, we are the #1 terrorist nation on earth. Some of you will howl or ridicule or call me sick or just wave the red, white and blue, fine. Add up all the lives we've killed in unprovoked wars against sovereign nations. Just Iraq alone was a war on false pretenses for the sake of revenge and Cheney's ex company Haliburton oil contracts. They didn't even have to bid on those contracts which is required by law, Bushie and friends just automatically awarded them the contracts. Business rules. Money is dirtier than war.


Not sure what you meant by "lucky just to lose a Champion sponsorship". Making $50,000 for 30yrs and you probably wouldnt in a lifetime earn as much as Mendenhall's short term Champion sponsorship would have earned him.

Also saying most 9-5 folks would be fired from thier jobs tweeting the same things is speculative on your behalf at best. Though I cant totally agree with what he said. I can definitely understand why he said them and can most Americans.

Freedom of speech is one the most important civil liberties all Americans can enjoy. If we all agree with everything said by us all. We may as well throw away that oh so important civil liberty and just become a "Borg Collective."

Why dont we all just become "system robots". Then we never have to worry about individualisms. Just plug in the program of how we all should think and everything will be so ok! LOL.........

Hell, Sarah Palin actually had seniors believing Obama-Care had "death camps" awaiting to systematically eliminate them.

Yet there was no bash-Palin campaign initiated for that great falsehood. Even total idiots like Palin can hide beneath the finely fabric hems of "freedom of speech's" garment of civil liberty.

dyingbreed ,,,, CHANGE THE SUBJECT , PLEASE .......

Anytime you dont like something you hear in America and want to go ballistic in reply. Look Adolph Hitler up and ask how well that worked out for him.

Oh yeah, it went so well for him it got him dead! LOL...........


I think its so important to harp on because the same overly prosecutory people just dont realize where they themselves would be without these same "civil liberties" they wish to deny others.

There is a lot of things wrong with this country, but one thing for sure is the 2 lines, one is for people wanting to leave, and the other is for people wanting to come in, all you need to know is which line is the longest.I would say the one for people waiting to come in, and for a great reason. Bill



Bill, the great reason you mention though is to take your job away. Kind of changes the value of those two lines a bit.


When these civil liberties were drawn up with our Consitution. Not once did they amend it to say you only recieve them if you're right.

Anyone can pretty much say anything they like unless it represents an "IMMINENT DANGER."



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