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My favorite Dolphins draft pick: Frank Kearse

It's not difficult for me to like rookies. They are a blank slate. They are often enthusiastic. They have, if one gets to them early enough, not been Dolphinized and therefore stripped of their personality.

Kearse_Frank Dolphins seventh-round draft pick Frank Kearse is one such individual. He is projected as a backup project player behind Paul Soliai. He comes with much to learn and many rungs of the ladder to climb because he played collegiately at Alabama A&M.

But during a recent guest appearance on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, I quickly went from wondering if he's a good dude, to liking him, to liking him a lot, to loving him -- without ever watching him play.

The fun began when I asked Kearse what he had for breakfast.

"Grits, eggs, sausage, a waffle and a bowl of oatmeal," he told me.

I asked him if he had a quarterback on the side.

"Once the lockout is over, it will be," he answered.

And we're off and running. And I'm beginning to like him.

Kearse is obviously a trusting soul. I asked how much work the Dolphins had done in studying him. Had they visited with him at the combine? Had they visited with him at his Pro Day? Had they brought him in for a private workout or a meeting with coaches? How many times had the team made contact with him?

"Honestly, I can only remember once," Kearse said. "A guy called and asked for my social security number back in February. In my wildest dreams I never thought it would be Miami. I was talking to Pittsburgh and New England and them other guys like every other week or every week. I thought it was going to be one of those guys but Miami swooped in and I'm happy they did."

So let me get this straight: Pittsburgh was interested. New England was interested. The teams that have combined for seven Super Bowl trips and five Super Bowl victories since 2001 were so interested in this kid they called him routinely. And the Dolphins plucked him?

I'm liking him a lot now.

And what about this answering the phone and having some guy on the other end of the line say he's with the Miami Dolphins and ask you for his social security number ... And Kearse give it to him?

"Hey, it's the NFL, man!" Kearse told me.

So he's trusting. I really like this kid now.

So what kind of player did the Dolphin get?

"A hard worker, intense, I hate losing," he said. "That's the thing. I hate losing. I swear, that's the worst thing that ever happens to me. But I know you have to do things in a certain way in order to win."

Kearse is 6-4 and 313 pounds. But he's no goofy Baby Huey type. He can be something of a nasty individual. I asked him if he'd ever been in a barfight and he said he had not. But on the field is another matter.

"I kind of walked by and hit this guy in the nuts one time when ref was on the other side of me," he said. "I got ejected like five minutes later because the guy wouldn't get off the ground. They scored quick, and I've been beating him, but the quarterback got rid of the ball before I could get to him, whatever. So we're going up the field for the PAT and he's talking trash. He's saying, 'You're supposed to be so good,' talking trash to me all the way down the field. So during the PAT he's still talking trash and I just wanted him to kind of shut up a little bit. But I didn't know he was going to take it that serious, falling down, walling around on the ground and such."

I now love this guy!

Kearse made the transition to defensive lineman from offensive lineman, which suggests he'll do whatever it takes to help the team. So I asked him if he ever punched anyone in the nuts as an offensive lineman.

"Oh, yeah, absolutely," he said.

I totally love this guy!

Listen to the entire interview. You'll have a smile on your face, I promise.

Frank Kearse on Armando and the Amigo




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Henning had sucess, indeed. 30 years ago.

When you average out Hennings career, it really starts to look like he simply lucked out for a second back in the 80's. Probably due to the roster he INHERITED.

You can try and defend the crap he pulled here and in Carolina this decade, but you can't fool ME! I'm just telling you the FACTS. Henning simply has not even been CLOSE to competitive for ALMOST three decades.

Carolina "relieved" him of duty as has Miami. I suspect there is a valid reason. It ain't rocket science after all.

Holmgren? What makes Holmgren an offensive genius? Oh wait, I remember now. Arguably the best QB to have ever played the game. Duh!

What has Holmgren ever done without Farve? Basically NOTHING! Made the playoffs you say? Tony Sporano made the playoffs! Oooooooooooo!

Defending Hennings, that's rich. The guy uses a fullback in his two minute offense, Ah ha ha! The draft a Rocket Armed QB and then trade for Brandon Marshall. When asked the game plan, Henning replies: "why I'd like to run the ball on every play! YeHaaaaW"!

The BEST thing about hennings tenure here was that it ended, period! 3 years too late, but thank GOD almighty it's ended!

The QB and drive killing Wildcat. Doof de do de DOOF!

You'd do better trying to defend Osama Bin Laden you dolt! Hennings got LUCKY 30 years ago, that it's. Other than that nada, zilch, ZERO! OVERATED and very OUTDATED!

That guy rode two winning seasons a LONG, LONG way. When he lost, it was his players fault, but when he got lucky and won, boy, he was a legend. Yeah, I got a bridge for sale Pal!

i just cant bring myself to believe that henne will be the starter. ireland has to address the situation in FA or he isnt a GM! and why didnt we draft a qb??? we let the jets grab mcelroy in the 7th. our first 2 picks were disappointing and definite reaches. what happened to the best player available mantra? why didnt we trade up one spot(cost a 7th) to grab nick fairley or take prince(more value) at 15? ireland plays it safe and loes again.

loses again.

..I think the differences between Holmgren and Daboll come down to philosophy. Holmgren is a west coast guy. Give him his props, he did take a Seattle franchise to a Super Bowl, and was the offensive mind behind the post Walsh 49ers. His resume speaks for itself.

Just because Holmgren didn't jive with Daboll doesn't mean the young coordinator can't be succesful here. Remember last year was year 1 of the Holmgren experience in Cleveland. It was only time before Holmgren was going to mold the franchise into his vison, sort of like what Parcells does when he takes over shop. Before we go killing Daboll. Lets see what he brings to the table. Obviously the philosophy here fits his style much better then what they wanted in Cleveland.

Henning was 3/4 of the problem here. Sure Henne played poorly. And this isn't me making excuses for Henne, I don't know what he is. but Armandos article where he stated that the offensive scheme called only for 5 step drops. you can imagine how easy it was for defenders, or teams to prepare. Maybe the mistake was over simplifying the offense so much, that in essance we gave ourselves little if no opportunity for any success as the season progressed. These guys are smart. If the opposition knew this. Imagine how easy it was to prepare? Only so many options from these plays. Throw in untimely wildcat plays with the personel at hand. And we were doomed.





I'm kind of forcing myself to have faith in Henne. I'm not real confident with the prospect, but I do believe he'll be as good as and probably better than almost everyone available. Worst case scenario, we find out he ain't it and have a decent spot at drafting a good QB in a MUCH BETTER draft class.

In my opinion, this was piss poor QB draft class, so we most probably didn't miss out on much. I still wish we could have landed Stanzi, but that went out the window with the RIDICULOUS trade up for Daniel Thomas.

I won't knock Thomas, on the contrary, I'm his biggest fan. I have to be, I'm a Dolphin Fan! I'll knock the heck out of Irelands retarded trade up though.

I don't know about trading up for Fairley, but I agree with you, B-P-A B-P-A B-P-A! I'm no talent scout, but I still can't find any video in which Pouncey dominates ANYONE. I haven't seen anything that would make ME think he's worth the 15th overall pick. I hope I'm wrong, but I would have most definitely went with a need in one of the monster Tackles and more probably PRINCE.

Davis and Smith are coming on, but after that it's Sapp, Carroll or an aging Will Allen who hasn't played in basically two full seasons.

We face to many good QB's to think just two CB's can get the job done.

No Henne is not the answer. Look for the dolphins to bring someone in or trade for one. Plus the coach is TERRIBLE.


P.s, To all MOMS out there, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.


I don't want to confuse issues. So first let me say, I personally recognize a difference between innocent bystanders being killed whether it's a drive by shooting in Detroit or a terrorist attack in New York.

This as opposed to say German and Japanese civilians killed in a war time footing.

You asked me what I thought, so I'll tell you.

The Bush and Prescott families are an entirely different matter. I think the Patriarch of this family should have been tried for collaborating with known enemies of the State at the close of WWII.

I think George Bush SR. could have and should have been tried for treason AT LEAST three times BEFORE he even became Vice President for Reagan. I also believe the same could be said SINCE he became Vice President, though I have no realistic idea on how many counts of treason would be warranted.

George Bush Jr. simply stole the election with his merry band of traitors. No one as ignorant as George Bush Jr. should even be allowed to BE President. This guy barely has the linguistic prowess of a Tony SpOrano for Christs sake.

I won't digress into Middle Eastern politics, but I will say I think the entire handling of events has been TRAGIC!

Having said all that, I still can't defend the KNOWN actions of Osama Bin Laden either. The guy was "created" so to speak by Bush Sr. CIA intermediaries. He was allowed to operate, as so many CIA sponsored terrorists are, as long as he was needed.

Now, just because the CIA created this menace, it doesn't mean he has ca rte blanch to maim and kill as he sees fit. He was playing ball with a bunch of cut throat traitors whose only loyalties lie with the almighty dollar. I don't know what he was expecting, but, when you live by the sword, you better be prepared to die by the sword.

The only thing I think that would have been more poetically justifiable was if the Bush family was subjected to the same kinds of treatments they have dolled out over the years.

PS: That last paragraph was putting it "POLITELY"!

Now Justin, since you asked, I would be very interested in hearing what YOU "say about that"?

If Henne plays anywhere close to how he played "Pre-Hennings" the Dolphins will win Ten this season.

Daboll doesn't have to be the next genius Offensive coordinator. With this cast and crew all he needs to be is Competent!

A brief example would be this: If the fans can predict your playcalls 95% of the time and opposing defensive backs can call out your pass routes pre-snap, you MIGHT want to change things up just a tad!


What about Vince young ?


Brilliant, insightful interview with the president this evening on 60 Minutes.

To quote him: "Anyone who doesn't think the perpetrator of mass murder on American soil didn't get what he deserved needs to have their head examined."

Bravo, Mr. President.

dude was a 7th rd pick for a reason. get off the hype

odinseye - Holmgrem took over two dead beat last place teams and brought them to the SB. How many coaches have done that? According to the refs of the Seattle Pitt SB, they admit they blew some calls that changed the game. Seattle really should have been the winner...but, they did make the dance. One has to give credit where credit is due and not just cop out by saying Holmgrem lucked out.

Henning retired, not fired. Daboll, was fired, so now what do you deduce from that? Fine to be an eager fan but sucking Hennes jock strap ain't going to change his play, neither is Mr. Daboll who according to Holmgrem is too inflexible and doesn't use his wide outs. If I have to choose Holmgrems evaluation or yours, um...Holmgrem gets my vote.

I enjoy using Hand Sanitizers, whether they are gels or liquid sprays. I especially like ones that are peppermint or citrus-scented.

odinseye its common for teams spending a whole week watching the film to know a high percentage of your plays. The great Peyton Manning even said he heard Zach Thomas calling out his plays, Zach knew what was coming...so there...it is not an anomaly.

i agree daboll is garbage. and i dont think henne will ever start another game for us

I was in no way much of a Henning fan, I do believe change was appropriate. I do think he got way too much of the blame in the press though. It's great players that make coaches look great, not the other way around.


Use the peppermint scented hand sanitizer and then gently but firmly plant your lips on dustys bottom.

I'm not sure which one of you would have the better time, probably whichever one of you comes up wit Da Balls!!!!

Good Luck!

Meant to add, I'm not exactly high on the Daboll pick. Too green. I'd much rather have had an OC with more experience, and one that wasn't fired from running the only offense worse than ours.


I killed Kadaffi last night an threw his body in the ocean.....

No need to ask questions....or have the press do thier job and due diligence.....just take my word for it......you believe me right.....

I'll be looking for my BRAVO from you later in this blog...don't dissapoint....

Umm, I guess the fact that Al-Qaeda themselves have acknowledged bin Laden's death escaped your attention?

All part of the big conspiracy, I suppose.

wildcat is a momentum killer hope it never comes back


The 5 step drop issue you point out goes right back to Sparano, the HEAD COACH, who is supposed to LEAD his coordinators, and not sit back and accept a failed plan all season long, which he now has a history of doing (Henning, ST Bona, Pasqualli). Thats just what worries me, he will do the same with Daboll.

umm...I guess the fact that the white house who supposedly watched the whole thing can't even keep thier story together escaped your attention......

bin laden fired his aka 47

no he was un armed

he grabbed his wife and used her as a sheild (just like an episode of 24)

No he never did that

Dave....in all seriousness.....you have been offered ZERO PROOF....what makes you believe any of this.....

and by the way....in a post you chose to ignore a few days back....I offered you all types of proof of your goverment lying to you....all documented...all easily reseachable....and all main stream.....

but you chose not to answer that huh.....just like your boys in the white house....pick and choose what is fact and fiction.....nice....

By the way Dan.....lets leave the labels out.....its funny how in this land....that once you have a different opinion of what you are TOLD to believe your a Conspiricy guy.....

I challenge you to look up the word conspiricy.....then perhaps you will know when and where to use that word in its proper context.....

You won't do it Dan.....you have to wait to be told what conspiricy means....and you won't find the meaning on CNN/FOX/CBS...So I will do the work for you......

[kuhn-spir-uh-see] Show IPA
–noun, plural -cies.
the act of conspiring.
an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons; plot.
a combination of persons for a secret, unlawful, or evil purpose: He joined the conspiracy to overthrow the government.
Law . an agreement by two or more persons to commit a crime, fraud, or other wrongful act.
any concurrence in action; combination in bringing about a given result.

Notice Dan.....Conspiricy has nothing to do with someones THINKING OR THOUGHTS.....

It has to do with ACTUAL ACTIONS.....

But thats not what main stream media has taught you......so you keep parrorting what you see and hear on 60 min......

Lessons over for tonight Dan....

I'll drop in tommrow .....maybe you will be more ready to ASK A QUESTION......

Thats all i'm asking those of you who buy this hook line and sinker to do.....ASK QUESTIONS....

1st the watched the whole thing "real time feed"....

Then they didn't see anything because the cameras malfunctioned.....

1st it was 100% syre they got bin laden

Then it was 99.9

now were down to 95%

I wonder why.....plausable deny ability perhaps.......as the conflicting stories make their way to main stream media headlines.....

Chose not to answer you?

Listen, pal, I know this may come as a huge shock but some of us don't LIVE on this blog and actually have productive things to do.

My deepest apologies for not instantly being aware of your every post and query.

As for this other stuff, I'll be blunt: You and your silly brethren in the "conspiracy crowd" are the ones who are woefully uninformed and so deeply embedded in your self-anointed 'righteousness' that you've quite literally lost the ability to think in a rational manner.

There are NO illusions about government secrecy in this quarter, my friend. I'm from a generation that saw everything from the made up nonsense in the Gulf of Tonkin to the fabrications of Iran/Contra. Your ability to teach me a thing about these and a hundred other government-induced conspiracies would be zero.

That said, when you fall into a virtual hyperbaric chamber of suspicion---including skepticism about things that aren't even remotely debatable as fact (which this is, regardless of your paranoid natterings) then you have left reason far behind.

Please explain why Al Queda THEMSELVES have acknowledged bin Laden's death. You seriously can't see how that underlines the absolute absurdity of your position?

Has it even occured to you that the FIRST thing Al Queda would have done had bin Laden not been killed would have been to rush out fresh tapes of him in order to humiliate the United States?

How come the burden of proof is never on YOU people? I can give you ample evidence Osama bin Laden is dead, right from the mouths of the group he led. Why don't you share with everyone the evidence you have that he's alive?

(and forgive me in advance if I don;t answer immediately...the non-blogging world will have my attention for awhile)

Yeah, I know kris...the mainstream media is keeping me from the "truths" that you are privy to. Those truths that come from sources with NO agenda whatsoever, right?

It's actually comical that you believe this but I suppose that's the type of person they prey upon.

Is there any update on A.J. Edds ?


Hello, am I lost? I could have sworn I logged into my favorite dolphins chat. Yet, I am reading about Bin Laden?



Your post @ 4:47 well researched, accurate facts, well stated, and well done. You have resurrected my hopes for Henne getting it done. I wish I would have come up with it.



How does one explain that in 2009 under Henning ChadWad did pretty good. In 2010 under Henning, ChadWad played horrible. What changed? His performance the last 5 games of the season was as pathetic as anything I've seen. Can't blame that on anyone but him.

A / A = odinseye


Neither am I "A/A" nor "Not a delusional acoholic".

But, according to some, I AM a delusional alcoholic in need of AA.

So I agree! He He!


You clowns can say what you want. The fact is, we ALL saw Dan Hennings "work" last season.

Down by 7 with 45 seconds on the clock until the half. 50 yard line. What's Hennings do? He calls for the old take a knee to half time.

When he did try to fool people into believeing he was actually a truly offensive coordinator, he would keep the fullback and the tight end on the field in the two minute drill.

Come on you guys, who else does this kind of retarded shyt? If I have to keep explaining it, then just go on and enjoy your blissful ignorance.

5 step drops only. Everybody and their brother knows your routes. Duh!

That excuse earlier was comical. Someone said, many teams study film and that's how they know what you're going to do-LMAO! Well then my good man, how about maybe changing things up just a teensy tiny bit? Not Dan Hennings. Now STFU you dufus. Come on, admit it, you're either stupid or you ain't got a clue. In which case, you're stupid-Dooh!

Every single time your team just powers down the field, you flip the script at a crucial moment. Big coincidence that crucial moment ALWAYS happened to be when we reached Fist Pump range. Conservatism at it finest. Go Danny!

It was always the same. Wildcat for a loss. Reverse for a bigger loss. Then, on third and long, THE ONLY TIME WHEN WE LINED UP IN THE SHOTGUN, the old trickeroosky! The inside handoff up the middle to line up the 48 yard field goal. PA-THETIC!

Anybody that couldn't see how horrible Hennings was for the past two seasons probably took drama in high school instead of actually playing any athletics.

One final word: RETIRED? ROTFLMAO. This is a dead give away that you haven't got a clue. He stunk it up and was a loser at Boston College(16-19-1) and was "retired" there.

He was a loser head coach at Atlanta and San Diego, "retired" from both-LOL.

Hall of Fame Head Coach Marv Levy himself retired rather than have to deal with Hennings for another season at Buffalo.

Wait, wait, heres a newsflsh for the dolts:

After the 2005 season in which the Panthers returned to the NFC Championship game, they were considered Super Bowl contenders in 2006. However, the offense struggled due to injuries and what critics deemed conservative play-calling by Henning, resulting in an 8–8 season and his firing.

They were a championship calibre team and despite injuries, THEY STILL FELT HENNINGS WAS THE PROBLEM. Oh, did that copy and paste say he was fired? Oh, no, no, no, revisionist history says, he "retired" from there too-ROTFLMAO!

Yeah, you drama queens and debate team captains can defend this dead legend walking all you want, but i know better. I was there. I watched it. I saw it happen. This guy was fire....ah I mean "retired" from EVERYWHERE he ever went. College and Pro alike-ROTFLMAO!

The hiring of Daboll is keeping in-line with the same mentality of the Offenses run under Dan Henning. I remind everyone that the team that ran the Wild Cat most last season was not us but the Cleveland Browns with Joshua Cribbs as the trigger man. I still don`t understand why Ross didn`t put his foot down more firmly against this hire.

I have no problem with having hired a young coach to oversea the O, I rather prefer it to one of the older coaches it`s my belief the game has changed so much that you need one of these younger guys that have evolved with the game the way it`s played today. There are 2 older coaches that I believe are some of the better architects of what we call offensive football today, one is Andy Reid and the other is Mike Holgrem, for Holgrem to have pulled the plug the way he did on Daboll I think speaks volumes.

I`m not sold on him and hated quite frankly the hire from day one but like all Dolfans around the globe am holding out for the better while not holding my breath in the process.

Wah-whine...........................bah-bah mommy ba-bah!

Wah-whine.................................! I want my bah-bah mommy!

You guys are how old and still going on two?

Wah-whine............................ bah-bah mommy bah-bah!


I read your post about both Bush 41 & 43 being a couple of traitors and enjoyed it very much and happen to agree 100% The single greatest act of treason comitted against our Nation was the invasion of Iraq in early 2002. I believe and have felt for some time that had our real President Al Gore been in office we never embark on Bush 43`s personal agenda the way we did.

Think for a moment and you`ll see that Saddam could have been a strong alley in that part of the World, he wasn`t a devout Muslim and saw that type of mentality as a threat, we could have used him to destabalize the region and helped re-arm him in his life long struggle with Iran, in other words used him and his people to do the dirty work for us.

Instead our fraud of a President went before Congress with his B.S. story about how Iraq was involved in the 9/11 attack and had all these WMD`s and I tell you I never bought that story for a minute it was all a personal agenda to avenge Saddam trying to 86 his old man in a visit to Kuwait back in 93. In my opinion he should be the 1st. U.S. President formally charged with comitting acts of treason and war crimes and handed over to the World Court.

You never ever ever hit another man in the nuts. That's just wrong!

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