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'Pouncey will be a center, and a good one'

The criticisms I hear most often of the Dolphins first round choice of Mike Pouncey is two-fold:

The first criticism is Pouncey is a guard -- just a guard. The second one is that Pouncey, when given the chance to play center, was terrible with the shotgun snap.

Let me make something perfectly clear. The Dolphins picked Pouncey to be a center. If he turns out to be a guard, he will have failed in meeting the expectations the Dolphins had for him. And the Dolphins will have failed in their vision for Pouncey because guards at No. 15 better be Pro Bowl types rather than merely starters.

Let me make something else clear. After speaking to two scouts and a coaching source on the college level, I was convinced by them that Pouncey is a center and will be a good one. Moreover, I was told not to fret too much over the shotgun snap problem Pouncey had early in the 2010 season.

"It was his first season starting at center, they probably didn't work on it live in practice as much as they should have, and once they identified it as a problem, it took him just a couple of weeks to resolve it," the college source told me. "Pouncey will be a center, and a good one. Don't get caught up in the comparisons with his brother. He'll be good in his own right."

So next time you hear someone say the Dolphins wasted their first round pick or didn't get value because Pouncey is not a center, do not remain silent. He is a center until further notice. And if someone says the shotgun snaps in college is a concern, you know the facts. He struggled early but addressed the issue.

By the way, it was interesting to me that the ESPN Sports Science video below (I love this series) has Pouncey at center. And he's snapping shotgun. And he snaps correctly 30 of 30 times.

There's something else that caught my eye in the video. Pouncey was put under some duress. And he seemed to like it. "I definitely best under pressure," he said, "and I love being under pressure."



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pouncey is elite


Have you been keeping up with your Bloggers? We've posted the "sports science" several times more than a week ago. What a shame when your bologgers are more informed than even you.

Still, great youre finally catching up. LOL.........

Mando, great column on the QB situation today....and I agree on Pouncey after seeing more video!

Still very difficult to say Pouncey will become a starting pro bowl center. We have to con sider it will be his "twin brother" who may prevent this.

In order for Pouncey to become starting afc pro center. He first has to beat out his "twin brother" in Pitssburgh for the honor. At #15 in the 2011 draft, I will accept him as "backup" afc pro bowl center. Even better if they can duel back and forth for those starting pro bowl honors.

DB you're a Delta Hotel, but I love your comments!

Just want to also say to all of those doubting 2011's current, yet to come additions, and the holdovers from the 2010 season. All of the stress you're now under, you f*ucking deserve it!


When it comes to "flying the friendly skies" I guess I dont always do so well. But what better of a man is he that dares to be different! "Is it futile to resist"? LOL........

Mando, I agree! Scouts.com had him listed as the #1 Center in the draft, not as a Guard! Definitely fills a need on this team. Incognito struggled at first too! Then, he became serviceable as a center. Pouncey will start as a center from day one. Sparano said that he wanted to stop tinkering with the O-line this year. (Thankfully).

Who knows what will come of all these picks...its all PURE SPECULETION....

More im portant to me is the philosophy and or attitude of the Front Office about the way they want this team to play...

I beleive they have pretty good basis to beleive that the PASSING game has very good weapons now...however, my very very GRAVE concern is that even if the players who comprise the passing game are superior to the runners, which I beleive at the moment they may be and that the modern game is a PASSING game, Sparano et al continue to bloodymindedly push for a GROUND and POUND approach which Sparano justifies because its "what feels natural to him"...this comment a while a go is a very worrying comment that I dont feel has been addressed ato its fullest yet...

This guy is an ole "ground em' out' kinda guy so thats it that our scheme and our philosophy.Never mind that our running crew are being rebuilt..that last year the run was poor...and that we have more weapons in passing...he is not BUDGING from what comes "natural" to him...

Clearly this is a smokescreen or a diversion as it cannot be a serious appraisal of our approach for the next season...surely he's got more than that...surely...

I remain very very dubious about the coaching nous of Tony Sparano...some of his time management, team changes and ethos has had me wondering if this guy is really that dumb or is it a planned diversion...im starting to think Tony Sparano is a very MEDIOCRE coach at best and NOT REAL SMART...

Im more worried about Sparanos brain than how our picks will fare....I think it will be a bigger problem shortly

ray lewis and patrick willis... im really loving this guy already

Let's talk QBs, Palmer, Hasselbeck, no kolb, mcnabb, Vince Young

Armando...can you write a blog about Sparanos' brain or ...errrm...lack of it...Im just not convinced that this guy is smart

Actually, we HAVE 3 QB's...Henne, Thigpen and Brandsatater...why do we need anymore?

Will anything we get be THAT MUCH better....only Orton or Young and in Youngs case as long as he doesnt have a meltdown....

Id go with what we have....anyone know much about Branstater?


What is the matter with dolphans? There were so many things wrong in so many areas during 2010. There was no one thing to put your finger on say "that was it."

Now, this 2011 offseason many of the those things are being addressed. Still this offseason isnt completely over.

In the end, what these 2011 offseason will do is unmuddy the 2010 waters quite a bit. If all of the 2011 added pieces workout and the team's still not successful win-loss wise. There are only 2 pieces left to a thwarted puzzle to explore:

Sparano/Henne. Those will be the only 2 pieces left possibly holding us back. Rome wasnt built in a day. So to think every single muddied in the waters piece will be definitively fixed in one single offseason is like confiscating Santa's wishlist at best.


If there's anything wrong with the 2011 season Im hoping its only Sparano. Only having to replace Tony Sparano would be the easiest fix since hiring Don Shula.

Your spot on DB...this year we will know conclusively if the Sparano/Henne tandem is the piece that isnt working....my bet is on Sparano....

Still Sparano's 2011 fortunes will be greatly tied to Chad Henne. If Henne is resurrected performance and win-loss wise. Inevitably Tony Sparano will be too.


If Sparano/Henne are not successful in 2011. We will see a hc change and the 2012 #1 pick at qb. This we can all pretty much bank on.

Pouncey will definitely help the offense out. Either way I see a probowl interior lineman.

I agree...but is it possible that even if Henne succeeds that Sparano's performance as a coach can be analysed and found wanting?...

If Henne succeeds then we will feature in the playoffs...my fear is that it may be DESPITE Sparano's CLEAR INCOMPETANCE.

My bet is the reason we didnt see a 2011 qb drafted all is because Sparano has clearly pushed all of his remaining poker chips in the corner of Chad Henne.

Think about it. Do you really believe he mortgages the reainder of his Dolphins HC career bringing in a qb he has very little familiarity with?

Outside of Carlson Palmer, I think not. Even Palmer comes with major warts. He only has 2 winning seasons in 8yrs. With at least two of those seasons at 4-12. Henne's done far better than 4-12.


If Henne has a highly successful 2011 season, I see 10 wins in the least and 12 wins max. So I see no way Sparano is canned with a win-loss season ranging from 10-6 to 12-4. Impossible!

This year will define either Sparano, Henne or both


The Dallas Cowboys did win a SB with the most incompetent SB winning coach of all time. Barry Switzer.

Switzer is clearly a college hof football coach. But a totally moldey marshmallow on the pro level. I would even choose Sparano over Switzer! LOL..........

All chips R in on Henne, good! If Henne loses all games we get 1st pick, it's worth it!

DB, switzer won with JJs team! WTF!

IMO, Sparano is a bright football coach. But the social wiring within is all f8ucked up. The guy really needs to hire someone to do his press conferences for him. LOL........


Just goes to show even a total idiot can win with an established championship calibre team.

Barry Switzer....yeah...he was pretty woeful..

What concerns me most is our db situation. Sean Smith cant catch, Vontae Davis played down to the competition(wr's), and Y-Bell still couldnt cover a TE if the guy stretched out and laid down in bed for him.

Clemons is catching on but perhaps not as rapidly as we would like. Complicating things a little more is will someone else step to the plate in 2011 as a pass rush force besides Cam Wake? Wake clearly slowed as a pass rush force the remaining 3 2010 games.

If everything goes well in 2011, including with Henne. Then maybe in 2012's offseason and draft we can continue upgrading pass rush(olb) and the defensive backfield if need be.

I just want to take my big Thor Hammer and go all Shake Weight on Ryan Mallett!

Let's hope he does well with a real 350lb Mananimal! It will make the rookie and Robo! QB! look good

Ginger ale.

And since pouncey is working out with his pro bowl center brother in pittsburgh, that can only help him with the transition to the NFL. I think pouncey will be a very good center.

Didn't they already have a ceneter in incognito?????

why spend a top pic a on a second center????

Wasted words !! There will be no NFL season this year.

That video is no indication of game time performance, just as the youtube highlights that make every college player look like a star aren't. Like graphs and bar charts, videos can be put together to present statistics in any light you wish, good or bad.

After reviewing some of his highlight videos I think he'll be fine.

Again my only hope is we come up with an O-Line configuration that we can keep through out most of camp and not change it up every 2 seconds.

I know how thet team likes to mix it up so there is no continuity.

Not that I am trying to be negative or anything but hey great he can stop a 300lb bag from flying into him, but what happens when that bag has hands, arms, legs and is capable of using leverage. That bag is dead weight, a DT or LB is not. Am I the only one that see this? Just because some scouts and a college coach say he will be good dose not mean he will be good. I will wait for his performance to say if he is good.

Dear Mr. Salguero

I have been reading posts from some fans about the inteligence of Coach Sparano.

There's chatter going around saying he's not smart enough, doesn't have the mental capacity, that he will hold the Dolphins back.

I would just like to remind the fans of a certain someone who also faced these adversities and succeeded beyond anyone's dreams........Forrest Gump.

I myself am looking forword to day when Coach Sparano is asked what he thinks of this current group of Dolphins and the reply is...Life is like a box of chocolets, you never know what your gonna get.

Does Coach Sparano cut the grass himself at the Dolphins practice field ? Does coach enjoy long distance running ?

Is it true coach Sparano's pet nickname for Jeff Ireland is Lt. Dan and Brian Deboll know's every known shrimp recipe on the planet ? Is coach's wife named Jenny ?

Any trueth to the rumor that Bill Parcells once hit on coach Sparano's mother...Is there a mister Gump, Mrs. Gump.

Anywhoo thats all I have to say aout that

Soiled :)



Canadian born.
Only 1 year OC experience.
Fired from his OC position after one year.
Holmgren, one of the better football minds in the game today, was highly critical of his approach to offense.


Highly enthusiastic.
Two fist pumper


Unlike Sparano, he will last only until the end of the 2011 season.

It amazes me that no one seems concerned about the fact that Pouncey has only played one year at the Center position and understanding that, some people have annoitted him a probowler or elite, but Cam Newton was part of 3 National Championships, winning two as the starting QB and people think that he has no skills and will be a bust. A lot of Knobs on this site.

I don't care about Pouncey unless he is going to score Touchdowns and make big arsed plays for the offense. Short of that, who cares. I am more concerned withwjo is going to be the PLAYMAKERS on the team.

Dear Mr. Salguero

What I posted

"Any trueth to the rumor that Bill Parcells once hit on coach Sparano's mother...Is there a mister Gump, Mrs. Gump."

Would have been better if I went this rout

Is it true that before coach Sparano was given his first headcoaching position, Bill Parcells was heard to say....is there a Mr. Gump, Mr.s Gump.

Soiled :)

Ireland said after the draft that the reason POuncery struggled at center is because he pulled more than a center typically does, and the Dolphins will have him more as a traditional (i.e. non-pulling) center. If that is true, there is STILL no pulling interior lineman who can pull.
It seems like the line is still incomplete.
Am I wrong?

A man that can not convey a single idea with clarity, who speaks in convoluted sentences that meander from one half thought to the next, simply can not be counted on to get a team of men all on the same page, going in the same direction, at the same time.

While some other coaches in this league are not necessarily the most eloquent public speakers, they do express clear, comprehensible thoughts. Listening to Tony Sparano speak for just one minute is awfully tiresome, imagine that all week long.

When the leader of a group of men is dumber than a rutabaga, one can only imagine where those group of men will be led to.


They said Sam Satele was too small at 6' 3" 300 Ageto play center in our division. Pouncey is 6' 5" 303. Not much difference. That means Satele actually had a lower center of gravity too. Pouncey will end up as a guard and a reach pick.


If you look at all the great offenses in the past (NE in the early part of the decade, Cowboys of the 90's, San Fran late 80's) they all have great lines (not just great playmakers).

A playmaker only becomes a playmaker if he's on a team that can give him enough time (or create enough holes, if he's a RB) for him to succeed.

So to say you don't care about Pouncey unless he scores TDs is pretty naive (you must not watch football). If you knew anything about football you'd know it was a team sport, and 1 person doesn't create a TD, usually it's due to a whole bunch of players blocking, running correct routes, etc. Combine that with the fact that Pouncey will be the guy DIRECTLY in front of the QB, who will probably be throwing some TDs this year, and you have a pretty important position (center).

aloco @8:26 agreed. pouncey was a reach at 15. jeff was waiting for the phone to ring so he could trade down? he should have taken Prince,a cb with value or traded up one spot to grab fairley(cost us a 7th). what happened to the best player available mantra? incognito is the center;pouncey is a pulling guard. they claim he's a center so they dont look foolish. jeff admitted that it will be sparano's decision whether pouncey plays center. the oline isnt fixed;tinkering will continue. thomas runs upright and isnt the elusive back we need;will spend half the year injured in our run 1st offense. this is irelands last year if ross wakes up.

That's not to say you may not be right about Pouncey Shepherd, or that Newton wouldn't have been a better pick (but that's neither here nor there since he was selected first, so there's no way we could have gotten him).

I'm just commenting that the center position is a very important position, and if Pouncey CAN handle himself, it will be a great boost to the offense (and create the TDs you and I are hoping to see).

Dear Mr. Salguero

Mrs. Sparano: Remember what I told you, Tony. You're no different than anybody else is. Did you hear what I said, Tony?
You're the same as everybody else. You are no different.

Bill Parcells: Your boy's... different, Miz Sparano. His IQ's 75.

Mrs. Sparano: Well, we're all different, Mr. Parcells. There must be something that can be done?

Bill Parcells: Is there a Mr. Sparano, Miz Sparano?

Mrs. Sparano: He's on vacation.



Could have had Mallett and Ingram, instead we have Pouncey and Thomas :-(

The bloggers on this site should put their resumes in at the Miami Dolphins team headquarters. They are so much smarter than Tony Sparano, Jeff Ireland and company. Also they have way credentials and experience.

Meant to say.. Have way more credentials and experience

Marsupials are smarter than this FO.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Coach Sparano on the Dolphin draft picks

"There was Dallas, from Phoenix; Cleveland - he was from Detroit; and Tex... well, I don't remember where Tex come from."

Soiled :)

Hey I love Sports Science and while the video makes me feel a little better about him and his snapping, I still just need to see him work at game speed before I can fully buy into this pick.

Here's the thing DC that I'm sure a lot of Dolfans feel. Last year our offense was terrible and while interior line contributed a lot to it there were also other things that were wrong with it as well. We need a lot more explosive plays on the offense that a Center can't really create. So hopefully with this pick Pouncey will create holes that a Sumo wrestler can run through because its unsure how good our running back situation would be. Noel Divine might be and interesting back to look into as far as getting a shifty running back in there

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