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'Pouncey will be a center, and a good one'

The criticisms I hear most often of the Dolphins first round choice of Mike Pouncey is two-fold:

The first criticism is Pouncey is a guard -- just a guard. The second one is that Pouncey, when given the chance to play center, was terrible with the shotgun snap.

Let me make something perfectly clear. The Dolphins picked Pouncey to be a center. If he turns out to be a guard, he will have failed in meeting the expectations the Dolphins had for him. And the Dolphins will have failed in their vision for Pouncey because guards at No. 15 better be Pro Bowl types rather than merely starters.

Let me make something else clear. After speaking to two scouts and a coaching source on the college level, I was convinced by them that Pouncey is a center and will be a good one. Moreover, I was told not to fret too much over the shotgun snap problem Pouncey had early in the 2010 season.

"It was his first season starting at center, they probably didn't work on it live in practice as much as they should have, and once they identified it as a problem, it took him just a couple of weeks to resolve it," the college source told me. "Pouncey will be a center, and a good one. Don't get caught up in the comparisons with his brother. He'll be good in his own right."

So next time you hear someone say the Dolphins wasted their first round pick or didn't get value because Pouncey is not a center, do not remain silent. He is a center until further notice. And if someone says the shotgun snaps in college is a concern, you know the facts. He struggled early but addressed the issue.

By the way, it was interesting to me that the ESPN Sports Science video below (I love this series) has Pouncey at center. And he's snapping shotgun. And he snaps correctly 30 of 30 times.

There's something else that caught my eye in the video. Pouncey was put under some duress. And he seemed to like it. "I definitely best under pressure," he said, "and I love being under pressure."



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NE will slaughter us first game of the season. Henne will be trying to figure out the new offense that Belichek already knows how to beat.

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Am I the only one who noticed how shoddy his snapping ability looks on the video ? People go back and look at it again his snaps are fluttering all over the place, nothing crisp about them at all. The reason they ran him thru that simulation was to get an idea of how quickly he can get the ball out and into his blocking stance, that was his real problem last year when he replaced his Bro at the position, more so and a hell of alot more troubling than his ability to snap the ball is how slow he is into his break.

I watched alot of 09 and 2010 video on him and that was when I actually hadn`t seen the game he played in being the fan I am of the SEC. He will be a serviceable Center when they work on these two glaring weaknesses in his game but why ? If you go back and watch tape you`ll see how dominant he can be at LG next to Long which in my opinion is were he belongs. We have one of the strongest players in the league to man the Center spot and it just so happens that he`s also the slowest and most mediocre player by comparison to play LG ?

Why not take advantage of there individual strengths ? Pouncey has the potential and atletisicm to be an elite LG next to our elite LT, while plugging Incognito in at Center taking advantage of his brute strength and masking his weaknes. Seriously I wonder what Sparano is smoking it was Incognito`s inability to get around fast enough while pulling that was as much the problem as anything else in the run game last season !!

Biggest YAWN of the week. Pouncey is a center, who would have guessed? A guard is to high at 15 but a center isnt? Heres a bigger story your not reporting on. The NFL will shut down if their stay of the lock-out is overturned. And theres nothing the playes can do about that. The NFl will put up a closed sign untill the players agree to a new settlement. The Brady case is very dangerous, and may cause the NFL to fold its doors and start over....think about it. These NFL billionares didnt get that money by being nice guys.

DC Dolphan,
How many of those teams had a rookie center who had only played one year as a center? How many of those teams had a makeshift O-Line that was unsettled?

A team can have a very good line, but they need PLAYMAKERS, pure and simple. Someone who can make big plays, take one pass and go the distance. In order to drive 80 yards down field takes luck because there are so things that can go wrong, a slip in the backfield, a phantom holding call, a false start, a dropped pass, this grind it out crap is of the past.

I don't care about what player is snapping the ball and neither does the majority of the people in the stands watching the game. We care about the people who are scoring points for the team and adding to our entertainment. That is what matters. That is why there are more Marshall jerseys sold than Long jerseys.

If the negativity of our thoughts represented the beating of our hearts. Well, then there are an aweful lots of dead men walking in here.

Hope you guys are taking plenty of aspirins because you really need them. The actions of millionaires and billionaires who'll never to you contribute one penny are absolutely killing you! LOL.......

Like any othewr Dolphan, I would like to see the team win a SB every year too. However, there are still more important things going on in life.

Football is just one of the many small things that are loaded onto my life's wagon. It isnt the horse that pulls it. Football and how a bunch crybaby million and billionaires respond to to gridiron affairs ranks very least on my list of life's priorities.

Show me one Dolphan that has financial stake in success or failure of this franchise. Then I'll show you a real dolphan that has legit reason to have ebb and flow of emotions.

All of the rest are only babbling fools.


Being a Miami fan, I have learned that lowering ones expectations makes for happier Sundays. Going 7-9 is almost a cause for celebration when you were expecting 4-12. I also save on needing to take aspirin. In essence, a touch of pessimism keeps me healthier and happier.

Complaining is part of being a fan too. If you are not winning, then complaining and ridiculing the rich is the next most fun thing to do.

Gates is blazing fast. His speed will be a weapon in the offense, provided he is placed the right role. Gates is likely best served as player that is put in motion or in the slot initially. In either situation his size – just under 6’, 190 pounds - or speed – 4.31 40 time – could cause mismatches all over the field. He tracks the ball well in the air, high points the ball and generally believes it’s his for the taking. He’ll make tough catches and knows how to work his feet on the sidelines. He has pretty natural hands, he does pluck the ball out of the air more often than not but he can have lapses in concentration.

Gates is an aggressive receiver, when he touches the ball, he is looking to get up the field in a hurry; looking to exploit seams in the defense. However he relied on his speed a great deal in college and played against somewhat lesser competition. As such, he runs routes poorly, but you have to wonder if he will ever be asked to be an all round receiver? The potential is there though. For Gates to truly shine, he must work on his ability to beat the jam at the line of scrimmage. Currently, he basically relies on a simple side step and the ability to explode to defeat most press coverage. His hands are not very active in this regard. This aspect of his game must improve. One other aspect I question is his ability to control his speed and make players miss in the open field. Edmond is a very raw player who will need some time to acclimate to the pro game, but his speed will get him on the field early.

Henne w better blocking and a deep threat will def get better
As Home sees It
Henne and the Dolphins offense will have a breakout season

R U Ready 4 Some FOOTBALL !

When I menyioned "financial stake" I wasnt talking about season ticket holders. That's by choice and does not represent financial income.


Complaining and living in the problem are two entirely different entities. Some live only to have something to complain about. There are those here who have nevr even once posted a shred of positivity.


I remember during Cosells last days in the booth, getting older, giddy, perhaps a touch senile, would chuckle and say 'well its only just a game anyway, none of this really means anything'. I'm sure ABC sports was not too pleased with that comment.


Dont know where your info's coming from but the scouting report on Gates is he gets in and out of his breaks very explosively. Doesnt really matter a heck of a alot how well the route is run if you're slow in and out of your breaks.

Explosively getting in and out of your breaks is the absolute key to creating seperation, not speed alone. Gates combination of at present "average, not poor" route runner and being "explosive" in and out of his breaks will translate very well on the pro level.

Being explosive in and out of breaks cant be taught. You either have it or you dont. It isnt a matter of competition level.

Home likes the pick and think our 15 th round pick will prove to be the right pick for this struggling Miami offense

Many offensive linemen are rather stiff and somewhat cumbersome. M Pouncey is just the opposite; he is quick and athletic with good explosion. Mike is versatile, having played both guard and center while at Florida; something this regime seems to desire in interior lineman. Brian Daboll has relies on zone blocking concepts in his running game and as such, Pouncey’s ability to get to the corner and hit a moving target could a key cog in the success of the running game in 2011.He has the footwork and flexibility to regain his position if he is initially beaten in pass protection; allowing him to handle 3 technique defensive linemen without issue. Mike is generally alert, his head actively scanning for available targets. Pouncey would make a good pulling guard in my opinion, although mobility in a center is never something you turn down. He doesn’t bend at the waist, plays with a straight back and can really fire out and get to the second level. Something the Dolphins sorely missed last year. However, for all of his athleticism, Mike does tend to let his feet settle, which in turn makes him play taller than he should. As such, quick thinking defenders discard him via a push/pull move; leaving him grasping or on the ground. He also had issues with shotgun snaps in 2010, although in his defense it was his first year as a center. And he was being asked to pull on almost every down which is a tough ask of anyone; snap the ball, then get out to the corner before the linebacker or slot CB. This aspect of his game did improve, but he still needs to get better.


Im sure the Ford motors wouldnt appreciate it's CEO making statement times were much simpler when there was horse and buggy either.

You dont make statements like that when you have vested financial income interests into anything. LOL........


@12:43 PM LOL! That had to be one of longest "paragraphs" Ive ever seen here. Was that one paragraph or a cluster f*uck of many?


I appreciate your take and you might have read me posting something similar.

I liked the Pouncey pick and I wondered who the pulling LG is going to be. The organization has been direct about wanting Pouncey at C.

Not getting to the 2nd level was a major problem last year.

I like your thinking here and I too wonder what the organization is thinking.

Pouncey next to Long could create a real strength for this team.

Seems to me you also need an athletic RG to pull as well.

I always thought he RG pulls more often than the C.


Seems your writing style doesnt fair so well when youre not cutting and pasting conspiracy gibberish! LOL..........

The only conspiracy gibberish is what Sheeple like u watch on USA government controlled privately run propaganda news

The conspiracy theory is what u r told and gobble up like a starved nympho prostitute eating paste

Now Get Your Shine Box!

The Miami Dolphins r putting together a good team


your comments about Sparano are shared by myself.

The pieces are starting to come together for this team yet the Sparano problem remains.

I dislike his whole approach to offense. I also see the numerous in game mistakes from time management to failure to adjust.

The guy is over his head. He cost the team several games last season by imposing his FG 1st mentality.

I am convinced he has zero understanding how to develop a QB.

As much as I can visualize a dynamic aggressive offense with either Henne or V Young, Sparano remains the biggest drawback or obstacle to seeing that happen.

Mr FG is just the wrong guy to be coaching the Dolphins.

The Dolphins are at their best and the most fun to watch when they play a wide open style.

Sparano is not capable of doing that.

mainstream media is the real conspiracy theory

like Bin Laden being shot by USA soldiers

Show me the body and time of death

Oh yeah, thats right,...we threw it in the ocean

R U F!@#ing kidding me



Getting the 2nd level wasnt a pulling issue it was a straight ahead blocking issue. Still the Dolphins were challenged on "lg pulling run plays" because Incognito didnt have sufficient footspeed for those plays to develop correctly.

Jerry with a season under his belt may be involved with more pulling plays by the rg. That's the slot where one of the greatest pulling guards to ever play the game operated from(Larry Little).

Home has many writing styles

His own version of a for of Japanese Poetry

U Get That, Huh?


That's also where Pouncey can benefit us most. When Jerry(rg) pulls make sure his man doesnt shoot the vacated gap. Any time a guard pulls(rg or lg) it creates a gap the defender can shoot.

Amazing that guys still criticize the Pouncey pick at 15...I mean TRULY amazing!!.....like 'how dumb are you guys?' amazing! You'd think we had a top notch line or something. Like one of the best lines in the business.....newsflash....we DON'T! Pouncey fills a need and if he can be as good as people think he's going to help a lot. To those that don't think he can help the team....you don't know football! How was taking Pouncey at 15 a reach? He was targeted to go between 18-24. We didn't pick again until 79. You either pick him at 15 or you miss out on him. In a division that features Norfolk, Wilkerson and Darreus, Pouncey doing the job is going to be important to the team.

And to Sheppard, did you notice his brother went to the Pro Bowl last year as a rookie, after his team went to the Super Bowl? Must have been a coincidence, right?

greg z, the fanbase would have been pi$$ed if Ireland had taken Prince at 15, let's be honest. We have Davis, Smith and Allen coming back and guys like Nolan and Sap in reserve. I hardly think CB is one of the glaring needs on the team. Prince may have been the best player available but without a second round pick it would have been a stupid pick.

Guys didn't want Ingram at 15 but I notice some guys are still quick to criticize the fact that Ireland didn't pick him. The moral of the story....it doesn't matter WHAT Ireland and Sparano do, there are parts of the fanbase that will criticize EVERYTHING they do!


Answering those type questions si your job buddy. Thats why we place you in charge of the conspiracy department so we dont have to. LOL.........


The real moral to the story is some people in this world live for negativity. It has totally nothing to do with Ireland, Sparano, or the Miami Dolphins. Its a way of life for these nut jobs. LOL........


If you try and out argue these nut jobs you'll never win. Dont you get it? Its a way of life for these dim wits. They were born in fog and will never see anything clearly but negativity itself.

Everyone on this blog should watch game film and research players before giving their opinions because it makes many of you look like complete idiots with no knowledge of football what-so-ever! One or two games do not count. The bloggers that try to be funny are fun to read and it is worth the read when I have nothing better to do. Everyone here has an opinion and just remember: knowledge is power! I believe that our team will be better and getting close to being where we should be to win championships. We are in the AFC East and this division is no joke. We will all find out how the draft went after a year or two. Thats my 2 cents worth. GO DOLPHINS!!!

Led Zeppelin has change the song title to Mallet of the Gods.

Fist Hump!

Oregon Dolphin fan,

I missed your post but get were your coming from and am locke in step with that line of thinking as well. In Incognito you have arguably the slowest pulling Guard in all of Football but you also have one of the NFL`s strongest men remember when he came out of College he did well over 30 reps in the 225 pd. bench press drill they run them thru. He was drafted to be a Center before out of need he was moved to LG.

In Pouncey what I see is quite frankly one of the more athletic players at the position of G. to come out in a while,plugging him next to Long on the left side has the potential to put arguably Miami`s best tandem of R.Webb and K.Simms to shame. Everybody forgets know but I remember last season there was talk of us drafting the LG at 12 that S.F. took who`s name escapes me at the moment and Pouncey is 10 times the athlete, the knock on the guy in S.F. is slow vertical movement not enough explosion but I remember how many liked him or Dan Williams at 12 and would have praised the pick of a guy who looks to be mediocre at the next level.

I agree that Jerry looked slow at RG last season but if you watch the tape as I think you do you`ll notice that with him it`s bad foot movement, remember you can have the toughest guy in the world but he needs to be somewhat graceful in his ability to shuffle his feet in there as well as have some level of quickness but don`t throw him under the bus just yet because it`s also true that he played RT in the SEC and held his own vs. top flight competition.

I would tinker with the right side even though I know most here would burn me at the stake for even suggesting it. I think we have a Wild Card in Garner coming back this year don`t forget he started for Smiley in there vs. Car. on Thurs. night 09 and was a beast still remember him whipping out there LB at the next level in that long TD Ricky ran for in that game. I would then have Carey fight it out with Jerry at RT at worst we will at least know were we stand with those 2 going into 2012.

Sorry Ed, but college game highlights and research isnt always indicative in how a players translates on the pro level neither.

Only nfl gameday will translate that. Any player drafted #15 better be a better than average starter in game one. If research and highlights definitively proved nfl greatness. Ted Ginn would be now going into his 5th pro bowl season for us. He was #9 overall.

Go after undrafted free agent QB Pat Devlin from Delaware, Pick up a vet qb and drop the two backups to Henne. Think Devlin could be developed into something special. I am quite satisfied with our draft. I think we should not have moved up into the late second though. I believe we still could have got a quality rb later on. Our man though will get us that short yardage for first downs though. Pouncy will be just fine.



Everyone ready to pencil Incognito in at center instead of Pouncey. Are not asking themselves, "Why the hell does the fo want Pouncey to play center?"

Remember, Incognito's first nfl moved him to guard even though he came out of college as a center. Hmm.... Maybe they realize he's only a true center when you need one in a pinch.

You're far too rational for this blog, Ed.

In the future, please try to fit in better by presenting yourself as a self-ordained football EXPERT who knows instantly how good or bad a draft is and has magical tarot cards that reveal the future careers of kids who have yet to play a single down of professional football.

Sensibility and reason have no place here!


I dont drink and havent even had a single drop in over 4yrs now. How long do I have to keep telling you idots this. I use the term idiot because I have posted this several different times and still you dont comprehend.

BTW, ALoco when has there not been a time you've posted where you didnt sound drunk? Making matters worse your spelling wreaks of drunkerness.

Remember, usually when you point 1 finger at others 2 more can be pointed right back at you.

I don't criticize everything they do.

But I'll criticize the Pouncey pick until he proves me wrong and I'm forced to eat my rumbling bumbling words.

As far as watching film, I just can't find any. Like one poster suggested, I looked at the Penn St game. That was one of his better games definitely. Problem is, he basically looked average at best in THAT game.

I've yet to find any footage of Pouncey dominating anyone, save a smallish DB or two. He could manhandle 10 - 300 pound heavy bags and I still wouldn't be impressed. Lets let Rex Ryan swing that Heavy Bag at him and see how he does. Sports Science? Yeah!

We might not have a great offensive line, but that doesn't justify trying to fill a need with the 15th overall pick. You can try this in later rounds. With the 15th overall pick you HAVE to take the BPA. You HAVE to get a sure fire starter that you can plug in and play. Not some guy that you need to see where he fits in. Not some guy whose best college performances look average at best.

If we played in the SEC, I'd be a little more comfortable with this pick!

The AFC East? I'm feeling a little queasy!

Breed, Why,OH WHY bring up the name Ted(Sideline)Ginn????????????, It's just upsetting...BTW, I hear San Fran. is quite POed about giving up a 5th round pick for the Ginn Family.....I think they got a great deal myself, There's Rufus(The blocking dummy)Ginn,Then there's Ted(Mr.Clipboard holder)Ginn Sr. now employed by the 49ers, but let's not forget Tedisha(All the way)Ginn, She's keeping the O-Line happy(If you know what I mean)(and I think you do)......


They'll try and convince you that they are just 'realistic', whereas you and I are being overly 'optimistic'. They've got their minds made up on these guys before they ever play a DOWN in the NFL....whereas the so-called experts and personnel people need to see more from these guys before being able to have a conclusive answer on them.

Led Zeppelin has change the song title to Mallet of the Gods.

Fist Hump!

Posted by: Martin | May 09, 2011 at 01:18 PM


The Song Remains The SAME!!!!


Youre seeing example of Pouncey's potential greatness yet wrongly interpret it. Dude the average nfl olineman isnt even athletic enough to get into a db.

Dude the olinemen you see consistently knocking db's are the great ones. Dude you need to go back to the Larry Little highlights. He was always knocking db's on thier a*sses.

I guess Larry Little was a piece of s*hit olinman too by your explanation of picking on db's. LOL..........



Cuban Menance,

Have no idea why the San Fran fans are crying about getting Ted Ginn and an entire family for only a 5th rd pick. Hell, the exact same package deal cost us a #9 overall pick.

It cost them far less to get absolutely nothing! LOL..........

Lil ALoco are you drunk? LOL.........

Between Cogs and Pouncey, I won't profess to know who should be LG and who should be C. Those who can't trust the coaching staff to even get that much right should really be following a different team.

Agree Breed,even giving up a 5th round pick is to much for the 49ers from what I hear, But again they seem to forget the got the entire "GINN" Family, the last trade like that happend when Ditka gave awy the entire draft for Ricky(Bong smoke)Williams.....

Cuban Menance,

I guess in San Fran a certain segment(if you get what I mean) feels that a guy who is a "wr" should enjoy "certain" contact.

If you still know what I mean, being a "wr" who does not enjoy that certain type of contact has HUGELY disappointed a "certain community" of San Fran based fans. LOL..........


Your both more than entitled to your opinions after all just like a/ sholes everybodies got one but I`ve been watching and studying the game of football for over 30 years (also played my entire life until a lack of proper discipline kept me from playing in College, not saying I had the God given talent to have played on Sunday`s but what I do mean is I have studied x`s and o`s to death) and think I understand and comprehend what I see just fine.

When bloggers like 0x80 put up posts about there concerns over Tony S. ability to lead the team foward I think there right on, or aren`t you paying attention to marble mouths incoherent rants on TV ? I also agree with DB about breaking down tape on a guy coming out of College not being the tell all, some guys leave it on the field on Saturday`s only looking to hit the NFL jackpot and bleed it for what they can or have you heard from Vernon Gholston lately ?

All we really have left is putting together our versions of what we would like to see on the field on Sunday given the pieces at hand and it ain`t rocket science ! If I were running this team my 1st. order of business would be to 86 Sparano and hand the job over to Mike Nolan, would this move be wise ? I don`t know but it`s my best educated guess and at the end of the day that and $1.00 buy me a Shlitz Malt liquor tall boy !!!!!

Breed, Lil Aloco is a "Inhalent" User, he's more then likely on his 3rd tube of "ESTES" model airplane glue, Though I might be wrong...LOL

Godalmighty, any time I check here it's the SAME people blabbing away who haven't said anything interesting or new in a month. Half the time I think they're making up conversations with themselves! Are there any GOOD Dolphins message boards out there? Seriously.

Cuban Manance,

That "certain segment and community" of San Fran fans may still be lamenting the loss of Jeff Garcia. If you still know what I mean. LOL........

Dude the olinemen you see consistently knocking db's are the great ones. Dude you need to go back to the Larry Little highlights. He was always knocking db's on thier a*sses.

I guess Larry Little was a piece of s*hit olinman too by your explanation of picking on db's. LOL..........

Posted by: DyingBreed | May 09, 2011 at 01:40 PM

Don't even try the Larry Little or Dwight Stevenson comparisons with me.

These guys made their second level blocks AFTER detroying the initial defender. It's called a scoop or chip block, then on to the second level.

Pouncey on the other hand, makes great second level blocks after having whiffed on his first, PRIMARY assignment.

Forget the shine box, go get some video. You'll see-LOL!


Cuban Menance,

"Inhalent user" does explains Lil ALoco's apparent brain damaged spelling challenged issues and questionable intelletual I/Q levels at times.

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