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'Pouncey will be a center, and a good one'

The criticisms I hear most often of the Dolphins first round choice of Mike Pouncey is two-fold:

The first criticism is Pouncey is a guard -- just a guard. The second one is that Pouncey, when given the chance to play center, was terrible with the shotgun snap.

Let me make something perfectly clear. The Dolphins picked Pouncey to be a center. If he turns out to be a guard, he will have failed in meeting the expectations the Dolphins had for him. And the Dolphins will have failed in their vision for Pouncey because guards at No. 15 better be Pro Bowl types rather than merely starters.

Let me make something else clear. After speaking to two scouts and a coaching source on the college level, I was convinced by them that Pouncey is a center and will be a good one. Moreover, I was told not to fret too much over the shotgun snap problem Pouncey had early in the 2010 season.

"It was his first season starting at center, they probably didn't work on it live in practice as much as they should have, and once they identified it as a problem, it took him just a couple of weeks to resolve it," the college source told me. "Pouncey will be a center, and a good one. Don't get caught up in the comparisons with his brother. He'll be good in his own right."

So next time you hear someone say the Dolphins wasted their first round pick or didn't get value because Pouncey is not a center, do not remain silent. He is a center until further notice. And if someone says the shotgun snaps in college is a concern, you know the facts. He struggled early but addressed the issue.

By the way, it was interesting to me that the ESPN Sports Science video below (I love this series) has Pouncey at center. And he's snapping shotgun. And he snaps correctly 30 of 30 times.

There's something else that caught my eye in the video. Pouncey was put under some duress. And he seemed to like it. "I definitely best under pressure," he said, "and I love being under pressure."



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Sorry Armando, but I've got to take you to task on this one:
"...because guards at No. 15 better be Pro Bowl types rather than merely starters."
ACTUALLY, any player packed at 15 should be a pro-bowler. That IS the expectation, considering how much cash they'll expect at that pick. And it's not a failure that he'd be just a starter. Failure would be he doesn't start at all, having been kicked to the curb in a couple of years. Happens ALL the time from 1st rounders. To us. ;)
I don't honestly care where he plays as long as he kicks butt wherever it is. That's my expectation as a fan.

JS. Its just not realistic every player picked 1 to 15 will be probowlers. Do the math.

Fin4Life @5:36....that is a ligitemate question.....

And perhaps that question is better suited for Commisioner Goddell.....seems like BP walked a fine line line of tampering.....and it never seemed to be in our favor......

CELTICS WINS TONIGHT ...............

Posted by: ALoco | May 09, 2011 at 08:24 PM

Ah, so you like teams from the Boston area do you?
Your past Tom Brady mancrush posts from last year and now this.

ALoco, you are a Patriots fan.

I am sorry that my daughter Priya has been asking all here to share stories about Clarified Butter.

Priya is a dear girl with smooth skin and pert, supple breasts but she drives her mother Indira and I to distraction with her Clarified Butter obsession.

I have taken disciplinary action and trust this matter is resolved.

Does anyone have any inspirational chutney stories?

i can't see my team the celtics get pushed out of the playoffs by a team LIKE THE HEAT.JUST CAN;T SEE IT HAPPENS .



After they win the in game 5 in Miami ofcourse....


too soon to cry dagger


qwo....HOW ABOUT NOW....CAN I GET A DAGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

can't see my team the celtics get pushed out of the playoffs by a team LIKE THE HEAT.JUST CAN;T SEE IT HAPPENS .

Posted by: nj phin fan | May 09, 2011 at 09:09 PM

Say what?

dagger granted.

Thank you qwo.....thank you very much.....

can't see my team the celtics get pushed out of the playoffs by a team LIKE THE HEAT.JUST CAN;T SEE IT HAPPENS .

Posted by: nj phin fan | May 09, 2011 at 09:09 PM

I said say what?

can't see my team the celtics get pushed out of the playoffs by a team LIKE THE HEAT.JUST CAN;T SEE IT HAPPENS .

Posted by: nj phin fan | May 09, 2011 at 09:09 PM


Where the he!! is New Jersey anyway?

The Heat showed alot of heart and outlasted them it`s a young man`s game for sure running up and down the floor like that for 48 minutes. When they missed the shot at regulation I knew we had them, you could see it on there faces they wanted no part of an overtime with us !!!!

It took time but we found our starting five and looked young out there, Jones is playing segnificant minutes and Anthony was all over Garnett, we beat them at there own game and bullied them on there floor, HA HA HA HA !!!

You know, tonight watching the basketball game, I caught myself rooting for the Celtics. WTH, are you crazy! Then, after some reflection I came to realize no Team should own my allegiance be they from wherever; they have to earn it. The Heat did a little bit for me today.



ALBERTO, are you related to ALoco?

Alberto IS ALOCO. They're both English Professors.

That's a terrific synopsis of the game, Alberto.

Have you considered a career in sportswriting?

Dear Mr. ALoco,

This statement makes you sound as "if" you've slipped and broken your hip in clarified butter! LOL.........

CELTICS WINS TONIGHT ...............

Posted by: ALoco | May 09, 2011 at 08:24 PM

HEAT WINS!!! Screw the HATERS!!!!

So great to see the Heat win tonite. I feared had they not won tonite, Celtics win series.

Now its time to bring the little green leprechuan to Miami and chop his balls off!

Heat will win series 4-1. Anyone care for green split pea soup?

Is this "Miami Heat" used for melting purposes in making Clarified Butter?

Mr. Aloco seems to be against this "Heat" but I cannot see how this is possible after his beautiful and kind words regarding Cl;arified Butter.


The Heat do have my allegiance been following them since that dramatic win in the inagural season back in 88 I think, when they dropped then def. champ. Pistons at the Arena. I find it an organization worth rooting for, think about this for a minute. How many times has Riley had to put that team back together while having been Coach, G.M. and President of the Org. and never quiting on them even thru some real painful seasons, especially after Zo`s medical troubles.

In the same span we`ve watched home town hero JJ quit on us, followed by the Saban fiasco, ending in Parcell`s taking one huge dump on us!! All the while serving as our V.P. and unofficially as Jets consultant. I find Riley`s commitment to the City of Miami and the Heat refreshing to say the least in a Pro sporting world run amuck with greed !! I am and will always be a Fins guy 1st. and foremost but the Heat run a dead heat of a 2nd place tie with my beloved Canes in my heart.

There was a Shaquille O'Neal sighting but it can not be substantiated because his stat line read:

5 minutes
0 points
0 rebounds
0 steals
o blocks
2 fouls

Well I take that back. 2 fouls proves he was actually on the court but I still wouldnt go as far to say he was actually "into the game."

I hear you, fin4life.

Miami native, so I cheer for ALL our teams (with the Dolphins closest to my heart) but no question the Heat is an extremely well-run franchise. There were worries in that regard in the early days (I'm sure you remember Lewis Schaffel...ugh!) and Arison the elder was kind of a creep (and that's being mild, actually) but his son and Riley have put together one helluva organization that most players would LOVE to be part of.

If the Dolphins needs a model of excellence, they don't have to look very far!

Dear Priya,

The Miami Heat works extremely fine in melting clarified butter over very "unlucky" little Leprechuans. Thanks for stopping by.

Wait. That was Shaq?? I thought it was some "embalming" exhibit from the Boston Science Museum.

DB @10:51,

LMFAO !!!! That mercanery hasn`t been a team guy since his Laker days, don`t you remember him ripping the MVP Trophy of the 06 Finals from the presenters hand so that he would be the one to bestow Wade with it. Hey I`ll tell you something else if not for Zo of the bench in game 6 in those finals were he had those crucial 4 blocks in the 4th I`m not so sure we win, remember Wade misses those two free throws at the end opening the door for that hold your breath 3 that Howard puts up for Dallas.

The big surprise of the NBA playoffs, the Memphis Grizzlies! I knew the Lakers were done. Hawks handling the Bulls, a few surprises here!

Fin4, Zo de Man! Still is!

If Shaq doesnt retire at the end of this season. There needs to be a congressional committee assembled to investigate the NBA for money laundrying!

Zo was huge in those Finals...Wade was intergalactic the last four games versus Dallas. Easily one of the finest Finals performances ever.

I won't say Shaq didn't contribute to the title---he did---but others did far more, agreed.

Still can't believe that was him tonight. You sure the Celtics weren't just growing an elm tree on the court?

dr. roberts,

I do remember those days and it was a rough outing at 1st. but your right on with your assesment of what Arison Jr. and Riley have put together. Ditto on the Fins not having to look far for a model of consistancy. I just wish I could be sold on Ireland being that guy, no doubt he has the will, I guess time will tell us if he is and if Ross rides it out with him.

We need to bring the Dolphins back to GLORY!!!


You really didnt appreciate what a large man Zo was unless you actually went to Heat game. Unless they were playing against Shaq, he was always clearly the largest human being on the court.

His freaking guns were bigger and as long as my legs! I go 6'2 217lbs.


Memphis is the big suprise of these NBA playoffs for sure, laying it to Okla. as we speak. I`m not so shocked about what the Hawks are doing, I really thought that come the post season when the refs let them play and it can get ugly out there that Chitown would not hold up.

DB and Doc,

I`m with you on Shaq at this point it`s about collecting the rest of the deal we gave him in 07 which by the way won`t pay him the other 20 Mil till the 2012 season so get ready for more blimp sightings in an NBA stadium near you.


Been to a ton of them and yes he is one hell of a physical specimen in person.

I don't think I could give Ireland any grade but "incomplete" at this point. When Tuna was around, you have to imagine he had the final say on matters...with Ireland being a seconday (albeit respected) opinion. With that, it's kind of hard to point fingers at Ireland for some of the bad moves that in reality may not have been his call anyway.

Plus, it's not as if Miami's drafts have been godawful the past few years. From my perspective, they seem pretty average in the 'hits and misses' department. Of course, average is not what any of us seek.

I'd certainly give him at least this year running things his way before making real judgements.

Kinda feel bad for him, though, that the labor situation is making it impossible at the moment to at least try and upgrade QB via trade or FA, which I think he VERY much wants to do.

You seriously think that being born Canadian is a bad thing??!

I would take their health care system, low crime rate, and pension in a second. :)

Zo is also one helluva good guy. I think everyone picked up their game around him out of respect.

If I give Ireland a grade based on up to 2010. It's definitely a C. Overall, the personel brought in hasnt been neither overly horrible or overly spectacular.

Although in invidual grades Ernest Wilford and Gebril Wilson are flat out F's. Dansby and Marshall evens out those fa grades. Then overall C grades for drafts with Jake Long being a great contributing factor.

Yeah, I know some will say we should have drafted Ryan or Long was a safe pick. However it could have been worse and we taken someone like Vernon Gholsten too.

You seriously think that being born Canadian is a bad thing??!

I would take their health care system, low crime rate, and pension in a second. :)

Posted by: Fins2win | May 09, 2011 at 11:16 PM


Well, yeah...but who wants to root for a team called the 'Alouettes?'

(Moises Alou, I suppose, but that's it)


Good call on Ireland, very fair assesment and I will agree I think you need some stability on the Football side of things and give him a couple of seasons to see what he can do, I for on liked the draft he put together although alot of folks are looking to crucify his effort.

Also think Zo brought the best out in his teamates, when he came back after the surgery to play it seemed to breath alot of passion into that team and his gritty play seemed infectious.


After the way Parcells tried to throw our entire scouting dept. under the perverbial bus by saying he had nothing to do with all of the misses but everything to do with all of the hits, I made a decision to hold out on making the final call on Ireland.

I think Parcells makes those statements because they were his calls and didn`t want them on his overhyped resume. I tell you the set on that ego maniac are huge because he then feels the need to inform us all that Rex was his guy all along and he and only he recommended him to Mike Tannenbaum in N.Y. who he also refers to as his protege.

In 2011, what we can not have is our top 4 draftees playing average football.

Pouncey needs to be pro bowl calibre right off the bat. Daniel Thomas has to have 900yds 10 td's or better season 1. Clay needs to have huge immediate impact operating out of multiple positions. 700yd rec 7 td's.

Edmund Gates needs to have 800yds rec and 7td's or more. If these things happen we win 11 games or more and it pushes Ireland overall grade to B- to B range.

Dyingbreed, that's a lot of offense for each rookie to produce, in one campaign. A bit unrealistic

Pouncey says he loves pressure. Well in 2011 he's going to have it whether he likes it or not. Not only will dolphans have the spotlight on him. After his brother's rookie season debut, the entire nfl will have spotlight on him too.

If Pouncey has pro bowl calibre season in yr 1, we've got a real keeper for years to come.

Hey DB,

When you factor in B.Marsh and his 15 to 20 scores, Bess and his 10 or so along with Fasano and Hartline chipping in another 15, then it should be between 12 and 14 wins easy because by that account Henne will have thrown for about 55 TD`s and 5,000 yards passing, hell if we get that then were going to Indy to play in the dance !!

I`m not going against your statement I get it but if Clay can ship in 500 with 5 scores I`ll be pleased as punch and you add to that Gates putting up at least the 800 yards your talking about and were in business. At the end of the day you and I know it will fall on Thomas, if he doesn`t put up a 1,000 rush yards this draft will feel incomplete, Pouncey doesn`t even worry me he`s a beast believe it.


I say this because this class of offensive rookies have very little margin for error.

We all know Pouncey has to play at or very close to pro bowl level or he'll be immediately villified by Miami fans and media.

Daniel Thomas cost a total of 3 picks to draft. Anything short of 900yds rushing and 8-10 td's will be frowned upon as a failure in the making.

Totally zero excuse for Gates because he'll play accross from Brandon Marshall. If Gates doesnt beat out Hartline he'll be looked at as a possible flop before we even get to game one. He's our new explosive player, so if he doesnt have at least 800yds and 7td's, that isnt very explosive.

Clay, saying that Marshall and Gates do thier jobs well, should have an absolute field day operating in the seams. I say he should have 700yd rec and 7td's because of this. Many of his recieving yards should be acquired out of the backfield too. He should also be able have 3-4td as a redzone mismatch.

Basically what Im saying guys is this offense draft class can not have average production. If so, we're only 8-8 this season instead of 7-9. That wont save Sparano's job, I dont feel.


I think you are jumping the gun on Gates. Hasn't played a down. Short offseason. I don't see him starting over Hartline for at least the first several games if not ever this season.

DB @11:48,

That`s a pretty good take on these picks, I also got a gut feeling about Clay becoming an interestning player because of how many diff. ways we can use him.

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