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Ross raises serious questions in USA Today

The NFL spring meeting adjourned in Indianapolis on Wednesday but before he left town, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross talked to USA Today and addressed Miami's cost-cutting measures.

Look, the cost-cutting measure are what they are. Big business in America is hurting and it is taking measures to protect itself. So are local and state governments for that matter. It is a sad fact of life in today's bad economy and employees, such as those working for the Dolphins or Miami Herald for that matter, are always free to go work elsewhere if they are disgruntled about cost-cutting measures.

That said, the USA Today interview with Ross is eyebrow-raising for a couple of reasons.

First: Ross shows hints of a person suffering from buyer's remorse.

"The emotions of wanting to own a team were greater than the fact that this might be coming," Ross said of his purchase despite the looming lockout that everyone knew was coming. "You always figured that something like this, you know, it's going to get resolved. It's a question of when. Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later."

Ross paid $1.1 billion for the Dolphins in 2008-2009 and that investment dropped in value almost immediately as the economy tanked, particularly the real estate economy in South Florida. He's mentioned how that wasn't a great investment short-term. Wednesday, he mentioned how the work stoppage is not a great time to be an owner.

"Who the hell wants to own a team and not play?" he said. "It's about having a system that works. It's not about a bunch of greedy owners. It's a bunch of players looking to see how much they can really get."

And that leads me to troubling issue No. 2.

Ross doesn't call the NFL players greedy outright. But he implies the problem with getting a new collective bargaining agreement is, again, "a bunch of players looking to see how much they can really get."

Isn't that another way to say greedy?

Ross, who deals often with unions as a New York city businessman, is careful not to alienate them. But he's not quite as careful about alienating the players because apparently he doesn't equate their union with labor unions.

"We negotiate with unions all the time, and there are issues there," Ross said. "But they're not the same types of issues. When you're dealing with guys earning over $1 million a year — the average salary is, what, $1.87 million? — you're not talking about the same kind of labor issues. Are these really labor issues? These are not labor issues.

"There should be no sympathy in the labor movement in America for these ballplayers. It's a different deal."


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Oregon, The TV revenue money is a "little" thing (to me). Maybe not to you, and I respect that.

These players are not making bad money, NONE of them, to play a game. This is my point. They are making money I can only dream about because i did not have the same physical gifts and talent that they do.

What I did do is comensate for that with my mind and work hard and go to school. supposedly like thes players did (in college) to secure their future.

That revenue money does not mean a hill of beans to the players. Like I said, I got a great education and have a really good job and am making less than the lowest paid NFL player.

If they were fighting for that revenue money to help the crippled players live who can not function, and they got hurt trying to entertain us then I would be behind it. but I can not sit here and hear someone say players are screaming poverty... or coaches for that matter.

This is getting pssionate so please keep it respectful... not saying you were not going to Justin...

Crap, so my point to all that was, that is not a reason to not play...


You could be right about Jerry being able to play RT.

Sparano an company are risk adverse though and I doubt he will ever see a snap at RT.

I think our long term hope for Jerry is at RG.

If he could lock up that RG position it would be great for the franchise.

I'm looking at next years draft as the place to solve the aging RT issue.

For owners to get replacement players they would have to:
1.terminate all contracts will the players on thier roster.
2.Pay all guarenteed money to the players they terminated.
3.Higher the replacement players which could include anyone that they cut.
4. Fight lawsuit after lawsuit from explayers who would try and prove they were fired(cut) unlawfully.


You think the players do not care about the tv money? I bet they do.

The idea that the players make alot of money so they ought to just accept whatever the owners want to give them is one I do not agree with.

That is definitely the owners position.

I dont see any owners going under either with what was the contract or even if the year is canceled.

The players want to play. They are locked out.

I hope you people do realize that it is the owners that opted out. It was the owners that locked the players out. The reason the players asked to see the books because the ownerssaid they are going broke and need money back...if that is the case it shouldnt be a problem to provide facts for your claims. I dont know how many of you actually played football but it is a dangerous sport with a very short career life with detremental health issues. Unlike the other sports the contracts are not guarantee and more players make 100000 then millions. One thing i hate is to be lied too and clearly the owners had this planned because of the tv deal they made. please people do not be blind to the facts

To All,

In 1982 the NFL Players strike could be understood, in Miami A.J. Duhe arguably our best player made $ 90,000 a year!!! He would sustain given there were no micro or magnetic surgeries in his day a career ending knee injury into week 4 of 83. Today he is a construction worker in Miami with health problems, doesn`t seem fair. That year being Marino`s rookie season he got for being the 26th pick of his draft a 4 year $ 800,000 deal. Today it wouldn`t cover the 26th picks signing bonus and it didn`t either as far back as 94.

In 87 I hated the strike but understood players fighting for FA, something they wouldn`t win till Reggie White`s lawsuit which was settled in 93. The 1st player to move via FA was ironically enough Keith Jackson T.E. from Philly to Miami in the middle of the 93 season given he was the league`s lone hold out. Big Reggie would say it was the "WILL OF GOD" that one it for him, former Eagles owner Miami`s Norman Brammen would sarcstically reply it was his GREED!!!!

Today`s strike aside from working out a health plan makes little seanse. The players thanks to TV revenue are in large part Cash wealthy upon signing. I don`t accept there claim to be ownerships 50/50 partners as fair either and believe there Rep. DeMaurice Smith is taking them all for a ride. I also believe the players have to loose this one or Football as we know it may be in jeopardy.

The union laborers Ross was talking about typically have a skill set that literally hundreds of thousands of other people in the world have. While the low paid union worker might risk injury on a regular basis, it is in a highly controlled manner in almost every instance where the risk of injury is small. NFL players have a skill set that only a few hundred people in the world can match and they risk life-long injuries every single play. Looking at this thing from the perspective that the players make millions so they do not need more is just foolish. Owners are making tens of millions, why should they profit more than the players?

FYI, I am a CPA and I would change my tune if the owners came out a proved they were losing money via complete financial disclosure. As long as they are claiming losses but not proving it, I am not willing to believe they are actually losing money.


this is not a strike. This is a lock out.

Players are greedy and owners are not?

Let's not forget the OWNERS opted out..not the players..who's the greedy 1's??? Enough said!!! These owners are making 100mil + a year in net..not gross...&the nfl is their 2nd&3rd businesses..&they won't open their books..I 4one side totally with the players..these owners opted out 4to get a bigger piece of the pie do the reeearch..& 4 what?? Another yatch or helicopter..the owners can go take a long walk off a short pier!!

Yes, but the reason the lockout is occuring is that the players are not negotiating, or even budging. Like I said, without the revenue money they are looking for, they were all making more than enough to live better than most of us.

Owners are Owners, like CEO's ect... they are running the business. If the players were all min wage, i think they would have more support.

I think the board guy is getting at the crux of the matter.

This situation is unlike any other outside of sport. These are uniquely skilled positions.

The players can not be replaced.

The product will lose appeal rapidly without pro players.

The owners believe they can play hard ball for more money and are.


Go work in a mine or in a steel factory and see if they are not people thier getting hurt for life. Lung cancer and deaths happen in those places. I know I watched as a mold fell on a person while it was being transferd.


Don`t fool yourself the players if they had not gotten a deal would have walked, this whole lawsuit by them to lift the lockout is nothing more than one of many publicity stunts by both sides to garner simpathy. My point is while as a fan I hated both the mid-season strikes of 82 and 87 I could understand there points of view(the players). Marino sitting on a 4 year 800,000 deal is laughable but today they`re makig to much and demanding alot for me to have any simpathy.

NFLBS, I am not saying there are not dangerous jobs out there that people get hurt. However, almost anyone could work in a mine or steel factory, only a select few play NFL caliber football. For that reason, the concept that the players are already making enough money and the jealousy the fans have towards that needs to get thrown out the window


The owners initiated the lock out, positioned to get the tv money to hold them over, then say trust us we are losing money and you think the players are not negotiating?

I think we are going to have to agree to disagree on this one. Good exchange though.

Why do the players who play this game need more money?????

That is where I am lost in this argument...

Do you all realize how much money they make?

I know the OWNERS make a ISLAND LOAD of money, but they supply the product for these players to play. Back when this all started the owners risk was the biggest risk of all... They earned the money they have gotten through being VERY GOOD BUSINESS MEN.

Thes players are making HUGE $$'s, even the lowest paid to play a game. They all have the right to get a second job if they need more money, but they DONT NEED TO.

Look, Like I said, I DO support the fact that the players that become crippled or that can not function properly out of the sport due to what happened they played the sport are the ones who really deserve more.

If the revenus money was going to them, then I somewhat get it, but not to mostly healthy people makeing 500K a year to play a game.

In all seriousness, what am I missing?

Its all good Oregon, I respect your opinion and you as a person. Disagreements are healthy...

I just can not see why rich players, playing a game, NEED to have more money. should they talk about it yes, should they argue yes. But to not negotiate and screw us fans when they are getting paid so well already. I just don't get it.

Again I know the owners have more money than anyone, but if any of these players spent more time studying and learning the business they would have had the money to be an owner, then they would be doing the same things the owners are now. JMO

As I said b4 I'm a westcoast longshoreman & work very hard..we lose typically 3-5people a 2deaths on the job..that's not counting the numerous injurys we sustain..I myself hav been ko'd cold & have had hernia surgery among other things..point being I myself believe I'm worth what I'm paid &more just like the players..the players are worth far more that what owners give them credit 4..players take risk get injured & have short careers..the fight isn't bout top guys gettin paid more..its bout keeping what u have or getting more for the guy who won't get as much..ie:retired players or injuref!!..I want 2watch p manning not ryan leaf!!&that's what will happen with scabs!!as 4a scab they're lower than rat doodoo &will not watch a scab nfl game


I dont see how I am fooling myself about anything thing here.

The money the league generates today is unprecedented. The league has been very successful since 83'.

The players make the league. Given the way the game destroys players they probably ought to receive more of the revenue than they do.

What is the value or cost of getting lue ga rigs disease? Have you seen what that does?

And mine workers ought to be taken care of too IMO.

The players have to fight for themselves. The owners do not give a f**k about them. Look how long the league denied the concussion issue.


Your post at Poizen is a half truth, the owners never said they were loosing money. They said and I`ll look it up for you that anything more than 40% to the players could push some teams over the edge and that isn`t a complete lie either. Do you really believe that teams in a 5 share market(5 share being how TV list`s them) like Indy, G.B, Pitt., Buffalo ect... can compete when it`s not a certainty that revenue sharing in the future deal between owners will be an even split but more something divided by your TV share. In other words flip the league as far as teams with cap money by the way Miami is a 2 Market so we would be fine but giving up parity would alter the game and make it like Baseball with the Cowboys, Giants and Jets of the World in the only #1 Markets out of L.A. the winners, by the way the sramble to move to Los Angeles by alot of teams would as fans of the game turn our stomach`s.


the league did have revenue sharing. I dont think the players have anything to do with that and I suspect the players strongly support revenue sharing.

Clearly, the game would suffer to become like baseball. Who watches baseball anyway. It's always the same loaded teams. it's lame.

And over 40% could push some teams over the edge? based on what? The books are not public and the owners are unwilling to even show them to the players.

The whole trust us we are losing money thing holds zero weight for me.

tbone, all respect to you and what you do.

What I disagree with you is: what they are pulling hairs about are the active players salaries. the retired players/injured players is almost a side note. And that irked owners the most.

If I find that is wrong, I will support the players, but I am really confident that the owners lost it about this money going to the healthy players playing the game. And thos players even the lowest paid are making a very healthy salary. A salary that I could live on and be sure I retire REALLY well if managed properly.

That is where you and i seem to disagree.

I have Buyer's Remorse too! Remorseful that Dumbo bought the team. Huizenga stung him good. We're a decade or so away from ever competing again.

everything should be equalized I'd take money away fro, top earners and make a new league minimum for the others also stop 1st rd rookie guarantees from being ridiculous. proven vets should get compensated before rooks


totally agree.

Plus it only fair to take care of former players too.


I never said the league didn`t have revenue sharing just that the way it`s structured today is coming to an end!! Or don`t you follow the negotiations between owners an see that led by Jerry Jones with Huzienga and now Ross on board are looking to have it split by how your TV share is listed or in other words what the Networks can make of comercials in your region is worth.

I suspect that to some owners the split is of less consequence than to others like the Roney`s in Pitt. who are only worth financially about 160 Million with the rest owned by the Banks and keep there proud franchise above water thru there TV money. There is more at stake than having there high priced entertainers/employees kept happy by making them in essance part owners of the league and by the way if I went with my fellow employees to our boss and said show us the books cause we want to tell you what you owe us we would all be fired on the spot and further I think your wrong the players cave or get replaced and the game goes on!!!

I agree to taking care of former players and current players that can properly function on the outside due to injury, 100% ALL DAY!

That part pisses me off.

I do not take either side on this lockout because they are both wrong.
exs.= It is for the fans
Both sides say this and neither side gives a damn about us fans.
One makes us pay taxes to make or upkeep thier staduims and if you chose not to pay taxes they leave. See Cleveland and old Baltimore.
The players want more money which means if they get thier way our ticket prices will go up because the owners will not take paycuts.
I say if they really care about us fans they could do this.
1.Owners pay for thier own stadiums and upkeep.
2.Players get 40% of the gross so the owners can use that extra money to pay for the staduims and upkeep.
All thier other concerns like Health,retirement, exs. they can work out on thier own.
This would show me as a fan that they really care.

NFLBS, nice post.

..In the spirit that we all want to see this mess resolved. Try to forget about what is the normal rule as far as buisnesses having to open their books to the public. We all know that unless a court rules that they have to. The owners do not have to show anything to anyone. But, in the hypothetic situation that they did. Wouldn't this be the way for the greater good to come to an agreement? Don't worry about what the owners obligation is. Just think that if they did decide to open the books, that it would ultimetly lead to an agreement. Both sides would be exposed, and the truth would be told. Do it today, so that the owners have no time to "cook the books" or the players have no time to "cover their hides" should it not go their way. This would ultimately solve the immediete issue.

Please do not get me wrong. I get it that the owners do not have to do this. I'm just saying that no matter what side you are on. If this would lead to an agreement wouldn't you like to see it?? Don't worry about precident, or right or wrong. This is a hypothetic question.

Asking the ownwers to show thier books is like asking the moffia to show thier books. It will not happen.

Trust me even the owners have things to hide.

I guess the owners should ask the players to open thier books and see what the hell they are doing with all that money they are making.
I bet the players would say no too.

The players want to show the books to investment bankers so they can steal the information and start their own league. Its plain as day.
I am on the side of the owners. I am sick of watching a guy throw more interceptions than touchdowns and be a millionaire.

NFLBS...I understand that the owners have no obligation to show their books. I was asking a hypothetic question. If they were to show their books. Would this get both sides closer to an agreement? Forget about, weather they will, or they should for a second. I know that answer.


Nope it would give them more things to argue about.

Youknow, your sick of Eli Manning? Yea me to.

I think Darryl or someone was pointing out that the NFL is a totally unique situation and can not be compared to a normal working situation.

In any other work environment the owners can go find a 1000 qualified people. Not the case in the NFL. If the owners want more money then open the books in private to the players and get on with it.

I suspect they are hiding huge money and outrageous use of proceeds that will completely undermine their position.

The owners will not really be hurt financially by killing the season.

We are talking about the most elite ownership in the world. They wipe their ass with more money than you or I will ever see.


revenue by tv share is yet another bad idea that ought to be opposed by the players.

Open the books exsp.

Owners would prove that they need to make more money and the players would say well why are you paying this person that much to do this.Then the bullets would really start to fly.

Didnt the owners produce a set of cooked books that was laughed out of court?

It is a grand cash grab by the owners. You see it all the time in the corporate world.

Next you will be seeing the owners buying off politicians to interview on their behalf.

They already have the NFL network and the commissioner as mouthpiece.

Also if the owners opened the books they would not be able to extort stadium money from communities to keep teams.

Great discussion all, I gotta run, Have a great night.

You too Poizen.

I'm out too. Good discussion all. Till next time.

Oregon Dolphin

See my post at 4:05pm before you take a side.

The NFL Lockout will come to resolve in the month of June 2011

Not to worry NFL fans

NFLBS...You are probably right. It may give the sides even more to complain about. We may all think that the owners are hiding something. Perhaps they are. But what if it turned out that they were getting hosed? I guess to me. Seeing the books would make it a fair fight. Reasonable people would be able to come to some comprimise. As we know, we aren't dealing with reasonable right now. Both sides are fighting for their best interests. Both feel they are in the right. Until real money is in jeapardy of being comprimised, or the courts make a ruling. I see no way these two sides even think about negotiaiton...

The manual labor that Simply The Bess been doing has also helped him stay fit during the NFL's lockout.

"We've all been doing an incredible amount of physical labor, and Davone and the guys have been leading the way," said Cathy Cunningham, a Arizona native who befriended Bess on the missionary trip. "They've been chopping down trees, digging the drainage ditches and all kinds of stuff. Davone hasn't been a celebrity. He's not on vacation. He's been one of the hardest workers."

Those who know Bess can't be surprised. And they also should know this is just the beginning.

"Once I set my mind to something I go hard at it. With my story and what I've been through I'm able to give back and give kids a message about who I am and what I overcame," Bess said. "If I can do it, you can do it too. If I can make a difference so can you."





First of all, the players decided to play football for the love of the game, not for the money. They decided to sacrifice their body because they love the game, not for the money.
The owners are in this or any other business because of the money, not for the love of the game. If you make an investment in your business you expect to get the revenues as well, not your employees. And this is what is all about.

Business owners have every right to argue for that extra dollar of revenue, because they are the ones investing to generate more money for the league, not the players.

Players come and go, and they got in this because of the game, not for the money. That's the first reason they went to college for, to get a degree because football won't be there forever. And they know it.

What a douche bag. Seriously.

I agre that players make more than the average working man.

HOWEVER. NFL Owners, like Ross, make more than the average mom and pops grocery store down the street.

The day ROSS goes on the field and takes a hit or makes a tackle that leaves him scarred/injured for life, I'll agree with him.

Greed is affecting all sides, specially the general population who can't control their own greed or their desire to "be like Mike".
Get a grip on reality everybody, theres more time than life, quit trying to squeeze it out everyone

DM Smith needs to go.He is terrible for the players.The players should throw him out.


@ Swag u
This is true and you are right but dont forget because the players are the ones making the sacrifice they have the right to argue for their right or they will be taking advantage of. That is jus like any union and a employer, if the employee do not lookout for self your boss will take advantage of you!!!!



andsern2000>> That was the best reply i have read on here in a long time. I try to keep my mouth shut and just listen and read..BUT I agree the owners have spent a billion dollars to be the bosses. And if one of my emp wanted to see my books i would laugh as well. I thought that was the reason we had free agents. You dont like were you work or your pay you go somewhere else. Well the problem is the other 31 places they can go are saying the same thing. Last time we had this problem we brought in free agents and As they called them Scabs, Well bring in the people that have another had a chance and want to play football for the love of the game not i want millions and millions because i had one good yr..

Business man buy business to make money. It is fun to win. But it is more fun to make money and win.

Business man hire expert (tony sparano) to win. hahahahahahahahahahah. sucked in. Tony Sparano no expert. Business man lose money.

Ross is right. But sign a deal and carry on. This could turn stupid, fast.

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