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Scout loves AFC East draft work (except for Fins)

More draft grades coming your way. Normally, I give you mine (if you force me) and move on. But I want to share with you today the AFC East draft grades put out recently by Dave Razzano.

Why Razzano? He's got the credibility of having 22 years of scouting experience with the San Francisco 49ers, St. Louis Rams and Arizona Cardinals. He was around for five Super Bowls and three Super Bowl wins with those teams. So again, he has that credibility guys such as Mel Kiper and others (me included) do not have.

Razzano is not a big fan of the Dolphins draft. On his blog he gave the Dolphins' draft a D. It was one of five D grades Razzano passed out, with Miami joining Detroit, Atlanta, Carolina, Seattle. Razzano did not give out any Fs so, basically, the Dolphins got the lowest grade he gave out.

"OC Mike Pouncey is solid but the Dolphins still lack a quality QB," Razzano wrote. "The next two picks of RB Dan Thomas and WO Edmond Gates look like back-up types.  Late round DC Jimmy Wilson will contribute early on special teams."

That's tough. It gets tougher considering Razzano apparently liked the work Buffalo, New York and New England did.

He gave the Patriots an A. He gave the Bills a B. He gave the stinkin' Jets a B.


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I think the draft was solid.

as joe and dirk are sitting at their computers wearing their green and white jets jerseys they are also on the yahoo finance message boards bashing stocks that they hold short positions in.

john doe @ 11:48,
i happen to have pretty solid evidence that all three exist.

I give the Fins an 'F'; then again, who gives a s**t...it's just an opinion. You know what they say about opinions.
Pouncy @ 15 was stupid; second interior lineman in the top 15 pick over the past 30+ yrs; should have taken a tackle for the right side and moved fata$$ Carey to guard; more value at T and potential fill in LT if Long gets extended injury; interior line found in 3-6th round. 2nd round RB is big, slow, and fumbles....great. A undersized TE/FB H-back type in the 6th and a killa in the 7th. Tell me how that's not a D or and F?

'Safe' draft picks = 6 to 8 wins max!

Once again, fire Ireland and Sparano for sheer incompetency and can Henne too. P A T H E T I C

Im with you ccherald2. Lets throw out the Tuna casserole leftovers and start from scratch.

We'll see how they play, that how they get a grade.....

i wonder what our grade is going to be next year when we get Andrew Luck?

Has anyone looked at our drafts since 2000? Absolutely pathetic. The current group since 2008 has at least had a success rate of 50% or better for starters.

Sometimes the bottom line on a rookie player is good, sometimes bad. They must 1)Make the team, 2) Make plays, 3)Must consistantly produce on the field, Or they're gone and was a wasted pick. Only time will tell, but I'm not holding my breath with this bunch.

We'll find out won't we?

Armando is the best!

Well, there is one consolation. I can do something else with my Sundays now for the next 3-5yrs for it will take at least that long to get the team out of having to pick from the leftover scraps. Then again, if they continue with Ireland and Sparano, they may just fall to absolute worst team of all and I will have Sundays for something more worthwhile for 10yrs to come! i can see it now, fumbles to compliment Henne's interceptions= going nowhere fast.

Can't believe you guys are still hoping for a miracle. There are no miracles in the NFL Ross screwed up. He should have hired the ex coach from the Super Bowl winning Pittsburg Steelers!! What is his name anyhow, you know the guy Dan Marino calls "Coach" on TV. Wait a minute, I got it, ah yes, Bill Cowher. Get a life folks there is no hope until Ross expunges all remnants of Hyzunga.

If Chad Henne throws for 3,000 yards with 18 td's and 13 int's do the Dolphins draft a quarterback in the 1st round next year ?

There's a really good chance Henne has this type of season.

The scout is an idiot. There are no back ups anymore at the running back position. Atleast not with the Dolphins. Being a back up means a running back will still touch the ball 10-20 times a game. He's a back up...brilliant. A solid bet is to take the long shot that D. Thomas will be the AFC offensive rookie of the year. The Dolphins have grand visions of this guy running for 10 td's and passing for 5. It's not far fetched to see this vision come true.

I've been reading your blog for a few years now, and I usually enjoy them and find them entertaining. But, sometimes it seems you really go out of your way to share every bit of negativity about the Fins that you can get your hands on. Like you enjoy it! I hope that isn't the case. By the way I don't agree with his grades at all and think he's an idiot!

Craig M it is not good to pick a projected 3rd round pick at 15. It us actually stupid on many levels. 1st round drafted Qbs have about a 50/50 shot to become a serviceable qb more less a superstar, so the bust factor is magnified by 10000000000 if you reach that far. As a example if Tebow ends up being a "bust" that will go down as the dumbest draft move in history. 2 the money factor at 15 it cost millions more to
Sign than a 3rd round pick. So why do you pay a player millions more when even if he was a 1st round graded QB only has a 50/50 chance of being just serviceable.

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