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The truth about the DeAngelo Williams love affair

The recurring theme I hear when fans and some journalists speak of the Dolphins' running back options going forward is, sorry to tell you, often myopic at best. Basically, a lot of folks are just saying stuff without really knowing the facts.

For example, the group that blindly repeats the, 'Let's sign DeAngelo Williams,' theme obviously is not aware of the facts that could keep Williams from going anywhere in 2011. Those same folks say Williams has said he'd like to play here without knowing he's also said he'd like to return to Carolina.

And no one seems to recognize that even if Williams is a free agent, he'll have a handful of teams vying for his services.

So let's seriously consider this:

First, if the appeals court denies the NFL's request for a stay of a lower court's decision to end the lockout and the league must return to work under 2010 rules, as many believe will happen, then Williams simply will not be an unrestricted free agent at all.


If the NFL is forced to operate under 2010 guidelines, only players with six years of NFL experience will be considered unrestricted free agents. Williams has five years of NFL experience. He would be restricted. This is such a serious reality that Carolina on March 2nd placed a tender on Williams, assuring its rights to the running back.

It is such a serious reality that during the draft, once Carolina drafted Cam Newton, new Panthers coach Ron Rivera spoke passionately about how having Newton would benefit Williams in the backfield.

"If the defense crashes down on the line of scrimmage, [Newton] can bootleg outside and make something happen," Rivera told the Charlotte Observer. "If they honor that too much, then DeAngelo cuts back on the backside and breaks it for a 60-yard gain."

The Panthers tagged Williams with the highest tender, meaning any team wanting to sign him under 2010 guidelines would have to compensate the Panthers a first- and third-round draft pick. What does that mean? It means the Dolphins will not be getting DeAngelo Williams if he is restricted because I believe the Dolphins have come to dislike the idea of always being down one or several high draft picks each April while the New England Patriots are replete with their picks and some of everyone else's.

Of course, it is possible sanity prevails in this labor situation and the league and the non-union union work out an amicable collective bargaining agreement that makes Williams and all players with five years of experience free agents if they're unsigned.

Does that automatically clear the decks for the Dolphins?

Well, working for Miami is the fact Williams is represented by Jimmy Sexton, who also happens to represent coach Tony Sparano and general manager Jeff Ireland. I'm not suggesting that gives the Dolphins an advantage. I am suggesting if the Dolphins want to pay top market value, Sexton will be happy to bring a client to another client. It makes for a logical business dealing.

Also making Williams a possibility if he's a free agent, is the fact he has stated to several media outlets he'd like to play for Miami.

But guess what? Williams has stated to several other media outlets he'd like to stay in Carolina, too.

My guess is Williams wants to be wherever the payday is most lucrative and his opportunity for collecting stats and wins is greatest. That combination will trump everything, in my opinion, and he's not going to close any door until a decision is made.

One more thing regarding Williams: Folks seem to forget his former coach John Fox is now in Denver. Fox held Williams in high regard. The Broncos need help with their running game. The Detroit Lions were linked last year to liking Williams.

What I'm saying is their will be a market for arguably the best running back on the market.

So before we start picking out a number for this kid, remember he might be more valuable -- meaning $$$$ -- to someone else. And remember if the NFL lockout is ended by the courts and we're back to working under 2010 rules, Williams will not be playing in Miami because he will not be an unrestricted free agent.


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LOL @ DB........


No chance anything gets done in next 72 hours. With the owners now set to win big on June3rd, they will certainly wait for the Court ruling for maximum leverage.

Like Cuban says, ALoco been sniffing glue tonight






You are such a wonderful and model human being it makes us noemals just wanna puke! LOL...........



Im sure hidden within the dark entails of your being. You're the type of guy who would rather eat the girl scouts and toss the cookies out. Come on just admit it! LOL...........





...Both sides have no real reason to settle this at THIS point. Once the players start losing real money it will be difficult for the union to stay strong. This is a sad state of affairs.

I wish I could say that I will boycott if the season is comprimised. But I know that I'm an addict. The NFL is the guy under the Burnside bridge that feeds the addiction. In fantasy land the best case scenario would be for fans to stage our own lockout. This will never happen because there are too many people like me. Quick to forget this ever happened. Just happy to see football.

We need to resign Ronnie Brown.

I believe once the season nears and players see this thing is for real you will see serious cracks in player unity. At the end of the day it`s the players who can`t afford to loose a season for a variety of reasons, lets analyze it for a minute.

You can either a rookie or seasoned vet and the thought of loosing a year in a profession with such a short shelf life (Pro Athlete) will weigh heavily once the cold reality sets in about the owners and there resolve and that goes double with those with Families to feed, live beyond there means or are at the end of there respective careers and can`t afford to loose a couple of games if not there last one all together to collect from the league and then you have the bonehead factor like A.Cromartie and his child support for his 10 kids while not forgetting Dez and all that jewelry he needs to pay off.

The owners on the other hand have time on there side and will exploit this factor while letting the hour glass effect start to break player unity. I think eventually the players will see this for what it`s worth and settle before the owners start the scab talk with alot of big names crossing the picket lines only to eager to play. The owners if forced will cancel the season and force the players hands, they didn`t aquire there vast fortunes by bending to the will of the Courts or in looking to win many popularity contests.

I also think the owners as calculated business men understand that the cancellation of a season can have a very negative effect on there product and will look at the MLB and NHL models of the 90`s and look to avoid it but on there terms not the players and at the end of the day the player demand to be equal partners 50/50 with ownership is unreasonable. They have a grip in other areas but not there, my money is on the players flinching first.

OF course we will have football!Its all about the money!duh?We need rt,og,rb-locke-kentucky or chad spann-n.ill- rb.and Inside lb!Thats whats up!NOT HARD PEOPLE.Thats the problem with the world .People who do know how to do things are stuck behide the ones who cheat and lie.Because they do know how to do things!HOW is that?Be honest and care about others.

Chapter one of Rex Ryan's book is a discussion on how he became a "Jack" a s s.

Man oh man, I just sat thru Inglorious Bastards for the 1st. time and I gotta say that is the worst F`n Tarantino flick I ever saw ! That sucked balls !! UHHH !!! I couldn`t wait for it to end and then got a History lesson ! How many of you knew Hitler, Goering, Goebbels and Bormann were all killed by a jewish girl and two phsyco Jewish American soldiers in a Paris Theater before the Normandy invasion along with about every ranking member of the nazi party? Sheesh !! Even then we were trying to turn war profits by perpetuating a myth that Hitler was in some bunker in Berlin, conspiracy theorists must be having a field day with this Tarantino revelation.

craig m why don't you tell the whole story instead just the part to make your case. that fact of speculation for a pouncey trade you talk about was refuted in the very same article:

"After writing the above early Monday morning, I heard from Redskins general manager Bruce Allen. He denied the original report and said the Steelers never called about the pick. Steelers GM Kevin Colbert, through a spokesperson, corroborated Allen's denial and said talks didn't take place. Also, the writer who first reported the non-trade has issued an apology."


some bloggers are so desperate to be right they fudge the evidence.


Right now, people can't live without an NFL season. they can't wait till September. But if there is no season due to all this greed with the players, then most people will have the attitude just like they did for MLB for a long time, which is they can live with it or without it, people just wont care as much either way.

If we do have a season, I hope we do something to bolster our pathetic offense, whether it be a WR,QB,RB,KR/PR or sumo wrestler for an offensive lineman, i don't care as long as it helps us score like 35 pts. a game. OK, I'll even settle for 31 PPG avg. lol

Just wondering if a Bus, Brown and Daniels combo would bring all three types of RBs we need to run a more explosive running game and passing game and open the offense.

What are the chances Miami could land Reggie Bush and not over pay? Obviously we need to over pay or he will stay with NO for another Superbowl chance...but in all honesty Reggie is gone either this year or next.

meant Bush, Brown and Thomas

Ronnie Brown getr'done


I'm hearing rumblings that the Wildcat is not dead in Miami. In fact, one of the reasons that OC Daboll was brought in was because he loved the formation. And, since two of the new rookies have both run the formation, it looks to continue to be a big part of the new Miami playbook being devised. However, the biggest shock may be the usage of the pass out of the formation! A new wrinkle could make a difference. After all, defenses soon discovered that a Run-blitz was effective against the Wildcat. But, that strategy allows for more passing out of the formation. Could this be what Sparano meant when he talked about "chunk" yardage? Hmm...we'll see.

Williams = no thanks.

his price will be way to high.

Bring Ronnie back and all will be well.

That short, speedy scat back from San Diego named Sproles will be here when the free agent market opens.

Aloco is such an ass panda. Learn to spell moron. And maybe just once try to have one coherent thought.

Mando, the Truth you seem to be overlooking in your typical gloom 'n' doom scenario for our team is two-fold. First, while Williams would be a desirable FA pickup, there are other interesting choices at that position. We love to pick up ex-Cowboys, well, they have a plethora of backs that won't ALL be staying with the team IMO. So that's one, there is other talent besides Williams.

Two, and how about this for out of left field, maybe our answer is CURRENTLY ON THE TEAM. Who's to say Hilliard doesn't step up this year. Or Cory Sheets. The one position where you see guys just come into themselves from previously being overlooked is RB. How many undrafted players have we seen light up the field and become superstars from the RB position. So I'm not giving up on the guys we have on the roster now. Add to that our rookie RB, and we don't yet know what we have (or don't have). It's a big question mark.

Lastly, I'd personally like to see Miami have enough RB help not to be one-dimensional (to help Henne), but I'm not looking for the 90's Ravens, who were all defense and running. I'd like to utilize Brandon Marshall, Davone Bess, Anthony Fasano. I'd like to start playing THIS CENTURY football. I'd like Henne to be able to win games in the air. And if we keep relying on our RBs, we'll never get to that level, and if we never get to that level, we'll never win a SuperBowl. So to those that say we're a run-first team, or we need to limit Henne (or any QBs) pass attempts, all you're doing is approving the continuation of mediocrity on this team, and I refuse to fall into that trap any longer. The best teams in this league score TDs quickly, usually in the air, and if we want to ever become one of those teams, we need to add that ability to our arsenal, and I say we start that process now.

to say this team could not use a talent like asomugha is the type of thinking that has taken the fins from a once proud franchise to where it is now. the teams that fair the best year in and year out are the teams who continue to build by adding talent. yeah, smith and davis have played well but they aren't asomugha.
i agree with the previous post that points out that we play brady twice a year. having someone with the talent of asomugha gives you the ability to shut down a guy like brady and blitz him more often. this is exactly the reason why i stated we could use a pass rusher opposite cam wake. sure, misi did a fine job on his side shutting down the run but pass rushing is a weak point of his game. hopefully, he can step it up this year but, if he doesn't, it could be a long season. also, what happens if wake goes down? who's left? quentin moses? please.
anyway, there is no reason for a team to not try and upgrade at positions. we did it last year with dansby and marshall. why not do it again with asomguha? in the past we were used to seeing them bring in players like keith byars, keith jackson and joey porter who were well past their prime when we picked them up. if you're going to go after someone in FA then get someone who can take your team to another level. asomugha does that for the fins.



I hope there is a season with replacement players. We may have a playoff chance then.

would not be surprised to see them bring in marion fannin once the cba is resolved. they met with him and he worked out for the team. he has the speed they are looking for on offense and could be one of those undrafted free agents like wake and bess who bring something to the team. just a thought.

fannin is another guy like charles clay that gives them some flexibility on offense because he is also a good receiver out of the backfield. he's a guy that still has a lot of tread left on his tires because he was part of a "running back by committee" approach at auburn so he's still relatively fresh. i kind of think that, if miami had one more 7th, they probably would have taken him in addition to wilson.

Here is a good article I would like to see.

Please explain to me how the owners get out of paying all the players who are under contract. You sign all these guys to big money contracts and then you complain that salaries are to high.

Seems to me if you refuse to pay the money owed then at the very least the players become free agents.

"What I'm saying is THEIR will be a market for arguably the best running back on the market." ---So how'd you do in Writing 101?

in the past we were used to seeing them bring in players like keith byars, keith jackson and joey porter who were well past their prime when we picked them up. if you're going to go after someone in FA then get someone who can take your team to another level. asomugha does that for the fins.

dm1dolphan | May 17, 2011 at 09:51 AM


I`ll give you Porter but not those other 2 K.Jackson was playing at a very high Pro Bowl level when he came to Miami, via the Reggie White lawsuit for FA ironically enough. He was the 1st player to leave unrestricted to another team during the middle of the 93 season when he joined us because the FA lawsuit was settled during the season and he was the league`s lone hold out, Shula played him almost imediately vs. Buffalo and I`ll never forget how they had no answer for him prompting Levy to say that FA was gonna give teams an unfair advantage, boohoo !!

The biggest mistake Shula makes is in trading Jackson in 95 to G.B. along with M.Ingram and signing that fat guy from the Steelers Thomas to replace him, remember Jackson would go on to be a big part of that early run Favre and the Pack make from 95 to 99 and Byars was never a true running back more of an H-Back type and we used him properly, which Philly didn`t early in his career. Alot of people questioned his speed but I remember him running over left tackle and beating an ultra fast 93 Cowboys D to the corner en route to a 77 yard TD on Thanksgiving that year, (Leon Lett game). He later went to the S.B. as a Patriot vs. G.B. in 96 and was a big part of there Offense as well.


Got to disagree with you on Asomugha bud....sorry. Great, great talent....no question. But the thing that guys CONTINUE to miss is this is not fantasy football. What some of you guys are proposing is the model that the Washington Redskins employ....namely, going out and getting the top FA talent available. It's NEVER worked!!.....doesn't matter if we're talking Deon Sanders or Albert Haynesworth....they've never been any better AFTER adding these guys.

I would prefer to subscribe to the Pats or Ravens model. Pick up good solid contributors via FA, as we've done with guys like Dansby and Marshall (yes, I realize Marshall was a trade). Going and OUTSPENDING evrybody else just to get the top talent out there has never worked. Forget that....our CBs are actually pretty good and I think will be even better this year, especially if Will Allen is healthy and Nolan Carroll develops. I'm not disputing Asomugha's talent....I'm disputing whether sinking $18 million into the top FA is the way to build a championship team. We have two studs in Smith and Davis....let's let them develop further.

CraigM @12:03,

I agree because it`s not just the outspending other teams aspect it`s also the effect it takes on the Salary Cap. In the FA era we`ve seen teams that were free spenders before it take a dive before re-thinking there strategy. The 49ers come to mind they put together the greatest collection of talent in the history of the game in 94 and won it all but at what cost? They were way over the cap and spent the next 3 years basically behind the 8-ball with teams like G.B. wile they got there Cap and all those signing bonused of the books.

P.S. Dan Snyder is just plain dumb!! How do you give an aging Bruce Smith a 5.5 Mil a year deal and hand in that same season an aging Deion who had a degenerative problem in his left toe an 8 Mil signing bonus. Don`t forget they also brought in guys like Andre Reed amongst others as well, dumb, dumb, dumb!!!!


That's all I got!

I hope Sparano is right and we can win with 1970's style football in 2011. Frankly don't care how we win the Super Bowl. I'll root for any style as long as it produces wins.

However, if the current regime struggles and gets canned there may be one upside. It seems teams that have failed with one philosophy over compensate and swing the opposite direction. So if TS and company strike out I would look for a very wide open offensive attack with our next coach and staff.



That's the way you pronounce it, VOMETING, ALoco?

Let them shut the professional sports down. Who really cares anyway? College sports is much better and where did these guys get drafted from? College sports. So, who gives a sh----t!

I care, NJ Fins Fan(man, don't place spaces in your name, Internet is to simplify). I agree with one commentary above, maybe with replacement players we can contend. Hell, I like to win and most specially, not to lose.

Ahhh, the nuances of Languages.

And Capitals, NJ, they are somewhat out of place in names in Internet. From now on, my name in Internet will be oscarcanosa.


We dont need Asomugha, let's just sit back and let Rex Ryan show just how effectively you can blitz with TWO shutdown corners on the field. Revis and Asomugha. They shutdown the middle of the field too by moving Cromartie inside at nickel.

Once you guys see how totally effective that will be then you'll cry what idiots the fo are for not going after Asomugha. Jet will be able to all out blitz both running and passing plays of opponents with the NFL's two best shutdown corners on the field.

Thanks a lot know it all Dolfans.


If the lockout is enforced which if you take into account what happend in Court with the judge siding with ownership stating, "The business model can be affected without a stay", you begin to start to get a better picture of were this could be headed (thinking 1987) because scab (replacement players) Football at some point becomes part of the equation and given the current state of affairs when players start to see that the owners will move foward without them then how many do you think will cross those picket lines and play under there current contracts or sign as FA and collect there checks?

You can 100% believe Asomugha will be the Jets #1 offseason priority. Because unlike some of our doubting Thomas Dolfans, Rex Ryan knows defense and how to take it to another level.

If Rex Ryan gets Asomugha it will definitive tilt power over the afc in favor of the Jets over the Pats. Rex Ryan will be the guy to go thru to win the afc east. The Pats will be a distant 2nd and "hopefully" if we're lucky we'll keep pace just close enough to entertain within the Pats dust clouds.

I'm definatley with Craig M on this one. I'm pretty sure that Reggie Bush will be let go. The thing is it would be nice to have Ronnie back but he doesn't compliment Thomas. We want another back to catch screens out of the backfield and one with speed. That's either Sproles, Williams or Bush. And IMO Bush is the better of the 3. . . minus the injuries.

If the nfl tries to play a portion of 2011 with replacement players. I also hope they're savy enough to find some replacement fans. Im more than willing to give up my seat at fan table if it's a "scab season."


If there wasn`t such a thing as a Salary Cap then maybe one could take what your saying a little more seriously but come on! Revis and his 12 Mil a year, Nandi and his 15 to 18 Mil along with Cromartie who I doubt is gonna sign for less than 6 a year and your talking about 33 to 36 Mil a season tied up in there D backfield. I`ve read alot of reports on Nandi and they all say that it will be Dallas which will free up the space and break the bank for him giving Rob Ryan the shutdown corner he covets.

DB @2:13,

I know you remember 87 and the strike when it got real ugly with the players walking and actually picketing outside every team in the league`s headquarters. I remember current Jags coach Del Rio fighting and beating up a K.C. Team Exec during those days do you remember what broke player unity? It was the replacement games when you had Vets crossing the lines in droves every week that those scab games were going on and basically imploding player position at the negotiating table. Alot of players complained over the years about Art Shell as NFLPA Head Man but it was this experience with ownership that showed him that negotiation worked better because the owners will do what they have to do as well.

DB, given the current state of affairs if this took place how many players do you see start to cross after week one? By the way can you name the 1st. Phin who crossed in 87? Reyna Thompson (pronounced Renee)

I believe, and I have said it before, that all this CPA is a staged scam. What are all these all-powerful Owners waiting for? Their date, I guess "their" date.


Creative Gm's find a way to to work in a salary like Asomugha's. Yes it will be north of $50 million to sign him, but if the season did start without a new cba it could more easily be done. Here's how.

Things revert back to 2010 rules. There wasnt a salary cap in 2010. Meaning the contract could be front loaded with say 12 million for the 2011 salary plus say 18 million signing bonus. That's $30 million or roughly half of his, say $60 million 5yr contract.

Then, if a new cba is reached in 2012 we only have to spread out 30 million over 4yrs. We could even make half of that in incentives, meaning only $15 million of the remaining contract would be guarranteed over the remaining 4yrs.

So, fin4life, by frontend loading the money there are all kinds of creative ways to make the money fit comfortably within the team salary cap structure. You have to be able to think outside of the box when constructing huge contracts under potential salary cap structure. Where there's a will there's always a way.


Yeah, the 1987 season we only missed one game. The league played 15 games instead of 16. If only we're so lucky this time around. LOL....

Just letting you guys know, there are three change of pace homerun hitter type rb's still available as ufa's:

1. Derrick Locke
2. Noel Devine
3. Mario Fanin

I could so see one of these 3 homerun speed rb's taking 10-12 carries per game for us.

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