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The truth about the DeAngelo Williams love affair

The recurring theme I hear when fans and some journalists speak of the Dolphins' running back options going forward is, sorry to tell you, often myopic at best. Basically, a lot of folks are just saying stuff without really knowing the facts.

For example, the group that blindly repeats the, 'Let's sign DeAngelo Williams,' theme obviously is not aware of the facts that could keep Williams from going anywhere in 2011. Those same folks say Williams has said he'd like to play here without knowing he's also said he'd like to return to Carolina.

And no one seems to recognize that even if Williams is a free agent, he'll have a handful of teams vying for his services.

So let's seriously consider this:

First, if the appeals court denies the NFL's request for a stay of a lower court's decision to end the lockout and the league must return to work under 2010 rules, as many believe will happen, then Williams simply will not be an unrestricted free agent at all.


If the NFL is forced to operate under 2010 guidelines, only players with six years of NFL experience will be considered unrestricted free agents. Williams has five years of NFL experience. He would be restricted. This is such a serious reality that Carolina on March 2nd placed a tender on Williams, assuring its rights to the running back.

It is such a serious reality that during the draft, once Carolina drafted Cam Newton, new Panthers coach Ron Rivera spoke passionately about how having Newton would benefit Williams in the backfield.

"If the defense crashes down on the line of scrimmage, [Newton] can bootleg outside and make something happen," Rivera told the Charlotte Observer. "If they honor that too much, then DeAngelo cuts back on the backside and breaks it for a 60-yard gain."

The Panthers tagged Williams with the highest tender, meaning any team wanting to sign him under 2010 guidelines would have to compensate the Panthers a first- and third-round draft pick. What does that mean? It means the Dolphins will not be getting DeAngelo Williams if he is restricted because I believe the Dolphins have come to dislike the idea of always being down one or several high draft picks each April while the New England Patriots are replete with their picks and some of everyone else's.

Of course, it is possible sanity prevails in this labor situation and the league and the non-union union work out an amicable collective bargaining agreement that makes Williams and all players with five years of experience free agents if they're unsigned.

Does that automatically clear the decks for the Dolphins?

Well, working for Miami is the fact Williams is represented by Jimmy Sexton, who also happens to represent coach Tony Sparano and general manager Jeff Ireland. I'm not suggesting that gives the Dolphins an advantage. I am suggesting if the Dolphins want to pay top market value, Sexton will be happy to bring a client to another client. It makes for a logical business dealing.

Also making Williams a possibility if he's a free agent, is the fact he has stated to several media outlets he'd like to play for Miami.

But guess what? Williams has stated to several other media outlets he'd like to stay in Carolina, too.

My guess is Williams wants to be wherever the payday is most lucrative and his opportunity for collecting stats and wins is greatest. That combination will trump everything, in my opinion, and he's not going to close any door until a decision is made.

One more thing regarding Williams: Folks seem to forget his former coach John Fox is now in Denver. Fox held Williams in high regard. The Broncos need help with their running game. The Detroit Lions were linked last year to liking Williams.

What I'm saying is their will be a market for arguably the best running back on the market.

So before we start picking out a number for this kid, remember he might be more valuable -- meaning $$$$ -- to someone else. And remember if the NFL lockout is ended by the courts and we're back to working under 2010 rules, Williams will not be playing in Miami because he will not be an unrestricted free agent.


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If the lockout is ended (June 3rd) by the courts, there is no guarantee that we return to 2010 rules. In fact the water is quite murky if there is no agreement with the NFLPA then free agency might be a free-for-all because the court would still have to rule on the antitrust aspect of the players case. And it the owners start negotiating without an agreement (which could be the net effect of this whole process See SI Peter King article)then the players will have won and the owners would not be able to out that particular genie back in the bottle... So I am doubtful of any free agency without an agreement. After that, we'll see.

As far as the bidding for Asomugha's services, the team paying the most "UPFRONT" money most likely wins his services.

His will be a mega contract. It will be almost impossible to stay under any cap structure for any team without front end loading the money. Then you can make the remaining fit comfortably under any cap system by making the remaining money and years half incentives and half guaranteed.


If the season begans without a new cba, it will most definitely be played under 2010 rules.

Don't you People waste time with all these legal issues. It will be done when they wish or realize that it must be done, whatever.


I have to look up exactly what the rules were that governed free spending last year but to keep a competetive balance one was put in place that had teams penalized in a future CBA implamented Salary Cap in terms of front loading deals. If not Ross would have handed Marshall that 10 Mil bonus he has to give him 5 minutes after this gets settled last season and your forgetting that all signing bonuses are prorated over the duration of the contract.

In other words if you give him 18 up front for a 5 year deal, you then have to divide the 18 over 5 or 3.7 a year and add it to whatever cap number he has in his Salary. This by the way is the reason Grove was on our books last year for 5 Mil because if you cut him his bonus is absorbed completely in that years cap, the rules are set so no one goes nuts and insures competetive balance by punishing FA mistakes.

Tim from UK,

Good post and yes they are not going to let that cat out of the bag.


That 3.7 million prorated over 5yrs can also be absorbed by not resigning dead weight veterans. By not resigning Ronnie Brown alone clears up nearly that much. Resigning Brown at bargain basement is probably in the neighborhood of 3 million a year.

So dumping Brown and signing Thomas for say around 1.5 million clears 1.5 million from the books alone(3 mill - 1.s mill = 1.5 mill).

Brown's resigning also depends upon what they are able to do in fa. So not only may Brown's 2010 production may be at issue, "cap space" in the fa market may be at issue in determining both he and Ricky's resigning too.


No doubt and hear you on that one, I read Barber and a host are on there way out in big D to clear room for Nandi by the way but it can get tricky if your not careful with a guy who will basically be on the books for 10 plus and not playing Q.B.


Look at Wash. last year they couldn`t cut Haynsworth eating up the 21 Mil 2010 bonus he was due while also absorbing the 15 they gave him up front which since it was a 10 year deal was only 1.5 a year meaning they still eat 13.5 Mil on this guy whenever there is a new CBA.

I absolutely love the dimensions Asomugha's presence brings to an attacking styled Nolan defense. With he and Smith(possibly) at the corners and Davis in the slot. We could blitz the pants off of both the offense's pass and run games.

Heck, we may even see Wake with 20+ sacks in a season.


Haynesworth was a one year wonder(contract year). That implies the guy was only playing for a big payday. You have to stay away from that type player.

Asomugha has been a shutdown corner since first coming into the league. So you definitely know he's a baller. He plays for pride and love of the game. Hugely unlike Haynesworth. Asomugha's well worth the big pay day. You just have to figure out how to wisely construct the contract to meet any salary cap structure.

Anyway, even if there's a new cba, the salary cap will be raised not lowered. Its just a matter of by how much.

Let's bring in Noel Devine and Derrick Locke to compete for the scatback spot. There is no reason at all to resign Brown, Williams, or A Bradshaw since we drafted Thomas, we need a small quick/fast RB that isn't expensive.

DB @3:16,

There you get no argument out of me about the caliber of player and human being those two are being polar opposites with Haynsworth being everything that`s wrong with Pro Sports but to add to your statement about being creative with his salary then I have to say it comes down to were he wants to play because he would have to make concessions as well and everything I`ve heard and been reading say he likes the star on his helmet and Jones will do whatever to make it happen. This would need to sour big time before anybody gets in on those sweepstakes gonna look for the article and send you a link Bro.

I personally by the way would love to see Locke especially signed asap one this monkey business is over.

Always interested in Playmakers, yesweare.

I will give Big Al Haynsworth and his agent this, they took Snyder`s dumb as s for 36 Mil in 2 years, sheeeeesh !!!! That`s Brady and Manning type money. All the while basically going full circle and right back were he likes it and were we all know he`s headed, back to his hometown Titans don`t forget he`s from Ten. and also played his College ball for the Vols.


Your missing one really big point. The NFL has already said they are revising the rules in the case there is no CBA and will not automatically revert back to 2010 rules all together. This could very well make Williams a FA should they lower the minimum years to 5 or lower. That would make him an UFA and thereofor a very good possibility to land here seeing as how we have only Hilliard and Sheets on the roster besides the rook.


Not sure how often you are on here posting (I don't recognize your name). I wasn't fudging anything when I said it was 'speculated' that the Steelers tried to trade up with the Redskins, possibly to draft Pouncey. I NEVER said this was factual...I simply commented on what Peter King had speculated. So get your facts right before you try and throw stones...

He also reported that several teams saw Pouncey as a 'sure thing'. Do you want to pick that one apart too?

craig - your exact words:

In Peter King's column today he talks about the fact there was speculation that the Steelers tried to trade up with the Redskins, possibly to team Pouncey with his brother.

Posted by: Craig M | May 16, 2011 at 08:57 PM

you write in oxymorons 'fact there was speculation' for example. however you only presented the false side of the story. ony immediately after than in Peter Kings column he followed it up by saying there was absolutely no truth to it whatsover, which he confirmed with team officials on both sides, and it said the original writer of that bs even apologized for writing it. So you see, just writers making up bs when they don't have any real story. You chose just to post the bs part to support your angle.

so you see, my facts are straight, your gossip isn't.

Here is the full article, others can see the part right after the strikeout words in the middle of the page:



Again, I'm not sure what your point is. At no point did I state this as a fact. I didn't see his reprise of the story until today. When did he reprise it?

From Peter Kings article, immediately following the draft speculation bs:

After writing the above early Monday morning, I heard from Redskins general manager Bruce Allen. He denied the original report and said the Steelers never called about the pick. Steelers GM Kevin Colbert, through a spokesperson, corroborated Allen's denial and said talks didn't take place. Also, the writer who first reported the non-trade has issued an apology.

Just saying...reading that negates everything you posted

Agreed. But when did he post that? All I talked about was what he posted yesterday. At no point did I say it was a fact. It was something he had heard. I'm not getting what point you were trying to make.

And it doesn't negate EVERYTHING I wrote. What about the part that several teams saw Pouncey as a surething. Do you want to question that one too?

What does that really mean? There are no sure things. Many players that were seen as sure things have been busts.


AGAIN....I'm just reporting what he said. That's it.

People want to rip Ireland for apparently 'reaching' for Pouncey at 15. I find it interesting that other teams tried or at least thought about trading up to grab Pouncey before us. Interesting that they saw him as 'more of a sure thing' than other players who were drafted.

that's it...that's all.

This is coming from the same writer mentioned a Carson Palmer to Miami scenario everyday for a month without KNOWING the facts that, that possibility will never happen. Armando, you beat that story like you stole it. Everyone else from other media outlets were laughing about you, that someone that is suppose to know about the team they are covering writing such gibberish that will never happen. I guess when it comes down to it, you rub these crazy ideas onto all of your readers, which is a great example as to why I take what you say with a grain of salt. When is your contract up with the Herlad? Hopefully soon so they can get a REAL Dolphin beat writer.

Aloco is a freaking ass panda

I wish everyone would stop talking about Palmer as a QB option. I wouldn't use a 7th round pick on him. He can walk on for a heavy incentive laden contract. That's it. Other than that, keep it moving. I like our chances with unknown, undrafted rookies over Palmer. Did all his supporters forget all the bone-head plays he made last season. Too much like what we already have. I would give Henne a shot with new offense over Palmer. Palmer....Please.

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