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You pick the quarterback best suited for the Dolphins

This blog is usually in the business of giving you answers, not asking you questions. It gives rather than takes. That's because I work for you. You do not work for me. (By the way, about that raise ...)

Anyway, as you know, the quarterback question is the question for the Dolphins the remainder of the offseason. Yes, the Dolphins might want to add another running back in free agency. Yes, the team will look toward other areas for a kick and punt returner, pass-rush help, perhaps TE help, and definitely more speed all around.

But it's about the quarterback, folks.

I think I've made that point on this blog, in my columns, and on my radio show. Alas, if I wasn't a wildebeest of a man, perhaps I'd have a TV show, also. Then I'd be really dangerous.

Anyway, this column is my latest attempt at addressing Miami's QB situation and it comes to the conclusion that, despite all of Miami's best efforts, you should not be surprised if it is Chad Henne who emerges as Miami's best option for the starting job in 2011.  But that is not the purpose of this post.

The purpose today is not for me to give my opinion, but rather, for you to give your opinion. Below you'll find a cute little poll I pulled out of my, ahem, head. (Insert joke here). It asks you to give everyone your answer to Miami's quarterback question.

As the Dolphins are often interested in what their fans think, this is not a vain exercise. I guarantee you folks working for the team will see the results of this poll. I'm not saying that will sway the team's decision one way or another, but your voice does matter.

So simply pick the quarterback you believe should be Miami's quarterback target when the labor problems end and the flag drops on trades and free agency. Make your pick based on which player you believe is the best fit for Miami. Also, tell everyone the reason for your choice in the comments section. And if I failed to name your guy in the poll, do so in the comments section.



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Vince Young will obviously have a chip on his shoulder to prove he is an elite NFL starter. He has been through a few up and downs but still remains a convicted competitor who has plenty of gas in the tank. He has already shown he can compete on this level and just needs a fresh start. He is a winner and will lift the guys around him. I say we go for it.

Of topic but no longer as high on d williams after realizing he's 28

Chad Henne will probably end up coming into his own this season, but I wouldn't mind having Carson Palmer on our roster. Vince Young sucks, and has never proven otherwise. And Mcnabb is McDone.

Carson Palmer has too high of a price tag for an old, temporary, proven qb. But he'd be the best suited teacher for Chad henne so let's just bulk up the o line and pick up Ahmad Bradshaw and don't look back

How about none of the above! Just keep Henne and hope for the best.

Keep Robo Henne, do not give up a 1st rounder, if you can get Palmer or Orton for a 3rd rounder, fine!

Vince young , he's motivated to prove he's a franchise type QB , he's dual threat 30-17 as a starter you can't nit pick or argue about that ,!!!!

Dre07, no 1st round pick for VY, a 3rd round ok!

Whichever one doesn't cost draft picks!


I just had a flashback to the Dave Waanstadt - second round pick - Feely debacle.
I think I'm gonna puke!

For starters I think we still have needs and can't use draft picks to trade for any of the available Qbs. I was leaning towards Vince Young due to on the field he has flashes where he looks like a very good Qb but the off the field issues kind of make me nervous in picking him. The only other Qbs I'm interested in is Brady Quinn and Marc Bulger and of those 2 I think Bulger might be a better fit just because I think when he was in St Louis he just didn't have much help there and the line was terrible. With a better line and the group of receivers we have he might prove to be a decent Qb in the event Henne doesn't work out.

Ha ha...I want a poll on whether fans still beleive that Tony Sparano has the ability,brains,wherewithall to take this team forward...

I maintain that he is probably the single biggest problem in this Franchise...I dont think he is smart.

Wish we had Jon Gruden to give this offense an extreme home makeover

In Free Agency the Dolphins should get Alex Smith. My reasons are simple, he has played in a system in SF that did not support his athletic style. Played behind a bad line with a good running game. Should Miami have a better season rushing, Smith can compete with Henne and maybe even start. SF never had Brandon Marshall with Smith there. Smith could be even better with a go to guy. He's even cheaper by not having to give up picks. Don't hate, but he's a hidden gem.

My vote....Orton for a 3rd rounder is fair....if Henne implodes...we still have a chance with Orton....

I think he is plenty smart to be a football coach...just learning on the job a little bit. Needs some more experience and a good QB.

Bigafly, sad to say I'm believing in you!

A great QB can cover coaching errors!!!

Bigalfy, you have a good take on qb. Giving up picks is extremely dumb. Denver doesn't have any other guys and Brady Quinn is terrible. With New England possibly getting Andrew Luck, lol we need all the picks.

If the Dolphins go 0-8 meaning that's the season, 8 games, Andrew Luck is entirely possible.

Really distorted picture with just a poll.

Armando, you had it better with your other article listing the QB options.

The anticipated cost to acquire each of these players ought to be included too.

..and a bad QB can make him look dumb.

Well if were talking tanking this season and looking to next year then yes let's just go for Andrew Luck maybe he'll bring us something special to revive the fins

Vince Young. He'll be virtually free, on his best behavior, and will provide competition for Henne.

Oh, and Armando, tape from last year shows that Pouncey sucked, and not just on long snaps. He got run over all year, looking like an amateur. If you want to actually watch the video, contact K.C. Joyner in Orlando, or you can just ask him, since I assume you don't watch tape.

Not sure if anyone has ever posted this, but Tony Sparano was given a chance to comeback, only because the owner knew there would be a lockout. If there is no season, I'd fire him for Cause Al Davis style and bring in John Gruden.

That's right let our voices be heard!!! Let's start a petition to have John Gruden coach the Dolphins!!! Surely he can bring much improvement over this product we see on sundays.

Palmer would cost a bundle in contract and draft picks.

For me that takes him out of the picture.

Considering the potential and relative cost V Young is clearly the best option.

He is young and very talented.

Going after him would not fit the 'play it safe' style of Sparano/Ireland.

(genuine question)
Why is athletic UFA with starting experience Tavaris Jackson not making this list? To me, he is the perfect low-risk reclamation project to bring in and give Henne some legit competition.

Ian he couldn't beat out Sage Rosenfelds so probably wouldn't do well with us

It's not worth trading draft picks for anyone on that list. If they were to come in as a free agent then that is fine. May the best man win the job.


I voted for Vince Young. My reasoning being that I believe, out of all of the above QBs, that he has the greatest chance of turning a dull offense into an exciting/productive one. I had a hard time not picking Kyle Orton, but I just don't see this team giving up a 1st rounder for him, and honestly, I do not really want them to. I wouldn't give up anymore than a 3rd (And maybe some backup players that aren't likely to make the final roster) for any of these QBs. The main downside with Vince Young is that he is a mobile QB, and those usually end up getting hurt at least a few times a year. I definitely think he has the most upside though.

The QB has to be the most level headed, cool, strongminded player on the offence.Someone who the rest will follow when he speaks...if he needs to call the play or change something, the others need to have 100% faith in him...someone who can be relied upon in a tight situation...a great decision maker and a real LEADER of men...

Immediately scratched is VY who has enormous talent but no leadership abity at all...he is still immature...big problem

Palmer has got all of the above...but sounds to me like he is looking to a cosy retirement...does he REALLY still have the fire in the belly for the contest when it gets REALLY HARD...or as he says...hes loaded so hes cool.....hmmmm....its a risk...great talent but may be looking for his last payday..

The rest...Matt Flynn, Kolb etc...untried...could be expensive...better than Henne???...not really

Orton has some talent, is stable at least and not expensive...if he is there...he is great insurance if Henne has a meltdown...Thiggy reminds me of Brees a lot but never given an extended run behind a good offence...never really had a chance...

I think its ORTON maybe....the rest are filler only.

Save all draft picks so we can trade up for QB with more potential than most from this year's draft.

Vince Young..cheapest, low risk, BIG UPSIDE!

Let me also add that, I would be very happy to see Chad Henne have another year as our starter. I've seen this guy make some amazing throws that make me feel like he is going to be great, and then make some terrible throws that makes me question why he is in the NFL. If he can some how find a way to at least cut back on those terrible throws a little, we've got a good QB. (Oh yea. This plan only really works out if we have an offensive coordinator not afraid to work to his QBs strenths)

Palmer. But it'll never happen. My second pick is Henne with an improved running game.

You should do blog polls more often, Mando. awesome.

but not for draft picks!!!

Guys saying Palmer havent considered Palmer has yet to get out of the 1st rd of the playoffs. Plus only has 2 winning seasons in 8yrs.

The price is far too high when considering his body of work over 8 seasons. Palmer aint getting no team to the promise land. Hate to say it but Henne looks like our best prospect for 2011.

Poll the sexiest woman alive...Billie Piper???
Scarlett J....Kim Kard?....whats her name Vergara???...what a set of cans????

Scarlett J is tops on my pole

Dont see how anyone sees VY as the answer either. He's yet to complete 60% of his passes for an entire season, is a huge headache waiting to happen both on and off the field.

Sure VY can win you some games, but not nearly enough to take such a gamble in bringing in so huge of a potential headache. Marshall as women problems but VY seems to be a total basket case period.

What he does on the field, which has been average at best outside of his running abilities. Will still be far overshadowed by what he does on and off the field when it seems the first sign of adversity strikes.

VY has a terrible nfl track record when adversity strikes both on and off the field.

VY had Kenny Britt and the best rb in the league. Still they werent an exciting offense. VY was instrumental in running off one of the best nfl coacnes in the league.

How the hell would Sparano be able to fully handle him? LOL..........

Bring in Bulger. He maybe much improved behind a better pass protect oline. Isnt he a fa too?

He has the chance to have the greatest amount of impact and least amount of trouble. Just gotta protect him.

Bulger was a pro bowl calibre qb when he had an oline that protected him.

My cat Charles would be a fine quarterback for your "Dolphins" football team.

Dan Marino?

I still like Henne. Give him better weapons, protection and a running game and he is going to be great!

I was for Palmer but after thinking about it I am against Miami giving up draft picks for any of the QBs available via trade. There are too many questions surrounding all of them and I really don't think any of them would be a big enough upgrade from Henne to say the trade would be worth it. I mean think about it, isn't the whole goal of making the playoffs is to make a serious run at the SuperBowl? Trading a draft pick would take any chance of landing Luck away from Miami, whom I think in the long run will be head and shoulders above any QB that is available for trade and yes I would pull a Mike Ditka and trade an entire draft for the guy. If Miami going to solve this QB problem they need to stop going for second tier QBs in hopes they will become a steal and bet the farm on a sure thing.

As for the FA, I would go with Bulger or VY, if VY is cut.

Palmer would be the best, but he would be too expensive. I wouldn't trade for a 1st round pick. I would trade Henne + 3rd round pick to CIN and get an average 3rd string in FA.

If that doesn't work, stick with Henne, have another 1-15 season and draft A Luck in the 2012 draft.

or try to get Hans Moleman, he's better than Henne, too...

apart from young , (who in my opinion has the talent but not the attitude and therefore is not worth the risk) all the qb's on your list will cost valuable draft picks that the fins should not be spending of potentially faulty goods

not on the list alex smith will also prob still cost picks (is he going to be an ufa?) but might blossom with a new team and could beat out henne if henne fails to do what many of us expect and that is do a lot better this season

henne needs some competion,

2 guys who might be had for (still valuable) but much lower picks (4,5,6) and who would provide some competition for henne (and would deserve to start in the unlikely event that they beat him out) and would at least be back-ups who have won games

CALEB HANIE (4 or 5 rounder 2012) and TROY SMITH (5 or 6 rd 2012)

troy smith may well get cut if alex smith stays

cheap enough to be worth the risk

ok armando thats 2 QB's sorry but i doubt the bears will give up hanie so it looks like troy smith for me

actually not sure if hanie has won a game, but he has shown some shine

It all depends on the price. Nothing first, second or third round.

I am the president of Amsterdam.

Chad Pennington!

The best QB we could get is already on our team so he comes cheap. Tyler Thigpen. Dolphin fans who know nothing about football point out that Thigpen had his chance in the Bears game and failed miserably. He was set up to fail you dolts! But most of the people who don't like Thigpen are Henne apologists. They have good GD reason NOT to like him too, he is BETTER than Henne hands down. Henne is dumb and uncoordinated. Plus he is very inconsistent.

I voted for Carson Palmer but only if the draft compensation is not too steep, our main target should/has to be Andrew Luck in next year's draft whatever it takes, he would be our franchise QB for the next 15 years!!!!!!!

Carson Palmer is the most talented of the group. He still has a lot of years left in him. He has proven himself. He is just in a bad situation where he wants out, not the other way around. The only other person up there that interests me is Kerry Collins, but not as a starter, rather an insurance policy. I don't think any of those other guys would be an upgrade over Henne.

If we can't get Palmer for a reasonable price, I say ride it out with Henne. We need to have draft picks for the next year's class in case we need to move up to get our guy.
Palmer, IMO, is the best option and provides us with 3 years of stability at a minimum. If our defense can continue to play at high level, Palmer makes us a playoff team, if not a contender.

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