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You pick the quarterback best suited for the Dolphins

This blog is usually in the business of giving you answers, not asking you questions. It gives rather than takes. That's because I work for you. You do not work for me. (By the way, about that raise ...)

Anyway, as you know, the quarterback question is the question for the Dolphins the remainder of the offseason. Yes, the Dolphins might want to add another running back in free agency. Yes, the team will look toward other areas for a kick and punt returner, pass-rush help, perhaps TE help, and definitely more speed all around.

But it's about the quarterback, folks.

I think I've made that point on this blog, in my columns, and on my radio show. Alas, if I wasn't a wildebeest of a man, perhaps I'd have a TV show, also. Then I'd be really dangerous.

Anyway, this column is my latest attempt at addressing Miami's QB situation and it comes to the conclusion that, despite all of Miami's best efforts, you should not be surprised if it is Chad Henne who emerges as Miami's best option for the starting job in 2011.  But that is not the purpose of this post.

The purpose today is not for me to give my opinion, but rather, for you to give your opinion. Below you'll find a cute little poll I pulled out of my, ahem, head. (Insert joke here). It asks you to give everyone your answer to Miami's quarterback question.

As the Dolphins are often interested in what their fans think, this is not a vain exercise. I guarantee you folks working for the team will see the results of this poll. I'm not saying that will sway the team's decision one way or another, but your voice does matter.

So simply pick the quarterback you believe should be Miami's quarterback target when the labor problems end and the flag drops on trades and free agency. Make your pick based on which player you believe is the best fit for Miami. Also, tell everyone the reason for your choice in the comments section. And if I failed to name your guy in the poll, do so in the comments section.



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My pick is not the best choice, but maybe the most interesting considering his age. Brady Quinn may have had enough hard times that he may be ready to succeed. A run first offense would definitely protect his deficiencies. I also believe he was at Cleveland when Daboll was there so he would pick up the offense the quickest to be able to give Henne a battle. All of this contingent on Quinn improving his accuracy & getting over his pretty boy image and committing to being an NFL QB. Oh yea, and it can't cost any picks to get him is my other stipulation. The choices are like South Park's episode of choosing between Giant Douche & Turd Sandwich.

I'm obviously one of the ONLY people who picked Brady Quinn, but honestly, I think he's the best bet. I would even target Matt Leinhart before any of those other QBs on the board. I may sound crazy, but hear me out.

Henne is the starter. Like him or not, it makes the most sense considering what it would cost vs what production could be expected to replace him. If you get Palmer, it's gonna take a lot of money, and at the VERY least a 1st rd pick, and he wont even have a full camp to learn the system.

If you go young (Kolb, Young) you're still dealing with the same things, and then you also are pressured to start who you traded for/signed. But you really haven't bettered the position by much. I say you get a youngish, hungry QB looking for a chance to start, and let him battle with Henne, and hope that one of the two rises because of the competition.

If it doen't work, next years draft has great QBs and should have a pay scale.

Ride it out with Henne. If he fails, mortgage the future to ensure you get one of the qbs at the top of next year's draft. You just dont't normally get quality qbs in free agency and seldom more in trade availability.

Well I'm definitely on the Carson Palmer bandwagon, so I voted for him. But I don't know if that will be a realistic trade scenerio... So if he doesn't become available, I would pick Vince Young. I would much rather have him at QB than Chad Henne. That would give the Dolphins much better mobility at the position and really a better QB. Vince Young played pretty well last year. Chad Henne has had a 75 QB rating two years in a row, with more INT's than TD's two years in a row. I can't take another year of that. Shoot, bring back Jay Fiedler lol...

I'd like to see Henne come out this year hoping he just had his version of the sophmore slump.
BUT - as competition for him I'd like to see Carson Palmer, but again only for a reasonable pick #3 or later - chances of that - Slim!
So I believe the most reasonable QB we could get to compete and potentially back up or start would be Kyle Orton.
I think he could be had for a #3 and I know he's not amazing, but he's solid and that may be enough.

VY couldn't beat out Kerry Collins for the starting job in Tn. He also has the same QB rating as Henne, with a worse completion percentage. Not my pick.

Mark Bulger is the only choice in this bunch.

Vince Young's attitude won't cut it, expecially with Brandon Marshall already a dolphin.

Bulger gives us a veteran for two to three years and is a good guarterback, if he has a good offense line.

He won't cost us draft pics, either.

We need those draft pics for next year to get a quarterback in the first round. Even if Henne develops into a good quarterback, he needs competition.

the fact of the matter is our FO has made numerous mistakes in its 3 years and counting. the first 3 years have been a belief by the FO that it was their team;not the fans. we only pay all their salaries and provide them jobs. all was kept highly secret to a fault. no one spoke to the media or the fans;parcells/ireland said nothing and we couldnt understand sparano's ramblings. the trifecta was there so no one could figure out which of the 3 to blame for a particular mistake(ie. pat white). now ross wants the GM to be more fan friendly so jeff makes the awkward effort to "speak to us" on occasion. now,after 3 years, i've decided i dont want to hear from him or sparano's mumbo jumbo.

By the way, about that layoff....

Vince Young is the obvious choice.
Young, Athletic, Winner. Vince Young would add a Playmaker to a team that is woefully lacking in Playmakers. Young would also give the owner what he is asking for and that is excitement and a dynamic offense.

We are tired of sitting in the stadium, bored to death or being laughed at by the fans of the other team.

Vince Young is more talented than all of them but him and Marshall would be like a flame thrower in a fireworks store.

Ortons QB rating is ascending.

Despite the talented receivers he has to work with Palmers' QB rating is descending.

Orton is younger. Orton should be very highly considered.

The more I think about the FA options at QB, the less I see the logic for it. The younger ones are just not clearly enough better than Henne to invest in, the older vets just don't have much left.

For the life of me I just can't buy into this 'someone to push or tutor Henne' philosphy thrown around. Didn't Pennington do that? Didn't benching him twice push him? Top QB's don't need someone to push them, maybe you can site a rare case but its nothing to bank on. You got it in you or you don't, PERIOD.

Put Henne in the best position to succeed. With a short offseason, he doesn't need competition for snaps in practice. If some vet were to edge him out in practice, then what? Then come the end of 2011 you still just don't know what you have in him. 2011 is the season to figure it out once and for all.

Keep it simple. Rather than invest a dime or waste any time in any of these FA QB's, run with what we have in 2011, and if Henne has not proven to be the long term answer, use all resources to take a top QB in the next draft.

what puts young out of the running, if anything, is the fact that the team has brandon marshall. i don't think the team can afford two huge distractions.

ground and pound football is a formula for losing in todays NFL. its our philosophy and fits sparano/parcells/daboll etc. injuries will mount to our oline and rb's. the smart teams pass first,open it up,spread you out and gut you. we are still in the age of the dinosaur and probably the only NFL team without a 2 minute offense.

You failed to put Henne on the list....

Did not see Alex Smith on that list and he should have some consideration.
What about Chad Pennington? is he done?
I've asked this question a few times on this blog and have not received ANY responses.
Question: is Pennington a viable option or is his shoulder past the point of repair?

being a finfan, it is obvious to want to see every draft pick made by the fins to be probowlers. so i think everyone would like to see HENNE pull it off. his biggest drawbacks are 1)speed, both information prossessing and drop back. 2) tendency to stare down recievers.
for back-up i'm not to familiar with branstater so i think BRADY QUINN would be a smart choice here, that is if he would be o.k. with being a #3. but CARSON PALMER would bring this team into contention more so then any other QB listed in your poll. he IS the best option if available, and an honorable mention goes to KYLE ORTON.

Simply put the Dolphins should be in the market for a servicable back-up only and that player must not require a trade. Chad Henne should be given another year to prove himself under another coordinator and with an improved offense in general. Most importantly, to waste draft picks on these lackluster players could ruin the chance of selecting a better option in next year's draft. Everyone keeps talking about how Sporano and Ireland must win this year. I believe they must do a better job looking long-term in order to retain their jobs.

Instead of choosing by name only we should know which QB will best fit our new offensive scheme.
Is a spread QB better? will is require a solid 5 step drop back or 7?
Will it be a run first, dink-n-dunk second and deep ball last?
Without really knowing what the new scheme will be, this whole exercise is a waste of time.

I chose Carson Palmer. But, I know this sounds crazy, I would rather see them lose or throw all their games and pick Andrew Luck with the first pick next year.

The least expensive, and in my opinion best option, would be to trade Benny Sapp and Culver (or other second tier player)to the Cowboys for Jon Kitna. He has always been consistent and he is a smart guy.

Then, no matter where I am picking in the first round, I go all in to try and get Luck in 2012. He is a once in a lifetime QB; got to get him.

I didnt see Thigpen on the list.

Chad Henne

I think we will stay the course Henne will be the starter with a suitable back up free agent to replace Thigpen. Who obviously really cant win games as a starter. We will continue to focus on run first. Defenses will continue to stack the box and we will be lucky to win 5 games. But five games maybe too many to get our first round draft pick next year. Hopefully Ireland dont trade them all away.

What some of you fail to recognize is this isn't about giving Chad Henne another shot or not. That's not just a thought anymore, it's a guarantee (he's the only QB on the roster at the moment). This exercise is asking which available FA QB is the best fit with Miami. And we WILL be getting a QB (because you need 3-4 on your roster). Henne can't be the ONLY QB on the team, so this pick-up isn't a possibility, is a DEFINITE.

My choice would be Kyle Orton. No, I don't think he's the QB of the future (none of the available FAs are). But I think Orton brings (even if for a few years) what the team desperately needs, a modicum of stability. He's played and won in the NFL. He already is comfortable with his most important target if he comes (Marshall). He's played in cold weather (Denver and Chicago). He's big (so no Pat White). He's not spectacular, doubt he can win a SuperBowl, but I think we just need someone to backup Henne in case he falters, and win some games.

The other guys IMO either don't fit our system (McNabb, Kolb), are too older or injury prone (Palmer, Bulger, Collins), or are unproven or proven to be busts (Quinn, Flynn). Vince Young is the only guy I'm not sure about. He brings something totally different from Henne, and that's something I like. However, he's flaky, and while is a proven winner, isn't amazing in his play and wins dirty (which is how Sparano loves it, but us fans want more impressive wins showcasing a passing game that's better than a high school team). Not sure how much VY can improve that part of our offense. So my choice is Orton.

Armando, I'm surprised (not really) that Charlie Sheen isn't included in your poll:

Let's take Charlie Sheen as the next QB! That's right. All we need is some of his Tiger Blood!!

Then we'll be "WINNING"

If I had to choose one I would choose Kyle Orton. Orton has surprised me since he left the Bears, he has truly played as one of the better QB's in this league. I have never been an Orton fan but he has impressed me since he left da Bears.

But other than that I believe in Chad Henne, too much of the blame was placed upon him last year. He should prosper this year and surprise many in a positive way.

you know... last year it seemed to much to ask of david lee to bring henne up to speed. henne DOESN'T need a lot of work, he just needs to WORK HARD at his trouble areas. if the team had difficulty with henne last year, how difficult do you think it will be with the hot-headed project of VY?

I think Matt Leinhert should get a chance to prove something. Talk about a chip on the shoulder.

Personally McNabb is the safe pick. Young would be great also. Just do not want to one give up any draft picks and two throw Henne entirely to the street yet.

My choice Leinhert compete with Henne if they both fail new era with High pick in 2013.

Go Dolphins!!

PLEASE don't give up any more 1st- or second- round bundles!!!

Vince Young
2 important reasons. First he will not cost anything. Second he is good enough to win the job.
If he proves to be a head case here just cut your ties no loss but in the mean while you can let him and Marshall duke it out on the field. Plus it would be exciting to watch if he makes it.

PS I was happy with Thigpen and yes his supporting cast when he was in was not desireable but Henne did more the next week with pretty much the same dudes. Still for a guy riding the pine like Thigpen was that was asking a lot. Hope that he is still on the team so this preseason we can really tell.

Kyle Orton will be a solid vet and have a good few years left. This pick is with the caveat that next year Ireland (or whoever) MUST pick a young QB early to develop for the future. Orton will give the luxury of being competitve while developing a young QB.

Carson Plamer is the best competition for Henne on this list, but the price will be to high.

Because of that I voted for Bulger, I think the price will be right, he is a good QB with a decent line in front of him.

All in all I think these guys are just competition. I truly belive Henne has all the skills to lead a NFL team to really good things. He has all the skills, and is close to putting them all together. His practices this year from what Bess says look totally different and he looks like a different guy. He has worked hard.

Henne is the guy, we need coaching and a solid o-line to help him.

Miami has no shot at Andrew Luck they have too much talent in other areas to only win a game or two. Unless injuries decemiate the team they will have to pick a QB lower in the first round. Miami's best bet is Henne this year. It is sad to say but all the other QB's with the exception of Palmer is some other teams Henne, a player that they gave up on because he was not good enough. So why would we give up draft picks for another Henne, just keep the one we got, coach him up and build an offense to his strengths. If he succeeds, great, if he fails then next year we will draft QB high in the draft. This year, like it or not, is a sink or swim with Henne beacuse any of the other rejects we bring in are not that good.

Carson Palmer is clearly the best fit - vet, proven, some upside - but clearly the hardest to get. Of those more likely to be available, Vince Young is the best fit - young, dynamic, something to prove.

Vince Young makes the most sense... give up nothing for him, he has extreme talent, if he has to be cut at any time then you lose zero investment... and you don't even have to start him over Henne. I like Palmer. I just don't want to have to give up a first or even a second round pick for him. The Dolphins will be drafting too high even with Palmer there to give up a shot at Luck or Jones. I still would love to see them add Devlin when the lockout ends... which I expect to occur this week, actually.

Please let Henne start, so we can be assured of a losing season and this sorry bunch will finally get the boot.

Do you realize how insane it is that the Dolphins performed THAT POORLY last year and the head coach and GM were given EXTENSIONS?


Vince Young because of his skill set and has been a winner. Ido not believe Carson Palmer will be made avalabile and most of the rest are west coast system QB's who usually do not transfer well to other systems.

Dear Armando and fellow commentors, I am one of the few, and possibly the only who believes this, but the best man is Kerry Collins. Collins is 38 years old and nearing his careers demise, but he has a lot to offer a young QB such as Henne. Not to mention they attended the same High School so their ties are strong. Kerry is a smart, talented QB who even now can give Henne a run in training camp. As well as give Henne a few pointers and really help him out.

we all know its not going to be a sexy pick up
you think the phins want to bring in a guy like vince young and have him complain and cry cuz he didnt beat out henne for the start

what makes it difficult to even think another Qb will start over henne is that theres no time

no time to come in and get used to offense and really learn the new playbook

i still think hesselbeack will be in run to play a pennington type roll

but i voted for orton cuz palmer isnt unlikely


is unlikely**

"None of the above" because you failed to list Alex Smith. Smith is just 27 years of age and has demonstrated reasonable success in an offense that, up until 2010, chiefly relied upon the running game. His greatest limitation is his notorious propensity for injury.

Some of these other selections are laughable.

Vince Young: Is worthless. He is an awful leader with poor throwing accuracy. Seriously, as many of the readers have already pointed out, the guy couldn't hold off old man Kerry Collins.

McNabb: I have lived in the Philadelphia area my entire life, so I have a great deal of respect for him. He always made the best of a total lackluster cast of wide receivers. Save the one year with T.O. and the marginal input from Donte Stallworth, McNabb had receivers such as Todd Pinkston, James Thrash, Jason Avant and Hank Baskett to work with. And, he did well. BUT, he is a full-blown West Coast QB. We don't have a Brian Westbrook in Miami to take 10 screen passes a game.

Carson Palmer: Is okay. He has never looked the same since Kimo rolled on his knee in 2006. He lacks the throwing power he used to have and hesitates under pressure. He would be suitable, I suppose, but I am certain that he would command a hefty price tag.

Orton: No real opinion. Never watched enough film on him to make a true determination of his (in)abilities.

Flynn: Little to zero game experience. Total gamble.

Collins: Always loved the guy. He is a local Reading, Pennsylvania hero because he went to Wilson High School––just like Chad Henne. But, his days are long over. He will resign with the Titans. Then, it will only be a matter of time before Jake Locker is wiping boogers on him.

Kevin Kolb: Is A.J. Feeley 2.0 (minus being married to Heather Mitts). This guy is nothing special, and yet, for some unconscionable reason, is being heralded as the #1 free agent QB commodity. Limited accuracy and gets easily flustered under pressure.

Bulger: Old and dull. Not worth consideration.

Brady Quinn: Has struggled his entire professional career. Can he turn it around? Maybe. But, I don't want to hang my hopes on that unproven pretty boy.

Thigpen isn't very good, please get rid of him. Give me bulger competing with Henne for the job. Henne will win because bulger sucks but it makes us feel better that Henne beat out a once good QB. Then we all get our hopes up for the season and go 2-14; get exciting and draft Andrew Luck and realize he's as bad of a lefty as AJ Feely and as big of a bust as JaMarcus Russell and wish we all had Dan Marino back. The answer to out QB question hasn't been mentioned yet, because it's not clear what will solve the problem. It's been almost a dozen years since we last figured out a QB; I'm afraid we're going to be waiting even longer.

orton did alot for not having a defense or any talent around him everyone was injured last year with good players around him like ours i think he can succeed

I choose Henne, this is instrumental in locking up a high enough pick next year to draft Andrew Luck!

But if we have to try this year it would have to be Orton, he already trusts Marshall and should have more time and weapons then he did in Denver, Carson Palmer had a Ron of weapons and couldn't get it done.

Just MHO

We need to atleast sign one veteran Qb just to serve as an average back up. Chad Henne will be the starter and is going to have a good year. I am thinking like a 24 Td to 12 Int Ratio with 3500 yards to go along with that. I dont understand what the deal with all the Henne haters are. Their offensive schemes were absolutely horrible. They ran the short routes every play. Henne has a cannon. Let him throw.

when i read most of the comments, I think most of us agree in something:
We should not give away draft picks!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bring competition without giving away picks, if that means Young...so it be.
But let's learn from the Pats, they seem to have plenty of picks every year, i would like to see the Phins winning right away but also want to see a good team every year and that means keeping your draft picks or adding to them.

Dear ALoco, Collins would be a great mentor for Henne. They are similar in many waysand Collins knows how to fix mistakes. Remember how early in his career he always fumbled because the way he brought his arm back on a throw. He fixed and does not fumble as much. Plus, Collins is very hardworking and stong willed. Making him a very good mentor. There were seasons that he played games drunk and hungover. But he fought that off and became a very good QB.

Palmer or VY.....2010 rules will likely be in place so there will be no cap, so money isn't an issue....Palmer gives us stablility while Henne, who I believe isn't as bad as some make him out to be, can finally learn and not be pressured into being a starter until he is really ready

At this point I'm not sure anyone can beat henne to start. I think bringing in a veteran like bulger might be a good idea but I doubt they can beat henne.
Sparano and Ireland put their future with the phins in henne's hand when they drafted him instead of matt ryan. They are going to sink or swim wtih Henne.

By getting Palmer we are just molding Henne to be a great QB for another team. Thats why we should get an older one like Collins.

i agree boulder

theyre not bringing anyone in to take his place theyre just bringing some one in to get him motivated



even though theres nothing like true competition

where its "fight or flight"!

Dennis Dixon (free agent from Steelers, former Oregon Ducks QB)

Cheap. Young. Athletic. Winner.

Looking at the big picture, none of the above. If they really wanted to give Henne another chance, they wouldn't bring in anybody that's sure to beat him out. Most of these guys would do that.

Smart move would be to sign Thigpen and go after a warm body to fill out roster.

Thigpen's tender is for RFA under last year of old contract rules. The new CBA will almost certainly make him UFA. And he'll be gone.

Wow, 13% for Vince Young. A head case who has said he has thoughts of suicide. A below average passer. No leadership skills to speak of. Jeff Fisher had zero faith in this guy, I have less. Exactly what has he done since the Rose Bowl?

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