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You pick the quarterback best suited for the Dolphins

This blog is usually in the business of giving you answers, not asking you questions. It gives rather than takes. That's because I work for you. You do not work for me. (By the way, about that raise ...)

Anyway, as you know, the quarterback question is the question for the Dolphins the remainder of the offseason. Yes, the Dolphins might want to add another running back in free agency. Yes, the team will look toward other areas for a kick and punt returner, pass-rush help, perhaps TE help, and definitely more speed all around.

But it's about the quarterback, folks.

I think I've made that point on this blog, in my columns, and on my radio show. Alas, if I wasn't a wildebeest of a man, perhaps I'd have a TV show, also. Then I'd be really dangerous.

Anyway, this column is my latest attempt at addressing Miami's QB situation and it comes to the conclusion that, despite all of Miami's best efforts, you should not be surprised if it is Chad Henne who emerges as Miami's best option for the starting job in 2011.  But that is not the purpose of this post.

The purpose today is not for me to give my opinion, but rather, for you to give your opinion. Below you'll find a cute little poll I pulled out of my, ahem, head. (Insert joke here). It asks you to give everyone your answer to Miami's quarterback question.

As the Dolphins are often interested in what their fans think, this is not a vain exercise. I guarantee you folks working for the team will see the results of this poll. I'm not saying that will sway the team's decision one way or another, but your voice does matter.

So simply pick the quarterback you believe should be Miami's quarterback target when the labor problems end and the flag drops on trades and free agency. Make your pick based on which player you believe is the best fit for Miami. Also, tell everyone the reason for your choice in the comments section. And if I failed to name your guy in the poll, do so in the comments section.



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Marc Bulger is the guy. He will be cheap, safe, has had a year to rest and get healthy. No draft picks have to be surrendered. Hard worker and will push Henne. Easy choice

I say go with Henne this season and wait to draft a franchise QB next next year. There will be some good QBs coming out of college next year and we will finally have all of our draft picks so we can move up the draft if we have to.

I picked Orton because of two reasons:
1. He should be available because of Tebow and will not cost as much Palmer, who I would like but the Bengals did not give up Chad Ochocinco for two first round picks from Wash a few years ago and will be just as stubborn with Palmer!
2. Orton is young, experienced and can play!


He hasn't done anything since the Rose Bowl besides win more games in the NFL than Chad Henne. That's all.

Oh, He was the NFL's Offensive Rookie of the Year, Comeback Player of the Year (like Pennington), a ProBowler. So, I guess that's nothing to you.

I say DEFINITELY NO to trading away future draft picks for a band-aid QB for this season. If we need a QB, find one that won't cost us any draft picks !!!


A better question is, what's Jeff Fisher done in Tennessee since going to that SuperBowl? Answer, not much, and that's why he's no longer the coach there.

I'm a none of the above guy but out of the ones on the list would probably go with Orton but not at the cost of a high draft pick. Like his age, escapability, intelligence and familiarity with Marshall. I think he would bring fire to the offense and beat out Henne fairly easily. He's never been surrounded by great offensive talent and wouldn't be here either.

Palmer seems to be the overwhelming choice but I'm not as high on him. Seems to have regressed and been defeated in Cincy. Who could blame him I guess. Maybe the change of scenery would do him good. He's another one of those USC QBs who should be better than he is. Just my opinion.

Young is an all or nothing guy. Amazing talent if things are going well but a train wreck if not. Last time I checked we already have a diva on the offensive roster. The last thing we need is another. Don't think he fits Sparano's offensive philosophy at all. With Young we could either be a 12 win team or a 2 win team. That being said maybe he is our best shot this year to either be very good or be in the Luck sweepstakes.

Jason Cole liked Alex Smith. That means I like Alex Smith.

Chad Henne, new OC, new Weapons, and the guy needs to be given another season.

Carson Palmer is probably the best QB on this list. Thats like being the tallest midget.

Palmer has a career losing record. No surprise in Cincy, but its not like they havent had talent. They've had middle of the road defenses and plenty of offensive talent. Enough to win more than they lose.

I'm not gonna count '08 where Palmer played only 4 games. However, it should be noted they were 0-4 and Palmer had a 69.0 rating.

Palmer has hit the 20 INT plateau twice in his last 3 years. Led the league in pick 6's last year.

Palmer has had 7 NFL seasons. He's had 2 winning records and made the playoffs twice, Cincy is 0-2, although he did get hurt early in the 1st game.

In his 7 seasons, he's had 2 really good Pro Bowl type seasons: '05 and '06. Plus a couple other solid ones with QB rating in the mid 80's. Do we think Palmer is suddenly gonna regain his 05-06 form? It's 2011 people, wake up! Just because in your mind's eye you have this vision of 2005 Palmer doesnt mean thats what he is. Do you really want to trade assets for a 20 INT guy whos best days were 6 years ago?

I like Hasselbeck if he is healthy he is good QB that has won playoff game and gone to the big dance!! Or Vince young, look every body said the same s h I t about mike Vick
And look what he did because he wanted a chance!! Let's give VY a chance!!!!

Not one of these guys are anything to get excited about, if they were, they would not be on the list.

I have to believe that those who are asking for Vince Young to be our next QB do not follow football. Vince Young has won games (with a top 3 RB), but he is a train wreck off the field. Even with his winning record (but no playoff wins) I totally believe the "where there's smoke, there's fire" saying when it comes to VY.

I do not think there would ever be any consideration (from the front office) into bringing Vince Young to Miami.

Henne is garbage he will never be a great QB believe that!!! He has a bad habit that can't be fix...doesn't have that it factor and stares down receivers doesn't anticipate throws...another jay Fiedler Brady Quinn Alex smith and the QB cam Cameron picked in the second round I'm telling you guys Henne starts next year we dont make the playoffs he is garbage!! I was there all season looking at all those receiver wide open and he never saw them, why he doesn't see the whole field takes too long to read defense and holds on to the ball too long!!! Come guys all you guys seen it.....it's time to move on bring someone else!!

Orton-wont be available, I do not think they are sold on Tebow.

Flynn- To raw to help today.

Vince Young - a quitter, I can not get over that with him. He ran away from home he was so upset and no one could get a hold of him. The guy seems to be a mental mess. Physical talent there is no question, but the guy quit on his team and coach, and no matter how bad things are you can't quit on a team. His success has been on very talented teams also.

McNabb, forget it, to much of a risk. to old and beat up. Our O-line would need to be magical for him to be successful.

I just want a QB that won't cost the Dolphins any draft picks, that's all. But as you said probably Henne will be the man in 2011.

I am with the many who think we should just stick with Henne. MOST young QBs suffer fro mthe sophomore slump. Put that together with Henning's play calling, constant hounding to not to take any chances and taking away the ability to audible, it is no wonder Henne may have lost some confidence at the end of the season.

That being said, I don't know if Sparano is the guy to lead this team or Karl Dorrell is the guy to coach Henne. Both nice guys, but not sold on their coaching abilities.

You guys want Henne ok you got him, but I guarantee all of you next will be saying that was a big mistake we should have sign VY Orthon Palmer....LMAO YOU BE SORRY!!!

Give Henne another year... It's a different offense with a better oline.

ray @ 11:05,
larry the cable guy would say about your post, "i don't care who you are, that's funny right there."

Carson Palmer would have been a nice stopgap if they had drafted Ricky Stanzi or another young QB but they didn't. Now, they'll probably end up taking a QB in the first round next year. Chad Henne couldn't make the best use of the weapons he had last year so the notion of giving him more to work with and thinking that's going to yield better results is going to blow up in their face. Vince Young is the most dangerous QB listed both on the field and off but when all is said and done the guy does win games. My gut says that if Henne flops in the first six games which he almost assuredly will that if given the opportunity Vince Young would come out and light things up to show people he can still be a starter in this league. The tricky part would be keeping him engaged if he didn't open the season as the starter. You heard it here first Vince Young is the only guy on that list who could potentially save Sparano's job. But Miami doesn't have the cajones to take that chance and they're far more likely to sign a guy like Bulger.

Would someone tell me why Kyle Orton isn't mentioned more? He has decent numbers, his numbers prove he is growing into an even better QB. All indications are that he had a good relationship with Brandon Marshall. He is younger than Palmer, Bulger, Collins and McNabb. He is more stable than Young. He has a pulse and shows competetive emotion unlike Henne. Why aren't we pimpin' for this guy?

T. Martin,
vince young in the city of miami? no way! the guy would end up doing a david overstreet.

None of these guys are significant improvements over Henne, who still has potential to be very good. Keep Henne, keep the draft picks!

Vince young. Of course with our horrible draft it and the rest of the afc east good drafts it doesn't matter, but that's who I would pick.
Until we get rid of sparano and Ireland, it doesn't matter anways. I just hope we don't pick luck next year.

let's build a team up and get Andrew Luck next year

VInce Young simply cannot afford to be an ego-maniac or let go of the work effort. The guy is a winner and he gives Miami a threat that they have not had at the QB position since Fielder: mobility. And Fiedler's mobility is pathetic compared to Young's mobility. Young led the Titans to a strong finish his rookie year virtually on his back and led them into the playoffs. Things have gone poorly for him, but he is primed for a career resurrection and he could be had without any sort of trade. I do feel that African American quarterbacks have a tougher time gaining acceptance in the league and I sincerely hope that Young gets one more chance somewhere and I think it may be the right fit in Miami. Carson Palmer does not win. Kevin Kolb does not win. I like Kyle Orton, I like Matt Flynn, but Orton does not seem as though he can be anything but a solid starter at best and Flynn is unproven. Young wins games. Period. Give him a chance.

Dm1dolpfan I'm glad I'm amusing you!
It's ok guys if you want to criticize my opinion that's fine, but I been a fan since 1971 my dad took me to the perfect season I've been a loyal fan.... But guys think about it Henne mentally is a broken down QB because of the coaching staff corrdinator and now to learn a new offense with the same rules don't force the ball don't make mistakes!! Still the same boss. Do you guys get it now under pressure from the coaching staff he can't respond!!
But what the f u c k any of us know we are just passionate fans!! It's just one dolphin fan opinion!!! PS. HENNE SUCKS LOL!!

Doesn't VY come with a contingent of psychiatrists?

Poll does not work for me. Did I miss it?

When the defense is on the field, VY will be lying on a couch receiving psychotherapy.

T. Martin - "Vince Young is the most dangerous QB listed both on the field and off but when all is said and done the guy does win games"

The titans have not had a winning record since 2008 (when Kerry Collins led the team to a 13-3 record). Vince Young has not won a playoff game. His only playoff start he had a 53.3 qb rating. His best season 2007 (10-6 record) he had 9tds and 17 ints.

Please...no more Vince Young talk. Henne is a better QB than VY.


While I guess he wants us to pick a QB I pick Vince young it will work the man can run Henne can't!!! I telling you guys VY will be Great with us!! But the coaching staff needs to build a offense around him and the wildcat
Can work more affectively with a QB like VY

Even though I don't like the wildcrap it fits VY!!

Ferg dude that's why they have this app to talk football and if that means we talk VY why can't we!! You Henne Lover!!

Where will all u be when the dolphins make the playoffs this year riding the arm of henne...thigpen is terrible

Ray your not helping your case here by saying Henne sucks, just sayin.

Henne has won games in the NFL when his #1 recieving threat was wither Camerillo and/or Ted Ginn. He had 300 yard games in the NFL and has had as many good moments as bad.

Yes he has had some very bad moments. but to come out and say "HE SUCKS" is well, dumb...

you may not like him, I get it, but a guy that has been in the NFL, has won games with sub par talent is far from "Sucks"

Poizen ok maybe I over stated my opinion in saying he sucks!! But as a starting QB he is not!! No leadership skills and throws too many int's....backup QB ok I take that...
But you have admit this coaching staff has broken him down mentally and has no confidence in Henne, hey they put in a one arm QB because they don't want Henne as their starter... Man I just hope I'm wrong about Henne but all the years of watching football the kid just doesn't have the quality to be a starter in the NFL just my opinion! Thanks for hearing me out!!

Henne has no touch. Poizen , u act like VY always has to answer his phone. How can u be a starter when u can't throw a fade route? Then u get the fastest WR in the draft with a QB that is not very accurate deep?

Vince Young is a better quarterback than just about anyone on the list and he does not cost us any draft pick. I bet the same was said of another QB with lots of problems comming out of jail. How did that work out. And if it does not work out you can cut him.

The others are either to old, inexperienced or would cost us too much in draft picks.

I'm trying to look at this realistically. Palmer has not proven anything in the 8 years he has been in the league. He is not a winner.He has had his chances. Good players make others good. I'll keep Henne thank you. Vince Young is the only veteran available that is not going to mortgage the future. He has proven he is a winner. I admit he had a couple of melt-downs but we worked out issues with Incognito so given the correct support (coaching) I think Young is the best all-around athlete for the job. He has the ability and a lot left in the tank. Vince Young will excel in the NFL. Just like Vick can be forgiven and excel so can Young. Go get him!

The only time Henne was starring down a receiver was on those genius play designs by Henning where only one or two guys go out in routes.


Besides, I have a link for a "Sports Science" video featuring Henne. You guys won't BELIEVE how awesome he is.

He steps up and evades the heavy bags 10 out of 10 times. The way he looks off those Ply Wood safeties, you can TELL he's been working hard this off season!


Bring pennington back!

Ok, Ray. you're right. Go ahead and talk about Vince Young. But I would really like to know what makes you think VY will succeed in Miami? Is it his career 57.9% completion percentage or his 13 wins over the last three seasons?

Sparano & Ireland should try to talk Favre out of retirement or maybe we should try to get Joe Montana he said he was thinking of a comeback in that shape-ups sneaker commercial... haha.

Palmer had 3 great/good recievers OCHO, HUSYOURMAMA, HENRY. He did nothing with theses guys so why do you think he would come to Miami and be any good with our mediocre wr corp. He wouldnt plus the draft pick compennsasion and money for a 34+ year old washed up looser....MMMM NO THANKS TO PALMER, ad who in there right mind would want Bulger hes in the same sit. as Palmer. Give me a break, Vince Young is clearly the best pick out there, Like i said before his off the field actions are frivourless compared to others, you can dig up dirt on just about every player in every sport if you want to. Here is something elese to look at when tenn drafted VJ he was going to be the future of the titans, With in 1-2 years after that they went and got Kerry Collins to compete, Kerry did that and won the job do to VY head was not clear. Then when Kerry started sucking (0-7) LAST YEAR VJ came in and nearly won the last 9 games. Also do any of you know VJ personally. I DO NOT. BUT UNTIL YOU KNOW SOMEONE PERSONALLY YOU REALLY DONT KNOW WHAT THE REAL STORY IS WITH THEM.

With Henne we lose the first game, the second game, and the 4th game. 1 and 3 (if we manage to pull off a win in Cleveland, which if it's close Henne chokes) heading to the Jets. We lose that game and the season is basically over mathematically, just like last year. Henne is our quickest path to another futile season. I'm surprised to see so much love for this dud.

Dear Mr. Salguero

"Alas, if I wasn't a wildebeest of a man"

"The wildebeest or wildebai or "water buffalo", is an antelope of the genus Connochaetes. It is a hooved (ungulate) mammal."

Just curious as to where you shop for shoe's or does a blacksmith come to you for a custom fit.

As to the picture of you on this blog site, I always figured you more of a Centaur - a centaur is a race of creatures, part human and part horse.

Oh well, if you had a TV show I would watch it.

Soiled :)

Keep Henne and hope for the best. If it doesn't work out this year then go for Luck next year. Don't waste giving up draft picks for left overs and retreads!

Mr. Daboll,

Armando told us you'd be reading this, so PAY ATTENTION.

Everyone else will be running the Wildcat. NOT US! We want to ride the crest of the wave. Trendsetters indeed, LISTEN UP!

It's very simple as my Grand Father used to say.

You go out an get that Vince Young character and get Robert Gallery to block for him while you're at it.

Then you scheme up an offense with Young in the Gun you see.

Double TE set with Fasano and that rookie Charles Clay as the starters. According to that fat genius Homogren, you love double TE's anyways.

Stick with me now..................

You start Marshall and Bess as the Wideouts and Edmund Gates as the SINGLE upback. Don't worry about Gates size as a running back because we won't be doing any handing off in this offense.

It'll be straight up Young running the Gun.

Mr Daboll, if you have no balls or imagination, just go study the K-Gun offense Kelly used to run at Buffalo. The two minute drills specifically.

I see this as our NEW BASE offense, designed specifically for Youngs skillset. No fullback, no handoffs and most importantly NO FIELD GOALS!

Then all you have to do is come up with some witty name for it. Maybe something like the "Young Gun".

Huh? You like that don't cha Mr. Daboll? I can see the wheels turning already. Oh, and don't worry Brian, you can take ALL the credit for it too, I won't tell a soul(wink, wink)!

...I think that what Armando was asking was if we had our choice of guys who would it be? Just a hypothetic exercise. Forget about how we go about the accusiton. Just say who is the best guy. In this scenario my guy would be Orton.

We have one of the top recievers in the game. An elite guy. Orton and Marshall had a great season together in Denver 2 years ago. Orton would be a perfect stop gap while we continue to search for a successor. Think about the 2009 Bronco team. It wasn't the offense that failed. It was Nolans defense that collapsed in the second half of the year. They couldn't stop anyone from scoring. They were the reason the Broncos failed to get into the playoffs after the hot start.

Remember. Marshall held out all of that offseason. So basically the 2 went into that season with no familiarity. It worked out well. Orton knows how to play with Marshall, He knows how to get him the ball in the spaces where Marshall can get it and run. Or how to get to Marshall when he appears to be covered. This seems like a no brainer.

Before anyone comes back with there is no way Denver gets rid of him. Or the price is to high, or we cant risk future picks. You may be right. But remember this wasn't the point. The question was who would you like. Orton is my choice.

Tricky wants to give Vince Young his umpteeth chance. Throw that sheet up there and see if it sticks.

Yet he dosen't want to give Henne a second chance at starting QB.


I guess in Tennessee it's always the coaches and the teams fault. It was Fisher and Collins fault.

Vince would have a tough time here, cause in Miami, it's ALWAYS and ONLY the Quarterbacks fault.

I like Palmer, but I've grown weary of bringing in old vets in the twilight of their career for a 1-2 season bandaid. Old vets can have amazing comebacks (i.e. Pennington and Collins), but the comeback is often short lived. We'll continue to be lost in the desert until we find a QB who can blossom here. That's why I lean towards the younger Young and Orton. Let them compete against Henne.

Forgot Matt Hasselbach of Seattle

Give Thiggy a long term shot behind a solid line..He has potential. And please dont bring up the "look what he did in Kansas City" thing.

Saves us money and draft picks. If he doesnt succeed with at least 8 or 9 games under his belt under this current system, then we hit the draft/free agent scene next year.

Henne! Come on! At least put him on the voter poll. This is complete BS.

Absolutely Believe


Remember unfortunately how VY Torched OUR AZZez at home only 2 seasons ago with that deadly accurate strong cannon arm & strong running/scrambling ability

Believe Young is going to step up his game even farther and is younger and stronger than the aging Palmer, who a couple of good hits prob only has a season or 2 left

Palmer also has a LOT OF GARBAGE YDS & TDS
(So keep it REAL)

Young could play 6 more yrs easily. Yes he can be an immediate QB that could come in and lead and possibly play PRO BOWL football

With this offense u r going to need to improvise, scramble, and would be a huge plus to be a big strong tough running threat at QB

Kudos to the 1st poster of last nigh on this blog!
Home agrees w u 100%

Vince Young will obviously have a chip on his shoulder to prove he is an elite NFL starter. He has been through a few up and downs but still remains a convicted competitor who has plenty of gas in the tank. He has already shown he can compete on this level and just needs a fresh start. He is a winner and will lift the guys around him. I say we go for it.

Posted by: TC | May 10, 2011 at 12:14 AM

Great Post TC

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Housing market crippled

real #s Unemployment sky high

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Last year Exxon/Mobil paid 0 taxes to the USA

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As the world as u knew it now heads to ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, A "New World Order"

The time is now for the Miami Dolphins to sign FAs QB Vince Young & RB DeAngelo Williams to compliment OUR TEAM

have a HAARPy day :(

Home has spoken

First off before I write a single sentence, let me say that if this hypothetical involves a trade then I say absolutely not !! In reality my line of thinking here is that we are looking at some sort of a strike shortened year and with no FA on the horizon we more than likely see alot of guys going back to there original teams under 1 year deals, while playing half as s ball waiting out 2012. If that is the case were better served riding it out with Henne one more season and throwing all are eggs in the basket for the 2012 draft if he failed badly.

If your going to stick my hand under a fire then there would realy be only two players on that list that I bring in with a diff. line of thinking for each scenario. In one scenario I roll the dice and bring in VY, while alot of bloggers like to put up his stats as a reason for not making this move I say this, there is only one stat I`m interested in, his won/loss stat and I agree with odin`s assesment that brought in to the right Offense in a team mind you were he will feel wanted because he never did in Ten., he was never Fisher`s guy but owner Bud Adams player, then I believe him to have imense upside.

The other player is Marc Bulger, I watched him to much in running that Offense in St. Louis to not believe that he can very well be the next Warner, by the way Kurt was the player he replaced and ran out of town when teamates with the Rams. That was a precision Offense for those that like talking about throwing into tight windows, so there is no questioning his arm strength and more importantly his accuracy, look at the tough time Jay Cutler is having in mastering it in Chi-town with Martz because he for all his arm puts up some bone-headed inaccurate throws.

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