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You pick the quarterback best suited for the Dolphins

This blog is usually in the business of giving you answers, not asking you questions. It gives rather than takes. That's because I work for you. You do not work for me. (By the way, about that raise ...)

Anyway, as you know, the quarterback question is the question for the Dolphins the remainder of the offseason. Yes, the Dolphins might want to add another running back in free agency. Yes, the team will look toward other areas for a kick and punt returner, pass-rush help, perhaps TE help, and definitely more speed all around.

But it's about the quarterback, folks.

I think I've made that point on this blog, in my columns, and on my radio show. Alas, if I wasn't a wildebeest of a man, perhaps I'd have a TV show, also. Then I'd be really dangerous.

Anyway, this column is my latest attempt at addressing Miami's QB situation and it comes to the conclusion that, despite all of Miami's best efforts, you should not be surprised if it is Chad Henne who emerges as Miami's best option for the starting job in 2011.  But that is not the purpose of this post.

The purpose today is not for me to give my opinion, but rather, for you to give your opinion. Below you'll find a cute little poll I pulled out of my, ahem, head. (Insert joke here). It asks you to give everyone your answer to Miami's quarterback question.

As the Dolphins are often interested in what their fans think, this is not a vain exercise. I guarantee you folks working for the team will see the results of this poll. I'm not saying that will sway the team's decision one way or another, but your voice does matter.

So simply pick the quarterback you believe should be Miami's quarterback target when the labor problems end and the flag drops on trades and free agency. Make your pick based on which player you believe is the best fit for Miami. Also, tell everyone the reason for your choice in the comments section. And if I failed to name your guy in the poll, do so in the comments section.



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I'll bring up Thiggy and KC.

What's wrong with what he did there? For a young DEVELOPING QB, he looked EXTREMELY promising. For what he had to work with and his experience level combined, he was fantastic.

Don't fall for the bullshyt that Thiggy had a shot here. He didn't. It's how Henning and SpOrano operate. When it comes to developing young QB, between the two they've not a clue.

Their young first year starting QB was struggling. They were racking up injuries all over the place. Especially along the O-line. So what do these two guys that have never developed a quarterback one, what do they do? Do they let their first year starter take his lumps, learn on the fly and see what shakes out?

NOPE! They throw their OTHER young rather inexperienced QB to the wolves by starting him against a tough Bears defense with a severely diminished O-line.

We're they thinking about their young developing QB's? Were they thinking about whats best for them or the long term for the team? NOPE!

They BOTH went straight into "cover your ass" mode and pushed the panic button by throwing Thiggy to the wolves.

If anybody here thinks we actually got any kind of look at what Thiggy can do here, I posit that your seriously delusional. The WORST thing that ever happened to Thiggy and Henne in the ENTIRE football careers was landing here in Miami under Dan Hennings.

Dan Henning, in his long, supposedly illustrious career NEVER developed a single QB. On the contrary. He's ruined many along the way. Most recently, his offense and play calling made that QB in Carolina look putrid. Ended his career for all intents and purposes. Henne and Thiggy, the same only much more worse.

The second most destructive thing to QB's since Hennings arrival with Parcells, is the fan base here. These fans are still stuck back in the 83 draft. There still waiting for the second coming of Marino. They want that immediate plug and play Hall of Famer and they see him in every other possible QB they don't have on their roster. The old grass is always greener bullshyt.

The grass ain't always greener and Jesus Christ himself will come back before Marino does!

Someone needs to make the argument that Henne suddenly becomes a finisher...Pennington brought us a division title with the same coordinator and same talent. (do not argue schedule since Henne flopped against Browns, Bills with playoffs still in question) Just remember no significant victories last year against
contenders! He doesn't have it and all the changes will not matter.

JB. Henne does seem to have an issue with touch passes, but that comes with repetition. between bad play calling and no time due to line issues, this guy could not consistantly get anything done in a game. Henne did not miss all of his touch passes in practice where he had time, if he did, he would have no chance to come out and play on a Sunday at all. As far as deep passes, the line was awful, and I am happy to talk to you off this so i dont waste everyones times about games you should watch where Henne had time most of the game and NAILED almost all of his deep passes. Like I ALWAYS have said. I am not a Henne fan, and am frustrated with the play of our O. but I can find more reason for his failure so far from coaching a a struggling O-line that does not give him time.

Any QB in the situation we had the last two years would be avareage at best. Henne by the numbers slightly below average. I am not willing to give up on the talents he has had when I look at the opportunity this team gave him. HE WAS AT FAULT for some things, but not everything. I hope he gets this final chance, and a fair chance.

However if another QB comes in here and beats him out so be it, I just want to win, i dont care about the names on the back of the jersey if we can win a championship.

Would someone please issue a "Waanstaadt Alert" for South Florida.
No freakin' draft picks for a band-aid QB!!

I don't see any poll. As a GM I'd explore all options except Vince Young as long as I didn't have to give up too much.

I'm tired of all the QB talk. We are stuck with Henne next year and that is all there is. Year 3 is the year we determine he gets flushed or we have something worth working around. I want to know about the RB's because I don't see Daniel Thomas as the answer to our problems. He's a slower version of Ronnie Brown. No thanks.

So I have to ask this question. I know we supposedly addressed a few needs in the draft such as RB and Return game with Thomas and the Albeliene Christian WR. However, with NO drafting Mark Ingram it appears as though there is a legitimate shot at Reggie Bush landing in the open market. What do you think the possibilities are that we take a serious look. Yes he has injury issues but what small speed back doesn't. However, he is a legitimate threat in the return game. He also would be a perfect compliment to be the scat back / Slot WR for captain checkdown chad henne. What are your thoughts on the eligible RB's in Free Agency that we will target. I know there is a huge following that wants Deangelo Williams. I have to admit that I like Williams better than Thomas. However Bush could be a nice compliment to the team needs and could fill several positions. I can't believe I am suggesting going after a condom grad but I would love to see Bush trying to create havoc.

Someone needs to make the argument that Henne suddenly becomes a finisher...Pennington brought us a division title with the same coordinator and same talent. (do not argue schedule since Henne flopped against Browns, Bills with playoffs still in question) Just remember no significant victories last year against
contenders! He doesn't have it and all the changes will not matter.

Posted by: TC | May 10, 2011 at 01:11 PM

See my post above. You just proved my point.

Basically what you're saying is this:

Our rookie QB came in and with the same basic offense, couldn't do as good as a ten year vet. Whaaa Whaaa!

We drafted a rookie that couldn't look like a ten year vet in first season and a half. Whaaa Whaa!

The double standards and ignorance never cease around here, whaaa, whaa!

My selection is Brady Quinn. why you ask? Well, he has knowledge of OC Daboll's offense and he was not given a fair chance to win any starting qb job in nfl. he got injured in cleveland when he might finally win it and then traded bc they needed a rb. denver had no intention of quinn starting with their current qbs and drafting of tebow. quinn imo is the only guy that knows the system, is young and motivated to start and can push henne right now for the starting job as there is a lockout. i think miami dolphins get chance to right the cam cameron wrong and i think quinn wins and delivers in miami. he was supposed to be the face of this franchise and if traded for, imo, he will be our next franchise qb. henne will also play well with this addition and then we may end up with two youthful starting qbs on our roster in stead of none. sparano should go get brady quinn. palmer= washed up and wants to play for carroll, young= locker room disaster. the rest of the younger qbs are not proven better than henne. all finers really point toward quinn. orton is the best option after quinn for our beloved miami dolphins. either way folks, we are going to do it this year. i believe in Sparano!!!

Did some numbers crunching with Carson Palmer:

When he has less than 550 pass attempts in a 16 gm season his interceptions are around 12-13 for the year, completion % in the mid 60's, and tds in the mid 20's. Qb ratings in the mid 90's.

When he has way over 550 attempts his interceptions rise to 20, completion % drops to lower 60's, tds still mid 20's. Both season Palmer had over 575 pass attempts he threw for 20 picks but had as many tds as when he less than 530 attempts.


Palmer seems to be at his best when having less than 33 passing attempts per game. Then seems to be at his worse int wise when having 36 or more passing attempts per game.

This also alarms me abotu Palmer in 2009 playoffs:

"In Palmer's first full playoff game, he struggled. Palmer threw the ball with a 50 percent completion percentage, with 1 touchdown, 1 interception, and a 53.8 passer rating, in a 24–14 loss to the New York Jets."

This was against Rex Ryan's defense folks!

Pretty simple really....Vince Young, once he's released from Tennessee. He competes with Henne for the starter's job and the winner plays. He's available should Henne go into a tailspin. Best guy plays. If things don't work out or Young acts up, you get rid of him. If Henne doesn't step up this year, you invest our first round pick next year on one of the top three QBs in the draft.

Forget this idea of continually trading picks. show me one organization that has worked for...one? This is the kind of stuff that the Redskins and Raiders pull all the time. Guess what?....it's not working.

Marino's knees should be better by now plus he lost all that weight on nutrasystem , he doesn't cost anything, you will fill the seats.
He might not be as good as Henne looking off those plywood safeties on sports science but I'm sure his release is still lightning fast!!

Hands down my vote!!

Odin, you're right that the #1 detriment to our QBs has been coaching. Between Sparano and Henning, Henne became atrocious (he didn't help himself either with inconsistency).

Our only hope is Daboll is a better coach of QBs. I'm crossing my fingers that was the one plus for bringing him here. Apparently, he did a good job last year with Colt McCoy, so we'll see what happens with Henne and any other young QB we have on the roster.

With that said, I think Thigpen is another story. Sure, he didn't get a great shot last year. Sure, he was on a crappy Chiefs team a few years ago. But that's how the cookie crumbles. There's another QB crying about not getting a shot here in DC (John Beck). Look, you're in the league whatever 5-6 years, haven't had many chances, but you have everyday on the practice field to show the coaches what you've got. If you remain a 3rd-stringer, then that's on you. And both Beck and Thigpen are pretty much that, 3rd-stringer (or 2nd-stringers on teams with average-to-horrible QBs, like Miami).

So based on my 1:27 PM post I conclude if you have to pass 36 times or more in a game with Palmer. There's a very high chance we lose that game. If Passing 33 times or less, there very high percentage chance we win that game.

Also, Palmer would have to prove he's much more improved going against Rex Ryan defenses.

Chad Henne. No doubt. Garbage play calling last 2 years. And all the pressure that has been put on the kid is ridiculous. We should all support the guy. Give him year 3

Poizen I hear you dude I really don't.. But one thing Henne wont either and i tell you why They installing a new offense similar to the Patriots, but on that same note Orton will probably the best fit because last year they ran that same one in Denver..I just thing this is going to be a M.Vick all over again, VY is a hell of a athletic player and he can throw the long ball, Henne is not accurate in fade throws and long bombs!! But who knows it's a new offense and if this labor situation doesn't get resolved the PHINS are going to in the top three in next year draft to get Andrew Luck...


Another lesson in revisionists history!

Pennington came in here under Hennings and started out 0-3. That's 0-3 Baby! COUNT IT-ZERO!

I won't bring up the easiest schedule or the fact that we led the league in turnover ratios, oops, I just did!

However, I will remind you, Whoop, Whoop-REALITY CHECK. Pennington couldn't and didn't make it work here.

Ronnie Brown quarterbacked a gimmick offense to save the season.

The most memorable thing Pennington did was have his ass handed to him in the playoffs against Balt. THREE atrocious interceptions if I remember right.

Good post HOME, i will repaste it. You got the same two FA picks as we are strongly looking to acquire for the 2011 Miami Dolphins. Good thinking,just like last season and you picking Brandon Marshall and Karlos Dansby in free agency to become Miami Dolphins.

Absolutely Believe


Remember unfortunately how VY Torched OUR AZZez at home only 2 seasons ago with that deadly accurate strong cannon arm & strong running/scrambling ability

Believe Young is going to step up his game even farther and is younger and stronger than the aging Palmer, who a couple of good hits prob only has a season or 2 left

Palmer also has a LOT OF GARBAGE YDS & TDS
(So keep it REAL)

Young could play 6 more yrs easily. Yes he can be an immediate QB that could come in and lead and possibly play PRO BOWL football

With this offense u r going to need to improvise, scramble, and would be a huge plus to be a big strong tough running threat at QB

Kudos to the 1st poster of last nigh on this blog!
Home agrees w u 100%

Vince Young will obviously have a chip on his shoulder to prove he is an elite NFL starter. He has been through a few up and downs but still remains a convicted competitor who has plenty of gas in the tank. He has already shown he can compete on this level and just needs a fresh start. He is a winner and will lift the guys around him. I say we go for it.

Posted by: TC | May 10, 2011 at 12:14 AM

Great Post TC

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The time is now for the Miami Dolphins to sign FAs QB Vince Young & RB DeAngelo Williams to compliment OUR TEAM

have a HAARPy day :(

Home has spoken


My major concern with VY is also how does he respond if Henne is named starter? How does he respond if he is benched after having a poor performance?

Everyone's on the best behavior when things are going well. VY has proven in the past he can be a MAJOR liability when things are not going so well with him. He'll never be a great nfl qb if he continues to have composure issues when he's facing personal liabilities.

This is a guy who also threatened to quit football because he stated it wasnt fun anymore. This is his job, his career. You cant just threaten to quit a job because it isnt fun anymore. Fun on your job is a plus, but it isnt why youre there. Youre there to make a living. First and foremost.

From Wiki:

Alongside freshman running back Mike Hart, he galvanized an explosive offensive unit that featured receivers Braylon Edwards, Jason Avant, and Steve Breaston. (All five would later go on to the NFL.) Henne's freshman season was highlighted by a triple-overtime win over in-state rival Michigan State[10] and a record-tying performance in the Rose Bowl against Texas.[11] He also tied the Michigan season record for touchdown passes with 25, first set by Elvis Grbac in 1991.[12]

-Ask Edwards, Avant or Breaston if Henne can throw fades or touch passes.

These three recievers looked good enough to scouts to get drafted. Henne must have connected on some throws.

I know Henne has a lot of improving to do, but what gives? He looked like an all pro in Lloyd Carrs offense.

Now suddenly, he has no deep ball, no touch and can't throw a fade? Hmmmmm................

No thank you on 35 year old QB Palmer head of an abysmal losing team even though he has had 2 of the best WRs in the game on his team last season. Old man padded stats junk time Palmer is one hit away from sitting next to the other relic, Pennington

Vince Young would fit and most of all
... Be $ Money 4 the Miami Dolphins

Young has the IT factor and will be brought out on this Phin team








Youg definitely looks talented enough.

The only reservations I have are the issues about his mental makeup.

I don't know the guy so all I can do is parrot what I've heard.

The one thing I do know is that to play QB in the NFL you have to have your head in the game on EVERY SINGLE play.

I don't know if it's true or not, but if mental toughness is an issue with this guy, it's a big one!

The talents there, but the proposition makes me extremely nervous.

Why do so many people think we need an old QB to 'teach' Henne? WHat the hell are the coaches for? THigpin is the best option period.






Palmer? Really? He's like the modern day Testerverde.

Vince Young reminds me of Culpepper (Pssst, how'd that work out?)

I'd maybe go with McNabb, based on the interest he'd bring alone. But he's a bit past his prime.

The rest are just average. I'd prefer to stick with Henne.

My major concern about Henne is:

I honestly believe he can consistently get his picks down to around 15 per season. But I have huge issue with only 12tds in 2008 then only 15tds in 2009. For me this is a greater issue than his 19 picks, because 4 of those picks can be attributed to his recievers.

Lets face it, even if Henne improves to 20tds and 15 picks in 2011. We improve to 10-6 at best and a 1st rd playoff casualty. For us to take a major step forward as a franchise Henne needs to be right at 25tds and 15 picks in 2011.

My greatest fear concerning Henne is going from 15tds to 25tds in only 1 season is a jump of astronomical proportions. To improve his td production by 10 in one single seasonn for a guy like Henne seems "hail mary" at best.

When really getting into crunching numbers, "just maybe" if Bengals are willing to put Palmer in play for a 3rd rd'er it maybe definitely worth it. Still with at least 3-4 other teams looking to be seriously into the bidding the asking price will probably be higher.


I agree. I'm not trying to over hype Henne, but people have to look at it realistically.

Ok, we were SUPPOSEDLY trying to DEVELOP Henne in his first full season as a starter.

Now, average out the bad O-line play, the penalties, the dropped passes and worst of all being yanked for wildcat.

But wait, there's more. We were or supposedly was a run first team. I think we were 45/55 pass/run.

Now, average all that out and how much time does that leave for development? How do you develop a rhythm or timing under these circumstances. How do you get live game time work on deep ball accuracy, timing routes or fades in these kinds of circumstances?

While Chad still has to improve, I'm convinced the larger part of the problem was mismanagement on ALL levels by the coaching staff.

I'm all for Vince young!
The kid can win! He has the IT factor.
He will come with something to prove!
And he won't cost us any compensation.
Maybe he plays well we still lose. We get a top 5 draft pick next year and trade him and it for Andrew luck???

Look. VY is everything that Henne is not!! Stop following your stupid rules for a player!!
You don't want VY to run. Tell him stay in the pocket!!
FYI that kid broke 26 sacks last year!!
Imagin what HE could do with a real offensive line and he will make DanThom and what I think will be Reggie bush as our other back. Even better!!!!!

Oh snap!!!!
Think. Brandon Marshall. Vince Young, Reggie Bush, Edmond gates. Davon bess!!!

SICK!!! That would score us some TD's not 3's!!!!!!!

Everyone vote Vince Young!!!

Drew Brees threw for 11 tds in only 11 games his 3rd yr in the league. A pace that would have had him throwing at least 16tds in 16gms.

Brees took the "phenominal" td pass leap his 4th season. He went from 11tds in 11 gms to 27 tds in 16gms. However, Brees and Henne have entirely different psyche makeups. So its very difficult to assume Henne can duplicate this same feat too.

Dying Breed,

I think Henne could reach the 25 TD range pretty easily.

If Daboll shows any confidence in him and gives the green light more than maybe twice a game(like Hennings did), that should account for some.

Basing it on 15 TDs last year, extrapolate it over a 16 game season. If he throws 1 more TD every other game this year, that would be 8. That SHOULDN'T be all that hard of a feat to accomplish. 8+15=23.

I'm not arguing with you, I'm just saying, I HOPE he improves THAT much at least!

DB, you're major concern about Henne should be the team he plays on...the Miami Dolphins. This has been just about the WORST franchise for QBs in 2 decades. This is where QBs go to get paid, then retire, or get hurt, then retire, or play like crap, then go somewhere else to play like crap, then retire.

And what's the connection between ANY of the names being bandied about today (Henne, Palmer, Orton, Quinn, McNabb, etc.)? The connection is they are all has-beens, or never were's, or not mentioned when you talk about the best QBs in the game. That should tell us something. You get your QB via the Draft, plain and simple. You draft a guy you like, you develop them, and you watch them flourish.

Unfortunately, as Odin alluded to, this FO is clueless on developing QBs. They don't know what to look for in drafting, and don't know what to teach once drafted.

So this really is an exercise if futility. There's only one way we'll get the franchise QB we desire, and that's to pick him in the Draft. Unfortunately, I doubt we'll ever be bad enough in the near future to get the #1 pick, because unless you have that, for this FO, it's a crapshoot.

So, we can stick with Henne, go with a FA, but in the end, they're all Dolphins, which means they are in the bottom percentile at that position in this league.

What we need most is a Coach who understands that history and has enough smarts to know how to change it.

db @2.12

i agree that an inc in td of 10 is a big ask, imo henne can do it, more imp he has to get close to what your asking td:int to have a future

from a team standpoint though and relative to victory we should also be getting more rushing td, last season we couldn't do anything other than kick f goals, ts says the run is his no 1 offensive tool so thay need to deliver more rushing td's first. with that and a slight imp in henne (eg 5 more td, 5 less int)we could get to 10-6 with both henne and rushing imp a lot then we have a great chance of 10-6 or better esp if the d improves further

the most important thing henne has to do is have both less check downs and less ints to start the season this will allow the team and coaches and most importantly him to grow in confidence even if they're .500 after 6 games, if henne is not looking awful, the run is happening and the d r 2010 or better then they've got something to build on and more victories will come

that's all we need, wins


Wow! Does Henne compare to John Elway?

In Elways 3rd season he had over 600 passing attempts for only 22tds and 23 picks. That nearly 200 more pass attempts than Henne, still Elway only threw 4 more picks. With nearly 200 more attempts Henne would have been on pace for about at least 25 picks.

In Elways 4th season 504 attempts(100 fewer) for only 19tds and 13 picks. Guys these are realistic numbers for Henne to hit in his 4th season.

Also in Elways 5th season he only threw for 19tds and 12 picks. Then in year 5, had only 17tds and 19 picks. Year 6 18tds, 18 picks.

Guys Im far from calling Henne the next Elway. However, Elways 1st 10 regular season-wise wasnt much better than what Henne thus far has produced. Just Elway was a threat to beat you with his legs too in the beginning.

Dont believe check out Elway's regular season passing stats the first 10yrs in the league. They compare favorably with what Henne has done. Henne just hasnt had any playoff heroics.


People talk about Vince Young. But he has winning record as an starter. More than ano of our Qb's

Young has won, but he is definitely not a winner. Whiner, yes. Winner no.
He has no work ethic, is dumber than dirt and can't keep his lazy, prima donna butt out of trouble. I've watched him ruin the Titans and he will do the same to my Dolphins.

No doubt they are going with Henne, in training Camp.

If the question is about best fit the two "best fits" would be Palmer and then Orton. However, both will come with a cost and I'd rather the Fins keep the draft picks. Now if either became available for nothing. . .well then there is your proverbial acorn.

If you want competition, the next two contestants would be Yound and Quinn. Yeah not sexy (or particularly good in Quinn's case and no the irony of getting Quinn should not be lost on anyone), but each have interesting variables to bring to the table. Young though would need to come free after being cut or a Jeff Ireland special - a 7th rounder.

The rest are West Coast offense guys and unless we change our system - in a "shortened offseason," how viable are they really? Having said that Flynn intrigues me more then any other QB on this list, but that again would cost.

I don't know about anyone else but I am tired of giving up draft choices for risky propositions like has-beens or never-was quarterbacks!

Just sayin'

Its how VY responds to personal adversity that totally wipes out his little over .500 win-loss record. He does equally as much to place a team into a dump as his ability to bring them out.

His great downside definitely tempers whatever upside. If your leader spins his wheels in mud so will the rest of the team.

In mathematical terms, VY's upside and downside give the numerator and dominator equal number crossing eachother out. Mathematically VY is 1/1 = 1. Upside and downside cancelling eachother out.

Guys Orton is a checkdown qb artist the same as we saw with Henne in 2010. Please ask yourselves why in all hell do we need TWO checkdown qb artist on the team?

Isnt this what we would like to see Henne broken out of? Then why in hell would we want to add another?

I dont understand the Carson Palmer love- forget the draft picks argument--

This is a QB that hasnt played well in 4 years---so stop blaming TO and Ocho---

He hasnt been the same since his injury in that playoff game--

He is 31 and has never won a Playoff game---look at his stats---the guy had 2 years of playn like a franchize QB---and they still never won a playoff game and that was before his injury.

He throws a lot of INTs every year and his completion percentage is right around 60 just like a younger VY-

Now all these guys have flaws that we are considering but the idea that Carson Palmer even if he is cut is by far a better option than a Vince young or Donovan Mcnabb or Matt hassleback to me is off base--

I rather sign one of the other 3 then trade anything for Carson Palmer.

i think miami dolphins get chance to right the cam cameron wrong and i think quinn wins and delivers in miami. he was supposed to be the face of this franchise and if traded for, imo, he will be our next franchise qb.

NJ Fins Fan | May 10, 2011 at 01:24 PM

Jesus !!! I want some of what your smoking there chief !! Quinn was given every chance in the world behind a good Offensive line featuring an elite Left Tackle in Thomas and one of the best Centers in Faine. Then there were his skill players, lets see Kellen Winslow Jr. Braylon Edwards, Donte Stallworth and Joshua Cribbs.

They had so many Offensive options that Rueben Droughns looked like a prennial All Pro at RB, while squeezing two more solid years out of Jamal Lewis who went nuts in that Offense one season running for 1,600 yds after he was supposed to be washed up in Baltimore.

Quinn out right lost the job to a journyman Q.B. in Derek Anderson who was made to look elite with that talent. Quinn came out of a system put together by Charlie Wiess that made him, although even Weiss couldn`t mask what he was vs. superior talet because that one year they go 10-2 and make it to the Sugar Bowl they got run out of the building, under pressure he is erratic at best.

I still feel sticking with Henne is our best option, considering QB talent in the draft, and the cost of the QB free agents..We can't afford to continue to give up 1st round and second round pics.. This could be Henne's year. Palmer would be an excellant choice, but will cost us way to much. We still have needs and will still have them next season on draft day....


Look, my big thing on VY.

He quit on his team. Now I don't follow the titans enough to really care at the time. But he quit andd went AWOL.

Quitting when things are down and times are tough really does show the mental make up of a person. So that is my issue with him. Don't blast me for my opinion on this, because i do not think I am alone.

He is a great athlete, he has been on winning teams, but Kerry collins led that same winning team to better and greater places.

So that is my issue about him, I would rather not bring a guy with character issues to a team that has an identity crisis, and its own character issues.

JMO on VY.


In your 1:49 post you forgot Henne also had Mario Manningham.

Having patience sucks sometimes, but it is a virtue.

If we stand pat at QB or at least don't trade ANY picks for one, we'll be in great shape next off season.

We'll know what we have in Henne and we'll have our full compliment of draft picks.

If there is a FA signing period, I'd like to get a solid offensive lineman and an upgrade for Crowder.

Anybody know if any good ILB's will be available?

Orton for our 2012 4th rd pick an Thiggy

The main concern I have with henne is that as the game goes on he becomes less consistent and he's at his worst in the 4th quarter.
As much as I don't think sanchez is a good QB he's at his best in the 4th quarter.
If henne doesn't change this pattern he'll never be better than an 8-8 QB.

your smoking crack fin4life. Quinn lost his job before it even started. Anderson was given the job in training camp when Quinn held out trying to sign a contract. When he came in he looked like a rookie. Played well and then got injured. The following year was when Kellen Winslow was sent out of town packing and all he had was alligator arms Braylon. He had cribbs and stallworth????? Are you serious????? Have you watched Cribbs play as a WR? Seriously dude what are you smoking. You must not have watched any of the games Quinn played in College or the NFL. He was under pressure for nearly every snap in Cleveland. The pressure didn't come from the left side. Derek Anderson ran with the opportunity he was given and BQ couldn't get another shot. When cleveland landed the opportunity to grab Hillis they jumped on it knowing they could groom another qb in the draft. He wasn't ever given a chance to succeed in Cleveland. He never had a shot to hit the 2 deep in Denver. I would love to pick him up for a 6th rounder to see what he has. Denver has no use for him and I am sure we could get him cheap. It would be worth the risk. This league is all about the right opportunity at the right time.


I admit my comment directed towards your post was pretty weak, BUT, come on, ODINS BROWN EYE?

You just get my Brown eye out of your mind and stick to football young man.

You sound like one of those guys in the lockeroom that had to stare at the ceiling to hide your true feelings, if you know what I mean.

Now you just do your best and forget all about my Brown Eye, ya hear?

Poizen @3:13,

I`ve often wondered what really happend with VY on that strange set of events were he got hurt in a game left the Stadium and supposedly called his family to say he was commiting suicide. My question is how big a part were Alcohol and Drugs in that equasion because people who just get handed 10 Million Dollar signing bonuses don`t act that way unless there lit up like a Christmas tree and walked in on there old lady with there Brother or something and even then it`s a stretch.

That more than anything is my question regarding him because if you base it on talent I liked him coming out of College a hell of alot more than C.Newton. I have heard that more than anything it was a big rift with Fisher who made no secret that he wasn`t on board with the pick, remember they were the Houston Oilers once and owner Bud Adams who still lives there was the one who brought him in.

This ended last season were in a game vs. Washington that they would loose Fisher benched VY at the half in favor of K.Collins and Young flipped out in the Locker room and apparently went at Fisher and had to be restrained by several teamates and coaches including OL Coach and now HC Munchak.

Whats up fellas???

Anytime your qb is forced to throw it north of 35 times a game. The odds are you are going to lose. There are two maybe 3 guys in the league that can do this. I would bet that the winning percentage for these elite guys is 500 or less when they have to chuck it this many times. For a mortal, or bottom feeder. The number needs to be between 25-30 attempts per game to have a shot each week.

Sure there will be weeks where you have to throw it more then you would like. There maybe weeks with a bottom feeder qb that you can win when you throw it beyond this 35 attempt mark. For our team to be effective offensivley.We have to limit the pass attempts to below 35 per game. It will not matter who we have behind center. Do this and we have a chance. Test this number, and we will be doomed

fin4life, Yea for whatever the reson there are some really scary things that happened to this guy.

For whatever reason, I just can not feel comfortable with a guy with his history of those types of problems.

He comes with to many excuses under his hat.

Kyle Orton

Kevin @3:26,

FACT: Braylon Edwards had his best statistical year when his head was in the game in that 07 season with Anderson going for I believe close to 1,500 yds and close or over 100 catches all the way to the Pro Bowl.

FACT: K2 while not the player he was before his accident was absolutely having his way in the middle of the field that season as well.

FACT: Josh Cribbs was there KR that year but began to be used in a veriaty of ways on Off. it was his coming out party if you will.

FACT: Stallworth didn`t arrive till 2008 on the scene he played for the Pats in 07 and quite frankly hasn`t been used properly like Andy Reid used him in Philly, as a player to strictly stretch the field because he isn`t a great route runner that ones on the coaching staff.

FACT: They had 3 serviceable RB`s during the 07/08 stretch one they recently traded to Philly which for the life of me I didn`t get but put up #

FACT: Mangini didn`t like what he saw in Brady but more importantly Holgram thought so litte of him that while having no one shipped him off, to Josh Mcdaniels ! Hey talk about getting a shot because I think we can all agree that Norton wasn`t his 1st. choice by any stretch and Tebow was a Rook and Mcdaniels thought so much of what he saw that he buried him on the depth chart !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would not mind orton, still prefer Bulger.

I do not think Orton will be available in the end. To much risk to just go with Tebow.

Let's bring in whomever we can afford! Henne's gonna be the starter anyways. I don't think we should give up 1st and 2nd round picks for another back-up quarterback!

On another note:
Yesterday I was confronted by a disgruntled Jets fan wearing his Jets jersey. He made comments about my Miami Dolphins hat and kept yammering away about how great his team was and how bad mine was! (Typical Jets fan stuff). Finally, having had enough, I started giving it back to him a little. And, he took offence at what I was saying telling me to (in effect) kiss his butt. To which I replied "Move your nose and maybe I will!" Which totally confused him! So, he walked away. Stupid Jets fans!!!

HENNE without a doubt! He wont have a probowl season, but he will have a solid season for the following reasons:
Any OC that is not Henning
Solid line play
RB that can get at least 3 yds after contact
Return man that can get past 20 yd line
One more yr of experience
Hopefully, an OC who trusts him

I hate jets fans.

One tried to sue me for moving his nose.

I moved it around to the side of his head!

I think that's my only fond jet memory.

excuse me in my 3:49 post I meant the 08/09 seasons not 07 that was the Cam year with the draft in question.

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