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You pick the quarterback best suited for the Dolphins

This blog is usually in the business of giving you answers, not asking you questions. It gives rather than takes. That's because I work for you. You do not work for me. (By the way, about that raise ...)

Anyway, as you know, the quarterback question is the question for the Dolphins the remainder of the offseason. Yes, the Dolphins might want to add another running back in free agency. Yes, the team will look toward other areas for a kick and punt returner, pass-rush help, perhaps TE help, and definitely more speed all around.

But it's about the quarterback, folks.

I think I've made that point on this blog, in my columns, and on my radio show. Alas, if I wasn't a wildebeest of a man, perhaps I'd have a TV show, also. Then I'd be really dangerous.

Anyway, this column is my latest attempt at addressing Miami's QB situation and it comes to the conclusion that, despite all of Miami's best efforts, you should not be surprised if it is Chad Henne who emerges as Miami's best option for the starting job in 2011.  But that is not the purpose of this post.

The purpose today is not for me to give my opinion, but rather, for you to give your opinion. Below you'll find a cute little poll I pulled out of my, ahem, head. (Insert joke here). It asks you to give everyone your answer to Miami's quarterback question.

As the Dolphins are often interested in what their fans think, this is not a vain exercise. I guarantee you folks working for the team will see the results of this poll. I'm not saying that will sway the team's decision one way or another, but your voice does matter.

So simply pick the quarterback you believe should be Miami's quarterback target when the labor problems end and the flag drops on trades and free agency. Make your pick based on which player you believe is the best fit for Miami. Also, tell everyone the reason for your choice in the comments section. And if I failed to name your guy in the poll, do so in the comments section.



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Mando, I feel at least 1/2 the guys you have listed are not only unrealistic in their availability, but out of our ability (or the clubs desire) to pay them.
Therefore, despite all I know about V Young (I live in the Nashville area)his 71% winning %, relative good health and youth, and most of all PRICE per square inch of QB make this the best choice. a 2 year commitment @ just above the minimum wage with incentives, and a behavioral clause would do it.
This guy, when RIGHT wins. I was the TN/Miami game 2 years ago when he dropped 3 bombs on Davis and Smith...all over 40 yards, and all perfectly placed. Mando, you were there as well.

Fisher hated Young from the beginning, as he was Bud Adam's choice. It was a bad marriage, and much of the problem was Fishers archaic offensive philosophy.

Uh....Tony Sparano, are you listening?


I dont know why you want to keep stirring the pot.

Ireland WONT go after anyone decent. He wont do it. I think they really believe that Mike Tomzak....err I mean Chad Henne can do it.

The only guy that can save them is Palmer and they wont get him because they "dont feel desperate".


I cant wait to laugh my ass off when they are struggling again this season.

Oh well, at least they'll be gone and we'll get Luck next year.

DavyV...are you a glutton for punishment?
Gruden already turned us down once. I can only stand SO much rejection. LOL

VY if no draft picks, only money!

Yes, sacrifice next year for Andrew Luck! Seriously!!!

They would be crazy not to go after Vince Young- low cost high payoff. If we can get him I predict we will be an instant playoff contender.

There is just no good reason not to give Henne at least half a season to settle the question. If by midseason or thereafter its been decided he isn't the guy, screw it, go with Thiggy or Brandstater who cares. Then go all out in 2012 to draft a top QB.

Why waste time with castoffs, leftovers, stop gaps or near retirees? Makes no sense for this organization to do anything that detracts from getting a young, long term starter.



Kevin @6:44,

I can appreciate your spirited debate in defense of Brady Quinn, at least you seem to be completely sold on one guy but I don`t buy your argument. When you say Derek Anderson started having a horid season in 08 when they benched him in favor of Quinn for the last three games your stating half truths at best.

His season was in full meltdown by the beginning of October and everybody including the NFL Net. commentators were wondering what was going on with Quinn because they were in danger early in a season alot of folks had them going to the playoffs.He was no rookie then alot of guys come in after riding the bench for nearly two seasons and have shown more, heck Colt MCcoy who was a rookie looked more the part in all honesty.

When you say he is a Pro Offense Q.B. what your really doing is speaking in code for system Q.B. much like Alex Smith was in Urban Myers Offenses or for that matter all the ones that went thru Spurrier at the UF. please don`t come back at me either about his Comp.%, Q.B. Rating, T.D. tosses or winning record because then I`ll have to remind you that the Q.B.`s with all of those accolades at the U of M ain`t Kelly or Testaverde it`s Steve Walsh with the Q.B. ratings and Comp % while going 25-1 as the starter and the T.D.`s belong to Gino Torreta, by the way they also won Natl Championships in the "Pro Offenses" Miami ran in that era.

what about vy's 2010 performance against the fins where he went 9 for 18 for 92 yds and 1 td and 1 int and a fumble? the guy is toast.

Orion and its not close

Orton, no question...

0x80 @8:27,

That`s the most sensible thing I`ve read all day, if you`ve noticed I have been in line with this thinking as well, with the exception that I think VY with no strings attached (draft picks ect..) is intruiging cause I think the talent is there and if your going to argue for a guy whose Coach pulled the plug on him at the 1st sign of trouble it would be him.

I know he flipped out and threatened suicide but if memory serves he road the bench the rest of that season and was sent to mandatory treatment, to this day I think it was drug related by the way don`t know to many people in there right minds getting handed a 10 Million dollar signing bonus and then melting down in a pool of acid that way but he hasn`t really given a great deal of cause for concern since. I think it was Fisher who never wanted him who with his lack of patience for the kid kept pulling him in and out for Collins causing a major rift.

Vince Young will do exactly what the Dolphins want...push Henne for a starting job, one Young will have to win to earn respect in the league. And he should be motivted. It's a win win, doesn't cost us nothing but a 4 year contract that we will never pay out. If Young shines then we can put Henne to rest and then give up our first three picks to trade up with Carolina (who will still be picking #1 next year) to get Andrew Luck. Young becomes expendable and we can trade him to get something back for nothing, maybe a 3rd rounder. If Young washes out, we still have Henne and the option of trading up to get Luck in 2012...It's a brilliant plan! All of you know it...please forward to Dolphins Management Armando!

if you look at this analysis of vince young the year he declared for it's uncanny how, if you didn't know any better, you would think they would be talking about cam newton.

here is the analysis of young from 2006:


Since I don't believe we are going to be Super Bowl bound in 2011 (especially given the lockout), I say we pick up Matt Flynn.

He has learned behind both Favre and Rodgers. The Packers play a balanced game like Miami wants to do. I believe he can be had for a 3rd and I say he is worth it.

Palmer will cost too much and is a short-term answer and the rest are not an upgrade over Henne.


Dont know if you'll ever see this post but you were absolutely spot @ 6:16PM on the Henning/Sparano relationship. I've never seen it put so factual and beautifully.

You were absolutely sop on @ 6:40pm also in regards to Pouncey over Ingram. You stated it's far overpaying for Ingram @ #15. Right now I tend to agree.

The average shelf life for a nfl rb is about 4yrs. We have a better chance of having Pouncey for at least 10yrs should he prove to be the real deal. Again, excellent-excellent posts.


In my opinion they are mirror images of each other (Cam and VY) with the exception that Young has played in the NFL and I think will be looking to prove the Titans wrong while searching out the net big pay day. In the event he flips out on us to we loose nothing because there will be no compensation attached anyway.


By the way before I forget agree with DB, your assesment of the whole Sparano/Henning (6:16) soap opera trumps any argument I`ve read on the subject by far !!!!

Even if Henne greatly improves and is a starter in 2011, I can still see need to use a 2nd rd pick at qb in 2012. We still need a quality young qb developing behind him.

The 2011 season will only prove do we need to shop for a 1st or a 2nd rd qb in 2012. No question in my mind even if Henne has a successful 2011 we still need to spend at least a 2nd rd 2012 pick on a quality guy to groom behind Henne.

There's never a such thing as having too many quality qb's.

DB @ 4:19:
i posted the same stats about elway on the SS site and the guys over there pretty much ripped me saying i was attempting to claim henne was the next elway. i know what you're trying to get at and it's the same thing i've been trying to say is that, if you look at a lot of the "franchise qb's" there are quite a few that didn't put up the greatest numbers; elway being one of them. if you look at elway's entire career from a numbers point of view it was less than stellar. denver went to five sb's with elway as the qb and won one, mostly because of the play of their defense coming up with plays to save his a$s.
you can look at some other qb's, bradshaw for instance, who was the ultimate test of patience for a franchise. if you look at terry bradshaw's numbers he absolutetly sucked but pittsburgh gave him the time to develop and won four sb's with him. so, you can try to keep looking for the "perfect" guy but if you continue to develop the talent you have i believe it will pay off in the end. finally, if trent dilfer can win a sb anyone can do it.


I love how derek4 assessed "what was there for Sparano to over rule?" Henning's entire playbook pretty much sucked. Nearly any dolphan can fully agree with that! LOL.........


Regarding my 4:19 posting I was absolutely shocked seeing Elway's regular season numbers for his first 10 seasons.

It seemed Elway was far greater over that span, but really he wasnt. He did have a flair for playoff heroics but his regular season number were pretty Henne-like his first 10yrs in the league.

It wasnt until after Elway's 10th season that he began consistently throwing tds in the mid to upper 20's per season. Yeah like you I was careful to state I wasnt saying Henne was the next Elway.

Its just amazing during Elway's first 10 seasons he was putting up Henne-like numbers and was still being considered a "franchise qb." LOL.............


Also with Bradshaw, it seems as the talent Pittsburgh began to add around him got better. So did Terry Bradshaw.

We need an Andrew Luck, and a Don Shula type coach!

Funny thing about qb's and the talent around them. Though Bob Griese was a 1st rd draft pick of the Dolphins, no one ever looked at Griese as a franchise calibre qb even though they were winning SB's. Griese was looked at as a hof calibre qb until well after that powerful offense had been thoroughly disassembled.

So funny because while Miami was winning SB's I remember everyone including critics saying Griese wasnt that great. He was just the beneficiary of great offensive players around him. LOL........


I would much settle for a Bob Griese and Don Shula type coach! LOL........

When qb's come into the league with franchise tags. If unsuccessful, organizations can get the blame for not assembling the correct talent around them.

On the other hand, guys come in without franchise tags and already have a great surrounding cast around them. Most times the surrounding cast gets all of the credit.

Tom Brady is an example of a guy coming in without a franchise tag with great talent already assembled around. Then maybe getting a little too much credit in the beginning being called a franchise qb.

I wonder if folks would have considered Brady a franchise calibre qb if he had, had sh*tty talent around him the first 1-4 years? My guess is Brady may have ended up on the qb scrap heap well before ever appearing in any SB. Brady was a HUGE benefactor of who he was drafted by first and foremost.

Vince Young has no upside, he's a joke. Get real Palmer for a 2nd or forget it. I stick with Henne under this new offensive coordinator for one more year and leave him the heck alone.

We need to go 1 & 15 again to get Luck. That's a HUGE reach.

Jay this team ain't gonna win more than 3 or 4 games in 2011. Even if we pick at 3 or 4 in the draft, still won't take all that much to move up to 1.

Derek4Dolphins... I have to disagree a little with your post @6:16. This only has to do with the Chicago game. I do agree that during the heat of the moment, in a playclock situation it becomes nearly impossible to absorb information, and make an over rule. It happens, but only in situations where the head coach has better feel then perhaps Sparano has shown.

Where I disagree, and think that Sparano fell victim to Hennings experience is this. Before the game the 2 must have discussed the plan. IF the plan was to try and throw to set up the run then so be it. But there are times during a game that adjustments can, and should be made. The head coach should be aware of what is going on. The fact that the running backs had only 7 carries in that game is an inditement of the whole offensive staff, and falls on the shoulder of the head coach.

At halftime we were only behind 6 points. There was absolutley no reason to abandon the run. At halftime Sparano could have pulled Henning aside an let his thoughts be known. I don't know what happened as obviously I am not privy to this information. Maybe Sparano thought the best option was to keep throwing the ball? The whole game plan was flawed, and nobody did a thing to try and ammend their mistakes. That should be a red flag. That game may have been the poorest coaching effort(offensive wise)by any staff in any game last year.

Take pat devlin in free agency (if it ever happens). I have a feeling this kid will be good, good numbers in Div.1-AA, pennington like quarterback, and even if he doesnt work, it would be worth a shot since he's a rookie free agent anyway.

DB WUOLD HAVE YOU BELEVE THAT THE HYENA COWER IS THE COACH OF THE FUTUR FOR THE FINS and that cason pelmer is the savior of the franchiase,db,dont yuo have a feild to plaow?

Darryl, you're right! Thigpen did not lose the Chicago game, coaching did!

Just had some GREAT Ceviche, yum!!!

I often wondered how so many bloggers could have ridiculed Thigpen to death after that Chicago game. No QB coming in on only 3 days practice with the starters on a short week with a makeshift oline and 3rd string center going against a top defense on the road could have fared much better. Sheez that was a mouthful. Glad to see some more now are in agreement with that.


I'm glad to see another person here realizes no matter how much criticism you may have towards the OC or DC, utlimately, the head coach needs to be responsible for their actions. TS never was.

0x80, that's been my point since I've blogged, Sparano can and should override any bad decision by his OC or DC. That's why he has a headset and is HC!

vince young b/c he's a dueschbag like the rest of the team and he could lead them to loserville like anyone else.

We found out this draft how important evey pick is. If we would of had a #2 pick. It would be more than likely, that Ryan Mallett would be on the Dolphins roster. Chad henne has this chance to be all he can be, it is up to him. I don't want to waste our #1,2,or 3 draft picks on any of the above QB's. If chad sucks and we go .500, then by Chad and Tony. we could use any combination of those draft picks to select Luck. If chad shines like a new penny, we go to the playoffs and use any of the above draft pick to draft Luck.


Hmmmmmmmmmm... a Hc who has never even been a cordinator, nor a hc before. Allowed to over rule a a 30yr vet OC.

From a former oline coach's perspective, as far as "COORDINATING" an entire offense with "NO PREVIOUS EXPERINCE" to bank on. Compared to even Henning Sparano didnt even know his a-hole from a hole in the ground.

If BP made you hc, then you over ruled Henning and your play resulted in a 70yd pick 6 or a 65yd fumble return. You will look like an even bigger idiot during "COORNINATOR" Thursday when Henning tells the press You(the hc) over ruled him on the called that resulted in the long "TURNOVER" score.

Dude, Sparano didnt even have the OC nor long tenured enough HC experience to be "CONFIDENTLY" overruling anything. Please think about this.

IF BP could have found an available fairly successful "YOUNG OC" that interjected well into the "LONGTERM STABILTY" of our franchise. Im fairly sure neither Sparano nor Henning would have ever landed in Miami.

You guys gotta remember, the people BP put in charge were most importantly based on "AVAILABILTY." He couldnt snatch the geniouses we all would have preferred here out of his a*ss you know.

DB, as a police Lt. I take responsibility for my sergeants and officers, so should he....I can countermand any decision in a critical situation!


What was your rank before making Lt.?

DB, then BP should have done it himself! He took the job, deliver the goods!


Im willing to bet your title before Lt was one which "fully prepared" you to qualify as candidate for Lt.

In the eyes of most football experts, oline coach is far from qualify you as a "viabl" candidate for head coach. Most guys at least come from the ranks of coordinator.

Can I add something else on all this Henne c r a p!!! First of all daboll is a first time coordinator the QB coach is a first time QB coach the receiver coach is a first time coach!!! And that's going to make Henne a better player??? Are you kidding me playoffs!
You talking about playoffs!!! Naaah too many new parts in a learning prospective!!! Henne no leadership skills you just don't learn that you have to be born with it!!! Just saying!!

DB @4:33,

If that`s the case then he should have been 86`d right after the Chicago game like Dunphy posted along with Henning while Nolan became Interim Coach. I don`t buy it for a minute that a HC can`t overule his OC whenever he pleases, after all there is a reason he`s the Head Man.

If Parcells told him to trust in the plays Henning was calling that`s one thing but when it all started to go South last year Parcells was in his Jupiter,Fla home. It was squarly on Sparano and even Ireland after the fact as the G.M. to address it if Sparano lacked the know how to deal with the situation, which by the way is scary as hell to think that our Coach is so absolutely clueless that his assistants are running the show because it also means that he doesn`t understand his own teams play book.

fin4life | May 10, 2011 at 04:48 PM

Darryl, 0x80,

I put this post up earlier and stand by every word, some argued that my thinking here was way off because the OC has a better feel for his personnel, what they run best ect... I at the time had to step away and didn`t get the chance to answer just how unbelievebly flawed I fined the line of thinking. If your Dan Reeves and Mike Shanahan is your OC or your Bill Cowher/Mike Tomlin and Dick LeBeau is unning the D, then I get it you give them the benefit of the doubt but not when your the HEAD COACH and everything has gone unbelievebly South.

I think some of you need to re-read Derek-4 post because what I understood was that he wasn`t arguing the point just questioning what play he had at his disposal (Sparano) that really could have changed much given that it has long been deciphered by opponents. I think his point is valid but I would add that it is a complete indictment of how overwhelmed Sparano was that they never really tried after it became apparent that everything was going horribly to add a few wrinkles here and there during all that time that he supposedly spends at the training facility and when I say add wrinkles I mean tell Henning in certain terms that he would suffer the humiliation of an in-season firing before he took the whole ship down and guys Ireland as G.M. has his share of responsability as well.

Sergeant comes before Lt. in police as well as military. So I was a Sgt. In the projects and went through several riots. Been shot at, in knife fights, what's your point!


Dont you remember, Huizenga was on hands and knees begging BP after twice being told no. Finally Huizenga made an offer he could not refuse.

He didnt have to be HC and had a deal that could land him tons of scott free money.


Basically Sparano skipped sergeant and went straight to Lt. Wouldnt that be a liability if this happened to guy in your line of work?

DB, I'm not arguing with you, I'm blaming Parcells, he mismanaged the whole situation! If he saw it was going wrong, he should have stepped in to save it, that's what I would do, and if I failed, it's on me, I don't pass the blame!


Where are you guys getting Sparano should have been fired after the Bears game from? It my distinct memory every olineman except maybe one went down to injury in that game. How is that Sparano's fault?

Belichik couldnt have survived that. Im not getting where you guys seem to suggest Sparano should have.


I never considered it as you were arguing. However, IMO I think BP was deliberately placing these guys in swim or sink situation.

Think about it. BP wasnt planning on being around no more than 3 seasons. So he totally wasnt going to play care taker to this crew. Maybe if BP had plan longer termed committments to this deal, then maybe he would have.

It was pretty much like he was there for them to lean on his wisdom and knowledge but wasnt going to hold anyone's hand.


I read your comments about Vince Young from earlier today and I don't disagree with you. Is there risk bringing Vince Young in? Of course there is. There's risk in everyone of these FA QB's. Everyone of them has warts. None of these guys are clearcut 'franchise' QBs. However, what I like about Young is that he's been a starter in this league (check), he's won in this league (check), he's only 27 years old (check) and he won't cost us draft picks if he's released (check). All pluses in my book. On top of that, hopefully he plays with a chip on his shoulder. Now there is going to be competition for him, in my opinion. I think you could see teams like Minnesota, Arizona, Seattle and maybe even Cincinati look at him. I think Miami would be an appealing option for him.

One other thing I'll add....there was an awful lot of naysayers about Michael Vick a couple of years ago. 'Quit on his team', 'not a good leader', 'not commited to his craft', 'character concerns'. Seems to have turned out pretty good for Philly. I'm not saying Vince Young is the answer to all our problems but you have to admit his upside is pretty enticing. The blueprint for success for him is right there in the form of Michael Vick. We could get an awful good player for nothing.

DB, I never said Sparano should be blamed for the Bears game, but the media (Armando mostly) blamed Thigpen

fin4life @8...

I am not sold on one guy. I just believe Quinn is worth the risk to look at if we can get him for a 6th rounder. I am not saying he is the saving grace to return the phins to the promise land. I'm simply saying he is worth the risk for a 6th round pick.

I also did not say quinn played the last three games. It was earlier then that. DA was in meltdown in 08 but Mangini stuck with him. Why because he was the pro bowl qb from the previous year. Also because they being the men in charge don't believe in throwing a young qb in the mix. They preferred to groom them for a few years first. I believe Quinn was playing by mid to late november and then injured in early December. The city of cleveland liked what they saw out of quinn that year which is what stirred the qb controversy into 09. Before Mangini botched that up as well as everything else he did in Cleveland. Even in 08 Mangini never notified the team until the day before the game who would start. Why, because Mangini thought it gave the Browns a competitive advantage over their opponents.

BQ is not a system QB and that was not my statement. I was pointing out that a Pro Style offense and a West Coast are two entirely different Offensive packages. They require different things out of the QB. It isn't hey I'm a QB so I can run any system without a learning curve. Their are significant differences within the two packages. This is not a conversation of someone running a pistol offense like Tebow or Cam Newton where a red flag is raised. It's simply stating if your Offense Coord. is changed every year you aren't really progressing much through the learning curve. Instead you are starting over. On top of that if your Head Coach won't make a decision and you don't get the majority of the reps in practice then that learning curve is much more difficult for a young QB. You mention Colt McCoy. If you look at his first couple of starts he didn't look good. However, it was so far above and beyond what they had that Cleveland embraced it. By the end of the year Colt still didn't do great things. The Browns def. played well and McCoy didn't turn the ball over a ton. You can say what you want but Quinn has gotten a raw deal up to this point. This is his 5 year in the NFL and now his 5th Offensive Coordinator. The man has talent and ability. I hope that he gets an opportunity to settle in a stable environment.

It's pretty much our fault as fans and the Miami media for "ASSUMMING" Parcells had a bigger stake in Dolphin reclamation project than he an Wayne Huizenga may have "actually" agreed too.

Its all goes back to twice Parcells told Huizenga no. So finally Huizenga makes an offer so lopsided even a idiot wouldnt have refused.

DB, then we agree, BP screwed the team, the coaches AND the fans!

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