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You pick the quarterback best suited for the Dolphins

This blog is usually in the business of giving you answers, not asking you questions. It gives rather than takes. That's because I work for you. You do not work for me. (By the way, about that raise ...)

Anyway, as you know, the quarterback question is the question for the Dolphins the remainder of the offseason. Yes, the Dolphins might want to add another running back in free agency. Yes, the team will look toward other areas for a kick and punt returner, pass-rush help, perhaps TE help, and definitely more speed all around.

But it's about the quarterback, folks.

I think I've made that point on this blog, in my columns, and on my radio show. Alas, if I wasn't a wildebeest of a man, perhaps I'd have a TV show, also. Then I'd be really dangerous.

Anyway, this column is my latest attempt at addressing Miami's QB situation and it comes to the conclusion that, despite all of Miami's best efforts, you should not be surprised if it is Chad Henne who emerges as Miami's best option for the starting job in 2011.  But that is not the purpose of this post.

The purpose today is not for me to give my opinion, but rather, for you to give your opinion. Below you'll find a cute little poll I pulled out of my, ahem, head. (Insert joke here). It asks you to give everyone your answer to Miami's quarterback question.

As the Dolphins are often interested in what their fans think, this is not a vain exercise. I guarantee you folks working for the team will see the results of this poll. I'm not saying that will sway the team's decision one way or another, but your voice does matter.

So simply pick the quarterback you believe should be Miami's quarterback target when the labor problems end and the flag drops on trades and free agency. Make your pick based on which player you believe is the best fit for Miami. Also, tell everyone the reason for your choice in the comments section. And if I failed to name your guy in the poll, do so in the comments section.



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DB, then we agree, BP screwed the team, the coaches AND the fans!


I agree with everyone of your checks! However like you read in my post. It's how VY will respond to personal adversity both on and off the field that concerns me. He's handled both very poorly during his Titans career.

Its not the checks that we both agree upon thats getting VY run out of Tenn. Its how poorly he has handled personal adversity both on and off the field thats now making him a "FORMER" Titan.

Just leads one to consider how long will it be before VY becomes a FORMER Dolphin. Under the exact same auspices.


Your missing the point Bro, listen it wasn`t how limp and hamstrung we were there is no arguing the point but when your laying the turd that we were laying on O that night and the D has you still in it at the half down by six, what would you have done?

Would you have stuck with Henning`s playcalling while looking like some Semi-Pro operation out there getting humiliated in front of the Nation or would you have taken a more direct approach?

In all honesty TS folded and let Henning do it his way !! Parcells was long gone by then, no way I stand on that sideline and do nothing, were was the leadership? Henning`s feelings be damned, you think our team wouldn`t have backed there Coach?

If I was Sparano you can bet your bottom Dollar I`d have fired him after the game, I don`t think Ireland or Ross would have busted his shops and Ireland gets no pass !! As G.M. he should have fired Henning Friday morning after the game if Sparano lacked the internal fortitude to do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I really dont 100% blame BP for Huizenga placing the puss right there to be f*ucked! LOL.......


If anyone would have been fired after the Bears game. What point would it have really served? Damn near the entire oline wnet down with injury.

What freaking play would have worked when we were playing with either 2nd and 3rd string reserves or guys playing out of natural positions? You can do that against one of the top defenses in the league.

The left hand didnt have a clue what the right hand was doing on the oline that night due to rash of injury. Short of having a magic genie in a lamp, nothing would have worked.

If you are going to take the HC job, your job is then HC! Act like it! I don't care if your previous job was selling movie tickets. If you accepted that responsiblity as a leader, then you need to lead the way you see fit and can not let yourself be intimidated by those around you even if they are more knowledgable. This isn't a plug for Gruden, but as a young whipper snapper coach he didn't take no lip from nobody. The man was in charge.

How could Sparano get around the experience gap between him and Henning that some of you have pointed out? It's EASY. You can't override a play if you don't know any better. So what do you do? You still rely on their expertise but steer them in a different direction. For example, Sparano, as a leader, could have said - "Henning, I'm noticing that the running plays on 3rd and very long are not working, ever. I'm sick of it. Bag it, don't want to see anymore of that, throw the damn ball, anyway you like it, but throw it. Gimme a new play." Now then Henning still calls a play, the burden is not on Sparano, however it will not be the same type of play that has been consistenly failing.

Kevin @11:32,

I don`t disagree that Quinn couldn`t get a fairer shake, I just wonder when guys like Holgrem don`t see potential n you what that means? When I say system Q.B. I mean a player who`s had a coach that`s tailored things to play to his strengths,(I can tell you like College ball so do I and we both know that even guys known for there schemes constantly shift the load of the play calling to fit the strength of the kid on the field) like Weiss did and Holgrem didn`t like the fit in his scheme but then he goes to another great young O coach like Mcdaniels and remember he wanted Cassell and ended up settling on Orton so there was no love fest and Mcdaniels apparently wasn`t real impressed I mean can`t you also at least admit that?

Again DB, you're not wrong about how Vince Young handled adversity and it's a concern going forward. However, I could say the same thing about Michael Vick from his Atlanta days. A lot of questions about how he would handle things after what went on in Atlanta. While I'm still not sold on Vick being a 'franchise' QB (after all, what has he ever won?), there are a lot of teams he would be an upgrade over what they currently have. I think the true test will be to see if Henne can do better this year and if it doesn't pan out we scrap and draft our QB from one of the top 3 next year.



There was no playbook for the rash of injuries that happened to our oline against the Bears that night. As far as Im aware of, what happened to our oline that night was totally unprecedented.

How can you prepare for something that may have neve ever happened in the entire history of the nfl until that oh so uneventful night? Sometimes we just have to chalk some things up to Newton's law and just move on.

"Eventually what can go wrong, eventually will."


I posted earlier even if Henne is successful in 2011. We need to spend a 2012 2nd rd pick grooming a top quality backup behind him. You never know when we may need that guy in the future.


Its just my opinion and you dont have to agree. But I believe Sparano could have possibly been "UNDER ORDERS" not to overrule Henning. Im sure even he were it would never be leaked out to the press and made public.

So one never knows.


TS also likes to beat his chest alot about the time he spends in his office going over game tape and preparing and no he never was an OC but as an OL Coach he sat in on alot of meetings in Dallas, it`s not like some are making it sound like he`s some babe in the woods without a clue either. So in all of this weekly preperation why wasn`t he a bigger part of putting together the O game plan?

You know the more we go this route of conversation the more I get the comment from R.Williams and others that he simply micro managed the team to hell. In all honesty DB we should have looked to run in that second half and at least given the D a breather in the hopes they might have won it on a turn over but no balls to take control and lead is what I saw.


Thats what I love so much about our great country and bill of rights. Even you are fully entitled to your opinions.

God Bless baby! LOL..........



what I remember most about that Bears game is even when we tried to run. The Bears were nearly there to take the handoffs on a lot of those plays. It had to be nearly the worst offensive line play, both running and throwing the football in the entire history of the nfl.

DB @12:00,

Under orders from who cause Parcells was comfortably in his home a few hundred miles away and Ireland is just as much the green horn at G.M. and I doubt Ross said anything, so under orders from who? I doubt there`s a coaching search at the end of the year if they didn`t feel he had badly handled the situation.

Seems the bears may have had better chance of stealing a handoff and going for a score than scoring on a pick 6. LOL...........

DB, right on that! No one knows what's going on behind the scene!!! ALOCO YOU DISAPPOINT! I have never insulted you!


There was a coaching search because 2 straight years we had a late season swoon. Also my post at 12:00AM was directed at 0x80.

Since you read it you should have also seen I stated "its my opinion". Still it can neither be proved or disproved either way. Because if it went down that way Im sure it would never be made public by any of the parties involved.

Fin4life, just a suggestion. Lets just let this Sparano should have been fired thing die. He's still the current HC and nothing presently will change this.


You brought up the line of conversation this afternoon and alot about what we have been debating was based on your opinions/assumptions or whatever. I haven`t and never would be offended by yours or anybodies point of view because it`s exactly that which makes this more interesting than TV. I don`t get why you get so bent out of shape and need to tell me your post was for 0x80 as I can read just fine but keep in mind responding to opinions directed at others is done by all on here including you, so if you want to drop the point you just need to say so at the end of the day Mando`s claim be damned I doubt the FO really takes our opinion into great consideration as I imagine they take pride in there own opinions while worring about job security these days.

Marino had a career completion percentage of 59.4%

VY is 58% so far.

Maybe he can become more of a drop back passer like Doug Williams did late in his career.

2new posts by Mando.

Aloco, u r the San Francisco treat! With your head going ding, ding all the time! Lol!


I apologize if I sounded bent out of shape. Really I wasnt.

What about Marques Tuiasosopo? Dude was a stud and just needed some talent around him. He'd be cheap, is a vet, and is a good leader. Has good scrambling ability too.


I thin kthe front office will being in someone like Leinart. I am not saying I agree with it, but there is very little risk. Henne will probably win a "competition" with Leinart and we are stuck where most os us thought we were, but if for some reason Leinart wins the qb comp in camp, then Ireland/Sparano looks like a genius.

I think, all things considered, Henne is our best option at QB next season. He absolutley suffered a sophomore slump, but I think everyone will agree that coaching, play calling and the entire offense's execution played a roll in his poor development. I am sure Henne is still confident in himself. By the end of next season, we will know if we have a keeper or not. I don't think we are there yet.

Tyler Thigpen.

VY is very interesting to me, but otherwise it's HENNE!!!!!! You have a big strong QB with a big arm who has completed over 60% of his passes his 1st two years playing. Take a look around, that's no small accomplishment. He also loves the game and puts everything he has into getting himself prepared.

Now I realize he disappointed last year. He didn't show the awareness you want from a franchise qb. However, Dan Henning was an awful, dreadful, terrible, putrid OC. The gameplan was predictable and the wildcat was used terribly. See the 1st Jets game, they win that game if they just let Henne run the O with no wildcat. Henne's play also declined with the loses of Carey and Hartline and a revolving door of an interior line down the stretch.

Bottom Line: Henne needs to improve but deserves another chance. Talented young players tend to improve with time, see Eli Manning. Chad's shown promise & deserves the chance to execute the new offense. Plus he's already on the roster and won't cost a 1st or 2nd round pick. Let the kid play!

A-B-H would be a vast improvement in QB play.

Honestly in my opinion the dolphins quaterbacks been gabege for the past 5 years....chd henne hot booty meat garbage...Why in the hell did they draft Pat White? my first question we despretaly need a running and we past on mark ingrem and drafted a center? lmaoo and we past on ryan mallet and a couple years ago matt ryan.They dont wanna win.And they have the most suspect sencondary ever and never fix it

A-B-H ???

Anybody But Henne...

I agree the Fins are not in it to win it and are just a shill team to pad W's for the anointed One's run to the playoffs...

How did this happen? I dont know that but I do know when it happened...Right after J Robbie died and the team lost it's soul.

MAn...the dolphin really just need a quarterback and a runnigback just to get them going...keep ricky williams but let go of ronnie brown...#4 defense in the nfl is straigt but yerimiah bell is too slow...he plays like his number....Reciever are down pat..you can call them patricia....miami dolphins are a malicia..and i am the commisioner...you dont wanna start the de"F"ense cause the "F" is for "finisher"

They screwed up they had a chance to get Ricky Stanzi and let him grow with the teem, he is tough and eager to learn. Time will tell another good QB mess I told Drew when he was working with my son at Tim Dwights camp it would be the biggest mistake Miami ever makes.

Palmer is by far the best option. We do have trade bait, it's called underperforming defensive folks, like Crowder, Merling and Allen. Give two of them to Cincinnati, and throw in a third if we have to. Palmer has always been a top tier QB with a decent Oline, even with no running game. Give him three seconds to look downfield and he'll pick apart the zones. He picked us apart last time he played us. Maybe the New England strategy of going after people who hurt you, it works for them very well, might just work for this dysfunctional franchise.

I keep reading that many of you think VY is a low risk, high payoff guy. Do you really think that? That is absurd.

Vince Young is available because he is toxic. I've only heard one Titan player stick up for him, and that was a half-hearted attempt by Chris Johnson. And this great winning percentage? He's won 13 games over the last 3 years. He may have won more, but he couldn't beat out a 57 year-old Kerry Collins.

I consider Vince Young to be high risk/low reward. The guy is not a winner. He cannot handle the pressure of being "The Guy" of an NFL team and any front office that wants him to be "the Face" of their franchise needs to be working in the UFL.

Vince Young. He's a winner, mobile, tall, and has had a 20-10 touchdown to interception ratio in the last two years including 10-3 most recently. Other than his off field issues, what's not to love. There would be little risk because we wouldn't have to give up much, and if it goes wrong, Henne can fill in, but there would also be the potential reward of him being good.

Kevin Kolb!

Above all please Kyle ortAn.
Then Vince young.
Then chad henne

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