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Dolphins John Beck evaluation might be revisited in 2011

First a disclaimer: Yes, another quarterback post.

I cannot help it.

Look, basically I'm going to hold my breath, I'm going to yell from the highest mountain, I'm going to pout, I'm going to write blog post after blog post and column upon column until the Miami Dolphins have a quarterback everyone can believe in. So you are free to join me in a growing chorus of folks demanding a good (doesn't even have to be great, but at least not embarrassing) quarterback for Miami.

Or you are free to think I'm just over the top and a foof and need to chill about a quarterback because, it's not that important, and it has only been about 14 years since the Dolphins had a great one, and it's not that big a deal.

You decide.

Having said that:

Most NFL teams are graded by how successful they are at acquiring, maintaining or developing a starting quarterback. Being as that the Dolphins are an NFL team, they aren't exempt from such scrutiny.

And up to now, while the team had done nothing to prove it is good at acquiring a good quarterback -- neither Chad Henne, Pat White nor Josh McCown turned in good seasons -- it's ability to maintain a good quarterback was not in question because Chad Pennington came to the team with solid experience and credentials and played up to those in 2008 while leading Miami to the AFC East title. So in that regard, the Dolphins kept what was a good thing a good thing.

Developing a quarterback? Well, you'll remember the Dolphins had quarterbacks on the roster when Bill Parcells-Jeff Ireland-Tony Sparano took over. Cleo Lemon was jettisoned and so far that decision was proven correct as he's no longer in the NFL. And no one questioned the release of John Beck because we all remember his struggles as a rookie and watched him struggle during the 2008 training camp QB battle.

But ...

Here we are, three years after that battle and the Beck ghost is threatening to haunt this Dolphins front office and coaching staff. Beck, you see, has somehow gone from being a bust that was cut by Miami to a backup in Baltimore, to a guy who might be the starter in Washington in 2011 -- assuming the season ever begins.

Beck's rise in Washington has been bizarre in that he is apparently ahead of Donovan McNabb on the depth chart yet has not taken even one snap in a game during his time there.

Folk in Washington are understandibly asking how it is Beck could make such a rise when he's had four years with little NFL success. Believe it or not, Beck's plausible explanation is that the Dolphins screwed him.

“When [Bill Parcells] first got there, I really liked Bill,” the quarterback told Washington radio station 102.1 several weeks ago. “Bill treated me like I was gonna be the guy. I would be in the weight room working out and he would come and stand by my squat rack, talk to me. He’d catch me in the hall or he’d have someone tell me, 'Hey John, Bill wants to see you.' I’d go sit in his office and he’d tell me, 'hey I believe that you can do this for us, I really like what you do, I think you remind me a lot of Tony Romo, things are gonna be great.'

“And then all of the sudden Brett Favre goes to the Jets, Chad Pennington becomes available, boom, that was it, done. And I went from competing for the starting job with Josh McCown to then the No. 3 on the roster overnight. So it was crazy, and then as the season went on they focused on Chad Pennington’s our guy and Chad Henne’s who we drafted so he's our future."

Despite looking like he was afraid of his own shadow in the locker room, Beck went on to say he was playing hardball with the Dolphins behind closed doors.

“So when the [2008] season ended," he told the radio station, "I went in and asked for a release. I kind of saw the writing on the wall. I don’t want to be the backup. That’s not why I play the game. I’m not the type of person who can be happy getting a paycheck and not playing. I want to be the guy playing, and I went and asked for a release, and me and Bill got into it a little bit there. So at this point, I’m not the biggest Tuna fan.”

Beck was eventually released on April 27, 2009 after two years with the team and more than one full year with the current administration. Obviously the current front office and coaching staff didn't see enough in Beck to warrant keeping him.

But here's the thing: That doesn't bother anyone as long as John Beck is a backup. That doesn't bother anyone as long as he goes to Baltimore and then gets traded to the Redskins without fanfare. Miami's decision to cut ties with Beck is even deemed correct if he becomes the starter in Washington and is mediocre at best.

But if he somehow continues his improbable climb from scrubino in Miami to scrubino in Baltimore to viable or outstanding starter in Washington, that makes Mike Shanahan look like a genius. And it makes the folks in Baltimore and the folks in Miami look, well, like they missed something.

If Beck somehow blossoms in Washingto, fans here will probably wonder what the Redskins were able to do that the Dolphins weren't able to do, what strings they pulled, what techniques they adjusted that the Dolphins didn't.

The Dolphins obviously saw something of value in Beck. They kept him for a year.

But they eventually gave up on him. So now that evaluation (so far proven correct) is on the hook again. If this kid shines in Washington, Dolphins fans will ask why Miami didn't hang on to him.

Is that fair? You betcha!

That's the business.

Personally, I wouldn't sweat John Beck just yet. Yesterday on Sirius he was talking like he's the presumed starter in Washington. "I believe I'm a starter in the NFL," he said.

But until he actually is that, Miami's decision to waive him won't be judged as questionable. And unless he plays well once he starts, that decision certainly cannot be judged as wrong.

You might argue that John Beck might have blossomed after four years and so there is no rightful expectation for the Dolphins to wait that long. Wrong. Teams wait that long for quarterbacks to blossom all the time.

I refer you to Aaron Rodgers, who didn't play until his third NFL season.

I present to you Houston's Matt Shaub, who led the NFL in passing yards in 2009 after sitting for a long time behind Michael Vick in Atlanta.

I refer you to Henne. The Dolphins have continued to wait on him to blossom and he could very well be the starter in 2011 despite not playing exceedingly well in 2009 or 2010.

Teams wait for QBs.

The Dolphins chose not to wait on Beck. They cut him loose. And he might get his opportunity in Washington. So Miami's quaterback evaluation might again be on the line.

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I listened to one of Becks interviews where he did say he felt the offense in Miami didnt suit him and he enjoys the west coast style that Washington runs. If Beck does succeed in Washington it could be its the offense is just a better fit for him. That's the excuse I would use if I was in Miamis front office and Beck turns into something.
I always liked Beck, seems like a nice guy and says the right things. I would like to see him play well.

beck still stinks and will! trade him for a bag of balls!

One thing Cam Cameron could do is develop QB's. Witness Drew Brees & Joe Flacco. I was a big proponent of giving Beck a chance to develop and was disappointed when he was released and run out of town by the impatient fans in miami! Unfortunately, I think he will start in the NFL and here we are 4 years later still no better then when Beck was here. Ahhhhhh what coulda been.

How many wifes does John Beck have again? He's mormon.


You have to also consider Beck did the two year Mormon thing. He was 25yrs old as a rookie. he's a smallish and not a particularly athletic qb to boot.

Before Pennington became available Parcells may have had every intention to start Beck during the 2008 season. Also remember, we didnt have a solid solution at backup qb either. Hence the justification of drafting Henne. Once CP became available, Henne drafted 2nd rd, now the 26yr old Beck is all of very expendable.

Now add that to being a 25yr old rookie qb coming into the nfl and there you have it. So even if Beck is a starter in 2011, you have a guy at the backend of his prime(28yrs old) just becoming a starter. Dan Marino was already a shoe-in as a hof by the age of 29. LOL......

It must be nice to bang a diffrent wife everyday.

He's already what? 30? Who cares...All I remember is him throwing passes in the dirt

Actually this will be Beck's 5th season in the nfl. So he'll be 30yrs old before getting a starting nfl gig, "IF" he wins the job in Washington.

Seems had we kept Beck, at best he wouldnt have been serious competition to Henne for the starting gig until this season anyway. Still with no "GUARANTEE" he would beat out Henne this season(2011).

With his smallish frame, I also wonder how few sacks it will take before he's out for the season in 2011.

Armando, it's funny how at the beginning of the post you deem Henne as "embarrassing" , which is hardly the truth. Yet at the end you cite a couple really good QB's who took time to develop.

Knowing that it takes some QB's (some really good QB's) a few years to develop, why are you so quick to run Henne out of town now? It's been shown, many times over, the "leap" for many QB's comes in that 3rd year of PT, or around the 40 games played mark. Thats the territory Henne is about to enter. Why not wait and see if he develops this year. At least give him to Thanksgiving.

What did Cam see in Beck to draft him anyways? BYU doesnt produce any talented players.

We still have Tony ( wildcat ) Sparano. Terrible Coach.


Beck was the best guy on the board for many of the NFL teams, this is for good reason. the guy had something, that being said it does not translate to the NFL all the time.

The problem with this blog topic is it points out being patient with a started, and the guys that became good after some off years and waiting.

Why the hell is everyone on Henne's back then? The kid works hard has shown some real good things, and some bad. He had a terible O-line issue last year, and his coaches plain SUCKED! Maybe not all their career, but last years offensive philospophy was hiddeous.

I think is anything this article more points to helping Henne become more confident and working with the skills he has, which is A LOT! I hear he can not throw a touch pass... BS, he had no problems with it on college and hit them in practice. If you have no consistant time you will rush touch passes.

He can not throw the deep ball... Another stupid assessment, he did well when he had time, and to have plays down field you need to have time.

I give Henne the chance if we play this year. we beefed up the o-line, still need to do more work there. If he fails this year, so be it move on. but he has not had a fair enough shot to call him a bust like some do here yet. I am one that at this point believes and have seen enough to say he can be a real good starter in the NFL.

JMO... sorry if u hate it.


You're a bit off on some of your comments about John Beck. He'll be 30 before the season starts and he's 6' 2". I wouldn't really call that smallish.

Armando, it's one thing to start in the NFL and quite another to be a competent QB in the NFL. Case in point are guys like Matt Moore, Claussen and Derek Anderson. I'm still not convinced that John Beck as a starter scares anyone. Let's see before we start annointing this guy as 'the next one'.

I also pretty much guarantee if Beck doesnt win the 'skins starting qb job this season, he'll be destined to perrenial backup in the eyes of league wide coaching staffs.

Its now or never situation for Beck. After this season, if he cant become a starting qb, the door pretty much permanently slams in his face. At best, even if he does win the starting gig in DC, he might crack the bottom tier of nfl's top 10 qb's.

No way do I see him becoming a top 5 qb in his first season as a starter. For starters he doesnt even have the top 5 calibre physical tools let alone any of thier collective gameday experience. Nice try Armando. LOL....

The scenario`s involving Beck in Miami and in Baltimore were unfavorable for him to say the least. In Miami when Pennington came in and Henne, who by the way the Ravens were pondering instead of Flacco in the 08 draft became available in round two he was drafted and imediatly annointed the future by an incoming administration with no ties to the pick that brought Beck to Miami. You see things like that in the NFL all the time.

In Baltimore he was brought in as nothing more than to be a back up in 09 given the monster 08 campaign Flacco put up while ending our short lived Playoff appearance along the way that year. To think he was brought in to Baltimore to be anything else is crazy, Cam Cameron was there OC and probably went to Ozzie Newsome and said, "Hey you know what Miami made a mistake this kid can play and be very steady behind Flacco" but to think there was more to it than that is nuts!!

In Wash. he gets his shot by default because Shanahan didn`t believe in what was left on the board in the draft and he and his undeserving OC of a son don`t think Mcnabb has anything left, something by the way which could get interesting if Mcnabb ends up in either Min. or Arz. and lights it up with some talent around him. I thought Cam a bad Coach but know the Q.B. position he does and he swears to this day that Beck is better than Quinn and so far on that front hasn`t been proven wrong, so we will see.


All good points. There's a good chunk of this fanbase that has ZERO patience with the young QBs we draft. They instantly have to show shades of Marino after two years or be run out of town. Crazy stuff!! Interesting that a guy like Shanahan, who knows a thing or two about QBs, sees something in John Beck. I don't believe he will make it through the whole season as a starter in Washington but it's interesting that he's in the running.


BYU doesnt produce talented players? The SB rings Steve Young and Jim McMahon are wearing didnt come from bubble gum machines you do know that right? LOL..........


Beck was behind the 8-ball from day one being drafted as a 25yr old rookie. You just knew once a new regime took over his days would be highly numbered.

Also remember, in Armando's article he quoted Beck himself stating at the end of 2008 "he demanded" a release.

Did anyone see anything in Beck's play while he was here that suggested he had upperhand "to demand" anything? LOL.......

Is Armando saying that Beck WILL be the starter this season in Washington? I highly doubt this. Is he better than McNabb AND Grossman? I'm not sure that he is. I expect at least one of those two will be back to compete with Beck and it will be interesting to see who wins. Beck has a LONG way to go to convince people around the league that he can be a competent starter.

Great job Dying Breed did you just google that guy? Cause I know you didnt know it off the top of your head.

WTH makes Shanahan such a great qb developer? He inherited John Elway.

He was OC at San Francisco with the likes of of Steve Young, Jerry Rice, Brent Jones, John Taylor, William Floyd and Ricky Watters. His years under Seifert placed him in the Bill Walsh coaching tree.

So tell me, what great qb did Shanahan himself develop?

John Beck makes some foolish/sophmoric comments and now he is the topic of a blog discussion.....

With the NFL season going the way it is....don't be surprised is McNabb is retained.....and i either the starter week one....or is thrust into the starting job by week to SAVE Shannahan's job....woudn't that be ironic....and poetic......

John Elway


Didnt have to google that info. I knew both Young and McMahon were from BYU. Byu was once known as Qaurterback U. During one great span there was Jim McMahon, Steve Young, Gifford Nielsen, Ty Detmer, and Marc Wilson.

Thats how they got the nam QB U.

I think it only makes the Dolphins look bad because the Ravens already drafted Flacco before Beck was signed to back him up.

Thus, only the Dolphins current regime passed on Beck.

GarbagePlate @4:37,

That is an excellent point that escaped me, how in the hell can Mando say that Henne has been embarrassing. That right is reserved for Ray Lucas, Brian Griese, Cleo Lemon, Pat White ect... If anything Henne is the perfect tease and I will use the game last year vs. Oak. as an example.

For every great pass he throws that gets you thinking he`s getting there he`ll turn around and throw a stupid and unexplainable pass like the one he gift wrapped for McClain at the goal line in that game to then turn around in the same game and hit Bess with one of the prettiest sideline patterns in between the Corner and Safety 20 yards downfield that I have seen around here since Marino, there was also the pass to M.Moore that day and I also think that maybe given time with his ability and a scheme he can still develope.

Hey don`t forget you can always teach a tease to put out while learning some nasty tricks along the way.

DB @ 5:07.....

I have said the samething myself....

It seems that many forget that John Elway was the Denver Bronco QB for 15 years.....starting back in 1983....the coach at the time was Dan Reeves I believe......Under Dan Reeve...Elway lost 3 Super Bowls.....He won 2 Super Bowls under Shannahan....

I don't think its because Shannanhan made John Elway a better QB....its because he was able to take any 4th round RB....and turn him into a potential HOF behind undersized O-lines....

Beck was in over his head. Baltimore didn't play him because the Raven defense would cook him up and eat him for something to do. You ain't gonna play chicken ball like Beck with Ray Lewis on you team.

Washington? I don't believe that Beck has the parts. We will see. I think Henne is ten times better. At least 10 times.


Lets bury this Beck thing. The greatest concern over him coming into the league at 25yrs old is that it could possibly be 30 before his first starting gig(5yrs). At worst, everyone with those beginning concerns about Beck are still absolutely correct.

We needed Beck ASAP and did not need to wait until 30yrs of age for him to deliver. Even "IF" he delivers now for the 'skin. That still isnt in writing.

kris@ 5:18 EXACTAMUNDO! Shanahan's far more famous for making low rd rb's look like pro bowl material than any qb ever developed.

Beck won't be anybody's starting QB....and you can take that to the bank......


I want to follow up on your previous comments on the last blog. How does front loading a contract for Asomgua outsmart the rest of the NFL. There are other teams who need a top corner more than us and you don't think other teams will be onto this? I don't think there's anything ingenious about it and not only that but anyway you cut it you'll be committing long term money to this guy. There are probably 29 teams who could employ that same strategy. What makes you think that Ireland and the Dolphins will be any smarter than any other team to make this work. IMO, we'd be putting our money and our resources in the wrong area....when the curtain is finally lifted on FA and the rush is on to sign players the Dolphins would be FAR smarter to allocate those dollars on a running back like D. Williams and a TE like Zach Miller. Those are much bigger areas of concern for us than a top flight DB, who will command upwards of $18 million.

You can't just proclaim yourself the "STARTING QB"....and presto....your the starting QB as Beck has done......

That is what John Beck has done in this case.....according to radio station 106.7 the fan....

I listened in on the Beck comments as I drove into work this morning....not once did I hear the HC chime in and agree or back up Mr. Beck.......

Beck sounded both sophmoric and childish in my opinion.....he basically is attempting to take advantage of the McNabb situation in the most tastless way.......

Beck will prove his worth on the practice feild when Football resumes.....but in the the world of talk radio......he has won nothing.....


Did I or did I not post Asomugha will be the #1 targeted fa this year? Go back and read again.

I suggested 5yr contract, but if you make it longer it works under any cap installed even better.

I also was stating "front end loading" is how most any team would try and fit a heavy contract like he'll demand safely under its cap. This includes the Dolphins. I worded it like I did only because I was talking to another poster, kris I think it was, who was under the impression we may not be able to fit him within our cap possibility. I was only illustrating "outside the box" thinking in how teams can accomplish this, even us.

Dude, at the end of the day, with Asomugha it comes down to 3 things: Highest offer, highest offer, and highest offer. I would only be HUGELY disappointed if we didnt even get into the bidding, not losing out on him.

And DB, EVERY single team who is interested in this guy will do exactly that. Listen, in an ideal world it would be GREAT to land this guy. But I don't think it's a great use of our time and energy. The talks with him will drag out and go on and on. Work with what we know and snap up guys like Williams and Miller when the gates open.


Also I think that if you were our gm you would be far more conservative in your approach to building this team than the present administration. Until Dansby and Marshall this regime was far more conservative than the national republican committe.

Asomugha's a safe gamble. The guy seems to play out of respect for himself and love for the game. There's zero negativity swirling around the guy. So that shows not only has he been a great foot player during his short term in the league, He's also been one of the league's most upstanding civic citizens. A very good role model for any parent to have for thier kids.

If Brandon Marshall with all of the negative baggage surrounding him coming in was worth $50 million. Then what one's willing to give up for Asomugha should be absolutely priceless!

Seems like we are panicking Mando! We should not! What, we have the worse record in football next year and get Andrew Luck!


I was all in for Marshall and Dansby last year. Not sure I consider myself conservative in that area. I'd be all in favour of finding a replacement for Crowder too in FA, if that guy is out there. I'm on record as saying if both Williams and Z Miller are UFA's those are guys I would want also. My philosophy is you can take more chances in FA than in the draft but that's just me.

I would be willing to give Asomugha a $65 million contract in a heartbeat. Its just a matter of finding a very creative way to construct it. Noway Marshall and his baggage are worth $50 million and then you're unwilling to give the top corner and upstanding citizen Asomugha at least $65 million.

If he turned it down, he just turns it down. IMO, if you can justify $50 million at Marshall, you can even better justify at least $65 million at Asomugha. Case Closed!


I would take Zach Miller too and send Fasano packing in a heartbeat! LOL........

Zach Miller is like Fasano 2.0!


Big fan... really... but how can you call yourself a writer and make so many typos? The general media and sports writers seem to be in a hurry to get content out, and are putting quantity over quality, and frankly it's embarrassing. Out of respect, do some spell checking.



You don't think Jerry Jones and the Cowboys are going to be all over Asomugha? They have a need for a top corner back and what Jerry ewants he will get. I expect Asomugha will play with a star on his helmet next season. It's how Jerry does business....and it very rarely turns out the way he wants it to work.


You dont seem to be understanding Ive posted he's the absolute top fa available. That means free for all for everyone for his services. Seems you're trying to convince me of something I basically posted I understand.

You are totally missing "my position" Im posting about. My position is I think it would be absolutely foolish for us not to even enter into the sweepstakes for his services. Havent I already posted I dont care if he turns us down? You are so not seeing the trees for the forest in my post.

You are continually trying to convince me of something Ive already clearly posted Im well aware of. LOL...........

But as far as Dallas is concern you maybe right that they may have an upperhand. After all, Asomugha played his college ball at Nebraska, which happens to be in the hotbed of Cowboy marketing and viewership.

If from the region of the country Im pretty sure he was a Cowboy fan coming up. But in the end we'll all see how it develops.


Scratch that. Googled and found Asomugha played at Cal Berkely. So the 'boys may not have an upperhand. At least not from that perspective.

Vince Young has a career 75.7 QB rating with the Titans, but last season he was one of the league’s leaders in QB rating (98.6 by season’s end). In ‘09 Young had a 82.8 rating, 64.5 in ‘08, 71.1 in ‘07 and 66.7 in ’06, his rookie season.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ......


Check this out:

Packers And Patriots Frontrunners For Asomugha's Services

The Miami Dolphins could make an interesting fit for Asomugha. As pointed out by Michael Lombardi on NFL.com, the Dolphins have a ton of cap room and a defense that is well suited for Asomugha’s style of play. Ditto that for the New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers. It’s conceivable Asomugha would want to play at either of the latter two teams because they are undeniably playoff contenders heading into next season. As he’s not getting any younger, the Pro Bowl corner could be feeling pressure to get his ring sooner rather than later.



"The Miami Dolphins could make an interesting fit for Asomugha. As pointed out by Michael Lombardi on NFL.com, the Dolphins have a ton of cap room and a defense that is well suited for Asomugha’s style of play."


John beck is a loser anywhere he goes .

Asomugha, fantasy...he ain't coming to the sparano doofus show with so many better options available.

Now that Asomugha is set to be a free agent in 2011, he will surely attract some suitors on the open market. Asomugha is going to obtain a mammoth sum of money for his services, but should Dallas be the team to give it to him?


3. He is 29 years old.

Although Asomugha obviously has some good years left in him, he is an aging player that could be a potentially risky investment. Asomugha plays a position that relies heavily on speed, which is generally the first part of a player’s game to disappear.

2. The Cowboys have a lot of holes.

Cornerback is certainly an area of concern for Dallas, but so is inside linebacker, safety, defensive end and the offensive line. There are quite a few holes, meaning the Cowboys might be smart to disperse funds to a variety of quality players rather than put almost all of it into one guy. Don’t forget the ‘Boys will be dishing out a fairly hefty contract to their first-rounder (if they stay at No. 9), so there may not be too much cash left to sign other free agents if they bring in N.A.

1. The 2011 cornerback class is deep.

This class of cornerbacks is loaded from top to bottom. While Patrick Peterson or Prince Amukamara are slight possibilities in the first round, the depth of the class means the Cowboys could pick up a first-round talent with their second-round selection. That player would obviously be a downgrade from Asomugha but would allow the squad to focus on other pressing needs while still upgrading the cornerback spot.


3. He excels in any type of coverage and is stout against the run.

No one really knows who will be the defensive coordinator for Dallas in 2011. Will he stick to the team’s man coverage-heavy scheme or implement more zone? Either way, Asomugha will be a perfect fit. He’s a dream cornerback for any system.

2. Terence Newman could be tested at free safety.

While opinions of Newman-to-safety differ greatly, I think the ‘Boys should at least toy with the idea. Detractors claim Newman isn’t a big enough hitter, but it isn’t like he’d be playing strong safety.

At free safety, Newman could see the quarterback throw the ball and attack it, as opposed to cornerback, where he has to cover his man and then turn to locate the ball. Ball skills have long been Newman’s kryptonite, and a move to free safety could aid him in that regard.

1. He’s the best cornerback in the NFL.

Darrelle Revis is great, but Asomugha has been the best cornerback in football for the last five years. He doesn’t secure many interceptions because he rarely gets tested: This season, he was targeted just 33 times (up from 28 last season). In comparison, Revis was targeted well over 100 times in 2009.

Overall, the choice is a difficult one for the Cowboys. I personally think they should focus on building through the draft and adding less expensive free agents at positions of need, but I wouldn’t be distraught over an Asomugha signing. He’s one of the best cornerbacks to ever walk the planet, and his presence in Dallas couldn’t be a terrible thing.

The pros and because we do have valid cap room, are major reason we should go after Asomugha!



If Asomugha comes here it wont be for Sparano. It will be for the opportunity to play for easily one of the game's top 5 defensive coordinators.

Remember Mike Nolan?

Asomugha wants to win a championship, not dance with Nolan or risk coming to a team that may have an entirely new fo in 2012.

WE DO NOT NEED A QB!!! MAYBE WE NEED TO USE A SYSTEM THAT WORKS WITH HENNE!!! Henning's conservative, gutless play calling only hand cuffed Henne!!! Thank GOD Henning is gone & hopefully Dabol learned what NOT to do with Henne... LET THE KID THROW THE BALL & DUMP THE MILD CAT!!! GO FINS!!!

Bill Parcels aka the TUNA is the MOST OVERRATED POS of a coach ever. Tuna screwed the Dolphins just like he screwed the Jets and pats. What did Bill accomplish in NY,NE and Dallas?????

ZERO. How about them Cowboys... Bill created Soprano and Ireland and now WE are stuck with those two PO S's.

Hence is why even though parcels is gone we MUST purge the remaining two from the trifecta.

Fact is parcels has NEVER WON without Bill Belichick. With that we need to give credit where credit is due to Belichick. Belichick MADE Parcels what he "WAS". Once they went their own ways Bill is what Bill IS which is nothing special. Yes, he won Superbowl's with the G-Men but THAT'S IT...

He was never a re builder it the drooling media which painted that on Bill.

All you people out there that are on the Ireland ACORN VALUE Bull-crap bandwagon are nuts.

The only way to get a great QB is to search and draft one or buy one.

With this GM and maggot Coach, even if they drafted one they have no supporting cast to groom him. If they purchase one, that wont work.

We need to hope that Sparano enacts the wildcat which will keep Hannie off the field so that we win a game or two and look towards the next REAL head coach named COWHER.


Is filling air space over at NFL.Net since there is no footfall and bad mouthing the league and owners on there privately owned station is a no no!! They can`t bash the players either for fear of alienating them as well as alot of former players turned commentators on that Network, there basically in limbo running all time top ten lists that include "worst luck ever" Yikes!!!

The Fins will not commit the necessary funds to sign Nandi for one specific reason that I`ve stated before and that`s the fact that front loaded deals aren`t as easy to work into the cap as some think.

If you give Nandi the 18 to 20 Mil he will more than likely command in a signing bonus and that contract is in the 5 to 6 year range then you can take anywhere from 3.2 to 3.7 a season and add it to his base which will hover around 8 to 9 Mil a season that`s anywhere 11.2 to 12.7 Mil a year on a Corner and unless your Dallas which does have the O. pieces to make a run with a top ten D then it makes no sense what so ever!!!

No regrets over putting Pennington ahead of Beck or dumping Beck. I think Henne deserves a year to play with a solid OL, an effective RB, and a speed WR to complement his current excellent WR staff and a TE who can catch passes - all of which he will have. The other key thing Henne needs is an OC who defines an offense built on his abilities instead of an offense designed for Pennington - hopefully he has that with Daboll. Henne has what he needs to win. If he wins, great. If not, we trade as many draft picks as we have to in order to get a franchise QB.

You know what I just noticed how conservative my numbers for Nandi are because I`m basing them on the 65 Mil DB says it would take to sign him and your way off there Breed. His people already said they will be looking to make him the highest paid of all time at the position and are searching for a deal in the 15 to 18 a year range and based on those numbers in order to get him locked into a 5 year deal it would take anywhere from 75 to 90 Mil.

Lets assume we can talk him into 15 per with 20 Mil up front, what! some of you think that his cap number then is 11 Mil per on the Fins Cap? Think again it would be 15 Mil just the same because you have to take the 20 you gave him up front and divide it over the years of the Contract, it`s what they mean by prorating the signing bonus and 20 over 5 is 4 plus 11 and he`s on the books every year for 15 Mil.

I have no problem with him totally to the contrary but I am thinking about making us relevant 1st before adding the icing on the cake and not handcuffing our ability to sign some other pieces because of our 15 Mil a year corner.

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