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Dolphins John Beck evaluation might be revisited in 2011

First a disclaimer: Yes, another quarterback post.

I cannot help it.

Look, basically I'm going to hold my breath, I'm going to yell from the highest mountain, I'm going to pout, I'm going to write blog post after blog post and column upon column until the Miami Dolphins have a quarterback everyone can believe in. So you are free to join me in a growing chorus of folks demanding a good (doesn't even have to be great, but at least not embarrassing) quarterback for Miami.

Or you are free to think I'm just over the top and a foof and need to chill about a quarterback because, it's not that important, and it has only been about 14 years since the Dolphins had a great one, and it's not that big a deal.

You decide.

Having said that:

Most NFL teams are graded by how successful they are at acquiring, maintaining or developing a starting quarterback. Being as that the Dolphins are an NFL team, they aren't exempt from such scrutiny.

And up to now, while the team had done nothing to prove it is good at acquiring a good quarterback -- neither Chad Henne, Pat White nor Josh McCown turned in good seasons -- it's ability to maintain a good quarterback was not in question because Chad Pennington came to the team with solid experience and credentials and played up to those in 2008 while leading Miami to the AFC East title. So in that regard, the Dolphins kept what was a good thing a good thing.

Developing a quarterback? Well, you'll remember the Dolphins had quarterbacks on the roster when Bill Parcells-Jeff Ireland-Tony Sparano took over. Cleo Lemon was jettisoned and so far that decision was proven correct as he's no longer in the NFL. And no one questioned the release of John Beck because we all remember his struggles as a rookie and watched him struggle during the 2008 training camp QB battle.

But ...

Here we are, three years after that battle and the Beck ghost is threatening to haunt this Dolphins front office and coaching staff. Beck, you see, has somehow gone from being a bust that was cut by Miami to a backup in Baltimore, to a guy who might be the starter in Washington in 2011 -- assuming the season ever begins.

Beck's rise in Washington has been bizarre in that he is apparently ahead of Donovan McNabb on the depth chart yet has not taken even one snap in a game during his time there.

Folk in Washington are understandibly asking how it is Beck could make such a rise when he's had four years with little NFL success. Believe it or not, Beck's plausible explanation is that the Dolphins screwed him.

“When [Bill Parcells] first got there, I really liked Bill,” the quarterback told Washington radio station 102.1 several weeks ago. “Bill treated me like I was gonna be the guy. I would be in the weight room working out and he would come and stand by my squat rack, talk to me. He’d catch me in the hall or he’d have someone tell me, 'Hey John, Bill wants to see you.' I’d go sit in his office and he’d tell me, 'hey I believe that you can do this for us, I really like what you do, I think you remind me a lot of Tony Romo, things are gonna be great.'

“And then all of the sudden Brett Favre goes to the Jets, Chad Pennington becomes available, boom, that was it, done. And I went from competing for the starting job with Josh McCown to then the No. 3 on the roster overnight. So it was crazy, and then as the season went on they focused on Chad Pennington’s our guy and Chad Henne’s who we drafted so he's our future."

Despite looking like he was afraid of his own shadow in the locker room, Beck went on to say he was playing hardball with the Dolphins behind closed doors.

“So when the [2008] season ended," he told the radio station, "I went in and asked for a release. I kind of saw the writing on the wall. I don’t want to be the backup. That’s not why I play the game. I’m not the type of person who can be happy getting a paycheck and not playing. I want to be the guy playing, and I went and asked for a release, and me and Bill got into it a little bit there. So at this point, I’m not the biggest Tuna fan.”

Beck was eventually released on April 27, 2009 after two years with the team and more than one full year with the current administration. Obviously the current front office and coaching staff didn't see enough in Beck to warrant keeping him.

But here's the thing: That doesn't bother anyone as long as John Beck is a backup. That doesn't bother anyone as long as he goes to Baltimore and then gets traded to the Redskins without fanfare. Miami's decision to cut ties with Beck is even deemed correct if he becomes the starter in Washington and is mediocre at best.

But if he somehow continues his improbable climb from scrubino in Miami to scrubino in Baltimore to viable or outstanding starter in Washington, that makes Mike Shanahan look like a genius. And it makes the folks in Baltimore and the folks in Miami look, well, like they missed something.

If Beck somehow blossoms in Washingto, fans here will probably wonder what the Redskins were able to do that the Dolphins weren't able to do, what strings they pulled, what techniques they adjusted that the Dolphins didn't.

The Dolphins obviously saw something of value in Beck. They kept him for a year.

But they eventually gave up on him. So now that evaluation (so far proven correct) is on the hook again. If this kid shines in Washington, Dolphins fans will ask why Miami didn't hang on to him.

Is that fair? You betcha!

That's the business.

Personally, I wouldn't sweat John Beck just yet. Yesterday on Sirius he was talking like he's the presumed starter in Washington. "I believe I'm a starter in the NFL," he said.

But until he actually is that, Miami's decision to waive him won't be judged as questionable. And unless he plays well once he starts, that decision certainly cannot be judged as wrong.

You might argue that John Beck might have blossomed after four years and so there is no rightful expectation for the Dolphins to wait that long. Wrong. Teams wait that long for quarterbacks to blossom all the time.

I refer you to Aaron Rodgers, who didn't play until his third NFL season.

I present to you Houston's Matt Shaub, who led the NFL in passing yards in 2009 after sitting for a long time behind Michael Vick in Atlanta.

I refer you to Henne. The Dolphins have continued to wait on him to blossom and he could very well be the starter in 2011 despite not playing exceedingly well in 2009 or 2010.

Teams wait for QBs.

The Dolphins chose not to wait on Beck. They cut him loose. And he might get his opportunity in Washington. So Miami's quaterback evaluation might again be on the line.

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..I put this out there yesterday. Would it be out of the realm of possiblity that we would pursue Asimngowa with the idea of trading Vontae Davis? Hypothetically, Davis would be an expendable piece if we aquired Namde. He could be a huge piece in a trade for a quarterback, and it would be a win win for our team.

Davis is good player that I think would have some value. Probably as much value as any player on our roster that would be available. 2 teams that need corner help that may dance are the Eagles, and the Broncos. Both teams may have quarterbacks that they may want to deal if the price is right. I don't think Davis is worth first round value(the Eagles think Kolb will command this, the Broncos probably not) so we may have to include another piece. Signing Asinmngowa could benifit this team in more ways then 1.

He's 29. How many years left does he have at the elite level? 2 or 3? No way to justify that kind of money for a player whose best days are soon to be behind him.

Besides, at 29 he is going to a team that he sees SB ready, not work in progress.

Pole. Cat.


Water. Melon.


Zoroastrian. Sauerkraut.


For many years, the Dolphins were an elite sports franchise, a favorite destination for players. That was a long, long, long time ago. The Dolphins are one of the premier laughing stock organizations in all of sports now. Until they turn that around, the top FA's will consider most other options before the fins, unless of course we totally overpay them like we did with Marshall.


I'm assuming you're suggesting we deal Davis for Kolb or Orton. I believe both guys are in the final year of their contracts, so do you really want to deal a corner who has only played two years in the league and is coming into his prime for a couple of guys in the final years of their contracts, Orton...who is pretty much a journeyman and Kolb...who hasn't proven anything yet. Nothing sure this makes us any better. I'd rather see the money spent on guys like D. Williams and Z Miller.

This here's a story about Bill Parcells and its all true
A two time Super Bowl Champion head coach with nothin better to do
Than sit around on the sidelines, in a press box or watch the game on the tube
And here is what happened when he decided to cut loose

He headed down to, ooh, old Miami
That's where the owner was lazy
Billy drafted Pat White so the fans knew he was crazy
Billy took the money and run

Go on take the money and run
Go on take the money and run
Go on take the money and run
Go on take the money and run


You had me all the way till you posted your trade scenario`s involving Davis, so your telling me we give the Broncos Davis for Orton? At the same time telling me we let Andy Reid take us for another ride and give him Davis and other compensation for Kolb? Excuse me but Davis has earned in two short seasons in Miami a rep around the league as an up and comer, go ask R.Moss and T.Davis if I`m exaggerating.

If they did something like that then I would go and probably not alone in this thinking and hold protests signs outside S.Ross`s office till somebody got fired!!! If anything Denver has to give me at least a 3rd. rounder with Orton for me to even contemplate that move and straight up for Kolb? Did you watch him play at all last season?

When Vick got hurt vs. Wash I happend to be watching the game and saw how that O sputtered under his leadership and I happen to think that if running that show with arguably the most explosive O in years netted him all of 14 points thru 3 and a half quarters then I`ve seen all I need to see. Hey did you see what Vick in contrast did to Wash. when healthy Monday Night with that O?

Craig M...I was kind of getting at that. I don't know if either of the above qb's are the answer. Even though i think Orton is a better fit here. I think Kolb has a better chance of being a guy that can be a long term answer.

The scenario I set forward used the Eagles and the Broncos because of the need these 2 teams have for cornerback help. As well as having 2 guys they would possibly be willing to trade. The contract stuff we would have to resolve, and could be a major negative if something like this came into play.

This whole thing is a longshot, and mostly jibber jabber on my end. But, it isn't unrealistic to think this is a pluasible scenario should the Phins go after Asinmgowa. It would certainly give the team some leverage to do a deal if they wanted

Not sure I get the lack of love for Vontae Davis. So he has a breakdown on the field every once in a while. He's a young corner who has played two years in the league. He has great physical skills and a desire to get better. I don't get why people are down on him and see bringing a 29 year old corner back who is going to command $15-18 million, as something that is going to benefit the team. I truly believe people have the wrong end of the stick on this one. We'd be better off using our energies and dollars to fill other positions on the team.

Washington was not spoiled by Marino.. In Washington, a certain Herald columnist is not constantly bashing Henne without the opportunity of a complete second season, even though he is statistically better than Sanchez.. If u give players a chance and do not take a dump on their confidence, they will succeed.

Let go of Vontae? Young rising star? The guy Farve called the best CB nobody knows about? He is only going to get better. Thats how you never build a team, letting your top young players get away.

It's bad enough this team has missed on so many 1st and 2nd round picks for a decade, thats why this team was in such poor shape. Now that we've finally drafted a good, possibly great, player, it would be insanity to trade him away.

CraigM @7:44,

I am with you 100% Davis has not only shown great speed to break on the ball but also extremely physical player. He has some games were he`s looked a little unfocused but guess what ask opposing DC who they rather throw at and I`ll bet almost without exception they tell you opposite him.

One other thing I'll add. It's only one man's opinion but Peter King has Vontae Davis in his top 100 current player's list (I think he's got him at number 79). Keep in mind guys, that David has only played a couple of years in this league and has shown a strong desire to be one of the best in the league at his position. It's not an impossbility that he could approach those levels set my Darrel Revis. That POTENTIALLY is what you're giving up.


With you as well, no way!!! I happen to think letting him go to add a player who`s cap number will be around 15 Mil on the books would be akin to suicide for this team moving foward

I think some get seduced into thinking these top FA's will suddenly have tremendous impact when they really might not. Then there will be other excuses or needs to follow.

Year in and year out players jump from one team to the next and suddenly either exceed expectations or don't play up to the same standard as before. It's still a team game. Coaching, schemes, team chemistry, all factor in.


Amen player brother. And they say New York is the hardest market to play in. I don't see Sanchez getting NEARLY the criticism that Henne has to listen to.

Fellas..This was just an idea if we were to sign Asinmgowa.. Personally I think Davis has something to prove after last year. He played nowhere near expectation. He is not in the class of shut down corner.

You can disagree, even get mad at me and call me a spy. Perhaps Davis for Orton is kind of dumb. BUT! the whole point of this post was that with Asinmgowa we would have options, and leverage to make a trade that could include a quarterback. The likeyhood of this happening is slim. But if the Phins are serious about aquiring a qb, it isn't going to come free. In this scenario we would get better at 2 positions. So as outrageous as it may sound, it would make our team better.


It's a great point. I'd love someone to show which TOP FA's have really had great impact on their new teams. I can think of guys like Haynesworth and Sanders who DIDN'T work out but can someone come up with examples of TOP LEVEL FA's who commanded huge money, that took their teams over the top. Just curious...

I have to scoot for a few...Would love to continue this debate later if anyone is around....

I'm constantly amazed at the depths Mando will go to trash any Dolphins decisions .

Mando = Dolphin trasher

Not a pleasant job , but I guess someone has to do it!


I'm not going to knock you because in reality you're just thinking out loud. I agree with you that Davis has some room to grow. Personally, I feel at this point, that Smith is a better shutdown corner but having said that, I wouldn't put it past Davis that he gets better.

0x80 @7:59,

Happen to agree that`s why everything that I`ve been reading that has him going to Dallas makes the most sense for him. The scheme Ryan runs is very similar to the one his Bro runs in N.Y. and it requires shutdown corner, which will permitt him to thrive in a market and team with mega exposure can you say endoresment $ to go with that fat contract.

It looks like T.Newman, M.Barber, D.Spears and M.Colombo are all going to be let go and between them there will be 22.5 Mil created in cap space to go with the already 12 there under per the last capped season. I was reading this at PFT and will get you the link, my only real question at the time I was reading it really was how many of them are going to end up with the Fins? If you run them down with the exception of Newman I can see some of that list in Davie.

According to what I heard on NFL Today, Beck will start for Washington. Will he suceed? Who knows but it would be our luck if he did.

But that's water under the bridge. What should concern everybody from Ross on down is, why Ireland/Sparano has clearly disregarded the owner's wishes. Ross stated publicly he wanted Ireland to draft for the future.

Henne is the only QB signed and he's in the final year of his contract. You bring in a vet and Henne will be gone in 2012. So Jeffy, what's your plan? Over pay for some aging broken down vet? Ross ought to be looking for a new GM if he's got any brains.

CraigM @8:10,

Micheal Turner when hurt in 09 M.Ryan regressed and they didn`t even make the playoffs after he blew the doors down his rookie year all the way to round 2. Last year healthy Turner equaled 13-3

Deion Sanders to Dal. from S.F. in 95 it permitted Dave Campo to start blitzing again while elimenating the opponents best Rec. and they won the SB.

After that you got me because successful for me means putting your team over the top for a SB and I can`t think of one guy whose been that significant.

Beck may have some latent skills that get unearthed by Washington but the odds are not in favor of it. I think he has more game than he showed for the Fins but morphing into a quality starter would be a reach.

As for Henne there is a 50/50 chance he regresses. There were two schools of thought going into the draft, it appears the ones that said just sit tight and Henne will come around some day. I am not being a pessimist at all, just a realist. The bunch of Off players drafted to help Henne succeed, the new OC, the "commitment" to get the run, Sparanos vow to be less predictable all will amount to a hill of beans if Henne doesn't move forward. If Henne doesn't improve his accuracy, progression reads, touch, avoid Ints, show more awareness of pressure as well as presnap reads I believe we will be in the exact same boat next year.

How any fan in the win now era of the NFL can handle not drafting a QB to compete and can just be fine with "give young Padawon Henne another year" and start over next year if he fails again is beyond me.

I am shocked at how many bloggers here show such reserve to bide time while the Henne experiment is still such a coin toss? I would bet the numbers reflect that many more 4rth year QBs fail than advance to be good to great QBs.

Bifecta's jobs are on the line so they will add Orton or Hasselbeck or maybe VY due to his young age and talent.

Time will tell, the status quo fans have won the first round with no drafted QB.


This regeme is full of idiots.

They released *** Matt Roth *** because of some issues with management. Now the highest reated outside LB in FA.

They released *** Samson Satele *** who is now the starting center for the Raiders and we were forced to select Ponce with the 15th pick as a result of not having a viable center.

They released *** Andree Goodman *** and *** Renaldo Hill *** who had 5 interceptions last year and signed ** Girbil Wilson*** to a mega contract. we all know how that turned out.


....and are destined to fail again this year?


We DID draft a QB! Kind of like Carolina did. Only they drafted a QB that can play RB, and we drafted a RB that can play QB. Same thing, no?

This FO is HELL BENT on multi-positional players. Considering that, maybe it would be more interesting if they chose the cheerleaders and let the fans handle the draft.

Maybe their master plan is to list each player at a different position every week to screw up the DC's?

The Fins team that Beck played on was terrible.

Even an experienced QB would have stunk with that talent challenged team.

I wonder if Lee was the QB coach that year also or did Parcells hire him? The main problem with PAT WHITE was the number Lee did on him changing his throwing motion, etc. I see WHITE going the Warren Moon route to Canada then coming back to the NFL. He's taller than Flutie and faster. I believe he'll get a free agent offer and he'll play ST and possibly wide receiver FOR SOME OTHER TEAM. Talk about poetic justice.

Lee "moving on" (or get fired if he didn't move on) is proof he couldn't develop QBs (Henne included).

Now we have a QB coach that's never been a QB coach? Does Sparano like rolling dice? That's what it seems he's doing. The Fins need a QB that doesn't need OJT or trainer wheels. Hell, if the o-line can become a top ten line, any QB with a pulse will do. Even McNabb would do well.


Lol. Tru dat. It will be interesting if they do any WC style plays with this DT kid. Unless they are fruitful most fans will vilify them for even trying WC plays. That kid from Tulsa looks the flexible part. We should at least see some funky formations with the personnel.

If the NFL / Player greed doesn't lose games.

Good ta see ya on.



Thanks for the examples you gave. Good ones.

Rob in OC,

First of all, Henne isn't a fourth year QB. He's played LESS than 32 games. That would be less than TWO seasons. Guys want to stretch these things but let's call a spade a spade.

Secondly, both Drew Brees and John ELway were pretty ordinary in their first THREE years. Seems to me that Henne should be given a chance under a new OC and better offensive parts.

What year is SB winning QB Aarron Rodgers year 2?

Is john Beck still in his rookie year?

Is Kevin Kolb still a rookie?

AT what point do we start counting QB years?

Are they like dog years but in reverse?

Are QBs really younger that we think?

Poizen & Craig M are a joke. Even littke kids say Henne sucks. He stinks at audibles and he can't even throw a fade route. He missed Marshall deep and on TD fades all year. I see open receivers all day long and he doesn't even look there way. Wake up!

Who gives a fu-k about John Beck? We need our OWN QB.


I looked up the offical formula for counting a QB's starting years.

If they start from the start, thats when it starts, and they are officially called a starter.

If they don't start from the start, but start at least 5.3 games in their first year, then they are officially considered a starter as of their first consecutive 3 starts.

If they don't start until the start of any year there after, thats when it starts. However if they first start in the middle of any year after their first year, their starting years is then calculated by the following formula:

1. take the reciprocal of the number of games started divided by the number of games per year mutiplied by the number of seasons as a signed player.

2. cross multiply that reciprocal against the number of quarters started divided by the number of games played in.

3. take the derivitave of the inverse fraction of the previous result and then multiply by 100.

4. Divide the final result by the total number of games since they've been in the league and bingo, thats the answer.

I ran this formula over Hennes statistics, and accordingly, he is still considered a rookie.


I seen that you've been well roasted and Im fairly late the party. But what were you thinking saying trade Vonte?

fin4life---Just as I told CraigM I would be very disappointed if we didnt even make a play for Nnandi. We do have cap space and you never know what can be worked out and what #'s really get Nnandi signed no matter which team lands him.

Reality does not dwell in the land of rumors and speculation.

If anyone told me at the end of the 2009 season both Karlos Dansby and Brandon Marshall would be playing for the Dolphins in 2010. I would have thought that person was in some serious need of "crack rehab".

As far as Nnamdi is concerned, anything can happen. Its never over until the fat lady sings!

Also guys, why even try and speculate what qb's will be Dolphins in 2011. The class of available qb's predominantly suck and the one or two who would be serious competition to Henne are way overpriced.

My money say we will settle for a scenario that leads to Henne being our starter in 2011. If Henne doesnt show enough improvement in 2012 we'll spend a #1 pick at qb. For me its the most "sensible" solution that exists.


I'll bet you wouldn't have believed Marshall would score only 3 touchdowns for us as well. Bringing any FA over never guarantees you will see the same results.


I wouldnt have believed dumbass Henning would have use Marshall as a $50 million dollar redzone decoy either. LOL.

Heck in January 2011 I never would have believed Sparano would still be the coach in February 2011.


You can thank Mr Ross for thoroughly screwing up the coaching search by first not firing Sparano.

Dying..What up. I probably deserve the knocks. I was just saying that if we aquired Asimngowa that trading Vontae could be an option. For Orton straight across was just plain dumb. I should have thought about that before I wrote it. But as a piece in a trade Vontae may be the 1 player that could be of any value.

IMO there are 3 players I would consider "untouchable" Long, Dansby, Marshall. If we did aquire Namde it would make Vontae expendable if the team thought we could use him in a deal. Not a popular statement, but not out of the realm of possibilty.

Now if people think that Vontae is one of the untouchables. So be it. I disagree. But if you want to put him in that category I certainly understand why.


Forget about the football part of it. I dont think I can even take another season of listning and try to decipher Sparano press conferences unless we at least make a afc championship game.

Sparano could cheat on his wife all he wants, because she would rather just let it go than have to listen to him explain what happen. Mrs. Sparano would be the saddest wife in all of football to learn there wont be a 2011 nfl season.

Can you imagine the anguish she'll go thru sitting around the house listening to Tony talk? I wouldnt wish that on my worst enemy. Hmm.... On 2nd thoughts??.......

0x80 @10:33,

LOL !!! You and me both brudda !! Ditto to DB at the same time watching that unfold with Marshall last year had to be one of the more frustrating things I`ve seen. Do you guys remember all the video on Marshall in the redzone for Denver and how many swing passes that were really laterals behind the line wide he caught between the 10 & 5 yard lines were he broke e few tackles and scored ?

I wasn`t suprised by the Dansby signig but yes by the trade for Marsh and was very syked at the time until I saw how it translated on the field in Hennings O. I think given the hand were dealt I am inclined to agree with DB it`s Henne`s time to either grow by leaps and bounds or fail at which time I would give serious consideration to making a bold move regardless of cost to land Luck.


You are singing my tune. By mid season 2010 I lost all faith in Sparano. When I hear him speak now, or just read his meanderings, I literally cringe, its extremely tedious to get through, and my opinion of him drops another 2 notches below what I thought was already zero.

With all the Henne bashing that has gone, I first and foremost was becoming increasingly against Sparano as the #1 change needed.

I've come down on Henne, those last few home games were torture, but I'm all for giving him another half a season to see if he can rebound and make me forget about those.


First of all welcome to the club of those wwho mispell Asomugha. I go with Asomugha because it was the one I saw on the internet that makes the most sense. Almost everywhere you look theres variation in spelling.

Secondly, its simply crazed to even think about trading Davis. We just spent a #1 pick drafting him 2drafts before this one. Anything less than a 1st and 3rd draft pick I wouldnt even entertain.

Davis is a pro bowl waiting to happen no matter where you play him in a secondary. I would consider trading Bess far before considering trading Davis. At least Bess represent a far greater return on the original investment in him. Bess was an ufa.

I'm not sure I quite get the logic of signing a 29+ year old player to an enormous contract. How many more years can they really play at that level? In business, you pay for wisdom, in sports, its performance. It's pretzel logic to me, unless its a player there really may be the one missing piece to the puzzle.

..I was definitley one that had to eat some crow when we signed Marshall last offseason. The debate was hot early, then it lost some steam, and BAM we signed him. But I didn't think that we had the stones to make a deal for him. Plus I argued that Marshall would be a dumpster fire in Miami. This remains to be seen. It taught me to never say never when it comes to player transactions.

The thing about Sparano is it`s not just his obvious speech impedement it`s also him trying to sound smart and having just the opposite affect after he`s gone on for a few minutes and basically talked in circles, also the constant Okay`s that sound more like K every other word, it`s mindless twang and drivel, you might have more luck watching a Star Trek movie and trying to decipher Kilngon

It's not really accurate to even call it a speech impediment, that would be quite easily forgivable.

I can't speak for anybody else, but I pretty much think the way I speak. Now if TS thinks the way he speaks, he has got one tangle mess of a ticker between his ears. I can only imagine it has to be extremely tiresome for the players. They are entering the game with that tedious jargon embedded in their brains. What defensive back can be expected to catch a pass under those conditions?



I consider Asomugha in th same light as Ronnie Lott. By this I mean he could stil be a shutdown corner for 2-3yrs, then move him to safety where he could continue being a pro bowler another 3-4yrs.

I believe between corner then moved to safety should he lose a step. Asomugha could still be a pro bowler for at least 5-6 more years.

I will be politically correct and say Sparano is educationally challenged. The last couple of videos I saw of him speaking I actually felt embarassed for him.

At least he chose to be a football coach and not a pilot or a surgeon.


I remember saying the exact same thing about Sparano not even two weeks ago. Most people think the same way they speak. Great analogy!

Imagine the operation room with Sparano performing surgery. Would be a great SNL skit.

Speaking is basically thinking out loud! LOL....

you know 0x80 your right because I think everybody pretty much talks the way they think after all speech is how we convey thought and yes that`s some mess he has up there. I would try and tune some of that out as I imagine a few do, we know Ricky did.


Lying on the operation table with Sparano as the surgeon, you would be better served if it was the local butcher.


To this day I really didn't see any malice in Ricky's comment other than some constructive criticism mixed with some frustration. If anything maybe Ricky's criticism was in the end beneficial to Sparano, maybe he'll ease up and get the guys looser instead of mind-boggling them to death.

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