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Dolphins John Beck evaluation might be revisited in 2011

First a disclaimer: Yes, another quarterback post.

I cannot help it.

Look, basically I'm going to hold my breath, I'm going to yell from the highest mountain, I'm going to pout, I'm going to write blog post after blog post and column upon column until the Miami Dolphins have a quarterback everyone can believe in. So you are free to join me in a growing chorus of folks demanding a good (doesn't even have to be great, but at least not embarrassing) quarterback for Miami.

Or you are free to think I'm just over the top and a foof and need to chill about a quarterback because, it's not that important, and it has only been about 14 years since the Dolphins had a great one, and it's not that big a deal.

You decide.

Having said that:

Most NFL teams are graded by how successful they are at acquiring, maintaining or developing a starting quarterback. Being as that the Dolphins are an NFL team, they aren't exempt from such scrutiny.

And up to now, while the team had done nothing to prove it is good at acquiring a good quarterback -- neither Chad Henne, Pat White nor Josh McCown turned in good seasons -- it's ability to maintain a good quarterback was not in question because Chad Pennington came to the team with solid experience and credentials and played up to those in 2008 while leading Miami to the AFC East title. So in that regard, the Dolphins kept what was a good thing a good thing.

Developing a quarterback? Well, you'll remember the Dolphins had quarterbacks on the roster when Bill Parcells-Jeff Ireland-Tony Sparano took over. Cleo Lemon was jettisoned and so far that decision was proven correct as he's no longer in the NFL. And no one questioned the release of John Beck because we all remember his struggles as a rookie and watched him struggle during the 2008 training camp QB battle.

But ...

Here we are, three years after that battle and the Beck ghost is threatening to haunt this Dolphins front office and coaching staff. Beck, you see, has somehow gone from being a bust that was cut by Miami to a backup in Baltimore, to a guy who might be the starter in Washington in 2011 -- assuming the season ever begins.

Beck's rise in Washington has been bizarre in that he is apparently ahead of Donovan McNabb on the depth chart yet has not taken even one snap in a game during his time there.

Folk in Washington are understandibly asking how it is Beck could make such a rise when he's had four years with little NFL success. Believe it or not, Beck's plausible explanation is that the Dolphins screwed him.

“When [Bill Parcells] first got there, I really liked Bill,” the quarterback told Washington radio station 102.1 several weeks ago. “Bill treated me like I was gonna be the guy. I would be in the weight room working out and he would come and stand by my squat rack, talk to me. He’d catch me in the hall or he’d have someone tell me, 'Hey John, Bill wants to see you.' I’d go sit in his office and he’d tell me, 'hey I believe that you can do this for us, I really like what you do, I think you remind me a lot of Tony Romo, things are gonna be great.'

“And then all of the sudden Brett Favre goes to the Jets, Chad Pennington becomes available, boom, that was it, done. And I went from competing for the starting job with Josh McCown to then the No. 3 on the roster overnight. So it was crazy, and then as the season went on they focused on Chad Pennington’s our guy and Chad Henne’s who we drafted so he's our future."

Despite looking like he was afraid of his own shadow in the locker room, Beck went on to say he was playing hardball with the Dolphins behind closed doors.

“So when the [2008] season ended," he told the radio station, "I went in and asked for a release. I kind of saw the writing on the wall. I don’t want to be the backup. That’s not why I play the game. I’m not the type of person who can be happy getting a paycheck and not playing. I want to be the guy playing, and I went and asked for a release, and me and Bill got into it a little bit there. So at this point, I’m not the biggest Tuna fan.”

Beck was eventually released on April 27, 2009 after two years with the team and more than one full year with the current administration. Obviously the current front office and coaching staff didn't see enough in Beck to warrant keeping him.

But here's the thing: That doesn't bother anyone as long as John Beck is a backup. That doesn't bother anyone as long as he goes to Baltimore and then gets traded to the Redskins without fanfare. Miami's decision to cut ties with Beck is even deemed correct if he becomes the starter in Washington and is mediocre at best.

But if he somehow continues his improbable climb from scrubino in Miami to scrubino in Baltimore to viable or outstanding starter in Washington, that makes Mike Shanahan look like a genius. And it makes the folks in Baltimore and the folks in Miami look, well, like they missed something.

If Beck somehow blossoms in Washingto, fans here will probably wonder what the Redskins were able to do that the Dolphins weren't able to do, what strings they pulled, what techniques they adjusted that the Dolphins didn't.

The Dolphins obviously saw something of value in Beck. They kept him for a year.

But they eventually gave up on him. So now that evaluation (so far proven correct) is on the hook again. If this kid shines in Washington, Dolphins fans will ask why Miami didn't hang on to him.

Is that fair? You betcha!

That's the business.

Personally, I wouldn't sweat John Beck just yet. Yesterday on Sirius he was talking like he's the presumed starter in Washington. "I believe I'm a starter in the NFL," he said.

But until he actually is that, Miami's decision to waive him won't be judged as questionable. And unless he plays well once he starts, that decision certainly cannot be judged as wrong.

You might argue that John Beck might have blossomed after four years and so there is no rightful expectation for the Dolphins to wait that long. Wrong. Teams wait that long for quarterbacks to blossom all the time.

I refer you to Aaron Rodgers, who didn't play until his third NFL season.

I present to you Houston's Matt Shaub, who led the NFL in passing yards in 2009 after sitting for a long time behind Michael Vick in Atlanta.

I refer you to Henne. The Dolphins have continued to wait on him to blossom and he could very well be the starter in 2011 despite not playing exceedingly well in 2009 or 2010.

Teams wait for QBs.

The Dolphins chose not to wait on Beck. They cut him loose. And he might get his opportunity in Washington. So Miami's quaterback evaluation might again be on the line.

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I think this is about the most ignorant thing I've seen Armando write.

John Beck just MIGHT turn out to be a starter. Oooooooooooooooooo! Then we'll all be sorry.

Seems the Mormon just needed time to develop. Can you imagine the egg on Ozzie Newsome's face?

According to Atrmando, MOST QB's need time to develop before they actually...........DEVELOP-Doh!

Not Chad Henne though, he's just an embarrassment.

Armando, you "double dipped" into the double standard on the bullshyt!

If he was on the roster today, we would have a QB controversy.

I like him and expect him to play well. It was a mistake when we let him go.

Whether or not it was a mistake, I understand the reasoning.

Hindsights 20/20 but it was sound reasoning.

Penningto fell into their laps and they had already drafted what they thought was the Heir apparent.

Good Luck to John Beck, but I don't see him ever being elite.

Ultimately, it still doesn't change the fact that the premise of this blog was and is IgNaNt!

I miss the finesse and class that was the MD's

The biggest thing for Beck is he doesn't have Parcells and Ireland in Washington. Also, it WAS NOT the fans who ran Beck out of Maimi. Beck asked to released and was released by Parcells and Ireland in favor of Henne. I hope one day some of you will see Parecells, Ireland, Sparano, and Henne for what they really are..LOOSERS! Good luck to Beck in Washington as he plays for a real coach and G.M. Could have been starter for us had the trifecta, not the fans, that kicked him out. You reep what you sew! We got a hold of some bad tuna from ireland in Miami!

What would you People have done in place of the Trifecta? We had Pennington a well known commodity, we had a hot-shot(at that time) rookie QB, and then Beck. It would not have been fair to Beck if we had kept him; besides, that bell was driving him crazy.

I just remember being at a Dolphins game. Cleo was pulled, and Beck came in. On the first play, Beck was hit and he fumbled the ball. Maybe they could have developed him, but it would have taken 4 years. He was already 26 years old at the time. The Redskins will suck this year. There is one reason Shanahan was a winner in Denver, John Elway. Beck is no Elway. He's not even McNabb.

Neither Beck nor Henne were NFL ready when drafted. Henne has the better physical tools.

Not sure on Henne's future. If a proven Vet comes in and unless he shows dramatic improvement he won't start. Will probably ask for his release, a la Beck.

coaches are usually good motivators and communicators. its possible sparano can motivate his team. however,after listening to him speak, i sincerely doubt he can communicate his thoughts in a clear,crisp and efficient manner to his team. his support staff/coaches would have to take up the slack, much like mike nolan did.

We need a QB! No offense is complete without one.

What the hell is this Beck talking about. He is a Backup and will be. Its not his production that will bring him the oppertunity to play, its just the fact that Washington has Nobody else. It was and still is right that he was released.

round and round we go, and the guy spinning us is a.s. himself


henne will start unless someone beats him out, if so so be it , but not at the cost of anything more than a 4th round pick

imo henne will suck up all the crap and do the biz this season, he's made some bad plays, but he's not as bad as a.s. or others think

armando keeps on putting alternatives to henne who are as unproven as he is

beck is just another spin on palmer,kolb and orton its just that he won't be playing for the fins next season, but he point is the same-

can henne improve? a.s. doesn't think so and likes to poke us with his opinion- fine

but none of us should care less whether beck improves or not, its what henne does that matters

Beck really sucked I would be surprised to see him do anything but then again he had horrible coaching at the time, you never know. But you are right the Dolphins don't seem to be able to get a good Qb and we are still looking , if one is not found soon I think Ireland and company will probably be gone, this is their 4th year how much time to you give someone to find the most important position on the field, we cannot win with what we have now that has been proven!

Sqeaky wheel Mando, squeaky wheel.

You being a foof is besides the point! :-)

You're right! The Dolphins need to bring in a quarterback that can not only challenge Henne but in all likelihood has the ability to overtake the position by the first real game.



John Beck blog??? are you kidding me... lol

Let's just go back and recall the events of the 2008 season (pre-signing of Chad Pennington). Our QB roster consisted of Cleo Lemon, John Beck and we drafted Chad Henne. I can't remember when, but at some point Lemon was let go (big surprise there). And it "seemed" Beck was being groomed to take over the reins. Then Miami goes out and acquires Josh McCown. Folks, this isn't a list of elite or even notable QBs in the NFL. This is the anti-ProBowl list. That's who Beck needed to beat out to start in the NFL (a mature guy, intelligent, hard-working, etc.). AND HE COULDN'T DO IT. He couldn't beat out McCown, because he was listed as 2nd-string. Then we got Pennington and the rest is history.

So, to all those that said it was a huge mistake letting Beck go, we would be on top of the World now if we kept him, you simply don't know what you're talking about. The only guy who wanted Beck once he left here was the guy who drafted him in the first place (Cameron) who was trying to save face and show he knew something in 2007. Of course, neither he nor QB Coach of the Ravens Jim Zorn could make Beck into anything but a backup, and now he's in D.C., as, wait for it, a backup (to other notables such as the impressive Rex Grossman).

So the fantasy that Beck is somehow a Drew Brees in remission, waiting to spring his talents to the top of the league are a joke. He came here and couldn't cut it, went to the Ravens and couldn't beat out a rookie (Flacco) for the starting position, and then went to the Redskins where he only POSSIBLY might get a shot because they might have a worse QB situation then we did in 2007 (and we'll see how well the 'Skins do in 2011).

Beck makes Henne look like Joe Montana, and that's all you really need to know about the guy.

In a current espn article, Shannahan is saying he had Beck as the highest rated qb in the 2007 draft, was always very high on him. We really can't judge Beck on what little we saw from him and on that 1-15 team under Cameron.

However, some bloggers, like DC, know better than SB winning head coaches.

sombra, some bloggers, like you, would rather believe someone other than their own lying eyes. All I'm doing is providing factual info (not sucking up what some Coach says to hype his team up). To say Beck was the highest rated QB in the '07 Draft says NOTHING about what he's GONE ON to do in the NFL (which is nothing, on THREE different teams). By the way, here are other notable QBs from that class: JaMarcus Russell, Brady Quinn, Trent Edwards, Tyler Thigpen, Kevin Kolb. ALL of those QBs have started more games than Beck. ALL of those QBs have won more games in the NFL than Beck, but the genius sombra wants us to believe Beck is actually the best out of the lot because the guy who replaced Donovan McNabb with Rex Grossman says so.

DC, circumstances are different on each team, you know that. The comparisons you make above are irrelevent. Ravens already had Flacco before Beck arrived, logically Mcnabb would get the nod in Washington initially.

I don't claim to know how good Beck will be. I merely said its awfully hard to judge by the 2007 season and all the turmoil with the fins franchise.

I do apreciate the genius comment though, and you are not the first.

I never said anywhere he was the best. I only mentioned that Shannahan stated he was very high on him.

Lets not twist words ore make up things just because you didn't like my comment.

I'll remind guys that Shanahan was also very high on Brian Griese and Jake the Snake. Didn't really work out too well, did it?



I'll remind guys the fans who know better than the pros were very high on Quinn, didn't really work out too well, did it? Shannahan was high on Cutler, who is a pretty good QB.

Let's keep a balanced view.




I wouldn't worry too much about Beck. I say if you think a chicken can pull a wagon, hitch 'em up.

Sombra, I don't judge Beck from '07 (I doubt Peyton would have been good on that horrible team). That's why I brought up '08. Sure, Beck was still young, but he wasn't even good enough to beat out Josh McCown (who's nothing more than a backup himself). That's what signaled for me Beck might not have what it takes. Then, you say the Ravens already had Flacco when they got Beck, true, but he was just drafted, a rookie. And Beck had history with Cam. So he could have won that spot, I'm sure the Ravens would rather had Flacco sit for a year if there was another QB who could take over and give the kid a chance to learn. But Beck couldn't beat Flacco. Then, on the Redskins, Beck really couldn't even become a 2nd-string, which at first was Colt McCoy and then Rex Grossman.

So maybe he didn't have a chance to start all those years, but he did have a chance to move up the depth chart, and really never did (only when McNabb fell out of favor with the Shenahan's did Beck move up to 2nd-string).

I'm not hating on Beck here. Wish him luck. Have no reason for him not to succeed (other than the fact I want to beat the 'Skins when we play them if we have a season this year). I just have not seen anything from him in any preseason game or any practice that makes my eyes pop out. Maybe you do. And maybe you're right, maybe he's just waiting for his time, and now that he's got confidence and the Coach's blessing he'll light it up. My point here is only that he hasn't shown us up to this point, and I wouldn't bet the farm that he'll do anything to show us this year. That's the only point I'm making, not as a Coach, or some "expert", but simply as a fan who was watched Beck since he was drafted by us (and then went to two teams in my backyard).

John Beck is far from elite

Therefor he Will Not Survive The New World Order

have a HAARPy day :(


Greedy NFL owners & players

And did they get you to trade
Your heros for ghosts?
Hot ashes for trees?
Hot air for a cool breeze?
Cold comfort for change?
And did you exchange
A walk on part in the war
For a lead role in a cage?

How I wish, how I wish you were here.
We're just two lost souls
Swimming in a fish bowl,
Year after year,
Running over the same old ground. But, ...
What have U found?
The same old fears.
Wish you were here.



DC I see your explanation better now. Maybe the Ravens released Beck as a favor because no way he was going to start over Flacco. Beck has always been pitted against those with far more experience, could be just bad timing, going to the wrong teams, or could be he just doesn't have it. We'll see if Shannahan is serious about starting him.


Tiki Barber wants to come back. He has experience and speed and will perfectly compliment our team. Tiki is our best option at RB. LOL.

Iluminatti member and team owner of The New England Patriots , Robert Kraft has assured victory for the New World Order and the NFL darling Patriots passing and running over the same old ground
and look
what he has found, ...

Belichick is entering his 12th season with the Patriots, an incredible run that's included a 126-50 record and three Super Bowl titles.

have HAARPy day :(



Hey I would take a QB for 7 years of solid QB play.

I've always been a Beck fan and thought he got screwed when he was here by cam.

I will root for him to be succesful in Washington and hope he does very well.

It would be funny if Beck is finally ready to get a shot at starting, and then the season gets canned because of the lockout.

What horrible luck for that guy if that happens.

Anyway, that's another team's problem. Mando, let's concentrate on THIS team. Any word on Henne organizing practices like Beck seems to be doing here in DC?

All I remember about Beck's few times under center was a man running scared...He never showed me any confidence and am glad the Fins cut him.

beck is playing in the nfc east arguably the hardest division in the nfc im sure he will not be any better than henne was last year

so lets keep pushing for a qb and some good competition around here

im still liking orton for a 3rd rounder


If memory serves Beck was the 3rd. string Q.B. on the 08 Fins squad and wasn`t granted his release till after the season when he joins Baltimore for 09. If you remember Flacco in 08 had taken Baltimore to the AFC Championship game vs. Pitt. were they would loose to the eventual SB Champs that season, so to think Beck was brought in to be anything but a back up there is crazy. I figure Cam went to Newsome and told him we made a mistake and that Beck would be solid behind Flacco but to think anything else is nuts.

That said I`m with you on the fact he couldn`t beat out McCown who is nothing but a perennial back up himself. Your post about Shanahan being enamored with Griese and Plummer are dead on, he drafted Griese after all in the 98 draft to sit behind Elway learn and evetually be his heir apparent which blew up in his face. He was later convinced he could turn streaky hot and cold Plummer around and that didn`t work either. The post sombra sends at you reminding that he also loved Cutler is dumb because the whole league liked him and his rocket arm your not the 6th overall selection in the draft for nothing.

I got a feeling though that win , loose or embarrass himself Beck will probably play the whole season because now that Shanahan understands what he`s gotten himself into with the rebuilding project Wash. is he will be inclined to let it play out and if they lay a stink bomb out there so be it because it could put him in play for the next generations no-brainer franchise Q.B. in Andrew Luck.

fin4life, I stand corrected. You're right, Beck didn't go to the Ravens until after '08, so Flacco had already gotten a hold of the team by then.

So he had no chance to start there.

Here's his chance, let's see what he can do with it. Like I said, I have no desire to see him crash and burn, it's just my humble opinion that he's not A-talent (more like a B-talent guy).

I see way way worse signs in Henne than I can recall seeing from Beck. Henne missed that 10 foot pass into a 5 foot window on that goal line Fasano pass earlier last season. That play was executed perfectly, but the toss was WAY off the mark. Even the best receivers drop simple passes, but Henne (especially with his height)should be able to make that throw with his left hand every time, and more importantly on the goal line if he wants to be a starter in the NFL. Granted there are many other examples of his questionable tossing, but that one is so glaring to me. He couldn't make it happen in crunch time.
He overthinks his throws, he can't improvise, and he can't throw a deep ball on target. He will never be a top caliber QB in the NFL.
Make a play for Carson Palmer or Orton, and give Thigpen more tosses. Thigpen is totally underrated.

I'll bet any blogger here would they realize how little they really know after they sat down and spoke to Shannahan about QB's. Every coach makes mistakes on QB's, that doesn't mean they don't have far more insight into the position than any arm chair self proclaimed GM fan here.

PhinFan, I disagree. Whenever Beck was on the field, I was scared. I was hoping he'd just hold onto the ball.

At least Henne is durable and can stand in the pocket and deliver a pass (though you're right, some of the passes aren't 10ft. from the nearest receiver).

I'm much more comfortable with Henne back there than Beck, but that's not saying much.


Don`t misunderstand I also wish him the best but don`t see it working out for him either and believe all those arguing that and some other points regarding him with you either dillusional or unaware of all the facts which you have touched on in some detail. Your breakdown of him on multiple posts are dead on!!!!! By the way what`s up been a while Bro.

fin, yeah, been a little while. I got slammed at work and haven't yet replaced my stolen laptop at home, so don't get on as much as I like anymore. Got a laptop on it's way though, so I should be back to my daily self in a couple of weeks.

But glad to see everyone still duking it out on here as always. I'm starting to get worried about football this year (damn courts are messing things up but good), hope we still have a season. What do you think, will they work it out by Sept, or you think we'll miss any games?


I believe once the season nears and players see this thing is for real you will see serious cracks in player unity. At the end of the day it`s the players who can`t afford to loose a season for a variety of reasons, lets analyze it for a minute.

It doesn`t matter if your a rookie or seasoned vet the thought of loosing a year in a profession with such a short shelf life (Pro Athlete) will weigh heavily once the cold reality sets in about the owners and there resolve and that goes double with those with Families to feed, live beyond there means or are at the end of there respective careers and can`t afford to loose a couple of games if not there last season all together to collect from the league and then you have the bonehead factor like A.Cromartie and his child support for his 10 kids while not forgetting Dez and all that jewelry he needs to pay off.

The owners on the other hand have time on there side and will exploit this factor while letting the hour glass effect start to break player unity. I think eventually the players will see this for what it`s worth and settle before the owners start the scab talk (replacement games) with alot of big names crossing the picket lines only to eager to play and collect pay checks. The owners if forced will cancel the season and force the players hands, they didn`t aquire there vast fortunes by bending to the will of the Courts or in looking to win many popularity contests.

I also think the owners as calculated business men understand that the cancellation of a season can have a very negative effect on there product and will look at the MLB and NHL models of the 90`s and look to avoid it but on there terms not the players and at the end of the day the player demand to be equal partners 50/50 with ownership is unreasonable. They have a gripe in other areas but not there, my money is on the players flinching first

Yeah, pretty right on fin. Players will definitely "give" first, but I hope it doesn't go that long (we'd definitely lose games if they waited for that). I'm hoping against hope both sides will give a bit in mediation. And maybe when training camp time comes around, both will get nervous and want to get football up and running.


I hope so as well and at the end of the day money is the most important mitigating factor but I got a feeling there is more to it still. I look at this and think the players or at least a group of them feel that there in a position to make history by redefining the dynamics of Pro Sports, remember the NBA and MLB are all watching as there own labor urest looms and what comes out of the NFL player lawsuits could help define things for them as well, it`s one mother of a cosmic rabbit hole with everybody waiting to see what comes out the other side.

Beck is being opportunistic...can't blame him for that. I don't see him being a starter that makes a difference.
I'm all for Armando beating the QB drum...we need a future at that position. Until that happens all else won't matter. Talent will come and talent will go...without winning it all. Jake Long could be in the Pro Bowl his entire career and never see us make run at the title. This is the reality without a QB. If Henne can do it great...if he cannot (which I believe) lets move on. I don't want to see a bungled job of it either. Make it professional and effective. It's about getting fans behind this franchise and becoming relevant...really relevant. This poser crap has gone on too long.


You're article highlights one of the major problems the Dolphins continue to have. They can't evaluate, develop or coach good, much less great, quaterback play. I wanted us to get Mallett, but deep down, I knew (and this regime probably knew) we wouldn't know what to do with him and would probably just screw him up.

With this coaching staff, we really need a veteran who has already been developed, who is not a project and who is a good fit. I just hope we don't leverage the future for one becasue I suspect that this regime will be gone at the end of next season after this team lays down on them. The owner doesn't respect them - how can the players - just like the last two years, when going get's tough, this team will be gone.

Bottom line is that there is no need to fret over John Beck - Shannahan's ability to put him on the field succesfully would not in any way reflect that this regime could have done the same.

All the mid to late round draft picks and the UDFA's have to be hating this situation.

During a "regular" off season the opportunities are already limited BEFORE cut downs.

If there is no season, these guys will hang in limbo. Then next years late rounders and UDA's will diminish their opportunities even more.

I have to agree with Fin as well. The aging vets might be standing united with the NFLPA, but deep down their wishing we could all just get on with it already.

I'll bet the Canadian Football League owners are loving it. Their looking on, hoping to exact a little revenge for the NFL teams always plucking their finest talents.

We're running out of time. Teams like us, installing or tweaking their Offenses or defenses are out of luck. OTA's, not this year. Strength and conditioning will suffer soon too. Player evaluations at this point will have to be rushed.

So, realistically speaking, this situation is ALREADY going to be negatively affecting the upcoming season, if there is one.


I have the same gut feeling about your worries regarding all the negative effects it`s already having.

I thought that the Fins should have given Beck more of a chance.... If they didn't see a role for him, then they should have traded him, as opposed to just cutting him. Same thing with Matt Roth.... TRADE, don't just cut. You can't tell me there wasn't a market for either one of them. This is one of the many reasons why I didn't like Parcells. He thinks he is smarter than everyone, and lets his ego get in the way of sound decisions. Even 4th or 5 round picks are better than nothing, you can bundle them to trade up, pick up depth, etc..

I don't know if Beck will do well in DC, but it would be nice if he did in a way to teach Parcells and his boy Ireland a lesson...

Hi guys...I'm gay.

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