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Dolphins are not interested in Plaxico Burress

Yes, I'm still on vacation. But I'm not sipping drinks garnished with little umbrellas on some island and I'm certainly not hiking any mountain. I'm home. And I'm aware.

And I'm keenly aware many of you are wondering if the Dolphins are going to show interest in wide receiver Plaxico Burress, who was released Tuesday from prison after serving 21 months for a gun crime related to his blowing a couple of holes in his leg at a nightclub in 2008.

Burress, 34 when the NFL season eventually begins, may be an interesting topic. But I am told by a reliable source the Dolphins are "absolutely not" interested in Burress.

So much for that rumor.

I happen to agree the Dolphins should have zero business interest in Burress, despite the fact he is a South Florida resident. Why?

Did I mention he'll be 34 in August?

Did I mention he just spent 21 months in jail?

Did you know he has not played NFL football since 2008?

Did you know it is now 2011?

Maybe none of that bothers you. Maybe you think Burress can be the next coming of Michael Vick. And perhaps he can weave a tale of redemption and resurrect his fading career. I hope he does.

But Michael Vick was 28 years old when he returned to the NFL, not 34. And it still took him a year to get up to speed again.

Sorry, but the odds are against Burress. And it simply doesn't make sense for Miami to take that gamble.

Burress, in his prime, was an imposing 6-foot-5 target who combined that great size with very good speed and an increasing experience of defenses that made him very dangerous. But even in 2008, following his grand 2007 performance that helped the Giants win the Super Bowl, Burress was a troubled dude.

He was missing practices and was late to team meetings and was something of an enigma in the Giants locker room. He was also apparently in decline. After catching 70 passes for 1,025 yards in 2007, Burress had only 35 catches in 10 games in 2008. His average per catch was the lowest since his rookie year and the lowest in what was a steady four-year decline from 19.9 in 2004 to 16.0 in 2005 to 15.7 in 2006 to 14.6 in 2007 to 13.0 in 2008.

And you expect it will go up after not playing since the winter of 2008 and spending 21 months in jail?

Here's another thought for you to consider:

If the Dolphins decide they want a receiver to help Brandon Marshall and Davone Bess and the rest of the receiver corps in 2011, they aren't going to chase a 34-year-old guy. They're going to chase someone in his prime.

Did you know Santonio Holmes is a free agent? He's 27 years old. And fast. And hasn't been in jail the past two years. He played football last year ... and the year before. And putting him out there with Brandon Marshall would turn just about any QB into a playmaker. And it would be a blow to the Jets to lose him.

Did you know Braylon Edwards is a free agent? He's 28 years old. And his yards per reception number last year was 17.1. He also was a Michigan teammate of Chad Henne's and the two had good chemistry together. And yes, he drops passes, but he caught 53 last year for 904 yards and seven touchdowns.

And seven TDs is only one fewer than Brandon Marshall and Davone Bess had combined in 2010.

I am not saying the Dolphins will be interested in either Edwards or Holmes. But I am using them to illustrate the point that if Miami were to dip into the free agent WR market, there would be several players that make much more sense than Plaxico Burress.

Think on that.

So back to vacation I go. Please follow me on twitter as I am on there regularly and you can interact with me while I'm on this great vacation I'm on -- thinking about football.


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Armando, you are either addicted or dedicated.

It would make too much sense to go after Holmes which is why the Phins won't do it. I was screaming for them to take Hakeen Nicks a couple of years back but I never get what I want when it comes to my team. I guess we will all suffer together until we get better decision makers. Can I apply for the job?

Nice one Armando! Way to dig deep even on vacation...well played.

The Dolphins already have Super highly paid BMarsh. DBess, Hartline and Wallace rounding out the group. Add a dose of trying to teach EGates to NE an NFLer on a shortened year and it would appear it would be tough to get enough looks for someone like Plax. The trade up drafting of RB DThomas and Tony S declaring mucho dedication to the run game further drops the looks.

I dunno what the offense will be but with Henne chucking the pill it will be more running based I would imagine.

I say let Buress head elsewhere and spend that $$ on other positions... QB, OL and another Passrusher if possible.


The Mighty air-breathers interest in "Plixico(Shoot em)Buress should be akin to a guy in the desert, first ask "Why did you get stranded in the desert" and the second "Q" should be "Do you want a drink of this ocean water".......

Rob, The fins need a overhaul from top to bottom, A new Owner,New head coach,New Qb, I mean I HOPE for a stike shorten season, Its the only way the fins wont lose 80% of there games...(Full season 3 and 13, A stike shorten season 1 and 7).......Just saying..

never understood all the interest and buzz about Burress. It's not like he is an aging Randy Moss, superstar, or whatever. IMO, were fine at WR, need RBs.


Plaxico Buress to Brandon Marshall -- "when they bring a knife, you bring a gun"

C'mon guys Plax? -- really? IS everybody sitting round playing Madden 06?

C'mon. I'm dying here.


Have to agree with Phinatic @ 3:07

Hi Menace --

Technically a 1 and 7 record (Winning percentage (14.8%) is a WORSE record than 3 and 13 (23%)

Gary Stevens knows math.

Santonio Holmes would be awesome. I would get him just to screw with the Jests.

Wouldn't it be fun to see fatboy saying he isn't worried and Holmes wasn't any good anyway.

Ryan to reporters he isn't any good but he had nice feet!!! Holmes to Ryan awwwa thanks coach!!!!

Plaxico would be a turrible addition...Holmes would be interesting though!! Do we still play the Jets twice in a 8 game season?????

Armando may just either be bored or trying to get away from the misses.

Dolphins all set a the WR position

As it is we r going to have to try to stash a couple of WRs on the practice squad

Now veteran FA offensive linemen, QB and running back are areas to be addressed in FAs when NFL football resumes later in the month of June 2011 according to NostraHomeUs

Vince Young WILL be a Miami Dolphin soon

have a HAARPy vacation Armando :(

I'd rather have Plax than Holmes or Edwards if only for just a couple years until Gates comes into his own... V Jackson was interesting yet Plax isn't? Plax was way better than him and just becuase he is getting old doesn't mean he'd be any less dangerous out there with B Marshall suddenly we'd have to giant targets and some real quick ones to compliment the beasts. I'm not saying he'd be a #2 wr but he'd definitely take pressure off Marshall and Bess.

go get braylon edwards. at least he knows how hard henne throws. it may add some chemistry to the team.

I have to agree with the holmes deal. That would be a nice knife to the back of the jets (no pun intended Bmarsh). Braylon Edwards? No way c'mon. We don't need a bunch of wr pre-madonna's. If you say no to Plax, double no to Braylon.

before he shot himself he was a perrenial allstar and a super bowl champ...

I don't see the harm especially after we gambled with Marshall and it paid off but there was still one other WR star we were missing even w Bess playing out of his mind... If we had another tall goto guy other than Marshall they couldn't double team B Marsh every deep route. One thing Plax did well is create mismatches and I really don't think those two from the Jets really scared anyone out there, constantly dropping passes at crucial moments and then clutch the next... Might as well have kept Ginn Jr. if we were to go after Holmes

yea lets get a pothead and a dui guy to Miami... Plax made an honest mistake a dumb one at that but he is from florida what do you expect from him n guns? I think he is less a gamble than Marshall one becuz he won't cost half as much and Marshall's off field issues just seem worse even though Plax went to jail. Maybe it was a good thing for him in his life and he turns it around? Do you really want to be the team that was ignorant to not even look at the guy and give him a shot?

Cautionary tales like Paxico Burress and Brandon Marshall are the reason why Jeff Irelans insists on a hard policy of asking all potential Wide Receivers if their mother was a prostitute.

Dear Mr. Salguero

"Yes, I'm still on vacation. But I'm not sipping drinks garnished with little umbrellas on some island and I'm certainly not hiking any mountain."

Are you walking around your inground pool in a T-back bathing suit, monicle and top hat while drinking a martini with your little pinky finger extended ? If not...your not on vacation in my book.

Soiled :)

beer - try reading Armandos article again. Do you think Plax is going to hit the ground in form after being out of the game for so long? It does not happen. What kind of conditioning can he be in living in prison and on prison food for 2 years? Think man. He was already in decline before he shot himself, see Armandos stats again. Plax is done. He will get a very low end contract with some team and he will not be be better than any of our current WR's.

I'd go after Steve Smith but plax would be a project for sure but he couldn't hurt with the competition atleast and maybe help the young DBs

Terrell Pryor, no longer with Ohio State . Now this would be a good project QB for the FINS.They say he might jump to the NFL.

Simply The Bess

Brian Hartline (way underrated, fiery competitor breakout year)
Gates 4th WR ( gonna find his way to the field this year, pure speed, can catch and find the seam for a TD)

Wallace 5th WR big target at 6.4

Moore, see ya no less NO MOORE

New OC gonna line up many 4 WR sets and IT's ON!

Go Phins!

Who needs Plax? WR is the second deepest positon on the phins!

1. DL
2. WR
3. LB
4. DBs
5. P/PK
6. RBs
7. TE.
8. OL
9. QB

Miami is always running out there saying they are not interested in a particular player.... They need to be interested in somebody or the staff will be FIRED!!!!!!!!!

Burress deserves consideration, reagrdless of his age. I think he will play with a chip on his shoulder with a lot to prove. Like Vick, I think he took a lot for granted.

Some interesting WR prospects out there. I doubt very much that Holmes will leave the Jets.

No Burress, Huh?

Great, yippee, hallelujah, whatever.............

Still depressed.......

Still TRYING to drink to much........

Still worrying about the strike......

Armando, call me when it's over.

You still got the number?

Someone will give Plax a chance, just not us. We are pretty solid at WR.

"Hi Menace --

Technically a 1 and 7 record (Winning percentage (14.8%) is a WORSE record than 3 and 13 (23%)

Gary Stevens knows math.
Posted by: Gary Stevens | June 07, 2011 at 04:05 PM

Yes, but we'd only have to suffer 7 times.

Mando, there are often times when I'm grateful for your grasp of the obvious...this certainly being one.
Excellent. I'm TOTALLY with you here..especially REGARDING Holmes.

As I recall, Edwards hates the Fins forNOT originally drafting him.
Fascinating that we could help ourselves and hurt the Jets...an uncommon occurrence.

"Terrell Pryor, no longer with Ohio State . Now this would be a good project QB for the FINS.They say he might jump to the NFL."

Ah yes, ANOTHER high character guy. ?????????

Miami is always running out there saying they are not interested in a particular player.... They need to be interested in somebody or the staff will be FIRED!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: ROD

Rod, Please get your facts straight. The Miami Dolphins did not "Run out and say they did or did not want anyone".... Armando said that because of what his "Sources" said. There is a HUGE difference. Why is it so many people read something in a Blog or an opinion piece by some writer and take what is said or implied as "The actual word of the franchise"???

Miami is not interested in anything but getting back to work right now. I feel confident that is the feeling of the other 31 teams in the league also... You can bet your stinky socks the moment the floodgates of free agency are open, Miami will be right out front being aggressive and spending whatever they must to get the players they want. This Coaching/Management staff and Ross have proved time and again they are willing to spend the tall $$cash$$. Regretfully some has been spent on bad choices, just like nearly every other team. At LEAST there were choices made unlike many teams around the NFL. There have also been some pretty good choices, Marshall, Dansby, Wake, Starks, Tony McDaniel.... perhaps one or two others?

I feel right out of the gates Miami will be looking for a Veteran QB, some sort of 2nd Options RB and another interior O-lineman. With drafting Gates and Clay and having a nifty group at WR already, I just cannot see a ton of emphasis or cash being given to ANOTHER Free Agent, Wide Receiver.

Is Lebron even playing? That guy just disappears in big games.

..Dallas cannot make a shot to save their season. Brick city! I'm by no means a Lebron fan, and he has has an off game. But he is easily the best player on the Heat. No question. How many points have the players he has guarded scored in the 4th quarter of the last 2 series? It's not always about scoring. The guy is amazing.

Lebron plays like a bowel movement when you need him most.

..Let me refrain..It is arguable who the best player on the Heat is. What is not. Is that the Heat wouldn't be playing for the cup if James were not on this squad. Wade is great, but how quickly people forget that it was Lebron that took over the series againsr Chicago that got the Heat in to the Finals. The series may have been short, but the games were close. James not only TOTALY shut down Rose, but he made clutch shot after clutch shot. I get it why James cannot win, like I said earlier there is a lot of things to be critical. But his game is not one of them.

James can't handle the pressure of the finals. He wilts. Psyched out.

LeBowelMovement should have just stayed home and wiped his ass today.

Hey were's that guy now who first said Miami and 5. Then he changes to say oh but if not if 5 then in 6. Is he up to 7 yet?

to BE OR NOT TO BE ......................... MY LOVE IS EVERY THING I LOVE AND ADORE .

..I hope to see it go 7 just because the games are exciting. When you can watch as a nuetral it makes for stress free viewing enjoyment..



What up ALoco???




Don't know much about basketball but these games are thrilling.


for me it's averaqe .

Pork Bellies

P O R K ... B E L L I E S !!!!!

My older son, who basketballs, said the Heat in six, but the way these two teams are fighting to the very end...that's thrilling for me.

Rebock is selling these really cool leather and mesh aqua colored cross-training sneakers...

They look cool but they're $160...

I wondering if I should buy them to wear to the gym?

What's a Dolphin fan to do??

I think that zone play by Dallas in the 4th quarter got the Heat out of synch. What's your opinion, ALoco?

ALoco..Usually the buisness would be very good right now. Sadly, the weather, and floods-road closures have put a halt to what would be money making time. I also just found out that I am getting a UA tax audit for 2010...Very stressful time. Just need to get through this next 3 weeks until audit day(July 6) I have never been audited before..Anyone out there have any experience with this?

BTW..how are you?

Yeah...I'm told that they take it very seriously and they bust your b_lls if you don't cooperate...

Meanwhile....Wallstreet gets away with murder.

A fa wr in any capacity makes zero sense for the Dolphins. If we added another wr it almost assures either Hartline or Bess will be playing in a new city in 2011.

..MR Saxobeat..Yeah, I have been cooperating. Just nervous. I heard the agent on my case is young, and a real detail orientated hard nose.

About the topic of Plexico..He may have an easier time then Mike Vick getting back into playing shape where he can produce.(WR is much easier then QB) But what advantages would Burress bring to our team? He is 34, and 2 years removed from taking a snap. I would much rather go with one of young guys, and see what they have. Rather then jeapordize one of the roster spots for a player whos best years are most likey passed. We can't put Moore, or Wallace on the practice squad. So 1 of their spots would have to be sacrificed for Plax.

His best quality is red zone target. Fade pass to be on point. Well our quarterback is perhaps the worst in the league at throwing this pattern. So where is the advantage? Let our young guys develop, and go with what we have. Plus Plax is a diva.We already have a guy who suffers from frequent "Butt Periods" no need to have 2 guys on the rag. We all know how that goes .

Is Hartline considered slow?

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