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Dolphins are not interested in Plaxico Burress

Yes, I'm still on vacation. But I'm not sipping drinks garnished with little umbrellas on some island and I'm certainly not hiking any mountain. I'm home. And I'm aware.

And I'm keenly aware many of you are wondering if the Dolphins are going to show interest in wide receiver Plaxico Burress, who was released Tuesday from prison after serving 21 months for a gun crime related to his blowing a couple of holes in his leg at a nightclub in 2008.

Burress, 34 when the NFL season eventually begins, may be an interesting topic. But I am told by a reliable source the Dolphins are "absolutely not" interested in Burress.

So much for that rumor.

I happen to agree the Dolphins should have zero business interest in Burress, despite the fact he is a South Florida resident. Why?

Did I mention he'll be 34 in August?

Did I mention he just spent 21 months in jail?

Did you know he has not played NFL football since 2008?

Did you know it is now 2011?

Maybe none of that bothers you. Maybe you think Burress can be the next coming of Michael Vick. And perhaps he can weave a tale of redemption and resurrect his fading career. I hope he does.

But Michael Vick was 28 years old when he returned to the NFL, not 34. And it still took him a year to get up to speed again.

Sorry, but the odds are against Burress. And it simply doesn't make sense for Miami to take that gamble.

Burress, in his prime, was an imposing 6-foot-5 target who combined that great size with very good speed and an increasing experience of defenses that made him very dangerous. But even in 2008, following his grand 2007 performance that helped the Giants win the Super Bowl, Burress was a troubled dude.

He was missing practices and was late to team meetings and was something of an enigma in the Giants locker room. He was also apparently in decline. After catching 70 passes for 1,025 yards in 2007, Burress had only 35 catches in 10 games in 2008. His average per catch was the lowest since his rookie year and the lowest in what was a steady four-year decline from 19.9 in 2004 to 16.0 in 2005 to 15.7 in 2006 to 14.6 in 2007 to 13.0 in 2008.

And you expect it will go up after not playing since the winter of 2008 and spending 21 months in jail?

Here's another thought for you to consider:

If the Dolphins decide they want a receiver to help Brandon Marshall and Davone Bess and the rest of the receiver corps in 2011, they aren't going to chase a 34-year-old guy. They're going to chase someone in his prime.

Did you know Santonio Holmes is a free agent? He's 27 years old. And fast. And hasn't been in jail the past two years. He played football last year ... and the year before. And putting him out there with Brandon Marshall would turn just about any QB into a playmaker. And it would be a blow to the Jets to lose him.

Did you know Braylon Edwards is a free agent? He's 28 years old. And his yards per reception number last year was 17.1. He also was a Michigan teammate of Chad Henne's and the two had good chemistry together. And yes, he drops passes, but he caught 53 last year for 904 yards and seven touchdowns.

And seven TDs is only one fewer than Brandon Marshall and Davone Bess had combined in 2010.

I am not saying the Dolphins will be interested in either Edwards or Holmes. But I am using them to illustrate the point that if Miami were to dip into the free agent WR market, there would be several players that make much more sense than Plaxico Burress.

Think on that.

So back to vacation I go. Please follow me on twitter as I am on there regularly and you can interact with me while I'm on this great vacation I'm on -- thinking about football.


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Players apparently are making a last-minute power play

Posted by Mike Florio on July 17, 2011, 12:17 AM EDT

When I left Hilton Head Saturday morning, it had been suggested that almost nothing could derail a new labor deal.

That attitude possibly has jinked the entire process.


Oh golly gee, a snag?

It's almost a done deal.
Talks have broken down.
It's almost a done deal.
Talks have broken down.
It's almost a done deal.
Talks have broken down.
It's almost a done deal.
Talks have broken down.

It's a Doner deal!

She cut my hair and then some!

I'm too drunk to spell check and I'm yo drunk to care.

All I know for SURE! Life is GOOD!!!!

I love the Miami Dolphins and I lobe all the reall fellow Fins Fans!

I loved Jim Mandich TOO!

AwwRiiiiight MIAMI!!!!

I'm a Dolphins Homer and I'm fuking proud of it!


I know a wonderful chant for relaxation. You will sleep like a kitten.

Repeat after me:

"Habba Jabba Ma Nu Baba"

"Habba Jabba Ma Nu Baba"

"Diddy Po, Diddy Po, Jumu Kakolo"

"Thermo Ectoplasm Sauerkraut"

"Telly Savalas"

King of Yams in a rotten can,

Go find yourself a REAL life. This is a Dolphins Blog. Not a IDIOT Blog.


AP Sources: Lawsuit, NFLPA's status unresolved

AP Pro Football Writers

Re-establishing the union and figuring out exactly what it will take to for nine NFL players including Tom Brady to settle their antitrust suit against the league are among key issues blocking a deal to end the lockout, people familiar with the negotiations told The Associated Press on Saturday.

Even after owners and players made significant progress this week, potential sticking points remain, according to the people, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the talks are supposed to remain confidential.

The unresolved matters also include how the TV networks case, in which the players accused the owners of setting up "lockout insurance," will be settled.

Hmmm, July 17 and still no deal? 5 day countdown before games get whacked.

The More they whack games the longer fisty will be a coach,If they get this thing signed maybe,MAYBE, the fins will get a real coach.



Who wants a big bucket of squid guts?

@ 10:34

Very true. Only a short season or playoff victory and save this hc.

my feeling is we could aquire all the best players in FA but the head coach doesn't know what to do with them. we never put in place a "system" like the pats have. bellichek makes any player look good by interchanging "pieces" and still not miss a beat. unless sparano does an about face, look forward to another 7 and 9 season at best no matter who we aquire.

Agree Greg, Until the masses really relize that a Head coach is the key they'll be satisfied with a 7 and 9 team., Truley sad that anyone who roots for the dolphins would be ok with the medocrity that is now the mMiami Dolphns.Apperntley there to young to remember 2 super bowl wins and 17 and 0 in 72, but I guess thats what todays youth is used to, just getting by..

Incredable,One guy talking to himself for 3 hours.Cuben+Aloco= The same Idiot.

Posted by: WTF,COM | July 16, 2011 at 11:09 PM

That's some funny sh@t......

Its funny because it's true.....LOL

I don't think anyone will be satisfied with 7-9, especially Stephen Ross.

The Coach might not have the skills to make it at this level, regardless, because of all the converging "circumstances", we'll see the BEST of whatever it is he has. FIST PUMP!

I myself haven't had much, IF ANY satisfaction since jacksonville crushed us in the playoff game. That was some heavy duty cosmic turning point.

Even the Pennington led Wildcat team wasn't very impressive to me. They over-achieved and got every possible lucky bounce, but just by watching them, you could tell something was fundamentally wrong.

PS: I gotta stop drinking so much. Some chick SCALPED me last night. My head looks like a Gay Majik Mushroom.

The turning point in Dolphin lore was that day Marino flinched in pain with nobody near him. The achilles injury. He still had some game after he came back, but was never the same. Then some neck injury knocked him down another notch or two.

Since that day, the fins have nothing inspiring to add to their book of lore.

Simon -

Beating an undefeated Chicago Bears team in 2006 was cool.
It wasn't like beating the Super Bowl Shuffle crew but it was a great win.
1972 remained alive and well!

Well lets see,# 43 TAKING OVER for # 31 w/out ricky and ronnie.... Here we come 6 and 10... Yeah baby, Can I get a fist pump peeps??????

Soorry,32 taking over 31.....

Dabols #1 strength is the same as Sparanos, they are both great cheerleaders.

Bill Belichick didn't exactly set the world on fire as HC of the Browns.
Change of scenery with the Pats did him wonders.
Why not Daboll?

Holmgrem didn't have much good to say about Dabol. Rigid, inflexible, doesn't use his wide outs well. He fired him.

0.2 Cents, You comparing The Cheater Vs. The Blunderer????? LMAOROTF.

Cleveland canned Belichick because they didn't have much good to say about him and viewed him as a "Blunderer."

Belicheat was a good coach for the browns but they let him go, two seasons later there relocated to Baltimore and win a championship in 01, Mean time the cheater wins 3, trophys, I wasnt surprised about it, If anyone was there not that football savey..........

Cleveland canned Belichick because they didn't have much good to say about him and viewed him as a "Blunderer."

Posted by: $0.02 | July 17, 2011 at 03:09 PM

You just proved my point.

What point?
That Belichick was a Daboll back in the day?

If someone could bring 3 SB trophies to Miami, I wouldn't give a rat's ass if they cheated.

The difference is Holmgrem knows something about football. Whoever fired Belicheck didn't know how to sharpen a pencil.

Fins biggest problem, they have a clown owner who does not know football.

Whoever fired Belichick is the same person that took the organization to Baltimore and, as WTF stated, won a SB.
This person didn't know anything about football?
Holy Hell Brother!!!


Credit Peyton Manning, one of the best QB's in history, and the only single reason they got him is they sucked so royally bad they had the #1 overall pick. Wake up and smell reality.

Mark Sanchez you useless piece of hot dog eating whale shyt from the depths of the bottom of the ocean.
Manning went to the team that "dipped" from Baltimore and went to Indiana.
Cleveland "moved" to Baltimore to fill the void.
They won a Super Bowl by the way.
Been sniffing some of ALoco's glue have ya?
Maybe someone else can come along and make you realize the folly of your ways.
Don't look now but Rex Ryan is coming your way.
Bend over so you can please your head coach!!

What is Bill Bellick doing now adays BTW??

2C, Sorry, I was pointing out that anything in cleveland is garbage(Except the R@R HOF), Anyhoo the reason why Baltimore won a cha,pionship had nothing to do with it's HC, And I hate to say it but had everything to do with it's GM and now I really hate to say this but the most important guy was there DC who I will not say his name cause I just a just eat dinner.

I swallow for $0.02. Anyone in Broward?

Oh My, another snag? Did somebody say it would be resolved last Friday? Or today the 17th? Gee how many days will they take off negotiations this week?


Logan Mankins could hold up settlement by demanding free agency
Posted by Mike Florio on July 17, 2011, 3:17 PM EDT

As the Brady antitrust action chugs toward conclusion, Ron Borges of the Boston Herald points out that, to the extent the settlement of the lawsuit depends on the approval of the men whose names appear on it, Patriots guard Logan Mankins could demand that he not be subject to the franchise tag in exchange for dropping the case.

Fake $0.02 at 5:36PM.
F u k you a s s hole!
I do not talk like that.

WTF - the same GM that fired Belichick?
I wonder if he regrets that now?

Fake $0.02 @ 5:48pm. I see I have a fan.

Taking a moment here to congratulate our ladies on finishing #2 in FIFA.
Congrats to Japan - they needed a feel good story after the recent natural disasters that devasted their country.

Fake $0.02 at 5:50PM.
I see that you are the number one a s s hole on this blog.

The American girls choked. Should have won 8-2, missed a ton of shots right in front of the goal. They played great but got cocky and lazy when they were ahead by a goal. Then choked on free kicks big time.

No no no!!!

I am the king as s hole!!

Please fake post me.


There are already 92 WTF.COM's here. We know who 67 of them are.

Hey $0.02

Can you travel to Dade tonight?

You did get one thing right.

I like hot dogs WITHOUT the bun.

Know what I mean?

Hey Longster - Mark Sanchez has told me all about you.

You are a sick f u k.

What is Bill Bellick doing now adays BTW??

Posted by: WTF.COM | July 17, 2011 at 05:14 PM


He is banging your mother.

Fake $0.02 @ 6:11pm

Longster, I can travel to Dade after 8pm, just let me know.

Fake $0.02 at 6:14PM.

Check the record.
I do not talk like that be-atch!

Okay sorry.

Mark Sanchez please do me!


Please do me.

Central Intelligence.

Please do me.


Please do me.


Please do me.

Yes yes!!

Pleas Armando.

Do me.

Anyone in Broward up for a weekly circle jerk before the fin games? I can entertain.

I've got some secret video of the fins players showering, from 2010. It is NICE!

I do not live in Broward Fake $0.02 at 6:21PM.
Your mind belongs in the gutter.

Once again, congratulations to Japan.
They showed great tenacity.
This is a feel-good for that country.
They suffered horribly during the earthquake and tsunami.

Anyone in Broward up for a weekly circle jerk before the fin games? I can entertain.

Posted by: $0.02 | July 17, 2011 at 06:21 PM

Count me in.

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