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Dolphins are not interested in Plaxico Burress

Yes, I'm still on vacation. But I'm not sipping drinks garnished with little umbrellas on some island and I'm certainly not hiking any mountain. I'm home. And I'm aware.

And I'm keenly aware many of you are wondering if the Dolphins are going to show interest in wide receiver Plaxico Burress, who was released Tuesday from prison after serving 21 months for a gun crime related to his blowing a couple of holes in his leg at a nightclub in 2008.

Burress, 34 when the NFL season eventually begins, may be an interesting topic. But I am told by a reliable source the Dolphins are "absolutely not" interested in Burress.

So much for that rumor.

I happen to agree the Dolphins should have zero business interest in Burress, despite the fact he is a South Florida resident. Why?

Did I mention he'll be 34 in August?

Did I mention he just spent 21 months in jail?

Did you know he has not played NFL football since 2008?

Did you know it is now 2011?

Maybe none of that bothers you. Maybe you think Burress can be the next coming of Michael Vick. And perhaps he can weave a tale of redemption and resurrect his fading career. I hope he does.

But Michael Vick was 28 years old when he returned to the NFL, not 34. And it still took him a year to get up to speed again.

Sorry, but the odds are against Burress. And it simply doesn't make sense for Miami to take that gamble.

Burress, in his prime, was an imposing 6-foot-5 target who combined that great size with very good speed and an increasing experience of defenses that made him very dangerous. But even in 2008, following his grand 2007 performance that helped the Giants win the Super Bowl, Burress was a troubled dude.

He was missing practices and was late to team meetings and was something of an enigma in the Giants locker room. He was also apparently in decline. After catching 70 passes for 1,025 yards in 2007, Burress had only 35 catches in 10 games in 2008. His average per catch was the lowest since his rookie year and the lowest in what was a steady four-year decline from 19.9 in 2004 to 16.0 in 2005 to 15.7 in 2006 to 14.6 in 2007 to 13.0 in 2008.

And you expect it will go up after not playing since the winter of 2008 and spending 21 months in jail?

Here's another thought for you to consider:

If the Dolphins decide they want a receiver to help Brandon Marshall and Davone Bess and the rest of the receiver corps in 2011, they aren't going to chase a 34-year-old guy. They're going to chase someone in his prime.

Did you know Santonio Holmes is a free agent? He's 27 years old. And fast. And hasn't been in jail the past two years. He played football last year ... and the year before. And putting him out there with Brandon Marshall would turn just about any QB into a playmaker. And it would be a blow to the Jets to lose him.

Did you know Braylon Edwards is a free agent? He's 28 years old. And his yards per reception number last year was 17.1. He also was a Michigan teammate of Chad Henne's and the two had good chemistry together. And yes, he drops passes, but he caught 53 last year for 904 yards and seven touchdowns.

And seven TDs is only one fewer than Brandon Marshall and Davone Bess had combined in 2010.

I am not saying the Dolphins will be interested in either Edwards or Holmes. But I am using them to illustrate the point that if Miami were to dip into the free agent WR market, there would be several players that make much more sense than Plaxico Burress.

Think on that.

So back to vacation I go. Please follow me on twitter as I am on there regularly and you can interact with me while I'm on this great vacation I'm on -- thinking about football.


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I've got some secret video of the fins players showering, from 2010. It is NICE!

Posted by: $0.02 | July 17, 2011 at 06:26 PM

I've been robbed.
Gimme back my videos.

All aboard F-gs. Its time you leave this BLOG. Straight people ONLY.

Even though our fellow Americans are suffering from the financial crisis, mortgage crisis, lost homes, lost jobs, lost government, lower wages, more outsourcing, and daily growing national debt with no end in sight, lets let the Japs and kamikaze's celebrate and enjoy whipping our butt. I just may go eat sushi tonight.

Anyone in Broward up for a weekly circle jerk before the fin games? I can entertain.

Posted by: $0.02 | July 17, 2011 at 06:21 PM

Is it discrete? I'm married, need to keep it quiet.

Fake $0.02.

We have seen your circle jerk mentality posts in the past.
It should be obvious to anyone who routinely blogs here that $0.02 does not follow your line of thought.

Try your bullshyt on someone else!

I saw a chicken today.


Now thats what i'm talking about. Good post 7:10.

Why is everyone here so uptight. Loosen up..relax.

Anyone up for some cream pies tonight?

02 Why are you being so defensive? Hmmmmm...


And you question MY contributions here?

No imagination, no igenuity, it's not even humorous.

Wow! That's all I can think to say-Wow!

This lockout has me worried sick.
I wanted to try out for the Dolphins Cheerleader squad.
No football means they cancel the auditions.
Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be be a cheerleader.

No imagination, no igenuity, it's not even humorous.

Posted by: odinseye

Neither are you, outside of your own mind. Please respond and embarass yourself more, if that is even possible.

Saturn come here please.

Saturn come here please.

Posted by: Ur Anus

Where are you now?

With Armando obviously.

I guess Aloco isn't working tonight so he has more free time this evening.

Did someone say Ur Anus.
Now that what I'm talkin' about!

But they are interested in Reggie Bush!
Compliment to ThomaS!!


TO BE OR NOT TO BE///////////



0.02///////////// i worked all day and JUST CAME BACK ,THE FAKE ALOCO IS BECOMING ONE OF THE FAMILY WITH HIS FUNNY POSTS .............

Kris is faking $0.02 .

This lockout has me worried sick.
I wanted to try out for the Dolphins Cheerleader squad.
No football means they cancel the auditions.
Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be be a cheerleader.

Posted by: odinseye | July 17, 2011 at 07:43 PM


He makes joke Ha ha! He so funny, he call me little girl, Ah ha ha!

And you say I embarrass MYself?

How much time and effort did you put into THAT masterpiece-DuuuuuuuuuH!?!?

The Lingerie Football League kicks off it's new season next Saturday!

I realize most of you "guys" on here lately won't be interested, but thoose of you that are, Thought I'd give you a heads up.

It's not the NFL, but it's well worth watching. Show some support for the Ladies in Lingerie and tune in!


Little willy wanna play? Hey hey HEY? ;)

Sadly, If Armando never returned, and this blog were dismantled, some here would probably jump off a bridge, or die trying.

Prediction to all:

The CBA is resolved, allowing for an entire regular season.

The Dolphins will go 10-6 his year, but wont go to the SB.

Henne will throw for (3,951) 4,000 yards...

The entire Gang-of-Defeat will still blog blah-blah-bullcrap...


read this and understand waht ross,ireland and sparano (forget bp) have been trying to turn around, yes they've made mistakes, but they've built a foundation, there r too many wets fans on this site, of course anyone can laugh at the last 8 years, but finfans need to know that this season is critical, can henne do it, can ts do it, they need support

i believe they will improve this season

go fins

It is with great sorrow that I announce the passing of my beloved parakeet "Mr. Tinkles" this morning.

In honor of his memory, I shall refrain from pleasurinmg myself today and ask that all here do the same.


10-6? Shortsighted. I'll bet you said 11-5 last year. A team with about the worst O in the league last year doesn't go 10-6 with a bunch of new rookies on offense and a new OC that wasn't exactly impressive last year.

@ 4:44am
Another fan happy to give the team another 20 years to rebuild, happy with mere improvement over what was a horrible season 3 steps backwards. Some people have no idea what winning or a winning attitude is about.





Who can listen to Armandos shrill annoying voice? I tried twice, never again. Hate to say it, but he seems like a _ick.

Well said Tolstoy. Couldn't agree with you more

I hear Plaxico Burress is on the Market....

I wonder if the Dolphins will be interested in him.....

OK, I'm over the stupid parakeet. Forget what I said about refraining from masturbation. It's on!

I hear Armando is back. That means the new blog will be good for at least the first two pages before degrading into the toilet bowl again.

Anyone who wonders why this country is in shambles doesn't need to look any further than a sampling of the bloggers here to see how far this society has degraded into gagaville.

Heather's panties, right on!!!

Wolf, any serious fan of the Miami Dolphins knows that the start of the end was even before Marino retired. For everything Shula did right during his time here, he messed the team up for a decade by not bringing in a suitable replacement for Dan.

As far as the rest of your post, you don't "TRY" to turn things around by starting a 2min offense with a handoff to your 1-yd wonder halfback. You don't "TRY" to turn things around by not addressing the QB situation on your team (now two years running). You don't turn things around by doing the opposite of what's worked on almost every other "elite" team in today's league. You don't turn things around by looking for "acorns" and passing over REAL talent.

I agree, this is a make or break season for lots of individuals who are part of this team. Not me. I'm going down with the Titanic if that's the way the cookie crumbles, but hopefully SOMEONE, if not TS than SOMEONE, will come here and understand exactly what needs to happen to truly and once-and-for-all make this a formidable team again.

I don't think we're that far off. But I also don't think we're on the doorstep. We have a lot to overcome (all those mistakes that article addressed), yes, but we also need to overcome the lack of diversity of thought on the strategy to succeed (being a tough, hard-nosed running team with strong defense worked in 2000, not sure it still works in 2011). We need big plays. We need guys that hate to lose and will the team to win. We need guys that play their best when the game hangs in the balance. We need leaders who are as talented at LEADING as they are on the field (a la Ray Lewis).

We need a lot. And I'm not sure we have all that right now. We'll see. I'm not predicting a losing season, but I'm stung from my overly hopeful predictions of the past. Whatever Miami is going to be this year, they'll have to show me before I make a fool of myself and claim we've arrived to anyone around to listen.

I hope the Shreveport Steamers beat the Philadelphia Bell tonight!

Did anyone see Carol Burnett last night? That Tim Conway is HILARIOUS!! Even funnier than watching president Ford fall down!

What, you are terrorizing the American People? Only an immature, inexperienced Chief of State would do that. Let us those who believe in the best traditional American Values tell you that they(you and them) have a Final and Big battle in your hands. Treat it carefully, with wisdom, as we are accostumed to do so.

balderdash. Oscar, did you ever see the Manchurian Candidate? The original? That's you, brainwashed.

Guys -- we're almost there -- 3,000 meaningless posted comments since Armando's last post.

Let's roll-up our sleeves and get to that Jeter-esque number before Armandon awakes from his stupor and finally posts new content to his blog.

Dude, Get back to work.

What's up Fin Nation?????, Any new signings yet????,Uhhhh, Oh that's right,still on strike huh....

Ok I'll get the ball rolling, Topic of discussion today is:Greatest win by the mighty air breathers and why you think it was... Disscuss......(This could be either a playoff game or a regular season game... Discuss amongst yourselfs.......

New blog topic in the works. Word is Ireland will look at some FA RB's and QB's and evaluate those options.

Cuban -

Had to be 1972 SB win over the Skins for our 1st Lombardi trophy.

Uh Huh, That's right!

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Gold prices broke a new record Monday, topping $1,600 an ounce, driven by concerns over mounting debt in the United States and Europe.

Gold futures for August delivery settled at a new high of $1,602.40 per ounce. Earlier in the session, gold touched a fresh intra day high of $1,607.90 per ounce

Cuban -

in 1972, the Mighty Air Breathers finished 17-0.
If Garo YeFumbleFuk made that field goal, the score would have been 17-0!

Oh Yeah!

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Gold prices broke a new record Monday, topping $1,600 an ounce, driven by concerns over mounting debt in the United States and Europe.

Gold futures for August delivery settled at a new high of $1,602.40 per ounce. Earlier in the session, gold touched a fresh intra day high of $1,607.90 per ounce

Oh Yeah!

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Gold prices broke a new record Monday, topping $1,600 an ounce, driven by concerns over mounting debt in the United States and Europe.

Gold futures for August delivery settled at a new high of $1,602.40 per ounce. Earlier in the session, gold touched a fresh intraday high of $1,607.90 per ounce

I guess we are supposed to post everything multiple times.........................

Cuban -

in 1972, the Mighty Air Breathers finished 17-0.
If Garo YeFumbleFuk made that field goal, the score would have been 17-0!

Cuban -- no question -- September 13, 1987.

Sure it was a hum-dum 28-21 loss to the Patriots.

But it was also Tom Olivadotti's first game on the Dolphin's staff. A legend was born.

LOL At Gary, Sticking up for your old coach=mates....LOL, What about 1971,Miami Vs The colts, afc championship game, Miami holds a tenious 7 to 0 lead going into the 4th Qtr, Dick Anderson returns a Int return 65 yds weaving his way down the field to take a 14 to 0 lead, the game ended 21 to 0 and the mighty air breathers faced the Dallas cowboys in there 1st superbowl apparance..


Lil Aloco, Your Favorite Dolphin game??

Okay Mando, time to get off your ass and do something. Things are starting to happen with the CBA so, please pay some attention to your loyal followers.

Here's another of my favorites 1972 Miami 52 New England 0, A pasteing for sure(I was at this game I was only 10 years old) But what I remember best is Mercury Morris running wild for 200 yards but also remember the players being accessable I got a autograph from Merc. that day that I still possess, Also any time you beat a team by 52 points it's memoroble, Its also good to put 52 points on the pats, I dont care what decade it is....

Cuban, been gone for a while...is Mando still working for the Herald or what?

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