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Dolphins are not interested in Plaxico Burress

Yes, I'm still on vacation. But I'm not sipping drinks garnished with little umbrellas on some island and I'm certainly not hiking any mountain. I'm home. And I'm aware.

And I'm keenly aware many of you are wondering if the Dolphins are going to show interest in wide receiver Plaxico Burress, who was released Tuesday from prison after serving 21 months for a gun crime related to his blowing a couple of holes in his leg at a nightclub in 2008.

Burress, 34 when the NFL season eventually begins, may be an interesting topic. But I am told by a reliable source the Dolphins are "absolutely not" interested in Burress.

So much for that rumor.

I happen to agree the Dolphins should have zero business interest in Burress, despite the fact he is a South Florida resident. Why?

Did I mention he'll be 34 in August?

Did I mention he just spent 21 months in jail?

Did you know he has not played NFL football since 2008?

Did you know it is now 2011?

Maybe none of that bothers you. Maybe you think Burress can be the next coming of Michael Vick. And perhaps he can weave a tale of redemption and resurrect his fading career. I hope he does.

But Michael Vick was 28 years old when he returned to the NFL, not 34. And it still took him a year to get up to speed again.

Sorry, but the odds are against Burress. And it simply doesn't make sense for Miami to take that gamble.

Burress, in his prime, was an imposing 6-foot-5 target who combined that great size with very good speed and an increasing experience of defenses that made him very dangerous. But even in 2008, following his grand 2007 performance that helped the Giants win the Super Bowl, Burress was a troubled dude.

He was missing practices and was late to team meetings and was something of an enigma in the Giants locker room. He was also apparently in decline. After catching 70 passes for 1,025 yards in 2007, Burress had only 35 catches in 10 games in 2008. His average per catch was the lowest since his rookie year and the lowest in what was a steady four-year decline from 19.9 in 2004 to 16.0 in 2005 to 15.7 in 2006 to 14.6 in 2007 to 13.0 in 2008.

And you expect it will go up after not playing since the winter of 2008 and spending 21 months in jail?

Here's another thought for you to consider:

If the Dolphins decide they want a receiver to help Brandon Marshall and Davone Bess and the rest of the receiver corps in 2011, they aren't going to chase a 34-year-old guy. They're going to chase someone in his prime.

Did you know Santonio Holmes is a free agent? He's 27 years old. And fast. And hasn't been in jail the past two years. He played football last year ... and the year before. And putting him out there with Brandon Marshall would turn just about any QB into a playmaker. And it would be a blow to the Jets to lose him.

Did you know Braylon Edwards is a free agent? He's 28 years old. And his yards per reception number last year was 17.1. He also was a Michigan teammate of Chad Henne's and the two had good chemistry together. And yes, he drops passes, but he caught 53 last year for 904 yards and seven touchdowns.

And seven TDs is only one fewer than Brandon Marshall and Davone Bess had combined in 2010.

I am not saying the Dolphins will be interested in either Edwards or Holmes. But I am using them to illustrate the point that if Miami were to dip into the free agent WR market, there would be several players that make much more sense than Plaxico Burress.

Think on that.

So back to vacation I go. Please follow me on twitter as I am on there regularly and you can interact with me while I'm on this great vacation I'm on -- thinking about football.


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Hi ALoco,

What are we doing tonight?


Please take me to dinner tonight.
There is a new restaurant.
It's called Cheap Bacon in a Trailer.
Very affordable from what I hear.

Nowitnizz the D Bag and LeQuitter CHOKE JOB

Lol I don't think so I think he would do it under his own name... I don't think he would hide just dont agree with his character...

Anyone up for a circle jerk or poke around session tonight? I can entertain at my place, I'm ready anytime.

**Imposter Alert**

Morning all,

I had a long night after staying up to watch the Heat lose, but I'm up early to smoke a fatty. Reminds me of playing bass in my former bands days. Makes me want to play (with myself) again.

Valhalla !

Posted by: odinseye | June 10, 2011 at 05:06 AM

-Good morning at 5:00 am ?

At 5 oclock this morning we were using super soakers and "recycled" alcohol to put out a raging bon fire.

Good morning my ass! When I get drunk enough to piss in my fire pit, it's a GOOD NIGHT!

ValHalla THAT!!!!

I don`t believe the Dolphins have any interest in either of the three players mentioned in Mando`s article and it comes down to the simple economics in today`s game for the most part. In the trade that brought Marshall to the Fins last year he essentially played out the last existing year of his Broncos contract. As soon as the new CBA gets worked out he`s due a bonus of 10 Million and his contract will averege that out for it`s remaining four seasons with Miami on the hook for 22 Million in the form of the Guaranteed part.

Of the three mentioned S.Holmes is far and away the most attractive, as a matter of fact I was upset that the Jets landed him for a 5th rounder last season and we didn`t even go sniffing but to sign him now will cost in the range of 6 Million per and can we afford to have 16 to 17 Miion tied up in two WR`s. ? I think not !! B.Edwards is a great player but has proved to be a malcontent Pre-Madonna who drops to many passes, while Holmes may have the drug issues he was reportedly very liked by his Pitt. teamates and lets face it that trade was a knee jerk reaction to the problems sorrounding Big Ben and the Steeler brass felt like they needed to set an example.

I don`t believe we need to take a risk on Plexico Burress but believe he can help somebody given his game. I hate it when Mando drops statistics on you without giving you the whole story. In 08 after the SB Championship Plex became a big distraction because he wanted a new deal and eventually got it but not before Coach Coughlin benched him in a ton of games it`s the reason his receptions were down more than anything else and of the 3 mentioned will come with the cheapest price tag but again given the fact we have a younger version of Plex already on the team (Marshall) I just don`t see it and yes he`s 34 but believe him one of those rare talents who can play well into his 30`s there have been plenty in the history of the game going all the way back to the original big WR in Harold Carmicheal down to Art Monk moving foward.

Vick was in far better athletic shape than Plaxico, Vick a far better runner than Plaxico. If at 28 it took Vick a full year to get back in shape, what makes you think it won't take Plaxico AT LEAST a year too, and then at 35, really how valuable would he be to us? Worth dropping one of our younger prospects? Can't see it remotely, even if he came cheap.

Isn't it adorable when children try to say "choo choo train" but it comes out as "too too twain?" Oh, it brings such gaiety to the world!

Why, just yesterday I heard little Billy Adams exclaim "Mommy! Look! It's a Too Too Twain!"

Such precious memories.

Another child I know, little Susie Bradley, also has trouble with some words---with delightfully cute results!

I once heard her exclaim "Look, Mommy! There's a big WObot!"

Of course, she was talking about the immense RObot that was approaching their home, crushing everything in its path.

Such precious memories,


Posted by Mike Florio on June 11, 2011, 10:46 AM EDT

Though it’s still way too early to claim that the lockout is “over” or “almost over,” the signs of progress continue to emerge.

The latest? Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal reports that the the “expectation is for a framework agreement in about two weeks.”

Kaplan’s report meshes with other chatter we’re hearing. None of it may mean much in isolation, but taken together it suggests that teams are now operating under the assumption that the full season — with preseason and training camp — will unfold as scheduled.

Though there’s still no specific reason to believe a settlement definitely will happen, the sense of optimism not only has lasted for well over a week but also has consistently grown. Soon, conventional wisdom could be that the failure to do a deal will be a major upset.

I know another child. little Bobby Baxter, who also turns his r's into w's. Adorable!

Once, he was out shopping at K-Mart with his father when he exclaimed "Daddy! A big wok!" Of course, Dad thought that Bobby was commenting on the cookware nearby and never realized a 200-lb. slab of concrete was about to drop on his head.

Such precious memories.

Everything I write is basically just bs. I got a job, deadlines, need to crank out articles. It's mostly fluff. I know nothing really.

Fake Mike Florio,

I read this article in Pro Football Talk after I watched NFL Network`s headline show, if you go to NFL.Com and scroll down you can get a mini version of the report. It`s not like the guy is making something up, the NFL`s channel is reporting it as well maybe you`d prefer to keep reading stories about Plexico Burress and were he will play or discussing who Mando thinks are the Fins best players in order, maybe yet you`d prefer to read the mussings of King Leopold or Aloco. I on the other hand am hitting the NFL`s hardcore sights looking for informaton on what`s really important to me as a football fan and that`s the current state of events regarding the lockout, all of which seem very positive from a few sources!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't really care about the cba. It's their problem. Not going to bore my life with the intricate details of nonsense and greed.

I'd prefer to talk about the 2019 draft, why dumb Brandon Marshell let his wife stay in his home knowing that was out of bounds, which Denny's Aloco works at, or how many times odinseye has gotten proudly shitfaced at the barn bash parties.

Fake Mike Florio,

Then go have at it, last I checked it`s a free Country. I suggest you start hitting your local YMCA Youth Camps so you can begin to set up your top rated players for the 2019 draft given that no member of that draft is older than 11 or 12 presently. You can go to Sothwest Ranches in Broward now that the media has informed us all that Marshall lives there and you can ask him personally why his wife was there although I suggest keeping at arms length.

I imagine given his broken English you can find Aloco at a Denny`s or IHOP in the N.E. sector of town moving towards Carroll City, as for updates on the life of odin while I find them amusing I have a life of my own to keep me occupied, by the way never wear a rain coat when scouting your 2019 draft or you might find yourself watching that draft from a State Prison.

I'm already writing from the state prison. Heck I didn't know she was 14.

Whats up out there (?)


How`s it going Bro!!


How's it going pal? Too busy lately but always with you guys when it's about our dolphins. Here's some quick hits. There's a lot of talks going on with the CBA, and it sounds promising. There's also the Ricky Williams deal. Now he wants to retire with the team, how funny, LOL. Here is my question, if there is a supplemental draft, what about Terrelle Pryor? I'll sit back and wait for you buddy.


Yeah all the CBA talk has really heated up resently, when you get a chance go to NFL.Com and scroll down on the page and you`ll see on the bottom left hand corner a video on headline news, watch it because there talikng as if they might start FA, trades and signing draft picks as soon as 2 weeks from now!!

I think Ricky has flashed enough speed that I would bring him back as a 3rd down specialist, he can still out run people with a screen pass in his hands, he began to wear down alot during the 09 season when they started to feature him again but as a 3rd down guy out of the backfield he`s better than anybody we had (Cobbs) last year.

My problem wth Pryor is I watched him in some games especially vs. the Canes last year and saw anoher one of those athletic runing Q.B.`s and have never been convinced of one of them winning at the next level. It has nothing to do with calling a black Q.B. dumb because there not and it`s not there problem, it`s just that they don`t put the time in to learn and breakdown film thinking they can do it on there athletecism alone and none have ever proved to win the big one (SB) like that, heck look at Vick awesome in the reg. season always but until he started to breakdown the opposition and learning were his WR were he didn`t really begin to make strides towards threatenng for a title and that didn`t happen till last season.

Pryor is a Cam Newton without an NFL arm. Newton has a serious arm. Pryor has no velocity, no accuracy, no smarts reading defenses, just legs and nothing more. Pass.

Fake Florio,

With you on Pryor 100%, maybe he can go play baseball with Jecory Harris.

I`m out fellas, taking the wife to go catch a flick.


Thanks for the insight on NFL.com I will check that out for sure.

On Ricky Williams, I agree with you, but not entirely. If you watched film especially last year you saw he was hesitant hitting the line of scrimage. I know he is up there in age, but he is easily caught from behind. The O line has to open the hole pretty quick for Ricky to get thru it. I know he's not young anymore and time will tell, fin.

About your third point, look at this guys record in college. Something like 34 and 7? (I know someone will clarify that for me, but it's close.) Here's my question to you, what if he's there in the 5th round of the supplemental draft, do we really pass him up if that is the case? That being said the dolphins are talking about bringing in a veteran QB.

Here's a take for ya, I would not be surprised if we see the Carolina backfield in our own backfield this year. Just to throw it out there, nor would I be surprised if we have Giants RB Bradshaw in our backfield. I'm hearing rumblings about him too.

Back atcha,

Good Night Now.

The Miami Heat win today and they win it all. The Mavs have to close it out today or kiss the championship trophy goodbye!



Can't wait for the lockout to be over.

After getting branded on my rear end with the words "Prime Beef" I could sure use a distraction.

I wonder if good-ole tube of glue would be interested in tubing me ?


Lebron has a total of 11 points in the 4th quarter in the finals, and not more than 2 points in the 4th quarter in the last 4 games.

That is beyond coaching, Spoelstra or any other excuse. Lebron is simply choking under pressure. Lebron is simply psyched out. Watch closely at many of the replays, he appears dazed and detatched.

The Heat definitely have to end the Mavs 4th qtr mistique tonight. Right now Im sure the Mavs feel they "OWN" the 4th qtr, very reminiscent of the 80's-90's 'Canes.

The game 2 loss the Heat let slip away is coming back to haunt them big time. They were very nonchalant after having the big 15pt 4th qtr lead and played as if The Mavs would give in but they didnt. Had the Heat taken care of business in the 4th qtr of game 2. They sweep the series and we would have had the championship parade in downtown Miami already.

"IF" the Heat do come back to win the series, hopefully they learned a huge lesson from this and never repeat the same mistake again when having thier foot on a team's throat while playing in future championship series. That's why they are called championship series and you never face the Toronto Raptors so late in the nba season.

You never take any team so lightly when playing for a championship. Game 2's loss culminated not in one single loss, but the toll of that game is now at 3 losses and potentially at 4 losses. Fortunate for the Heat they won game 3 or all of the talk would be about the great Heat collapse.

I dont know, maybe we're better off going into the final 4 minutes of the game down by 5-6pts instead of ahead by 9-10pts. Obviously the Heat seem to be more in prevent than attack mode when the Mavs come a storming at them.

Still if we win tonight I absolutely love our chances to take game 7. If not, there just wont be a game 7.

DB.....whats with all the "IFs"......

Get behind the HEAT....and let the "IFs" take care of themselves.....

Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda.....blah, blah, blah.....

IF...If was a FITH.....We would all be drunk.....

BUT'S are for ciggerattes........

Take a STAND......

Lets STAND behind the HEAT......WIN or LOSE......

Pick your side......


That 'lesson' you speak about should have been learned long before any of these players even entered the NBA. We've seen it time and again, in every sport, a team gets a lead and gets cocky, and poof, the lead is gone. There is simply no excuse for it at the professional level. Spoelstra should have nailed them on that right when he saw it in game 2.

Like I mentioned a few days back, Belichek will be seen on camera reminding his team that although up in the 4th quarter, you have to play all 60 minutes.

Thursday I expected Lebron to come back strong, raging. Didn't happen. He still disappeared in the 4th quarter. Spoelstra can't waste any more time waiting on Lebrom. If Spoelstra is smart, tonights game plan should be the Dwayne Wade show.

The lockout is taking it's toll.

I recently completed a contractual obligation almost 3 weeks ahead of schedule(Cha-Ching!).

Landscaped my yard and side lots. I also rebuilt my fire pit in a mini Stonehenge arrangement.

Caught up all my work at the shop. It's actually clean and organized like never before.

Took the time to track down a super deal on a brand spanking new Snow Blower. It's a Red Snapper! Of course I had to bag up all the beer cans and organize my shed to make room.

Yep, this lockout is taking it's toll.

I got so bored the other day I went out for a drive. When I got home I had another Marshall AVT 20 series Mini Stack and a vintage Telecaster(no cha-ching there, actually it was more like-OUCH!).

I hope this lockout ends soon because I'm contemplating remodeling my front porch with a built-in Bar, Jukebox and all!


I invite everyone to go through life in a drunken stupor as often as possible.

I know another child, little Mary Stevens, who also has that speech issue. Such an adorable little imp!

Once, little Mary was out shopping with her mother (Big Mary) when she suddenly exclaimed "Mommy! Woof! Woof!" Well, there was a dog nearby so Big Mary thought she was playfully mocking its barking but in reality little Mary was warning her that the ROOF was collapsing, just seconds before both of them were buried under 5000 tons of concrete and twisted metal.

Such precious memories.

I don`t want to hear anymore talk about how the HEAT showboat because J.Terry running down the court after every score arms extended like a Jet (The celebration makes you sicker as a Fins fan by the way) is proving to be the most annoying jerk and absolute biggest hotdog of this series, plus nobody ever says anything about all the C H I T he talks. I would love to smack that smile right of his face!!!!!!!

I think you need to bring Howard and Dampier of the bench early and often to hack away at T.Chander and get him out of his game and hopefully into early foul trouble, the fact he went into the 4th qrt of both games 4 and 5 with only 2 fouls is telling because they run alot of plays inside thru him.

When he`s not in the game we clearly own the paint. If you live to see 20 more NBA Finas you`ll never see what Dallas did from 3 point land in the 2nd half of game 5 again with buzzer beating one handed shots, so lets focus on domnating the paint and beating them up which should force a game 7.

I talked all my neighbors into taking the day off tomorrow so we can build a huge bonfire and spend the night slurping through some jack with a few keggers on hand to wash it down. I've cleaned out the shed, and garage, no more beer cans, torn panties and condom wrappers. I have my kids collect the used condoms because I don't dare touch them. Hopefully come sunrise we'll be celebrating a Heat victory with a beer and dorito breakfast, with a few celebratory puffs of the peace pipe to ease in the new day.

Terry doesn't do that after EVERY score. He's done it after key baskets though. The Mavs got to the finals shooting like they did in game 5. They were held back by great defense in games 1-4, but the Heat let up in game 5 and the Mavs took advantage. They are very capable of doing that again.

Terry doesn't do that after EVERY score. He's done it after key baskets though. The Mavs got to the finals shooting like they did in game 5. They were held back by great defense in games 1-4, but the Heat let up in game 5 and the Mavs took advantage. They are very capable of doing that again.

Posted by: rgb | June 12, 2011 at 03:13 PM





You must be kidding me, common man!! Terry only does that after every key shot ? He`s done it more often than not, can you imagine if Wade or Labron did something like that after every supposed key shot ? It would be all over the National media, they would be blasted from Coast to Coast for being the classless players the Media has portrayed them to be but it`s a Mavs player so he`s only displaying emotion, what a bunch of B.S.!!!!!!!

Why don`t you go click on NBA.Com and scroll to video, select either HEAT or Mavs and watch all the post game interviews from both teams and you`ll see that after every game it`s J.Terry yapping away and talking major C H I T !!! When it`s not about draining a 3 in front of Wade it`s about Labron and how overated he is, again could you imagine if it were one of our guys talking about Dirk or Him, it would get National play but it`s a Mavs guy and everybody gives it a pass, once again pure unadulterated B.S.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight you will all be Nowitnizzes to the nail in that sack of sh.ts coffin. Shoulda been a Heat sweep ..... But CHOKE here comes LeQuitter with his girlfriend D Bag in stow, How ironic is it that after celebrating prematurely the future of many rings the Mavs are going to do it in the same place you held your little circle jerk. Losers. Suck it all summer and offseason.

You know what Terry can keep talking all night and offseason because your team has all but quit. It will be a Mavs blow out tonight.

I hope you'll be man enough to be here tonight after you eat those words, Tortured.

I'll be reposting ALL of them.

I love how you've decided how the series will end BEFORE it's happened.

Duly noted, Tortured, the Heat will lose in a blowout tonight.

You better HOPE that happens because I will make you a laughingstock here otherwise.

Best of luck!


I`m with you I`ll be here after tonight`s game and we will see who was right and who was wrong, me I`ll reserve my laughter for after game 7 on Tuesday. I do know one thing win or loose we won`t get blown out in our building and Dallas better pray they pull it out tonight because if they don`t they will be regretting it after game 7!!! IMHO!!!

Anyone up for a circle jerk or poke around session tonight? I can entertain at my place, gotta a wide screen, I'm ready anytime.

I could care less about trash talk. They all do it on the court and off it. It's how low educated ghetto kids try to get in each others heads. Watch the game tonight and I'll bet Terry doesn't do his jet move more than 3 times.





I got no problem with the trash talking and the showboating as a life long Canes fan, we practically invented the art form in the 80`s. I just have a problem with everybody on TV constantly making an issue out of every litte thing we do while giving them a pass on everything, now back to the game.

I believe and you can call me crazy that T.Chandler has started to affect the series alot more than people know. He`s hell on the boards and is pivotal with there offensive work in the paint. I know you can see it has us on D rotating guys down into the low post and paint area which has helped them get alot of nice open 3 point looks.

They need to get him in foul trouble early. I would use Anthony, Howard and Dampier today to disrupt his game and get him in foul trouble early and often tonight.

Trash talking started long before either of us were born, like thousands of years ago.

Don't see Spoelstra changing the formula that much. It bugs me that he has Bibby out there. Bibby looks like he doesn't even believe he belongs on the court anymore. I think the game plan is to play tough D the whole 4 quarters and hope either Lebron or Bosh steps up on the offensive side. The reality is, Miami may have one more superstar that Dallas, but Dallas just may be the better team.

I think I just might take another drive today and get one of those slip-n-slide deals to put in my back yard. I love it when the neighborhood boys come over to "hang out". The thought of them slippin-n-slidin around really excites me! Afterall, I was an altar boy in my younger days.


Are you going to take me to a movie tonight?
There is a new release called Cheap Bacon in a Trailer.
Very funny I hear.


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