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Dolphins are not interested in Plaxico Burress

Yes, I'm still on vacation. But I'm not sipping drinks garnished with little umbrellas on some island and I'm certainly not hiking any mountain. I'm home. And I'm aware.

And I'm keenly aware many of you are wondering if the Dolphins are going to show interest in wide receiver Plaxico Burress, who was released Tuesday from prison after serving 21 months for a gun crime related to his blowing a couple of holes in his leg at a nightclub in 2008.

Burress, 34 when the NFL season eventually begins, may be an interesting topic. But I am told by a reliable source the Dolphins are "absolutely not" interested in Burress.

So much for that rumor.

I happen to agree the Dolphins should have zero business interest in Burress, despite the fact he is a South Florida resident. Why?

Did I mention he'll be 34 in August?

Did I mention he just spent 21 months in jail?

Did you know he has not played NFL football since 2008?

Did you know it is now 2011?

Maybe none of that bothers you. Maybe you think Burress can be the next coming of Michael Vick. And perhaps he can weave a tale of redemption and resurrect his fading career. I hope he does.

But Michael Vick was 28 years old when he returned to the NFL, not 34. And it still took him a year to get up to speed again.

Sorry, but the odds are against Burress. And it simply doesn't make sense for Miami to take that gamble.

Burress, in his prime, was an imposing 6-foot-5 target who combined that great size with very good speed and an increasing experience of defenses that made him very dangerous. But even in 2008, following his grand 2007 performance that helped the Giants win the Super Bowl, Burress was a troubled dude.

He was missing practices and was late to team meetings and was something of an enigma in the Giants locker room. He was also apparently in decline. After catching 70 passes for 1,025 yards in 2007, Burress had only 35 catches in 10 games in 2008. His average per catch was the lowest since his rookie year and the lowest in what was a steady four-year decline from 19.9 in 2004 to 16.0 in 2005 to 15.7 in 2006 to 14.6 in 2007 to 13.0 in 2008.

And you expect it will go up after not playing since the winter of 2008 and spending 21 months in jail?

Here's another thought for you to consider:

If the Dolphins decide they want a receiver to help Brandon Marshall and Davone Bess and the rest of the receiver corps in 2011, they aren't going to chase a 34-year-old guy. They're going to chase someone in his prime.

Did you know Santonio Holmes is a free agent? He's 27 years old. And fast. And hasn't been in jail the past two years. He played football last year ... and the year before. And putting him out there with Brandon Marshall would turn just about any QB into a playmaker. And it would be a blow to the Jets to lose him.

Did you know Braylon Edwards is a free agent? He's 28 years old. And his yards per reception number last year was 17.1. He also was a Michigan teammate of Chad Henne's and the two had good chemistry together. And yes, he drops passes, but he caught 53 last year for 904 yards and seven touchdowns.

And seven TDs is only one fewer than Brandon Marshall and Davone Bess had combined in 2010.

I am not saying the Dolphins will be interested in either Edwards or Holmes. But I am using them to illustrate the point that if Miami were to dip into the free agent WR market, there would be several players that make much more sense than Plaxico Burress.

Think on that.

So back to vacation I go. Please follow me on twitter as I am on there regularly and you can interact with me while I'm on this great vacation I'm on -- thinking about football.


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How I enjoy the repartee among you gentlemen. It gives me great pleasure. How nice it would be to lounge nude in a whirlpool with you, enjoying good wine and witty banter.

Thank you. May the blessings of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be upon you.


Okay ALoco I think I understand.
You like boys.
Can I introduce you to my brother?
His name is Can Of Paint.
I am sure you two will have fun "Huffing" each other.


Man those players are hung nice.

Aloco who is a bigger drunk, dyingbreed or odinseye?



Hi big boy.
How are you today?
I am looking to get Huffed.
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Bwaaahahaha heat bench wi two points - LeQuitter missing threes Terry nailing em ..... Eat sh.t heat it's all over tonight

The HEAT are down 29-24 As I right this....32-24....


Don't give me your crappy IF, Shoulda, Coulda ,Woulda......


If your for the HEAT...MAN UP AND POST IT.......

Don't wait for the game to end give me your ARM CHAIR analysis.....

Let it be know.......NOW...not later....

Bwaaaahahahaha 17-5 run .... Pathetic show some balls on your home court .... You are all Nowitnizzes hahahagaha lmfao

Ahhhhh now what will the band wagon jumpers chear for now ??? Pathetic 3 ring circus (literally) will be put to sleep tonight. STFU heat fans your team is in the midst of the biggest finals choke job ever. Live it. Love it.

Man those players are hung nice. Anyone up for a circle jerk?

I am against the Heat. I've been liking how the the Mavs have been making adjustments.

And after seeing James and Wade mock Dirk, I'd love to see them lose tonight. Bosh appears to be the only intellectual and grounded player of the three.

Dallas is just playing harder.

Looks like the blow out I predicted for game 5 might be happening tonight!


HEAT are getting bit&h slapped on their home court. Same place you losers celebrated your championship before you won it. You all deserve this. Enjoy your summer until the pathetic fish start crapping the bed this fall. Come on guys everyone give LeQuitter a big fist pump he needs the motivation. You can do it guys!!!!!

You Miami Fans dissapoint me every chance you get......

Only posting when things are going well......so many pages of rah-rah when the series was 2-1 in the HEAT's favor....


Oh Lord its hard to be humble .... Look at the big three. What a collective group of losers. Sit down bitc&es. You are getting punked on home court. After your premature celebrations you deserve this. Its going to be a looooooong offseason. Oh wait I forgot. None of you even followed basketball until LeQuitter came to Miami. Then you all jumped on the wagon. Pathetic.

Oregon....like the play by play guy said...Its all MEDIA HYPE...and YOU have bought into it....

TERRY and STEVENSON do the same CRAP after every shot or time out....

Daryl Dunce is a joke. Plaxico is known for CHUNK yards. What can he add? How about Super Bowl & playoff experience. And ROUTE RUNNING. U act like Wallace and Moore are known for running sweet routes. U mis calculate everything.

Don't believe what your TOLD TO BELIEVE......

Believe what YOUR EYES see....

don't be mesmorized by the media hype machine....they tell you who is the guy in the white hat.....

Yes but Terry and Stevenson didn't host a championship celebration last summer in front of a sold out arena did they? Yep Terry has the tattoo and would be a douche bag to most .... but when the bar is set by D Bag, LeQuitter, and the ugliest man in the NBA ... well that's why America can't stand anything about this team. GFY.

Looks lke that blow-out you predicted Oregon....AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN...CAPTAIN....

Yes good old Miami ... Band Wagon Capital of the USA.

Kepp LeQuitter out of the game and you have a chance. That loser should go see a shrink this offseason.

Ummmm ... Yes there will be a double digit Heat win. If they don't have a double digit lead in the fourth thats what will happen because we know how they play when the chips are down lol.

Nothing is more narcassitic than the TATTOO.....no way you can spin that.....

Yeah right, James and Wade didn't do that. Dude their is freaking video.

Who is buying into the hype machine? I'd say you are.

Last I checked.....the HEAT are in the FINALS....this isn't PRE-SEASON....Ummm...how do you think the PLAY.....

abd BTW....whats your team?

Oregon...my point is this...THEY ALL DO IT!!!!!

SO WHAT!!!!!

They took less money to WIN RINGS......

Isn't that what its all about.....WINNING RINGS.......

SO they did a stupid into 9 MONTHS AGO.....still made the FINALS right?

Kris, I know you are a homer for the Heat so you dont have any perspective about this.

We will see how it plays out. A one pt win = a championship for the Mavs.

How dumb is that by Hasslem too?

Oregon.....Haslem did nothing wrong......it was Chalmers who escalated it after Stevenson pushed Haslem......not a Homer's perspective....that HOW it happened......

Oregon.....its not about being a Homer....its about talent in MIami.....I hope the pressure of a HEAT Championship makes the Dolphins HAVE to deild a better team....

Terry and Stevenson are on fire!!!

Dude he got a T, but he didnt do anything.. right.

You obviously lack any perspective looking through your homer goggles.

Man those players are hung nice. Anyone up for a circle jerk?

Terry 17 points, Zero jet displays.

If that lock out artist Ross is feeling pressure to have a better team then he better start off by firing Mr. FG.

Oregon...are you watching the game...or listing on short wave radio....even the un-biased announcers said the T was undserved....not sure how the radio station called it....

We are stuck with Mr. FG weather we like it or not......

mr FG is dragging the team down like an albatross.

Not impressed. Couldn't even get a halftime lead at home in an elimination game. Heat looks tired, thats why so many turnovers.

I like boys - Wade, James, and Bosh can do me anytime.


You are wrong about the trash talking. Most player don't do it.

Your not going to see Dirk or Kidd or Bosh talk like that or do the immature little mocking.

It is just punks like Jordan, Garnett, Kobe that pull that.

And in all the years of city ball and pick up games I've played if a guy were to try to talk like that, I'd just drill'em, by taking a nice hard foul.

There is a way to make a play on the ball as a guy drives to the basket while coming through the guy with your body.

I was built for it and would typically lay a guy out and bounce'em off the court. I'd just turn to the ref, hand up and say my foul.

Punks would typically quit talking after that.

Why would anyone have to defend being a "homer" here? Understood that a lot of you guys are from elsewhere and have no bias towards Miami teams aside from the Fins but for many of us Miami IS our hometown and we're loyal to ALL our teams.

Fans, by nature, are "homers." You are, too, when it involves a team you care about (like the Dolphins).

I don't have to defend rooting for the Heat to anyone. They represent my HOMETOWN and that's all I need.

Oregon is a gay fool, probably hangs out longest in the mens shower.

Wouldn't mind hanging out in the Heats shower room after the game.

Oregon......you and me would not have gotten along at at all.....

The fact that you think Jordan is a punk....well that SCREAMS VOLUMES...seriously.....

I am trying not to make this personal....but in the past.....I would see a dirty player (such as yourself) after the game......if you know what I mean....

It was only the players with average to below average skills who had to play like that.....those with TRUE skill would just bury one in my face or slam one home......

I guess you could get away with that in Oregon....but you brought that crap to NY...where I grew up, or B'more...where I live now....I guarantee you would only do it once.....

Dan @ 9:29...nice post...I was thinking that as well...but went in a different direction.....

Nowitski is spent. If we can win this game, the series is ours.

What the fuh is with James, passes the ball out and then just stands still behind the perimeter. Friggen statue.

Bench James until the 4th, let him be embarassed and come out angry.

I'll be honest with you.
If Lebron James signed with my team I would be his biggest fan.

rgb....agree.....he's shrinking again.....wide open and scared to shoot....

He needs some some easy lay-ups to get his confidence back......

Start playing like the 1st 4 min of the game......


That is one big if.

Lebron has to have an amazing package.

I don't think Lebron has scored has scored since the 1st Quarter......How do the HEAT win when their missing 25-30 points from their best player.....its amazing their still in the game.....


How about the J Terry. Running the show in Miami tonight. Making LeQuitter and D Bag his biatch!!!!

Mr. "i'm taking my talent".....had better rediscover his "talents for the HEAT to pull this one out.....

Its not fair to Wade and the rest of the team.

Kris, that's funny.

I doubt you ever played much basketball to talk like that. If you imagine that hard fouls don't happen in NY or Baltimore or that they didn't get delivered on Jordan, then you are totally mistaken.

The middle has to be patrolled. Sometime I had to be that guy.

And I doubt you could have ever handled my game. I dealt the most punishment on the post and came across few players who could give me a good game and just battle.

Most guys would whine and cry to the officials about me being too physical. I suspect you'd fall in that category.

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