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Brandon Marshall reports to Dolphins -- early

Brandon Marshall's, um, drama-filled offseason has led to much speculation about his status with the Miami Dolphins.

Let's clear some of that up. Again.

In April, following Marshall's alleged stabbing which police said was at the hands of his wife, I reported the wide receiver's status with the team was not in danger. The Dolphins did not intend to get rid of Marshall. Made sense since, despite his history for domestic violence, this incident cast Marshall as the victim.

I've not heard anything that would change Marshall's status with Miami since then so I'm assuming he'll be with the Dolphins.

Apparently Marshall was assuming the same because he showed up at Dolphins training camp today ready to work out. In fact, he showed up around 8:30 in the morning and wasn't allowed to immediately enter the facility.

The NFL mandated club training facilities were not to open from their lockout state until 10 a.m. And so Marshall apparently waited in his car for 90 minutes until he was finally allowed in the facility at the allowable time.

Interesting right?

Speaks to the kid's diligence.

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The Beast Returns..........get him the rock baby

I can't wait till practices actually start

Now he's just got to make some plays!

The truth is, Marshall's wife wakes up at approximatly 8:00, Brandon woke up @ 7:55 to avoid getting stabbed again.

He got to the facility and found out it is closed until 10. Marshall responded "Well F that, I would rather sit in my car and listen to Wu-tang then go home and get my nuts cut off!"

So Marshall went back to his car and is now negotiating a cot in the Davie facility for the rest of the pre-season.

And so it goes...

Brandon Marshall is favorite catch maker of mine. I hope for him and Pat Devlin, the ball thrower, to have many years together and take the Dolphins to many Championship Bowls.

what was the alternative ..... stay at home and have a knife fight with his wife?

I would show up 1 1/2 - 2- 3 - 4- 5 hours early to everything ....except maybe bed.

I think there isn't going to be a play who isn't eager to get back to football!!
And if there is (Ricky) then you don't have the heart to play this game!!

Pat Devlin should not really excite anyone. I mean it's cool, but championship-winning undrafted QB with low arm strength? Nah

Hopefully we can find a QB who can throw him the ball when he's open...

Just throw the damn ball to him. Throw it up!1

phinswr82, Amen brother!

Leonard Davis, Pro Bowl Guard of the Dallas Cowboys, expected to be cut this week, along with RB Marion Barber and WR Roy Williams...

Jerry could be getting ready to make a bid for Asomugha...

Sorry guys, cant let it slide. Someone that can throw the ball?

Henne had a couple 300 yard games, and not even Matt ryan could have done better with the line that we had, and the game plan we had last year.

just saying.

I can see wanting an upgrade, we all want to get the best to be the best. But to trash Henne so hard is kind of ignorant. He has done "some" good things.

Hi everybody!
Remember me?

Poizen, don't get caught up in the 300 yard games to much my good man...A.J.Feeley had a few of those with the Eagles...You have to look beyond that...Like reading a defense, getting away from pressure, scrambling, cutting down on the INT's, turning to option 2 and 3 instead of forcing option 1, I could go on and on...

Pat Devlin do not make mistakes like the Henne. Pat Devlin will throw many score passes to Marshall and Bess, and the Dolphins will be in Championship Bowl in very soon time.

Hey Marshall is working hard, show him some love.

I agree with all that Montreal. Let's just say I am giving Henne the benefit of the doubt due to the situation. No o-line=no consistant time. The game plan was known better by the others team defense than our own offense. And you can not hit deep passes if they do not have time to develope. I could go on and on also.

the truth is neither one of us know what was the true cause. But Henne is here, and currently is the starter, so I will give him a chance and not trash the guy.

Henne throws 300 yds between the 20 and 20.
Between the 20 and the goal line? Maybe 3 yards all season.

I was hoping for more action this morning. Where's all the signings?

"Henne to Marshall...INTERCEPTED...The Dolphins should really consider getting a better QB to match the talent at wide receiver, Dan." "Thats right, Pat, Wait, what's this, Sparano has benched Henner and Pat Devlin is walking out onto the field! That's strange considering the ball was intercepted. No wonder that kid went undrafted."

Pay Devlin goes on to make the Hall of Fame as a Free Safety for the Miami Dolphins.

The stats say that our pass protection was pretty good actually...The running game is another story...We need to improve the interior of our line and drafting Mike Pouncey was a good start...Signing a proven guard like Carl Nicks would also give us a huge boost...Leonard Davis, cut today from the Cowboys, is a Pro Bowl Guard and a mountain of a man who can move his feet since he first came into the NFL as a Tackle...The Dolphins have interesting options, hopefully they won't screw it up...

he's there early to chew irelands rear off about a qb.lol

Doesn't matter whose fault it was. Fact is Marshall had his worst year since he was a rookie. 3 TDs (that's Brandon Lloyd in Washington numbers). 86 receptions (dwarfed by his '09 performance with...umm...oh yeah, ORTON). Barely 1,000 yards.

This would be good stats for Greg Camarillo or Brian Hartline. But Brandon Marshall is in a totally different class. I'd like to see him take over a game this season. Just manhandle folks and not let himself be denied the endzone. We need to see our playmakers EXCEL, not just look good if we want to win more games than last year.

Henne is like Jeff George, just rifles it in there, no touch. If he can learn how to throw with some touch, and not throw into the D line, he has a chance to be ok.
This team could look like the early 2000 teams with better recievers, O-line, a QB that can throw down feild, with a young and fast D. Theres Hope!

There was an earlier story about Marshall we're he stated his fastest 40 time was a little under 4.5 at the rookie combine. He's stated with his "new" offseason trainer he's running even faster than his combine low.

He also stated this is the first time in his life he's ever been able to clearly see his ab 6-pack. Seems Marshall's suggesting he's in the best shape of his life that he's evr been. If this is true I expect Marshall to have the best season statistally of his entire career.

Showing early and waiting 90mins until the doors opened up at facility suggests to me Marshall's ready to be in beast mode 2.0 in 2011.

DC Dolfan,

What was that about reality you said? 86 catches for 1000+ yards is considered EXCELLENT for ANYBODY! Don't blame the guy who is performing for the mistakes of the guy who can't perform. Dwarfed stats my assss. Considering Henne needs to see a sign saying 'open' before trying to jam the ball too late, one could argue it was incredible Marshall did that well.


The brightside about Marshall's having the worst season of his entire year is. Before Marshall's arrival, as dolfans, we could never b!tch about a "thousand yard" wr having the worst game of his career.

Before Marshall's arrival we would be happy to see Ted Ginn have a 800yd recieving season. With the arrival of Marshall, my how expectations have changed in Miami. LOL...


Also considering how pathetic we were offensively in a wide variety of areas. Its truly amazing Marshall put up the numbers he did. Gotta keep drives alive to put up mega numbers. We had so many 3 and out in 2010 I more than lost count.

Are we to also hold Marshall responsible for the staggering number of 3 and out offensively too?


Also remember Marshall missed two games and still put up those number. I mention this lest you forget.

It is times like this I go back to my Dolphin cheat - sheet...

Jeff Ireland is creepy.
Brian Daboll is underqualified to be an OC
Mike Nolan is overqualified to be a DC
Tony Sparano is extremely qualified for a high-school football coach.
Steven Ross is not winning ‘boss of the year’
Jake Long is a stud
Chad Henne is underwhelming
Paul Soliai is fat and superb
Vernon Carey is fat and terrible
Mike Pouncey is, unfortunately, not as good as his brother
Vontae Davis is, fortunately, much better than his brother
Brandon Marshall is a terrifying presence when his head is screwed on right
Brandon Marshall’s wife is a terrifying presence when here head isn’t screwed on right.
Channing Crowder is an idot
Dan Carpenter is the guy who inspires Tony Sparano’s fist-pumps
Brandon Fields is good against everyone except the Patriots
Karlos Dansby is as good as advertised.
Cameron Wake is awesome and still peaking
Koa Misi is still working to his potential.
Brian Hartline is pretty damn fast for a white WR
Edmund Gates is pretty damn fast for a black WR
Anthony Fasano is pretty unremarkable for an Italian TE
Daniel Thomas is carrying the hopes of the Dolphins offense on his shoulder
Davone Bess is young and can catch
Sean Smith is young and can’t catch
Yeremiah Bell is the most consistent Dolphin despite playing on some terrible teams.
Kendall Langford is strong.
Randy Starks is stronger
Philip Merling is the odd man out
Jared Odrick is finally healthy
Chris Clemmons is not an upgrade over Rashad Jones
Rashad Jones is not an upgrade over Chris Clemmons
Ronnie Brown is solid player and a solid guy
Ricky Williams is Ricky Williams
Lex Hilliard is a preseason beast.
Tyler Thigpen is a guy who keeps both teams in the game

carilito/DB, don't take my post as a dis towards Marshall. I consider him and Bess to be the only thing that can save our offense. I understand he had only limited culpability for his stats last year (sure, there were catches he should've made that he didn't).

There were other issues he couldn't avoid (namely Chad Henne and Dan Henning). I fault them (not really the oline, but partially that too) for the emaciated stats Marshall had.

DB is exactly right, the fact that I'm crying about a WR who had 1,000 yards needing to do more shows how far we've come from the Oronde Gadson/David Boston days. I'm not sneezing at those numbers.

I'm just saying if Henne played as bad as he did much of last season, and STILL got Marshall 86 rec/1,000 yds, then if he steps it up they should be a great duo this year. If he racked up those numbers with the oline playing as awful as they did as the season wore on, then he should do much better. If he got those stats UNDER DAN HENNING, then he should be Superman with ANYONE OTHER THAN DAN HENNING.

This is what you should take from my post. I'm 1000% behind Marshall, a with a little help, he'll become the ProBowler we thought we drafted.

Also have to remember Marshall was constantly double and even at rare times triple-teamed. On top of this missing two games and still putting up a thousand yard recieving season.

I wouldnt be so quick to write his performance off as so substandard. Especially knowing at one point we were getting next to nothing from Hartline on the other side. Isnt that we went into the offseason trying to find a better compliment to Marshall?

No offense Carlito and Montreal and a few others. But I have to assume none of you have played nor know much about being a passing QB. But when you have a very sub par running game it is usually because of a bad o-line. When you have a bad o-line you do not get consistant time. creating a happy feet QB or one trying to gun a ball in or throw it away or check down.

How can you all blame Henne for all of this, when we shuffled the o-line all year last year? It is just plain stupid to blame it ALL on Henne.

Yes he needs to improve, agreed, but to blame all this on one guy Henne, with Henning as our o-coord and that makeshift o-line is just BS. Especially when D's were calling our plays before our QB was!!! PROOF of that was documented.

Gary Stevens, post of the day man! LOL!

Im out all, have a great night, thanks for the discussion...

Those talking about unproven QB's being the answer versus Henne should realize a few things.

Marino wasnt always all that and a box of cracker jacks. A lot depended on his WR's being open and the O-Line actually giving Marino enough time to throw.

Something that has not happened enough to give any consistent verdict on Henne yet. I guarantee you Henne would be "Top 10 statistically" if he was the QB on some of the other teams the Top 10 are on.

Gary, That was great!!


As a finfan I pray Edmund Gates can become a perfect compliment to Marshall in 2011 with his blinding speed. Henne also needs to be able to get the ball to Gates. With a true deep threat opposite Marshall, defenses would be forced to double both and that would open up the middle of the field like Clay(speed as a seam threat.

Clay could split both double-teaming safties by blowing past lb coverage. This all looks and sounds great on paper but I hope we can make these things a reality in our 2011 aerial attack.

It could also pose for a dominating running attack when dc's can no longer stack the run box. If they do, playaction passes could become lethal against them.

On the oline it still seems we're a pulling guard short from becoming complete. Unless Jerry provides to be that answer.

If this regime isnt 100% certain Jerry is the answer as a pulling guard, then we need to sign one asap!

Orton to Marshall - oh yes!

if miami want's to jump right into to vie for the afc east title it will take this:
1) a suprise grab to land a shut down corner to shut down brady and put us on an even playing fiels with the jets: ** Nnamdi Asomugha **
2) the days of just one big time reciever on a squad are long gone, cut loose hartline and add a big bodied deep threat at a bargain price ** plexico burress **
3) strength and speed at runningback ** Ahmad Bradshaw **
4) carson palmer

Poizen, a lot of the mistakes Henne makes has nothing to do with the o-line...Was he forced to run for his life on a few plays? Yes. Did he have a great running game to help him out? No. But to say those are the reasons why he threw all those picks, the reason why he can't read a defense, the reason why he can't scramble, has zero mobility, fumbles quite a lot, etc etc is ridiculous. Every QB in the NFL is forced to make plays on their own at one point or the other, the o-line doesn't hold up on every play. Henne can NOT make plays. Look at his 4th quarter stats. Simply awful. When in pressure situation, he just simply chokes. Fact, not opinion. Hopefully he's learned and becomes the QB everybody wants him to be. I, for one, don't see it and don't buy it. I hope I'm wrong.

#1 Montreal

Henne makes plays, you are just not seeing them.

Tipped pass plays
Overthrow plays
Underthrow plays
Late throw plays
Choke on the blitz plays
And the specialty Blooper over the head of Fasano in the endzone play

gs - lol

db @3.36 - using a sharp instrument is only way to see your abs properly

all henne needs to do is throw the same overthrown passes he threw last season when throwing deep and this time gates and marsahll will be there to catch them , he just has to remember his 2010 timing

Montreal, Poizen was 1/2 right. The biggest problem with Henne last year was Dan Henning. Henning is NOT a QBs friend. He's a known pass-game killer. You can't really blame Henne for a CB wallpapering a receiver due to our vanilla formations last year. You can't blame Henne for no 2,3 step drops (no shotgun), same old formations every game. If you were watching, I'm SURE you (as I) could call every offensive play just from watching the formation (like Finnegan on Tennessee could).

Then you can partially blame the oline, and then you have to blame Henne for all the things you mentioned (not trusting his receiver, misplacing the ball, no mobility, 4th-qtr INTs, etc.).

But it wasn't Henne's fault alone. The run game could have helped him, but they didn't. He had to do it all himself and he wasn't up to it.

Let's hope he's learned a good lesson.

Sorry, Still here, Read Gary Stevens post, funny as hell. Top 10 ever.

Montreal we agree to disagree, all respect.

DC, good hearing ya again, thanks for my half truth.

As I said, Henne needs to get better, we all agree there. And as I said, talk to D. Bess offline without microphones and you will hear a pretty good vibe about Henne 2011. I am excited.


Save 5 million this season for players who are not injury prone nonproductive JackAZZ clowns


DC, you bring up some good points...And I respect everything you said...But blaming Henning, that's something else I don't really buy into. The Finnegan thing was, I think, blown out of proportions. How many people wanted to ged rid of Henning in 2008? We had a pretty good passing game that year, with no Marshall and a QB who's nickname was noodle arm. But the one skill that noodle arm had that Henne doesn't is accuracy. No turnovers. Even Ted Ginn had a decent year, toasting Revis of all people. Fasano also had a very good year. Greg Camarillo. So what happened? Henning suddently forgot how to run an offense?
I mean sure Henning didn't always call a great game last year, but to say Henne had a terrible year because of the OC? I don't know. As far as I'm concerned, yeah coordinators and coaching is important, but bottom line is it always comes down to players making plays for you. Coaches can only do so much. Everybody thinks Belicheik is a genius. I garantee you if you take Brady away from that team, we'll see how much of a genius he really is.

JackAZZ noproductive clowns r a distraction to real play makers


Fumbling w ur hot pockets

is not NFL ball skills


sean smith POSING AS A CB

set a new Miami Dolphin record


Home warned u

U did not listen



I cant understand why dolfans dont understand our ru game sucked for two reason:

#1. DC's put 7-8-9 in the run box not fearing Henne could be them with playaction passes.

#2. We dumped Smiley/Grove, then Jerry was out for what 6-8 games before he finally begin to play. That's zero cohesion as a unit.

Opposing DC's had zero fear of Henne, and Henning had very little faith in Henne. Henne was also terrible in blitz situations.

It was plain to see that DC's diagnosed our offense by 7-8-9 to shut the down the run game and force us into 3rd and longs. Then blitzed Henne who performed terribly against the blitz.

Dont know what any other fan saw last season but this is exactly what I saw. Also saw what looked like boneheaded calls by Henning that demonstrated a severe lack of faith in Henne.

Curious howRB Thomas did on the wunderlick test? LOL


You cut on our potential Pro-bowl/play making WR....

But you defend to the DEATH any ill words about our unproven/non-defence reading/stare down the reciever QB....

You got it backwards man.....

LOL Poizen. It wasn't a 1/2 truth, it was just 1/2 the story (IMO).

One position that is not getting talked about here in miami is the need for a tight end to help strecth the field.....TWO NAMES MIAMI NEEDS TO LOOK INTO ARE TE's Zach miller from oakland who's all but on the outs and possibly the release of Revens TE Todd Heap who is reportedly going to test free agency. Either would be a huge upgrade over what we have now!!!


Like running a damn draw play on 3rd and 8, like that's suppose to surprise the defense. The more I think about it I just dont know who's worse Henne or Henning.

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