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Brandon Marshall reports to Dolphins -- early

Brandon Marshall's, um, drama-filled offseason has led to much speculation about his status with the Miami Dolphins.

Let's clear some of that up. Again.

In April, following Marshall's alleged stabbing which police said was at the hands of his wife, I reported the wide receiver's status with the team was not in danger. The Dolphins did not intend to get rid of Marshall. Made sense since, despite his history for domestic violence, this incident cast Marshall as the victim.

I've not heard anything that would change Marshall's status with Miami since then so I'm assuming he'll be with the Dolphins.

Apparently Marshall was assuming the same because he showed up at Dolphins training camp today ready to work out. In fact, he showed up around 8:30 in the morning and wasn't allowed to immediately enter the facility.

The NFL mandated club training facilities were not to open from their lockout state until 10 a.m. And so Marshall apparently waited in his car for 90 minutes until he was finally allowed in the facility at the allowable time.

Interesting right?

Speaks to the kid's diligence.

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DB, yes, I agree. It's amazing that Henning was given such a pass by so many. To Montreal's point, I DID think Henning sucked in '08. I think we played well that year mostly due to Pennington, and IN SPITE OF Dan Henning. Look, it's just human nature. I'm not saying the guy was horrible everywhere (he was in the league too long to be horrible). But he was old, and already looking towards retirement. He wasn't pushing himself to try new things. He tried what worked for him before (and the Wildcat was thrust on him by Sparano/Lee, and like he said, feed the Wolf, so when it worked, he went back to the same well until it was dry).

Henning wanted out of football. He couldn't be told anything, and Sparano wasn't about to overstep his authority over the offense (out of respect I guess).

Not saying Henne didn't play any role in the losses, just that this was a perfect storm of mediocrity.

But that was then, we have a new OC, we hopefully will have a better line, and a better run game. In this environment, we should be able to tell right away if Henne is still worth investing in or not. He won't escape the blame this year if he doesn't perform.

sl off topic, but i would like to take the opportunity to say a very big thank-you to mr kraft, all reports seems to suggest that the reason we will find out the answers to our "how will the fins do next season" questions are in a large part due to his ability to connect with the negotiating players and their reps and his selfless attitude of giving his all, while trying to cope with an unfolding very difficult personal and family situation

my sincere thanks to him and my sincere condolences to him and his family

(though i doubt that despite as's widespread fame, he'll be reading thsi blog)

I am solely responsible for that 2008 division title!


How do you turn a positve like....BEING THE FIRST PLAYER AT THE FACILITY.....

into a NEGATIVE STORY......and lets not forget bringing up unrelated items such as HIS WIFE....I don't know how BRANDON MARSHALL showing up to camp EARLY....connects with non-football related news....that happened during the OOF-SEASON.....DURING A LOCK-OUT.....

Your story is both SLANTED AND BITTER...and thats why you will continue to have C-LIST GUEST ON YOUR RADIO SHOW.......(minus IRELAND when he needs to do damage control).....

And ALL OF YOUR SO-CALLED INTERVIEWS take play with 35 other beat reporters....their called PRESS CONCONFERENCE......

I guess anybody NOT names JASON TAYLOR or SOLIA......can't get any positive or at leat nuetral ink.....

When is Jeff Darlington taking this Blog over.....


those were some good post to DC....


Funny post. but really...Armando is a self righteous holier than thow bible thumper who is superior to all these folks he rags on.

#1 in Montreal....

You definetly speak my language.....in regards to the state of this franchise....good post.....imo.....

What many are forgetting in here while blaming a first year starter for all of the offensive woes is one thing, Dan f***ing Henning. We had an embarrassing conservative offense that valued field goals over tds because they scared our team into being afraid to make a mistake in the red zone. We also had opposing CBs calling out our WRs routes while they were still at the line. Henne needs to improve, that's not arguable, but what is arguable is blaming all of the problems this offense had on him and letting old man river off the hook. There is a very good reason why he resigned last year, read between the lines. Still, go get Kyle Orton!!!!

Yessss! Nfl is back training camp is back and most importantly, Armando is back!
And the Dolphins this season will be better than ever!

Now add Deangelo WiLLiams to team up with the Rookie and blam! Home run hitter at more than one position.

Peace out! Dolphins4life shall return late

Any word on what kind of shape Soliai is in? If the guy has toed the line and committed to being in shape I'd get working on a new long-term deal.Might free up some cash to do other things.

Nick Barnett is being released Thursday. I hope the Dolphins consider this guy as a replacement for Crowder.

Montreal, I left you a post on the last blog. Thought I'd left it here. Read it when you can and then you can tell me 90 per cent of it doesn't make any sense....


kris I don't think Poizen has it backwards because there are always more ways to look at things, there's always a big picture and people will always have different opinions. Some of us don't like show boat, big mouth, superstar players who put themselves above the team and act like a "diva". Some people do. We're just in two different camps. Lebron James is arguably the best basketball player in the NBA and where that might be good enough for half the fans to fawn all over him and ignore his personality flaws and choking ways in big playoff games, the rest of us expect more. We want our players to be a little more humble and focused on the task at hand. Marshall seems pretty damned focused now so that's a good sign. But yelling at your QB who is obviously very new to the NFL didn't help anyone on the team but him. So those types of things resonate a bit with fan #2. No one is saying Henne is the answer but to discard him after only one full year of being a starter while also being tutored by Dan Henning seems short sighted. The best thing that can happen for the Dolphins is for Henne to have improved enough to give a veteran QB a run for his money and even better if he could beat that Vet out in a training camp battle. That is what we should all be hoping for because it would be a tremendous development for the Dolphins and us as fans.

LouD, you really sound like a big sissy. Awww, Marshall yelled at Henne? Dude, its not candyland, its the N_F_L! A place for men not fruitcakes that wilt like a pansy because someone yelled at them. Even at Hennes low salary, he gets paid pretty damn well to handle a bit of yelling.

Just read that the DeAngelo Williams pursuit is a two team race right now between Carolina and Denver (I think) but no mention of the Dolphins. The New York papers are saying that the Giants are going to do everything they can to resign Bradshaw. Starting to get nervous about our scat back options. Hopefully they're concentrating on Orton because if they come away next week with no Palmer or Orton, and no DeAngelo or Bradshaw it will be a failure.

you have it backwards I think henne helled at marshall

Also he yelled at a QB that was not very new. 4 years in college and 3 years a pro, he was trying to say, hey, I'M OPEN!!!!


Poizen is among my favorite poster's on here.....but that doesn't mean i can't/won't disagree with him.....

Next I would like to address your implying that I said in that post...or any other...tho discard Henne.....As a matter of fact.....I recently have been more Pro Henne then at any time since the off-season began.....most because I believe he will be the starter....

But my belief's...OR yours don't change the FACTS.....

and the FACT IS......Marshall is established...by evidence of his postion BEING SECURED AS THE #1 WR REGARDLESS OF WHAT HAPPENS IN FREE AGENCY.....

FACT....Henne IS NOT ESTABLISHED.......due to your own admission..and that of many other......stating that A VET SHOULD be brought in to challenge him for his job......

and that was the gist of my post to poizen.....one player is established.....and has earned the beniffit of the doubt (in my eyes)....

and one is not.....and it's confusing to me that fans go out of their way to defend someone who may or may not eben be the starter...this year..or NEXT.....

but CUT on somebody who is under contract for a few more season's and is a PROVEN perfomer.....


I'm starting to see that....

Samson, it doesn't matter how much you get paid. A WR should never scream at his QB in front of the rest of the team on national tv. That stuff is done in the locker room behind closed doors. If you don't understand that you obviously never played a day of organized football in your life. And the name calling shows that you most likely are very young and a little ignorant to how an adult conversation works.

Dolphins out of D-Angelo Sweepstakes.......Ahmad Bradshaw Likely???? Wont be cheap and miami has more holes to fill at G, TE, and Safety.....O yea, not to mention that QB position!!!!

Actually, reading your post again Samson and it is beyond useless. How did he "wilt like a pansy"? He ignored him and turned his back because that's how you deal with morons. It's the same thing I'm going to do with you. Most likely your blood is boiling and you're scheming ways to pay me back. I'm sure you will be looking for all my posts so you can try and prove some point but in doing so will only make yourself look less intelligent and more pathetic. Good luck finding me, I'll just change my name.


I just turned 9. Do you have any candy?


Go back and watch the last 5 games of 2010. You will see a wilted pansy playing QB.

kris, fair enough. But some people didn't want Marshall to be signed to begin with so they're going to say things about his off field antics. I misunderstood your disagreement. The discarding Henne seems to be a common theme around here so I just assumed you were on that bandwagon without reading your original post. But my point still stands about fans and they're different opinions. You said you can't understand how anyone could cut on Marshall and I explained it. Because WE DON'T CARE THAT HE'S UNDER CONTRACT, he's still an idiot and has proved it with all of his antics in Denver and now in Miami as well. Henne seems to be a decent guy who is trying to get better and Marshall seems to be a guy with god given talent that can't shut his mouth and get out of his own way. We stick up for Henne as a person over Marshall as a person. He represents the Dolphins and every time he does something stupid he brings negative attention on the team. Marshall being a better player than Henne is another issue.


Crowder only cost $2.5 million this year. Here's the article and a link:

Channing Crowder

If you've read this site at all, you know what I think about Crowder. He's a good tackler and a solid player, but he's not a play-maker and he's not irreplaceable either. When it came to Crowder entering free agency, I wasn't against re-signing him but I didn't want him gone either. I just didn't way to overpay for him.

Well as it turns out, the Dolphins didn't over pay at all. Here are Crowder's base salaries over the next three seasons:

•2009: $1.5 million

•2010: $2.1 million

•2011: $2.5 million
This is nothing! Not for a starting middle linebacker who racked up over 100 tackles last season. Regardless of what kind of bonus money Crowder received, this contract is very favorable for the Dolphins. This deal pales in comparison to ones the team gave out to Vernon Carey, Yeremiah Bell, Gibril Wilson and Jake Grove! Heck, it's closer on average to Joe Berger's deal than it is to Wilson's!

My guess? Crowder's agent spoke to some teams before free agency began to gauge the market for his client (not allowed, but happens all the time) and he didn't like what he heard. So they decide to re-sign with Miami for a few more years and hopefully build up his stock a little bit before he re-enters the market at the age of 28.

I suppose other teams felt the same way as I do about Crowder. He's not a Bart Scott that's worth huge money in free agency. He's just a decent linebacker who makes a lot of tackles. The thing is, those aren't terribly hard to find and thus teams aren't willing to pay a lot for them. All in all, things worked out well for Miami here because they keep a good linebacker at a cheap price.


PS: I seriously doubt Nick Barnett will come here to play for $2.5 million or less.

Kris, if anyone was cutting on Marshall as a player than I totally agree with you. Didn't see that and I only give him slack about being unprofessional at times and getting in so much trouble. As a player on the field he is very good. But he's a ticking time bomb and that's what scares me. Didn't mean to intrude on your conversation, I assumed too much before researching, won't happen again.

LouD if you want good people, draft players from your local charitable organization. If you want tough football players that can play football that make plays...well, 90% of them are crooks or violent or druggies or have big mouths or all of the above. Marshall having a big mouth is not a big deal. You are the one that must be a child living in fantasy land. You'd rather have a decent guy that can't play than a not so decent guy who is a top player. Do you want to win a SuperBowl or charitable community award? I'll make sure the girl scouts swing by to sell you some cookies tonight.

Samson, I would love to have a debate or friendly talk with you but you started our back and forth by calling me a pansy. That without ever meeting me and seeing one post that I had written. In other words you not only burned a bridge but you did so by starting the fire while you were only half way across.

The problem isn't Marshall - its the quarterback that can't get him the ball when he is open. By the time this team realizes that we will have a new coach!

Crowder is only $2.5 million against the cap. Therefore I doubt seriously they're looking to replace him just yet. He's being paid just about as average as his play.

LouD. I never called you a pansy. Ever. Don't make things up. Go show me where I called you a pansy. You won't find it.


I'm gonna be completly honest with you.....

I don't give a dam about Marshall or Henne the person....and I highly doubt either care about kris the poster.....

I want to see EXCELLENT football play from the BEST football players on the planet...and I want the majority of those players on MY TEAM...

I don't care is Marshall is a jerk...and Henne is a saint according to YOUR VALUES...or ANYBODY ELES'S MORE STANDARDS.....and to be honest....i'm not sure why you would care.....but thats your perogitive......I won't push my morales on you....

This is the NFL were talking about.....not the man of the year awards show...

and in Henne's case....NFL will stand for...


If his on feild performance doesn't improve......regardless of how many kittens he rescued from tree in the off-season....

LouD @ 6:02 pm....

Feel free to join the conversation at any time....this blog need more people who can have a strong debate....without the childish name calling...I look forward to hearing more from you on this blog....

*sissy* . here hows this, you addressed me by calling me a name. Do you understand? It doesn't matter what the name was. Now go away you mental midget.

LouD, did you skip 3rd grade reading? I said you sound like a sissy complaining a football player yelled at another football player. It's called emotion, heat of the battle. Should Marshall raise his hand and wait to be called on? But I didn't call you a pansy or sissy.

LouD, now you are calling me names. What does that say about you?

Sounds good Kris, looking forward to some fun debates and some Dolphins football!

Adam Schefter confirming Orton is indeed on the trade block.

Sometimes, you've just got to give credit where credit is due (even if it hurts to do it).

Compared to the shuffling around of their rosters that the Jets and the Pats have to do in order to get under the salary cap, the Dolphins are in fairly good shape!

Good job to Ireland. Well done (BZ).

Marino went into serious decline following the 1993 achilles injury. Sure he cameback strong in 1994 posting 30tds, 17 ints, for 4,453yds. But this seemed to mark the beginning of the end because after 1994 his highest single season td total would only be 24. Here it is:

1995-- 24tds 15 ints
1996-- 17tds 9 ints
1997-- 16tds 11 ints
1998-- 23tds 15 ints
1999-- 12tds 17 ints (Played in only 11 gms)

So I ask, in searching for our "next Marino", are we searching for:

1. The super Marino the 1st 5-7yrs of his career.

2. The the average to slightly above average Marino in the midst of his career.


3. The average to below average Marino the final 6 seasons of his career.

I choose 3, the average to below average Marino.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Devine has not agreed to terms with the Falcons, and that he remains a free agent.

When looking at Marino's entire career numbers. I see a qb who had 2 seasons outer worldly td numbers(48/44). Then 4 seasons of 4,000yds or more passing(1 fro over 5,000yds).

After this my fellow dolfans Marino was rated between slightly above average to mediocre(final season) the remainder of career according to his "overall all" numbers. These numbers dont lie.

Wow it's great to have football back. Anyway I say the fins push hard for either SD RB Sproles or I don't think anyone has signed Noel Devine yet. As far as QB goes Orton is the best answer but I think he will be to pricey. So maybe Matt Moore? Who knows but I have a feeling that Henne will be much better his year.

Why do I feel like were gonna sign Hasselbeck to be Henne's bak-up....

I hope its just a feeling...

DyingBreed. It's 2011.

Hasselbeck would be fine as a backup. He is probably the smartest of all QB's available. No sense paying up for a QB that really is not a long term answer. We need a back up for Henne. Henne will either be the guy or we go all out in the draft next year.

Simon Says,

Youre right, its 2011 and most fans still think we're searching for the next Marino. I was just pointing out other than 4-5 outter worldly season out of 17 season. Maybe we're not looking for the next Marino.

I would much rather be searching for the next Bob Griese. He quarterbacked 2 SB championship teams.


Many A+ QB's never win the big one as well. What we need is a reliable, smart QB that keeps us in the game, can rise to the occasion when needed. Doesn't have to be a first ballot HOF'er type.

Simon Says,

Youre so correct, all we really need is a qb that can get us to the playoffs then play very well for 3-4 consecutive games. This equals championship trophy.

Doesnt matter who's the best qb in the regular season(Brady). Matters most who's the best qb in the post season(Rogers).

You will beg me to return.
Just watch.


It's a team game. With a reliable, above average QB, you then build the other parts as best as you can. No SB team has even near 50% pro bowlers on their squad. Good coaching, being able to out scheme your opponent is valuable too.

You need lots of good players for sure, but this FO is not totally off base to say you need the right group of players, players that compliment each other. Speaking of which, and I hope I am wrong, but I just don't get the feeling Henne and Marshall are ever going to have chemistry. I think Marshall sensed this by the end of the season. I think they will give it their best effort though this year.

Simon Says...

I don't think that Hasselbeck see's himself as a back-up..or as a player anyone will get on the cheap....my reasoning behind this is the pure fact that he didn't re-sign with Seattle...where in 10 season's he was a pro-bowler 3 times....

I am sure he doesn't see himself the way you or I see him at all....

TaVaris Jackson has replaced Hasselbeck in Seattle as the starter....

At least we dodged that Bullett.....

Simon Says,

I believe first it begans with being good enough to be a perrenial playoff team. Sure there have been one hit wonders make the playoffs then go on a roll all the way to a championship. However, perrenial playoff teams get more chances to win a championship over certain periods of time.

After becoming a perrenial playoff team you have to eventually get "hot" at the right time to roll to a championship of your very own.

Its up to gm to build a playoff calibre team. Then its up to the coaches to coach them into the playoffs after there's "clearly" enough talent in house. If not, a coaching staff cant clearly be blamed. But if all of the talent is clearly in house and they steal cant become a playoff calibre team, then coaching is a great issue.

Im going to tell you guys exactly whats going to happen when Henne starts the first game against New England.

Just like last season DC's are going to put 7-8-9 guys in the run box to see if Henne's learned to burn them for this with downfield playaction passing.

Then in 3rd to medium/long they'll blitz Henne to see if he's learned to handle blitzes. If Henne hasnt improved in these two ares dont expect to see a whole lot of improvement offensively over 2010 no matter what we have added.


I really can't know about that. No doubt he'd like to start. He currently has no team though, and their may not be a team that needs him as a starter right away. He may accept a backup spot in hopes things fall in his favor after. At 35, not sure how much he can command.


I have to admit I've got a bit of a bias against Crowder. I've never been a fan and have often been disappointed. I won't go through it all again but you no my reasons why I'm not much of a fan.

My only poijt earlier was that I hope the Dolphins will at least look at Barnett as an option. I believe he was making $4 million. He might be happy to hook on with someone for $2.5mil.....depends what the market is for him. Might not be much.

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