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Brandon Marshall reports to Dolphins -- early

Brandon Marshall's, um, drama-filled offseason has led to much speculation about his status with the Miami Dolphins.

Let's clear some of that up. Again.

In April, following Marshall's alleged stabbing which police said was at the hands of his wife, I reported the wide receiver's status with the team was not in danger. The Dolphins did not intend to get rid of Marshall. Made sense since, despite his history for domestic violence, this incident cast Marshall as the victim.

I've not heard anything that would change Marshall's status with Miami since then so I'm assuming he'll be with the Dolphins.

Apparently Marshall was assuming the same because he showed up at Dolphins training camp today ready to work out. In fact, he showed up around 8:30 in the morning and wasn't allowed to immediately enter the facility.

The NFL mandated club training facilities were not to open from their lockout state until 10 a.m. And so Marshall apparently waited in his car for 90 minutes until he was finally allowed in the facility at the allowable time.

Interesting right?

Speaks to the kid's diligence.

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Orton would make sense for the Phins since we couldn't handle a QB that wants to carry the team on his shoulders. He's a wet blanket with a good arm, sound familiar? They should poll the players and ask who they would play harder for...Henne, Orton or VY.

I would marginally accept giving up one 3rd rd pick for Orton. But if John Clayton is correct Elway may be seeking a 2nd and 3rd rd pick for him. Then shutdown the presses Mr. Ireland!

2nd is just too high for a middle of the pack vet who never won a playoff game.

I'd rather give a 1,2,3 to move up in the draft than to give a 2 and 3 for Orton

If John Elway is really looking for a 2nd and 3rd for Orton, then he seriously doesnt want to deal him. I hope Ireland is idiotic enough to pay that for Orton.

Commentary: Mediocre Miami Dolphins need to stop playing it safe and acquire QB Vince Young

ByGreg Stoda
Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Updated: 7:55 p.m. Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Dolphins can play it safe - there certainly are plenty of ways to do so - in their search for a quarterback to challenge disrespected and beleaguered incumbent Chad Henne for the starting job.

Know what safe would get 'em?

Kyle Orton.

Know what Kyle Orton would get 'em?

Another dip in Lake Mediocrity with something along the lines of a third consecutive 7-9 record to show for it, which likely would mark the end of Tony Sparano's tenure as head coach and perhaps result in the firing of Jeff Ireland as general manager, too. The point is there's no such thing as job security at team headquarters on S.W. 30th Street in Davie these days, so the time ought to be right to strike the boldest of strokes.

The best thing Dolphins owner Stephen Ross could do is demand that the franchise take a significant risk with his money in pursuit of a possible substantial reward, and that means making a play for soon-to-be-former Tennessee quarterback Vince Young.

Yes, he's a malcontent, but it's not as though the Dolphins have been afraid of dealing with the oddities of Ricky Williams (more than once) and Brandon Marshall in the recent past.

But here's a set of raw numbers to examine: Tennessee was 30-17 with Young as a starter and 15-18 when he wasn't across five regular seasons. Shouldn't that be regarded as stout evidence of Young's intrinsic value?

Darren I pretty much agree with Stoda on 2 accounts:

1. Ireland will play it safe

2. Unless Ross intervenes its unlikely vy comes to Miami.

Well wasn't it Ross that wanted a dynamic, exlposive offense?

Ireland hasnt a clue what words like "intrinsic" means.


I really dont think Ross intervenes on this one. Because if he demands they bring in VY and the team still fails. He may have a guilty conscience about firing Ireland/Sparano.

After all, they would have did exactly what Ross demanded wouldnt they?

Huff, Bush, Heap, Miller, Malcolm Floyd, Orton, , Hasselback, and Barber are just a handful of names miami should be interested in.......

And while D'angelo(though unlikely going to miami) and Bradshaw sound inticing to go after, lets keep in mind this team is not One RB star short of going to the playoffs , let alone winning a SB. And those names mentioned above would come at considerably less cost and more needs to fill.....
As far as Orton Deal, I say if we give denver a 3rd and a player of phillip Merling value, then I say make the trade....There really isnt much else to choose from in the QB market and that is a desperate NEED for this team right now!!!!

They need another QB no question. If they bring in Orton at a fair price so be it. But if they over pay for a guy who doesn't last more than 2 years anywhere, its a bigger gamble than taking VY.

Stop worrying about Ireland giving up a 2nd and 3rd for Orton. I know Ireland has done some ignorant things, but the guys not retarded.

If Claytons reporting that that's Elways asking price, then Elways the retard.

Think about it. Who, in the ENTIRE NFL, who would give up a 2nd and a 3rd for Orton?

Elway must have watched one to many episodes of American Pickers. It ain't gonna happen.

The fa signing frenzy will be in full force Friday. There's agreat chance by Saturday morning we'll know exactly who we'll have to challenge Henne.

Camp begins tomorrow and these deals need to be done to get these guys(fa's) in to begin learning thier new teams playbooks.

You may be right about Ross, but guys at that level are as shrewd as they come in business, not much conscience. He doesn't need excuses or reasons to fire anybody. He'll just say he wanted to move in another direction and thanks for your hard work.


"American Pickers?" Thats hilarious! LOL.......

Darren, youre absolutely right! LOL...

Pat Delvin is the future of this team. He will out throw Henne in camp. He is by far the most accurate of all rookies and is the steal of the draft. Ireland actually did a good job this year.

yea ODIN, who in their right mind would trade in their entire DRAFT for one player.......

******Heres smiling at you good old Hershall Walker*wink* and Minnasota!!!*lol******

Devlin has his work cut out for him in the nfl. He's another spread offense college qb and never has had to throw in tight nfl windows. Yet alone diagnose an nfl pro defense and speed of the game.

So dont start proclaiming Devlin as the greatest thing since Velvetta spread just yet.

Orton would be redundant and complicate QB battle between 2 lame candidates, and would be expensive to boot. We would be at the same place at the end of this season as last...maybe a couple wins more...no playoffs. Just get VY...a legit competitor with the pedigree of a winner. I don't see why not and know another team will see his value.

The thing that plagues Miami is that with all the talent around the QB the players cannot get excited themselves about the QB. They know when a QB is not the real deal. I think VY would at least make the players believe in winning, which is half the battle. Look at how Pennington affected the players. A swagger matters.

We need to learn our lesson from the signing of Brandon Marshall last year which cost us a much in the way of the draft and in big money $$$ Contracts to ONE star caliber player...

which truly leads me to believe miami will pass on Williams and Bradshaw if the price is too steep which in reality they are asking for.....We need to spread our money on more of the product than just limiting it one area of the team!!!!

Marshall would be making $10 million a year regardless of who he played for. Marshall's a top 5 wr no matter the fact hehad a down year. Geesh, he missed 2 games and still had 86 receptions for over 1000yds.

Had Ginn done that in 16 games most fans would be proclaiming him the 2nd coming of Duper or Clayton. Yet Marshall gets disdain.

I wouldnt opposed to seeing Vince Young compete with henne...But I dont honestly see how he could turn the page on creating himself a franchise type QB here in miami....not with the personal we have right now...he like Henne Needs pieces in place around him for him to even succeed....and even that could be a reach!!!

Probably never in nfl history has a wr averaged a little over 6 catches per game for over 1000yds and still recieved as much disrepect as some give Marshall in Miami. Its absolutely laughable. LOL...

uh yea right DB

Ginn wouldve never stayed in bounds long enough to equate to such #'s!!!!Im not saying marshall was a bad move but in the end we still ended up the same as the year before @ 7-9, just with more issues on offense this time around!!!

One of the primary advantages VY has over Henne is when plays break down in the pocket he can make plays with his legs. The concrete is set and has cured around Henne's feet.

The pocket breaks down around Henne and its over. The play ends in either a sack or pick.

Bottomline, as I posted way earlier, all of the qb's available this offseason are available for a reason. The downside is that it mostly aint good.

There arent any surefire hof'er available. We're mainly seeking best of the not so best.

I'll put it like this:

Of all the qb's available, which would place the most fear of God into Nfl defensive coordinators? VY is my runaway choice as the answer to this question.

That I agree with DB.....the QB Market, like the draft is Very Weak this YEAR!!! Eagles want too much for an overrated QB...Orton is nothing to get really excited about, Hasselback and Mcnabb are reaching at the top of their ceilings in the age department, and vince young still carries baggage and inconsistency anywhere he goes......and PALMERS RETIRED!!!!

Its like being at the bar for last call and trying to go home with the best looking ugly chick. Because all of the pretty girls are long gone.

Speaking of long gone, Im out. LOL...

And that is WHY miami needs to be cautious about making any long term deals or giving up picks to whoever they decide to push henne this year for the QB starting gig.....Lets face it....the upgrade will be marginal at best which may lead miami to build around the Henne this free agency....we shall see!!!

It will be a miracle if this group can make anything happen with the Dolphins this year. If I was owner I would prob clear house and tank for some draft picks and try to get first in the first next year. Is Cam Cameron available for our next coach where we can give up a second round pick as compensation. Im starting to think Jeff will go for that.

Any Pickups yet, Been At work from 2pm????????


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOBxUdi3glQ Omar how am I the only that has seen this. Pat Devlin may be the one for Miami. We all know Chad is not going to take us to the promised land. It looks like Pat D might have some skills.

Lol sorry not omar, been watching too much of the Wire. Still Pat Devlin shows some skils in this video.

Hopefully he has matured since last year and all we see s big plays from him this year

dying what dont u undertsand about this qb process?? its clear henne is done here. he will never start another game for us, thankfully

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