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DeAngelo Williams returns to Carolina :(

The Carolina Panthers will announce in the next 24 hours that they have retained running back DeAngelo Williams.

Why am I reporting this?

You have to ask?

The Dolphins were interested in Williams and were one of three teams that made offers to perhaps the best running back available in free agency.

The offer was considered no more than a flirtation by Williams, however, once it became clear the steep price it would take to pry him loose from the Panthers or keep him from going to Denver. ESPN.com is reporting Williams has agreed to a 5-year, $43 million contract that includes a whopping $21 million in guaranteed money.

The Dolphins were shopping for a running back and continue that search. But they were looking around at Sears and Williams was hanging out at Sak's.

So what does this mean?

Miami still needs a running back to pair with rookie Daniel Thomas. Ahmad Bradshaw is still a possibility, although the Giants are considered the heavy favorites to retain him. He could be considered the next-best available runner. He also would not come cheaply as it would require outbidding New York.

The Dolphins have talked to agent Drew Rosenhaus about Bradshaw and Rosenhaus has given the team the appropriate parameters for making that work.

Then we head to the clearance aisle. Miami can still go back to Ronnie Brown, who is offering himself to the highest bidder. Miami can look at Cedric Benson, assuming he's not in jail today. Miami can go very cheap for Atlanta's Jason Snelling.

I suppose there's also Ricky Williams.

The pray-for-it-to-happen solution is that Reggie Bush gets cut by the Saints because he has a cap value north of $11 million. Then Miami swoops in and add him for the sake of giving him the football 15 times a game or so.

Don't bank on that working out perfectly.

Other running backs that are available include Willis McGahee, Joseph Addai, Marion Barber, Carnell Williams, Darren Sproles, or ...



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Good...Big bucks on a guy who was seriously injured...I'll pass...Give me Reggie Bush or Marion Barber...

He is not worth 21 million only peterson is worth that money......he aint no peterson good thing we didnt offer that kind of money.........we will get us one if its barber so be it

Who cares, we were never really in the running for his services anyway. Wasted blog Armando.

Reggie Bush makes sense for the Dolphins...We need speed, that's our biggest weakness...You get a guy who instantly improves your offense and special teams...Kill 2 birds with one stone...Saints won't keep him...

While Williams can be an excellent RB, all the way back to college (University of Memphis, Tigers) he had injury problems. He would get dinged up and not be able to play or not willing. I know because I am Tiger fan. Not sure but his best NFL days may be behind him.


Reggie Bush is another guy who only improves your team for about half a season. Have you taken a look at his injury history? I would much rather have Michael Bush. At least with him you have a better chance of getting a guy available to you for an entire season.

DeAngelo ShmeAngelo

Update on Orton please.

DyingBreed, sometimes you have to gamble...Risk vs Reward...Dolphins don't do enough of that..Ya think they don't regret getting Drew Brees? They probably thought about his injury history...And we lost him. Bush brings explosiveness, something we lack...How many players on offense actually strike fear in opposing defenses? Not too many in my opinion...Sometimes you have to gamble...In this case, the reward could be awesome...

Cedric Benson? Why even mention him?

Good...Big bucks on a guy who was seriously injured...I'll pass...Give me Reggie Bush or Marion Barber...

Posted by: #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal | July 27, 2011 at 01:41 PM

Seriously injured? Instead opt for Bush & Barber who are always injured? LOL Makes no sense. I prefer Bradshaw, hope we can steal him.

D. Williams IS a running back with speed. Bush is a utility threat with speed. We need a RB
who can carry a part time load at RB not a receiver who tries to play RB.

As for Barber, he is just like Thomas a slower bruising kind of back. We are replacing Ronnie/Ricky with the exact same clones, only younger.

They better hope Sheets has speed & plays or else this FO has failed to address a speed need at RB.

What about Ronnie and Cadillac Willams. If they can't get Bush?

jason trusnik to dolphins keep picking up the browns trash wow he better be good on special teams atleast

Ahmad Bradshaw please!

Meanwhile Michelle Beisner of NFL Network says that talks between Orton and the Dolphins are progressing and a deal could happen within six hours.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports the Broncos are looking for a “premium pick” for Orton.

Dust Bottoms....I love Brad Smith as a football player....total package....and versatile.....he made the WC work for the jets...and if we insist on running the WC...he makes perfect sense...

What about Ronnie and Cadillac Willams. If they can't get Bush?

Posted by: phinsfan78 | July 27, 2011 at 01:56 PM


What about the injured and often injured. If they can't get usually injured?

Joe, long time no speak...Where have you been?? LOL! I like the Bush idea because he could also help out our crappy special teams...I'm kind of tired to see Devone Bess returning punts...Aren't you?

jason trusnik to dolphins keep picking up the browns trash wow he better be good on special teams atleast


This fo is far too afraid to gamble. If so we would now be talking of VY landing in Miami rather than Orton. I will always believe Ross forced Marshall on them.

Still after Grove/Smiley this fo gambling on injury history players should be over. Reggie Bush is a high priced injury just waiting to happen.

i feel like a broken record every friggin year

we have to be aggressive with free agency

arent the giants over the cap how can they afford bradshaw

if we get horton expect running backs like sproles and jerome harrison

Miami should take a hard look at Willis Magahee....from Baltimore.....Hard nosed back...with fresh legs (spent last season and a half behind Ray Rice)...he has stater potential...and the EGO to be a back up....and could be an upgreade from R. Brown...at a cheaper price....

DyingBreed, I'm all for Vince Young. That would be a low risk high reward situation. I don't care about his mechanics. Bottom line he wins games. Miami doesn't. Makes perfect sense. I don't like the idea of trading pick(s) for Orton...

bradshaw to miami. rumor but solid.

Wait a minute Mando... I thought Ronnie said he is keeping his options open, not necesarrily going to the high bidder.

I could be wrong, But I thought he would sign here for a reasonable offer than just accept highest $$.

And for all you VY people, just to stir the pot, here was my last post for you all from previous blog.

OK so no Orton at this time?

Look, knowing this management they will sign VY

why you ask?

Well lets see... We quit on JT, Our Coach quits on every QB, Our owner quit on our coach and then kissed his arse to get him back when the better option was not available.

So why not get a qb who quits on his team.

It all makes sense.

Sarcasm on purpose.

Ahhh...I hope we've seen the last of that friggin wildcat...God...

Bush sounds like next best after D.williams. But sounds like they'll be no meaningful change at RB.

our passing game will take a step forward this year. Its a season corp now, should be OK. Henne will rebound.


henne plays b-ball?.lol

Reggie Bush would be an outstam=nding aquisition.....and he fills 2...I say again...2 areas of need.....

he makes sense on at least 2 levels....

kris,could it be? orton,bradshaw and the phins will once again have a home field advantage at the joe.lol


Is it confirmed Brad Smith to the Bears? Or was that just another useless post?

Who would you rather have dolfans?
Ahmad Bradshaw's expensive contract
or R Bush and maybe E Weeddle/Z Miller/Tod Heap?
Not the biggest Bush fan but he can be very effective if healthy which is the same for oft injured Bradshaw.
This team needs multiple players, not just one.
Unfortunately this FO has a one yr lease and they will prob overspend for Orton who I like , but not for a second rounder

2 Watt....that would be nice.....

I know DB loves VY.....but in my opinion....out of the 2 of them...Orton is the better choice....and will have the better career going forward.....

Plus with Orton....he gives us time to wait on the QB this FO is targeting.....and he can groom him... Orton is a 5 year insurance policy.....and Maybe...just Maybe....he grooms Henne....

Jerome Harrison.

Guy is cheap and he produces.

Grantland.com did an interesting breakdown of his career and production.


Pennington was a longer tenured vet than Orton and it seems he hasnt gotten thru to Henne. So what makes you believe Orton can?

Re-sign Ricky and pick up Reggie Bush for the right price (if he becomes available)...

Orton has done nothing. He had a perfect system last year and weapons around him and Denver wants to go with Tebow!?

When Tebow beats the guy out then he must be crap.

VY all day long. Way more talent and less cost.

Huge risk to reward opportunity but we have the little boy Ireland, who lacks the balls and vision to actually improve the QB position.

30-18 all time as a pro. 98.6 passer rating last year. 10 td's, 3 int's, 5 yards a carry.

If the Orton deal is consumated Henne's career in Miami is done. However, if Henne by miracle beats out Orton. I dont see Henne signing an extension. He will force this fo to franchise him at a staggering number then bail in fa following the 2012 season.

This whole scenario has a huge potential to blow up in our faces in a huge way!

Hmm.. As RB's pertain, it's true the Dolphins need a quick RB(NOT a scatback, he has to be able to run between the tackles on occassions) but he does need to have excellent hands(the Passing Era, remember?). Lets say like a LaDanian? Any body available like that?

Oregon Dolphin fan, AMEN BROTHER!

Actually DB...I think we see to much Pennington in Henne.....

Pennington is the KING of CHECK DOWNS....but he was also accurate...so a 3 yard swing pass...or a 5 yard out thrown ON TIME...and accurate giving the reciever an oppertunity to run...... that made him very sucessful QB....that and his leadership....

Henne IMO needs to stop trying to be Pennington.....and try being Henne....let it fly....his misses might not be so magnified if he threw deep more than once a half.....

This Henne/Orton thing just has great potential to become one helluva very expensive mess we can become mired in. I know that some of you dont see it now but I do.

Orton will be signed at around $7million. If Henne wins the starting job we are in absolute financial muck. At $7 million, the fo would have to be rooting for Orton to win the starting job. Or it presents financial doomsday.

I believe we will seriously regret not getting VY at a fire sale price!

Oscar, exactly...That's what Bush brings to the table...We need playmakers, guys with speed...D.Williams is that as well but I don't think the Dolphins were really in the race...Get Bush in Miami!

I'm glad Williams is off the board. I was hoping the Dolphins could avoid paying big money for FA RB since the team already spent most of the early draft on RB's.

Sign Ricky or Ronnie or Jason Snelling and call it good. Give Lex a chance and you have Kory Sheets and now Nic Grigsb to compete for that speed position.

Not biting on the high $ FA RB allows the team to look at adding a quality FA G like Justin Blalock G Atlanta/Davin Joseph G Tampa/Carl Nicks N.O. or even a FA LB or TE.

If we Pick up Orton and Bradshaw we will be contenders !!!!


I believe the fo will have to spend to much to sign Orton to make a play on one of the pulling guards available. They're shooting thier biggest wad on Orton and wont have enough left. I sure hope Jerry is ready!

"Other running backs that are available include Willis McGahee, Joseph Addai, Marion Barber, Carnell Williams, Darren Sproles, or ...


What? who is the "or..."?

DB, do you really think this FO will sign Orton(if they do) to sit on the bench? Yeah, I know what you are going to say, they are capable of anything!, but so are you, capable of being FOS. Yes?......No?.

The Dolphins need to start getting serious about signing some free agents. That is going to take some cash and some risk. These both are something the Dolphins are not willing to do. We saw this in the draft also! Winning doesn't come cheep in the NFL, unfortunately Ireland and Sparano haven't figured this out yet!

well aj doesnt look like we are picking either one up. plus jets close on moss and oaklands cb

If we do land orton he will be the starter......period. Henne will be released next year, picked up by the chiefs and carry a clip board

Guys, the way I see it, spending $7million on Orton has crushed our chances to make anything more than tiny ripples in the waters of free agency there after. Please dont forget we still have to sign our draft picks and remain under the salary cap.

This is a very bad time to spend $7 million on a "very average qb".

I hope Arizona or Denver outbids us on Orton. Then the FO will have to go with VY. I hope they are forced to because they won't do it out of sheer logic. If they sign Bulger instead of VY I'll boycott the FINS until this regime is gone, and I've been a fan since I was 10 years old, 40 years now.

DB, if Orton signs and comes at 7 mil, make no mistake. He is the starter.

i thought you said nipples.lol

I wish the Dolphin would sign either Ricky or Ronnie, with Reggie Bush or Marion Barber to go with Daniels/Sheets/Grigsby. The cream should rise to the top from that list. Plus we'd save spave some money for other positions,,,i.e. right tackle, where Carey sucked last yr. Cut Carey, save his salary or sign Joseph or other good FA tackle. Carey has severly underplayed his contract. Could someone give me Irelands phone #?

#1, hello! I took off during the lockout.

With the KO's being pushed back up it will negate special teams guys. I think we'll see more touch backs than ever before. That would further reduce Bush's role.

this was a smart move by ireland.....one of the few his had since he's been here........My guess is if bush isnt available soon they'll probably look at Marion Barber and Joseph addai more closely....Bradshaw expected to resign with giants soon!!!

Ronnie Rickie Barber Addai are all spent. Forget them. What do you really think any of them will bring? Grade C- performance at best.

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