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DeAngelo Williams returns to Carolina :(

The Carolina Panthers will announce in the next 24 hours that they have retained running back DeAngelo Williams.

Why am I reporting this?

You have to ask?

The Dolphins were interested in Williams and were one of three teams that made offers to perhaps the best running back available in free agency.

The offer was considered no more than a flirtation by Williams, however, once it became clear the steep price it would take to pry him loose from the Panthers or keep him from going to Denver. ESPN.com is reporting Williams has agreed to a 5-year, $43 million contract that includes a whopping $21 million in guaranteed money.

The Dolphins were shopping for a running back and continue that search. But they were looking around at Sears and Williams was hanging out at Sak's.

So what does this mean?

Miami still needs a running back to pair with rookie Daniel Thomas. Ahmad Bradshaw is still a possibility, although the Giants are considered the heavy favorites to retain him. He could be considered the next-best available runner. He also would not come cheaply as it would require outbidding New York.

The Dolphins have talked to agent Drew Rosenhaus about Bradshaw and Rosenhaus has given the team the appropriate parameters for making that work.

Then we head to the clearance aisle. Miami can still go back to Ronnie Brown, who is offering himself to the highest bidder. Miami can look at Cedric Benson, assuming he's not in jail today. Miami can go very cheap for Atlanta's Jason Snelling.

I suppose there's also Ricky Williams.

The pray-for-it-to-happen solution is that Reggie Bush gets cut by the Saints because he has a cap value north of $11 million. Then Miami swoops in and add him for the sake of giving him the football 15 times a game or so.

Don't bank on that working out perfectly.

Other running backs that are available include Willis McGahee, Joseph Addai, Marion Barber, Carnell Williams, Darren Sproles, or ...



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VY like Jake Plummer??? Really??

Did you catch the title game when he ran and passed for over 200 yards? Check his rushing avg. in the NFL. Jake Plummer? WOW...

Its not gonna happen DB.... Reports From NFL.COM showing ORTON to Miami almost OFFICIAL!!!!

Word is that fins closing in on Bradshaw. It's down to them and Giants.

Denver doesnt play the 3-4 defense. So why the hell would they be interested in 3-4 DE's Merlin or Langford?

They would be more interested in 4-3 pass rush DE's. Last I checked 3we dont have them.

Let's hope the FO gets on the VY bandwagon!

jrljr2, where did you read that my good man?

Phin phonetic report that Clayton says they are all in on him and if not then they will resign R brown. Let's hope they get Bradshaw!

Thank Jamesthefinfan.

Mike Vick and Vince Young have nothing in common -- outside of a common skin colour and a common position on the football field.

It's like comparing Dan Marino and Chad Henne -- both tall, white, upright pocket passers with rocket arms.

I would crawl over glass to have Mike Vick as the Dolphins QB. Like 31 other teams we missed the boat on that one.

Vince Young however
1) has horrible mechanics
2) is inaccurate
3) has shown no capacity for intelligenty reading defences and
4) is a divisive headcase

if you want to argue about how divisive or emotionally unsound VY is be my guest - -but that does not change the first three points.

All of the clutch-time courage and raw athletic ability in the world cannot compensate for a QB who is incapable of reading defences and doesn't know how to throw an NFL pass.

Let's hope the FO gets on the VY bandwagon!

Posted by: finsfan72 | July 27, 2011 at 03:24 PM

Prepare for dissapointment.......FO is on the Orton Bandwagon!!!




opk so youre missing the point plummer: great arm good legs personal and coaching issues
vy: great arm good legs personal and coaching issues

vick: great arm great legs personal issues(overcame) greatest playmaker at the qb position
vy:great arm good legs personal and coaching issues

see the comparisons.....if you wanna do rushing averages put vicks up to youngs...no comparison.....my point exactly


You nailed the problem, were not the right organization

They took a QB who had a decent first year and handcuffed him and made him play in a box, you think they are going to be able to handle VY and his BS. No Low Risk involved, he will tear team apart if he doesn't get his way

VY and BM together may be too volatile, Orton and BM worked great together, I can give that a shot if we don't give up too much

I'm sorry Jason La Confora says Fins are leaders fOR Bradshaw. Clayton says brown possible either way.

Steve Young became nightmarish for dc's once becoming a 49er. He had the arm, the weapons and could beat you with his feet.

Dont know about some of you guys but this reminds me of another "YOUNG" now available. Vince "YOUNG". Too bad Ireland doesnt see it.


...ALoco agrees with me.

That can't be a good sign.


Mechanics and accuracy can be coached up, but the bottom line with VY is his W-L record. He wins!

Steve Young didnt exactly set the league afire while at Tampa Bay either. Change of scenery, better stability, and better offensive weapons and now the guys a hof qb.

Be careful what you wish for YOUNG(VY) doubters!

Gary Stevens,

so how do you feel about Orton?

I am truly excited if we land him he will be the best qb we have had since Dan....period.

This guys upside is there man im serious ive watched him for a while. He is a passer first, which is what we need in our division.

the jets and pats are gonna score we need an aerial attack or at least a qb that aint scared to air it out to give us a chance at winning

Other than bradshaw, all the other backs are used up but serviceable as pure backups including Ronnie. Signing Ronnie for backup money if bradshaw isn't available looks like the best bet to me. Bush is a pure receiver but can eat up snaps and provide a weapon in obvious apssing scenarios. I could go that way too.

So, either Bradshaw, or Ronnie or Reggie now.

Bleacher Report,

Miami Dolphins, Kyle Orton in contract talks.

This is BAD news.

If we sign orton and ends up winning the job then we really should try and trade Henne while we can still get something for him.

Dolphins just reportedly sealed deal for ORTON!!!!!

There goes the VY speculation!!!!!

Aloco, I guess I'm your bad guy...I'm on the dark side...I'm the Darth Vader of this blog...LOL!!

VY wouldn't make it thru the season. Look at our division. Orton + Marshall = Solid football play. Thats worth a 3rd

Hey guys, I'm here. Just figured to share some time with you while waiting for something to happen.

SUICIDE WATCH ...........................

SUICIDE WATCH............................

SUICIDE WATCH...........................


Armando, NFL.COM claims Orton to Dolphins is pretty much a done deal...Or very close...




Exactly!!! If Daboll is the qb guru they wanna lead us to believe. Then why the hell are they so afraid of VY?

Orton's absolute ceiling at best will be to lead us to a 10-6 regular season record and one and done playoff appearance. Mark it on your calenders.

Orton will place zero fear into the hearts of the playoff calibre defensive coordinators. He will easily be diagnosed and we'll do our routine one and done playoff appearance as usual.

I am giving Orton benefit of the doubt to lead us to a playoff appearance. But that's where ot ends. One and done.

This VY debate does not matter. The Dolphins are saddled with the little boy, cronie Ireland and he does not posses the balls or vision to even attempt to go after VY.

This team is going nowhere until Ireland and Mr. FG are long gone.

Mando - Think the Fins will go after Zach Miller?

Hey Armando

whats the deal with the TE situation...are they even interested in Zac miller or Todd heap if he should get cut by the ravens as they are reporting?????

...gotta think thats a need also while were waiting for the RB And Qb position to fan out!!!

Mando, have u heard that LaConfora says Fins lead on Bradshaw?

Montreal, not true. I asked one Dolphins source if the team was getting Orton and he told me "wish I could say," as in not sure yet.

Aloco, forget about Carson Palmer. The Bengals are refusing to trade him.

i listened to some browns offense players. all were excited to get new offensive coordinator. guess who got their old one after he was let go?

I have a feeling that all the talk of Miami re-looking at signing Ronnie Brown is just posturing to influence Bradshaw to take their offer.

Hope it works.

why orton is not a good idea....

orton and marshall has already been tried and tested in denver and in that time, how deep in the playoffs did they ever go?

orton is 28 so not the future.

has already been tried and discarded by 2 teams.

will accelerate the phins to another mediocre season.

i say stick with Henne and either suck for luck, or discover you already have a franchise qb on your roster in Henne.

I dont think that Orton is a long term fix. I think we should give Chad one last chance.

My second best option would be to go with Young, because he is different than Chad, Orton seems a more developed version of Chad...

If we want a SB contender we need to do things very different and Kyle isnt that much different than the past 5 QB's ive seen in Miami...


I absolutely hate the prospects of signing Orton. Also do you have any perspective on what it will cost in picks to sign him?

John Clayton reported Elway was seeking a 2nd and 3rd rd'er. Is it true?



CROWDER ?????????

I heard LaCanfora's report and all I can tell you is it is not done right now and the Giants want Bradshaw back and he would PREFER to go back to NYG if all things are equal.

Would love Orton and Bradshaw and maybe Barnett today.


If we sign Orton do you see this as a long-term fix or short-term?

Sounds like Bradshaw is using the Fins to get a better deal out of the Gmen ... apparently he took our offer back to them for them to match

Image, SuperPHIN, I would love Zach Miller but I don't think it is a priority right NOW.

Team doesn't have a QB or a RB. That comes first.

Zach Miller?? Why is there no talk about him. Huge upgrade and weapon of need for us. thoughts?

Armando, I hope the Dolphins sign a proven guard. The interior o-line is still in need of talent...Drafting Pouncey was a start, but should we rely on Incognito and Jerry? Someone like Leonard Davis or Carl Nicks would help tremendously. What do you think?

Armando, is it true it's down to Miami and Giants for Bradshaw?

The dolphins need to sell tickets. That is what they are worried about, and there is only one player out there that can do that. Reggie Bush!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess the VY debate is moot. Looks like Orton is a done deal.

Kyle Orton for president!!!!

this is gonna be great......cant wait


Cayman, Kyle Orton is a 1 or 2 year fix.

The Dolphins know they need to DRAFT a QB.

Hey Mando,
Reason we won't let you reporters into our training facility is we don't want you to know we are sitting around doing NOTHING!!



are we going another year without legit tight ends????? just wondering.


Do you see the Dolphins send one of the DLs in the trade deal with Denver to lower the draft pick for Orton? Maybe this is the reason they signed Mcdaniel.. so they can send one of the others

Ronnie Brown will do a lot better with or improved offensive Line, plus he's an above average pass catcher out of backfield.

Armando, say they get Orton and Bradshaw, are they done?

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