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DeAngelo Williams returns to Carolina :(

The Carolina Panthers will announce in the next 24 hours that they have retained running back DeAngelo Williams.

Why am I reporting this?

You have to ask?

The Dolphins were interested in Williams and were one of three teams that made offers to perhaps the best running back available in free agency.

The offer was considered no more than a flirtation by Williams, however, once it became clear the steep price it would take to pry him loose from the Panthers or keep him from going to Denver. ESPN.com is reporting Williams has agreed to a 5-year, $43 million contract that includes a whopping $21 million in guaranteed money.

The Dolphins were shopping for a running back and continue that search. But they were looking around at Sears and Williams was hanging out at Sak's.

So what does this mean?

Miami still needs a running back to pair with rookie Daniel Thomas. Ahmad Bradshaw is still a possibility, although the Giants are considered the heavy favorites to retain him. He could be considered the next-best available runner. He also would not come cheaply as it would require outbidding New York.

The Dolphins have talked to agent Drew Rosenhaus about Bradshaw and Rosenhaus has given the team the appropriate parameters for making that work.

Then we head to the clearance aisle. Miami can still go back to Ronnie Brown, who is offering himself to the highest bidder. Miami can look at Cedric Benson, assuming he's not in jail today. Miami can go very cheap for Atlanta's Jason Snelling.

I suppose there's also Ricky Williams.

The pray-for-it-to-happen solution is that Reggie Bush gets cut by the Saints because he has a cap value north of $11 million. Then Miami swoops in and add him for the sake of giving him the football 15 times a game or so.

Don't bank on that working out perfectly.

Other running backs that are available include Willis McGahee, Joseph Addai, Marion Barber, Carnell Williams, Darren Sproles, or ...



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Armando - Any word on if Reggie Bush would consider Miami if they made a decent offer?


1) Isn't $21M signing bonus steep for a non AP or CJ running back?
2) Why does nobody think Orton has potential?


we suck never going to win with chad henne

If we give up another 2nd rounder for Orton, I'm going to light myself on fire.

What?!?! THE LOCKOUT IS OVER???? Why didn't anyone tell us???

What you guys seem to forget is that we have the best defense in the afc east.....period.
especially since the jets have lost their interior.

c'mon have some faith. we havent had a good qb since Dan.......Orton can lead us to the playoffs and for this year id be happy with that we arent superbowl contenders with vy....dont be dillusional

Mando -

Thanks... but i don't see any other quality TE's out there... I believe the team will get Orton and at least Brown.. so i just started hoping for other improvements.




haynos. he is decent - the aches.

stick with Henne, he should have one more shot.

mando, please tell me the dolphins won't pretend that this will be an open qb competition, and henne still has a chance to start when they bring in orton.

they benched henne for a one armed qb last year... he is going to be holding the clipboard warming the bench on game days next year.

If we end up with Orton, I'll root for him. Still rather roll the dice for VY, and save cap space and draft picks.

When we drafted Ronnie Brown I was totally against it then. Ronnie Brown has never fully proven to be the man in either college or the pro ranks.

Wow, and I dont see anyone scrambling to sign either. That should tell you something finfans. 31 other nfl teams thinks he's garbage.

brown sucks. least henne is done

We are trying to get Danny to come back.



I think getting Orton is a smart move. No, he isn't the best qb but best one we are able to get for now. With are defense all we Need is a descent qb who won't kill us at the end of a game.


please tell me in that in this new Dabol offense that we will have more than 2 players running routes on any play. This was a serious problem last year, to much max protection and not enough options for Henne. I think this would make it hard on any QB.

Dirt dog,

exactly the point that this blog needs to understand......thank you

are we going another year without legit tight ends????? just wondering.

Posted by: greg z. | July 27, 2011 at 03:43 PM

seems like it....all i know is if new york gets CB Asomugha ...we're going to need a legit TE and RB to throw the ball to....ALOT!!!

ronnie dances too much at line of scrimmage.

Uri, with the high value the Dolphins put on DL, I have a hard time believing Miami would trade one of those big-bodies.

Which would you trade?

Starks? No.
Soliai? No.
McDaniel? Just signed.
Merling? Would probably be the guy, but I would rather have him than not because he's cheap and has potential.


If you suggest Orton is a 2yr stop gap at best. Then why the hell are you a top supporter of bringing him here when you know it will cost a couple higher draft picks to boot?

Is that totally insane or what my man?

jets got moss

I suspect the signing of FA players is much like the schedule for signing draft picks, it goes top down.

So 2nd tier RB;s like Ricky, Ronnie, Jason Snelling get their contract offers after the likes of Williams, Bradshaw.

I could be wrong.


What is the thinking when it comes to re-signing Tony Mcdaniel? We are adding players to a position of which we have the most depth? Seems like a waste of cap space to me...

is henne the only pro qb who cant run a 2 min offense?

Jeff, how does me sitting around doing nothing now seem different than the rest of the season when I sit around doing nothing?


Is Cadillac Willams available? What about reuniting him with Ronnie Brown?

Re-sign Ricky Williams, pick up Darren Sproles. They are as good as whats left.

Dyinbreed, getting INTO the playoffs with Orton would be an upgrade compared to the last couple of years.

AUB, Cadillac is injury-prone, smallish and slow. Any more questions?

Tony McDaniel was Miami's 2nd best defensive lineman last year after Soliai...Thank God this front office, who sometimes looks pretty clueless, saw that as well...

Just dont understand it. Nearly every offseason in Dolphinland seems to be taking 2 steps backwards to go forward. Then most wonder why we almost always end up where we are.


How many tears are you gonna shed with me if the Jets get the best offensive FA (Santonio Holmes) AND the best defensive FA (Namdi)?

Absolutley correct superPHIN In fact, I think Zack Miller should be more of a priority then Bradshaw. I would ask the fans and Armando. Which player would have a greater impact and make our offense more dangerous and explosive. Without question it's Miller-TE. Let's talk it up Armando. Maybe Ireland is listening.

greg z: No.

there are others.

Grossman. Thigpen. Travaris Jackson. Leinert. Off the top of my head.

greg,henne can't tell time.lol

Sure do wish I saw some news on Miami cutting/trading Crowder and signing Stephen Tulloch. Would be a huge upgrade over Crowder inside.


Any word on the signing of the drafted players?

Manning has a funky injury no way is Addai going to be let go when they need him for blocking untill one of the kids gets better and that O-line sures up. Barber has a plausable link, but he's going to need to really cut down to a realistic salary. Benson is going to be Bengal if anything and he's almost as bad as V.Young for head case status. Reggie Bush or Darren Sproles would be niffty but that puts serious serious pressure on a Rookie running back on a 4 week camp, no thanks. Willis McGhae has been on the decline for some time no real upside and fear of him coming and being below no improvement. Cadillac has never changed his always get broken run style. Ireland go call Ronnie's mom (tell her how he needs to stay local or he'll get in trouble in another market)and go make nice with Ricky at the healing center asap (seriously you dont want to see either of Dolphin backs on another team this next season the O-line was patch work last season with out a true center, remind yourself of what Welker looks like in a Pattys jersey) Bring the Ronnie and Ricky show back for one more year. Ricky should be an easy sign if Ronnie thinks he deserves D.Williams money or A.Bradshaw then let him skip town, but nudge him on the hometown discount!

If Jets end up with the 2 best CB's in the league, we may have to abandon passing altogether, and go straight wildcat like a college team. OH BOY!

Armando, did you see where olindo Mare signed with Carolina for 12 mil. 4 mil guaranteed. Seems like allot, no?

Well if you ask

I'd give Merling and a 3rd
Langford and a 5th

For Orton

If Langford leaves, Merling and Odrick batle to take his place in the lineup.

In fairness armando,

I dont see how signing Kyle Orton puts us in the playoffs.......this team still has more needs to fill and i dont think this is anything more than sticks to light a fire under henne....

I heard Phillip Merling and 3rd rounder for kyle orton????


Gett5ing into the playoff and having another one and done is unacceptable. Im sick and tired of the bar of expectations in Miami being lower to suit the talent level. That exactly why we seem to always be spinning our wheels as a franchise.

Mediocrity becomes a goal!

By the way, the Dolphins were digging around Matt Moore recently.

May not mean anything, but just sayin'.

Orton 9 mil, 2nd and 3rd 2012 draft.

All that for a 2 year stop gap. What am I missing?

wil, that is the best run down of the RB situation I have heard yet! Great job, I agree.

wil, that is the best run down of the RB situation I have heard yet! Great job, I agree.


Three things:

Have you had discussion with any of the players and the voluntary practices before the lockout ended? Specifically on a New and Improved henne showing up?

Also: Is it true, Ronnie only said he would keep all options open but he would lean to signing with Miami if it is a "fair" offer, not highest?

Also: Are we after a new tight end, especially Zach from the raiders?

playoffs??????playoffs?????? i'm hoping for 7-9 at best as long as sparano/reland run the show.

Orton is as good as any QB in the NFL. Why be upset about that. Unless you was wanting Luck?

mano i like larry like your bulger thing!

Armando, do you see us going after any of the Dallas 3 (Williams,Davis,Barber) that got cut?

Haha, Nick, thanks for listening!

Dont understand why everyone keeps saying cut Crowder. At $2.5 million for this season he's still a bargain basement value for this team at his level of talent. No matter how sick and tired of his over-inflated value of himself rants.

Matt Moore is the darkhorse...I've been saying it for a while Armando...

Crowder is a joke......we need to get rid of him tulloch would be nice

Bulger to push Henne?!? If Henne works out happy days, if not draft first round QB in 2012 draft simple!

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