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DeAngelo Williams returns to Carolina :(

The Carolina Panthers will announce in the next 24 hours that they have retained running back DeAngelo Williams.

Why am I reporting this?

You have to ask?

The Dolphins were interested in Williams and were one of three teams that made offers to perhaps the best running back available in free agency.

The offer was considered no more than a flirtation by Williams, however, once it became clear the steep price it would take to pry him loose from the Panthers or keep him from going to Denver. ESPN.com is reporting Williams has agreed to a 5-year, $43 million contract that includes a whopping $21 million in guaranteed money.

The Dolphins were shopping for a running back and continue that search. But they were looking around at Sears and Williams was hanging out at Sak's.

So what does this mean?

Miami still needs a running back to pair with rookie Daniel Thomas. Ahmad Bradshaw is still a possibility, although the Giants are considered the heavy favorites to retain him. He could be considered the next-best available runner. He also would not come cheaply as it would require outbidding New York.

The Dolphins have talked to agent Drew Rosenhaus about Bradshaw and Rosenhaus has given the team the appropriate parameters for making that work.

Then we head to the clearance aisle. Miami can still go back to Ronnie Brown, who is offering himself to the highest bidder. Miami can look at Cedric Benson, assuming he's not in jail today. Miami can go very cheap for Atlanta's Jason Snelling.

I suppose there's also Ricky Williams.

The pray-for-it-to-happen solution is that Reggie Bush gets cut by the Saints because he has a cap value north of $11 million. Then Miami swoops in and add him for the sake of giving him the football 15 times a game or so.

Don't bank on that working out perfectly.

Other running backs that are available include Willis McGahee, Joseph Addai, Marion Barber, Carnell Williams, Darren Sproles, or ...



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Poizen, yes on the convo. I was told on the hush that henne showed good leadership and that was it. The workouts were not a pressure situation which is where one judges QBs.

Ronnie would rather return to So. Fla than leave but his agent is about $$$ so that is important.

No TE right NOW. Other things to do FIRST.

i'm o.k. with matt moore or v.young or kolb.

How close are we to orton... nfl.com keep fliting with it...

Stud running backs pop up out of the blue every year. Adrian Foster, etc.

How come we never have one?

Per Darlington:

I just spoke to RB Ahmad Bradshaw, who said Giants and Dolphins are at top of his list: "I can't say either team has the upper hand."


Darlington just reported that he spoke to Bradshaw and that both Giants and Dolphins are in play for his services.

I REALLY hope we sign him. Getting bradshaw and Orton would be HUUUGE


Paying the reported price Elway is seeking for Orton plus what it costs to sign him is a completely assine price to pay for in your own words " a 2yr stop gap".

Mike, Merling and and third rounder is high to me.

we need qb and tight ends!!!!!!!!! forget the rb.

Mando who would win if you and Omar Kelly had a wrestling death match?

Even I think Crowder sucks. And this comes from a Gator fan!

BTW, what do you guys thinnk of Jets chasing Nmadi and Randy Moss?


Sounds like Fins have better offer for Bradshaw but he wants and is waiting for Gints to raise offer or match.

jrjr2: ding ding ding ding!!!!! Correct.

You do realize that Bradshaws price is right around what Carolina did for resigning williams CaymanFinFan????..............doesnt leave much cap room to do anything else of priority nature.......just lettin u know!!!!

i want the jets to get nnamdi, blow all their cap space on one player to the detriment of the rest of the team, and then see the injuries mount up.

If you read the broncos page comments on denver post it seems everyone is happy to get rid of orton. I just think giving up draft picks for someone like orton is a desparate move by a desparate regime. not having a second round draft pick next year again would be terrible. Keep the picks and draft a top QB next year instead of wasting them on orton


If the Dolphins were willing to pay me to run around in little circles behind the line of srimmage like Brown does. I would rather stay here too. Geesh that's a no-brainer.

Mando, more of the same. Dolphins always left standing trying to improve weaknesses. Our rivals improve weaknesses and make strength more dominant. Something this FO doesn't know how to do.

Dyingbreed, the "reported" price doesn't move me. I'll wait to see what the actual price is.

If they keep that up. They will be chasing cap hell

agreed. no early picks for orton. trade someone we dont want anymore.

Holmes resigns with thwets for 5 year 50 mil.

Sanchez offered to have his contract restructured in order for wets to sign Asomugha!

Yes, Cayman, Darlington and I talk so I was aware of the convo. Obviously nothing we didn't already know other than it is not done.

i watched orton play last year in London, and he looked ok, but couldnt move the o in the red zone, they lost to the 49'ers in the end

BTW, what do you guys thinnk of Jets chasing Nmadi and Randy Moss?


Posted by: Armando Salguero | July 27, 2011 at 04:06 PM

As i said earlier...........I think Orton/Henne will have NO-ONE to throw the ball to if we dont address our TE situation or possibly adding another complimentary reciever alongside Marshall!!!!

How can the Jets afford Nmandi now that they signed Santonio?

BTW, what do you guys thinnk of Jets chasing Nmadi and Randy Moss?


Posted by: Armando Salguero | July 27, 2011 at 04:06 PM

I think the Jets have far more balls than our pathetic play it safe fo. They have 2 consecutive afc championship appearances to show for it. While we have 2 consecutive 7-9 seasons to show for our approach.

mando are you not worried if they sign bradshaw they will have 2 rb's prone to fumbling in bradshaw and the rook thomas?

Joe Schmoe, in all honesty, and this is just my opinion, I would prefer the Dolphins take a chance with Vince Young rather than trading for Kyle Orton...

Posted by: #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal | July 27, 2011 at 03:22 PM

I agree 100% and said as much a couple of days ago. Young offers most upside with least amount of risk. Most importantly, NO DRAFT PICKS!

Phone ringing now guys. I'll be back in a bit.

jets and pats FO are very sharp. even the bills could overtake us this year.

What disturbs me most about Ronnie Brown is I still dont think he's aware that he's a 235 lb rb. He seems to think he's a 200 lb scatback.

Will this guy ever wake up?

DB, No Balls is the phrase I'd use also. From the way Sparano coaches to talent acquisition. It's always the safe route. Same old stuff.

bills have signed Thigpen they wont overtake the phins

Orton and Bradshaw WOULD be a spectacular upgrade and renew my faith (a little, for now) in this FO. Our offense would be a little scary, then, along with the new draft picks and maybe a pulling guard. WOW!

The jets wont land nnamdi he is going to the redskins or ravens

We are going to Suck for Luck! But first we will trade away a 2nd round pick for a bad QB!


no guts,no glory. play it safe; miss a fg! 1-7 at home;get an extension and a raise!

PPL can give the Wets all the S@#! they want to, but having gone back to back afc championships two years in a row and still go out and make moves that will HELP your franchise move up still shows their FO is ready to make the most of their time and $$$.....NO GUTS, NO GLORY!!!!

The oakland raiders will have the first pick in next years draft...they will land luck.....we dont have a chance of getting luck next year our best qb option will be kase keenum

You guys are ridiculous.

You make it sound like we have the 4th best QB in the AFC East!

Wait a sec.......did Thigpen go to Buffalo?

OMG! Quick, lets throw a washed up head case like VY into the mix!


I think we should let Henne play QB, if the team falls apart and goes 1-15, we can draft Andrew Luck.

Hey Mando, do the Fins put blinders on and just razor focus on the guys they want?? Seems there is no looking at anybody else, even if nots a great need. There are upgrades beside QB and RB

We would be better off to trade our 1st-2nd-3rd and fourth rd picks for Andrew Luck than to waste a couple high rd picks on Orton.

Hell, right now I would trade our entire 2012 draft to get Luck!!!

Once again Orton will be the best qb we have had since Dan Marino........case closed......great deal for us

odin, we do have the 4th best qb in the afc east; 1 pats,brady 2jets,sanchez 3 buffalo, fitzpatrick 4. fins henne

Phone ringing now guys. I'll be back in a bit.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | July 27, 2011 at 04:13 PM

Probably the confirmation that Ireland did indeed trade picks 1,2, and 3 for Orton with a 34$$$/4 yr million dollar deal....CANT WAIT!!!!

in what way is sanchez better than henne?

odin, we do have the 4th best qb in the afc east; 1 pats,brady 2jets,sanchez 3 buffalo, fitzpatrick 4. fins henne

Posted by: greg z. | July 27, 2011 at 04:20 PM

You don't say. Well, my cups half full, at least we got the 5th best QB in the AFC East!

Ah.......don't we?

Mexicans are cool

nick, in every way including afc east champions 2 years running.

I want some Bradshaw news.......come to south beach.........we should get lebron to call him

Sanchez is NOT a great QB. I wouldn't want him on our team. I like Orton better, easy.

We need Orton, Tulloch and Barber.

Seeing how the brain trust got burnt with Cowboy castoffs, now that we could actually get one that would work out, I'm sure we'll pass.

greg its a team game, and as the jets are a better team, you'd expect sanchez to have a better qb rating but he doesn't

i like orton more than sanchez!

Orton will be the 2nd best QB in the AFC East.

Again we'll finish no better than 3rd in our own division. Which means getting edged out of the playoffs.

The Jets or Pats will be one of the wildcard teams. And there's the Ravens or Steelers to edge us out of the 2nd wc spot.

Guys we have to finish 2nd in the Afc East just to have a shot at a wildcard playoff berth. I dont see this happening with Orton at the helm.

Once again Orton will be the best qb we have had since Dan Marino........case closed......great deal for us

Posted by: jamesthefinfan | July 27, 2011 at 04:20 PM

That's what they said about Culpepper & Pennington. How'd they work out for you?

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