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DeAngelo Williams returns to Carolina :(

The Carolina Panthers will announce in the next 24 hours that they have retained running back DeAngelo Williams.

Why am I reporting this?

You have to ask?

The Dolphins were interested in Williams and were one of three teams that made offers to perhaps the best running back available in free agency.

The offer was considered no more than a flirtation by Williams, however, once it became clear the steep price it would take to pry him loose from the Panthers or keep him from going to Denver. ESPN.com is reporting Williams has agreed to a 5-year, $43 million contract that includes a whopping $21 million in guaranteed money.

The Dolphins were shopping for a running back and continue that search. But they were looking around at Sears and Williams was hanging out at Sak's.

So what does this mean?

Miami still needs a running back to pair with rookie Daniel Thomas. Ahmad Bradshaw is still a possibility, although the Giants are considered the heavy favorites to retain him. He could be considered the next-best available runner. He also would not come cheaply as it would require outbidding New York.

The Dolphins have talked to agent Drew Rosenhaus about Bradshaw and Rosenhaus has given the team the appropriate parameters for making that work.

Then we head to the clearance aisle. Miami can still go back to Ronnie Brown, who is offering himself to the highest bidder. Miami can look at Cedric Benson, assuming he's not in jail today. Miami can go very cheap for Atlanta's Jason Snelling.

I suppose there's also Ricky Williams.

The pray-for-it-to-happen solution is that Reggie Bush gets cut by the Saints because he has a cap value north of $11 million. Then Miami swoops in and add him for the sake of giving him the football 15 times a game or so.

Don't bank on that working out perfectly.

Other running backs that are available include Willis McGahee, Joseph Addai, Marion Barber, Carnell Williams, Darren Sproles, or ...



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Orton's relationship with BM is a good point. We have to get the most we can out of BM. He's the best player on offense.

Still prefer VY. And Pryor would be interesting to develop. Huge upside there. too.

Wonder what happened to Mando? He left to take a call 3 hrs ago. Long phone call.


You're making a BIG assumption that VY would want to sign with the Dolphins. We don't know that for sure. I happen to think he would strongly consider going and playing under Andy Reid as the under-study to Michael Vick. Despite what tohers have said I happen to believe Vick and Young have a lot in common, namely being high first round picks, who never quite made it with the teams they were with and were cast aside for different reasons. I think it's a huge assumption everyone makes that he would end up in Miami.

Craig M

Everything is a huge assumption. Its an assumption Orton wants to come here.

Why are the Orton negotiations dragging on so long while a whole slew of other QB deals have come and gone? Maybe he doesn't want to chance being a bench warmer if Henne starts out well. He said that he wants to start long term somewhere and not be a stop gap for a year or to. He may feel Miami just wants him as a stop gap and be reluctant to sign without a juicy contract.

Problems in Tenn went far beyond VY. If he were the primary then I wouild agree with VY haters. He was far from being the primary problem in Tenn.

Yet through all of this he managed not to another 1st rd bust qb. He may not be Brady or Manning but he's so far from bust its ridiculous. The guy has even made a couple pro bowls. Doesnt this count for anything to prove of his upside?

My fingers are still crossed. Hoping for vince young to be here. Don't give the broncos a third round pick for him. What has he done ?

It's crazy to think that a LOT of teams aren't interested in a 2 time Pro Bowl QB with a winning record. WTF???

We always hear about the shortage of QBs in the NFL. Here's a really good one.

Our dilenma could also end up being that if things with Orton break down we'll end up with virtually nothing.

Once all of the ugly girls see the socalled prettiest ugly girl turn you down after last call. They may turn you down too after seeing you didnt come to them first. But the girl known to have HIV will always be willing to go home with you.

VY has not been released yet. That happens tomorrow. There very well could be teams lining up.

I guarantee the defensive coordinators in the Titans division will be happy not to have to game plan for VY not matter how sorry some of you think he is. Bet on it!

Also, just because the media says VY tried to commit suicide, or did this or that, doesn't mean its true. The media's job is to get your attention. A blogger reported today Wikipedia reported Orton as a fin...well, just a sample of the media jumping the gun.

What I'd like to hear is that Ireland interviewed VY to see where his head is at and make the appropriate call from there, but at least investigate it personally.

VY will be the first qb signed when he's released. Bank on it! By then we'll be doing sloppy wet kisses with Kyle Orton! LOL...

I hope not.


Well first of all Orton sees the writing on the wall in Denver and doesn't want to sit on the bench while the broncos figure out if Tebow can do the job again. Hes not even getting a fair chance to compete for the job. The Broncos are prepared to live or die with Tebow this year to find out if he's got what ti takes to be an NFL starter.

Secondly, Orton is under contract for this year. So he really doesn't have a say in whether he wants to come to Miami or not. He can say no and chose to sit out but I'm not sure why he would, in that this would be a new opportunity for him and he's set to be paid $9 million.

There are a couple of reasons why things could be dragging on. The Broncos and Dolphins could be working on the details of the trade. But in all likelihood what's delaying things is working out a contract with Orton. I'm sure if the Dolphins are giving up a pick or picks they want to have Orton beyond this year and they don't want his contract to count $9 million towards the cap.

If anything we should have already been talking 3rd=4th rd pick for VY in a trade with with Titans to ensure getting. Then retructuring his contract terms.

...I think that if we had to choose from Orton or Vince Young..Vince Young is a no brainer. Sure he has his problems, all in this class do. But he comes at much less of a price tag then Orton. Who would be a good pickup if it didn't come at what will most likely be premium cost.

Ask yourself this too. How many games better are we with Orton as opposed to Henne or Young? A couple? Is the cost worth the payout? I don't think it is. I think no matter who is behind center this season. Realistically, it will be a minor miracle for this team to be a playoff contender(what I mean by that is a team that can win a playoff game) This isn't negative nancy speaking, but just the reality of how the cards have fallen this offseason.

Back to Young. Yes he is flawed. And yes he has had the luxury of a top running attack in Tennessee. He isn't a guy that is going to win a lot of games without some help. He has shown to be immature at a position where maturity is of upmost importance. But I don't think that he lacks the skills neccessary to be a winning quarterback(this you can not argue, his record proves this) If he can win games like he did in Tenn. sign him up. This is something that Orton, who is better as a passer, and in the leadership category has yet to prove he can do..Win. Isn't this what it all comes down to?

If we can figure out a way to surround Young with a decent running attack. He has the tools to make up for some deficient pass protecting. And although I think Running quarterbacks are a recipe for disaster. I think his price, and skill set are a better fit here, then going after Orton for draft picks..


Other teams wont be sitting around if its worth taking a gamble on a qb that has made 2 pro bowl in 5yrs in the season. Like our play it safe fo.



I don't believe most of us are saying we don't want VY. In fact he's been second on my list for a while. I don't believe that's a knock on VY. What I am saying (and hopefully others too), is that Orton is a better fit. There's nothing wrong with his game. He's a decent QB. Good teammate, smart and regarded as a good leader. He's just not a superstar and not in the best situation in Denver. But you have to ask yourself, if Henne beats Young out to start the season (and based on lack of time and lack of familiarity with all things Dolphin, I think that's a realistic expectation), is Young going to be a good teammate sitting on the bench. I don't believe he is. He's given every indication so far that he's not that kind of guy. That's not a knock on his talent, just a knock on who he is.


Simon Says.....

What should we believe from the media.....

and I trust you will never site a MEDIA SOURCE to EVER prove one of your points.....would I be corect in that assumption....

I know that the media exagerates...and even lies....but if I remember correctly....much of this was staight out of coach fisher's mouth....

Craig M, you give this FO too much credit. They could easily overspend now for what very well may be another in a LONG line of Miami stop gaps that were all going to be saviors.

The Jets have some headcases on their team. Headcases play wild and get you to the AFC championship. Headcases don't fret that the coach yelled at them and they don't let anyone handcuff their talents.


Great post 6:35. Orton, worst 3rd down conversion QB in the nfl. Why is FO not looking at VY ?


Fair enough..but this was a case where a site reported something as though it were a fact when in reality no deal has been made. Yes, I site sources and opinions though for sure.

Just saying, just because its in print doesn't mean its true. Its up to those who have a vested interest to investigate. We have no idea how much Ireland has looked into the VY situation.

Craig M,

people change. And so does vince young.

"I asked [Fisher], 'What made her worry about him?'" Lt. Andrea Swisher wrote. "He stated, 'His mood, his emotions, he wants to quit, and he mentioned suicide several times.' He went on to state that [Young] left the house with a gun."


Actually...after reding the article in its entirety....I am also highly doubtful that Vince Young was suicidal the night of the Incident in question.....


SIMON SAYS....thanks for forcing me to look that up...and I apologize about my earlier post.....


Here is the rest of the article....you guys juge for yourself.....

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The Tennessee Titans called police for help searching for Vince Young because his therapist told coach Jeff Fisher the quarterback mentioned suicide several times before driving away from his home with a gun.

Both Fisher and Young have said what happened Monday night was overblown by the media. But the supplemental report filed Tuesday by Nashville police showed that Fisher was worried what his quarterback might be doing after the call from Young's therapist.

"I asked [Fisher], 'What made her worry about him?'" Lt. Andrea Swisher wrote. "He stated, 'His mood, his emotions, he wants to quit, and he mentioned suicide several times.' He went on to state that [Young] left the house with a gun."

The Titans declined to comment on details of the report. On Tuesday, the team issued a statement saying police had been called over concern for Young but those concerns were unfounded.

"Last night, we received a call from people that are closest to Vince informing us that he had left his house in a state of mind that had them concerned; and that he was unreachable, having left his cell phone at the house," it said. "Not having all the facts available to us and approaching the matter prudently, we contacted Metro Police to make them aware of the situation and asked for their assistance in locating Vince. He was located at a friend's house, where we made contact with him. He then came to the practice facility where it was determined that those initial concerns by his friends and family were unfounded and he returned home without incident."

ESPN obtained a copy of the report on Friday.

The Titans' head of security notified police around 7:30 p.m. that he had a player "going off," and Fisher was in his truck when he saw Nashville police writing a report on a separate incident.

Young's manager, Mike Mu, told police he had tried to follow Young when the quarterback left his home. But Mu said he couldn't keep up with Young on Interstate 65 despite driving 90 mph.

Fisher connected police with Young's therapist, Sheila Peters, a clinical psychologist who had met with Young earlier Monday. It was then that Young used the word "suicide" in conversations with her.

During the search for Young, Peters arranged for an evaluation by employees from a psychiatric hospital in Nashville. Then Fisher heard from Young's agent that the quarterback was safe and at an apartment with a female friend.

The agent, Major Adams, told The Associated Press on Tuesday that Young had been watching football and eating chicken wings with a male friend during the four hours people were searching for the quarterback.

Police arranged for crisis negotiators and SWAT officers to be on hand. They searched Young for weapons when he arrived at the Titans' headquarters around 11:30 p.m. They only found an unloaded handgun in the glove box of his Mercedes.

Tennessee law allows an individual to possess an unloaded weapon provided there is no ammunition with it in the car.

"He was allowed to talk to his therapist and then he was released," the police report stated.

ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky and The Associated Press contributed to this report.


No worries, Kris.

Now (in hinsight)......I wonder if Fischer was sabatoging VY in an effort to get rid of him....and MAYBE...that is why ADAMS got rid of Fischer....

...Isn't Orton really just Chad Henne with a little better touchdown to int percentage? Before everyone gets upset about this let me explain..

What is the makeup of this team with Orton, that is that much different the Henne? If we cannot run, and can't protect. Aren't we looking at the same guy? Why go out and spend on a player that really isn't that much more of an improvement then the status quo. You may disagree, and say that Orton is twice the Quarterback that Henne is. But really take a look at Ortons resume as a whole. Is he? Does he have a winning record? He has put up some pretty good numbers on a team that was marginal. Well is that what we want. Because at this point we are one of those marginal teams.. At least with Vince Young, he was born into a ball control offense. He has WON in this league. You cannot argue this. I cannot get behind trading away picks for a quarterback that in my mind isn't a major upgrade from the one we have now..(of course I will if the deal is done)

Another thing..Is Kyle Orton the man that makes you think future stability at the quarterback spot? Isn't he just a band aid into the future? Anything that includes a first round pick(this is what I'm hearing, could be wrong, and this is what I'm basing my argument around is robbery for Denver)


I always respect what you have to say but I also respectfully disagree with your opinion on Young and your thoughts that Young would work better here than Orton. This regime wants a QB who's smart with the football and doesn't turn it over. That's not Young but it is Orton.

Again, I'm not disputing that Young's a great talent and I'm not saying I wouldn't want him on our team but in terms of having a guy come in and push Henne and work with him, Orton is a much better teammate and fit for what we're looking for. I've said it before, I think Denver is making a big mistake giving this guy up. I say take advantage of it and strike while we can, rather than wait for Young and perhaps miss out on both. God knows why Young hasn't even been freed up yet. Can anyone answer that? Probably because Tennessee is trying to create a market for him. I'm saying again...it would be a mistake to wait on Young and have the opportunity to add Orton go cold...

Repeating myself here, but I'd just like to know if Ireland gave a good look at VY or not. If he really did look into him, then I'd trust his judgement on the situation. The fact they are trying to work the deal with Orton today though, doesn't sound like they have VY on their radar....or.....could just be a clever stall tactic.

Great post at 6:42 about headcases. Reminds me of my love life. My hottest lovers have been headcases! Headcases play wild - aint that the truth!

Craig...what does push Henne really mean? How is Orton on the team going to push him any differently than Pennington? Henne has been well aware his job has been on the line since the mid season benching, also he knows the FO is out there looking for another possible starter...really don't think he needs anyone to push him to be aware of that.

..Craig M.

Whats happening? Good to see you around.

What people forget is that Youngs job in Tennessee was to take care of the ball. They ran it all of the time. Young was in fact the quintessential game manager. Orton is a gunslinger, and at times very carless with the ball. I don't know what his int numbers were last year. But I would bet that he was double digits.

Orton could be a very good pickup. My whole point(and I stated this above) I don't think he is worth what I'm hearing as a first round pick for..I understand that there aren't too many guys out there. but at some point what is too mauch for the return that we can realistically expect? Even a second round guy(I know a few days ago I said do the deal if it was for a second rounder, but I have since flipped my opinion. Even after making a strong case for Orton here)

Young may not be the answer here. But I think that he has enough upside that if he could figure it out, it would be a tremendous bonus for our squad. I could be way off base, and all of the things that scare folks about Young could come to a head. But at least at that point we still have Capt. Henne to the rescue. I think if we bring in Orton. there is no question, or competition for the starting spot. It is Ortons. At that point Henne may be totaly shot.

this team stink what have we done nothing we have a good WR no QB and this D is weak i see the JETS PATS BILLS PHINS

For perspective, Orton was a 4th round pick.

VY will be released tomorrow. Nobody can sign him yet. I'll be fascinated to see what happens tomorrow. If he's not snapped up by somebody tomorrow, I'll be scratching my head...

I also call the VY incident over blown and have from he start.
VY should have been the #1 FA target from the start.

This is a great moment for upgrading your talent level at QB on the cheap by Signing VY and drafting Pryor.

The 6’5, physically gifted QB is the future for the NFL. Ireland lacks the vision to see the moment for what it is and the Soprano regime is to fragile apparently to bring in VY or even sign Pryor to be the 3rd QB for a while, grow up and learn to be a pro.

Both these moves offer an extraordinarily low risk to reward ratio for the Dolphins.

Young is coming cheap for what he does on the field. Pryor was the #1 college recruit in the country for a reason. He is tainted right now which results in his being able to be picked up for a probably a 3rd round pick. 3rd round picks turn out half the time anyway. 3 years from now I’d give it a 50/50 chance that Pryor will be a monster talent at QB. Pryor appears to me to be an extremely good risk to reward pick.

From a business stand point adding VY and putting the physical freak Pryor into the incubator for the future the team adds much needed star power at QB. The Dolphins need that star power to put fans in those empty seats.

The other aspect is from a team standpoint adding Young makes the Dolphins a better team. Young’s 10 TD’s, 3 INT’s, 98.6 passer rating and 5 yards a carry from last year make the Dolphins a better team. Young wins games (30-18 all time). This is such a no brainer.

The lack of vision, the stubbornness, the conservativeness, the incompetence of the Ross, Ireland and Sparano is holding the franchise back.

Last year Orton threw for 3,653 yards, 20 td's, 9 ints in 13 games.

UTDolphan...how many Pro Bowls has Kyle been to? How many playoff wins? Those are the only two stats most care about.

his record starting in 13 gms is 3-10

Meant to write: I think he does want to be a Dolphin and that he should have been the 1st FA target fro the organization.

9 ints...I was wrong. We will see. NFL network is saying this is a done deal. So if it is, so be it. I hope the price is right..See you guys later.....

i just cant see this team with him making any push in this division with what the jets done the pats and we dont have a RB

who cares how many pro bowls hes been too. Heres the bottom line, Kyle Orton is without a doubt, not just my opinion but everyones around the league as well, the best QB available. End of debate. Don't we want thebest available or are we hoping that one of the others will somehow play better in Miami. Also to all the Vince Young people throwing his stats around, I find it interesting that you didn't bother to look up who he won against. If you really do your research, like a gm must do, you will see that he beat a bunch of garbage teams and was 1-2 against playoff teams. The year before his defense was phenomenal.


No way in Hell I would do a first round pick for Orton either. I'm advocating the addition of Orton but I'm looking to do it for a 4th round pick. I would even go to a third but ONLY if the contract is extended beyond this year and at a much more manageable number. If we're talking a first or a second I would walk away and look at other options.

To whoever said 'Young should have been the FA target'....newsflash guys...Young isn't even a FA yet. So you want to criticize the FO for being out there looking at other options? Come on guys!! We have a very limited time to make these moves and I applaud the FO for going directly to Denver and finding out what the price is for Orton. So just to reiterate guys, as of now Vince Young is STILL the property of the Tennessee Titans. Any conversations without permission of the Titans would be considered tampering. I'm sure the Dolphins have talked to the Titans about what it would cost to acquire Young but why would the Dolphins trade anything for a guy who should be released very shortly.

One other point...we're not the only team looking for a QB. There have been a number of teams loking to add to their QB situation. I haven't seen any other teams to date knocking down the door for Vince Young. Arizona needs a starting QB but they are choosing to go with a guy who has played SEVEN games over a guy with a winning record in the NFL. They are choosing to give up a first or a second for Kolb rather than wait for a FREE Vince Young. I think that tells you all you need to know. I don't believe the market will be as big as some people think for Vince Young. We'e talking about a guy who couldn't beat out a 38 year old Collins last year and ended up throwing for only 1200 yards and 10 TDs and 3 INTs in NINE games last year. His highest passing rating to date in the league is 62.3. Hardly impressive!!

Again, I'm not hating on Young...he's my second choice....but I don't believe he's the slam dunk a lot of people are suggesting.

Jeff, End of debate? Why were several QB deals made and done before him? Why is he going on his 3rd team and 4th coach in 3 years? Sounds suspect to me.

Typical Miami fans for decades now think every teams cast off QB is the next superstar. Twilight Zone.

The bottom line is that without speed at RB and WR this team goes nowhere even with Orton. Front office is a joke. They make moves at snails pace. Scared to acquire players the same way they coach. Scared.

Miami fans think so very little of their team that they see every single FA as an upgrade, whether they are or not.

Guys that are trying to compare W-L records of Young and Orton, doesn't it take 53 games to win a game? I'll take the teams Jeff Fisher put together over the garbage Orton has had to deal with in Chicago and Denver. The team that Josh McDaniels had take the field last year was a complete joke!!

I was also put more stock in what Jeff Fisher thinks about a player than most guys in this league. If Fisher didn't believe in Young I think there's something to that. This isn't fantasy football guys. It's what guys do, day in and day out. Orton's a professional....Young's an athletic freak!!


'Sacred to acquire players'....didn't they make bold moves by adding Dansby and Marshall last year. And previously big dollars to Smiley and Groves and the safety they got from the Raiders. Sorry man...I don't think that's a valid statement.

What teams did Fisher every put together? He was fired last year. Whats he doing today? Titans were perpetual mediocrity for most seasons under Fisher.

Two things. Why is Darren Sproles so far down Mandos list. At the end of last season the Miami media was suggesting Sproles would be a perfect fit and I for one agreed. Nothing wrong with Darren AT ALL. Secondly just some info on Orton for the naysayers who want,wait a minute,,,,bwaaaaahahahahahahaha Vince Young to be our QB. Orton dealt with a mid-season coaching change, the specter of Tebow, the 26th-ranked rushing game and league's worst defense and remained a beacon of respectability with 20 touchdowns and nine interceptions last year. He also has a great relationship with Marshall. The last Miami QB to throw for 20 tds was Fiedler in 97'. Ortons the best choice IMO.

Dollars to Grove and Smiley wasn't bravery, it was stupidity. Investing in injury prone players pretty much destroyed their 2010 season.


Your getting pretty wound up. You think there will be no market for VY. We will see tomorrow.

If Ireland had wanted to acquire VY, he could have been in contact with Tenn prior to the lock out.

Obviously contacting Young during the lockout would be tampering.

However, your assertion he could not beat out Collins is a stretch at best. The situation was obviously not a true competition by then.

And your off about the passer rating for VY. it was 98.6 in 2010 and he averaged 5 yards a carry. 30-18 all time, 19 4th qtr comebacks and game winning drives.

We will see what happens tomorrow. Someone is going to get a very productive QB for cheap. Could have been Miami.

Specifically what I am critical of Ireland about is giving up premium picks and a large contract to Orton when a more talented option is out there VY for less money and no draft picks.

Dude you're going to boycott the Dolphins if they don't sign Vince Young? You must be out of your mind. This isn't Vince Young from college. This is Vince Young from crazy town. The guys who is best known for his running ability as a qb. Which by the way has steadily declined the past three seasons, look it up, HUUUGGGEEE DROP OFF in his running numbers. If the numbers continue to slide along the same scale he will rush for a little over 100 yds this season. You sign Vince Young you're getting a quitter, terrible leader, complete mental case, and declining rusher. He beat a bunch of garbage teams as Jeff pointed out. I just couldn't be more against a Vince Young signing. But if they do sign him I would never boycott my team, that's "Vince Young crazy"!

"What teams did Fisher every put together? He was fired last year. Whats he doing today? Titans were perpetual mediocrity for most seasons under Fisher."

Oh my God really? You must be new to football.

Oregon you're saying VY is more talented than Orton but everyone else in football is saying the opposite. I'm going to have to trust the experts on this one. You're just a fan right? You're certainly entitled to your opinion but there are people who get paid to do this for a living who know WAY more than any of us. To choose to ignore their advice would be incredibly stupid.

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