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Dolphins agee to terms with Kevin Burnett

The Dolphins have replaced Channing Crowder.

The Miami Herald's Jeff Darlington is reporting the Dolphins have agreed to terms on a four-year contract with unrestricted free agent Kevin Burnett.

Burnett, 28, was drafted in 2005 by the Dallas Cowboys. He spent the last two seasons with the Chargers, where he started all 16 games.

The deal for Burnett is for four years. Other terms are not yet available.


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can you give us a practice update?

What, is that an upgrade?

Nice upgrade over Crowder. The defence just got better.

Great, another former Cowboy, nothing changes!

WOw, fans are clueless on here, learn something and then speak ! Burnett is a huge upgrade !!!

Playoff dru

anyone is an upgrade over crowder

Playoff DRUMS starting to beat in Davies. Still need a qb and losing AMAYA was big!

hahahahaha ahahaha a,,, i am urinating in my grave as I turn in it. hahahah ahahaha ahahaha

what a mess of a team they have made of my beloved Dolphins. It is a conspiracy people. Miami and Dallas are connected because Spud and Ire can't think outside the Dallas-box. They just can't do it. Be hopeful my friends, you are almost assured of getting Andy in 2012.

great signing. he was a started for full season last year for first time. had 6 sacks, 2 ints ,one for a td

Burnett os a great leader according to So Cal / San Diego radio. Very hard worker as well.

Good upgrade this guy is a beast I liked crowder but a mike linebacker needs to be a playmaker!! I like this pick up.

now go get orton aug 4 and maybe just maybe u can win back some fans

Great move. If you have watched K Burnett you would know he is very solid. Pro Football Focus ranks him high all over the board.

Dolphins not yet great but are upgrading several positions. Crowder was in bottom third of the league in effectiveness. Burnett stats better. Bush upgrade over Thomas, Hilliard, Bush should be better than R, R, and Cobbs. Need Guard and (unfortunately) QB to finally compete with Jets, Pats.

I hear we also picked up matt Moore so if we get Ortin I'm thinking henne will be cut because we won't have 4 qb's on the roster at the start of the season.

any money terms yet?

bush upgrade over thomas? bush has never done anything. thomas is a rookie who will get 75 percent of the carries.

Careful guys....you're not allowed to say this is a good move.

Orton's out and you are thinking Henne will be cut, what are you talking about dude?

Craig I think the non true fans and naysayers will never be happy but when we start winning they will change their names on the blog and praise the phins.

Crowder was a good dolphin, but too many injuries, so time to move on.
I hope the Henne for Orton rumors are just that. It would be a mistake to trade Henne when now is a great time to bring in competition to push him into the next level. It's too early to give up on him and let him develop for another team.
Reggie Bush will help open up the offense! That was a great move for the dolphins.

orton isnt out. miami still wants the guy. still a shot to actually bring in a real qb. henne and moore are awful. but im guessing they will cut devlin or moore if they do get orton

UH. Not seeing many teams jumping to sign Ronnie or Ricky. Second Tier Free Agents or back ups for someone.

Tom Orton is not out that deal hasn't been worked out yet Denver is in the bad place because they have to save cap room so by the 4th they have to have traded him or cut him. Hence the fins don't use a draft pick for Orton.

This guy had 6 sacks last season, more plays in one year then Crowder his entire career. Are you kidding me? We will have a great set of LB's, Misi Wake, Dansby and now Burnett. This is a super group.

BTW, the Burnett move is a nice upgrade. Channing's knees are just medically shot. Loved his heart and attitude, just to bad he can never play to his potential


You're right on with your comment. I may be in the minority on this one but I've wanted Crowder gone for awhile. they would have done it last year if it wasn't for the fact that Dansby was new and they probably didn't want two new ILBers and Misi to be new too. I'm gladly they recogniized the need for the improvement there. The Kevin Burnett addition is a real nice addition. Too bad they can't do anything with Bell right now. If they had the cap space they would upgrade that position too. He's lost a step or two and we'll see that as the season goes along.

wha dat joe robbie ghost

i scared like little beatch now

lawd have muhcy

i agree, great job on the defense . but this offense is horrible. go get orton and miller please

glad assumunga signed with eagles and not jets

hurry and sign pouncey also before he falls behind

It has already been debunked that denver has to trade or cut orton. They just paid him 1.5 million today. They will likely keep him. They can ac tually keep him without redoing his contract. I wish ppl were more informed before posting innaccurate statements.

It has already been debunked that denver has to trade or cut orton. They just paid him 1.5 million today. They will likely keep him. They can ac tually keep him without redoing his contract. I wish ppl were more informed before posting innaccurate statements.

Stop the Henne bashing! I worked in the City where Orton lived in Chicago and the one thing he likes is alcohol! Henne's numbers are identical to Drew Brees after his first three years. Henne's only mistake was being a true soldier and doing what the coaches drilled into his head "don't make mistakes." This led to a robotic QB who lived in fear of making mistakes and B. Marshall saw this. Why do you think Marshall and Thigpen got along, because thru didn't listen to our horrible OC! New OC and Henne will thrive in a better system.


You're right the LBers are great now. SO much better than what we had three years ago when it was Charlie Anderson, Ayodele, Porter and Crowder. Head and shoulders above that group.

i think moore was more of a leverage move...dolphins dont NEED orton no more as john elway felt miami was thinking so now miami will make a lower offer if denver "panics" miami relases moore might have to shelve out a few grand but get orton for cheap and get orton in miami before aug.4 that is what im assuming...cuz we wanted to get a qb that pushes henne..moore isnt that..so thats why im assuming this is a leverage game!

joe schmoe they have 8 days till they have to pay him that bonus, man i wish some people.....

Great Job Miami !!!

I love the look of our D.

It's going to be fun to watch.

still need a corner phinsfan, but yeah defense looks solid. lets hope it doesnt fall apart late in games like last year

I hope Burnett is not a buffoon like Crowder. I hope he is just a plain, honest to goodness linebacker. Is that too much to ask?

bro kevin

pull me out the cellah fellah

Just pointing out, Burnett has only had 1 injury free season. So...don't be surpised if he doesn't hold up for 16.

CC was great team supporter> not team player, never made an impact!
Orton was best option, with Palmer retired. Not all hope gone, but most of it. Could still happen, but very unlikely! Barrett is a beast!!!! D is looking great> if only we had an offense!?!?

Orton likes alcohol lol who cares he's a better QB than Henne that's all that matters what does him liking alcohol have to do with anything hahaha who doesn't like alcohol?

not even close to the truth. played 16 games in 4 out of 6 seasons. was hurt one year and the other he was a rookie and not activated


That's funny....like we were supposed to stick with Crowder, cause he was SO reliable and was NEVER hurt.

dusty buttoms

why do they have 8 days to pay his 1.5 , didnt that get done today? and does anyone think of any chance of a palmer trade still alive

Great move by the Fins to drop Crowder and pick up burnett, we should have a top 3 Defense in the NFL this year with the development of young secondary and this pickup and Odrick and Edds contributing. All Right, Dolphins!

no chance at a palmer deal, brown is the dumbest owner ever in the nfl, once turned down 2 first rd picks for johnson when he was holding out. heres the link on the 8 days. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/09000d5d8211531f/article/ortontofins-deal-unlikely-but-roster-bonus-not-to-blame?module=HP11_headline_stack

Our D is solid, now we need a way to put that bum wearing green back on his island

top 3 defense is being bias. solid yes,not top 3. whole season depends on if they go with garbage in henne and moore or pick up orton

did anyone really expect these clowns to actually sign a real qb? ross says sparano must win. really? win with those jokers. get ready for a long season!

Guys the weak link on the D now is Bell. I don't know that they can do anything to replace him but thoughts? Man, it's starting to look like one Hell of a D all of a sudden.

i like bell, the injury hurt him but i still think hes decent. rather have another solid corner

get orton u have solid shot at being decent. stick with henne and moore and this is another worthless 7-9 team

Interesting Read on Dolphins First practice:


Craig M @8:11PM

Go put words in someone elses mouth. I never suggested that. Its obvious you are a bitter, hateful person that just wants to antagonize others for no reason.

D is great because DC fell in our lap.
ST is still terrible because after three years Sparano is still waitng for devine intervention.

Unfortunately it won't matter who we get on offense until coaching mentality comes in out of the dark ages. Let our QB play without having to succeed in spite of the coaching staff and Henne will do fine, we won't spend our draft pics to replace him with a piece of c**p, and Ross will have the first chunk of success he deserves.

Simon Says,

Glad you said that about Craig M. He thinks he is the ( Best ).

Wrong Answer .

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