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Dolphins agee to terms with Kevin Burnett

The Dolphins have replaced Channing Crowder.

The Miami Herald's Jeff Darlington is reporting the Dolphins have agreed to terms on a four-year contract with unrestricted free agent Kevin Burnett.

Burnett, 28, was drafted in 2005 by the Dallas Cowboys. He spent the last two seasons with the Chargers, where he started all 16 games.

The deal for Burnett is for four years. Other terms are not yet available.


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Burnett and Dansby make a great tandem.

Sounds like the "D" should be set.

Now about that Offense.....

They could have signed a gimpy floor guy with bad knees and that would have been an upgrade over Mr, watcheveryonetacklethatbigguy.

Good move by Ireland

Listen to you Simon....the 'Phins make a great move getting rid of Crowder and adding Burnett and what do you say?...'just want to point out he's only had one healthy season'. Seems to me there's only one negative guy in the room.

I'd suggest some therapy pal....

I heard our knew rookie TE Clay was really impressive today

With the first pick of the 2012 draft, miami picks Andrew Luck. Remember who said this.

Simon's the only guy I know who could rain on everyone's parade after the Dolphins make a good move. I'm not even sure he's a Dolphin fan.

and that was a lie craig. hes only been hurt during one season out of 6

yall bees careful

joe robbie be floatin around

might whoop yo a ss o sometin


Who's been hurt one season out of 6?

Hops n Barley, "Who doesn't like alcohol" ?

John Beck

I think you want to address that to Simon. I'm not the guy who has a problem with the Dolphins adding Burnett.

Joe he's not owed that until aug 4 that's when they will cut him he's still on the block they arent going to pay a backup 9 mil just not going to happen they have to release him.

Lmao odinseye


I get what you were saying earlier and I did read the article but it doesn't guarantee they will keep Orton. It's a lot of money to pay a backup and he's going to leave after this season. It could be they are comfortable keeping Quinn as the backup or adding a guy like Delhomme. I still think Orton won't be a Bronco one way or another come Thursday.

Crowder has been bashed to death on this blog for being injured. I am just being objective rather than blind. Its good to know what we just got and not live in fantasy land (like some prefer)

source: http://www.boltsfromtheblue.com

Kevin Burnett was then drafted by Dallas in the 2nd round of the 2005 NFL draft at pick number 42. Burnett spent the next 4 seasons in Dallas largely as a backup (only starting 4 games), suffered numerous injuries, and never achieved more than 53 tackles in any given season. He was eventually released from Dallas after a lackluster career there and the Chargers signed him to a 2 year contract in 2011.

10/02/2011 just got a bit more interesting.

I hate posting but some of you idiots just make me do it. The Fins had arrest road record last year, beat both Superbowl teams, and had a shity OC. This team was unlucky last year not a bad team. Henne will succeed and Defense will be even better with loud mouth Crowder gone. I've waited 2 years to get rid of him.

Don't get me wrong I thought it was time for CC to go. But Burnett is not a great ILB. He's decent but not great. Barnett was out there and he's an impact player. Burnettis decent but not great. Barnett would have upgraded the D plenty. Burnett is a slightly better than lateral move. Again it's Reggie Bush and done I'm afraid for the O. Another year of frustration.

Orton taking 1st team snaps w/Denver as of today. Tebow struggling...

Everything Cuban Missile Crisis has said is on the money.

Hey Craig, you've been a pain in everybodys ass every since you showed up here about a year ago. We don't like you. Go somewhere else, OK?

Andrew Luck, 2012.

It's almost as if Ireland hears what everyone is telling what the right move to make is and he does something totally different. Just to prove he's smart. Well guess what? He's not and with almost $14 mil in cap space they signed a third down back( who I lime but he is what he is) a 3rd string QB, an average at best ILB ( who IS better than what they had but there were better players available) and a ST LB. Just keep the lateral moves coming Jeff. You're outsmarting everyone. Right to the 7-9 record and 15th pick in the draft. Sickening.

Craig M,

Seriously dude, I mean seriously, what is your problem. You write:

I'm not the guy who has a problem with the Dolphins adding Burnett.

Posted by: Craig M | July 29, 2011 at 08:39 PM

I never stated a problem, I never stated an opinion one way or the other. I merely pointed out this LB has an injury history too. Thats all.

Quit starting trouble and putting words in peoples mouths, telling them they said things they didn't say.

You make stuff up in your head dude and then think it is reality.

Moore has signed with dolphs... tell me this is an upgrade... please can we get a good qb for a change???... i would take young any given sunday over moore... we continue playing the safe role instead being agressive... do you remmember we had a chance to get vick, or breese? why not to take a chance with young????? why????

Craig M,

No one likes you here.

Sorry dude.

The makings of an Offence take Time. 10-6.

Can anyone here tell me why it's such a great move to sign Burnett? Is he really that good. No. Is he better than CC? Yes, but so are lots of LBs. There were better players ou there. They need to increase talent level not level it off for Christs sake.

Question, Is Barnett still out there ? Did the fins even call this guy ?

cuz chiken noodel soup be bettah than clam chowdah


Some here think the grass is always greener, think every fa that comes available is better than what we already have.

prolly worried about Barnett's health

craig m, i dont know the reason why you disrespect everyone but it wont win you any friends. everyone is just expressing their opinion. you want to make it personal.

I'll have to read up on Burnnett.....


Not the sighning of Burnett....but the CUTTING OF CROWDER....HALEJUEH.....PRAISE THE LORD.....

Please nobody post...."belicheck will pick up crowder....and make us pay 2 times a year"....

10-6??? are you kiddd...... oscar?????? hey the schedule has been already published read it my friend...

Question, Is Barnett still out there ? Did the fins even call this guy ?

Posted by: Best there is, Was, And ever will be. | July 29, 2011 at 09:09 PM

Mama Ho wants some o dat crack you be pipin

o yeh it burnett not barnett

i think ireland is trying to find an acorn for cheap. moore and burnett dont get paid much. there are some great backers available now in FA but jeff likes dallas guys.

Kevin Burnett:

95 tkls 6 sacks 2 ints

Thats just 2010 guys. Burnett has been in league 6 seasons and 4 of those seasons played all 16 games. He played in only 13 games in his rookie season. Then I imagine he was injured in 2009, playing in 11 games.

greg z, marry me??

but he was a backup for like 2 or 3 of those years

When Papa Parcell's was around....he gave Crowder a HUGE contract....

No more Papa Parcell's....No more Crowder....

We migh just be witnessing the beggining of the IRELAND REGIME.....

95tkls, 6 sacks, and 2 ints in 2010 isnt an acorn folks! Burnett has played in all 16 games in 4 0f his 6 nfl seasons.

Burnett an ASTRONOMICAL UPGRADE to what we've been seeing out of Crowder in Miami.

Last year after the season....I read pages and pages of post about crowder being the equivalent of a...

"Shut down LB......and that teams RAN AT DANSBY because he was "less effective" against the run.....

THANK GOD.....Ireland and company don't think like some of the poster's on this site....THANK GOD....

Does anyone know what's going on with Pouncey?? Has he signed yet??


praise the lawd

Also add 5 passes defensed and 2 forced fumbles to Burnett's 2010 numbers!

Orton wants to get paid. He wants a big contract, or he wants to be a free agent next year. The problem is, he won't get big money if he's riding the bench all year. Denver had him with the 1st team to drive up leverage, but they clearly are going to start Tebow. Once Orton realizes the open competition is a scam, he'll want out. Henne has 3 weeks to light it up IMO. Moore could easily be cut or kept as a 3rd stringer

I think if I see one more person on here compare Henne to Drew Brees I am going to scream!!! Brees is the exception not the rule! Henne is a journeyman at best. The bottom line is Henne was picked at the end of the second round. He was not a first round pick so to label him a huge bust is foolish as well. The problem is that many folks here drank the kool aid that Dan Henning was serving when he ridiculously stated that there wasn't much difference between Henne and both Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan. That right there tells you that Henning had either lost his marbles or was just plain stupid. If Ireland and Sparano want to ride the Henne express that is fine and all indications are that they are only half heartedly going after more legitimate options as evidenced by their failed pursuits of both Mallet(draft) and Orton(trade). If they really wanted to make either one of those scenarios happen or both they would have pushed forward and done it and they didn't. The signing today of Matt Moore who is complete garbage also should give everyone a strong indication that Henne is their guy because Moore has zero chance of unseating Henne. However when Henne fails this year for the third and last time in Miami I want Sparano and Ireland to pay the price for their foolishness and stubborness with their jobs. Although not entirely the same situation Randy Shannon paid the price for stubbornly backing Jacory Harris when Harris was garbage all along. He refused to recruit any other quarterbacks who were worthwhile and when Harris predictably failed he paid the price with his job. The same fate awaits both Ireland and Sparano if they don't wake up!!!

concerned fan, you're 8:57PM post, right on brother...Some twits think cause you second guess this management you're not a true fan, you're never happy, bla bla bla bla...Well, hear this: When you make the playoffs about 3 times in a decade, THAT'S NOT GOOD...And say what you want about this front office, bottom line, this year is do or die for them...Walking on very thin ice. They made the playoffs once because of a decent QB that unexpectedly became available and some BS wildcat that nobody ever thought of defending against. THAT'S IT. Nothing else. They drafted one Pro Bowler (Long) but missed out on a franchise QB (Ryan). Everything else has produced mixed results at best. THAT'S REALITY' NOT AN OPINION. If you think that makes me an anti-dolphin or not a true fan, well, what can I say, it sucks to be you and it's too bad some of you are true ignorants...

DyingBreed, did you see the post at 8:47? Looks like 2010 was by far his best season.

"Shut down LB......and that teams RAN AT DANSBY because he was "less effective" against the run.....

Anybody want to own up to that.....

Pouncey went back to Gainsville.
Said Dolphins offense sucks.
Wants to play for Muschamp instead.


I care less about his past. It sure seems the lights finally came on with this kid last season.

Dont sweat it Craig M. Your posts are usually on point.

How come not many of you are talking about the garbage pick up of Moore? Matt Moore? Is this all you got Jeff? I'm very disappointed. I see the same old crap of a year ago. Henne's got nothing, and I mean nothing in the bag. You can make all the excuses in the world for him, but at the end of the day his decision making was very poor and he was booooring to watch last year.
We had a chance to pick up 2 better QB's in Orton and Young, instead we blew it again. What can I say? See you at 7-9.

The Eagles get a very good corner and a 2nd round pick for an unproven QB, they signed the best FA CB on the market and picked up Vince Young for free. The Patriots added Haynesworth and Ochocinco. The Saints lost Bush but signed underrated Darren Sproles. We got Matt Moore and Kevin Burnett...Didn't we need to find a QB and a pass rusher?? How about a TE? I mean Crowder was no Ray Lewis but he got the job done. I don't get Ireland at all. Sorry. Hope I'm wrong.

How old's Ceowder?? My head hurts less now knowing I won't have to listen to him talk..


I made the statement teams chose to run more at Dansby than Crowder. Its a "fact" throughout Dansby's career oc's have run at him to negate his very good speed to run down plays.

Fact also is Crowder's a very good run stopper. Our run defense is always better with him than without him.

However, no one made a statement Crowder was a "shutdown lb". He's one of the better run stuffer lb's in the game. Kris I think you HUGELY misinterpreted what was said. I know I never said Crowder was a "shutdown lb".

FB-I think it's because everyone is still in shock over that BS announcemnet. I totally agree with your whole take. Was there ever any doubt this regime was going to pull the trigger on on top flight QB, I mean seriously??

oh lawd

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jamaurice wont a kamwake shirt
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Actually Tim, Brees is the general rule, not the exception. If you look at the numbers of many good QB's, you'll see similarities up thru somewhere in the 35-40 games started. It's usually beyond that 35-40 number when the good ones separate themselves. For the good ones, it "clicks", the game slows down.

If Henne is given the chance to play this season, this is the year we will find out who he really is. Journeyman or ready to make the leap.

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